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The "REAL" reason for Ferguson riots: Mom and Pop refused to sell.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Vatic Note:   As usual Jim Stone has exposed the true plight of the citizens of Ferguson and the false flag action that it was, with a nefarious purpose so evil as to negate all the good we have done over all these many years.   This is simply one example of how the evil ones are beginning their take over in our country as they did in the Middle east, using the same techniques and false rebels and instigators to fan the flames of violence and discontent.

It did not work as well as they had planned.  We did a blog proving that the oath keepers showed up in Ferguson to protect those business so sorely desired by these mega international corporations such that they desired to confiscate the land and mom and pop businesses, in Ferguson for their own ends,  using the local police to aid them in such work.  The oathkeepers were creating an obstacle to that goal.

So the police attempted to intimidate them off the roofs of the businesses they were protecting, because the oathkeepers actions were hindering the objectives of driving the mom and pop shops out of business.  Heck we even published a blog with a video showing a police officer setting fire to a car to use to burn down those businesses, which also would save the evil ones money for demolition if they ever got control of those buildings.   This is YOUR SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER,  how do you like it so far???

Nothing is sacred to these satanic globalists in pursuit of their goals of world domination.  They are fascist Zionists dressed in idealistic clothing.  I would not doubt that they shot their own people (policemen) in an attempt to try and begin a civil war so they could finish the take over of our nation.

Many of the protesters were imported to Ferguson by the manipulators of this situation, exactly as these same international ziionist bankers did in the ME fiasco.  Remember these are the types of things Hitlers stormtroopers used to do for the "good/security of ze homeland".  Ironically our Homeland Security dept was patterned after the gestapo.  That is why they act like gestapo.

The real reason for Ferguson riots: Mom and Pop refused to sell.
by Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter, December 9, 2014

What triggered Ferguson to become the center of a national propaganda campaign that could very well be used to take away more rights and freedoms? Why was that exact spot chosen for this? 
Because some high level super rich corporate types decided they wanted to take the main avenue of Ferguson and turn it into a large strip mall, and mom and pop stores refused to sell.

Take a look at this initiative which failed because mom and pop stores said NO:

Now take a look at a map of the fires in Ferguson. They match the exact location of this initiative, which failed. The riots badly devalued all properties in the same area after the local businesses refused to sell out to allow the initiative to happen.  And because the scamming zio press and others use any opportunity they can to destroy rights and freedoms in today’s America, obviously Fema testing and martial law type scenarios became part of this picture.
Ferguson fires

This initiative was supposed to be approved by June 30 2014 but failed because local businesses refused to allow it to happen. This puts the imported rioters which even the Mayor commented about into an entirely new perspective, obviously they were brought in by big money somewhere to cheapen the area and give the local business owners second thoughts about being there.

This initiative, which was fronted as “a plan to re-invent the unproductive Ferguson” is a great explanation for the riots. With mom and pop having their property values reduced to pennies on the dollar from all the rioters who (at least at first) were well proven and publicly announced by the Mayor himself to be paid imports who arrived on buses from Chicago, a rich corporateer can now buy up Ferguson CHEAP and make it into a whole new place and to hell with mom and pop!

If you want to know who is behind the riots in Ferguson, the entire charade, just wait and see who buys up all the devalued businesses and THROW HIM STRAIGHT IN JAIL.

I discovered the above Ferguson info from a post to the forum by John Carter. He has a TON of additional info that cinches this up in a body bag in his post to the Forum, it is a great read!
Originally posted at JimStoneFreelance.com

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The Earth is in Quarantine - Michael Tsarion

Vatic Note:   Now this is a completely new approach to very old problems.  I do not know just how valid this is, but Michael Tsarion has deep credibility based on his 30 years of research and most of what he has told us in the past has come to pass.  This was interesting, and deep enough to share with you, no matter how you think about it, he has made a cogent case for what he is claiming.

As I said, I do not have proof or evidence he is right, but there is enough to justify an open mind about it and to try out some of the suggestions he is making, to see if they work.   If they do, then we know, but if they do not, it has cost us nothing but time, and that was always going to be the problem using any other methods, such as traditional methods of fighting an enemy.

One thing is certain, they are making their move right now, for who knows why after all these years, but they are, so we must begin to make ours as well.  We have options and they are locked into what they have planned.  They have greater knowledge than we do, but our ancients had the same knowledge at one time.

Its been lost over time, due to the evils ones control over information and resources.   Today, we have nothing to lose to begin to experiment and this is a good place to start.  We are creative and have the ability to adapt, they do not.  They have committed too much in the way of human and material resources into one agenda, and its creation and implementation, so we have the advantage.  Lets put it to good use. 

The Earth is in Quarantine - Michael Tsarion 
Published on Aug 11, 2014

An extremely thought provoking look at a version of History that has been Censored and Hidden, Exquisitely explained as always by Michael Tsarion.



The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Dragon Society Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines, Part 4 of 6 - "The Discovery"

  Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Vatic Note:   This one below is awesome.  Its about the Knights Templar, the Rennes le Chateau and the village and church that was built there.   The priest who ran the property, Fr Saunier, knew more than anyone about the church, the "treasure" that was held there in hiding, and the story of the entire life of the knights Templar and the vatican.

I did not know half of what I read here, however, I had done an enormous amount of reading about the Knights, and the Cathays, who were massacred by the Catholic Church.  The "treasure" that the priest found was in fact documents and not treasure, and these documents are the "discovery" this section talks about.  Very very interesting read and it explains a lot.  

The Dragon Society  Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines, Part 4 of 6 - "The Discovery"
by Tracy Twyman

Rennes-le-Château is a village situated on a mountain peak 25 miles from Carcassonne in southern France. A few miles away there is another mountain called Bézu on which there stand the ruins of a former centre of the Knights Templar. About a mile east from Rennes-le-Château are the ruins of the castle of the Blanchefort family, and the home of Bertrand Blanchefort, the fourth grandmaster of the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar are the so-called Warrior Monks who were proclaimed by Pope Innocent II in a Papal Bull in 1139 to owe allegiance only to the Pope, and were therefore under no obligation to kings and princes. Effectively they constituted an autonomous international empire.

The church at Rennes-le-Château

Bérengere Saunière, the priest of Rennes-le-Château, decided to partly renovate the church the village church in 1891. It had been consecrated to Mary Magdelene in 1059, and was built on the site of a Visigoth church that dated back to the sixth century. When the altar stone was removed, Saunière found that one of the pillars that it stood on was hollow. 

Inside this column were four parchments kept in two sealed wooden tubes. Two of them were apparently genealogies. One dated from 1244, and the other from 1644. The two others had been written in Latin by one of Saunière´s predecessors, Abbé Antoin Bigou, who had been personal priest to the Blanchefort family – important landowners in the area.

These parchments dated from the 1780s, and seemed to be written excerpts from the New Testament in Latin. However, in one of the parchments, the words were written without spaces and extra, at first sight, unnecessary letters had been added. In the second parchment, some letters had been raised above the others. The following decipherment has appeared in French documents written about Rennes-le-Château, and the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, and the BBC films that they made on the subject.


which translates as:


Rather more obvious in the second parchment is the following, spelled out in raised letters:


which translates as:

Saunière realized that he had stumbled upon something important, and therefore took the parchments to the Bishop of Carcassonne. He was immediately ordered to go to Paris, at the Bishop’s expense, where he met various important ecclesiastic authorities. During the three weeks that he spent there, Saunière was accepted into the circle of Émile Hoffet, the nephew of the Director General of the Seminary of Saint Sulpice. Hoffet was training for the priesthood, and was a well-respected scholar of linguistics, cryptography and palaeography. 

He was also involved in esoteric, occult groups, which included the writers Stéphane Mallarmé and Maurice Maeterlink, as well as the composer Claude Debussy. The famous opera singer, Emma Calvé, also mixed in these circles, and is reputed to have had an affair with Saunière, or at least a very close friendship with him. While there, Saunière bought reproductions of three paintings from the Louvre, one of which was Les Bergeres de Arcadie - The Shepherds of Arcadia by Nicolas Poussin.

When he returned to Rennes-le-Château, he continued renovations on the church, and he discovered a burial chamber in the church that, it is said, contained skeletons. He also turned his attention to the sepulchre of Marie, Marquise d’Hautpol de Blanchefort. This had been designed by Abbé Antoin Bigou, and the rearranged letters on the inscription formed an anagram of the code above referring to Dagobert II. 

Saunière, for no explained reason, obliterated the inscription, but did not realize that it had been copied elsewhere. He developed the habit of wandering around the countryside with his housekeeper, Marie Denarnaud, collecting stones and rocks. He was also in correspondence with people all over the world, and spending a large amount of money on postage alone. Needless to say, this was abnormal behaviour for a humble priest in the French countryside.

He was extravagant in many other ways too. A road was built leading up to the village, and the Tower of Magdala was built. A new house was built – Villa Bethania - which Saunière never occupied. The church was decorated in an opulently bizarre way. Over the porch was put the inscription:


which translates as:


The church door
at Rennes-le-Château

Tracy Twyman points out in Dagobert’s Revenge,

"this is a quote from Genesis, where Jacob falls asleep on a stone and has a vision of a ladder leading up to heaven, with angels ascending and descending. This, of course, is the same Stone of Destiny brought to Scotland by Joseph of Arimathea, and became the stone upon which British monarchy are crowned, even today. What’s noteworthy is that beneath the words ’This Place is Terrible’ seems to be completed by the words in Latin ’but this is the House of God and the Gateway to Heaven’, making it not a curse, but a statement upon the dual nature of divinity."

Immediately inside the entrance to the church, Sauniere placed a statue of the demon Asmodeus - the demon in charge of secrets, guardian of hidden treasure and, according to Judaic tradition, the builder of the Temple of Solomon. He was also known as "the Destroyer", as well as "Rex Mundi", the "Lord of the Earth." Inside the church garishly painted Stations of the Cross were painted, and in some there are inconsistencies. For example:

  • in Station VIII there is a picture of a child dressed in Scottish tartan.

  • Station XIV depicts Jesus’ body being carried at night under a full moon in the vicinity of a tomb. It could mean that his body was being carried to the tomb at night, several hours after the Bible would have us believe. Or perhaps the body is being carried out of the tomb...

There are statues of five saints whose initials spell out G.R.A.A.L. (as in Holy Grail):

  • Saint Germain
  • St Roch
  • St Anthony de Padoue
  • St Anthony the Hermit
  • St Luke

In the shape of an "M". This "M" has been supposed, for reasons that will later become apparent, to stand for "Magdelene".

Reference is also made for the first time by Tracy Twyman in Dagobert’s Revenge that,

"the church wall featured the telltale marking, a yellow stripe embedded in the foundation, which was used in those days to indicate that as early as the 8th century someone of royal blood was buried inside the church."

And Saunière continued to spend. He had a magnificent library installed in the Magdela Tower that he had constructed, he built an orangery and a zoological garden and accumulated valuable collections of china, fabrics and antiques. His parishioners were treated to huge banquets and received visits from various well-connected figures.

The most noteworthy of his visitors was Archduke Johann von Hapsburg, a cousin of Franz-Josef, emperor of Austria. According to banking records, the Archduke paid considerable amounts of money over to Saunière.

The Tower of Magdela

Although the church turned a blind eye to these goings-on, it reached a point when the bishop of Carcassonne had to act, and he summoned Saunière to make an account of himself and his dealings. He accused Saunière of simony, that is, the selling of masses. Saunière flatly refused to reveal anything, and the Bishop therefore suspended him. However, Saunière appealed to the Vatican, and he was re-instated.

Then on January 17th, 1917, at the age of 65, Saunière had a sudden stroke. The date is of interest. It is the same date as the death of Marie, Marquise d’Hautpol de Blanchefort, whose tomb inscription Saunière had obliterated. It is also the feast day of Saint Sulpice who crops up again and again in this account.

Of particular significance, however, is that five days before his death, on January 12th, Saunière appeared to his parishioners to be in good health. But this was the day that his housekeeper, Marie Denarnaud, ordered his coffin. The priest who heard Saunière’s deathbed confession, according to some, "never smiled again" and he refused to give Saunière the last traditional Roman Catholic rites of extreme unction.

Saunière died on January 22nd. His body was sat upright in an armchair on the terrace of the Tour Magdala. He was dressed in an ornate robe with scarlet tassels attached. One by one unidentified mourners filed past his body, and some took a tassel off the robe. Nobody has ever been able to explain this odd procedure.

To the astonishment of everyone, when the will was read, Saunière was discovered to have died penniless. Shortly before his death, he had transferred all his money to his housekeeper. It is possible that she had been in charge of the money all along.

After the Second World War, the French government introduced a new currency, and all citizens were obliged to exchange their old francs for the new ones. Large amounts of money had to be accounted for in order to trace "black" money saved by collaborators, tax-evaders and the like. Marie Denarnaud would not reveal the source of her money, and was to be seen later burning large amounts of cash in the garden of the Villa Bethania

She eventually sold the house to Monsieur Noël Corbu, and told him that before she died she would tell him a great secret, which would make him not only very rich but also very powerful. Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of Monsieur Corbu, on January 29th, 1953, she, like Saunière, suffered a sudden stroke, and was rendered speechless and prostate on her deathbed.

Where the money could have come from
The obvious question that springs to mind is where did Saunière’s money come from? The village and the surrounding area had been the centre of considerable activity from the time that the Celts designated it to be a sacred site to the time when the Cathars were persecuted in the 11th century.

There had been tales of hidden treasure throughout this time, and the Cathars especially were suspected of being the possessors of the "Holy Grail". The Knights Templar also were thought to have hidden treasure in the area, and Bertrand de Blanchefort organized excavations there. The Merovingian kings ruled much of modern France from the 5th to the 8th centuries, and Dagobert II, who was one of them, married a Visigoth princess.  Rennes-le-Château was, at that time, one of the major centres of the Visigoths. The Visigoths themselves had considerable treasure accumulated from their pillaging of Europe, and in particular most of the wealth of Rome in 410 A.D..

Saunière could have discovered any of this, but the nature of the treasure appears to one’s instincts to be more that of a secret. Otherwise certain factors, such as the introduction he received to the Parisian intelligentsia from Hoffet, and the intense interest that the church took in the matter. It also doesn’t explain why the priest refused to give Saunière the sacrament of extreme unction, and why he was visited by, for example, the Archduke Johann Salvator von Habsburg.

The Archduke renounced rights to his titles in 1889, and was banished from the Austrian Empire. Treasure of "mere" monetary worth would also not explain the codes in the parchments and on the tomb of Marie, Marquise d’Hautpol de Blanchefort. Also Marie Denarnaud said that the secret she took with her to the grave involved not only money, but power. The money that Johnann Salvator von Habsburg paid over to Saunière came perhaps from another source. The Vatican treated Saunière very carefully in the latter years of his life. Could it be that the money came from the Vatican in order to silence him?

The Mystery Deepens
When The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail first came out, the authors received a letter form a retired Anglican priest who claimed that he had "incontrovertible truth" Jesus Christ did not die on the cross and could have lived to as late a date as 45 A.D..

On being interviewed, he claimed that he had been told the information by another Anglican priest, Canon Alfred Leslie Lilley. Throughout his life, Lilley had maintained contact with the Catholic Modernist Movement that was based at Saint Sulpice in Paris, and he had known Émile Hoffet. The authors felt that this connection added authenticity to his claim.

The French painter, Nicolas Poussin, also appears to play a rôle in this account. He was visited in Rome by Abbé Louis Fouquet, the brother of Nicholas Fouquet, the Financial Superintendent to Louis XIV of France, in 1656. After the meeting the Abbé wrote to his brother. Part of the letter reads:

"He and I discussed certain things, which I shall with ease be able to explain to you in detail - things that will give you, through Monsieur Poussin, advantages which even kings would have great pains to draw from him, and which, according to him, it is possible that nobody else will ever be able to rediscover in the centuries to come. And, what is more, these are things so difficult to discover that nothing now on this earth can prove of better fortune nor be their equal."

Nobody has been able to explain the rather cryptic message in this letter, but the fact is that shortly after receiving this letter, Nicholas Fouquet was imprisoned for life in solitary confinement. It has been suggested that he was the model for The Man in the Iron Mask. All his correspondence was confiscated, and handed over to Louis XIV who read it only in private. Louis XIV went to great lengths to buy Poussin’s painting, Les Bergers d’Arcadie which he had hidden away in his private apartments at Versailles.

You will recall that it is a copy of this painting that Berenger Saunière buys at the Louvre during his visit to Paris.

The painting depicts a large ancient tomb with three shepherds and a shepherdess in the foreground. The setting is of a rugged landscape that is typical of Poussin. The inscription on the tomb reads:


The landscape had always been assumed to be a product of the artist’s mind. However, in the 1970s, an actual tomb was located which was identical in shape, dimensions, vegetation, background and setting. There is even rocky outcrop that is identical to that one which one of the shepherds rests his foot. If you stand just in front of the tomb, you will see that the view is exactly the same as the one in Poussin’s painting. The corresponding peak in the background is that of Rennes-le-Château.

The tomb is located just outside a village called Arques, 6 miles from Rennes-le-Château and 3 miles from the château of the Blanchefort family. There is no indication of the age of the tomb. The village records state that the land surrounding the tomb belonged to an American who opened the sepulchre in the 1920s and found it to be empty. He died in the 1950s and was later buried in it with his wife.

Which brings us back to the inscription on the tomb in Poussin’s painting. It appears to not make much sense, as it lacks a verb:

And in Arcadia I…

However, an anagram of the inscription reads


which means:

Perhaps the mayor of Rennes-le-Château was correct when he said to Tracy Twyman last year, "This place is the centre point of the world."

Now go to The Conclusion to read some of the conclusions that have been reached.

Of course, a subject of this magnitude cannot be covered adequately in an article of this length. We therefore recommend you to read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln from which we researched much of the information given here.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


1914 Christmas Truce Contains a Lesson

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Vatic note: Celebrating Christmas with a fascinating WW I story of how average men in the war zone stopped the war and celebrated the holiday together, thus creating an effective workable cease fire.   How ironic, the 1917 Revolution in Russia,  financed by JP Morgan's Schiff, with a $20 million donation made out to Trotsky to finance the revolution, did what the top brass did not want

They needed that war, just like they need this one (WW III) for the same reason - to reline the bankers pockets with cash and profits to shore up their fiat system that was ready to collapse.  Trotsky's real name was "BRONSTEIN", so we know who he worked for.  He, like Schiff, was a khazar Zionist and worked undercover of being a Russian.

The revolution resulted in millions of Christians being killed.  Figures have ranged from 30 to 63 million Christians, even if that figure is too high, it was bad enough to send the church in Russia underground after the international bankers took control of Russia and killed off the Czar and his entire family, and were responsible for the massacre of the Christians.

So this below does not only NOT surprise me, but confirms what has been said many times, that these same bankers are nothing more than criminal, assassinating mafia drug runners/money launderers.

1914 Christmas Truce Contains a Lesson 
by Kieran Dunn, (henrymakow.com), December 24, 2014

The "Christmas Truce" of 1914-15 suggests soldiers didn't want to fight a war designed by Illuminati Jewish (VN: khazar bankers...) and (VN: ... Rothschild created........) Freemasons to eliminate Christians.

"The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 37 million: over 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history."

"The government of the Western nations, whether monarchical or republican, had passed into the invisible hands of a plutocracy, international in power and grasp. It was, I venture to suggest, this semi-occult power which ... pushed the mass of the American people into the cauldron of World War I." Major General J.F.C. Fuller (1878-1966) Decisive Battles of the U.S.A., 1776-1918, (1942) p.396

To the consternation of field commanders on both sides, some of the troops were reluctant to return to fighting.  In several areas, men were ordered to restart the hostilities under penalty of court martial.

by Kieran Dunn

It Is Worth Retelling. Today marks the centennial of the Christmas Truce of 1914.

Few realize that a century ago, the Christian nations of the world were at war.

Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Coptic Christians had taken up arms against one another. They had set aside the teachings of Jesus where he said to "love your enemy" and now were engaged in a calamitous war.

By Christmas, it was evident that this 'quick war' was not soon to be over as the politicians had promised.

jpgPope Benedict  XV, left, had proposed a Christmas cease, but it was rejected as 'impossible' by both sides. 
Alfred Anderson of the British Expeditionary Force was just 18 years old and was at the front on Christmas Eve 1914, when the unthinkable happened. 

German and British soldiers began to sing Christmas carols while hunkered down in their respective trenches. Soon a truce between the combatants was established, and men who were enemies a few hours before began to greet one another and exchange gifts. 

In other areas along the front, German troops set up small trees on the parapet of their trenches, decorated them with lit candles, and began singing carols.  Soon many British troops along the front in this area began to sing along.  British and French troops began to see Germans posting signs saying, "YOU NO FIGHT; WE NO FIGHT." 

Some British units improvised 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' banners and waited for a response.  In a short period of time, what the governments of the combatants could not do, pockets of German, French, and British troops arranged a spontaneous truce, and soldiers left their trenches. 

Christmas-Truce-1914.2.jpg(British and German soldiers standing together)

Up and down the line, men who hours earlier had sought to kill the other, met in 'no-man's land' to shake hands, share rations, chocolate cake, cognac, postcards, newspapers, tobacco, and (more solemnly) bury their dead.

Kurt Zehmisch, another BEF eyewitness recorded in his diary: "The English brought a soccer ball from the trenches, and pretty soon a lively game ensued.  How marvelously wonderful, yet how strange it was; Christmas, the celebration of Love, managing to bring mortal enemies together as friends for a time."

This informal truce, which also included some French and Belgian troops, was largely over by New Year's Day. German and British soldiers reluctantly parted, in the words of Pvt. Percy Jones of the Westminster Brigade, "with much hand-shaking and mutual goodwill." 

On January 1, 1915, the London Times published a letter from a Medical Corps Major reporting that in his sector, the British played a game against the Germans and were beaten 3-2.  Men had exchanged gifts and buttons.  Soldiers who had been barbers gave free haircuts.  One German, a juggler, gave an impromptu performance of his routine in the center of 'no-man's land.' 

German and Allied commanders tried to cover up the impromptu ceasefire.  French generals could not fathom why their soldiers disobeyed orders and joined the forbidden Christmas truce.  To the consternation of field commanders on both sides, some of the troops were reluctant to return to fighting.  In several areas, men were ordered to restart the hostilities under penalty of court martial. 

In Germany, it was not given wide publicity, and quietly the High Command replaced most front-line units that took part in the ceasefire. Though caught off guard and embarrassed by the spontaneous truce, allied commanders made sure that there would be no repeat of the 1914 Christmas truce, and during subsequent Christmases had their troops engaging the enemy during the holiday. 

The Christmas Truce of 1914 demonstrates how the common belief of a Savior born in Bethlehem shared between enemies can make even the bitterest of enemies friends. 

When the British heard the Germans sing a song about a little baby born in a stable, they joined in singing "Silent Night."
It is astonishing how a song about a little newborn baby could move enemies to put down their weapons and embrace one another as friends.

When those on both sides of the trenches realized that the Christ they knew was also the Christ their adversary knew, what other response could there have been but to establish peace among brothers?
That is why this story is worth telling every Christmas. Christ came to bring peace and forgiveness of sins to a troubled world. 

The knowledge of Christ still brings liberty and peace to all who encounter Him. 

The Christmas Truce of 1914 is a glowing testimony to the words spoken by an angel on that first Christmas so many years ago, "Peace on Earth, Good will toward all."  Merry Christmas to all!
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----------  Illuminati Bankers Instigated World War One
   First Comment by John G

What an historical testimonial honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. Why was this piece of history hidden from the public and the official WW1 archives? Is it because love and the brotherhood of man is contagious?

I'm a veteran myself and I now realize more than ever just how ignorant WW1 and WW2 really were. European Christians and America European Christians murdering each other for the benefit of international bankers, military industrialists, and the creation of a Jewish State that rejects the deity of Jesus Christ. What wars of shameful ignorance and destruction can compare to these.

It reminds me of the insanity of carrying our weapons into the Ft.Benning Chapel to hear a sermon during basic training. Did Jesus Christ ever arm his disciples and tell them to evangelize by military engagement?

Christianity is not and never was meant to be a religion of hating your neighbor.

You can't give a sermon one minute and then tell your congregation to kill their Christian brothers the next minute like they did in WW1 and WW2. Combined, these two wars resulted in the biggest bloodbath of mankind the world has ever known.
Let this story set the example while our only hope left is in the spirit of Jesus Christ,

See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/12/1914%20Christmas-Truce-Contains-a-Lesson.html#sthash.8BZ6DjaX.dpuf 

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

You'll Never Guess Who's Now Training Our Police

  Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Vatic Note:  I guessed almost right away since they do training for the Fusia centers nation wide and control our Dept of "gestapo" Homeland Security.  SPLC and ADL are the training groups, and if you want to know if that is good or bad, just google 'the USS LIBERTY - 1967", The  FBI Investigation by O'Neil,  of the USS Cole, and Mossad agents arrested on 9-11 and released to go back home to Israel.  Those three alone without any other events considered, is enough to ensure us that such is bad for us, and that will hold for this below. 

Its long past time for Alex to finally acknowledge the role of Zionists in our problems.  I understand why he did not do so for so long.  His wife and children are Jewish and he was trying to spare his children from suffering from the effects of the Zionists actions.  But its good that he has finally given up that consideration for the "truth"!  

You'll Never Guess Who's Now Training The Police 
Published by The Alex Jones Channel,  on Dec 18, 2014

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Infowars Reporter Darrin McBreen exposes the Southern Poverty Law Center's infiltration of the nations police departments by design.


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Calls For Immediate Arrest of 5 Supreme Court Justices for Treason

  Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Vatic Note: The Irony of this quandary below, is something to seriously think about.   He is basing this article on the Supreme Court ruling that ... "a “corporation” is a person, not a “regular person” but one above all natural laws, subject to no God, no moral code but one with unlimited power over our lives".

So in effect the Supreme Court ruled an inanimate object, such as a corporation is "human", but a developing "Fetus" is not.... and both rulings advance the foreign occupiers agenda of diminishing this nation down to a level of this type of reasoning.

The results are that we are being defacto depopulated and doing it to ourselves and decivilized (or third worlded)  with little remaining feeling of sanctity for human life. This is exactly what these zionist bankers did during WW II,  they (Rockefeller) funded Dr. Mengeles barbaric cruel and brutal experiments for Eugenics using the prisoners of Hitlers camps.

The Eugenicists believe that our society needs to change our value system with respect to human life, from valuing it for its own sake,  to switching the value based on the usefulness of such a life to society.  In other words,  seniors & permanently handicapped are "useless feeders" to society, thus no use to society; and laws and social/economic support can be based on that reasoning. 

Read the protocols and see how they call the goyim, or us, cattle they own and need to herd, extract our assets from us and slave us until we expire.  The GMO seeds were created  to do the soft kill they needed to accomplish that goal, and the IPOD games that willy nilly make killing a human being a no big deal.

Its a form of desensitizing our future soldiers and Law Enforcement Officers to taking the life of a  useless feeder, and we are beginning to see the results of that policy today in their interaction with humans, such as killing unarmed suspects and weaker portions of our society such as women and children as well as old people. JFK warned us back in 1961 that this was the objective of these "internationalist" and the way they conscripted the necessary human resources to accomplish this, was through the use of secret societies.

Gordon Duff Calls For Immediate Arrest of 5 Supreme Court Justices for Treason
by Gordon Duff,  Veterans Today

Constitution in flames
By Gordon Duff

Five members of the Supreme Court declared that a “corporation” is a person, not a “regular person” but one above all natural laws, subject to no God, no moral code but one with unlimited power over our lives, a power awarded by judges who seem themselves as grand inquisitors empowered meant to hunt down all heretics who fail to serve their god, the god of money.
Their ruling has made it legal for foreign controlled corporations to flush unlimited money into our bloated political system to further corrupt something none of us trust and most of us fear.  The “corporation/person” that the 5 judges, the “neocon” purists, have turned the United States over to isn’t even American.

Our corporations, especially since our economic meltdown are owned by China, Russia and the oil sheiks along with a few foreign banks.  They don’t vote, pay taxes, fight in wars, need dental care, breathe air, drive cars or send children to school.  Anyone who thinks these things are people is insane.  Anyone who would sell our government to them is a criminal and belongs in prison.  

There is nothing in the Constitution that makes this “gang of five” bribe sucking clowns above the law.  There is nothing in the Constitution that even mentions corporations much less gives them status equal to or greater than the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.
The Supreme Court of the United States has no right to breathe human life into investment groups owned by terrorist sympathizers, foreign arms dealers or groups working for the downfall of the United States and everything we believe in, but 5 “justices” have done just that.  We now have a new government above our government, above our people, one above any law.

Five judges have created institutionalized gangsterism as the new form of government for the United States.  (VN: well, this certainly explains the current behavior of these corporations, primarily banks, and the lack of criminal prosecution by our executive branch for their criminal acts.)
No American soldier can ever go to war fighting (VN: ....killing, and dying...) for a Chinese hedge fund, a German bank or a Saudi Arabian fertilizer company.  Will our new debates in Congress be between members representing the opium warlords against the Columbian cartels?  Their cash, which long ago has infiltrated one major corporation or bank after another is now heading for your local representative.   How important do you think secure borders for America are for these new political “influencers?”
For years we complained about AIPAC, the Sierra Club, the NRA, trial lawyers, trade unions, NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) and the churches that got involved in politics.  Behind all of these were people, American citizens, and, on some occasions, Americans who fought for their country, raised kids here and were invested in the survival of America although they didn’t always act that way.  This was an American problem.  Now we aren’t even sure we have an America anymore.
Anyone who believes that a massive flood of corporate money into politics won’t throw control of both houses of Congress into the hands of the wealthy nations that are also our primary strategic enemies, you know the ones, the ones loaded with oil cash, the ones with 10 cent an hour labor and legal systems that  shoot first and ask questions later.  

They just were told they can buy the United States, not just our government, but our military, and the lives of our soldiers.  They can now make our laws, raise our taxes, decide on our civil rights, where we can live, if we can own guns, how late we stay up, where and what we drive and, eventually, how we think.  The Supreme Court has given foreign owned corporations the eventual power to silence us all.
When a corporation commits a crime, nobody goes to jail.  When wars come, they don’t fight, they simply rake in cash.  When children are poisoned or workers are killed, they seldom even pay a fine.  However, when they want something, billions in tax money for “bail outs” or fat contracts or special laws, they have always gotten it.  

It  has been a battle to control corporations for 140 years.  Sometimes the American people have lost, sometimes they have won.  Our greatest presidents are the ones who reined in corporate power and kept the influence of money over humanity in check.  Think of Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy.
Without them we would be living in work camps, stuck at machines all day, our children at our sides.  We would be paid in beans and salt pork, dying at 40 in filth like people around the world who live in countries controlled by corporations.
Based on the justices that we want prosecuted being Reagan/Bush “conservatives” you would think this is a liberal/conservative issue.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Nothing less “conservative” has ever been done by a branch of our government.  There is nothing “conservative” about our Supreme Court going insane and abandoning our Constitution and making medical decisions, not to give life to a fetus, but to a bank account.
This is nothing but an extremely unAmerican and unpatriotic group of thieves believing that Americans had given up so many of their civil liberties in silence during the Global War on Terror scam that opening the “Pandora’s Box” of class conflict could now be done with nobody saying a word.  Their “corporate person” is now a Baron or Duke, the great landlords of the medieval period.  Americans are now destined for serfdom.  Their political and economic theories, what are they?  Is it conservatism or feudalism?
We are already burdened with a representative government that has tied itself to the money spigot because of the incredible cost of media exposure in campaigns.  People running for office in ancient Rome would purchase thousands of animals for slaughter in the arena.  Mass executions were staged as media events for political campaigns.  In fact, the arenas in every Roman city were built for that purpose, today replaced by television and the internet.  We thought we had changed since that time.  We were wrong.
The framers of the Constitution created the Supreme Court, the Electoral College and originally had Senators appointed, not elected, to protect the wealthy from having their money and land seized by the masses who would otherwise have controlled the government.  This was the 1780s.  The only “democracy” we knew about was ancient Athens, where the majority of the people living there were slaves.    27 Amendments later, including the Bill of Rights, we have worked to define justice and decency.  Generations have fought and died to keep life in our imperfect system from 1780.  Who would have thought that 5 people could destroy it all?
Political debate in America is sometimes extreme, often bordering on violence.  Feelings are high.  How many times have you heard people threaten to leave the country because “their America” no longer exists.  We know that few really mean it.  When faced with a real threat, no people on earth are to be feared like Americans.  When help is needed, no people on earth are to be trusted and relied on like Americans.  This is the pride we have in our country and ourselves.  We never agree on anything.  We aren’t supposed to, we are Americans.
Everything we built has been based on a balance, race, religion, ethnicity, social standing, political beliefs, regional interests, all striving and compromising to build something we are all secretly very proud of, something all of us are willing to fight for and many are.  Americans all agree on one thing, that our government in Washington is out of control and has been for some time.  

We all have different ideas on this but agree on the fact itself.  We wonder where the politicians come from, men too often “less great” than those of the past, in fact, less great than average.  Decisions are continually made that most find puzzling and, in fact, are driven by a rotten underbelly of corruption and self interest.
Now, 5 members of the Supreme Court, people none of us voted for, a group that is answerable to no authority and, seemingly, no law or moral code, a group famous for immoderation, poor judgement and low personal integrity has, either through blindness, avarice or insanity clearly done something so malicious, so unjust and so utterly inconsistent with our Constitution that they, themselves, have become an “enemy of the people.”
What is their power?  What they have done is not within the scope of the authority given through the Constitution.  Their acts are outside the law, their acts are those of a conspiracy, their acts are meant to diminish our freedoms, our sacred institutions and even endanger our lives.  Typically, such acts are called crimes and those who commit them are criminals.
What could drive judges, albeit judges appointed with little thought as part of a cheap political ploy, to abandon any American constituency?  Corporations have no religion.  They care nothing for the unborn.  They have no allegiance to a flag, a family or any moral ethic.

They serve no person, owe no loyalty other that to stockholders, shadowy groups of Russian oligarchs, Chinese banks, corrupt dictators grown fat on the spoils of their people or the international consortium’s of bond and currency speculators who have, for decades, abandoned any economic law to build the ethereal “house of cards” we call the “world economy.”
The control of the American electoral process has been given to them.  No serving politician can survive now standing against them.  Years ago “they” bought our newspapers and our television networks.  Fact and truth became whatever they wanted us to believe.

“They” gained control of what many thought and what almost all of us see and hear.  That wasn’t enough.  They wanted it all.  As their control has grown, so has terrorism, continual war, economic poverty for millions Americans and insensitivity to justice and humanity.  Who would expect anything else from a corporation with no blood, no heart and no face?
The Founding Fathers led America on the path to freedom and eventual democracy.  The Federalists limited the ability of an impetuous electorate to seize power and “reform” America into chaos and anarchy.  This system of government was predicated on the belief that love of country would always burn brightly in America and with progress, freedom and bounty was the inevitable reward of our industry.

It is only now too obvious that so much has happened that was unforeseen.  It is not a denial of our traditions to correct wrongs when we find them.  This was how America was created.  We are drowning in wrongs, we all finally agree on this.
The time is now.  Party politics have failed.  Political theories are little more than empty rhetoric meant to mislead and misinform.  State has become church and church has become state.  State is less just and church less godly.  All we have left is “we, the People.”  This is how we began and it is now all we have to move forward.  It is time for the states to call for a Constitutional Convention to establish, not just a Republic, but a Democracy, by and for the people, the American people, rich and poor, a nation loyal to itself, not tied to corporations, a vast military industrial complex or endless foreign alliances.
If it is to be a genuinely conservative nation, one with individual freedoms, a small government, fewer taxes and more opportunity, a nation as intended, then we will all have to live with it.  The bloated corpse we are creating in Washington is emitting a stench we can no longer abide.

We will be saying goodbye to our Supreme Court, our seniority system in Congress and our political machines pretending to be “parties”  and hello to paper ballots, a free press, term limits and the ability to yank a scoundrel out of office when we catch one.

Gordon Duff

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War.He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon Duff is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists.He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries.

Gordon Duff is a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration.

Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

Visit Gordon Duff's YouTube Channel

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    Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Vatic note:   Whose going to go to war?  What if we don't fight them,  what if there is a war and no one shows up????   We saved the Chinese years ago from the Japanese.  I would find it hard to believe they would have forgotten that fact and would attack or invade us.

If someone does it to them from outside their country, they can take it to the bank it was done by Israel.   So, that is who China should go to war against.  We have done nothing to them,  but the israeli's infiltrating our government are the ones to watch out for along with their Fascist masters who need and want this war.   As we proved before, China has been infiltrated as well.  After all, the Li Family is one of the 13 bloodlines.

This also explains something that I wondered about way back then.  For the first time at the beginning of this year, these khazar Zionists in Israel and elsewhere were no longer hiding their agenda.   Up until then, they hid what they were doing and it made it impossible to convince the sheep of the agenda, but we got converts just as soon as they started acting like a police state against us.

The illegal immigrant issue,  the changing status of the money deposits we make into their bank accounts, the torturing,  the shooting of unarmed Americans, or beating them to death.  The very many false flags of mass shootings or bombings, etc.  even ferguson was another false flag with hired thugs acting as rioters.  Yes, they are definitely coming out of the closet and they are the only ones all the people in both China and America should war against. 

Published on Jan 5, 2014, http://endtimes23.com/

This week Cosmic News reports that the state of ISRAEL is warning the global Jewish community about the imminent arrival of Nibiru also ex Canadian Defence minister wants the US to disclose what they know regarding global sightings of ufos and aliens and the secret knowledge the Ancients had regarding free energy.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Dragon Society Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines, Part 3 of 6 - The Greatest Fraud

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Vatic Note:  While this below may well be true,  it changed over time.  Slowly and incrementally, the Catholic church, negotiated between pagans and Christians , have lost much of their power and influence compared to the years after the Pagan Constantine first shored up his rule in Rome, using the Christians and their faith as his foundation and support.  The irony is he never got baptized as a Christian, until he was on his deathbed, and wanted to hedge his bets at the last minute and finally got baptized a Christian.

As we all know,  many of Christ's followers went forth to convert the gentile and ended up in Armenia, Rome, etc, while they came from the middle east.   It was quite a task and Paul as well, journeyed into the lions den to spread Gods word and the existance of the messiah.  In the mean time, Paul, as Pharisee, had structured his teachings after that of the Jewish faith, in structure, and with professional clergy, which Christ did not want.

Remember, he railed against the pharisees and saducees all the time.  So, what came out of the Nicene Conference 300 years after Christ rose and ascended into heaven,  was not the church he created.   It was a negotiated entity and that is what prevailed for a long time, right up until today, but infiltrated by those who are trying to take control of the world.

Early on, there was great conflict between Rome and the Jews.  This article will give you a hint of how bad it was.  It was just after Christ arose from the dead and ascended into heaven that the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and violated the sacred items of the temple.   That caused an all out rebellion.  So many Jews lived in Rome at the time,  and there  was a reaction to these acts by the Jewish People.   By the time 325 AD came around and Constantine wanted to gain control of  the Roman empire,  the Jewish people had settled themselves into living in Rome and controlled much of the city by then through trade and acting as merchants.

The Christians had also gained converts and thus the conflict between the pagans and the Christians was growing and he had to do something so he could rule in peace, in order to retain control....and that is what trigger the Nicene conference from which the canonized Bible was done.  These negotiations between the Christians and the pagans were political and resulted in trade offs, many of which are currently part of most Christian churches as well as the Catholic church, which did not include negotiations with followers of the original church of Jesus Christ.  Now,  how ironic is that?  But that was the situation when the nicene conference was conducted and resulted in a situation where Constantine could rule in peace with all his citizens using political tradeoffs to settle differences.

This below is about the fraud that occurred and the rise of the Catholic church because of the pagan Constantine.  Eventually, the Church was diminished in later centuries due to its harsh and brutal treatment of those who were not Catholics.   In fact, the Catholic Church had lost so much influence and power, that the protocols made the recommendation of blaming the Catholic Church for all that the protocols outlined that needed to be done in order to gain world control of the planet.

Doing so with the khazar Zionists ruling from on high using the Catholic Church as the bad guy, which was not hard to do since they had been just that for a long time.   That is not the case anymore, as it was in the past.  So read this below with that in mind about later times. This fits perfectly with the plan in the protocols to blame everything on the church, when they have been infiltrated by the Zionists as most of us already know. The Catholic Church has its scandels but does not have control of the leadership of most western  countries, and that is how we know who is really in charge.

The Dragon Society Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines, Part 3 of 6 - The Greatest Fraud
by Nicholas de Vere,  Bibliotecapleyades

  The Merovingians 
The Donation of Constantine first appeared during the 8th century and was a document which purported to recognize the Roman popes as Christ’s representatives on Earth and to donate to Pope Sylvester and the Roman Church all those Imperial powers formerly invested in the Throne of Byzantium.

The ’Donation’, the Church claimed, was written in the 4th century at the insistence of the emperor Constantine. The Church said that he was so grateful for having been cured of leprosy by Pope Sylvester, that he gave into the Church’s hand the entire power and wealth of the unified Roman Empire, including the right to crown and dethrone kings. Now that is what you call expensive medical insurance.

Supposedly written before 337 AD - the year of Constantine’s death - the Donation of Constantine actually didn’t make an appearance on the stage of European history until four hundred years later. So far-reaching are the powers bestowed upon the Church by this document, one would have thought that it would have been made public at the time of its bestowal. Not centuries later.

The provisions of the Donation were enforced in 751 AD following which the Merovingians were deposed by the Church and replaced by their sycophants, the Mayors of the Palace who later became known as the Carolingians. The Church had made a pact with the Mayors and offered to ’recognize’ their legitimacy as rulers if they would dispense with the true Dragon Kings. The deal was done and the Carolingians were made the puppet rulers under the Roman Church.

The Donation, because it was made by a Dragon King, Constantine, legitimized the Church’s right to take this action. To all intents and purposes they had the authority of Dragon Kingship given up to them by this Charter. No doubt the Merovingians knew this to be a fraud, which is why they refused to recognize the authority of the Church to meddle in affairs of state. What do we learn from this?

We can see from the Church’s choice of ’benefactor’ that the Church was well aware that universally, only those of the Dragon Blood would be recognized as true kings. Therefore they chose Constantine as he was known to have been descended from both the Britannic PenDragon House and the Dragon House of David. Furthermore he was a member of the Desposyni - the heirs of the Lord - the blood descendants and legitimate representatives of Jesus Christ. In the Donation, it appeared as if Constantine had relinquished his hereditary spiritual position as a Messiah and invested it in the Papacy.

By suggesting they were the representatives of Christ, the popes were claiming Dragon descent for themselves. It was well known that Jesus had descendants and that they were part of the only Eurasian dynasty which was authorized to be kings - the Elven Overlords or Dragons. It would have appeared to the public then, that in the displacement of the Merovingians, one Dragon dynasty was being replaced by another, albeit a paper one. This reduced any danger of mass unrest. As time passed however, it became uncomfortably clear that the function of kingship under the Merovingians had been entirely different to that under the Carolingians. Whilst the Merovingians had formerly assumed the role of overseers, sages and wise counsellors, the Carolingians and their successors, prompted by the Church, became deliberately poorly educated, ignorant, insensitive tyrants and territorial tradesmen.

Dragon Kingship and the Grail Code had died to be replaced by a corrupted form of feudal totalitarianism and brutal, economic slavery as the Church carefully and strategically replaced the old dynasties with its own merchant-class client families who, from that day on, became vassals of the Vatican.

Lastly we learn that from 751 AD the true Dark Age began in earnest. The Elven Holocaust was initiated and would run its course for another thousand years until, in England at least, the witchcraft laws were repealed in 1736. North of the border in Scotland, however, the persecution of witches in the 1700’s was at its fiercest until the end of the century.

During this time, history has witnessed the rise of the Church of Rome and its successful struggle for power. In time, no dynasty ruled in Europe or remained in power unless the Church sanctioned their reign. The Church chose the royal families, it crowned kings and it deposed its detractors. In short, the Church, under the auspices of the Donation of Constantine was the sole and supreme temporal power in Europe and the known world. Without this purported imperial benefice however, the Church would have remained a marginalized Mediterranean cult contesting for patronage along with a host of other gnostic Christian denominations.

The royal dynasties, sponsored by the Church and crowned by its Divine Right, instituted their courts and parliaments, passed laws and employed agents to act on their behalf. To all intents and purposes it seemed as if the Church had the absolute right of Dragons and wielded power by the very sanction of Jesus Christ and God.

No monarch reigning today and no government under the monarch or instituted in their name would enjoy their position if the Church, empowered by the Donation, had not given them permission to rule in the first place. Without the Donation of Constantine, European history today would be totally different and none of the dynasties past or present would have had the right to have reigned. Nor would they reign now and none of their governments or agencies would have exercised power.

One slight problem, though. The Donation of Constantine is a complete and utter fraud and the Church was never given any temporal powers at all, let alone the right to found dynasties, crown kings or institute governments. The whole document was a lie from beginning to end and has been known to be a fake since Lorenzo Valla applied the methods of historical criticism to it during the Renaissance.

How do we know Valla was correct? The New Testament references incorporated into the wording of the Donation were taken from the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible. The Vulgate Bible was compiled by St. Jerome who was born more than two decades after Constantine was supposed to have signed the Donation. The actual Vulgate Bible wording that appears in the Donation didn’t exist until St Jerome invented it, fifty years after the document had supposedly been dated and signed by the Emperor. By this time Constantine had been dead for decades and couldn’t have signed the Dragons’ rights away anyway.

The language of the Donation is eighth century clerical or dog Latin, whilst the Latin used in the 4th century Empire was late classical Roman. The Imperial and Papal ceremonials described in the Donation didn’t exist in Constantine’s time but were developed some centuries later.

Several documentary instances of the Church’s use of the Donation to assert their authority in the medieval period still exist, including the letter of Pope Gregory IX entitled ’Si Memoriam Beneficiorum’ dated October 23rd 1236 and addressed to the Emperor Frederick II. Pope Gregory writes,

".......that as the Vicar of the Prince of Apostles (the Roman Pope) governed the empire of priesthood and of souls in the whole world, so he should also reign over things and bodies throughout the whole world; and considering that, he should rule over earthly matters by the reins of justice to whom - as it is known - God had committed on earth the charge over spiritual things. The Emperor Constantine humbled himself by his own vow and handed over the empire to the perpetual care of the Roman Pontiff with the Imperial Insignia and sceptres and the City and Duchy of Rome........".
People in the medieval and Renaissance period, confronted with this document, did not generally criticize the Donation on the grounds of its veracity. They just exclaimed aghast that they could not believe that Constantine would have been stupid enough to have given the Roman Church everything.

From the Donation we understand that Constantine offered the Pope all the robes and Crowns of office but the Pope, being such a humble man, gave them back to the Emperor. This lets the Church off the hook should some malcontent turn up and ask for sartorial evidence. If the readers read the Donation for themselves they will be appalled at the pretentious egotism, the arrogance and the sheer material greed of the Church, as authors of the document.

The fraudulent imperial power of the Vatican to create kings by ’coronation’ - derived from this faked 8th century Donation of Constantine - was later adopted by the Archbishops of the Church of England with the complicity of the Tudors, who were Catholics themselves.

When he split with Rome, Henry VIII still retained and later ratified and re-established in the Anglo-Catholic Church of England the fraudulent right of the Church’s clergy to create by coronation, a succession of British monarchs. This was an illegal act. The ’Donation of Constantine’ was proved to be a completely fake document. Therefore no Royal Elven House that knew its origins and cared about social justice could possibly bring itself to recognize a Christian British monarchy or any of their Church sponsored, Church crowned predecessors or any of their regnant or formerly regnant, European cousin Houses.

Because the Donation was a fraud and no subsequent priest of any Catholic derived denomination ever had the right to crown kings, Britain has had no legally reigning monarch for 900 years. As a consequence of this, all the laws passed by these monarchs were and are illegal and worthless and all the governmental agencies set up by or derived from these monarchs or their laws are also illegal and worthless up to the present day.

When considering this, the reader might like to consider the fact that all the arrests ever made by the police in Britain and Europe are acts of kidnap and habeas corpus. Equally, any man who has taken up arms for the Crown and killed for his country is unprotected by law and guilty therefore of murder.

However, paradoxically, as the entire British legal system is illegal, there are no laws, and so the crimes of habeas corpus and murder as we define them today, simply do not exist. Subconsciously people know that their politicians and monarchs have no legitimate authority to rule over them. They manifest this knowledge in an increasing disrespect for these optional, arbitrary and illusory social conventions, which is yet another reason why social order is breaking down.

If the UN is right, we may face chaos in the near future; and all because of a stupid fraud, perpetrated by a group of myopically greedy, maniacal peddlers of false religion who are now long dead.

Again, for asserting this kind of view the Fairies are implicitly guilty of Treason, even though all British laws are constitutionally illegal and the act of treason itself is a non sequitur. Think of the implications of this.

It applies to any nation state in the Christian world today which is still a monarchy or which has evolved as part of a successive, developing political process originating from a monarchy, by virtue of its continuing sanction from, or sponsorship by, the Church of whatever denomination. It is unauthorized by any temporal or divine power to coerce anyone to obey any law originating at any stage of that government’s evolution.

In effect, Britain, Europe and America are ruled by the sword, and that sword is being wielded by people who are no more than short sighted, self seeking robber barons. They have no constitutional right to rule even in America, where in the 19th century, the libertarian commentator, Lysander Spooner, demonstrated that the consensual nature of the original document, upon which the subsequent, consecutive clauses are founded, was being flouted, thereby making the entire Constitution illegal.  

Pierre Proud’hon called them all "Tyrants and Usurpers". Next time you are tempted to eulogize Western Democracy, bite your tongue and let your brain select first gear before you open your mouth. Flawed or otherwise, the idea that the English speaking world has any democracy at all is a joke.

At the beginning of this work the author stated that the people have been conned enough. He now hopes that the readers might appreciate for themselves the precise extent to which the people have actually been deceived. They have accepted a state of affairs where they and their ancestors have been enslaved by a chameleon-like corporate body that has destroyed their creativity and robbed them of their psychological liberty and their freedom of conscience for over a thousand years.

The entire moral basis of our society is founded upon a massive historical lie which has twisted the minds of generations of individuals until they have become terrified of the natural drives of their own bodies and souls.

The resultant taboos that have been created have been used to divide the minds of the people and make them dependant on the Church-State for solutions to the problems of resisting Satan and fighting temptation and sin, when these contrived, nonsensical whimsies never existed in the first place.

As a result, western Christian society was turned into an open air lunatic asylum packed full of lost souls who weren’t lost at all and had no need of a cure for diseases of the soul they weren’t actually suffering from in the first place.

The Church created the confusion and the division and then offered the solution. In fear the population invested its trust in the perfidious Church and in return for their confidence the Church turned the people into slaves and an entire civilization into a manufacturing plant to service their own greed for luxury and power.

For a thousand years the Fairies have remained silent about their identities - formerly for fear of their lives - latterly for fear of becoming social outcasts and objects of mirth and derision. Still however, a shadow of menace lies over the ancient families. Greed will go to any length to ensure the continuity of its satisfaction and the same motives that prompted the Church to murder and lie in the past, still prompt their merchant-class puppets to kill and deceive today.

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