Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead

Vatic Note:  The miracle of Love.  We covered so much about consciousness and finally discussed the "heart Wall" and how important it is not to keep that wall.  The heart is the second brain and considered even more powerful than the regular brain, since it works off electomagnetic energy.  This story is one we needed to read to see the power of  life within us if we focus on what is possible.   The trick is belief and hours of love.   This is a great story at this time of our lives to see what truly miraculous things love can do.  Its the most powerful force in the universe.  Keep our hearts full of love and no, NONE, NO hate or fear and we will prevail in all of this.  All things are possible if we believe.   Below they talked about a theory of the kangaroo pouch and how that might have something to do with this, but what I also discovered is that humans and kangaroos have more DNA in common than humans do with Chimpanzees,  now someone explain that one to me will ya????  lol

Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 11:16 PM on 26th August 2010

It was a final chance to say goodbye for grieving mother Kate Ogg after doctors gave up hope of saving her premature baby.

She tearfully told her lifeless son - born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb - how much she loved him and cuddled him tightly, not wanting to let him go.

Water - The Great Mystery 1/9 (DNA & Consciousness)

*** It appears Google has gutted these videos.  So, go to the link and watch them from Utube.  Its worth the effort.  


Vatic Note:  PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE VIDEOS AND THEN COME BACK AND READ MY VATIC NOTES IF YOU WISH.  Understand that they have now for the third time gutted the videos we had on "The Power of the Mind".   So you KNOW we are onto something when they DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE IT.   They also gutted these videos twice now.  They are up and working, but I recommend you download all of them since I do not know when or if they will gut them again like they did with the "Power of the Mind" videos.   Also begin shopping in your area for people who live in areas with ground or river "WATER WELLS" and make a deal with them to supply you with drinking water even if you have to pay for it.   You buy water anyway in the stores which have the same stuff in it as the tap water, so quit buying store water and get well water.   The videos explain how the river water cleans itself over the rocks and dirt that pick up most of the particulate matter dumped and also gas, like fluroide dissapates once out in the open as does clorine and anyother gas,  the heavy metals are picked up by the dirt and rocks and do not stay in the actual moving water. 

These videos are extremely educational and puts the final scientific seal on the importance of real water untainted in our lives, our bodies, consciousness and brain functioning.  When you see this you will be able to understand WHY WATER IS SO IMPORTANT to control and CHANGE for the satanists since its a critical part of changing our humanity and erraticating our RESISTANCE TO THEIR GLOBAL FASCISM.   

This is very scientific,  so please understand our reality in many things,  is not how we have always thought.    There is a massive expansion going on in "awareness" of the magnitude of our very beings especially our DNA and our consciousness.   As Tsorias said "WE ARE EXTRAORDINARY BEINGS LIVING ORDINARY LIVES", (and I might add,  very repressed lives)   so we are as powerful as I suspected and this is the key to our winning this battle that is coming to us.   Its all right here in the blogs of the past week and ESPECIALLY WATCH THE VIDEOS IN THE DEC 25 ARCHIVES as well as all that we have on here today 1/1/11, so you can see these connections.  So revisit them on all those about DNA and consciousness.

For years the various Ford, Rockefeller, Gates and other foundations have been funding work in third world countries with their water.  I could not figure out why Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group was serving on a non profit group that dealt only with WATER in third world countries.   They do nothing out of humanitarian reasons, only profit, power or defense against something that is a threat to them.   After listening to these videos I now understand all that has been done with our water globally.....

1.  THE LAW OF THE SEA TREATY PUTS ALL OUR FRESH WATER UNDER CONTROL OF BRITIANS UN.  And that relationship is managed by the Army corp of Engineers.  hmmmm.

2.  Why did Bush JR and Moon buy almost 1 million acres of land in Paraguay over the largest fresh water aquifir in the world???  That Aquifir is fed by Amazon rainforest water virtually untouched by technology or negative experiences UNTIL RECENTLY.   .  

Spiritual Science: DNA is influenced by words and frequencies

Vatic Note: We put this up on New Years Day and are revisiting this to remind us of why we are being attacked through food, water, air, radiation,  corexit, etc.  Did you ever ask yourselves why???  None of these are killers of an immediate nature, but what they are doing immediately is mutating our DNA.  Its attacking that which is the most powerful within us.    Its in line with what we believe are the real solutions to this problem and building a foundation of knowledge that will allow us to be fully equipped for a fair fight in this battle we are in with the evil ones.   THIS is an excellent write up for those of you who like to dig deep into a line of evidence for what is behind the curtain. In line with our series on this issue, we are starting to look at "WHY" the evil ones are collecting our DNA instead of trying to collect our guns? Why is so much effort being put into destroying, mutating and otherwise obliterating our DNA as humans, when the more apparent threat would be our unbelievable number of weapons we currently possess as a nation of minutemen??  PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW, ITS GOT AN INCREDIBLE COMMENT OF GREAT IMPORTANCE. 

There has to be a reason they are so afraid of our DNA that they are doing these horrors, as we have continually shown you, to our DNA, while ignoring our guns to some degree? Which is more dangerous to them and why? Well, on our journey down the rabbit hole, we came across this excellent write up on research conducted by Russian and other scientists that may well explain why... Remember the evil ones have attacked our food through GMO's and chemicals in our meat, drugs in our water supply, and finally DU poisoning on our soldiers who then bring it home to whole families. Most recently its Radiation, that I believe they are dumping on us with chemtrails rather than that which was carried over the ocean to us here.  WE gave you a whole list in previous posts about the attacks including vaccines, on our DNA and our brain.

Well this may well be the reason why. If words and frequencies can have such power then that is definitely a force greater than any weapon we may have created. Further, if true, THAN OUR SOLUTIONS LIE WITHIN THIS CONTEXT. As I have said before, WE ARE POWERFUL and wonderous, so lets be all that we can be and do all that we can do. Maybe if we do, they cannot counter it. All the money in the world cannot buy what we are, that we are reading below, so our wealth lies within us.... lets go mining and digging for that power and use it to stop all this and save the planet and all within it.  .

Spiritual Science: DNA is influenced by words and frequencies
By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

DNA Can Be Influenced And Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies Russian DNA Discoveries

The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), the mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.

In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered "junk DNA. The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of "junk DNA". Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary!


Bishop Williamson on Orwells 1984 and 911, part 2

Vatic Note:  Its nice to know that even in the heart of the perverbial Black Popes ranks, a Bishop still has the courage to speak truth, which the Bible and revelations reminds us is more important at this time than at any time in the past. Truth is always important but now its critical.

So enjoy another courageous soul's journey into spreading the light.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Feds sue BP, other companies for oil spill damages


By: Michael Kunzelman And Harry R. Weber, Associated Press –
Date: Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:16 am ET

NEW ORLEANS – A powerful plaintiff has joined the hundreds of people and businesses suing BP and other companies involved in the Gulf oil spill: the Justice Department.

The government, in an opening salvo in its effort to get billions of dollars for untold economic and environmental damage, accuses the companies of disregarding federal safety regulations in drilling the well that blew out April 20 and triggered a deadly explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig. Wednesday's lawsuit is
separate from a Justice Department criminal probe that has not resulted in any charges.

"The department's focus on investigating this disaster and preventing future (spills) is not over," Attorney General Eric Holder said during a news conference in Washington. "Both our civil and criminal investigations are ongoing."

The federal lawsuit filed in New Orleans names BP, rig owner Transocean and some other companies involved in the ill-fated drilling project, but not Halliburton — the project's cement contractor — or the maker of a key cutoff valve that failed. Both could be added later.

SPECIAL REPORT. Bush administration officials "in on" 9/11 planning.

Vatic Note:  There usually is very little that has to be said on a Wayne Madsen report.  As usual he finds out more than just about anybody.  I wonder how he keeps alive.  


By: Wayne Madsen

In April 2000, a year-and-a half before the 9/11 attack, General Eric Shinseki, the Army Chief of Staff who is currently President Obama's Secretary of Veterans Affairs, ordered armed agents into the offices of the joint Defense Department open-source intelligence gathering and data mining operation code-named Able Danger. An affiliated data mining program was code-named Dorhawk Galley. There were a number of other data mining programs, assigned various code names like Sensor Harvest, Retract Barley, IMPACTS, and Topsail, that helped provide pieces to the planned 9/11 plot.

Able Danger's data at the U.S. Army's Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, was confiscated on the orders of Shinseki. It included information, including the travel and financial details for the so-called "Al Qaeda" cell headed by accused 9/11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta, as well as financial funding sources for those who would later be accused of carrying out the hijackings of four passenger aircraft on 9/11. The financial data linked the embryonic 9/11 plot to financiers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Able Danger involved the Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, Navy, and some elements of the CIA.

John Lennon, Dorothy Day and Christmas 2010 in the UK

By: eileen fleming
"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends...I believe that as soon as people want peace in the world they can have it. The only trouble is they are not aware they can get it. ..All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth. I've had enough of reading things by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians. All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth." - John Lennon, 1971.

In Ray Coleman's biography of John Lennon, he quotes the artist circa 1969, "I'd like to be like Christ, [he described himself as a Christian communist] in a pure sense, not in the way Russia or Italy think of Christianity or communism...Every body's uptight [fearful] and they're always building these walls around themselves. All you can do is try to break down the walls and show them that there's nothing there but people. I only know that peace can exist, and the first thing is for the world to disarm. I think I'll win because I believe in what Jesus said." [1]

WAR IS OVER-Merry Christmas from the London Catholic Worker


"How can you kill people, when it is written in God's commandment: "Thou shalt not murder'?" -Leo Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God Is Within You

Tolstoy greatly influenced Dorothy Day and is one of many pioneers in the global Christian liberation movement understood as Christian Anarchism.

Christian anarchists know inner freedom comes by way of doing the teachings of Jesus for Christianity is more than a religion; it offers a new vision of life.

Christian anarchists are critical of outer authority, be it Church or Government.

All individuals have free will and can choose whether or not to seek and knock at the door of ones own heart and communicate with God.

Jesus envisioned a society based on love and tolerance, which is completely incompatible with war and all violence.

When Jesus was mocked, whipped and nailed to a cross and remained NONVIOLENT he was over throwing the status quo of violent retaliation and eye-for-an-eye mentality.

Not many of his followers have been able to drink from that cup of The Prince of Peace, which is another name for Jesus Christ who commanded his followers to LOVE all people and to forgive in order to be forgiven.


Mind Control & Timothy McVeigh's Rise from "Robotic" Soldier to Mad Bomber

Vatic Note:  Lets remember OKC,  Waco,  and the Gulf blowout happened on seriously important OCCULT DATES.  So is that a coincidence?  The first two on April 19, and the Gulf on Hitlers birthday April 20.   There are other examples, but you can verify for yourselves that April 19 through May 6, are very serious and important Occult days and 11 is also an important number as we learned on the video about allistair Crowley.  Well, 9-11-2001, under Bush Jr, happened EXACTLY 11 years to the day after Bush Sr. announced the new world order introduction to the global community in a televised speech on 9-11-90.  So was Timothy McVeigh another Oswald???  Read and decide for yourself.

By Alex Constantine

The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it. - Joseph Mengele
The popular conception was spun by the press corps like a clay urn: McVeigh, the volatile minute man, was so bitter after failing to make the Army's "elite" Special Forces, so stuffed full of the froth of the Turner Diaries, that he vented his rage on the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

But Captain Terry Guild, McVeigh's' former platoon leader, told reporters that the failure to become a Green Beret left the Iraq War veteran "upset. Not angry. Just very, very disappointed." In the Army, he demonstrated a willingness to carry out orders, any orders. He trained on his own time while other soldiers languished in their bunks or caroused at the PX. As a civilian, Timothy McVeigh continued to dwell on the military. In 1992 he took a job with Burns International Security Services in Buffalo and was assigned to the security detail at Calspan, a Pentagon contractor that conducts classified research in advanced aerospace rocketry and electronic warfare. Al Salandra, a spokesman for Calspan, told reporters that McVeigh was "a model employee."

"He was real different," Todd Regier, a plumber, told the Boston Globe. "Kind of cold. He was almost like a robot."

Here’s Why FBI Is Orchestrating Fake Terror Plots


By: Paul Craig Roberts

Why does the FBI orchestrate fake “terror plots”? The latest one snared Osman Mohamud, a Somali-American teenager in Portland, Ore. The Associated Press report is headlined: “Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Oregon.”

This is a misleading headline as the report makes it clear that it was a plot orchestrated by federal agents. Two sentences into the news report we have this: “The bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by the [FBI] agents and the public was never in danger, authorities said.” The teenager was supplied with a fake bomb and a fake detonator.

Three sentences later the reporters contradict the quoted authorities with a quote from Arthur Balizan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon: “The threat was very real.”

The reporters then contradict Balizan: “White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said Saturday that President Barack Obama was aware of the FBI operation before Friday’s arrest. Shapiro said Obama was assured that the FBI was in full control of the operation and that the public was not in danger.”

Then Shapiro contradicts himself by declaring: “The events of the past 24 hours underscore the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism here and abroad.” The story arrives at its Kafkaesque high point when Obama thanks the FBI for its diligence in saving us from the fake plot the FBI had fabricated. After vacillating between whether they are reporting a real plot or an orchestrated one, the reporters finally come down on the side of orchestration. Documents released by U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton “show the sting operation began in June.”

Israel Faces Child-Abuse Claims (Sexual)

Vatic Note:  This speaks for itself, ONE CAN SEE WHAT WE CAN EXPECT IF TOTAL CONTROL IS GIVEN TO THESE KHAZARS AND THE IMPACT ON OUR CHILDREN.  Just a reminder about the blogs we have put up here about satanism and the use of pedophilia to split the mind of the child for mind control purposes, is what underlies these acts rather than sexual, althought there could be some of that involved given the fact that the Illuminati families literally do this to thier own children, so its possible there are multiple agendas for it.   A child once pedophiled will generally become an abuser of children when he/she becomes an adult.   Below Israel says they are treating the child prisoners in compliant with international standards, but then they have ignored most international laws on almost every other area of being a good neighbor in an international setting.  So who knows and with it being military tribunals instead of transparency in civil court, we can only imagine the worst since we have lost all trust in their word which is good for nothing.  They are Khazar Satanists and the Babylonian Talmud they use for their laws says they are forgiven in advance for lying to goyims since goyims are simply cattle.  Remember, they are not Jewish, they are khazars and hate the Jews as much as they hate Christians and Muslims. 


An international children's rights charity has said it has evidence that Palestinian children held in Israeli custody have been subjected to sexual abuse in an effort to extract confessions from them.

The Geneva-based Defence for Children International (DCI) has collected 100 sworn affadavits from Palestinian children who said they were mistreated by their Israeli captors.

Fourteen of the statements say they were sexually abused or threatened with sexual assault to pressure them into confessions.

Al Jazeera's correspondent in the West Bank, Nour Odeh, met one of the children, identified only as "N", who said he suffered sexual abuse at the hands of his interrogators.

The Killing Machine

Vatic Note:  Got this from a good friend on Christmas.   It was an excellent and timely gift.  The war on human consciousness is relentless, but there are warriors on our side.  One of these warriors is  David Icke.   This is life saving information, and I highly recommend that it be read and widely circulated. To be informed is to be armed.

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me the truth."  Happiness is not the goal of existence, but the by product of a life well lived and the purpose of life is truth."    Henry David Thoreau.   Date:

Copyright David Icke, 2010. All Rights Reserved.
(Note: This newsletter, along with others going back to 2005, is available to view on http://www.davidicke.com/ by logging in and clicking on "newsletter archive" on the left-hand side menu)
The David Icke Newsletter, December 26th, 2010

Why these deeply disturbed 'people' would much rather we die en masse than be cured by an alternative and why they have created the cholesterol and 'fear the sun' myths to damage the body and heart - and so much else.
Hello all ...

While I was travelling and speaking in America in October I received a message to contact Brian Haw, the peace campaigner who began a 24/7 protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London in 2001 to highlight ever since the slaughter and suffering of children killed and maimed by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the horrors visited upon them by depleted uranium.


Israeli Ambassador suddenly leaves Cairo


Israeli Ambassador to Egypt - Yitzhak Levanon 

The country's state security apparatus is currently investigating the case and interviewing the suspects. Members of the network have created two connected telephones centers in London and Cairo, through which they listened in on phone conversations of high-ranking officials in the Egyptian government, transferring the calls to a third office in Tel Aviv.

Mobinil, Egypt's leading mobile operator, has denied that one of its employees was involved with the network.

With the discovery of an Israeli spy ring in Egypt, Israel's ambassador to Egypt has unexpectedly left Cairo for Tel Aviv.

Yitzhak Levanon, without any prior announcement, left for Tel Aviv with his wife on Wednesday night on an Israeli airline, El Al, following the busting of an Israeli spy ring two days earlier in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Egyptian Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, ordered the referral of the three accused defendants, two Israeli fugitives and a detained Egyptian, to the Emergency State Security Court on charges of spying for Israel and harming the country's national interests.

The ambassador had neither announced the details for his sudden departure nor the date of his return to Cairo, Ikhwanweb, the Muslim Brotherhood's official website reported Thursday.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Mr. Kissinger, Have you No Shame?

Vatic Note:  This article needs no commentary from me, however, I do want to make one very important clarification before we go down this rabbit hole, since its a deep one.  Kissinger is not Jewish, he is a Khazar and that is why he had no problem saying what he said.   The khazars are a mix of mongolian and huns and they were chased out of mongolia and into eastern Europe near Russia, to a country called Khazaria (which is now Georgia and other small countries nearby) and that was back in the early first century.   I believe they were referenced in the Bible as the Synogogue of Satan in the New Testament in reference to their pretending to be Jewish.  The Khazars hate Christians, muslims and Semitic Jews and have said so publically printed in various newspapers and done so over time.  I felt this article needed to have that clarification made up front.  They were assassins in their day and used by many countries to perform that function.  Now, on with the article.  Its very good, one of the best in depth and accuracy I have read in a long time on this subject. 

Mr. Kissinger, Have you No Shame?

Before Its News, by ActivistPost
Source ; By Christopher HitchensPosted Monday, Dec. 27, 2010,

Ignore the recent excuses. Henry Kissinger's entire career was a series of massacres and outrages.

Until the most recent release of the Nixon/Kissinger tapes, what were the permitted justifications for saying in advance that the slaughter of Jews in gas chambers by a hostile foreign dictatorship would not be "an American concern"? Let's agree that we do not know. It didn't seem all that probable that the question would come up. Or, at least, not all that likely that the statement would turn out to have been made, and calmly received, in the Oval Office.

I was present at Madison Square Garden in 1985 when Louis Farrakhan warned the Jews to remember that "when [God] puts you in the ovens, you're there forever," but condemnation was swift and universal, and, in any case, Farrakhan's tenure in the demented fringe was already a given.


Moon Rising: NASA lied about everything!

Vatic Note:  Keep in mind that Bill Cooper and many others were top secret and worked at facilities that dealt with the fact that there were aliens.  Also keep in mind they were killed by our government.  Also remember that Bill told us and the Iron Mtn Report confirms that the powers that be intend to use an bogus false flag alien invasion to globalize us.   Those ships that will appear are ours that we now know are anti-gravity ships and they probably will land some genetic mutant they created and call it alien.   We have already read about that on this blog. 


Direct translate from Dutch: In 1994 there were 1.8 million pictures of the moon during the ‘Clementine mission.Several variations were shot, including full color photos. On the cover of the DVD is one of the hundreds of pictures that you see presented in the film.

This is the first time in human history that the full moon in its natural color is revealed.

Leaving aside whether we have been to the moon or not … We have no doubt landed.This film is about what awaited us when we arrived and the lies that have been put in motion for what was, to conceal.

The researchers in this movie are speaking, tell us about the facts that more than forty years before were hidden. These facts will surprise and shock at the same time. You’ll ask yourself why these lies so long been presented to us.

The answers to these questions show that we are not treated as equals by those who pull the strings in this “greatest discovery ever denied.

Hiding the evidence that civilization may have been on the moon, or even more incredible, the possibility that they are still there, does raise questions about why we do that are kept in the dark.

The greatest invective that made us believe that the moon was a gray, colorless rock. By contrast, the moon more like a small planet teeming with life and structures of the type you get, until now, never seen before. It seems in any case strongly suggest that the Moon was inhabited in 1994 when these pictures were taken.
On the DVD cover shows a top right bright silver-blue colored disc with a light green dome in the middle. Compared to the ground below, it does not match the angle of the surface. The object floats above it, on its side. The other disc at the base is correctly positioned on the lunar surface and illuminates the surrounding area.

“We lied about everything” – bell comm / NASA Insider

Part 1 of the Documantary Moon Rising

Full documantary Part 1 to Part 9: Here>>

Theta & Psychic Assassination

Vatic Note:   This is fascinating and given the level of high technology that we are not told about, it would not surprise me this is the case.  Please read and use your own judgement on this, but keep in mind what we DO know and also at the end of this is a list of those who exposed much that has helped us today that were killed either by the government or a foreign power to shut them up.  You will recognize the names easily.  I just didn't realize until we did this blog,  just how many good honest men we have lost.  They are heros and should be given the medal of freedom instead of the molech satanist Geore HW Bush.  What an insult it was to have these great men below forgotten and ignored why the cream of the lizard crop was given the highest civilian honor for his mafia work, assassinations, drug running, nation destroying, and sexual perversions at the same time.   WE have come a long way down haven't we?  Remember, NEVER vote for another Bush again.  

Theta & Psychic Assassination
Whale.to, December 2010

Some children of Illuminati parents are genetically-bred to be outstanding psychics. These victims are trained to perform as psychic assassins, possessing the capability of causing cardiac arrest or neural dysfunction. Former Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov was assassinated in this manner. A major psy-ops team is known as Janus; it is directed from the NATO headquarters in Belgium. Another high-level psy-ops assassination team is composed of very intelligent African-American women, known as the Black Angels. STOP MISLEADING the CHILDREN, MR. JENNINGS by Brian Desborough http://www.whale.to/b/desborough.html

Major Ed Dames (Retired) has stated that military remote-viewers operate in theta. This is a brainwave frequency of 4-7 Hz. So it may be that lower frequencies in the 6-20 Hz window are more powerful for psi activity. Since the energy of the EM wave is related to frequency, if we lower the frequency of our brainwaves we can think with less energy and our biophysical RV vehicles are therefore more efficient. [1996 Nexus] REMOTE VIEWING: THE STORY OF THE REAL X FILES By Turan Rifat http://www.whale.to/b/rifata.html 

Zecharia Sitchin, Anunnaki and Planet X Nibiru - 2 parts

Vatic Note:    Lots going on now, so digging into deep research as done by Zeharia has now become important.   Please take what you can from it and make up your own mind.   Both mythology, archeology, and scientific breakthroughs have changed much in how we see ourselves relative to the universe.   Gathering and analyzing information is the only thing anymore that we can count on, so please do so, as we are on our own.   This man has spent decades studying these archeological remnants of advanced societies that predate those we originally thought were the first in advanced societies.  

I wonder sometimes, what was really in the library of Alexandra that was destroyed.   It would have been interesting to find out what was documented and recorded in there.   By the way there is very little difference between what is written in the Bible and what is found in acheological digs.  Summarian writings come to mind.   I often wonder what artifacts that were stolen out of Iraq by the bankers and some of the higher up military.  Nothing taken was recorded as having been taken or what they took.  There is no record, only a record of the fact that artifacts were taken from their museum. 

Zecharia Sitchin, Anunnaki and Planet X Nibiru
May 22, 2008

In 1976 Zecharia Sitchin published The Twelfth Planet, which supplied an array of evidence to support the assertion that the earth had been visited by ancient alien astronauts in its past. Sitchin based his conclusions on the written records of Sumer, the sudden civilization that sprang up virtually overnight in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley of modern Iraq. Historians cant begin to plausibly explain how Sumerians were transformed from Stone Age farmers to extremely sophisticated city dwellers almost instantly around 5,000 years ago. The mystery is so deep and so profound, few historians dare attempt to deal with it.

PART 1 -


Fallout of 9/11: a secret America


By Dana Priest and William M. Arkin
The Washington Post
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nine years after the terrorist attack of 2001, the United States is assembling a vast domestic intelligence apparatus to collect information about Americans, using the FBI, local police, state homeland security offices and military criminal investigators.

The system, by far the largest and most technologically sophisticated in the nation's history, collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands of U.S. citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of wrongdoing.

The government's goal is to have every state and local law-enforcement agency feed information to Washington to buttress the work of the FBI, which is in charge of terrorism investigations in the United States.

This localized intelligence apparatus is part of a larger "top-secret America" created since the Sept. 11 attack, The Washington Post has found. It involves a web of 4,058 federal, state and local organizations, each with its own counterterrorism responsibilities. At least 935 of these organizations have been created since the 2001 attack or became involved in counterterrorism for the first time after 9/11.

The monthslong investigation found that:
• Technologies and techniques honed for use on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan have migrated into the hands of law-enforcement agencies in America.
• The FBI is building a database with the names and certain personal information, such as employment history, of thousands of U.S. citizens and residents whom a local police officer or a fellow citizen believed to be acting suspiciously. It is accessible to an increasing number of local law-enforcement and military/criminal investigators, increasing concerns that it could somehow end up in the public domain.
• Seeking to learn more about Islam and terrorism, some law-enforcement agencies have hired as trainers self-described experts whose extremist views on Islam and terrorism are considered inaccurate and counterproductive by the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies.

Rothschild-Sponsored Third Party Effort Unveiled

Vatic Note:  Finally, a truly indepth identification of even more subversive players in the Khazar Zionist banking cartel that has infiltrated and manipulated our nation, government, agencies, dept of defence, secretary of state and other congressional staffs in order to control policy and agenda, and its a full explanation of why the "people" are no longer heard or listened to.   WE are truly foreign occupied country now by a nation that claims to be an ally but has murdered more Americans than all the muslim nations put together, and the job is to rid us of these "MASTERS OF DECEPTION", first through EXPOSURE, and then through whatever it takes to kick them out of here for good,  Iceland and Argentina ring a bell???  Iceland was the "Mouse that Roared" and we must become the tiger that roared.  Remember to save these pictures of these faces playing games with us. 

Rothschild-Sponsored Third Party Effort Unveiled
December 22, 2010 by Alex

American Free Press, http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/third_party_effort_248.html
By Michael Collins Piper


Yes, the Rothschild dynasty-connected billionaire families and financial groups who own the mass media in America—interlocked with the banking interests controlling privately owned Federal Reserve System that dominates the world economic system—are planning to spring a “centrist” third party on the American people.

All-new revelations now appearing in the self-styled “mainstream” press fully confirm what AMERICAN FREE PRESS—alone among the media—first asserted seven months ago in a four-page exclusive special report published in its May 31 issue.



Posted on Pakalert on December 26, 2010, By Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

“We know what has been released. The genuinely sensitive material held by Wikileaks, that tying Israel to actions against America in Iraq, tying Israel to the drug trade in Afghanistan and tying Israel to terrorism in Pakistan, have yet to be seen. Will Assange be releasing these reports in 6 months? Why wait that long?”

Two Bedouins walk up to an Army checkpoint outside of Kirkuk. They ask for cigarettes. They are dirty, you can smell them 10 feet away. A young NCO eyes them carefully, fingering the safety on his M-4 carbine and responds. “You can have a pack but first you have to give us information.”

The Bedouins look at each other and smile.

“We just saw two, no ten Iranians swimming the Euphrates River. It looked like they had guns, no I think it was bombs, no, a big bomb, a dirty bomb I think I heard them say. They kept saying they were meeting their friends from Pakistan, no, I think it was Al Qaeda, no, now that I think of it, it was Al Qaeda from Pakistan, maybe bin Laden himself, yeah, that’s the ticket. They were taking nuclear weapons and meeting Usama bin Laden.”

Why is the North Magnetic Pole Racing Toward Siberia???

Vatic Note:  This is fascinating stuff. Notice the sun is rising in the south and slightly east and setting full west, which is odd. That means there is a tilt big time in the polls. So this may well be right on. That does not include the magnetic poles referenced here, so it could end up a double whammy, but that may not be bad, rather it maybe a good thing. We simply do not know, so fear is not an option rather an attitude of anticipation. That is how I am chosing to treat it since that is actually how I feel about it. Not all change is bad. Some is necessary and good. This may well be one of them. Remember our Christmas Day blogs all point to "how we see events" ends up affecting those same events.

Scientists gave a massively complete picture of how it all works, so leave fear and hate behind and instead excitement, love and anticipation will create the same in our lives and in our world. That is why the khazar bankers fight that concept so hard. It works.

Why is the North Magnetic Pole Racing Toward Siberia???
By John Matson
Dec 24, 2010

Finding Santa Claus's home at the North Pole is easy on a globe—just look for the point on top where all the lines of longitude meet. But that is just the "geographic" North Pole; there are several other definitions for the poles,  all useful in different scientific or navigational contexts. Among the many north poles, let us rejoice that Santa Claus did not choose the magnetic pole for his home, for he would have to spend as much time moving as delivering presents.

The north magnetic pole (NMP), also known as the dip pole, is the point on Earth where the planet's magnetic field points straight down into the ground. Scottish explorer James Clark Ross first located the NMP in 1831 on the Boothia Peninsula in what is now northern Canada, and with the planting of a flag claimed it for Great Britain.


Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser

Vatic Note: The article asks "have you noticed the change in the news on the msm"? My response is "yes", I have noticed it because friends and neighbors are telling me, "You should listen to Glenn Beck, he is saying what you have been saying." I always respond, oh, so you believe me becuase Beck said so??? They go "no" and then I ask, "The next time I tell you something that fox news or glenn beck doesn't know will you believe me then? They always say "Well, I don't know, depends on what it is." And I then proceed to laugh. I include Alex and Max in my idea of good sources for some types of news. I never got to Alex on the truth about Israel and the Khazars becuase he refuses to touch them. I get much from other sources as well that are very reliable and have withstood the test of time. So, that is an advantage at having been doing this for 10 years, experience makes all the difference in the world.

Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser
By: Rob Kirby
-- Posted 25 November, 2010
Source: SilverSeek.com

How many of you have noticed the change in news? The flavor of the news has markedly “changed” in the past 4 or 5 months – have you noticed it? Who has picked up on the likes of Fox News’ Glen Beck and his ‘about face’ on many key issues. Over the past number of months personalities like Beck have completely reversed their positions on subjects like the existence of World Government and FEMA CAMPS – going from complete denial to admitting they exist and the fact that they are intended for the American people.

Beck is not alone. In recent weeks we’ve seen a similar reversal in position from none other than Geraldo Rivera – he’s flip-flopped on his public position on 9/11:
Geraldo Rivera, who in the past labeled 9/11 truthers as nutcases, seems to have gotten the message. Not only did Rivera give air time to two people on the front lines of the 9/11 Truth movement, he also aired Larry Silverstein telling the world that they had no choice but to “pull it.”

Without a doubt, these are MAJOR recent reversals of position by key mainstream commentators. So what’s behind the change?

The origin of this change dates back to July of this year. Radio talk show host / documentary film producer, Alex Jones, became frustrated with Google blocking the viewing of one of his films [The Obama Deception] on Youtube [Google owns Youtube].

In response to this censorship – Jones began a campaign of having his radio listeners [his syndicated radio show has an audience in the millions] start conducting “google searches” – over and over again - titled,

“Google Launches Cover Up”

Meanwhile, Jones simultaneously had his staff of skilled in-house writers prepare stories containing the key search term. The power of a few million listeners – entering the aforementioned google search term “drove” the issue to NUMBER 1 in google search. The “buzz” was driving huge new traffic to Jones’ internet portals, PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.

If any of you are wondering how effective this tactic really is – you can judge for yourself by clicking on the Obama Deception here. I think you will find that you can now view the film if you choose to do so. It would appear that google has relented – wanting no part of the negative backlash their censorship was earning them.

The mainstream media – which seems to be losing ground to the internet almost daily - ALWAYS covers and writes their own stories [to give their own ‘slant’] to the number 1 google search terms. They do this because they recognize the number 1 search terms on the internet as being the ‘cutting edge’ of current news and for fear of becoming irrelevant if they don’t cover it.

Jones quickly realized he was on to something BIG. Using the popularity of his radio show along with a combination of his two primary internet platforms and group of talented writers – he could have direct influence on “what is popular” or effectively, “what is news” on the internet.

Jones had now replicated this initial success, over and over again, by introducing new search terms for his audience to ‘plug’ – typically at a rate of two or three per week.

Ladies and gentlemen – nowadays, whatever issue is most popular on the internet “IS” or quickly becomes the key issue in the mainstream news.

This concept snowballed quickly, mainstream media outlets began recognizing the influence that Alex Jones was having – driving the agenda or redefining “what news is” and they began quickly falling into line, regularly linking to other Jones content – with Matt Drudge’s influential Drudge Report leading the way.

Max Keiser Lowers the Boom on J.P. Morgan

Someone who recognized the influence that Alex Jones was having using these google searches early on was regular Alex Jones radio show guest and savvy financial commentator, Max Keiser.

It was Keiser’s Nov. 11 appearance on the Alex Jones radio show where he laid out – in very plain terms – the real reason why Jones’ google searches were having such pronounced effect on shaping current news.

Keiser explained that news outlets like Drudge and even Fox News are all “ratings driven”. In essence, their news content is not necessarily driven by the most compelling story – their content is dictated by numbers or traffic. By creating “traffic” – utilizing the google search terms, along with the writers and their articles on his internet platforms, Jones was now setting the news agenda.

Recognizing how effective and powerful the Alex Jones media platform has become – Keiser postulated “on air” that serial paper silver shorter, J.P. Morgan – could be brought to heel – if say, 100 million Americans bought one ounce of physical silver [a coin] each.

This is the genesis of:   This concept has now gone “viral” on the internet. Here’s what underscores the concept:

1 – JP Morgan has a huge short position in Silver – estimated to be 3.3 billion ounces – tied to an enormous, extremely precarious overall derivatives position (estimated to represent 1.5 trillion in risk to its balance sheet at $500 Silver).

2 – Various exchanges around the world have been caught manipulating the price of Silver using ‘naked’ short sales; i.e., counterfeiting.

3 – Of all the actively traded commodities traded around the world, Silver is one of the least plentiful and its supply is shrinking, but its industrial uses are multiplying. The ‘networked’ age of global communications is built with Silver.

4 – Hedge funds are taking physical delivery of Silver – adding substantial demand as well as exposing these exchange’s naked short positions – who are already scrambling to deliver – jacking prices up to multi-decade highs – and inspiring these predatory funds to buy more Silver.

5 – There are billions of people around the world who are aware that banks have been committing fraud and embezzlement who are upset that their politicians seem only interested in helping the banks commit more fraud – who are looking for a cheap way to non-aggressively fight back and de-capitalize these banks.

6 – Many of these people have the access and wherewithal to purchase 1 ounce of Silver – thus removing hundreds of millions of ounces of Silver from the ‘paper’ market – forcing additional scrambling by dealers to fill orders by buying back short positions – inspiring the funds to buy and take physical delivery of more Silver – creating a colossal short squeeze – in which JP Morgan stands to be the biggest loser.

7 – Buying Silver is how the world is monetizing its anger at the banks who stole their wealth.

No one should be surprised at the manipulation being perpetrated in the silver markets using paper derivatives. As my good friend Rhody pointed out in a recent missive;

“Every pound of copper is sold 15 times by the Western financial-ized pricing system and in doing so, the market is fooled into thinking there is fifteen times as much copper supply as actually exists. So, arguably, copper is fifteen times too cheap, and used wastefully by the economy. Now, there is a growing shortage, yet copper declined ten cents this week.

Every bushel of wheat is sold at least twice, once in paper form and finally as a bushel, but in doing so, wheat is sold at less than half fair value by farmers, forcing farmers to grow other crops without a futures contract instead. There are farmers in North Africa growing carnations for the European market instead of staple foodstuff because there is no futures contract in carnations and hence the market is actually healthy. Meanwhile these farmers are surrounded by starving local populations.

In Europe, governments give farmers a subsidy to keep them in business, just so speculators can make an easy buck shorting wheat and corn. The net effect is 20% of the world's people go hungry and 30,000 children die of hunger related causes every day. Do the math. This Dollar centric financial system KILLS people by the millions each year.”

Hat’s off to both Alex Jones and Max Keiser. Together, they’ve drawn attention to the ongoing paper manipulation of the price of silver. Maybe more importantly, they’ve likely knocked the lid off of Pandora’s Box – exposing the enormity of ALL paper frauds being committed by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street’s house of horrors.

Rob Kirby is proprietor of Kirbyanalytics.com and sales agent for Bullion Custodial Services.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.

Vatic Note:  Does anyone remember when they put a tower like that up in Harlem in New York, quite a few years ago???  It was during the Bush administration.  Do you not find it interesting how the agenda keeps moving forward regardless of who is in office or what party???  Everytime something like this happens I think about that.   Its our shadow government running everything that we DID NOT ELECT to do so.  However, they get to use our taxes against us.  Now how perverse is that????  Take our money, pay themselves and then impliment policies that are repressive and against us and then force us to pay for it.   Perversion of the highest order.   I suspect these towers are for when we get rowdy, huh?   If we get rowdy, towers will not matter.  I can assure you.  But we don't have to get rowdy after what we found out this Christmas day on here and if you have forgotten please starting with the 5 pm blog on the nite of 12/24, and all through the 25th be sure and watch and read as the solutions to our problems are in there and scientifically proven valid options for our use.  

Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.
peltecs,  December 23, 2010

Want to see the inside of one of these things? Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-KFag...
These things are purchased with Obama Stimulus funds. Stimulate the economy by turning it into a prison yard?


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

FEMA Camp Robots 2012 NWO Riot Control Machines New World Order

Vatic Note: Is this going to be the above ground army of the underground shadow government when we move into the period of earth upheavel being predicted? The shadow gov has no protection above ground to keep the "Cattle" from trying to break in and take control, or for repressing the civilian population since most military will not fire on unarmed Americans, but these robots don't care. They don't really need them, just send it the satanists khazars, since they are no different, but then they are cowards aren't they?  That is why  they use deception, unable to find any courage to fight in a fair fight. They are Robotic in their humanity, which is non existant. Of course then they would not be underground and saved, thus I suppose they really do need them. This continues to support the idea that there is coming an earth upheavel soon.

FEMA Camp Robots 2012 NWO Riot Control Machines New World Order
November 05, 2009

Then we have these little puppies that I am sure are much further along now than before.

Vatic Note: Wow, they can track you anywhere, the police state is here, its just not fully implimented yet, but its not too far away. I wonder what a hacker could do with one of those??? Now that is a very pleasing thought. LOL

BigDog Overview
April 22, 2010

BigDog climbs in the woods, keeps its balance when kicked and when slipping on ice, travels through snow and mud, jogs 5 mph, and climbs some rubble.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Strategy 1:Change Our Map of Internal Reality

This strategy requires daily work, and maybe twice a day depending on your commitment to it.  This will not only change our external world ultimately, but will change our personal lives as well.   When you enter into any venture with your whole being, then it becomes critical that "wholeness" is grounded in the right energy. 

This piece of strategy and tactics was given to us anonymously and thus I am passing it on to you in the same way.   Please read and implement as a beginning and continue daily while we work on the other strategies and tactics that will be coming down the line.   There is a part II to our internal work which will follow this first part.   I deeply believe, when I read this,  that this is and was the foundation for what lies ahead, it can only happen this way as a beginning "BY FOCUSING AND BECOMING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE". .

Tactic and Practice:  

A peaceful tactic to begin manifesting a new world is to visualize the world we would like to live in....doing this every day for five to fifteen minutes. As many of you are aware, this is a powerful "action" to take "together". Some suggestions to visualize are:

(Please post your additional suggestions so they may be shared with all who are willing to participate in this "action".).....

a.  Peace. Love, Harmony, Joy, Goodwill, Prosperity and Abundance for ourselves, our families, our neighbors and finally,  for all.  Image that this has occurred already and meditate on how that would feel and enjoy the process of feeling that change already in place.   Begin within you,  then like a blanket bring in others in your family to the comfort, peace, love, and abundance that you have fully visualized for yourself.  Once that is completed and you have it firmly visualized as a reality, then begin to "NOTICE" that others around you and their families also have this wonderment within their lives.