50% of Rats Given this Died -- Why is it On Your Dinner Plate?

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50% of Rats Given this Died -- Why is it On Your Dinner Plate?
Posted By Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com health newsletter
| August 05 2011

The first report was recently issued on ambient levels of glyphosate and its major degradation product, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), in air and rain. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the U.S.

Weekly air particle and rain samples were collected during two growing seasons in agricultural areas in Mississippi and Iowa. Rain was also collected in Indiana. The frequency of glyphosate detection ranged from 60 to 100 percent in both air and rain.
According to the report, as linked on the website Green Med Info:
“The frequency of detection and median and maximum concentrations of glyphosate in air were similar or greater to those of the other high-use herbicides observed in the Mississippi River basin, whereas its concentration in rain was greater than the other herbicides.”
Vatic Note 2:   Add this to above and follow the source links and by golly you will know more than most Americans,  I would highly recomment you follow the links down the rabbit hole since food is heavily tied into our survival.    

Glyphosphate pollution is so omnipresent in the US that the frequency of detection ranged from 6

to 100% in both air and rain. - GreenMedInfo Summary

Abstract Title:
Occurrence and fate of the herbicide glyphosate and its degradate aminomethylphosphonic acid in the atmosphere.
Abstract Source:

Environ Toxicol Chem. 2011 Mar;30(3):548-55. Epub 2011 Jan 19. PMID: 21128261
Abstract Author(s):
Feng-chih Chang, Matt F Simcik, Paul D Capel
Article Affiliation:
School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
This is the first report on the ambient levels of glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the United States, and its major degradation product, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), in air and rain. Concurrent, weekly integrated air particle and rain samples were collected during two growing seasons in agricultural areas in Mississippi and Iowa. Rain was also collected in Indiana in a preliminary phase of the study. The frequency of glyphosate detection ranged from 60 to 100% in both air and rain. The concentrations of glyphosate ranged from<0.01 to 9.1 ng/m(3) and from<0.1 to 2.5µg/L in air and rain samples, respectively.

The frequency of detection and median and maximum concentrations of glyphosate in air were similar or greater to those of the other high-use herbicides observed in the Mississippi River basin, whereas its concentration in rain was greater than the other herbicides. It is not known what percentage of the applied glyphosate is introduced into the air, but it was estimated that up to 0.7% of application is removed from the air in rainfall. Glyphosate is efficiently removed from the air; it is estimated that an average of 97% of the glyphosate in the air is removed by a weekly rainfall ≥ 30 mm.
Pubmed Data : Environ Toxicol Chem. 2011 Mar;30(3):548-55. Epub 2011 Jan 19. PMID: 21128261
Study Type : Review\
Additional Links
Problem Substances : Glyphosate : CK(196) : AC(47)

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Super Wealthy CEOs Help Crush the American Worker, Then Cry About Class Warfare


By: Michael Winship
Date: 2011-07-31

The reckless finance class that torpedoed the economy continues to accuse President Obama of class warfare. Are they kidding?

I ran into my friend Jeff Madrick a few weeks ago. Like a rabbit out of a hat, or so it seemed, he whipped from his coat a copy of his new book, Age of Greed.

He gave the book to me and I'm grateful. It's a compelling and worthy read. Jeff's an able journalist; an excellent and cogent storyteller in a field that often defies the straightforward plot or easy explanation -- economics.

The book's subtitle says it all: "The Triumph of Finance and the Decline of America, 1970 to the Present;" an ongoing saga of avarice told through profiles of the men who confidently strode forth and marched us smack into the middle of our current fiscal nightmare.

Milton Friedman, Richard Nixon, Ivan Boesky, Ronald Reagan, Michael Milken, Alan Greenspan, Ken Lay, Walter Wriston of Citicorp and Sandy Weill of Citigroup, Lehman Brothers' Richard Fuld -- they're all here and more, presidents and economists, CEO's and masters of the universe, a veritable Murderers' Row of the rich and frequently reckless.

As Jeff writes in the introduction, the first part of Age of Greed "is mostly a story of business pioneers who fought government regulation or, through innovation, escaped government oversight," building on fear from punishing inflation in the seventies and a new post-Watergate distrust of government, "all the while diminishing the power of government and reinforcing the changing national attitudes."

In the second part, "Once government was no longer a counterweight and a new political ideology cleared their path, financiers led the way... Debts more than innovation and technological progress became the economy's driving force. Financial businesses doubled in size compared to the economy and profits grew still faster. Hundreds of billions of precious American savings were wasted."

Former Bush NSA director calls for ‘digital Blackwater’


By: David Edwards
Date: 2011-07-30

The man who headed the NSA and CIA under President George W. Bush suggested Friday that mercenaries were needed to deal with growing cyber threats.

Gen. Michael Hayden told the Aspen Security Forum that in the near future, the Department of Defense may have to allow the creation of a “digital Blackwater.”

Private sector offense “might be one of those big new ideas in terms of how we have to conduct ourselves in this new cyber domain,” Hayden explained. “You think back long enough in history and there are times when the private sector was responsible for its own defense.”

“We may come to a point where defense is more actively and aggressively defined even for the private sector and what is permitted there is something that we would never let the private sector do in physical space… Let me really throw out a bumper sticker for you. How about a digital Blackwater?” he suggested.

“I mean, we have privatized certain defense activities even in physical space and now you’ve got a new domain in which we don’t have any paths trampled down in the forest in terms of what it is we expect the government or will allow the government to do. In the past when that has happened, private sector expands to fill the empty space. I’m not quite an advocate for that, but these are the kinds of things that are going to be put into play here very, very soon.”

Watch the entire Aspen Security Forum on cyber security here.

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Libya: What America's Media Won't Report

Vatic Note:  I usually try not to put up a vatic note on most of these done by Bruecke, but once in a while I just have to make a clarifying comment and this is one of those.   THIS IS NOT ABOUT AMERICAN IMPRERIALISM,  this is about a foreign nation controlling our country and having taken it over and using its wealth, technology, resources, taxes etc in order to  affect that "COUNTRIES" empire building agenda.  Its called Rothschild land... or Israel.   We have treason from within by dual Israeli citizens and we have had that since they killed Kennedy.  Remember, Kissinger?  He was the first handler out there of a President.  And its been that way ever since.   So, if we are trying to free ourselves from this mess, we must focus on who is doing it and its not our government per se, its their handlers from Israel or for Israel.  They were financed and put in place by the international zionist bankers.   THAT IS WHO MUST BE BROUGHT DOWN SO WE CAN FREE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ONCE AGAIN to do what they know is the right thing.  With those like Lieberscrum, that is a different story.  He was not threatened or blackmailed, rather he was a full supportive traitor for another nation against his own nation and that will be handled separately from the rest, in otherwords, the leadershp of both parties were volunteers and well paid for their work in destroying our nation.  The rest were blackmailed and threatened.  What is good is they even signed a document proving their treason and then made it public.  I couldn't believe they did that and gave us everything we need to bring justice for those millions harmed by our actions.

Libya: What America's Media Won't Report

By: Stephen Lendman
Date: 2011-08-01

America's media staunchly back all US imperial wars, regurgitating officials lies as truths. Moreover, they never explain their illegality or daily crimes of war and against humanity against civilians, as well as non-military related infrastructure and other sites.

Nor do they report how NATO bombing prevents targeted nations (including Libya) from providing essential public services, including enough food, medical care, electricity, fuel, and clean water.

Nonetheless, America's led Libya war may have backfired. In Tripoli, Middle East/Central Asian analyst Mahdi Nazemroaya told Progressive Radio News Hour listeners that NATO bombing united Libyans behind Gaddafi to save their country.

Instead, American and Western media falsify reports, claiming:

House panel approves bill forcing ISPs to log users’ web history


By: Eric W. Dolan
Date: 2011-07-28
The House Judiciary Committee approved legislation on Thursday that would require Internet service providers (ISPs) to collect and retain records about Internet users' activity.

CNET reported the bill would require ISPs to retain customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily-assigned IP addresses for 12 months.

The bill passed by a vote of 19 to 10, and is aimed at helping law enforcement track down pedophiles.
"The bill is mislabeled," Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), a senior member of the panel told CNET. "This is not protecting children from Internet pornography. It's creating a database for everybody in this country for a lot of other purposes."

The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 (H.R. 1981) was sponsored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)

“When investigators develop leads that might result in saving a child or apprehending a pedophile, their efforts should not be frustrated because vital records were destroyed simply because there was no requirement to retain them," Smith said Thursday.

"This bill requires ISPs to retain subscriber records, similar to records retained by telephone companies, to aid law enforcement officials in their fight against child sexual exploitation."

The American Civil Liberties Union and 29 other organizations sent a letter (PDF) to Rep. Smith on July 27, claiming that "any data retention mandate is a direct assault on bedrock privacy principles."

"The data retention mandate in this bill would treat every Internet user like a criminal and threaten the online privacy and free speech rights of every American, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have recognized," Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said.

"Requiring Internet companies to redesign and reconfigure their systems to facilitate government surveillance of Americans' expressive activities is simply un-American. Such a scheme would be as objectionable to our Founders as the requiring of licenses for printing presses or the banning of anonymous pamphlets."

The bill is supported by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the National Center for Victims of Crime, the National Sheriff’s Association, the Major County Sheriff’s Association, the International Union of Police Associations and the Fraternal Order of Police.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Insider Exposes Famous Satanists

Vatic Note:  As many of our regular readers know, we here at Vatic Project have covered this subject many, many times and we continue to learn more.   Here is another deeper peek into the global fascist world they want for us.   It will make you sick, it has made me sick and I have had to deal with it many times.   This is one subject they cannot desensitize us to in anyway.   Remember, this is at the very top  of the totem pole in damn near every country and at every level.   That is why I can comfortably say "we are occupied by a foreign country, with a very long histor y of doing all this below AND a history of massacring millions of Christians in both Russia and Nazi Germany.   Surprised?  Yes, Catholics were lead to the slaughter and any priests they could find were led away as well. 

Insider Exposes Famous Satanists
Posted on on August 3, 2011

Both [Prime Ministers Harold Wilson] and [Ted] Heath used to sacrifice children and the British royal family still does. Ted Heath (1916-2005) took a real delight in it…  Likewise, the British royals have public and very private lives… Prince William is being groomed for big things. He is a man to watch! ….Prince William definitely isn’t Charles’ son. Neither is Prince Harry, although his conception was out of spite as much as misplaced infatuation.

[Disclaimer:  This website opposes Fozdyke's ideology and agenda, but appreciates his revelations.]
“There is a Secret God, a Hidden God, who dwells in a spiraling tower fortress and who has guided and overseen our development from time immemorial – and who has remained concealed but very close to us awaiting the “future” time of re-awakening. The time of the re-awakening is near. Already we have heard the distant claps of thunder which signal the coming storm.”
S. E. Flowers, Ph.D.
by Aloysius Fozdyke

Edward Heath was the highest initiated Satanist in Britain to become Prime Minister (1970-74.)
Despite what some believe; based on book reading, conjecture and lies, Satanism is a label applied to a variety of spirituality and practice, from disgruntled teens slaughtering small animals in cemeteries to the rigorous methodology and practice of the Alpha Lodge.
 [Aussie Prime Minister] Billy Hughes caused a major problem after his attendance at the Versailles Peace Conference. There was a distinct possibility in the 1920s that the federated colonies of the Commonwealth of Australia would in fact become a sovereign nation. The same possibility was open to New Zealand and Canada. After a lot of effort on the part of Alpha Lodge initiates all over the globe, only the British colony of South Africa became a sovereign nation. The income and influence of the left-hand path and its adherents remains intact to this day.
That Lodge traces its history to Sumerian and Egypt and the cities of Babylon and Ur. Its methods actively embrace this life, this world, this physical realm, this body as a means to illumination and awakening. The left-hand path is not a route of escapism from reality, but a confrontation with the full totality of physical and psychic existence, encompassing pleasure and joy as well as horror, pain and mortality. You become a deliberate outcast!

Norway Premier “Begged” Putin To Stop Massacre Planned By “Elites”

Bruecke Note: Don't ask me to vouch for everything written here. In fact, the source link I got it from did not even have the author. Vatic informed me not all that long ago about Mr. Faal being a disinfo agent. Still will all disinformation, nuggets of truth are buried. The bell in the piece rung for me: the financial motivation. So if anyone takes issue with this re-posting, my apologies in advance. The following quote is what caught my eye.

To the reason(s) behind this attack, this FSB report states, is a “desperate attempt” by British, European Union and American banking interests to force Norway into their “union” [Norway is not a member of the EU] in order to loot their Sovereign Wealth Fund of its estimated $1.5 Trillion in wealth which without the entire Western economy may collapse. Important note, the FSB says, is that what is being done to Norway has already been done to Libya when in what is now called the “Financial Heist of the Century” these same elites launched an unprovoked attack upon this North African nation and promptly looted it of nearly $150 Billion of their Sovereign Wealth Fund in order to sustain their crumpling empire.
Another interesting quote that I still don't know what to make of or integrate is:

The FSB, however, in this report disputes Breivik’s ties with the Knights Templar stating, instead, that this false-flag attack has provided an “ancillary benefit” to the West’s royal and banking elite classes in discrediting this ancient order as “open warfare” between them looms, ...


By: Sorcha Faal
Date: 2011-07-25

A startling Federal Security Service (FSB) report on the 22 July massacre in Norway states that two-days prior to this catastrophic attack Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg [photo top right with Putin] placed an “urgent” call to Putin “begging” Russia’s leader to help stop the events that left nearly 100 innocent civilians dead.

Let's stop assuming the police are on our side


Date: 2011-07-26

Can confidence in the Metropolitan police sink any lower? Even before the past few weeks revealed the possibility of their complicity in the News of the World hacking scandal, and the past few months their brutal attitude towards the policing of students and other protesters, there were many who already had reason to mistrust those who claim to be "working together for a safer London".

Take Ann Roberts, a special needs assistant, who was recently given the go-ahead in the high court to challenge the allegedly racist way in which stop-and–search powers are used: her lawyers claim statistics indicate that a black person is more than nine times more likely to be searched than a white person.

Or take the family of Smiley Culture, still waiting for answers after the reggae singer died in a police raid on his home in March this year. They are campaigning on behalf of all those who've died in police custody. Inquest, a charity which deals with contentious death, particularly in police custody, reports that more than 400 people from black and ethnic minority communities have died in prison, police custody and secure training centres in England and Wales since 1990.


9/11: Inside Story on the Missing Tapes - This is a mind blower!!!

Vatic Note:  This is a MUST read if you had any doubts about who did 9-11.  This will solve that problem promptly.  What a hero this woman is.   My only question is, "Why is she still alive to continue to spill the beans?"  No one else was afforded that luxury.  Interesting. 

Bruecke Note (2011-08-03 9:11): Vatic stole my thunder that was in the publishing queue for 2011-08-11. With the cat out of the bag, I move my note here to this version of the re-posted article.

This article exposes some nuggets of truth in the form of the security tapes at the WTC. If I have a point of contention, it would be the emphasis on "controlled demolition" and "nano-thermite." Yes, the demolition was indeed controlled, but in my hair-splitting here it is that "controlled demolition" as a phrase takes on its own connotations and meaning implying conventional mechanisms. Not that the NIST report is good for much, but their debunking of controlled demolition based on the decibel signatures of the collapse is begrudgingly somewhat valid; they wouldn't have used such a lame argument if they didn't have it on good authority that conventional mechanisms weren't deployed.

The article's foray into nano-thermite, which for all I know was indeed found in the dust, is how the message is steered from conventional mechanisms towards exotic mechanisms, whereby nano-thermite is implied as being the primary destructive mechanism. "Stop. Go no further. Limit your definition of exotic to thermite."

Alas, from my research and understanding, I think that nano-thermite was a secondary mechanism, possibly used to cut the bolts connecting the pre-assembled steel wall panels to one another that we see falling to the ground and on the ground in neat sections. So, as the article states, crews working regular graveyard hours over the course of a few weeks could accomplish this task.

The pulverization of concrete, drywall, and office content I believe were caused by directed energy weapons (one placed high and another low.) They turned residual water molecules in content instantly into steam whose rapidly expanding volume blew apart content, turning it into pulverized dust and steam. The energy source for DEW may have been nuclear which would thereby account for the residual radiation measured at the WTC. Because the nuclear mechanism was an energy source for DEW as opposed to a destructive bomb, its radiation signature was different from that of a nuclear blast and allowed govt agents to frame this as not being a nuclear weapon.

9/11: Inside Story on the Missing Tapes
The Missing Security Tapes from the World Trade Center
by Susan Lindauer, former U.S. Asset and 9/11 Whistleblower,  Veterans Today on line

Late on the night of August 23, 2001, at about 3 a.m. security cameras in the parking garage of the World Trade Center captured the arrival of two or three truck vans.

Visual examination determined the vans were separate and unique from trucks used by janitorial services, including different colors and devoid of markings. More curious, all the janitorial trucks had pulled out of the Towers by about 2:30 a.m—about half an hour before the second set of vans arrived.
According to my high level State Department source with a top security clearance, who disclosed the unusual nightly activity, no vans matching that description had entered the World Trade Center at such an hour in any of the weeks or months prior to that date. It was a unique event.

Security cameras caught the vans leaving the Towers at approximately 5 a.m—before the first wave of AAA personality types on Wall Street, driving Mercedes and BMWs, arrived to track the markets.

Police to begin iPhone iris scans amid privacy concerns


Date: 2011-07-20

Dozens of police departments nationwide are gearing up to use a tech company's already controversial iris- and facial-scanning device that slides over an iPhone and helps identify a person or track criminal suspects.

The so-called "biometric" technology, which seems to take a page from TV shows like "MI-5" or "CSI," could improve speed and accuracy in some routine police work in the field. However, its use has set off alarms with some who are concerned about possible civil liberties and privacy issues.

The Dangerous Business of Photographing Cops


Date: 2011-07-27

A federal judge refused to issue a restraining order for a man who says Boston police routinely persecute citizens who photograph cops in public, allegedly in violation of wiretap law, but the lawsuit can proceed in its entirety.

     Max Strahan claimed to have been taking pictures of a crane truck and construction crew near Boston Commons in August 2008 when out-of-uniform Boston Police Department officer Kenisha Stewart ordered him to stop.

     Strahan said he may have inadvertently snapped a picture of Stewart, and she ordered him to delete images of her from his digital camera because it is a violation of the wiretap law to photograph police officers without their consent.

     But Strahan said he would not comply until Stewart could prove she was actually a police officer by showing a badge or gun. Since Stewart allegedly ignored Strahan's questions, he said threatened to file a complaint with Internal Affairs, took more pictures of her to prove she was not in uniform and fled to a nearby pizzeria.


'It has to go away': Facebook director calls for an end to internet anonymity

Bruecke Note: Say it isn't so, Joe! At least the article had this passage:

Privacy advocates have however condemned previous attempts to dismantle on-line anonymity. Critics complain that the forced introduction of some kind of 'on-line passport' would damage the freedom of speech and blunt the internet as a tool for dissidents to speak up against oppressive governments.

However, the writing is on the (Facebook) wall how they are going to destroy the Internet, and this is one way. Of course, when we do something bad on the Internet today, we can already be found by anyone with a warrant and badge. So this amounts to another faux issue leading to stupid knee-jerk reactions. The update to old saying "if you out law guns, only outlaws will have them," becomes "if you out law anonymity, only outlaws will be anonymous."


Date: 2011-07-28

Facebook's marketing director has called for an end to on-line anonymity, saying internet users would 'behave a lot better' if everyone had to use real names when surfing or posting on the internet.

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s marketing director and sister of multi-millionaire founder Mark, made the comments during a round table discussion on cyber bullying.  (VN:  another Khazar, who is surprised? Not me!)

The ubiquitous social networking site, which has been at the centre of recent controversy over internet privacy and bullying issues, currently requires all its members to use their real names and emails when signing on.  (VN:  Aaah, the death of Facebook.... its about time)

In ‘Anonymous’ Raids, Feds Work From List of Top 1,000 Protesters


By: Kevin Poulsen
Date: 2011-07-26

It turns out there’s a method behind the FBI’s raids of suspected Anonymous members around the country. The bureau is working from a list, provided by PayPal, of the 1,000 internet IP addresses responsible for the most protest traffic during Anonymous’ DDoS attacks against PayPal last December.

FBI agents served 40 search warrants in January on people suspected of hosing down PayPal during  ”Operation Payback” —  Anonymous’ retaliatory attack against companies who blacklisted WikiLeaks. On July 19, the feds charged the first 14 defendants under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and raided an additional 35 suspects for evidence.


Adam Smith Would Neither Recognize Nor Approve Of Our Financial, Monetary, Economic Or Legal Systems


By: Washington's Blog
Date: 2011-07-30

The father of modern economics - Adam Smith - is used as a poster child to support the status quo that we have today. Smith is invoked as the patron saint of free market economics.

In fact, Smith would neither recognize or approve of our current financial, monetary, economic or legal systems.

I noted last year:

Uygur's Young Turks given Ultimatum, Sell out or leave MSNBC! He Chose Integrity over Wealth! What a guy!

Uygur's Departure (from MSNBC) Shatters Myth that Only Ratings Matter
by Brasscheck TV.  (another good one)

Vatic Note:  This is the video Uygur did that precipitated his leaving the show.  This is definitely 1930's Gestapo, Fascist Germany.... and more to come if we do not stop it soon.   Dissent and free speech are clearly under attack.... no question about it.  IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS, THEN PLEASE WATCH IT.  ITS SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. 

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?: Cenk Uygur Leaves MSBNC: Television News is Poison for the Mind


July 21, 2011
Cenk Uygur, host of the popular show, "The Young Turks," decided to leave the not so popular MSNBC channel after experiencing what can only be called a "Howard Beale moment" with MSNBC's corporate executives. Basically, MSNBC's managers gave Cenk an ultimatum: join our exclusive club and stop raising hell or you won't be on television.

French court reopens Princess Diana's death case: Report

Vatic Note:  I wish Diana could have left us with "why" she believed they were going to kill her!  What had happened to give her that feeling since she was so right about it. 

French court reopens Princess Diana's death case: Report http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/2649739:BlogPost:510689?xg_source=msg_mes_network
Posted by Site *ADMINS* on July 23, 2011,  Blog 12160

LONDON: A French court is said to have reopened Princess Diana's death probe by seeking to question two former top British police officials over allegations that they withheld "crucial evidence" about the Paris car crash which killed her in 1997, a media report said.

French Judge Gerard Caddeo wants to interrogate former Scotland Yard chief Lord Condon and ex-Assistant Commissioner of Metropolitan Police Sir David Veness why they had failed to disclose the existence of a note in which the late Princess of Wales predicted her assassination, the 'Daily Express' said.

Under French law, "removing or concealing" evidence, which could "facilitate the discovery of a crime", is punishable by three to five years in jail, it said.

In fact, the note, taken by Diana's lawyer Lord Mishcon, was handed to the officers a few months after the 1997 Paris tunnel crash which also claimed the lives of her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed.

The lawyer's document records the line: "Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever)... at least to see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced."

But it was more than three years later before it emerged that UK officers had locked the note in Lord Condon's safe at Scotland Yard. When Lord Condon stood down as the Met Police chief, his successor too kept its existence a secret.

A source close to Paris probe said: "Everyone assumed that with the end of the British inquest, the investigation into Diana and Dodi's deaths was closed. But this has blown it wide open again. Judge Caddeo is determined to get to bottom of what happened with the Mishcon note."

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We are not prepared to comment."

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

How Hollywood programs us to ignore the ‘men behind the curtain’


By: Craig McKee
Date: 2011-07-28

They are partners in propaganda, collaborators in control.

The mainstream news media and Hollywood movie studios are cogs in a powerful machine that conditions us to accept a world view favourable to the global corporate elite.

Most of us are not even aware we’re being conditioned; we don’t see how we’re being manipulated. That’s why it works so well.

The media contribute to the deception by how they cover the news or don’t cover it – in other words, which subjects they ignore and which questions they avoid asking.

Most of us think the media have the job of keeping the powers that be in check, and exposing their mistakes and excesses. But in reality, the media are the propaganda arm of the power structure, and they exist to support and reinforce perceptions that favour the elites.

This can easily be seen in how they cover 9/11 and the supposed “war on terror.” The mainstream media might dabble at times in doubts about how the war is being waged, but they won’t expose the fact that it is a complete Orwellian fraud designed to keep us distracted and frightened while the elites go about their business of raping our planet and enslaving its inhabitants.


Bruecke Note: Yes, this is a humorous newspaper comic. What sort of predictive elements, however, are buried within for ridicule? It starts around July 4, 2011. It is worth reading to the end.


By: Wiley Miller
Date: 2011-07-04


Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag? (Sounds like Israel again, 9-11 ring a bell?)

More Than One Shooter on Island; Oslo Bomb Drill Just Concluded; Was It NATO’s Revenge for Norway’s Decision to Stop Bombing Libya? 
by Webster Tarpley

Washington DC, July 24, 2011 – The tragic terror attacks in Norway display a number of the telltale signs of a false flag provocation. It is reported that, although the world media are attempting to focus on Anders Behring Breivik as a lone assassin in the tradition of Lee Harvey Oswald, many eyewitnesses agree that a second shooter was active in the massacre at the Utøya summer youth camp outside of Oslo.  (VN :  remember this group had just taken a position in support of Norway recognizing Palestine as a separate state and voting to allow them to seat at the UN)

It has also come to light that a special police unit had been conducting a drill or exercise in downtown Oslo which involved the detonation of bombs – exactly what caused the bloodshed a few hundred meters away little more than 48 hours later. Further research reveals that United States intelligence agencies had been conducting a large-scale program of recruiting retired Norwegian police officers with the alleged purpose of conducting surveillance inside the country. This program, known as SIMAS Surveillance Detection Units, provided a perfect vehicle for the penetration and subversion of the Norwegian police by NATO.

Military-Industrial Journalism


By: Robert Koehler
Date: 2011-07-21

Rupert Murdoch’s specialty has been the practice of journalism in cynical mockery of our thirst for knowledge.

Suddenly it’s clear to everyone.

Hacking a missing teenager’s cell phone? Deleting calls, interfering with the desperate search for her whereabouts? Tapping the phones of terrorist victims, dead soldiers? What kind of newsroom culture could possibly value the intimate tidbits of unbearable worry and sorrow thus obtained? What kind of organization would call it “news”?

Total War Against Human Thought Declared


By: Pakalert
Date: 2011-07-20

Today we live in a world where hundreds-of-millions of Internet users are being shunted towards what are called “social media” sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) for the purposes of allowing all private information to be monitored while at the same time allowing these government financed megaliths to “control” what information is allowed to be seen.

This was evidenced this past week when reports emerged that the CIA-financed US social media site Facebook had outright banned a highly respected alternative news website called The Intel Hub from being able to be viewed by its users for reasons that have still not been explained.