WORLD CONQUEST THROUGH WORLD GOVERNMENT: The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion

Vatic Note: Here are the protocols we promised you after reading all the other write ups.  Now these will make much more sense when you see how they have come into reality in our life time.  I wish to begin with two disclaimers, first the Zionists mentioned here are NOT the Jews of the Bible and the middle east, they have been taken over no less (their leaders in zionism and in Israel are Khazars and not the Biblical Jews) than we have and are as much victims of these Khazar turks as the rest of the planet. We have other blogs discussing the origins of these ashkenanzi's (German for "Hebrew") and its well worth the effort to read about them, so "by deception" they have done everything including take over the entire history and Biblical promises given to the Jews by God in the Torah. These Khazars are the ones that created the Talmud which says Christ should be boiled in a pot of his own excrement and also gives a pass on pedophilia as well, another book well worth reading. That is not the language of the Biblical Jews. These rode with Ghengis Khan on his brutal raids, before settling in Khazaria.  We are talking "Rothschilds" here and the Shiffs and Warburgs etc. 

Second of all, these khazars are not practicing the Judaen religion of the Torah/Bible. They are avowed Luciferians and worship Satan and other pagan Gods as evidenced each year with the Bohemian grove practice of a fire sacrifice of an EFFIGY OF A CHILD to Molech, the Owl God. So do not mistake this for a religious doctrine. This is pure unadulterated power grab globally and REVENGE against both Christians and Muslims for invading and destroying their country, KHAZARIA.  They have never forgot and this is partly and "eye for an eye", destroying us in return for what Christians and Muslims did to them. That is why the hate. Remember Pedophilia is a critical element in their mind control and manipulation of their minions as evidenced by high level gov officials having been exposed in these scandels in both britian and the USA. 

Here we begin as we promised to give you the Protocols for your reading and educating. If you take the time, and read at least the sections that are "Who are the Elders" and the "Basic Doctrine" and the twelfth Protocol, you will know if you want to save this and continue to read it all. I am going to put myself on the line here...... all that is in here as planned and executed over the past 100 years is what our reality is today. It will be difficult to believe such planning and execution could have taken place, but the proof is with us now. We see it every day. Its actually scary how accurate this is and how they had the ability to actually pull this off, but remember, they had a lot of help from the goyim in doing so. Thats us. I was impressed with the ability of them to stick with the plan and never deviate from it over generations and the indoctrination that had to be done on every child eventually involved as an adult. If you read the Protocol 14, you will see that one currently being implemented over the past 8 to 10 years. No more "God" in the oath, no more prayer in school, etc.... you can see it all in each protocol, just how close we are to the end. That is who is behind the curtain and behind everyone else you think is the bad guys, they are simply the puppets. Its also HOW CLOSE WE ARE TO THIS BEING COMPLETED. Its why we cannot allow ourselves to cooperate in this final genocidal depopulation nuclear war, if we want to survive as a people/culture and country.

The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion

(Translated by Victor E. Marsden)

The author of this translation of the famous Protocols was himself a victim of the Revolution. He had lived for many years in Russia and was married to a Russian lady. Among his other activities in Russia he had been for a number of years a Russian Correspondent of the MORNING POST, a position which he occupied when the Revolution broke out, and his vivid descriptions of events in Russia will still be in the recollection of many of the readers of that Journal. Naturally he was singled out for the anger of the Soviet. On the day that Captain Cromie was murdered by Jews, Victor Marsden was arrested and thrown into the Peter-Paul Prison, expecting every day to have his name called out for execution. This, however, he escaped, and eventually he was allowed to return to England very much of a wreck in bodily health. However, he recovered under treatment and the devoted care of his wife and friends. One of the first things he undertook, as soon as he was able, was this translation of the Protocols. Mr. Marsden was eminently well qualified for the work. His intimate acquaintance with Russia, Russian life and the Russian language on the one hand, and his mastery of a terse literary English style on the other, placed him in a position of advantage which few others could claim. The consequence is that we have in his version an eminently readable work, and though the subject-matter is somewhat formless, Mr. Marsden's literary touch reveals the thread running through the twenty-four Protocols.

It may be said with truth that this work was carried out at the cost of Mr. Marsden's own life's blood. He told the writer of this Preface that he could not stand more than an hour at a time of his work on it in the British Museum, as the diabolical spirit of the matter which he was obliged to turn into English made him positively ill.

Mr. Marsden's connection with the MORNING POST was not severed by his return to England, and he was well enough to accept the post of special correspondent of that journal in the suite of H.R.H., the Prince of Wales on his Empire tour. From this he returned with the Prince, apparently in much better health, but within a few days of his landing he was taken suddenly ill, and died after a very brief illness.

May this work be his crowning monument! In it he has performed an immense service to the English-speaking world, and there can be little doubt that it will take its place in the first rank of the English versions of "THE PROTOCOLS of the Meetings of the LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION."
(When you click on a protocol, you will get a page with several on it,  just scroll down to the number you want.)
Who are the Elders?
Protocol I -      The Basic Doctrine
Protocol II-      Economic Wars
Protocol III -   Methods of Conquest
Protocol IV-   Materialism Replaces Religion
Protocol  V      Despotism and Modern Progress
Protocol VI      Take-Over Technique
Protocol VII   World-Wide Wars
Protocol VIII    Provisional Government
Protocol IX -    Re-education
Protocol X -     Preparing for Power
Protocol XI-    The Totalitarian State
Protocol XII   Control of the Press
Protocol XIII   Distractions
Protocol XIV   Assault on Religion
Protocol XV    Ruthless Suppression
Protocol XVI   Brainwashing
Protocol XVII  Abuse of Authority
Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents
Protocol XIX   Rulers and People
Protocol XX    Financial Programme
Protocol XXI  Loans and Credit
Protocol XXII  Power of Gold
Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience
Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler

One last word,  ONLY IF WE READ THIS AND UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE READING, CAN WE STOP ALL OF THIS.  If not, they will continue forward until the land of our forefathers, will be no more.   We will simply be occupied by the mongols of the foothills of the urals.  

DEMAND OF PAYMENT OF "GOLD" DEBT: Secretariat of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Bank for International Settlements

V.K. Durham Note:    The "MOON" Operation connected to the Bush-Clinton-Gore-GAIA-UN Operation further connecting with the GOLD BANKING CARTEL.. have a wee bit of a problem FORECLOSING on the Internationally Recognized, Grandfathered Sovereign Debt held by Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087 owed by the United States of America and each, and every single and collective "wanna be and dead beats" who borrowed money from the United States of America's Treasury Trust of WE the People since 1906.

If China, the United Nations, the Moonies, the Bush's, the Clinton's, the AL Gore GAIA-Enviromnenta Protection Group aka Sierra Club, the Gold Banking Cartel or any other dim witted, overzealous, seditious, treasonous individual or sets of individuals, nations, groups, banks, nominees, delegees, assigns, agents and even The Devil himself has ideas of 'foreclosing on the Governments of WE the People, who have entered into "malicious, deceptive treaties international agreements other than treaties with the intent of overthrowing the Xth Amendment Government" have Violated the 1899 Rules of Treaty provisions which "Once such a treaty international agreement other than treaty is discovered; It is Null and Void and of no Lawful effect."

DEMAND OF PAYMENT OF "GOLD" DEBT: Secretariat of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Bank for International Settlements


V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory
Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087
Post Office Box 113
Ida Grove, Iowa 51445

Secretariat of the Basel Committee
on Banking Supervision, Bank for International Settlements,
CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland

March 22nd, 2010

Gentlemen and Ladies:


US-S.Korean maritime war games needlessly provocative

Vatic Note:  Well, we all knew the international bankers were getting desperate and a World War would take our minds off the Gulf, but more importantly we are NOT under control.   A world war using nukes on our soil, would certainly change all that.   Sounds like a plan that has not come together as they would have liked nor the timing either.  However, they are willing to go through with it and we must find a way to stop it.  Reach out to parents, spouses, etc of military and tell  them the true enemy is at home and they must not fight in this war.   If they refuse, those ships have to leave since they won't fight, and if soldiers refuse to push the button for a nuke weapon, then only the officers are forced and they are not stupid, they remember who got hung at the nuremberg trials.  Its our only hope and do NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN JOIN THE SERVICE EITHER, instead teach them to resist at home, that is where the real battle is going to be and the military will not be able to kill them like they have those in current theatres.  They are literally killing our soldiers through a variety of ways and its another reason we must get them home.   Keep any eye open on this game and on Iran who again it was confirmed that they do not have any nukes.  So any attack on either country on our part is a war crime.  Unlike Israel, we better give a damn....

US-S.Korean maritime war games needlessly provocative
Source: Global Times
[03:12 July 14 2010]
By Shen Dingli

The US and South Korea are implementing joint military exercises this month in the Yellow Sea, with the possibility of deploying the US aircraft carrier George Washington.

The running of such exercises so close to China's waters has left China strongly, and rightfully, dissatisfied.

The US and South Korea may argue that the exercise is not in China's territorial waters, so China has no right to comment.

However, even if the joint exercises are not in Chinese sovereign waters, they may take place in the waters of China's interests as the international waters at Yellow Sea near China's exclusive economic zone are extremely important to China's interests.

Does Event Honoring Israeli Spy Suggest Another Israeli Operation? (False flag?)

Vatic Note:   I am not sure "what" it  "suggests", but I am concerned about coincidences and similarities and given the proficiency in the "deception" department, I am now fully suspicious of anything that goes off out of the ordinary that is destruction, creates choas, and generates wealth from harm, illness or imprisonment like IRS civil issues.  So, I suggest you read this and decide, given all other background information we have provided here as a base for enough to determine if its "likely" to be the case.  As a good friend keeps saying "FOLLOW THE MONEY".   (Am I doing better at keeping the ranting to a minimum??? lol)

Does Event Honoring Israeli Spy Suggest Another Israeli Operation?

July 16, 2010 posted by Jeff Gates ·

Less than two weeks prior to the mass murder of September 11, 2001, the Israeli government made a $1 million grant to Israeli super-spy Jonathan Pollard. In retrospect, the facts suggest that grant may well have served as a signal to Israeli operatives inside the U.S.

On July 13, 2010, in observance of Pollard’s 9000th day of incarceration, the Jerusalem municipality dimmed the lights illuminating the Old City. This gesture of Israeli solidarity included a projection onto the darkened walls of a message urging that President Obama release their spy from prison.

Thus the concern among knowledgeable intelligence operatives that this Pollard commemoration may mean that another Israeli operation is underway.

On March 4, 1987, this Israeli-American was sentenced to life imprisonment for conveying to Israel more than 1 million classified U.S. military documents. Tel Aviv passed those secrets on to Moscow.


OBAMA AND THE JEWS: A look at key role Chicago Jews played in getting him to where he is

Vatic Note: Ok, I am truly going to try and settle down with my rantings and begin with this article. What we need to do is simply take a hard look at all the evidence we have accumulated over this past week or so that indicates the Zionists are in control and have been for 10 years since 9-11, and are primarily responsible for the condition our nation is in today and where and when it all began. So far we have covered all but one part on the protocols which laid out the "plan" becuase that is what it is, a blueprint if you will, written over 100 years ago that as you read it has definitely come to fruition. The last part of those protocols is coming up shortly and you can now read them in the context of all of the rest of this that we have presented.

The Israeli spying  operations in this nation, is "impressive", yet that is an inadequate word to described what they have managed to do over these many years.  This is both as a government and in their mafia operations as well.  Remember, their drug running and money laundering under the crime cartel got away with it because Israeli companies helped the crime syndicates by providing the phone numbers and wire tapping of law enforcement on the cases, which means someone inside those law enforcement agencies was working for Israel, supplying the names of those inside involved in the investigations.  That is how invaded and occupied we are.   Its worse than I even thought.  We showed you the "US Military intel investigation" as early as 1919 into the protocols that confirmed they were real and of serious threat to this nation. Yet that report was "classified" Top Secret and buried for almost 50 years while they actually implimented much of the protocols during that time. That is how much power they had already that early on. Remember, they were the ones who got the Fed Res passed back in 1913 to serve their leader, Rothschild and his international banking criminal cartel.

Then we gave you the report showing all the industries within this country that they dominate and occupations, along with the press etc,. Finally we are coming to the actual control of our government. This is one of the primary articles to show just how deep a background Obama had with the Zionist community and what a major role they played in his advancement from the beginning to now in his career. The question remains, "Is he obligated and to what extent, because of that support?" "Is his selection of Rahm Emmanual, an IDF and mossad agent for Israel, as chief of staff, a gift to the Zionist supporters who got him to the white house?" These are just a couple of the questions that need answering, but once you read this, you will be able to decide for yourselves just how deep down the rabbit hole this support for Israel goes.

OBAMA AND THE JEWS: A look at key role Chicago Jews played in getting him to where he is
A look at why some Jews love him and some don't trust him;
By Pauline Dubkin Yearwood (10/24/2008)

Abner Mikva, the former Chicago congressman, federal judge and White House counsel to President Bill Clinton, puts a 21st-century twist on the notion that Clinton was "the nation's first black president."

"I think when this is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president," he said.

Mikva, a powerful figure in local and national Democratic politics for decades, was one of Sen. Obama's early admirers, beginning in 1990 when he tried to hire the brilliant student and first black president of the Harvard Law Review for a coveted clerkship. (Obama turned him down, saying he was going to move to Chicago and run for public office. "I thought that showed a lot of chutzpah on his part," Mikva says with a laugh.)

Unwholesome Entanglements

Commentators Note:   America's conflict with Israel has been called the "New Cold War." Unfortunately for the United States, only one side is fighting it. The other side is delusional and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. American Action Report,    Jerry

Unwholesome Entanglements
by Jerry Mills,  Commentator,  American Action Report, Taiwan
Regular Contributor to Vatic Project

(This is the third of a three-article series. I apologize for its length. It's twice as long as I'd intended and contains half the information I have and had intended to use.)

One of the most oft-quoted sayings of the Post-9/11 Era has been, “Any people who would give up essential liberties to gain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The suggestion is that, by shredding the Bill of Rights and other restraints on governmental power, the American people gained some measure of safety, however small or temporary.

Did the American people experience a net gain in safety? I’m inclined to believe that the opposite has occurred.

Bavarian Nordic Delivers 1 Million Doses of First Vaccine Developed Under U.S. Biopreparedness

Vatic Note:   This is up to send a warning out to watch out for the potential of another false flag, this time, biological.  Last one was Chemical in the Gulf, it appears this time its going to be Small Pox, but remember, Small pox was irradicated early on completely, and only two countries have labs that have the small pox virus and thus if there is a problem, it comes from the labs of one of those two countries, which then means who ever did it, attacked the US.   So, we really shouldn't need those vaccines, unless they are creating some form of bioweapon with it?   Is this intended to be another "GDP growth project" by making Americans and others sick and ill???  More profits for the Drug companies and thus a global growth based on illness???  Uh, what happened to growing economies and making money by "CREATING  SOMETHING" instead of "DESTROYING SOMETHING";  which is the new trend these days, either illness, war,  false flags, crime, mental illness, and last but not least, "pandemics",  my favorite.  Taxpayer pays billions to drug companies for vaccines we don't need or want, and thus they make huge profits while we have to throw away 80% of what we purchased because no one trusts the drug companies anymore.  Interesting to see how this plays out.  Read and you decide. 
Bavarian Nordic Delivers 1 Million Doses of First Vaccine Developed Under U.S. Biopreparedness Program to the Strategic National Stockpile
From the PharmaLive.com News Archive - Jul. 13, 2010

Smallpox Vaccine Represents the Company's First Major U.S. Product Sale

KVISTGARD, Denmark, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Bavarian Nordic A/S (Nasdaq OMX: BAVA) announced today that it has delivered 1 million doses of its smallpox vaccine IMVAMUNE® to the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile for use in the event of a smallpox bioterrorism attack on the U.S.

IMVAMUNE® is the first vaccine successfully developed under Project BioShield, a U.S. program created by Congress in 2004 to develop and purchase medicines and vaccines to protect the American public from bioterrorism attacks. Bioterrorism experts are concerned about the possibility of an attack on the U.S. that exposes the population to the smallpox virus.


Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture?

Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture?

Article from Global Media Research
Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture?

Ominous reports are leaking past the BP Gulf salvage operation news
blackout that the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico may be
about to reach biblical proportions.

251 million years ago a mammoth undersea methane bubble caused massive
explosions, poisoned the atmosphere and destroyed more than 96 percent
of all life on Earth. [1] Experts agree that what is known as the
Permian extinction event was the greatest mass extinction event in the
history of the world. [2]

55 million years later another methane bubble ruptured causing more
mass extinctions during the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum (LPTM).

The LPTM lasted 100,000 years. [3]

Those subterranean seas of methane virtually reshaped the planet when
they explosively blew from deep beneath the waters of what is today
called the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, worried scientists are increasingly concerned the same series of
catastrophic events that led to worldwide death back then may be
happening again-and no known technology can stop it.


Vatic Note:  If you saw our post and 4 video report out of Fox News on the espionage by Israel against the US, both intel wise and by their Criminal mafia, you would understand why this article below is so appropriate and I am assuming it was written without the knowledge of the article we put up earlier, thus its based on even less evidence than we provided of actual criminal wrong doing on the part of Israel who takes our foreign aid and uses it to buy companies that they then use to spy, harm and otherwise undermine our country.  Nice bunch of guys huh?  Someone needs to aid them in determining what a friend is and how they should act.   They have so few and now I can understand fully, why that is. 



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

9/11 was like Pearl Harbor to America, uniting many, awakening bitter skepticism in a few. Where Pearl Harbor began America’s official role in crushing the Fascist juggernaut that threatened to dominate the world, 9/11 had quite the opposite effect. America’s response to 9/11 was oppression at home and a tirade of frenzied phobic reactions around the world. No American institution suffered more than the military. The team of Cheney and Rumsfeld, together since the disastrous Nixon years, began a process of purging America’s military of talent and leadership, instead building a force to serve a sinister agenda of religious heresy and extremist politics.

Nearly a decade later, it isn’t the economic collapse or the discredited military adventures that have now embittered a military leadership infrastructure that now sees itself as duped, dishonored and discarded. A number of factors can be attributed, the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” as it were but it is 9/11 where things begin to fall apart. The cover story, a group of Muslims with box cutters and a few remarkably unproductive hours of pilot training, simply hasn’t held up. America has had many airline hijackings, starting with the 1960s and was under strict terror alert on 9/11, despite the obfuscations of Donald Rumsfeld. Top military pilots, among themselves and their fellow officers, voiced doubts about the “twin towers” scenario, doubts that began reaching a quiet crescendo pointing to 9/11 as an “inside job.”

U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead - Part II Con't from Part I

Vatic Note:  Once you fully understand the very big picture here,  all of this will make sense.  But that requires you read.  If there was ever a time to read, now is it.  We only get one chance at this and no more.  They have been preparing for a hundred years or more and we have not, thus we MUST do the research and studying now so we can come up with solutions that are critical to our survival in this war that has been going on against us all this time.   There is no humanity of one ounce in these people.  You have to accept that and when you do you will understand just how far they can and will go in perversion, the likes of which you have never seen before.  "BY DECEPTION WE WILL CONDUCT WAR" & THEY ARE GOOD AT IT. Since we had no idea it was being done. 

U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead - Part II Con't from Part I

July 21, 2010 posted by Michael Leon

"Is the VA reversing its decades-old message to veterans: Die soon"

Continued from Part I -

Dr. Peter Breggin, one of our nation’s foremost experts about the adverse effects of psychiatric drugs being given to numerous active duty military personnel and veterans, has documented that these drugs can produce the same mental disturbances that define PTSD, such as hyperarousal, insomnia and paranoia. Furthermore, many psychotropic drugs have been proven to increase risks of suicide and some are under litigation for this reason. In the civilian population, approximately 33 percent of psychiatric hospital admissions are due to adverse drug reactions.[24]

(Israel controlled) U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead - Part I of 2

Vatic Note:  When you read this, you will see what an ABOMINATION this is and what these chickenhawk, coward dual Israeli citizens (NEOCONS) who run our nation are doing to our children, the phrase used below "Die soon", is a EUGENICIST PHRASE and RAHM EMMANUALS BROTHER IS ANOTHER DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN, our health care CZAR who not only is an avowed Eugenicist, but a believer in the cleansing genocide of undesirable races on this planet, like the goyim and others.  You have to read the entire series going up on the 12 protocols or you will not understand how this could happen.  Once you read them, you will understand perfectly what is happening and who and why.  Branding of the cattle is next, so watch for a round up of these guys eventually into camps.   We, the people should not be putting up with this at all, but then I say that every day and nothing changes.  The title is wrong,  its not the US Government.  We are an occupied country,  It should accurately and truthfully read "ISRAELI GOVERNMENT TO AMERICAN VETS:  DROP DEAD, AND HURRY UP ABOUT IT." There are 32 dual Israeli citizens running just the White House, not including who is running the Pentagon and also in congress chairing the critical committees that most affect these vets,  Leiberscum and Levins.  

U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead

July 21, 2010 posted by Michael Leon

"Is the VA reversing its decades-old message to veterans: Die soon"

The mother of Sgt. Coleman Bean, above, testified before congress on the V.A.'s handling of suicide prevention. Star-Ledger Photo

By Richard Gale and Gary Null

This documentary and original investigative report exposes a 19 year secret US government program whose consequence resulted in the needless suffering and deaths of our brave gulf war veterans. Total dead since 1991 — over 75,000. Does anyone care? Could your father, husband, son or daughter be among those our government considers expendable?



Sarkozy accused of working for Israeli intelligence

Vatic Note:  Is there anyone who doesn't work for Israeli Intelligence???  I guess  that is one way to keep them from spying, simply hire the people who would normally prosecute you for spying.  Put your own people in as head in every nation and voila,  problem is solved.  What if you had 100 years to work out a plan for an agenda and had all that time to put everything in place.  You would be perfect at it too, wouldn't you?  Now, Obama is/was CIA,  His grandfather was also a Dual Israeli, as is Obama now, and how many other similarities are there???  Both heavily influenced by their zionists grandfathers, etc.(Obama lived and was raised 11 years with his grandparents).   Add to that the predictive nature of the Protocols whose elements are now almost in place, after 100 years of our military intel knowing about it yet classifying it top secret until 1973 and you can certainly see why if you are following the series and then read all this that is happening to our nation.  Its not just here, either, they are set up in almost every country.  . 

Sarkozy accused of working for Israeli intelligence

Contributed by Eyes For You (Editor), Provided to Vatic by Before It is News
Wednesday, July 21, 2010 9:06

'As if his marital challenges were not enough cause for concern, "Sarco the Sayan" has suddenly emerged as the most infamous accolade of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The influential French daily Le Figaro last week revealed that the French leader once worked for -- and perhaps still does, it hinted -- Israeli intelligence as a sayan (Hebrew for helper), one of the thousands of Jewish citizens of countries other than Israel who cooperate with the katsas (Mossad case-officers).'

A letter dispatched to French police officials late last winter -- long before the presidential election but somehow kept secret -- revealed that Sarkozy was recruited as an Israeli spy. The French police is currently investigating documents concerning Sarkozy's alleged espionage activities on behalf of Mossad, which Le Figaro claims dated as far back as 1983. According to the author of the message, in 1978, Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin ordered the infiltration of the French ruling Gaullist Party, Union pour un Mouvement Populaire. Originally targeted were Patrick Balkany, Patrick Devedjian and Pierre Lellouche. In 1983, they recruited the "young and promising" Sarkozy, the "fourth man".

American Military creating toxic poisoning in Afghanistan - Part 2 of 3 - NATO promotes toxic chlorine in water

Vatic Note: We wish to express our gratitude to this author and the Kabul Press for his insights and experiences the WHO has had from an Afghanistan perspective that I believe will become invaluable to us soon down the road. 

This is a continuation of a series in exposing our role (dual israeli/mossad role with our compliance) in toxifing Afghanistan in ways that will simply "GO ON KILLING" after we leave. The Protocols are in play here and working. However, if you read down, you will find recommendations for clean drinking water that will not toxically kill us, so at least print those out and keep them. I GUARANTEE YOU WE ARE AS HATED AS ARE THE MUSLIMS and whatever they are doing to them over there is "COMING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU" soon, so DO NOT FORGET TO READ THIS SO YOU WILL RECOGNIZE IT WHEN IT HAPPENS and do not sit unprepared, now is the time to do so and this article will aid you in that endeavor along with your neighbors and families.

A suggestion, families need to consider moving closer together, this is going to be important in the coming days over the next two years if not sooner. The gulf states just had a taste of it and who knows what they have planned next but you can be sure our water will also be under attack. This is not a war like any we dreamed we would be fighting. We are totally and completely unarmed in this war. For now until we decide we have nothing to lose, at least collect pieces of information like this.

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: NATO Promotes Toxic Chlorine in Afghanistan (Part 2 of 2)

WHO technologies produce healthier drinking water   (VN: as long as its not about vaccines you are ok with WHO recommendations, but carefully watch who sits in control and once it appears its our sworn enemy has taken over, then regroup and withdraw and revamp anything to do in putting things within your bodies that they have anything to do with.)

Thursday 10 June 2010, by Matthew Nasuti

Treating drinking water with toxic chlorine is recognized in the West as unhealthy yet NATO and the U.S. Embassy continue to foster such technology onto the Afghan people. Chlorinated drinking water is sub-lethal. Drinking it will not cause immediate death, but it will increase the rate of illness within the consuming population, ultimately decreasing their life-spans. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that there are better and safer methods for purifying drinking water than using chlorine.

Some of the processes endorsed by the WHO were developed by investigators who traveled to remote areas of the world to research local water treatment practices. Those investigators made some interesting discoveries. One investigator came upon a village cistern filled with cloudy water. He watched in puzzlement as a village elder threw a rotting tree branch into the water and then told the WHO investigator to return the next day. He returned and found to his surprise that the water was now clear. This was not magic but basic chemistry. The bark on the rotting tree limb turned out to be a very efficient floc, meaning it acts on suspended solids in the water and precipitates them out, pushing them to the bottom of the cistern. The reason is that the bark releases lignins (humic acid). The acid reacts with the water to create hydrogen peroxide that acts as a “floc.” Flocs can reduce the concentrations of suspended solids such as phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, manganese and ammonia, this producing clear water.

Smells like another false flag coming.

Vatic Note:  Looks like a false flag is being planned.   Apparently, according to CLG Newsletter, Lori Price,  http://www.legitgov.org/,  we just ordered millions of SMALL POX VACCINES FROM A GERMAN COMPANY AND THE CDC HAD DONE EXPERIMENTS WITH SMALL POX AND MONKEY POX WHICH HAS NO ANTIDOTE, THEREFORE YOU WILL TAKE IT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE AND THUS RECEIVE WHAT THEY HAD TAINTED IN THE PREVIOUS VACCINES they tried to force us to use.  Here is the CLG newletter paragraph sent out by Lori Price on 7/20/10

Just a guess on my part, but the small pox article is also going up today, so keep these two in mind when you review them.  They go together.  One of the Biggest acts of treason by a state is in Missouri.  Remember, they were the first to act in violation of our Bill of Rights based on lies issued and finally retracted,  by the SPLC AND THE ADL.   Now they are going to take the lead in this full out act of treason and violations of all we hold dear as a free people.  They are going to militarily occupy civilian soil and act as the GESTAPO FOR THE BANKERS AND ZIONISTS on their behalf to create AN ANOTHER ACT OF TERROR to bring in a FASCIST state right here in America, with full Nazi leadership.   Just go to the right and look for "series" and click on the Protocols of Zion and read the most recent historical perspective on how they took over Russia, Poland and others through these very same techniques and the results will be exactly like the 80 year repressive history of Russia.  60 MILLION OF THE RUSSIAN, POLISH AND HUNGARIAN  UNARMED CITIZENS WERE MASSACRED IN DROVES.  This my friends is a life and death situation we are coming into if we allow this below to continue

National Guard’s “Homeland Response Force” to Patrol Missouri, Nine Other States

Posted By aaron On July 15, 2010 @ 12:39 pm In Featured Stories
Aaron Dykes, Infowars.com

Homeland Response Forces are descending upon Missouri and nine other states, where National Guard units will be the face of Federal power in the regions in the event of a terrorist attack or disaster. (VN:  the only terrorists as we know are the zionists in the Wall street Bankers running our gov, and they already commit crimes that they will never be arrested for SO THIS IS NOT ABOUT TERRORISM, THIS IS ABOUT GESTAPO WARGAMES TO SEE HOW WE ACCEPT "YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE", and control of our movements through roadblocks,  confiscation of guns even if legal, confiscation of gold and silver etc. THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IS GONE IF THEY ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE DOWN THIS PATH IF WE DO NOT SPEAK UP NOW)

RAND Corp. "Katrina Offers Lessons for Improving the National Guard Response to Catastrophic Domestic Emergencies" http://www.rand.org/…/summer2007/katrina.html  (vn:  THE RAND CORPORATION???  This is why its called fascism.... corporations telling us how to run the military and domestic affairs)

The Sedalia Democrat reports that, along with Missouri, the state where the report was written, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Utah and California will also host the National Guard Homeland Response Forces in the name of fighting terrorism. A unit will be placed within each of the regions established by FEMA, effectively implementing Federal powers at the state level premptively.  (VN:  pay attention to what states are blatantly violating our countries laws such as the posse comitatus)

Declassified US Military Intelligence Documents Confirmed Genuineness of the Protocols Of of the Elders of Zion In 1919. - Part V ( Protocols of the Elders of Zion)

Vatic Note:  You know how historically we always say "HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF" and how we MUST learn from history?  We also, once we "learn" the history, must then compare it to now and see what mistakes we made then and to be sure not to make them now.   That is what Part V is really all about.  Historically,  a pattern has developed in the destruction of countries and their people and we are in the middle of the third one that we know about.   Read this, and you will have learned historically how that happened and YOU CAN SEE IT HAPPENING EXACTLY THE SAME WAY NOW.  Now the solutions become clear as we saw in Argentina and Iceland.  That is exactly what we have to do here if we are to prevent us ending up like Russia and Poland in the 1917 revolution, which the Zionists created and led and the horrible life the Russians and Poles lead for almost 100 years since.   No way should we allow this here.
Military and law enforcement have to decide how they want their children and spouses to live at this point since they are us and we are them.   Teach us and we will follow you.  What the zionists did here in the White House and in the congress, they have done since the Russian revolution in every country, and its historical and proven through this declassified document.   Learn and prepare.  Its going to be a brutal rough time.  With the kind of hate they have for us and muslims,  there will be no quarter given. 

Declassified US Military Intelligence Documents Confirmed Genuineness of the Protocols Of of the Elders of Zion In 1919. - Part V ( Protocols of the Elders of Zion)
Thursday, 17 May 2007

Continued from Part IV

(b) RUSSIA !

Many of the witnesses who testified before the Senate Committee stated quite definitely that most of the prominent Bolshevik leaders were Jews. The following are quotations from one or two:

(1) Mr. Theodor Kryshtofovitch (page 424 Senate Record):

"Most of the people governing Russia now are Jews. I am not against Jews in general. They are a very capable and energetic people, but as you Americans say, the right man must be in the right place. Their place is in the Commission Houses, in Banks, in the offices, but not in the government of a fine agricultural country. They do not understand anything about agriculture, about production, about keeping materials and about distribution ********* I am talking about Bolsheviki; because if you take our Bolshevik Government, Lenine is a Russian and all these constellations that are turning around this sun are Jews. They have changed their names. For instance, Trotsky is not Trotsky but Bronstein."

Again on page 431 he says:

"They oppose the Russian clergy and the Russian clergy oppose the Bolsheviki, and the Russian priests are treated very badly. For instance, they are set to do street work, cleaning the streets, paving streets, digging ditches, and so on. The workmen told me several times: ‘The Bolsheviki are sending out priests to work in the streets. Why do they not send their Rabbis ?’ And that is true. The Jewish Rabbis are not sent to work on the streets."

Colonel V. S. Hurban, the leader of the Checho-Slovaks in Russia (page 444 of the Senate Record):

"It is also logical that the morals of the officials should be corrupt. I cannot deny it because it is a fact, and it is useless to deny it, that in the Soviets from the beginning there have been a very large percentage of Jews. It cannnot be denied. I can explain myself. We cannot blame them because it is just their revenge."


Washington Post report supports accounts of military personnel keeping UFO secrets from commanders

Vatic Note: Again, after researching and digging into the Bill Cooper story and posting his "Majestic 12" article, I have moved from neutral to a believer and given the advancements in technology that is being held from the public, (the explanation Bill gave before he was killed (conveniently) as to why its being withheld) made perfect sense. More and more is coming out about how very rigid the military was about keeping this secret and given the patterns of behavior engaged in after the incident such as project Blue Book, and then the discontinuation, made it even more credible. We also have flying technology now that could easily have been done through reverse engineering. So, this issue is still alive, but remember what Bill said which maybe why he was killed, is that the powers that be intent to use this to frighten us about aliens as a global threat to globalize us into that fascist new world order they want so badly. He also suggested these aliens are the "good" guys and they may try to scare us into fighting the good guys who will try to aid us in this mess we are in down here moving toward total tyranny. I have no idea if this is true, but I find if we put out what is being written and then objectively observe the behavior and propoganda, we can tell which it is. It seems to work everytime. I have put the video first so we can tell what the conflict is between the pros and cons of the issue and then read what the Washington Post has exposed, however, keep in mind the Post is a NEOCON owned publication and that has to weight in on any consideration of the facts and truth of the issue. Again, look for independant and credible sources outside the gov and the banker controlled sources including scientists and universities since they are many times funded by the neocons.   We put the video first along with what the video is about.  We changed no words or statements, just rearranged the order in which it was presented.  So, watch the video interview and then read the article about the Wa Post disclosure. Is the "Shadow Government" in total control of this program that the taxpayer funds but does not have oversight by those who work for us???  Reminds me of the 2.7 Trillion missing from the pentagon that disappeared and was reported the day before 9-11 and the investigative team in the navy WERE KILLED and all documents were destroyed in the pentagon AND THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WORKING IN THAT WING OF THE PENTAGON. 

Washington Post report supports accounts of military personnel keeping UFO secrets from commanders
July 19, 1:48 AMHonolulu Exopolitics Examiner

In an interview on Larry King Live, Mitchell confirmed the following account of what occurred with Vice-Admiral Thomas Wilson.   Once Admiral Wilson identified this group, he told the contact person in this super-secret cell: “I want to know about this project.” And he was told, “Sir, you don’t have a need to know. We can’t tell you.” Now, can you imagine being an admiral, J-2, the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Pentagon, and being told, “We're not going to tell you”? Well, he was shocked and angry.

Venezuela recalls Colombia envoy

Vatic Note:  Hmmm, I am wondering if that is why the US navy is over in Costa Rica?  Looks like they are preparing for war.  Just a feeling when these kinds of spats make it to the Zionist banker owned press.  The war there will be over oil just like in Afghanistan and Iraq, while Pakistan is about the oil in Russia and China.  And underlying all of it is the oil Bourse and markets and currency which the bankers want moved under the fiat system and not on the gold system like arab countries are doing.

Venezuela recalls Colombia envoy

Published by Aljazeera news
Saturday, July 17, 2010

Venezuela has recalled its ambassador to Colombia, after Colombian officials accused Venezuela of hosting rebels on its territory. Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's foreign minister, said on Friday that the ambassador was brought home for "consultations", in the most recent diplomatic spat between the two neighbours.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Part III - Declassified US Military Documents Confirms Protocols

Vatic Note:  This Military Intel Study was triggered by the discovery of the Protocols of Zion back in the early 1900's due to its blatant intent to take over nations and undermine their sovereignty and the US was concerned about their own after having WW I.   Europe was also concerned as was the US about Russian Bolshevism and its threat to the world, and the rumor was it was run by International Jewry (Zionists).   This is a beginning of the HISTORICAL account of that study, and various hearings held and testimony at congressional hearings as a result of the release and declassification of this top secret document trying to determine whether these protocols had succeeded in underming the nations interests and safety.  Its a very enlightening document and well worth taking the time, if you really want to understand what is happening in our world.  Please keep in mind the term Jewry in 1919 was the equivalent of Zionism today which is different than the terms "Israeli's" or "Jews" since the zionists are neither.  Keep in mind,  Israel was not a state at that time, rather it was called Palestine.  Also keep in mind it was the British that carved up the ME after WWI in order to control the oil.  Its interesting to see what the concerns and issues of the day were back in 1919... Since I am a history buff, this was absolutely fascinating.

Declassified US Military Intelligence Documents Confirmed Genuineness of the Protocols Of of the Elders of Zion In 1919.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

The Power And Aims Of International Jewry (Zionism?)

Read the following declassified United States Military Intelligence Division Report on the Protocols of Zion and you will see that the US MID believed the Protocols to be authentic. Everything else is just Zionist noise.

THE POWER AND AIMS OF "INTERNATIONAL" JEWRY (Use in 1919, today its Zionists and will be reflected for accuracy here since ashkenazi's are not ME Jewry)

The below given report is a U.S. War Department investigation and evaluation of issues generated by Zionist power. It was compiled in August 1919 and given SECRET classification until 1973.

A hard copy of this document may be obtained from U.S. National Archives in Washington DC, - its number is 245-1.   (This is PART 1, of serial parts as transcribed by PAPUREC.)

Quit Watching Your Feet and Look UP

Vatic Note: There are a billion and 5 reasons why we should watch the skies. Its a virtual separate planet from earth, just like under the sea is the same way. We miss out in many different ways and on many different levels when we do not take the time to examine our world on all three levels. Today this is about the world above us and this video only covers a portion of what is up there. Besides these, you also find flocks of birds migrating or simply enjoying a free glide on the winds and we miss out on magical figures created by our clouds, faces, animals, and other magical creatures and places, palaces etc. But best of all is the "BILLION BUG HIGHWAY"....... something a bit different, but also to remind us that under the banker system, who has time to know, see, or experience our world??? No one. Now that the bankers are gone per se and we are going to choose to live as we should have been doing all this time, we can enjoy such wonders that we did not know existed. Here is a video to show us so enjoy something different from the mudane and manmade and watch something created by nature. Who would have thought the wind had such an important job, huh????  Pay attention to the spiders and how they hitch a ride.   Its a trip. 

Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can't See : NPR
July 15, 2010

Step outside on a clear day this summer and look up. What do you see? Blue. And maybe a plane or a bird up there, but otherwise ... nothing. Or so you think. It turns out that right above you, totally invisible, is an enormous herd of animal life. There are so many creatures up there, they are so busy, so athletic, so tiny, that we had to fly up and give you a peek.

Source: NPR, Credit: Benjamin Arthur, Robert Krulwich, Maggie Starbard, Ellen Webber

More from Robert Krulwich

When British scientist Jason Chapman told us (listen to the radio piece or watch our video) there are 3 billion insects passing over your head in a summer month, he was talking about his survey in Great Britain. Closer to the equator, he says, the numbers should rise. He wouldn't be surprised, for example, that in the sky over Houston or New Orleans there could be 6 billion critters passing overhead in a month.

What Are They Doing Up There?

Sometimes insects and spiders need to leave where they are and go someplace else for food, for sex, for space. For a variety of reasons bugs disperse. You can see them launching themselves, says entomologist Matt Greenstone:

"They just stand straight up on their little back legs and just by doing that they can get part of their body up into this layer [of air] where it’s more turbulent and then, if you can get a ride on a parcel that's going up, you can get off the ground and then if you’re lucky you can get carried aloft."

Picture of Lindberg
John M. Noble/Library of Congress
Charles Lindbergh
How High Can They Go?

Writing in American Entomologist recently (Spring 2010 "Frequent Flyer Miles"), May Berenbaum says pilots have long known insects can fly very high.

"Beginning in 1926, Tanglefoot-coated slides were affixed to airplanes to collect insects, with famed aviator Charles Lindbergh contributing to the data-collection effort by carrying sticky glass slides on his 1933 flight crossing the Atlantic at 2,460 to 5,410 feet and over Greenland at 7,870 to 12,135 feet."

Now 12,000 feet is pretty high, but the all-time champ is, of all things, a termite!

In Berenbaum's article, she mentions a 1961 study by J.L. Gressit in which an insect trap was placed on a Super-Constellation airplane. That plane flew 116,684 miles sampling the air, catching whatever was up there, and, Berenbaum says, "the trap managed to capture a single termite at 19,000 feet." That's the record.

Benjamin Arthur/NPR

You wonder how a little critter can survive the wind, the cold, the absence of company. "Wind dispersal at great heights can be rough on insects," Berenbaum writes. And yet they are very tough. Of 1,610 insects captured by another team of scientists led by L.R. Taylor in 1960, 97 percent were alive and undamaged, 2 percent were alive and damaged, and 1 percent were dead. The flying corpse was, it turns out, a rarity.

If all this interests you, check out Insectopedia by Hugh Raffles, just published, whose essay on bugs in the air (Chapter 1) is how I bumped into this subject. Raffles (briefly), Berenbaum and Greenstone all appear in our radio story; Benjamin Arthur's animations are lovingly and meticulously (OMG, does he work hard) constructed (and he drew the heroic British mouse in an earlier post).

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Did the US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet!

Vatic Note:   THIS is way worse than we had ever guessed.  The source of this article is building and researching for filing crimes against humanity against the United States and their puppet master, Israel. When you read this you will understand why.  Before when we didn't know about them, we were innocent, but now that we do, if we do nothing about this, we are no longer innocent, but quiet assenters to the war crime and frankly "crimes against humanity". Yes, we were set up by our good foreign occupying friends but that does not exonerate us just like it doesn't exonerate Israel either. So what should we do about it? WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO DO SOMETHING..... ANY IDEAS ANYBODY????? For the first time, I now understand the German people. How do you do something against such power??? Well, you do it regardless because its the right thing to do and if we do it together, we have done the best we can. Otherwise we are like the german people that we condemned for letting Hitler go that far and the Russians  let Stalin go that far, both of whom were ashkenazi's by the way. ANY IDEAS? Come on, lets hear from someone, please! Its the Ashkenazi's third time pulling this crap on the globe and somewhere this has to stop, how about now???  To understand how serious this is, you have to read this entire document,  ITS SERIOUS AND DEADLY.  Its their DEPOPULATION AND EUGENICS PROGRAM MURDERING MILLIONS ACROSS THE WORLD WITHOUT THEM KNOWING THEY ARE UNDER ATTACK,  SOUNDS LIKE US.  War has already been declared and fought, but by only one side so we best wake up as David Icke says AND GROW UP.   We have no choice, do we???

Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star.

- Confucius

Did the US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet!
Sunday, 04 July 2010 08:14
Provided to Vatic Project by Patti Woodard, Ghostroopers

UK, July 4 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - You may find this story hard to believe and at the same time challenge as to why anyone would use such weapons having no regard for other humans that live on this planet. We hear almost weekly about the push by President Obama to fulfill the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by reducing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) but is there any truth behind this PR exercise or is it a case of business as usual?

Bill Kristol's new Israel group using offices of old Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (Iran next?)

Vatic Note:  Remember we just read the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" we suspect written by the Rothschild cabal in the early 1900's, and  Billy Kristol is not only a dual Israeli, but also a zionist and neocon, AND the main coordinator for the fascist Israeli neocon group occupying our government now.   well, here is what the 1919 military investigation turned up (See pic of doc  above):  Declassified US Military Intelligence Documents Confirmed Genuiness of the Protocols Of of the Elders of Zion In 1919.

The below given report is a U.S. War Department investigation and evaluation of issues generated by Jewish power. It was compiled in August 1919 and given SECRET classification until 1973.  A hard copy of this document may be obtained from U.S. National Archives in Washington DC, - its number is 245-1.

This new/old office tells us that he is about to do with Iran what he did with preparing the US government military for Iraq.   Since when does a foreign nation tell us when to go to war, take control of that war and they put nothing at risk and we put our whole nation at risk.  Well, we must do a letter officially requesting that AIPAC, Israeli embassy and neocon organs like Billy Kristol cease and desist from committing anymore crimes against humanity in our name.  This is to cover us when those nuremberg trials begin as we must show we did everything we could to stop this and after the info I received about us using tactical nuke weapons in every theatre we have agressed against, it is even more important, since that  is an even bigger war crime because of the radiation that continues killing even after the war is over, which then becomes MURDER/MASSACRE OF MILLIONS.  Its no longer "war" per se, since no one has the ability to defend themselves or fight back since they are an occupied nation.    I have a feeling they intend to do another 9-11 on top of that to justify that war, which we all know now was a false flag.   THE MISSING NUKES ISRAEL STOLE FROM THE BRITISH AND THE ONE MISSING FROM CHENEY'S FAKE MISSING NUKES FROM MINOT ND, ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR JUST SUCH A FALSE FLAG9-11 all over again, only this time bigger.  If that happens then whatever war we fight it has to be against our real enemies, and no one else. THIS IS WHY THE PROTOCOLS ARE NOW SO IMPORTANT AS ALL OF THIS IS IN THAT 100  YEAR OLD DOCUMENT.  We the people MUST refuse to fight in any war these criminals start.  Contact your soldiers and tell them the same thing.   They cannot succeed unless we cooperate.  That will leave the criminals clearly identified and we can testify against them. 

Bill Kristol's new Israel group using offices of old Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (Iran next?)

The new Emergency Committee for Israel has some familiar digs
By Justin Elliott, Salon.com
Provided to Vatic Project by Robert DeBeero, Great Britian

If there's a headquarters of neoconservatism in Washington, there's a good argument it's 918 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

That's where the new Emergency Committee for Israel -- the group that launched  with a Politico feature  and an ad calling Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak a terrorist symp -- is currently operating. And it's the same building that was base for the old Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (the Iraq sign is even still outside, apparently).

(VN:  memorize that face and location)
The latter was the outfit, remember, that had a brief but influential run  in the early 2000s providing an outside assist to the Bush Administration's push for an attack on Iraq. It included neocon luminaries like Bill Kristol (who is also on the board of the new Israel group), Richard Perle, and James Woolsey, along with senators like John McCain and Evan Bayh.

The Protocols of the elders of Zion - Part II, a Neocon Manifesto

Vatic Note:  I bet your wondering why we are posting this without giving you the Protocols themselves?  Well, we discussed it and decided to lay the foundation for reading them since it is difficult work.  The writing style is that of British english which is difficult today, but was really difficult in those days, so these require study, not just reading.  However, we felt that if we gave you a foundation surrounding the protocols with the fairest treatment of them in advance, once you actually begin to read them it would fall immediately into place.

In reading this particular part II,  it became clear that there were a few corrections that had to be made and documented.   First of all, the "Zionists" mentioned here from WW II,  were not innocent by standers to the Hitler purge of the Jews from Germany and we have evidence that from ROTHSCHILDS BIS in Switzerland where the Zionists retired to until after the war, they acted against the best interests of the Jewish people with the idea that a holocaust of their own people (both Judaen Jews and Ashkenazis') would have to pay the price of the holocaust in order for the Rothschild Zionists to obtain Palestine.  Read THIS and see what we mean.  One last observation that everyone should note on here.   The inventors of the protocols intend to use the accommodating greedy goyim CEO's of corps etc,  to achieve their goal of world domination, but in the process of crashing our economies, they intend to watch the CEO's except their own people,  go down with the rest of us and they thought that very  funny and typical of the treasonous goyim,  selling out their own people for monetary gain and then losing it all right along with those they sold out, when the objective is accomplished.  When the markets crash, the treasonous goyims' wealth will crash right along with it and same for the currency. 

The Protocols of the elders of Zion - Part II, a Neocon Manifesto

by Simon Jones
Dissident Voice
August 21, 2003

I have to confess. The outrageous in-your-face behavior of the neocons finally got to me as Armageddon approaches, after seeing more and more references to it (albeit usually wacky), I recently downloaded the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Guiltily, mind you, as if it were Mein Kampf or porno. I bet you haven't dared (or bothered) to read it.

So what is this best-selling political tract of the 20th century, the reading of which carried the death penalty in Stalinist Russia, lauded by the likes of Henry Ford and Winston Churchill, and then loudly condemned for the past 60 years since it was briefly declared an anti-Semitic forgery (in a Swiss court in 1935 overturned by the Appeals Court in 1937)?

The bile aside, it is in fact a series of 24 mostly articulate, well-argued lectures outlining a plan for world capitalist domination, with sharp political and social analysis, lots of Machiavelli and a Marxian sophistication in its understanding of capitalism and historical processes. Briefly, it outlines a plan of world conquest by first establishing world government by consent. As with any brilliant political analysis, it has been denounced, dismissed, misinterpreted and banned. And made very good use of by those lusting for world power.

Is COREXIT a Masked BIOWEAPON? Shrimpers exposed to Corexit bleeding from the rectum

Vatic Note: That was a very good question, because if it was developed to do the damage it does, then its murder, attempted murder and worse. These guys are seriously getting into some real jail time trouble and if the authorities do not pursue it we can and should. There is a good quote we should never forget.....

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope... and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." - Robert F. Kennedy

I can feel a shift, people have seriously gotten fed up. I hear preparations all over the place, so this is going to be interesting how all these false flag attacks against the citizens of this country are going to be brought to justice, by whom, how, where and when? We are definitely on new territory and this is pioneer work that is going to be taking place and now it appears our friends in Canada will be joining us as well. I think these guys went to far when they did the gulf and there is very little room left for them to navigate. They best get back behind that curtain before they find themselves in a place they do not want to be.

Is COREXIT a Masked BIOWEAPON? Shrimpers exposed to Corexit bleeding from the rectum

On CNN, Dr. Susan Shaw, a marine toxicologist, sounded an alarm about the physical condition of a shrimper exposed to Corexit: "And that's what that Corexit does, it ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding, and liver and kidney damage. ...

This stuff is so toxic combined... not the oil or dispersants alone. ..."

Corexit 9500 is a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by the Nalco in Illinois. Corexit is four times more toxic than oil (oil is toxic at 11 ppm (parts per million), Corexit 9500 at only 2.61ppm).

In a report written by Anita George-Ares and James R. Clark for Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc. titled "Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview" Corexit 9500 was found to be one of the most toxic dispersal agents ever developed.

According to the Clark and George-Ares report, Corexit mixed with the higher gulf coast water temperatures becomes even more toxic.

Corexit 9527, used in lesser quantities during the earlier days of the spill response, is designated a chronic and acute health hazard by EPA. The 9527 formula contains 2-butoxyethanol, pinpointed as the cause of lingering health problems experienced by cleanup workers after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, and propylene glycol, a commonly used solvent.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever signs and symptoms: rapid onset of fever, malaise, muscle pain, headache, and the inflammation of the pharynx (throat). Six days following vomiting and bloody diarrhea, individuals may develop maculopapular rash with bleeding at needle sites and bodily orifices.

Dr. Susan Shaw, Founder and Director, Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI), is a marine toxicologist, explorer, and author who has spent two decades documenting the effects of hundreds of man-made chemicals in marine mammals along the North American Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Named Gulf of Maine Visionary, Shaw is widely recognized for creating an extensive body of data that places the northwest Atlantic marine ecosystem in a global perspective. In 2007 the Maine Legislature honored Shaw for her pioneering work addressing the problem of ocean pollution and its impacts on marine life and humans. She is credited as the first scientist to discover that brominated flame retardant chemicals used in consumer products are bioaccumulating in marine mammals and commercially important marine fishes in the northwest Atlantic, a finding with implications for human health that has influenced legislation in the US and internationally. She holds a doctoral degree (DrPH) in Public Health/ Environmental Health Sciences from Columbia University. source

The web site, Florida Oil Spill Law, http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com/  is an excellent place to stay informed of the latest news about the Gulf oil spill.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


The Plan to Disappear Canada (into the USA)

Vatic Note: This is why its good to follow what is happening in other countries so we can see the planning, timing, and what maybe coming based on what is being done in other commonwealth countries, since the Queen has every intention of taking control of this regional union since she already OWNS & controls Canada. MAYBE THE CANADIAN PEOPLE AND THE USA PEOPLE SHOULD JOIN TOGETHER TO STOP IT.  HMMM its a good thought.  I might contact some of the canadian groups and ask.  

This issue is revisiting us again, and because Canada is unarmed they have decided to do them first and us last. Martial law was planned for the gulf and they saw that was not going to happen, but they also have the Mexican drug gangs well in place. The feds gave those "Bush/Cheney" drug gangs a free unencumbered access to land in AZ so they could stash their weapons and ammo, prepare for the war that the US treasonous government has planned against their own people and are arming and funding the drug gangs and supplying them with uniforms that are american uniforms to trick our own men to their advantage. Its going to be bloody. And that is when they plan on martial law.

At that point they will take the guns, and the minute they do their depopulation plan can go into effect, just like it has in Bosnia and Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan (using tactical nuke weapons without cleaning up the radiation and debri) . Its not enough to simply kill off a bunch of us, it has to be the right people killed off, and only the compliant that will be left. So keep that in mind on how you want this to go.

That is what their domestic terrorist list was really for, not because us sheep were going to do anything about it, rather when time came and we were forced to act, they had to know who to go after (dissidents) and either reeducate or get rid of them just like Hitler did. Remember, we brought those nazi's over here and they carried with them the same program over in Germany and both Russia and Germany murdered over 60 million of their own citizens, however, they were not germans or russians, they were Khazars just like here, so you can see they have no compunction in simply executing anyone who will not go along. This is about a blunt as it gets.

Once I saw how far this had gone in Canada, I knew we best face reality here or else we were gone. Our military and Canada's military will have to turn on their commanders and that will solve the problem. Once done, we can rid ourselves of these people for once and for all so they cannot do this again. Which Island sounds good to you guys for permanent relocation????

The Plan to Disappear Canada (into the USA)
'Deep integration' comes out of shadows.
By Murray Dobbin, 8 Jun 2007, TheTyee.ca in Canada

If the machinations going on in this country regarding so-called "deep integration" were instead a communist conspiracy to take over the country (you will, of course, have to try hard to imagine this) the news media would be blaring the story.

Pundits would pontificate, editorialists would erupt, security forces would be unleashed.  Instead, a virtual conspiracy to make the country disappear through assimilation into the U.S. gets barely a mention.

Bayer Loses Fifth Straight Trial Over U.S Rice Crops

Vatic Note: Good, now all we need is to go after Monsanto and we can begin the journey back to health once again. After that its those drug companies, and then the chemical companies. Whew, we have a lot of repairing to do, I just thought about the banks as well.

Bayer Loses Fifth Straight Trial Over U.S Rice Crops
EDITED Bloomberg, July 14 2010
Contributed to Vatic Project by Gypsy,  Australia

Bayer AG lost its fifth straight trial over contaminated U.S. long-grain rice to a Louisiana farmer who claimed the company's carelessness with its genetically engineered seed caused exports to plunge.

A jury in St. Louis said today the company should pay damages of $500,248. The company previously lost two trials in state court and two in federal, for a total of more than $52 million in jury awards.

It faces about 500 additional lawsuits in federal and state courts with claims by 6,600 plaintiffs. It hasn't won any rice trials so far. The Louisiana grower, Danny Deshotels, and his family claimed the company and its Bayer CropScience unit were negligent in testing their genetically modified LibertyLink seed, causing a dive in exports to Europe.

"Five different juries under the laws of four different states in both federal and state courts now have unanimously found that Bayer was negligent and liable to rice farmers for damages," Don Downing, Deshotels' lawyer said after the trial. "Not a single juror in any of the five trials found for Bayer."

A sixth case is scheduled to begin trial July 19 in state court in Arkansas, followed by a federal trial in St. Louis in October, Coffey said yesterday in an interview.

Farmers in five states claim the company and Bayer CropScience negligently contaminated the U.S. long-grain rice crop with its genetically modified LibertyLink seed, leading to export restrictions, bans on two kinds of high-yield seeds and a plunge in prices.

The rice growers' "reputation for producing a pure product was destroyed, with the export market lost," Downing told the federal court jury yesterday.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Meet Your Strawman!

Update on strategy & Tactics:  Please visit and check out the update on strategy #1,  we would appreciate either good feedback on it or if no feedback than we would appareciate your using it daily while we do our work on this end of it.   It will help us to do both together and everyone pass it on to others to do.  It only takes 8,000 world wide to change our reality.  Thanks  Now back to this blog article.

Vatic Note: It really is time to get seriously educated and this does a good job of introducing you to the fundamentals of being a straw man vs a soveign real person. Here is a note from the contributor to Vatic of this piece. Thanks Jim.

Meet Your Strawman!
Contributed to Vatic Project by Jim Kirwan, USA
June 14, 2010

Kirwan Note: ........the video clarifies the actualities of the reality and lets people see exactly how this vast scam has become so very endemic within the supposed system we live in. . .

The story of how everyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government. A fun and informative animation made in the spirit of freedom. Please spread and upload with credits intact also link back to our channel if you do. Hi-res and mobile versions are avilable for download from our website.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

This is a Global Appeal to a world of Conscience from Pakistan

Vatic Note:  You know how we are always saying "What can we do?"  Well, now we know what we can do and stop sending unmanned drones to hit schools with children and killing unarmed school children.   Please read this from a coalition in Pakistan as they are being brutally assaulted both by our military, Mossad, and  also by blackwater pretending to be pakistani's and bombing other paks,  and Al Qaeda paid by the CIA and Mossad to do what they do, and the civilians and others in Pakistan are begging us to stop this now.   Its destroying their civilization.  WE, OF GOOD CONSCIENCE MUST RESPOND SINCE ITS OUR OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT DOING IT.  Remember, after the gulf we now know they are perfectly capable of doing the same thing to us.  Destroying our infrastructure, our food delivery system, water systems, electricity etc.   We will be next if we do not stop it here and now. 

Yes, at the behest of the Israeli's and Zbig Brezsinzki,  but that is no excuse since we have allowed them to use our wealth, our power, our weapons of mass destruction and our sons and daughters, husbands and wives to kill the children of another nation.  Its a truly racist act.  PAKISTAN HAS DONE NOTHING TO THE USA.  So  please go to the link, sign the petition and give your state and country when you do and then pass this along so we can get the entire world to help our those countries we have viciously violated.  Its too late for Iraq, but we can at least help Pakistan. 

Stop The War – Pakistan’s Coalition Of Conscience


Adopted In Islamabad
Sunday, 18 July 2010
At The National Press Timed For Release With The Arrival Of  US Secretary of State In Pakistan

We, the people of Pakistan, progeny of the Great Nara (Sarasvati), Indus, Gandhara and Muslim Civilizations that predate all civilizations of the world; and a bastion of knowledge since antiquity; and those who have withstood all imperial adventures,

Having evolved a civilization founded on acceptance of higher values of civilized life, respect for others’ rights, culture of giving not taking, and imbibing an ideology of submission to God’s will, with the firmest of beliefs and faith in our abilities to discern the correct civilization path to a better tomorrow,

Disturbed and aghast at the policies being pursued by the oldest and nascent democracies; overtaken by the imperialist, expansionist and exploitative mindset; concerned that democracy is fast becoming the domain of the highest bidders; political-military and industrial complexes, financial cartels and believers of the doomsday scenarios,