A Post "July 4" blog: AMERICA - Imagine the World Without Her!

Vatic Note:  My fourth of July started out with breakfast at 7 am at my church outdoors, with a flag pole ceremony for one built and installed in our church yard.  Then after breakfast, I ran over and helped to decorate the float for our veterans organization.  I am a vet you know.

Then we did a parade and I have to tell you,  never, in the 18 years that I have been in this little podunck town  have I ever seen such a crowd at any of our parades.   This was the biggest and most packed parade route we had ever seen.   Our Veterans float was the first one out of the gate behind the color guard and officials, so we got to see it early on.  

In talking with people, it appears they are truly waking up like never before and they had to recommit in their own minds to reclaiming our country and making it what it once was, go back to our real identity instead of this created one by foreign occupiers that are trying to make it look like their country and its not going to work.

We, Americans, are not nazi's.   The infiltrators for a foreign nation are trying to make it look like it is,  just like they did in WW II.  Its not going to fly.   This parade was a truly great and motivating experience for me.  I realized just how much I love my country and all the people in it.

We are a resilient lot, creative, adaptable, flexible and ingenious when it comes to problem solving.  Many other nations may well be that way as well, I don't know, I live here, so I know here and will certainly give space for anyone to talk about their country, but today is our day, so its America today.

There is a movie out that is done by an immigrant to our country who is now an American citizen and its fabulous to see something from a perspective of someone who lived elsewhere and CHOSE to come here.  We need to see this movie from his perspective instead of our own, since we grew up here and have taken it for granted. 

I received this by email, but have given you the link to his site and information about the movie and to read what he believes about America.  Its worth the time and effort.

A Post "July 4" blog: AMERICA - Imagine the World Without Her!
July 4, 2014 

Dear Friends, 

This 4th of July, America is at a crossroads, and the way we understand our past will determine our future. This is a rare time when America's future hangs delicately in the balance, and when we Americans can do something about it. This occurred in 1776, when Americans had to figure out whether to create a new country, or live under British domination.

Tonight, I'll be on The Kelly File for an hour long special. We will talk about the celebration and exceptional greatness of America. We will also be discussing scenes from America the movie, and Megyn Kelly will be moderating a debate between Bill Ayers and myself. Check out a preview of the debate and watch the entire special event on Fox News at 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT.

Dinesh D'Souza and Bill Ayers Battle During Contentious "Kelly File" Debate

If you haven't seen America yet, this weekend is the time to do it. America the movie re-shapes the discussion about America's past and refutes the selective history that progressives teach. Thanks to you and hundreds of thousands of other patriots, America smashed expectations this week for its first two days at the box office. Buy your tickets today!

If we send a strong message to Lionsgate and theaters around the country this weekend, double or more theaters will open America on their screens next week. Let's show Michael Moore and Hollywood that we want a different kind of film in our communities! Your ticket represents a vote to restore America. Click here to buy your tickets today!

We kicked off the World Premiere of America with a red carpet event in L.A. this week with actor Jon Voight, actress Stacey Dash, and many others. Breitbart chronicled my red carpet premiere, telling Hollywood that America wants and needs more stories like America!

Even before the movie was released nationally, America was given glowing reviews from WND, Variety, National Review, The Washington Times, and The Christian Post, and many more.

Lastly, Americans like you have taken to their social media to tell their fellow Americans that the Hollywood elite film critics' reviews can't be trusted.

America is the must-see summer film. Invite your friends, family, and any liberals you know. If you enjoyed the movie, please write a review and share with others how great America is.

As always, thank you for your outpouring of support. God Bless America!Sincerely,
Dinesh D'Souza

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Obama Civilian Security Force Takes Control of Immigrant Internment Camps: “Abide By Brown Shirts Law”

Vatic Note:  So where did Homeland Security get these 250 children to dump off in AZ and other states?   Well, check this out and see if that is where they may have come from,  either that or its just a coincidence.   If Israel did this to these kids, who have done nothing to anyone, then they are worse than the worst scum of the earth.   These kids, according to this article are riddle with disease and that could easily have been done during shipping them here.  How inhumane can these Israeli's be?  I won't call them Israeli's, I will call them what they are..... Satanic Zionists. 

They took them from their parents and these kids must be petrified and scared to death, since they have no one to watch out for them, or protect them.  With other blogs we published about Israeli soldiers imprisoning palestinian children in Israel and then pedophiling them,  I would not doubt that happened as well with these children while under their control and  custody.  If they did this they are the slime of the planet.

I do not want to believe they did this, but I can't figure out what reason they would round up just the "coincidentally" same number that has shown up here in the states, and they are "DECEPTIVE" enough to try and pull this off so they can manipulate us into those FEMA camps, using the children to begin the process.

If someone else can put up a good reason for those numbers to match perfectly then please tell us what scenario that would be, and don't forget the fact that in both cases,  the fact they were both children makes it hard to believe its all a coincidence.   As Scientists say, "There are no coincidences".  And FDR, President Roosevelt said also, "In politics, there are no coincidences or accidents,  everything is planned down to the minutest detail."  Read it and see what you think.

Obama Civilian Security Force Takes Control of Immigrant Internment Camps: “Abide By Brown Shirts Law”
by  By Mac Slavo | SHTFPlan
In the run up to the 2008 Presidential election Barack Obama promised he would work to implement a domestic security force which would rival that of the U.S. military. It was an idea heavily criticized by his opponents because of fears that such an organization would bear similarity to World War II era spying groups that policed the citizens of Nazi Germany.
Many dubbed Obama’s proposed force the “Brown Shirts,” a term often used to describe a Nazi assault force and one that has repeatedly been associated with extremist nationalists for their unwavering willingness to take and execute orders without question or contemplation. Brown shirt brigades were tasked with, among other things, arresting dissidents, silencing criticism and wholesale executions of those who could not be reeducated.

For the majority, the notion that such a force would be assembled in the United States was nothing but another conspiracy originating from the lunatic right wing. But in October of 2012 the Department of Homeland Security quietly graduated their first corp of civilian responders under the new program. And since then it is likely that thousands more have been trained and deployed across the country to be called upon in the event of an emergency.

And if there were ever an emergency that required a military level response in the United States, many believe it is happening right now on the Southern border as hundreds of thousands of migrants make their way illegally into America.

Because of the sheer number of people heading to the U.S. and the complete failure, whether by chance or by design, of the Obama administration to secure the border, America is now faced with housing, feeding, clothing and providing medical care for more people than it was prepared to handle.  (VN:  the evil ones have tried everything they could to extract our wealth from us and collapse our economy and nothing worked.   We were more wealthy as a nation than they had anticipated and I believe that is why they are doing this.  If we stop and think about it, what else could they use to bring us down economically?  Nothing would drain us like this will. Very clever and psychopathic indeed.)

In response, rather than deploy Homeland Security (VN: Oh, you mean the dept that transported these children into our country?) or the National Guard to stop the migration at its source, the Administration has instead set up makeshift internment camps, some of which put scores of people in a room the size of a studio apartment. As a result, disease has spread and civilian emergency personnel have been tasked with providing care.

But among the doctors and caregivers is also a private security force that has been hired to keep the peace. And according to several people working inside the camps, the security groups have turned their attention not towards keeping peace between the migrants, but rather, at keeping the goings on of the facilities completely secret from the general public.

According to the unnamed source, who could not provide video documentation of these events because cell phones are not allowed in the facility, the security force is reportedly calling itself the “Brown Shirts.” The insider says they have been given orders to arrest anyone speaking to the public or using cell phones, and have implemented what is being referred to as “Brown Shirts Law.”
“There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told me.
“We were under orders not to say anything.”

The sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.”
“It was a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said.
“Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirt laws.”
She said the workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.
“Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.”
She said children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues.
Fox News via Drudge
The U.S. Government has spent billions of dollars preparing a wide variety of protocols to respond to domestic emergencies. In addition to the Brown Shirt security teams currently in operation at migrant internment camps, the government has also stockpiled billions of rounds of ammunition, rifles, riot gear, armored vehicles, military drones and is believed to have set up hundreds of detention camps around the country in anticipation of events ranging from widespread civil unrest to natural disasters.

In the event of an emergency, the President, having authorized himself by Executive Doomsday Order, will have access to military assets, law enforcement, homeland security, and now a civilian policing force that is, apparently, ready to perform its job without questioning their complicity in covering up the spread of disease and who knows what else.

FEMA camps, believed to exist as a last resort in case the government has to round up and detain tens of thousands of people under a martial law declaration, will require very similar logistics as the existing migrant internment camps.

Now we know that, should you ever reside in a detention camp, there will be no information making its way in or out unless the message has been officially approved for dissemination.

Anyone who fails to follow the rules and abide by Brown Shirts Law could have their career destroyed, be arrested or worse yet, charged under terrorism laws that, as the Brown Shirts of old may have referred to it, allow for a “final solution.”

This article originally appeared on SHTFPlan.

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Unregistered with the air Traffic controllers, and No Transponders, These Chemtrail Planes SPRAYING BLOOD, Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions !!!

Vatic Note:  Are they returning our reconstructed DNA back to us as bioweapons, through blood spraying chemtrails?  They have been collecting it obviously, so what have they done with it?  Have they changed it to remove resistance?  Or to make zombies out of us?   Have they removed the "God gene"?  I don't know, but I do know they do nothing without a purpose that serves them and not us.  

This is the very best presentation I have ever seen on the subject.  Read it all and visit every single link and video and you will know more than 98% of those who are in Congress.  To give credit where its due, Rep Kucinch tried to get legislation passed that would stop it and those doing it would suffer penalties for violating such laws.  It got defeated by the leadership and he was taken out during the primary election when next he ran.  He paid a heavy price for doing what was "morally right" and we should thank him for it.

Notice the volume of blood involved in the dumping, its humungous, so where would anyone get that volume of blood?  Who would take it in such a huge amount.  Blood is each individuals life force, so did anyone die giving up their blood?  Has anyone checked the prisons lately?   Since the foreign infiltrators of our nation have a history of doing such demonic acts, I would not doubt that they may have found some third world country to steal their people and take their blood.  Remember, Cynthia McKinney exposed what the cops in New Orleans did to prisoners there during Katrina.  They killed 5,000 of them instead of letting them go free.  Did they save the blood?  Well, at least this shows what the demonic satanists are capable of doing.

They have, in the past, done things, that I, in my long life would never have imagined any human person would do to other humans, and I was shocked and dismayed and frankly, I realized that I had to GROW UP finally after all these years and face the fact that such demonic creatures,who are fully incapable of moral acts, are on this planet and engaging in such evil, that I could never imagine could happen.  It really was a deep awakening for me. I thought I knew what evil was, BUT I WAS WRONG..... I know that now.  Its why I continue on with this blog.  WE ALL HAVE TO GROW UP. 

I will never be the same and I have since learned,  there is no one in power that you can trust without them believing they would be harmed if caught, so that is the only way to ensure they do no evil.  Threaten them with the death penalty and they might just behave if they are vigilantly watched like hawks. I now fully understand the writings of our forefathers, which I realize, I never truly understood what they knew and could not tell us and have us believe them.

Give yourselves a treat and read their writings in the Federalist Papers. 

Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions !!! 

Published by Truth TV on May 16, 2013



TTA = Tesla Tech Array

This is why the FAA is supposed to alert local Air Traffic Control when Chemtrailers will be flying their skies. So that commercial air traffic will be diverted.

These chemtrail jets were flying at commercial air flight level with NO TRANSPONDERS!
Not only do they NOT alert Air Traffic Control, the planes don't even show up on radar!!!









First Time Ever !!! 'HAARP' TTA Emissions Exposed - Detrimental Effects On Public - AS IT HAPPENS


DICK ACT of 1902 . . . CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) The Trump Card Enacted by the Congress Further Asserting the Second Amendment as Untouchable

Vatic Note:  Today was the right day to publish this and several other blogs that remind  us of our "God given right" to be free and secure in our persons and property... I can hardly wait to hear and see the Supreme Court try to manipulate their way around this one.

I really enjoyed it when our elected officials really cared about America. That is when we got complacent though and relaxed our vigilance and how we got to where we are today, so, maybe it was not a good idea to "trust".....  It seems so long ago.   Today all they care about is money, their new "god" as the protocols predicted, so these khazars could infiltrate and run our country through such money/material minded, foreign controlled "elected" officials.

However, out of bad comes good.   We are now fully aware of the fact that  "WE ARE NOW ON OUR OWN".   In a way that is not a bad thing.  We built this country on our own, we fed ourselves on our own, we grew as a nation in the beginning on our own until the greedy statanists discovered America and decided to rape and pillage it for their own benefit.  We can do this again.   Remember the first revolution only took 3% of the population to do.  That is still millions of us.

We now have Obama's civilian brown shirts in charge of the FEMA CAMPS where the illegal alien children are being placed. There is another blog up about that.  Ask yourselves why did HOMELAND SECURITY KIDNAP POOR MEXICAN CHILDREN AND DUMP THEM OFF AT THE BORDER OF AZ AND OTHER STATES?  This is just another way of globalizing us into a "SATANIC ONE WORLD ORDER". 

How else were they going to  get us to accept the Satanic NWO, and the use of camps without a rebellion? Its called "GRADUALISM": first get us to accept their use, and then with poetic justice throw us into the pile because we allowed it for the illegals.   You can almost see the "telling us in advance what they intend to do with us"  without actually saying it.

Well, the time is surely upon us for decisions to be made and actions and planning to be conducted.  

DICK ACT of 1902 . . . CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) The Trump Card Enacted by the Congress Further Asserting the Second Amendment as Untouchable
by admin Four Winds 10, repost from 2013

The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.

The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. 

The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.
The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders.

The National Guard Militia can only be required by the National Government for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the Union; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes for which the General Government can call upon the National Guard.

Attorney General Wickersham advised President Taft, "the Organized Militia (the National Guard) can not be employed for offensive warfare outside the limits of the United States."

The Honorable William Gordon, in a speech to the House on Thursday, October 4, 1917, proved that the action of President Wilson in ordering the Organized Militia (the National Guard) to fight a war in Europe was so blatantly unconstitutional that he felt Wilson ought to have been impeached.

During the war with England an attempt was made by Congress to pass a bill authorizing the president to draft 100,000 men between the ages of 18 and 45 to invade enemy territory, Canada. The bill was defeated in the House by Daniel Webster on the precise point that Congress had no such power over the militia as to authorize it to empower the President to draft them into the regular army and send them out of the country.

The fact is that the President has no constitutional right, under any circumstances, to draft men from the militia to fight outside the borders of the USA, and not even beyond the borders of their respective states. Today, we have a constitutional LAW which still stands in waiting for the legislators to obey the Constitution which they swore an oath to uphold.

Charles Hughes of the American Bar Association (ABA) made a speech which is contained in the Appendix to Congressional Record, House, September 10, 1917, pages 6836-6840 which states: "The militia, within the meaning of these provisions of the Constitution is distinct from the Army of the United States." In these pages we also find a statement made by Daniel Webster, "that the great principle of the Constitution on that subject is that the militia is the militia of the States and of the General Government; and thus being the militia of the States, there is no part of the Constitution worded with greater care and with more scrupulous jealousy than that which grants and limits the power of Congress over it."

"This limitation upon the power to raise and support armies clearly establishes the intent and purpose of the framers of the Constitution to limit the power to raise and maintain a standing army to voluntary enlistment, because if the unlimited power to draft and conscript was intended to be conferred, it would have been a useless and puerile thing to limit the use of money for that purpose. 

Conscripted armies can be paid, but they are not required to be, and if it had been intended to confer the extraordinary power to draft the bodies of citizens and send them out of the country in direct conflict with the limitation upon the use of the militia imposed by the same section and article, certainly some restriction or limitation would have been imposed to restrain the unlimited use of such power."

The Honorable William Gordon
Congressional Record, House, Page 640 - 1917

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Former FBI Chief Admits Chemtrails Are Real - And Then He Is Poisoned And Dies

Former FBI Chief Admits Chemtrails Are Real - And Then He Is Poisoned And Dies 
Published by "ThinkoutsidetheTV" on Feb 13, 2014

Vatic Note:  Ted Gundersen was a former FBI chief and obviously he is a patriot for confirming what no one else at the top would do.  He is a hero as far as I am concerned.   Two of the locations are given to us by Gundersen, where these planes fly out.  He calls this dumping a "Felony Crime" and questions the integrity those involved.

He died after exposing this and giving the location of the planes such an air base in Nebraska and one in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.    This author does an excellent job of interviewing Gundersens Doctor that treated him for Arsenic Poisoning, but they perps just kept coming after him until he finally died of it.

Ted also exposed the "SMART METER" conspiracy and explained why it was being done and he warned everyone NOT to accept the smart meter in our homes.  He gave us other warnings as well, and its the combination of all of them that got him killed.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Marine speaks up and tells Feds, "you work for us, we do not work for you": Lawrenceville, VA Public Hearing 6/19/14 clip

Vatic Note: I put this up on the 4th of July, to remind everyone about Liberty and freedom and the price we must be willing to pay to retain it. These foreign occupiers of our nation have no clue what we care about and are desperate because they are so far behind in their goal of globalizing the planet.  Now, they have bogused up another event to hide their real agenda which is to begin putting Americans in FEMA camps and either chip us or kill us off, those will be our choices.  Remember the Georgia Guidestones put up by the Luciferian society...... depopulation down to half a billion world wide.  Every soul on this planet needs to war against these khazar satanic zionist  bankers and their co-conspirators. And here is how his handlers planned to do it.  Obama Admin's Plan To House Immigrants In Small Town in VA, Quickly Blows Up In his Face.   This is where we should be calling on the Militia, since the Federal government is completely and irretrievably out of control.  IT WAS THE DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY THAT KIDNAPPED THESE CHILDREN IN MEXICO AND DUMPED THEM AT VARIOUS COMMUNITIES AROUND THE COUNTRY.  That is the biggest criminal organization in our country right now as we speak. 

In AZ, the vehicles that dumped these kids in Arizona with no system set up to care for them and get them back to their families, was done by HOMELAND SECURITY AND WE ALL KNOW THAT AGENCY IS RUN BY SPLC AND THE ADL.   What in the hell are these traitors doing on our soil and running our agencies?   They need to go back to where they came from.

What I am speculating is the DHS is planning on setting up FEMA camps for these kids, but then will use them to haul off anyone of us who is an American and refuses to give up their guns.   So watch out for that.   That is the only reason for what they have done with these kids.



Marine speaks up and tells Feds, "you work for us, we do not work for you": Lawrenceville, VA Public Hearing 6/19/14 clip 
by Kerry Picket, published June 20, 2014


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Oregon Celebrates Independence Day… With ‘No Refusal’ Blood Checkpoints

Vatic Note:   Ok, if they do this, then the police have decided definitively not to follow their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  So, then its now up to us how we decide to deal with it.   Gradualism is a dangerous thing.   If we let this happen, then what will be next?   No,  we have to take a stand sometime and it might as well be over the fourth Amendment which is the most dangerous one for us to lose.  Taking your blood is about taking your DNA, and don't let them tell you otherwise. Then they can mess with it and "kill" who you really are and replace you with who knows what.

So, what do you do?  You definitely take down the name of the police officer,  who is violating his oath of office, and you find out where he lives and  pass the information onto your "friends".  At the point where they ignore their own Constitution and betray the nation, then you owe them nothing.  They have chosen the side they will take in this battle for our nation.

What is worse, is,  it was an "IN  YOUR FACE" challenge for them to pick the 4th of July to demean and lessen the value of that date to our country and our people who lost loved ones fighting for what we believed in, over the past 236 years. That is how long this experiment in freedom and liberty has lasted.   So now we have to deal with these demonic beings trying to drag our people down to their level of darkness, fear and hate.

Well, come what may, we must  resist any attempt to violate our God given right to privacy when we have done nothing wrong. Without a warrant or probable cause, they are acting as a police state gestapo storm trooper.  The decision after that is up to us.  

Notice how all of this is happening to us right around the 4th of July?  I am wondering if they plan on making their biggest move on that day as we are busy celebrating something that had never been before in the history of the globe and if we let it go, may well never be again.  That is an awesome responsibility we hold for the entire world in more than one sense.  If they do it on July 4, during our celebrations, then the message is clear.  And our response is just as clear.  Hide your guns before you leave to celebrate.  

Oregon Celebrates Independence Day… With ‘No Refusal’ Blood Checkpoints

During Independence Day weekend, a time to celebrate US freedom and unalienable rights, Americans in Oregon will be subjected to a “blitz” of ‘no-refusal’ blood-draw checkpoints, as part of a disturbing trend that now extends nationwide.  (VN: DNA COLLECTION POINTS TO TRACK YOU GLOBALLY.  You can get DNA from the saliva obtained from the breathalizer test.  If you refuse, then they simply do the blood, which is a more direct way anyway.)

Local news station KVAL reports that State police are re-naming Fourth of July weekend “No Refusal Weekend”, as part of a crack down on drunk driving. (VN: more of the "DECEPTION" they like to brag about with respect to conducting war.   Why do you think they still have the internet up?  To track our reactions to these incursions into our Bill of Rights, so they can decide whether to move forward or to put it on hold, DEPENDING ON OUR REACTION. So its truly up to us what we end up with. With out the cooperation of our cops, they cannot do any of this, so its important to monitor your police to see what they have chosen.  Europe had to do this during WW II and took action once they identified what they called "collaborators".  It was not pretty what the European underground did to collaborators, but they literally had no choice. ).

Any driver who is stopped by police and refuses to take an alcohol breath test will be subjected to a mandatory blood test either at the scene, at a medical facility, or at the nearest jail.  (VN: you are going to have to go to the link below to watch this video, IF THE SCREEN IS NOT UP.  THEY ARE REALLY MESSING WITH THIS BLOG TODAY. SORRY, but watch it anyway at the link below this sentence).


Anyone who merely questions the breath test could also automatically lose their license for a year.

The police say they will liaise closely with prosecutors and judges to immediately obtain “blood draw warrants” in an effort to paint the process up as legal and Constitutional.

“No Refusal enforcement efforts aim to prevent people from avoiding full accountability,” said Officer Ryan Stone. The process is designed to force drivers into relenting to breath tests in order to avoid a potentially harsher penalty if they refuse to cooperate.

The ACLU, previously critical of the practice, lauded the initiative, saying that obtaining warrants for blood test was “the right way to go about it in our view,” and “a good thing.”

However, breathalyzer tests have previously been proven to be inaccurate in a high percentage of cases, with many factors rendering the results “little more than scientific guesswork”.

Further research has shown that police officers often influence the results of breathalyzer tests, resulting in inaccurately high readings. Blood tests can also produce false high readings of alcohol levels if they are not conducted quickly and properly.

This information is important, many argue, because it means that mandatory tests could provide police with self-incriminating evidence.

In previous examples of police conducting the practice, horror stories have emerged of Americans being forcibly restrained and having their blood extracted.

The following footage filmed last year in Georgia shows cops strapping down citizens to gurneys, before using a needle to forcibly draw blood as the victim screams, “WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS?”

(VN:  Looks like they did the same with this video, so watch it at the link we are providing just below this VN.  I am truly sorry about this, but the harassment is truly intensifying now.... so we must be close.)


Even those who show no resistance whatsoever are forcibly restrained and have their heads pressed down by an officer using his elbow. 

“We all are American citizens and you guys have me strapped to a table like I’m in Guantanamo f***ing Bay,” complains another victim of the blood draw.
Attorneys have argued that the forced blood draws are an unreasonable search, and constitute a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Georgia and Orgeon are two out of numerous states that enforce the federally sponsored ‘no refusal’ checkpoints. In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that it is not unconstitutional to hold down Americans and forcefully withdraw blood. A January 2013 ruling affirmed that a warrant must be obtained for the process, although police could dispense with the warrant requirement in an “emergency”.

In some states, decades old implied consent law, which allowed drivers to say no to blood or urine tests, has been overturned to allow the process to take place.

The practice of cops drawing blood at the side of the road has been in place in some areas since 1995 but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that the program is ultimately intended to be introduced nationwide.  (VN: its to collect our DNA, as we covered on a blog earlier.  They intend to experiment with our DNA to change it to make us more compliant)

As Alex Jones exposed over fifteen years ago, the eventual plan, under a 1993 executive order signed by Bill Clinton, is to institute mandatory blood and urine testing at the DMV.

Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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Whistle-blower from Within the DIA Complex Confirms the Existence of a Massive Deep Underground Military Facility

Vatic Note:   We did several blogs on the issue of DIA and its occult symbolism, along with the fact that European Royalty were buying up useless land around the airport, and now this below explains why and what they intended to do with it.  We also covered the disclosure that DENVER WILL BE THE NEW CAPITAL OF THE "SATANIC" NEW WORLD ORDER.  Its in the Mountains and hard to reach for resistance fighters.  They think/believe!

Since NATO works for the royalty of Europe, AND since defacto globalization is happening without an official vote of the people OR their elected representatives, and the President and his executive branch works for the "Satanic NWO", then globalizing is taking place as we speak without any regard for our wishes or desires.  DHS dropping kidnapped Mexican children off at AZ Bus stations and border facilities,  is just one of many actions the globalists are taking to finalize their take over of the globe.

We, the people, are simply..... how did Kissinger, the CEO for the Illum families, put it.........?  Oh, yes, we are simply "FODDER" for the elites wars and that is all we are good for.  Well, if we do nothing about all this, then they are right about  us.  I am not worried, since I know for a fact a lot of people are preparing for all of this that will be coming down soon.  Its not going to be as easy as they think.

What becomes clear as a bell, when you read this, is just how little we can expect from them.   They will even have their own airlines shuttle service that we will not have access to.   This will truly be like the days in the dark ages, where we are serfs and property of the royal class of owners and we are nothing more than personal property of theirs and they can do what they wish to us with no accountability as we have seen already.  The Children are who I worry about.

For the first time, a whistle-blower from within the DIA complex confirms the existence of a massive deep underground military facility located beneath the airport
By Shepard Ambellas

(Photo: Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub News)(Photo: Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub News)

DENVER (INTELLIHUB) — The Denver International Airport (DIA) is nestled on a vast 53 square mile complex and is owned and operated by the City of Denver.  In fact, it’s the largest airport in the United States, in terms of land mass garnered, and the second largest airport in the world to Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Airport as I pointed out in my appearance on the Travel Channel series America Declassified.

The airport serves over 50 million passengers a year and is now incorporating a massive new project called “Airport City” an aerotropolis which has been presented publicly by the Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, who respectively declined an interview with Intellihub News.

However, interestingly, the new aerotropolis will incorporate an expansive business district with new lodging as well as an agricultural and technical district within the confines of the airport property to attract more revenue to Denver’s growing economy. In fact, between the planed aerotropolis and Colorado’s booming marijuana industry, DIA just might be the next biggest thing since sliced bread.

The concept is innovative, a first for an airport in America, and is likely to become the envy of other airports around the world. In fact, according to Airport City Denver’s official website:

"In 2010, DIA and the City and County of Denver took a major step in DIA’s evolution to fulfill its gateway role by inviting firms from around the world to submit proposals to assist DIA in planning, assessing and creating an Airport City at DIA as the core of and competitive accelerator for the emerging Denver aerotropolis. Later that year, DIA selected MXD Development Strategists (MXD) and its collaborative team including Design Workshop, CH2M Hill, Dr. John Kasarda, Integrity Parking, Transcore and Ambient Energy to prepare the Denver International Airport City Development Strategy."

However, local residents and others have been questioning the new construction in and around the airport property as several red flags have been raised. In fact, since the first construction phases of the airport started in the early 1990′s, there have been several indicators that something else may be taking place on or under the grounds of the 53 square mile complex.

The Facility

Some speculate that a deep underground military facility, part of the Continuity of Government (COG) program exists on the site. A massive underground city to be used by our government in the event that Washington or our central governments command hub is compromised. According to some investigative reports, including one headed up by the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, the underground city that lies beneath the airport quite possibly connects to other deep underground military installations throughout the country.
Now, a source of mine within the airport confirmed for the first time astonishing information regarding the underground facility, providing details unknown to airport staff and the general public until now.
The following are details regarding a deep underground military installation located on the grounds of the DIA as provided by my source:
  • Level 1 of the airport is inset into the ground to protect from vibrations coming from underneath. The base board characteristics lead on to this technical design. The employees have been told the reason for this is to protect from vibrations from the public train that leads back and forth to all concourses, A, B, and C.
  • The airport’s gate and door numbers correspond to emergency action and response plans that indicate specific details to people “in the know”.
  • The design of the airport is built to throw people off as levels are labeled differently on each in some cases and grading changes make it difficult to pinpoint your actual elevation. This was a security feature added by the designers.
  • Due to lawsuits (or potential staged events) in the “United Airlines, Inc.” section of one of the basement levels at DIA, an infectious bio-hazard or fungal outbreak has instigated quarantined off areas of the underground, as they are now inaccessible to the airport staff and personnel. The quarantined section of the underground was confirmed by the source to be located in Concourse B’s East side lower levels.
  • The landfill located off of Tower Rd. two miles west of the Jeppesen Terminal was added onto in the early 2000′s despite the airports appeal to the District Court against the landfill in 2002, claiming it was a FAA safety hazard. The landfill has a functioning element to it but is “mocked-up” to look like a landfill hidden in plain sight.
  • There is a militarized intermediary entrance located in the “United Airlines” section of the underground. The actual door number was reveled by my source with great hesitation. The actual door code is “BE64B” unknown until now to the general public.
  • A swift door will also allow access to the intermediary entrance of the facility if you have the proper “speed-pass” clearance on a Department of Defense (DOD) level. This door was also a secret to the general public until now. The actual door number is “T-47 M” located on the level 4 exterior. Update: Airport Staff, “I just went in to T47-M… nothing goes down, no steps, no elevator”.
  • The dirt in parts of the train tunnels looks unnatural, and “if anyone steps on it they know”, said my source.
  • Gates can “lock-down” certain sections of the airport in the event of an emergency.
  • A nearly 3 mile long tunnel heads out from the intermediary entrance “BE64B“, to a full-blown Department of Defense (DOD) sanctioned militarized entrance nestled in a set of 5 buildings 120′ beneath the surface located Northeast of the Jeppesen Terminal.
  • All VIP activity typically originates under the Northwest section of “Concourse C”
The information provided by the whistleblower does indeed beg the following question. Does the DOD have any ties to areas of the airport owned and (or) operated by domestics airline carriers?

Department of Defense Ties To Domestic Airline Carriers

New information uncovered by Intellihub News investigators concludes that, yes indeed the DOD has ties to a commercial airline carrier that operates out of the Denver International Airport.

Documents requested by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Investigative Report Workshop in 2004 reveal that, “United Airlines,Inc” is involved in a DOD “Air Transportation Program” likely connected to COG. This contract would allow United Airlines to fly VIP’s, sitting Senators, Congressmen, and top elected officials including Head’s of State to-and-fro the main COG hub located on DIA grounds.

According to the Investigative Report Workshop, “The Department of Defense audits commercial air carriers it contracts with to fly DOD employees. The Workshop and PBS FRONTLINE sent a FOIA request to learn about United Airline’s maintenance procedures. Last year, we had sent the same request for another company and the audits proved to be very informative. This time, however, we received about 94 mostly blank pages.”

The Dirt Came From Somewhere

According to my source from inside, a massive pile of dirt was added to an existing landfill in the area despite the FAA’s request that it was dangerous to travelers and could pose a radar issue causing a potential disaster. This addition to that landfill was pressed hard and was supposed to take place over a 40-60 year period, but instead took place over the course of about 4 years.

The pile of dirt, which is masked as a landfill in-plain-sight, now exceeds 300′ in altitude.An excerpt from the FAA appeal reads, “In the Hazard Determination and Affirmation, the FAA found that the Tower Road landfill at its proposed height “would be in the radar line of sight and vehicles [i.e., dump trucks and graders] operating at the landfill may cause radar reflection and consequently create false targets.” JA 7.

The Determination and Affirmation themselves provide no evidentiary basis for the “false target” finding. Indeed, we can find at most only two pages in a 462-page record to support it. The FAA’s aeronautical study reports that Airways Facility radar technicians have “identified the potential for false targets.

At the current elevation of 5,423′ AMSL [above mean sea level], the landfill is below the radar line-of-sight. At the new height of 5,542′ AMSL, the large dump trucks, graders, and other heavy equipment create the potential for reflecting the radar and causing false targets…. The impact in this circumstance would be an erroneous position indication for the aircraft.”


The Denver Airport (Location) is part of a Continuity of Government Program and does indeed house an underground facility.

About the author:
Shepard Ambellas is the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook. Shepard also appears on the Travel Channel series America Declassified.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Country Doctor Cures Cancer With Baking Soda and Maple Syrup

Vatic Note: I put this up because I no longer trust the drug companies at all.  Its also cheaper to use what is readily available and has evidence through testimonies by those that used the process and not only improved and got better, but many, almost half were completely cure of the disease.

I am not a medical expert, and I have searched for more information on this and found other supporting articles, but its important to know that we are as locked out of the medical and drug industries as we are locked out of damn near everything else and that is a result of a defacto NWO putting itself in place with NOTHING for any of us citizens.  Not even a spec of truth.

One day we will wake up and this Satanic NWO will be our reality and then decision time will be upon us.   I hope we do so before its too late.   In the meantime, we can explore these alternatives for ourselves and begin moving back toward the independance we once enjoyed as a free and independant nation and people.

Time to unload the mentally ill running our nation into the ground, get away completely from their control of our food, air and water, as well as our medical lives....  Time to begin to take care of ourselves again when we did much better than we are today.  Copy this article and share it with your neighbors, relatives, and others so they may also have a chance at a good life down the road. 

Country Doctor Cures Cancer With Baking Soda and Maple Syrup
by  Admin,  Four Winds 10, 2012

Jim Kelmun Protocol
  * CancerTutor Home Page 
How It Works

This treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup and baking soda. When mixed and heated together, the maple syrup and baking soda bind together. 

The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda, which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline, removes the microbe inside the cancer cell. 
The Protocol

Very Important Note: USE ONLY baking soda which is stated to be "aluminum free." This includes pharmaceutical grade baking soda or a product such as Bob's Red Mill (Aluminum-Free) Baking Soda.

Mix one part baking soda with three parts (pure, 100%) maple syrup in a small saucepan. 

Stir Briskly as it is heating. 

Heat the mixture for 5 minutes (which means do not use heat that is too high). 

Take 1 teaspoon daily, as needed. 

We have not been able to get the maple syrup to bind to the baking soda, using Bob's Red Mill baking soda. If you figure out how to keep the maple syrup from separating from the baking soda, after refrigerating overnight, please let us know how you did it (make sure you include the word "cancer" or "Kelmun" in the Subject line:


ASHVILLE, N.C. – “There’s not a tumor on God’s green Earth that can’t be licked with a little baking soda and maple syrup!” That’s the astonishing claim of controversial folk healer Jim Kemun—who says his simple home remedy can stop and reverse the growth of deadly cancers.The 75-year-old former truck driver has no medical degree and authorities are demanding that he stop dispensing his “wonder drug” or face a prison sentence.

But his loyal patients swear by the man they fondly call “Dr. Jim”—and say he’s a miracle worker.

“Dr. Jim cured me of lung cancer,” declares farmer Ian Rodhouse, 64.  “Those other doctors told me I was a goner and had less than six months to live.
“But the doc put me on his mixture—and in a couple of months, the caner was gone. It didn’t even show up on X-rays!”

The gentle, silver-haired grandfather—who has been preparing home remedies since 1954—says he first hit upon the miracle cure in the mid-1970’s, when he was treating a family plagued by breast cancer.

“there were five sisters in the family and all of them passed away from the big C by age 50—except one,” he recalls.


“I asked if there was anything different in her diet.  She told me she was partial to sipping maple syrup and baking soda.


“I figured, let me try it out on some of my other patients.”


Since then, “Dr. Jim” has dispensed his mixture to more than 200 patients diagnosed with terminal cancer. Amazingly, he claims that of that number, 185 lived at least 15 more years—and nearly half enjoyed a complete remission of their disease.


“You tell me about another treatment that works that good!” he demands proudly.


Medical experts are less enthusiastic.  “This man is a quack, plain and simple,” blasts an official at a state medical association.  “We intend to see that he is arrested for practicing medicine without a license.”


Until that happens, Dr. Jim vows to keep prescribing his treatment: “I’m just going to keep on saving lives.”


Will Dr. Jim’s recipe work for you?


We don’t know—and Weekly World News urges you to consult your own trusted physician before embarking on his course of medical treatment. But here for our readers, is Dr. Jim’s recipe:


Add one part baking soda with three parts maple syrup in a small saucepan.


Stir briskly.


Heat for five minutes


Take one teaspoon daily, as needed.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


VATIC ALERT: Fleets of UN trucks and Tanks transported through Georgia! Take Over of America by United Nations and the Bilderbergs??

Vatic Note:  Well, it looks like its time. Get a list and photos of the Bilderbergs,  UN key people, Rothschilds, bankers, US dual citizens in leadership positions that are silent about what is going on and, last but not least, the British royalty and leadership.   Make THIS GO VIRAL. The treason is now in full swing.

There is no doubt about it any longer.  Even the sheep will see it for what it is.   This will be either the coming together of America as our forefathers did, or its the beginning of the end,  AND THAT IS UP TO US.   Our so called elected leaders are full blown traitors and we see it now.  We could not be experiencing this without their cooperation.

See the photos of the UN military Trucks and tanks moving through American highways and Roads. They are coming for the guns.  Of course they are.   There was no other way to get them.   But, I believe they are in for a huge surprise.  Now we will find out if we are our forefathers offspring, or not. Time for the militia to act in accordance of what they were created for by our forefathers..... to act on our behalf when the system has completely failed.

What you MUST see, if nothing else, is the WILLINGNESS, of these Satanic insane ones to use LITTLE CHILDREN and place them in HORRIFIC conditions with threat to their life and limbs, in order to achieve their agenda.   That means they will do the same to us and ours if they take over.   THAT cannot be allowed to happen.  Its time to stand and fight for our little children, because THAT is what its down to now.

The Satanists will have complete control over our offspring and you will have no say whatsoever in their lives.   You best understand that.  The Parents of those children below,  did not give up their children willingly.   My bet, is, they were kidnapped either from school, playgrounds, or the streets and forced into this journey that must be scaring the heck out of these kids that will scar them for life.  I almost called the bad guys a bad name,  don't get me started.

These are the kinds of DEMONS we are dealing with here.  Understand that its better to fight and die than to live anything like these satanists live, in the deep dark world of perversion, addictions and death.  Every Mother better get armed. Now we know why Homeland Security bought those targets with photos of mothers, grandmothers on them, in order to desensitize their hired thugs.

They knew what they intended to do and that the mothers would be the danger.  How ironic.  At least it will be interesting to see what an army of mothers will do against a bunch of cowards that do nothing with integrity and are too cowardly to fight like real men. Well, the good news is,  there will be no where on the planet that these men can travel in safety anymore, IF THEY DO AS IT APPEARS THEY INTEND TO DO.

They will be living the life of prisoners in fancy palaces, but prisoners non the less, as will their own families.  Remember, they pedophile their own children to keep the agenda going forward from generation to generation.  What kind of person would do that to their own children?  A SATANIST WOULD.  So, they would not have second thoughts about doing the same to your precious children. Its time for the spiritual warriors to make a showing.   If they move against us, then the battle is joined.  As the Russians say NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. Its suicide if you do.

America’s southwestern border is being overrun by illegal aliens, mostly children. Why?
by admin, Jhaines 6,  June 29, 2014


Source: The Tap
June 28, 2014
On June 19, 2014, I wrote a story which detailed how America’s southwestern border is being overrun by illegal aliens, mostly children. Why just the children? That same day on my website, I published an article which contained an advertisement by the US government for escorts to help illegal immigrant children who were going to be illegally crossing the border. In other words, this immigration crisis was planned at least 7 months in advance by the United States government.

The national mainstream media is not yet covering the growing holocaust on our border with Mexico to the degree that it needs to be. People are soon going to be starving, dying of thirst from crossing the border in very hot 110+ temperatures and some of these immigrants are bringing diseases into the US because of the extremely unsanitary conditions on the border.

The local media in Arizona is covering this horrific event, but not the national media. Below is a picture of illegal immigrant children being held in very primitive conditions in Nogales, Arizona.

A holocaust in the making which will require the intervention of the UN Migrant Council headed by Peter Sutherland. Make this picture go viral.

A holocaust in the making which will require the intervention of the UN Migrant Council headed by Peter Sutherland. Make this picture go viral.

You know this is being orchestrated into a Hegelian Dialectic on the border. The children of Central America did not wake up this June and decide to hold their collective recesses on the border with the United States. They were encouraged and provided transport (see Part One).

When Does This.....?
When Does This…..?
...become this?
…become this?

Gun Confiscation and Martial Law Happen When “These Guys” Show Up

un vehicles 1
un vehicles 2
This was taken six days ago on a Georgia highway. What are they doing here?

This was taken six days ago on a Georgia highway. What are they doing here?

Don’t believe the validity of these still photos? Then please explain the following video? (Foul language: Viewer Discretion Advised) (VN: After watching, were you able to identify and think about all those that had to commit treason for this road trip of those vehicles, to happen?  Its actually mind boggling when you really think about who and what would be involved in this act of treason! Remember "treason" is a death penalty offense"  No wonder so many CIA, military etc were purged out of our government.  Now we know that those remaining are guilty.  

Now we also know why the Nazi gestapo Homeland SEcurity was created.  This, alone, confirms these zionist khazar bankers did Nazi Germany in the same deceptive way.)


What Ties This All Together?
Question:When will the UN be called into play and take command of the “international crisis" on the American border?

Answer: When helpless children begin to die in the hot Arizona summer and America’s compassion for children, regardless of where they come from, is put into play. This will get the UN “relief workers” to be initially accepted.

Watch the news events in the coming days and weeks. Soon, every news item on this event will accentuate the suffering that these poor children are going through as they are herded into America without any adult supervision. And yes, God does command us to help these innocent ones. However, this will be the excuse that is needed to roll out these prepositioned UN assets.  (VN:  as they do that, keep repeating... "the globalists kidnapped these children and are doing this to them for Satan and for their agenda and will use our children in the same manner.   Our childrens only protection is us.  This is where America must stand and fight or be forever lost as a nation and a people as well as the beacon of freedom we had always been to other less fortunate countries.)

The immigration/border crisis is at least one part of the plot to subjugate America. And when it comes to relocating the soon-to-be millions of children flooding here to safe havens, who will be in charge? /span>

It will be Peter Sutherland and the UN Migration Council. And once the UN troops are openly on our streets, the foothold will have been achieved. Gun confiscation and martial law will be a foregone conclusion as the next, yet undefined, false flag event will unfold.

When you see the blue helmets on your streets, it will be Peter Sutherland in charge. And I am certain that he will handle this crisis with the same demeanor and integrity as he handled the Gulf crisis.

un martial law forces
Meet your soon-to-be new United Nations Governor. He orchestrated the Gulf crisis and now he will be

Meet your soon-to-be new United Nations Governor. He orchestrated the Gulf crisis and now he will be “managing” the border crisis.  (VN: My question is "Is he British or part of the Commonwealth of Britain?"  If so, then Britain has finally reclaimed their empire under Satan.   Now we know why they sacrificed so many children to Satan, since the agenda was huge.)

A Future Press Conference

“As President, I want to encourage all Americans to welcome with open arms from the United Nations as they help us mitigate the crisis at the border. God Bless America”!

Take a look at Peter Sutherland, below, as he was video taped at Bilderberg this month. You can often tell a lot about the way a man carries himself.  (VN: Look at his eyes, they are dead, just like Finstein and Levy Pelosi.  LISTEN TO WHAT THEY ARE DISCUSSING, ITS PUBLIC POLICY AND  YET THEY HIDE THEIR DISCUSSIONS..... I GUESS THE "FASCISTS ZIONISTS" HAVE TAKEN OVER.  Kissinger is the CEO for the illum families and yet he is in the heart of the Bilderberg group.  Remember this org was created by the "Satanic" Royalty of Europe and has never been held accountable for what they plan, do, or fund in the public arena where the peoples lives are at stake and dramatically affected by it.  

Once they take over, they could have had all those reporters arrested.  Is this the world you want to live in?  If we don't do something about it,  its the world we will get.)

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.