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Vatic Note:   This is the best article I have ever found on the pandemic scare we got back in 2009, and it explains just how vulnerable we are by trusting our institutions and systems.  How could we not trust them, we rely on them for our safety and health.  Well, this proves we are on our own.  

I remember publishing an email years ago, to my email list discussing all the dead microbiologist that expired after 9/11.  In fact, someone published an article that was titled something like "Microbiology is a hazardous occupation".  And then Steve Quayle, published the fact that 89 microbiologists had been killed or died since 9-11 and we began to wonder what the hell was going on.   

Well all those microbiologists were DNA sequencing experts which meant, they could tell you which bioweapons facility the bug came from.  The powers that be could not allow that to happen or they would all land in jail for life.  So those scientists had to die.  This below was done by Jim Stone and Dr. Sarah Stone.  I have no idea if they are related or not, so don't ask.  LOL  

These evil canaanites who do this kind of stuff, are the reason I put this up, since they recently did the Ebola Virus which was patented by the CDC, which means that agency is compromised, treasonous and cannot ever be trusted again.  It also means they would not have done that unless given orders to do so.   Further, it means they committed a major crime, which is attempted first degree murder, and that is a death penalty, if not a  life sentence for such a crime.  

Since we do not see any appropriate actions being taken within our system, it means that the system is no longer working at all.  If that is the case then our options are limited to the following:

1.  Take no vaccines for anything.
2.  Go to court with all this evidence and file a case to be legally exempted from having to take any forced vaccination shots.
3.  Hold all drug companies that produce these vaccines accountable through a Citizens Grand Jury and officially filed and publically distributed results of such a grand jury.  
4.  Then conduct a citizens arrest of all those involved.  In other words, our system is gone, not operating as it should be and we need to step in and take over those functions.  

Fortunately, the forefathers had the foresight to include that option in the Constitution when they drafted that incredibly beautiful document.  Lately I have come to appreciate it a lot more than I did before all this happened.  They must have known a lot more than they ever told us.  JFK tried to tell us, and was killed for not only telling us, but for trying to stop it.  

What has amazed me to no end is the blatant and document-able treason that has occurred at every level and dept of our government and no one is in jail for it.  Crime is running rampid within the 1% trillionaires, and that means the 99% are going to have to take over that responsibility of enforcing our laws and bringing justice back into our system so we can rebuilt trust. 

Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter,  March 20, 2015

This section is not complete, for now I have my #1 article of all time here.
History of this article:

This article was an ambush, and took off like crazy. It got translated to many different languages and ended up getting 300 million reads. It got the Elite's attention, which could be why they snuffed the Fukushima article so fast. Tainted nightmare rose such a stir in the Muslim world that the President of Egypt made an official statement regarding the article - "there must be a reason why they are having you sign an agreement not to sue once you take it" and at least one major medical organization in the Middle East issued it as their formal position. This article forced a reformulation of the swine flu vaccine to a non damaging mix. At its peak, it shut out the first 4,500 hits on google, it was THAT widely distributed. I saved the google results only after it had been whittled down to the first 1,800 hits (total shutout) a year later. Read on to see why it went wild.

Date: Monday, August 10, 2009, 3:58 AM

Tainted nightmare

Dr. Sarah Stone, Pharm-D
Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist
Russ Clarke, Editor

"The H1N1 vaccination program, when put into the same frame as the engineered virus to go with it, appears to be a clear effort to divide humanity into two groups; those who have lost their intellect, health and sexuality via a tainted vaccination, and those who have not and are therefore superior."

I met the story about the swine flu with great skepticism; it played like a story line in a B movie - Students go abroad for spring break. Students get the virus. Students bring it home. Worldwide pandemic starts. The story line was unbelievable, and I knew from day one that there was either no virus at all, and that it was just a "wag the dog", or that a manufactured outbreak was intentionally released and underway.
Unfortunately the latter was true, and now we have an entirely new bug on our hands. It has never been seen before, and virologists have been quoted saying "where the hell it got all these genes from we don't know." Extensive analysis of the virus has revealed genes from the original 1918 flu, the avian flu, and two new H3N2 viruses from Eurasia. All evidence points to the fact that the swine flu is indeed a genetically engineered virus.
This article is the result of a team effort intended to explore what the motive for releasing it may be, to warn you in advance of things to come.

The first attempt

In Feb 2009, Baxter, a major manufacturer of vaccines, sent the seasonal flu shot to 18 different countries with live unattenuated H5N1 bird flu. When the Czech company Biotest was assigned to test the vaccine on live animals for the Czech government, they realized something was wrong when the test animals died. The alarm went out to all others who had received it, fortunately before it was administered. Upon follow up examination of the vaccine the live virus was revealed, had no one caught Baxter's tainted batch, we would now be in the midst of a pandemic with massive numbers of dead. 
Baxter was not prosecuted or punished in any way for this, even though their operational BSL3 (bio safety level 3) protocol would have stopped such contamination from being possible.

The safety protocol, combined with the potency and volume of the virus in the shots clearly shows that the contamination was intentional, and that indeed an attempt to kill millions was stopped simply because ONE country paid attention to what it was getting. The protocol made it technically impossible for the virus to make the leap from the research department to the vaccine manufacturing department, which could never have had H5N1 show up there due to any reason other than willful intent.

One would think that Baxter would have been put out of business for making such an "error" but the opposite is true, which begs many questions, such as how did the live bird flu end up in millions of doses of vaccine? Why were the ingredients of the vaccine formulated to allow the virus to survive fully potent en route?

Why was Baxter not prosecuted or punished in any way? Instead of rightfully blackballing the company, the World Health Organization has rewarded Baxter with a contract to make a large portion of the "Swine flu" vaccinations set to be distributed world wide this fall. How on earth could that be?

The main focus

Let's switch to another aspect of vaccines, the real focus of this article, which is the plan to destroy our intellect, our health and our sexuality via a mass world wide vaccination campaign. With the use of special additives called adjuvants, manufacturers are able to increase the number of possible doses that can be made on time for the fall flu season. But though there are many safe adjuvants which can be added, they are adding one - squalene, which has been shown to cause prolonged systemic immune response against the squalene itself, which results in reduced fertility, reduced intellect and reduced life span.
Squalene is an important molecule in the body. It is a precursor to many different oils and hormones, and is needed for proper brain function, fertility and also plays an important role in protecting cells from aging and mutation. Anything which affects your natural squalene can have a major negative impact on your health.
Because the squalene will be injected in the presence of a pathogen during the H1N1 vaccination, it will cause an immune response against not only the pathogen, but to the squalene itself. Squalene is a precursor molecule which is essential for the production of many hormones including all of the male and female sexual hormones.

Squalene is also a precursor to many of the neurochemical receptors prevalent in the nervous system and when the immune system is programmed to attack squalene, it causes irreversible neuronal and neuromuscular damage which can range from a loss of intellect and autism to more serious disorders such as Lou Gehrig's disease and systemic autoimmune diseases and possibly brain tumors.
In independent studies where squalene laced vaccines were injected into guinea pigs, the resultant autoimmune disorders killed 14 out of 15. A later test, to verify the results had the same outcome.
When first injected via the anthrax vaccine in Gulf War 1, it permanently disabled many of the soldiers who received it, due to the effects now known as the Gulf War Syndrome. 95 percent of the soldiers who recieved the anthrax vaccine have been found to have antibodies to squalene.

Few of the soldiers who recieved the vaccine remained healthy and do not have the antibodies whether or not they were deployed. None of the soldiers who did not receive the vaccine have the antibodies, even those who fought in Iraq. Squalene antibody related deaths total 6.5 percent of the vaccinated group.
It takes approximately a year for the effects to fully manifest themselves because that much time passes before the nervous system and brain deplete the reserves of Squalene that are out of the reach of the immune system and only after the reserves are gone will cell injury begin. This takes the pressure off vaccine manufacturers who deny any wrongdoing for a response so delayed. And with Congress passing legislation granting immunity to any corporations who cause damage with their vaccines, the outlook is evermore dark.

After examining the components of the H1N1 flu vaccine we can only conclude that it is not intended to treat the flu at all, quite differently, it is intended to:

1. Reduce intelligence
2. Reduce life span
3. Reduce fertility
4. Cause numerous deaths

For if it was intended for any other purpose, Squalene and other adjuvants beyond the scope of this article would not be present. Furthermore, the scope of this article only covers squalene, and we believe that because there are so many ways to induce autoimmune responses equally devastating via other injectable formulations coupled with the obviously intentional shipment of a pandemic by Baxter that the credibility of vaccines is forever tainted and the trust in the greater medical community may have been irreparably broken. Baxter should be out of business, the fact that they are not is damning.

The trust is broken

Through a manufactured pandemic and damaging vaccine the world health organization along with major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry have demonstrated clear intent to damage all of mankind. For what purpose is difficult to determine, but it would be safe to assume that there will be those who have been told and know better than to take one of these tainted vaccines, and as a result they will be of superior intelligence and health when put in perspective with those who receive them. 

The H1N1 vaccination program, when put into the same frame as the obviously engineered virus to go with it, appears to be a clear effort to divide humanity into two groups, those who have lost their intellect, health and sexuality via a tainted vaccination, and those who have not and are therefore superior. It can now be reasoned that it is no longer safe to take ANY vaccination for any reason; please, do not let them get your children.

If you ever see a video of major figures getting theirs, keep in mind that not all shots will be created equal!

The most valuable reference for this article by far was Dr. Sarah Stone, Pharm-D. Thank you so much, you helped sort fact from fiction and made this article possible

Newsmax.com "Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu"
Mercola.com "Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine's Dirty Little Secret Exposed"
Chiroweb.com "Vaccines May Be Linked to Gulf War Syndrome"
The Unify Coalition "Experimental Vaccines / Adjuvants / Squalene:"
Health Freedom Alliance Read this to item 122, it returns to English half a page down!
Rense This is an excellent report on the Gulf War Syndrome and Autism, by Neurosergeon Dr Blaylock Insert here _______________________________________________

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Vatic Note:  Look what I just found going back through my old saved records.  This was before my blog and when I first started doing research after 9-11 which I saw on TV raw live feed and never saw again on video replay.  I knew then that something was seriously wrong, and that it was an inside job.  I did not know about Israel at that time.  I do now.  

This is beyond TREASON, this is beyond ATTEMPTED FIRST DEGREE MURDER..... This is beyond anything I have ever experienced, and this proves that deep rooted, true EVIL does exist at a level I had no idea could exist in any human being.  I now know.  When I first got this it was before all the dead scientists were being murdered and before all the patented bioweapons we now know about that have been tried around the world.  

I now know Yale University was involved and plum Island, so its an inside job with Israel as part of it due to the Yale connection.  Please read this and see what they INTENTIONALLY DID TO OUR SOLDIERS DURING THE EARLY GULF WAR after 9-11.  This is a crime and prosecutable and we better step up now or we are complicit and get everything we deserve.  I can't image the impact on the children and old people in Iraq of this effort to kill and permanently damage our own soldiers..... our children, spouses, etc.  This is beyond a crime, its deeply perverted.   

Living Next Door To Plum Island; Lyme Disease - Denial of Treatment and Doctor Persecution
By  Journal of Degenerative Diseases, August 6, 2002

The Lyme Disease epidemic, along with it's many co-infections, is sweeping across North America like Wildfire. At the same time doctors who are courageous enough to treat the chronic Lyme patients till they are well, are being picked off one by one.

In the Connecticut/New York area where I live, doctors have to be very careful concerning the number of Lyme patients they treat and also how long they treat them for. Patients are not getting the antibiotics they require and as a result their disease can become irreversible and progressively more debilitating. People have died from Lyme Disease. When patients begin to go downhill many of those who were originally diagnosed with Lyme are now assigned different disease labels, according to what ever organ system is affected. It appears that this is one method of downplaying an epidemic.

Yale University is one of the main forces behind Lyme patients' treatment denial. Yale contends that 3 to 4 weeks of antibiotics is a sufficient protocol for just about every case. If a patient is still sick with the exact same symptoms on the 31st day of treatment, they now, according to Yale, no longer have an active infection but automatically now have an autoimmune problem....Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression or "antibiotic seeking behavior".

I have yet to see any evidence provided by Yale that would support this theory or speculation. Testing is very inaccurate which means it cannot be used as definite proof of infection or noninfection. Many chronic lyme patients will tell the same story of relapsing when antibiotics are discontinued. Some doctors claim that patients continue to improve when on extended antibiotics (after the approved one month period) because the antibiotics may have an antinflammatory or immunomodulatory effect and are not improving necessarily because the drugs are killing off an active infection. It is possible that the antibiotics may be working by some other mechanism that we are not yet aware of, but the point is that, if the treatment is working and has minimal side effects, then isn't it better to treat and prevent inevitable deterioration of the patient.... at least until a better solution is found?

There is much talk in the mainstream media concerning antibiotic resistance and this concept is used many times to justify nontreatment. We all know that the concept of antibiotic resistance has validity but it is never mentioned that certain labs are intentionally creating antibiotic resistant microbes for biowarfare purposes. These "modified" biologicals require some sort of field testing. Could the Lyme Disease spirochete be modified...a product of biowarfare research? Could this be the reason it is so difficult to eradicate? Another troubling thought is why are chronic acne patients allowed to recieve years of antibiotic treatment with no hassle whatsoever, when those with a much more serious, often progressive disease, are denied the same treatment?

Many place the blame of this strange behavior from the medical community, mainly on the insurance companies. I question this and feel that the reasons for treatment denial go much deeper. Insurance companies most likely do play a role. However, it appears to me that it would be many times more expensive for insurance companies to refuse paying for long term antibiotic treatment ( especially considering that oral antibiotics are fairly inexpensive) than it would be to treat those patients. The patients who are refused antibiotics and are told they have an autoimmune disease or that it is 'all in their heads', proceed to go from doctor to doctor and many end up recieving almost every medical test known to man, including MRIs, X-Rays, tilt table tests, Spect Scans,antidepressant medications...and I could go on almost indefinitely. Costs for those denied antibiotics become astronomical.

As I was trying to make sense of this extremely puzzling, nonsensical situation, I was sent some information from a very reliable source, which stated that 60% of chronic lyme patients are coinfected with several strains of mycoplasma, the most common one being "mycoplasma fermentens" which is patented by the U.S. Army and army pathologist Dr. Lo!

Lo, Shyh-Ching-Pathogenic mycoplasma-U.S. Patent 5,242,820 issued Sept. 7, 1993.

It is becoming evident that any microbe that has been "modified" is considered "off limits" for treatment and any physician that takes these chronic infections seriously, is targeted for harassment. This same pathogen is found in Gulf war Illness, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue patients! Could this be the main reason why the symptoms of all these diseases overlap to such a degree and all seem to have emerged around the same time period?

As mentioned in an earlier issue of the Journal of Degenerative Diseases, I live and work almost directly across the water from Plum Island, off the tip of Long Island, N.Y.. Years ago, in 1897, the War Dept. owned Plum Island which was then called Fort Terry. In 1954 the Army officially transferred Fort Terry over to the USDA to be used as an animal disease laboratory. Fairly recently Plum Island requested 75 million dollars to upgrade the facility to a bio-level 4 status for the express purpose of reinstating biowarfare research.

It seems very coincidental that....

1) Lyme disease is endemic to all land areas surrounding Plum Island.

2) Many Lyme and Gulf war Ilness patients are infected with the same genetically engineered organism (mycoplasma fermentens) created and patented by the US Government.

3) Lyme Disease and Gulf War Illness share almost identical symptoms.

4) Doxycycline is one of the drugs of choice for both diseases.

5) Both sets of patients are being denied antibiotic treatment.

6) I spoke with Dr. Thomas, the previous Director of Plum Island, who admitted that an Iraqi researcher (who has since been murdered) did his graduate training at Plum Island, specifically involving different strains of mycoplasma. He went back to Iraq and headed up the mycoplasma research program at the University of Bagdad. I asked Dr. Thomas if Plum Island ever worked with mycoplasmas in general. She denied this at the beginning but gradually admitted researching 7 different different strains. I asked if Plum Island researchers ever worked with mycoplasma fermentens. She was immediately familiar with that particular genetically engineered strain although she did deny that Plum Island researchers ever worked with it.

7) Yale University often works with Plum Island on various projects and they are in close proximity to each other.

8) Yale, again, is one of the main opponents of long term antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease in spite of it's obvious benefits.

It is extremely suspicious that one of the most Lyme-endemic areas in the country only has a handful of doctors that will treat chronic patients. Syphilis is also a spirochetal disease, as is lyme. and is known to sometimes require open-ended antibiotic treatment. Webster's dictionary states that untreated Syphilis may result in the degeneration of many organs and tissues of the human body. Could Lyme disease be another Tuskegee experiment?

Why is there so much attention and propaganda directed at west Nile Virus and Anthrax when these diseases have affected only a few people? I feel that all this media attention to the above two disease causing pathogens involves several agendas which include creating a smokescreen to divert our attention from the more subtle biowarfare pathogens that are already in our midst, destroying countless lives.

I am a cofacilitator of one of the only Lyme Disease support groups in southeastern CT. It is appalling and very frightening to witness the massive numbers of previously intelligent and productive people whose lives are being completely ruined by this disease and it's coinfections such as mycoplasma. babesia and erichliosis. Lyme disease is very misunderstood ( mainly due to media misinformation)and as a result patients' families are disintegrating, patients are losing their jobs, their homes, their insurance, their friends, their dignity and even their minds. Many regret the loss of their minds the most.

Chronic lyme disease can manifest itself with severe neurological symptoms, many which originate in the brain. SPECT scans, which measure blood flow to the brain, show decreased patchy perfusion to specific areas in the patient's brain which usually correlates with their neurological symptoms. Most patients, after sufficient antibiotic treatment, show much improvement in symptoms and in perfusion. Those who have not recieved sufficient treatment or who were treated too late in the disease complain that they are not the same person that they used to be. Many comment that this disease has taken away everything that they hold dear, their brain and even their souls.

Our country is becoming disabled...perhaps intentionally?

The attack on our concerned and compassionate Lyme literate physicians is equally appalling. Our support group here in Connecticut only knows 5 or 6 doctors in the whole state that we can refer Chronic Lyme disease patients to. Several of those few doctors are currently under unwarranted investigation.

Massive numbers of people sick with Chronic Lyme are flocking to these few doctors looking for answers, which not only overwhelms the doctors, but also attaches a stigma to them which then attracts State investigation and sometimes the removal of their medical license.

The most distressing case in the Notheast is that of Dr. Joseph Burrascano. Many Lyme Disease patients owe their lives to him. Dr. Burrascano is nationally renowned for his dedicated research and treatment of Lyme disease. He is well respected by his colleagues and many doctors who treat these patients, use his protocols. In 1993 Dr. Burrascano spoke at a Senate Committee Hearing on Lyme disease. I am including several excerpts from his testimony.

" There is a core group of university-based Lyme Disease researchers whose opinions carry a great deal of weight. Unfortunately many of them act unscientifically and unethically. They adhere to outdated, self-serving views and attempt to personally discredit those whose opinions differ from their own. They exert strong ethically questionable influence on medical journals, which enables them to publish and promote articles that are badly flawed. They work with certain government agencies to bias the agenda of consensus and have worked to exclude from these meetings and scientific seminars those with alternate opinions. They behave this way for reasons of personal or professional gain and are involved in obvious conflicts of interest."

"Following the lead of this group of physicians, a few state health departments have begun to investigate, in a very threatening way, physicians who have more open minded views on Lyme Disease diagnoses and treatment than they do. Indeed, I must confess that I feel I am taking a large risk here today by publically stating these views, for fear that I may suffer some negative repercussions, despite the fact that many hundreds of physicians all over the world agree with what i am saying here. Because of this bias by this inner circle, Lyme Disease is both under diagnosed and under treated, to the great detriment of many of our fellow citizens."

"The very existence of hundreds of Lyme Disease support groups in this country, and tens of thousands of dissatisfied, mistreated and very ill patients whom these groups represent, underscores the many problems that exist out in the real world of Lyme Disease. I ask and plead with you to hear their voices, listen to their stories and work in an honest and unbiased way to help protect the many sufferers whose health is at risk from what now has become a political disease."

Dr. Burrascano has indeed suffered repercussions since his testimony in 1993. He has spent the last couple of years defending himself and other Lyme literate physicians. Burrascano was charged with professional misconduct for the sole reason of treating Lyme patients with long term antibiotics, when needed. In November of 2001 he was exonerated concerning the 39 charges filed against him. However, this ordeal seriously affected him emotionally, physically and financially. Is it any wonder that physicians are acting so strangely when confronted with patients who present with these "Unacceptable illnesses" such as Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Gulf war Illness, Lyme , etc?

We must speak out against this blatant bureaucratic bullying and harassment before all our doctors are corporate owned and controlled and we are all too sick to do anything about it.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy | Full Audio Book

Vatic Note:   This is up because it supported what Gregg Braden wrote in his book "The Healing Power of Belief"...... He said that studies showed that people who prayed for themselves and others to be healed, had a much higher success rate than the controlled group.  He even gave exercises you could do in the book that would aid you in tapping into that power.  This video below does exactly the same thing.  He gives a full accounting about how to do this on this video.  He goes chapter by chapter and its excellent.

I tried to heal myself, and when you combine that with the information we received that our DNA has a 25,000 character alphabet, I knew then I could talk to my own DNA and instruct it to heal my body, since that is what DNA does anyway.  What happened is I had a torn cartiledge in my left knee.  My left leg swelled up to double the size of my right leg.  The pain was so bad that I could not walk even with a cane.

I knew that the DNA in each of us also contains a blueprint of our best condition.
I decided to talk to my DNA and to have "faith" that it would work.   So, that night, until I went to sleep, I talked to my DNA and told it to "heal my left knee according to the original blue print".   I did that until I fell asleep.  The next morning when I got up, and saw that the swelling was all gone, my pain was half of what it was the night before, and I could walk with a cane.   After that I thought about going all the way for full healing.

So, I decided to continue that mantra that day whenever I was driving my car, or taking a shower or when ever my brain was not otherwise occupied.   It worked, the next morning it was completely  healed and I went from faith, to belief, and at the end,  to "KNOWING" and that was it.   To this day a year later,  I am still fine with my left knee.  I now have full confidence that I can heal myself, no matter what is wrong.  He was kind enough to do the book for us on this video, so you can get the information just by listening when you clink on the link to get here.  He is so right on.  Its worth the effort, and believing is half the battle.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy | Full Audio Book 
Published on Mar 3, 2014

Start living the life that YOU want! You deserve it.

Listen to the full audio book and enjoy!
Watch 'The Power Of The Subconscious Mind' and how to use it.
Joseph Murphy is a great coach and writer when it comes to success coaching.

In this audio you have access to the full audio book from Joseph Murphy and you can hear how the power of your subconscious mind works!


To your success,
Lars Mittelstädt

Feel free to like and share your thoughts!

Joseph Murphy
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
Full Audio Book

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


The Rothschilds in India (BRICS?)

Vatic Note:  Well,  I feel I have achieved something that I have wanted for a long time, but could never quite put together, and that is a deep and full picture of the Rothschilds, from every angle I could find and now I believe with this below, we have done  it.   The first video is one of the best I have ever seen and it supports all the contents that Vatic Project has made over their agenda;  the timing of it, the scope of it and  the breadth and depth of it, and all of it on a global basis, which was the part I was having trouble putting together and now with BRICS, I am finally able to see the last peg of this amazing puzzle.

The second video shows us how this family was able to infiltrate, through marriage, and take over the entire royalty of Europe or what is better known as the Illuminati Bloodline families, thus having enormous access to closed doors, massive wealth, and the highest circles across the globe in every country..  Did you know there were Khazars that migrated to China early on, and got the Chinese officials to give them and assign them Chinese family names?

Thats just one example of their reach into every pocket of this globe.  India is another example. Notice, they started with third world countries and made them even worse?  Normally, if you get monied elite with integrity, they put their efforts into advancing a society but not these khazar Rothschilds.  They bleed the nations until there is nothing left and then move on to the next target.  They are already beginning to bleed China, and have now targeted other nations to build up so they can tear them down after they extract all their wealth from them.

We are going to put up a series that gives us the most in depth treatment of history on this planet, that I have ever seen, heard or read about and a great deal of my education was history given the major I had chosen.   When I complete the journey,  I will let you know "THESE ARE THE ONES" but again be prepared since there are 11 videos at least to the series.   That is how comprehensive it is and it bring home HARD, just how important it is that we stand against them.  We literally have no choice, you will agree once you see all these, especially the last 5 or so of the set.   

The Rothschilds in India (BRICS?) 
Published on Mar 4, 2015

Muhammad Rafeeq with Daryl Bradford Smith, October 10, 2010.
On The Rothschild Family and some of their activities over the years in The United States, France, Weimar Republic, Ireland, Britain, Netherlands, India, China, Vietnam. 

And on Itsvan Bakony's "Chinese Communism and The Chinese Jews"; Chabad Lubavitch all over India.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Children's Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK

Vatic Note:  There is so much to address in here, but it will all make more sense when I finish putting up the 11 videos that deal with where these evil demons all come from and how many thousands of years they have been doing this.  No wonder they got kicked out of Mongolia in the 1100's.  I knew they had to be doing some thing really bad for them to get kicked out of a country that served as a safe haven for Criminals, such as Genghis Kahn.

One such example discussed in this video was the testimony of these children of having seen babies decapitated and the adults drinking their blood.  Well we obtained a copy of the son of Satan in America's, affidavit swearing to what he saw as a 10 year old up at a castle in Denver and it was exactly the same as what was described below that happened in Britain.  What that tells us clearly is this is a global phenomena, and not something out of the ordinary, but way bigger than we had imagined.

Remember Senator Schaffer from the Georgia State Senate was interviewed and discussed how Child Protective Services were pimping out chldren to higher ups.  The child would be identified, and passed onto the CPS, who would then find an excuse to take legal custody of the child.  Then they would submit them for their sexual abuse.  Her expose resulted in national attention being directed within other states to CPS in those states and she began to realize this was going on all over the country.

Then she began working with others in Europe and Britain and they were getting ready to do a big huge conference on this and guess what?  Her and her husband were killed in their home.  A coincidence?  I think not. We are slowly but surely putting this all together after listening to those eleven videos and then reading all that we have garnered and by the end of this next week, we should have it all posted for you.  Its going to take several days, to be prepared to spend the time,  just to watch and listen and be shocked at what you will hear. This below will make sense when you find out who these royalty really are. 

Children's Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK 
By Ken Adachi, Educate Yourself, presented by Henry Makow


(above, a one-hour compilation of videos taken by the mother and her partner in early September 2014. Barnet police took the children away from the mother on September 11 and were preparing to arrest the mother when she fled the UK.)

Two children named Alisa and Gabriel told their mother they were involved in sexual abuse and had witnessed the ritualistic murder of babies by their biological father, Ricky Dearman, the leader of a satanic cult. They described the decapitation of babies, drinking of blood and eating the dead babies. Routine sex parties at their school involved teachers, administrators, some 20 other children, and hundreds of parents involved with the cult. London police and social services are involved and are trying to cover up the case.

Latest! Satanist Judge and Media Protect Satanic Child Killers; Charge Mother : "An evil mother tortured her children to make up sickening allegations about a satanic cult based at a primary school in the midst of a seething child contact dispute, a High Court judge ruled March 19." The Daily Mail

by Ken Adachi

Ken Adachi is webmaster of educate-yourself.org where this material first appeared.

Two UK siblings, 9 year old Alisa (A) and 8 year old Gabriel (G), recently appeared in Youtube videos titled "Papa kills babies." Both children describe how they had been involved in sexual abuse by adults, including their father, along with teachers and parents and 20 "special" children at the school they attended, Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, London. (The children also report that many other schools in Hampstead also engage in satanic/sexual abuse.)

They report forced participation in the ritualistic murder of babies, including the decapitation of drugged babies by their UK father and other fathers of children attending their school. When asked, Alisa said that her father had killed more than 1,000 babies; and perhaps as many as 2,000. She said her father was the leader of the satanic cult.

In one of the 20 videos uploaded by the mother, Alisa describes how some babies were provided by Social Services ]. Both children say they were forced to drink blood, eat flesh, and dance around with multiple skulls of previously murdered babies. This typical of demented conduct often seen at satanic rituals.

The Russian-born mother of the children, Ella Raulyevna Draper (ED), had only discovered her children's abuse in August 2014, while on holiday in Morocco with her kids and boyfriend. Both children say they were warned by their father that they would be killed if they talked.

The Metropolitan police, Barnet Police, Social Services, Cafcass, and even the judges handling the case are colluding to cover up the children's allegations of murder and abuse causing the mother to flee to another country to avoid arrest.

The mother sought the help of a children's advocate (Association of McKenzie Friends), lawyer Sabine Kurjo McNeill, who was also forced to flee to Germany for putting out the story on Youtube after being stonewalled by the courts and government officials.

The first Youtube found above are edited video recordings made of Alisa and her brother Gabriel in September of 2014. I believe that the people talking to the children on the video include a former constable (possibly Kleo Papachrlstou), a relative of the mother's partner, the mother, and the mother's boyfriend/partner, Abraham Christie (AC).

There are many videos of interviews with the kids posted on Youtube [now taken down], but this edited compilation gives you the more salient allegations.

The Alfred Webre interview with Sabine McNeill (posted Feb 15) includes more information than I had found online. I've included Sabine's article, as she's been a first- hand witness in this case. Other articles written about the children's revelations are linked here. A list of the names involved in the case, taken from an early Youtube posting, is also posted, along with the testimony of the mother with details of the satanic cult activities, found on an archived page here and also here. The biological father of the children (never married to children's mother), Ricky Dearman, has a Facebook page which is archived here. ]


Aanirfan -Cover Up of Satanic Child Abuse in Hampstead and The Bigger Picture - CIA and Mossad (see other articles link at right)
Here is the mother telling the story of what she learned from her kids. She provides names, addresses, email, tel etc.
In Great Britain, Powerful Pedophiles are Seemingly Everywhere and Totally Above the Law


"Papa" Satanic Cult Scandal: Have Hampstead Churches Been Infiltrated? (March 5, 2015)

Head Teacher at Christ Church Primary School, Accused by Whistleblower Kids of Leading Role in Satanic Cult, Sends Out Feb. 5 Letter to Parents Assuring 'welcoming environment' of 'safety and wellbeing' (Feb. 27, 2015)

Police Interviews of Hampstead Satanic Cult Whistle Blower Kids Now Online (Feb, 24, 2015) Updated Feb. 27, 2015

Police Interviews of Hampstead Satanic Cult Whistle Blower Kids Now Online (Feb, 24, 2015)

What's Next for Whistle Blower Kids in Wonderland? (Feb 23. 2015)

Protecting Satanists & Murderers: Russian Grandparents of Hampstead Abused Kids Relive Gestapo Intimidation by Thugs of Met Police in Attempting to Arrest Mother (Feb. 23 , 2015)

Sabine McNeill Latest Update Interview with Sam (Feb. 23, 2015)

British Courts: Gagging Mothers & Supporters of Abused Kids (Feb 22, 2015)

Sabine McNeill: Christ Church School Taken off SchoolsNet - nice admission of guilt, eh? (Feb. 22, 2015)

Naked Corruption of London's Police & Courts: "Cover up crimes at all cost" (Feb 21, 2015)

Hampstead Abuse - What's Going On? (Feb 18, 2015)

Belinda McKenzie Video Report: OUTSIDE a Secret Family Court hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on Feb. 17

"Papa Kills Babies" Latest Updates From Sabine McNiell (Feb. 20, 2015)

"Papa Kills Babies" Case Update From Sabine McNiell (Feb. 17, 2015)
First Comment from Dan:

To any readers that have never heard of such things before I want you to know that scandals like this have been exposed over and over, but nothing happens. Same pattern every time: the whistle blowers disappear or are sent to prison on trumped up charges, and the children are 'disappeared' by 'protective services'.

The last major exposure in the US broke in 1988, now known as the Franklin Coverup. Read about it here:

Still Evil after All These Years: The Franklin Scandal and Pedophilia in High Places

"The late 80s and 90s were rough years for people to make accusations of pedophilia. Media of the left and right alike were debunking an array of scandals involving nursery schools around the country (most notoriously the McMartin Preschool in California). The charges of child abuse were often bizarre as well as horrifying, and were ultimately dismissed in court as Salem witch trial hysteria and the accused exonerated. "False memory syndrome" entered the language as a new psychological disorder and proved useful for understanding odd claims of "recovered memory" in many areas."

This documentary was slated to run on The Discovery Channel on Tuesday, May 5th 1994, but was pulled before it was broadcast. The Discovery Channel and Yorkshire Television were reimbursed for expenses not to show it.

BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary Satanism and Pedophilia EXPOSED

It started as a mundane FBI bank fraud bust. The manager of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha Nebraska was under investigation for embezzling $40 million dollars. But when FBI raided the bank to confiscate King's records, they discovered a cache of thousands of original pornographic photos of children and adults. Here's the kicker, the agents recognized many of the adults as well known politicians, judges, police - including very high up officials in Washington DC.
Art adds:

As an addendum to Dan's submission this video, from 34 years ago, is quite shocking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXlvObVuKeE

If this happened over three decades ago, in Houston Texas, it must be 1000 times worse now. I've lived in Texas nearly my entire life and have NEVER heard of any of this in the news.

JJ Adds: Detroux Scandal

These 3 Chemicals are Killing Your Erections Viagra Almost Killed Me. Hair Loss Miracle BANNED in United States This is what FEMA Coffins are Actually for.   Hair Loss Miracle BANNED in United States

The Vigilant Citizen ad

Comments for "Children's Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK "

Peter G said (March 22, 2015):

Well Done Henry

You have made a bold statement posting this.
These children are not lying and I cannot see any subliminal coercion in this video (which I tonight have viewed for the the first and last time)

The same crowd of misled or misguiding masons that protected Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile for so long will see to it that on their watch, like the officers that went before, no truth will emerge.

In this the same week that "the sun smiled" and five guilty as hell reporters were set free to commit more lies. This truth that you have let run free for a short bolt before the next locked judgement of the truly bent Judiciary stops it in its tracks will be a testament to your optimism and honesty.

These children are doomed. It will not be just the Common Purpose lackeys of Barnet Council that sees to this. IT WILL BE EVERYTHING.

Watch jack shit happen. PS Could you please ask Vladimir Putin to rescue these half Russian children and reunite them with their mother.

And if you get the chance to impale some satanists along the way.....?

Ken Adachi said (March 22, 2015):

Posting Ken's comment since no one else has commented except Dan:

The courage shown by the mother, Sabine McNeill, Belinda McKenzie and others in Britain --who thought they could depend on the British authorities to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty -- are the people who deserve credit.

A British woman who tried to help in the Hollie Greig case with Robert Green (another good Samaritan who was crushed by British authorities -- jailed for one year -- in his attempts to help expose the Hollie Greig story) alerted me to the story in early February soon after the videos came out on Youtube.

Above all, these two kids have shown the greatest courage in attempting to be honest, considering how they have been completely betrayed by the judges and police. By the way, I have a long article from Hareetz from 2002 that says Judge Vera Mayer (born in Prague) lived in Israel from age 8 to 24 and then moved to London. The Israel connection to both judges should be looked at carefully.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at henry@henrymakow.com
Archives >>

Illuminati book
You weren't supposed to see this
- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2015/03/Childrens-Revelations-Prove-Satanists-Control-UK%20%20.html#sthash.ry7nEqtU.dpuf

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Government As God

Vatic Note:   This is something that not everyone should listen to.   This is for those who truly want to do what is right and to revamp how we relate to our Government that is no longer acting as our government.   It no longer reflects our value system, it no longer honors integrity and doing what is right.  Since when did Americans ever approve of torturing anyone.  We didn't because we knew the consequences of allowing it to happen would result in it being ok to do to our children, our sons and daughters and we did not want that either for ourselves or for other parents and spouses.

When did we ever allow multimillion dollar thefts go unpunished?  When did we ever turn our backs on little children being pedophiled or decapitated and the criminal drinking their blood?  NEVER.   So, what has happened to us?  This video shows how we deteriorated down to the level we are not occupying, its one you may want to skip if you don't want to face the hard truth about our role in all of this as shown by our apathy. 

The time is coming and its not to far away, when we will have to decide who we want to believe is God, and then act accordingly.   I did not enjoy listening to this because it was true and I did not want to hear such raw truth, but I made myself listen and I have pondered on it ever since.   While I do this blog, I still wonder if there is even more I could have or still could do.  If it makes you think about that, then its done its job.

We have to take a hard look, since we are the ones who elected those in office doing this and we are the ones responsible for holding them accountable.  Our jobs are overseas.... how did we allow that to happen.  An import tax could have dissuaded the powers that be from shipping our jobs to slave labor countries, so they could increase their profits.  And what about the glass seigle act being overturned and not a peep from us.  Now Wall Street is totally out of control with price fixing, manipulation of indexes etc... LIKE I SAID, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS, DO NOT WATCH AND LISTEN TO THE VIDEO. 

Government As God 
Published on Sep 1, 2012
DollarDVDProjectLiberty.com http://www.onedollardvdproject.com
This is a redo of "Wake UP." It needed a tweak. Besides, this info. needs duplication.

Larken Rose meets David Dees... kinda, This clip is now available on a DVD for a dollar or two each, titled "Wake Up." Pass a stack out in your church parking lot. Remember, Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. What is His attitude about invading countries that did not attack us? That doesn't sound like "just war" to me. Too many "Christians" rally for war and death to their brothers and sisters on this planet.

This clip was inspired by a US-version of the video "Nachricht an das Stimmvieh", produced by FreiwilligFrei.de, a german group of bloggers and activists. You may have seen it: "Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose." While it is outstanding, I thought it needed a few more visuals so, I went to Rense.com and looked over David Dees illustrations and well... here is what I came up with.

Everyone should pass this one along and download it as well. If you see these efforts removed from youtube then, upload your copy. We must keep this message available to those who will change the world. God Bless you Larken Rose.

May I suggest that Larken's audio be put on a variety of slideshows and such for uploading everywhere and anywhere. Hell, let's have a contest. Thank you Larken Rose for your powerful words that will surely wake up those who will hear.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.



http://www.thetruthtraveler.com/     You can listen to tonights (3/25) interview at the schedule below and at the link above.  You can also listen to the previous 3 interviews with Vatic Master on the archives at the archive link below.   

Come join us and have some fun.  The hostess is knowledgeable and brilliant, and great to talk with.   Get to know the team on Truth Traveler and pass it around, since time is running short and education is more important than ever before. 

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The truth in all things...open your mind and explore reality as you never have before from deep inside the human mind to ancient technology and archaeology
 that will shatter your preconceived beliefs and alter your awareness. Unearthing the truths that have been hidden from us will help us to
 understand the present and prepare us for the future. Knowing there is vast knowledge that can transform our thoughts today and reshape
 how we view the world around us is the focus of becoming fellow Truth Travelers.  Climb aboard, our destination...hidden knowledge.

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Pyramids of the World have Started to Come Alive Galactic Photon Belt Enters Our Solar System

Vatic note:   Because all we have about all this is what you see below and at the link provided.  We cannot prove any of this, so I suggest you remember what we do know, since that report, mentioned in item #1,  is or at least was available for anyone to read.  Same with the rest of these.

1.  Alien Invasion was one of 2 recommendations by the 1966 Iron Mountain Report to use bogus aliens invading us as a justification to get us to globalize.  That is a fact.

2.  Another fact that we "know" is that the pyramids were built by an advanced civilization.  Either advanced from here that disappeared or alien.

3.  We know that Bill Cooper disclosed a government conspiracy to cover up alien existence on this planet, and it was called Majestic 12.


4.  We know for a fact that the USA has a full space division and flying ships operated on anti-gravity for flight and they, along with NASA were placed under the newly formed Naval Space Division.

5.  We also know that the airforce has perfected holographic technology that can throw images in the sky from one of their planes using the technology they developed.

6.   there is more, but this will do for our purposes for now.  As  usual, please think for yourselves and if you disagree, please let us and why.   We only ask for respect in the disagreeing, and no name calling or anger fits.  Thanks. 

Its from these bits of information that I have preliminarily deduced that this below could well be true, but watch out for any deception or manipulation from the bad guys. 

Pyramids of the World have Started to Come Alive Galactic Photon Belt Enters Our Solar System
By Lavendar Rose,  Before Its News,  March 12, 2015


(VN: we just heard about a plane crash over CERN Switzerland where the collider is located.  Did the collider have anything to do with it?  Switzerland also happens to be the home of Rothschilds BIS, Bank of International Settlements.   Is there some connection?) 





The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Australian Survey Buoy Anomolies Offer New Evidence that the Twin star is leaving to head south again.

Vatic Note:  This was put up in June of 2010 and matches what I found later with respect to the Antarctica and we did numerous blogs on the subject and what was going on down there.  I will try to find the links and post them for you later.  Having said that, I believe that the dark star is here and beginning his journey back to where it came from and that is why their has been virtually no damage so far, except some Minor equakes and plate movement..

What was seldom ever said was that the twin star was coming from the South and it makes a big difference on its impact on the earth. It would be a lot more damage coming in on the Elliptic, so we are lucky this time around.   We did an interview of a mayan Shaman back then and he said we had nothing to fear, that it was the return of the "ANCESTORS AND WISE MEN."  Hows that for a cryptic description.

I have a lot more to say about this and will do so later.  I am behind because the powers that be or "someone" hacked into my computer and I could not even turn it on.  I had to wait for a shift change to get control of my computer back again.  So please be patient as it will analyzed by the time 9 am comes aound. 

by Richard St-Laurent
6 June 2010
from Yowusa Website


A heated debate in the Planet X community focuses on where Planet X is approaching from. Many believe it is near or moving along the ecliptic in the direction of the sun (the plane of our solar system.)

Others such as ourselves, have always maintained that it is approaching from the South.


Those who believe it is moving near or along the ecliptic in the direction of the sun, offer in evidence, cell phone photos and spurious SOHO image anomalies.

Our position has always been that this dubious imagery misses one simple point. If so, Planet X which most likely has its own magnetic field, would already be interacting violently with our sun, which is at this time so quiescent, that NASA even said that it is the “quiet before the storm.”

On the other hand, the only evidence that NASA is interacting with our Sun is found in the data reported by the ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe.

YOWUSA.COM, 13-October-08
The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / Nibiru

The published findings of the 2007, ESA-NASA Ulysses robotic probe's look-up fly-under of the Sun's South Pole region came to our attention while authoring our book, Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in 2007.
The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / Nibiru

It offered the first half of a picture that would either provide proof of, or call into question, the existence of Planet X. A possible acid test, so to speak.
However, the second half of this picture would not arrive until 2008, during the probe's scheduled look-down fly-over of the Sun's North Pole region.

The last polar flyover of the probe was “officially” unsuccessful though European sources indicate otherwise.


Nonetheless, the data NASA did publish clearly shows that the Southern hemisphere of the sun is significantly more active than the Northern hemisphere, which supports the argument that Planet X is currently approaching the core of our system from deep within the Southern skies of our solar system.

Published in 2008, these findings are now supported by new findings that not only corroborates the Ulysses probe findings, but also suggests a causality link between recent Earth changes, seismic events, volcanism and even the BP oil spill and the approach of Planet X from the South.

Mantle Stretching

If the earth is subject to a gravitational pull from below the ecliptic (from the South Pole), this would theoretically make the South Pole "inflate out" (ocean and continent rising) and the North Pole crustal layers slide and stretch from one to another (mantle stretching and following the earth's circumference path.)

Planet X Gravitational Influences

If this is true, it would lead to unusual weather and other types of anomalous patterns, such as unexpected tidal behavior. Have scientists noticed such phenomena? The answer, here again, is a very resounding yes!


Scientists from different parts of the world have recently verified these occurrences.

Wired.com, 24-Dec-2009
Tidal Forces Trigger Tremors on San Andreas Fault

The subtle changes in stress caused by tides in Earth’s crust can trigger small, deep quakes along a seismically active portion of California’s San Andreas fault, a new analysis suggests.
San Andreas Fault

The same forces of attraction that cause ocean tides also cause tides in Earth’s rocks, says Amanda Thomas, a seismologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

And although the continual variations in rock stress associated with those tides are minuscule, they apparently are big enough to trigger small tremors along some faults, Thomas and Berkeley colleagues Robert M. Nadeau and Roland Bürgmann report in the Dec. 24/31 Nature.

This 2009 article documents the new discovery that tides are not just ocean events, but crustal as well.


This discovery likewise highlights the current risk of a major quake for the greater Los Angeles area.

YOWUSA.COM, 25-May-10
2010 Quake Prediction for the Greater Los Angeles Area

For those of you living in the greater Los Angeles, CA area, an immediate and prudent review your earthquake preparedness measures is strongly advised.
2010 Quake Prediction for the Greater Los Angeles Area

This article presents late-breaking Torah Codes by film producer and research Richard Shaw, with the permission of the research team in Jerusalem.
Please note, this is not a call to panic. It is a call for diligent concern and responsible action.

Is this new potential threat of a major seismic event in Southern California related to the BP oil spill that is now devastating multiple ecosystems along the Gulf Coast and beyond?

Perhaps so, assuming there is a single common causality as described in below video:



As you read the following analysis of the Australian survey buoy anomalies, you may begin to see a correlation between Earth changes and the BP oil spill and worse.

Perhaps this, more than the spill itself, motivated President Obama has placed a moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf.

Why? Because a part of planet that we know less about than the face of the Moon is changing and these changes are startlingly evident in Australia.


Buoy 53401

In April 2010 when NOAA survey buoy 53401 started emitting alarming data and sounded a state of "tsunami emergency," reporting major seabed changes (the seabed rising about 300 feet) in the Indian Ocean near Malaysia (located northwest of Australia.)

Buoy 53401 Location

The buoy transmitted data showing daily major seabed changes from April 5 through April 12, 2010, and then it was turned off or stopped sending data. The buoy was not transmitting any information as of May 31, 2010.

At first, researchers thought the buoy was malfunctioning because major seabed depth changes like this seemed impossible. 


A Pattern Emerges

By itself, buoy 53401 was a singular anomaly.


However, the situation became more serious and suspicious in mid-March 2010 when another buoy, buoy 55012, began emitting alarming data that showed dramatic changes in the seabed depth and went into a state of “tsunami emergency.”


This time, the buoy was located northeast of Australia.

Some days after that, a third buoy went into a state of "tsunami emergency" when reporting, like the two first tsunami buoy stations, tremendous changes in seabed depth in an area close to the second buoy northeast of Australia.


The data showed a seabed rise of 13 feet per day and was officially reported in the news on May 16, 2010. Immediately following that report, the data streams for buoys 53401 and 55012 were halted.


So far, the dimensions of this story, begin with the 24-Dec-2009 report that the San Andreas fault in California is susceptible to,

“the same forces of attraction that cause ocean tides also cause tides in Earth’s rocks.”

Then a mysterious shut out of data feeds for two key, Australian survey buoys following a report of a seabed rise of 13 feet per day.


Is there another dot to connect? Yes!


Unexpected Changes Under Alaska

On May 19, 2010, "Discovery News” reported that major and unexpected changes in the earth's mantle under Alaska were found more or less by accident during a scientific study in this area.

Discovery.com, May 19, 2010
Earth's Mantle in Overdrive Under Alaska

A new 3-D model of the mega-quake and tsunami-launching duction zone in Alaska has uncovered a big surprise: The Earth's mantle there is moving a whopping 20 to 30 times faster than the crust.

So instead of being dragged along for the ride as a slab of crust is pushed under another, the solid rock mantle rock is swirling around the plunging slab like water around a paddle dipped in a stream.
Earth's Mantle in Overdrive Under Alaska

What the models predict are flows up to 90 centimeters per year around the descending slab of crust, said geologist Magali Billen of the University of California at Davis.
Billen co-authored a report on the new model with former graduate student and lead author Margarete Jadamec in this week's issue of the journal Nature.
"On plate tectonics timescales that's screaming fast," said Billen.
More typical plate speeds range from one to 10 centimeters per year.

When these “earth changes” in the Australian and Alaskan areas are added to other earth-change anomalies like coal mine explosions that suddenly seem to occur all around the world, the picture is no longer a disjointed collection of coincidences.


There is something much bigger happening and scientists are concerned.


 Magma Rising

Recent seismic and volcanic events indicate a new and recent worldwide magma rising, more accurately called a “magma plume,” that accounts for the weather changes everywhere in the world including the recent volcanic activity.

This begs an important question:

Could this be caused by a gravitational pull from below the ecliptic?

Since the earth is subject to major seabed and continental shelf changes, this would lead to many worldwide problems similar to the hurricanes and volcanic activity we are experiencing presently.


But if all this is real, it would again beg the question:

Is the earth under the influence of a gravitational force field from below the ecliptic?

The data is piling up with a simple answer.


A very alarming and resounding yes!

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.