Vatic Note:  Wellaware is a great site and has exposed the underbelly of all the deceptions we have been fed over these past years.  This one below is one that is the most interesting, because it was supposedly the test for Obama's legal right to assassinate Americans without a trial. Well, he won in a New York court through a Judge Colleen McMahon. The implications of this scam through our courts is onerous. We should file a class action suit overturning her decision since it was based on fraud.

 This guy below is suppose to be an "American" Al Qaeda who was supposedly assassinated, when in fact, he was simply no longer needed, so he could go onto the next role the government occupied by Dual Israeli citizens, needs him for, along with his wife.   He is, in fact, a zionist agent for his government which is Israel.  Lets not forget all the dual Israeli's that occupy both White House,  Homeland Security, Congress, dEpt heads in military, intel and other important depts, like the FDA, EPA, etc  Its why they are able to do soft kills on us with drugs, food, and our water.  That is what GMO is,  SOFT KILL.  These people need to be arrested and tried for murder. 

Al Qaeda was created, funded and operated by CIA and mossad as fronts and perps they could blame to justify the continuing war on terror that is eating up our countries wealth, the blood of our children, and taxes and all of it going into the pockets of the "foreign occupiers of our government who dreamed all this insanity up in some moment of addicting on any number of their sicko insane addictions,  drugs, sex, or satanic ritual abuse of children.   We are beginning to look more and more like an occupied Palestine.  Can you see it???  I can. 

Al Qaeda Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki EXPOSED!
uploaded by Dallas gold bug,

Source: http://Wellaware1.com for the story.

Tony Greenberg and his wife Anne, the actors that play Omar Bin Laden (Bin Ladens Son) and his wife, along with David Rothschild, The Shoe Bomber Richard Reid, and many other characters in the news you think are real people but are fictitious individuals.

In addition, he is in fact the Al Qaeda Cleric Anwar al-Awlak. The pentagon can stop its lies and the main stream media needs to come clean, as all the reporters that have covered this story are now shown to be liars.

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The Network: On Old movie about Our Current Reality!

Vatic Note:  Boy, was this ever prophetic.  That is exactly what has gone on for sure since 9-11.  In fact, their lies, disinfo and propoganda has risen above subtle and now is blatant.  Its so bad, that even the sheep stopped watching the bogus news and have gone to the net.
That has killed the presses revenue, since 60% drop in sheep watching the electronic media.  I think that is great.  Now Britain owned and run UN is saying they are going to take over the net censorship, which is just one more step  in the slow sliding rush to globalizing dictatorship for the khazars with the Queen as the consort of the king, Rothschild.

Yup,  we now have a global military called NATO, and we have a global health dictatorship called the WHO and same with the world trade organization, and soon they will do a global financial system under Rothschilds BIS in switzerland and then we won't need the Federal Reserve anymore since that is national and will be useless.  Now we also have a Global court that we are deferring to.... its only the people who are being brushed aside until they get fed up enough.

All financial controls will reside with Rothschild in Switzerland.   Then the only thing left is globalizing our political system under banker control with no elections except, they will allow us to vote for THEIR CANDIDATES locally .  Nice, huh?  Finally a one world religion based on the NOAHIDE LAWS of the khazars and that will come with a surprise anti-christ. Some say it will be Obama, but I am laying bets on William, since the Queen and Phillip will want to control even that.  I am disgusted.   

The Network (Wake up, You're Being Programmed
www.dailymotion.com/video/xks72h_the-network-wake-up-you-re-being-The Network (Wake up, You're Being Programmedprogrammed_shortfilms#.UMoXuXaRA5Y
Upload By SonofYasharahla

You are being manipulated through media, you don't know what you should know. History has been manipulated to convey the supremacy of those that have conquered, but not by the facts, only what they want you to believe.

If you still believe in America being the land of the free then you're ignorant of what America truly is. America is a corporation cited under order, and the president of the United States is the President of the Corporation of America.

Britain still owns America, since America is a COLONY that pays tribute to the crown (stated by the IRS).


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Cabela’s Sold Out Of Semi Auto Rifles And Ammo

Vatic Note:  If Obama was honest, I would worry about what he said below, but because he is not honest,  I am not worried.  This video proves that even the left are buying guns because many on the left, know what we in the middle and on the right also know..... these various false flags were simply to get our guns so we  could not fight back when they try to destroy us through treason using foreign soldiers.  The fact that these animals were willing and able, without hesitation to kill  babies, under 7 years old, at that massacre, speaks volumes about why we cannot let them prevail, no matter what it costs.   Barbarism like that has to be eradicated as soon as possible. 

Also remember the right had bought all the guns they needed well before all this.  So those guns being bought are because every one now knows that the Ct massacre was a false flag done in order to get those guns and its the left.   We will be united in this cause, I have no doubt about it.... I talk to people from all over the country all the time and I know both right and left everywhere are arming up to the hilt for the fight against global fascist tyranny that they tried to do in WW II and failed and are now trying again, only this time using America as the foil, instead of Germany this time.

The left remembers JFK warning us in 1961 about the international bankers (he should have said who it was, so they would not assassinate him) and they know like we do that Israel/Rothschild bankers, with the aid of traitors in our gov, are the ones that killed JFK.  Vanunnu told us that when he came out of prison in Israel.

Israel is so lucky that we found out now instead of earlier or they would not be on this planet right now.  No one better false flag kill our current President either.   WE are going to react this time.  Right and left.  No one has the right to kill another countries elected leaders (even though the election is under suspicion, we have no proof yet that it was rigged), but everyone now knows "WHO" the real culprits are and that will not be forgotten anytime soon. 

Cabela’s Sold Out Of Semi Auto Rifles And Ammo
by Barracuda, Before It's News

With Obama fighting tooth and nail to close loopholes at gunshows and  a possible ban on assault weapons it’s no wonder semi automatics are flying off the store shelves.

According to occupycorporatism.com (VN: Remember these "occupy movements were funded, organized and trained by Soros, so we know who they "really" support, which is Soros and the Rothschild cabal who are trying to fulfill JFK's warning, that there was an international conspiracy to bring down America) [President Obama has responded to the gun petition on WeThePeople website. Obama said, “we hear you” to the Americans who signed the petition calling for Congress and the Obama administration to pass legislation restricting access to guns and redefine the 2nd Amendment. The requests include a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips.] (VN: Hmmm, I wonder who coordinated that piece of propoganda?)


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Where are the Sandy Hook Bodies?

Vatic Note:  This fits with an observation we made on one of our blogs about this subject which was "Where is all the blood and bodies since reporters were there as fast as the police were?"   Because of that, I watched every single video of the grounds, the school and the cars, woods, etc and not one drop of blood.  Is this below how they are addressing the issue the lack of blood?

Remember, the perp was found with 2 handguns, and the assault weapon was in the trunk of a car and no where near the perp.  keep that in mind as you read this because they try to use the killings with an assault weapon as the justification for why the parents can't see the bodies. Well, its a fact that a dead man cannot get up, go drop his assault weapon off in the car and then come  back and lay down to finish dying.  Give me a break. THEY REALLY DO THINK WE ARE STUPID.  THEY SAY SO IN THE PROTOCOLS.  Frankly since we proved that was a satanic community, I think they took the kids and did them in a satanic ritual.  That is why they could not see the bodies.  It would have shown their throats cut. 

How strange. No autopsies?  No body identification by the parents that is needed in a murder investigation?  This is a week after the funerals and we are only just now hearing from the sold out MSM press, that the PARENTS HAVE NOT SEEN THE DEAD BODIES?  

Well, then who arranged for the funerals?  Didn't each family do their own? What place does the gov have in telling them they can not see them?   Since the families each have different religions and ways to grieve?  And why is the press only telling us about this now?   

Has "ownership" of the children now shifted from parents to the government?  How Subtle.... and clever. Makes it easy to take them away from the parents, eventually, under the concept of "gradualism",doing it slowly and incrementally, and this is the first step.... I have never heard of such a thing... and then they won't have to bogus up such an event to get their hands on them.

SOMETHING REALLY STINKS HERE.  Why didn't the parents go to the alternative press to scream bloody murder about their  missing bodies of their children? Remember this is a  satanic community basically.  Given the reference below of a drawing of an Owl was the last thing a child did and it was given to the President, by the devastated grieving parents. So what is a child doing drawing the owl god,Molech?  

I fully question if these are real parents at all.  What parent would give up the last thing the child made to a president who means nothing to them where the child is concerned.  Wouldn't they rather keep that last memory of her/his last act?  Or they were in on it and the drawing of the owl god, Molech, was letting the President know, the deed was done.  

I am beginning to think these were potential kidnap victims for sacrifice ritualistically, to the Bohemian Grove Owl God, off campus. The Students are probably dead, but probably died later and a slit throat would have given the whole thing away to the parents.  It would certainly explain why no blood.

Where are the Sandy Hook Bodies?
By Mark Brander, Before It's News

The inconsistencies and the questions continue to mount in the Sandy Hook massacre. Why are parents being told they can not see the bodies? It is their right to see the bodies, officials have no right to tell them they cannot. Parents need to demand the bodies be exhumed, and they need to be there. 

From CNN transcripts…..


LYNN MCDONNELL, MOTHER OF GRACE MCDONNELL: I had said that to Jack that it’s OK to be angry because sure, we have anger and we are upset and we don’t know why, but I told Jack that he could never live with hate. Grace didn’t have an ounce of hate in her.

And so we have to live through Grace and realize that hate is not how our family is. And not — certainly not how Grace is. And I know all those beautiful little children, they didn’t have any hate in them either. So we’ll just take the lead from them and we will not go down that road, but we will let them guide us.


COOPER: They weren’t able to see Grace. They were warned not to see her, but they went to the funeral home and they told us that the little casket was white.

And they brought magic markers and she and her husband and son Jack used those magic markers and basically Jack said they graffitied the casket, but they basically painted all the things on the casket that Grace loved.

And they left — when they left that funeral home yesterday, they said there wasn’t any white left on the casket. Everything was colored in. That’s the way Grace would have wanted it.  (VN:  This discussion below is not news reporting, its promotion and propoganda, just read it and see what I mean.  I honestly believe these guys have no idea anymore how to report the news or to question anything.)

BLITZER: Yes. I’ve — other tragedies I’ve covered, I’m sure you have as well, a lot of parents, they want the world to know about their child.


BLITZER: Who was needlessly killed.


BOLDUAN: How they know their child.

COOPER: Yes. And I want to emphasize, you know, we’re being very respectful. I am not knocking on anybody’s doors. They contacted us. Because they really do want people to understand what they have lost.

And what the world has lost. This bright little girl who had her entire future ahead of us and — ahead of her and last — you know, they met obviously with President Obama just yesterday.


COOPER: They gave him a drawing that Grace had done of an owl (AN OWL?) and that they gave me a copy of it as well and President Obama said he would cherish it and put it up in the White House and also put it up in my office or my home. And they’re just incredible family and their strength, I think, is something that will really inspire a lot of people. (VN: only if you think they are stupid or inspire them in a way you would not like.)

(The owl drawing is either a kid’s ominous premonition of evil, or a deliberate satanic announcement of complicity, apparently Cooper displayed it on air) (VN: Grieving parents gave the "PRESIDENT" the last thing their child created before being shot?  Whoever produces this crap has no idea how humans react to the loss of a young child or they would not have even  written something like  that becuase it proves these parents are not parents.)

The following is from a Huffington Post article….(VN: A total disinfo rag)
Lauren Rousseau, who died last week at age 30, was born in the U.S.
Her Canadian-born father, Gilles Rousseau, told Radio-Canada that he wanted to see his daughter’s body but was informed by authorities that it would not be possible.

In a tearful interview, he said the rounds used were so powerful that they ripped through the school’s walls and left several holes in his daughter’s car outside in the parking lot.

“They told me, ‘You can’t see (the body),’” Gilles Rousseau told Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC. “Because most people he shot, it was two or three shots in the face, point-blank.”

U.S. President Barack Obama has signalled that he intends to introduce gun-control measures. But he has not revealed details of his plans yet, and any such measures could face a number of political and legal obstacles.

In an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper, Lauren Rousseau’s brother called on the president to ban the sale of so-called assault rifles.

Bullets went through the walls of the school into her car? There are brick walls at the school. What are the chances that both her and her car would be hit with several bullets? Furthermore, does that sound like a statement you would tell a grieving father?  (VN: Not only that, but there is no way they went through brick walls.  No way and still had enough velocity to travel to a car and hit it with enough power to leave evidence of it.  its all BS)

It may be the bodies are being used in satanic sacrifice rituals! 
(VN:  I suspect the children were alive when they went on a probable field trip to the place of the sacrifice and were not bodies already dead, since that is not part of the satanic Ritual practice. After all, that is the pattern when the Queen and her entourage took 14 kids from a school and 4 got away, and the others were never seen again and bodies found when new tech provided the ability to locate them with radar.
  They either have to be alive for the sexual abuse, or they have to be murdered for the blood ritual so that they are releasing their spirit at the same time of death so it can be harvested. The blood they drink also has to be fresh and alive which it is within minutes of death.)

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Obama Executive Order The House Overwhelmingly Overturned !!

Vatic Note:   I have to comment here about this photo of Obama.  Check out his eyes, his graying hair, and his face.  He is brutally beaten up.  I have said all along this has never been about Obama. He, like Bush Jr, were puppets and they had no say.Here is something to think on... We did a blog on Obama's head scars, and his extended long trip by navy ships, instead of airforce one, to china and the far east.  When he came back he had a new scar.  We covered it extensively. 

I am bringing this up because He is gone again, to Hawaii, and the bill avoiding the fiscal cliff was robosigned and in the photo below on this issue before the house, he looks like he is in very bad condition.   My question is "Have they sent him on an emergency surgery to Hawaii"?  

I ask because he would normally be celebrating this victory in front of the press, and giving a speech, but he is no where around. His dual Israeli grandfather lives there, and raised him there, and his trip to china had to go through Hawaii to resupply. A COINCIDENCE?    

Remember, his foreign occupying handlers are the leaders in Project Blue brain for advanced research in hard wiring the brain, rather than soft wiring mind control.  I suspect if that is the case, then there would be glitches that would come up that would have to be fixed.  Just asking.  It could be nothing.

The only role that Bush and Obama had is taking the entire heat for what the foreign  occupiers of our government (behind the curtain) do, since they have no accountability for their actions.  Obama gets all the blame as did Bush Jr, and the man behind the curtain skates and I say "NO MORE" SKATING, its time to clean house like Iceland did. 

My next observation is that a miracle happened.  This is NOT AN ELECTION YEAR and the congress stood up to the foreign occupiers at least where their own gain was concerned.  That is a miracle.  Maybe its because they would be in no danger if they did it on something this minor.  

Thanks, Susoni at Rumormills, we appreciate your sharing this with us.  Lets hope these elected officials have the courage to do it on all those horrors and soft kills their blackmailers and handlers are doing to our people... and our children.  Keep praying or meditating and imaging their removal from our government.  AND NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. We have found too many lines in the sand now, with Gun Control as the last one.
gun control

The Obama Executive Order The House Overwhelmingly Overturned !!
Posted By: Susoni, Rumormill News
Date: Thursday, 3-Jan-2013 10:38:05

Last Friday Barack Obama caused quite a stir with his executive order that ended the freeze on wages for Congress and federal workers, giving them what amounted to an $11 billion pay raise. Among those getting more green was Vice President Joe Biden.

On Tuesday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation that blocked the pay raise. The Hill reports,

The House approved legislation on Tuesday that would block a pay increase for federal workers and members of Congress scheduled to take place in March.

Members voted 287-129 in favor of the bill from Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.). Just two Republicans opposed the legislation, and 55 Democrats supported it.

Read more: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=265226

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Sandy Hook, Aurora, and 9/11: Fake Mourners and False Witnesses

Vatic Note:  Dr. Mills did an excellent job in putting this together on all three issues of false flags, trying to get our guns.  Instead, right after all of these, gun sales went through the roof, AND BROKE ALL KINDS OF RECORDS.... and I believe they want us to have a civil war, or a revolution,  just like Russia and Germany before their world wars THAT THEY LOST,  so we would lose THE PLANNED WW III,  just like both other countries exactly the same way.

Well, we must not play their game THEIR WAY..... We must play it like we did during the American revolution  which is a Guerilla warfare game, if we decide to resist taking our guns.  Direct confrontation will not work.

Remember, drones cannot see through trees or caves, AND ARE SUSEPTIBLE TO HACKING as are underground facilities if discovered, vented, they need fibre optics which means lines have to be laid and the nearest phone company is where one would find the beginnings of such lines... etc.... same with water and sewer.    Look for giant water towers above ground on restricted lands with warning signs not to enter or you will be prosecuted.  look for cameras and take them out.   

Now is the time to begin talking about such things, since they have not tried yet to come ILLEGALLY for our guns.  Once they do we are legal in resisting.

Sandy Hook, Aurora, and 9/11: Fake Mourners and False Witnesses
By Professor G. Mills, Taiwan, American Action Report
December 25,2012

  In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, it’s time to revisit the curious phenomenon of smiling witnesses to mass murders.  The smiling witnesses are obviously actors—and poor actors at that; but why do government officials and the corporate media need actors to play the part of witnesses to tragedy when there are plenty of real witnesses available?
     You've probably already read a few of the many anomalies surrounding the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  To give a particularly ludicrous example, the official story tells us that Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster .223 caliber AR-14 to kill all his victims and himself, after which the murder weapon was retrieved from the trunk of his mother’s car.

     (I watched that video several times and compared the image I saw with other weapons known to have been owned by the late (he supposedly killed her too) Mrs. Lanza.  The silhouette and the shell ejection port matched only one of the Lanza guns: the Bushmaster .223 caliber AR-15.)

     Of all the unbelievable aspects of the official story, the most bizarre is the smiling, grinning, jovial young man who suddenly transforms himself—on camera—into the grieving father of a slain six-year-old girl.
     Here is a timeline from the time the so-called “Robbie Parker” appears on the screen:   
8.5 seconds: He first appears on camera.  His head is tilted back as he displays a broad, teeth-baring smiling at the others on camera.  At this point, he looks as if he’s laughing.
9 seconds: He is still smiling as he swaggers toward the microphone.
10 seconds: He makes a smirking comment to someone off camera, obviously please with himself.
11 seconds: He finishes his witticism and looks down, flashing a grin that even Cameron Diaz would envy.
12 seconds: He steps up to the microphone.  His smile begins to fade.
13 seconds: His smile has faded.
14 seconds: He exhales and steps into the role of a grieving parent.
14-24 seconds: Acts as if he is choking back sobs.
24 seconds: He announces, “My name is Robbie Parker.”  Whitepages.com doesn't list that name, or anything like it for anyone of his age group in or near Newtown, Connecticut.  Whitepages.com does list a Newtown resident named Robert Parker, but he is 78 years old—more than twice as old as the actor in this scene.


     The on-line Huffington Post features that same video, but they repeat the line that “Robbie Parker” was choking back tears and “struggling to catch his breath.  The Huffington shills had to have seen the same laughing and grinning that you and I saw, but their story clearly claims that “Robbie Parker’s” sobs were real.  Anyone who seriously believes that the “news” media would not lie to us should take note of Huffington’s hypocrisy in this episode. 
     Take a look at the photo and decide for yourself: Does this man look as though he’s fighting back tears and struggling to catch his breath?
     In Chinese culture, there is such a thing as a paid mourner.  Because Chinese are expected to control their feelings, even at funerals, professional mourners are hired to wail, cry, and otherwise loudly express grief.  In America, however, we have no need to pay people to grieve on our behalf.  Even in Chinese culture, the paid mourner isn't paid to masquerade as a family member of the deceased.
     Why, then, do mass murders in the United States produce fake “mourners” and false witnesses?
     Even Barack Obama could not resist the urge to act the part of a mourner.  Take a look at the following video clip and notice where Mr. Obama puts his finger, supposedly to wipe away tears.
     Before watching this video, turn the volume level to mute.  Observe only his actions.  Does he look as though he is saddened by the recent murder of 20 children?  Then turn up the volume and listen only to his tone of voice, ignoring his spoken words.  Does he sound sad?  Mr. Obama’s body language and tone of voice don’t match the speechwriter’s words.


     The “crying” was obviously fake.  Even when Obama’s critics mimicked his false crying, the critics placed their fingers where people normally would place them when wiping away tears.  Is Mr. Obama so unfamiliar with normal human emotions that he can’t do a convincing job of wiping away fake tears?
     For other examples of false (and often smiling) witnesses to mass murders, see “Why would Reporters Lie about 9/11 if the Truth is Worth a Pulitzer Prize?”  

As far as I know, the only false witnesses to the recent Aurora, Colorado, shooting were government officials and the corporate-owned media—but take a look at the sort of thing a real witness might say about a shooting that was supposedly done by a "lone nut."


     And the following is what can happen to a credible witness who is "too credible" and who "knows too much."  Jenny Gallagher was the emergency room nurse who, according to her husband, "saw everything."


     As a rule of thumb, when government officials and the corporate-owned media collude to provide false witnesses, you can be sure of three things: 1.) their testimony will also be false, 2.) their testimony will support the official story with no deviation from it whatsoever, and 3.) at least that part of the official story will be false.
     Anyone who has been intimately involved in politics from the inside knows the following adages and knows that they are true:
  1. Politics is theater,
  2. Politics, by its very nature, is conspiratorial, and
  3. In politics, nothing happens by coincidence.  If it happens, it was planned.
     It’s no coincidence that both the “Batman” shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting took place just as Congress was set to debate the issue of gun control.  (In the case of the Aurora shooting, Congress was debating a United Nations resolution on gun control.)  Nor is it a coincidence that the 9/11 mass murder provided a rationale for wars and other measures that had been planned as early as 1997.  All three incidents—and others—were staged events.
 (Note: Of all the anomalies mentioned in all the blogs I've read, no one seems to have noticed the one about the mask.  One can argue that the Batman shooter was wearing a mask because it was part of a costume; but why was “Adam Lanza” (if it were really he) wearing a mask?  I've never heard of a suicide shooter wearing a mask.  

Suicide shooters know they’ll be identified after they’re dead, so they have no need to conceal their identities.  More likely, the shooters (there were more than one) and Adam Lanza’s body wore similar masks, and the real shooters got away.)  (VN: Good point, as usual, Dr. Mills rarely misses a trick.  He did the face anomolies on Barbara Olsen compared to Lady Booth who is now married to Ted Olsen, and she looks so much like Barbara.  Nice going!!!!) 
     We are left with the question, “With so many real witnesses and real families of victims, what need do the government and broadcast media have of false witnesses and fake families?”  The answer is simple: Spinmeisters have no way of knowing what a truthful witness or a real family member will say.  Fake witnesses and family members can be relied upon to follow the script.  (VN: Another speculation we read but I could not prove, so we didn't put it up here, but those children may well have been kidnapped to serve as sacrifices for this up coming conflict when they begin "TRYING" to take our guns.  It sounded just like something they would  do.  After all, they are running out of time for sure and have not come close to bringing this nation down without bringing themselves down)
     Take the "Harley shirt guy," who supposedly witnesses both crashes into the WTC twin towers and their collapse—apparently the only person on Earth who witnesses all four events, though he somehow missed seeing the collapse of Building #7.  He enunciated the “official story” of 9/11 before anyone had even investigated the crime.  Ask yourself, "Does anyone who has just seen more than 2,000 people die talk like the man in this video?"


     The same goes for the actor calling himself Robbie Parker.  If a real family member stood before the camera without being coached, there was too much chance that he would lash out at the fact that, by federal law, not one teacher at Sandy Hook was armed.  Since Congress was debating a ban on assault-style weapons that very week, the words of a real parent could have been a disaster for the spinmeisters. 
     Take a look at the following video of the family of an apparently real victim at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The family has obviously been maneuvered into appearing on camera, apparently thinking that they were honoring their slain relative by doing so.  Meanwhile, the ghoulish interviewer Piers Morgan was clearly putting words into their mouths.  The father of the family would clearly rather be somewhere else; and, throughout the interview, he showed contempt for the entire charade.


  (VN: Now take a look at the so called teacher that was killed.... and look at the man behind her, this was taken several years before the shooting and "Sandy Hook" words were in the movie of the batman movie on opening night at the Ahroura shooting which was produced well before the CT so called massacre.  He is showing a Baphomet satanic hand signal, years before the shooting, and he was also one of the witnesses interviewed after the shooting telling us about all the blood and bodies he saw that no one  else saw. Not one single photo or video showed any blood anywhere, or any bodies.  Since when did the MSM become sensitive to such matters?  They never have before?)

     That’s be best the spinmeisters could do for a grieving family.  Even when the family is tricked into being cooperative, they’re not as dependable in following the script as an actor would be.  

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.



Vatic Note:  Just found this and am updating to let you know that there was a second shooting potentially scheduled for a different school and it was included in the same map in the Batman Movie that showed the Sandy Hook school shooting in advance. 

Please read and know that the net may have averted another shooting.  Please check this out below.  Thanks all that are using their power.  I think it maybe working.  Image every single one of the foreign infiltrators incarcerated and put on trial and serving time for their crimes against our nation, people, and culture of trust that we used to have.  I suspect that was both a curse and a blessing.  The curse is that destroying trust is a spiritual abuse issue and the blessing is, it has taught us to be ever vigilant, especially in good times. 

RealTime Jim Stone – Superintendent shutters “Narrows school” due to bat man reference
by Jim Stone Freelance Journalist, [no date]

A school superintendent shut down his school because it was referenced along with Sandy Hook in the same bat man movie, and he believed that made it a strong possibility that another staged school shooting would happen there. The info on this is really sparse right now, but I have seen references that the actual school is on the map in the bat man movie.

This really bodes well for us, I’d call it a victory won. There is something spurious about this that is unconfirmed – that there may have been a date set and the superintendent learned the date and shuttered the school. From the way things are going, this appears to be what actually happened.

This is the e-mail that notified me of this:
From Martin
Narrows High School matches Dark Knight Rises Gotham Map for Narrows. The location for Strike Zone 2 has been identified! It’s the Narrows High School in Virginia. The superintendent has closed the school district in an emergency announcement…

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Jewish Defense League Rep says "....we will be delivering the kind of justice and retribution that only the worst kind of Nazi filth deserves. The “Enemy” will soon be at your door."

Vatic Note:  Apparently, according to correspondance between Mr. Friend and this person from the Jewish Defense league..... they are almost ready to bring down America, and come for us and the quote in part is in the title.  Here is the rest of the article, but the venom and hatred is palpable and its EXACTLY PROMISED TO US TO DO WHAT THEY DID TO THE RUSSIANS.

I still do not understand where they got such hatred of us.  THE REAL JEWS do not feel that way as I grew up with many and they were happy here and we did very well with them.  Its the khazars, the mogels, edomites that hate us with a passion. But that is understandable since they are Satanists who hate Christ.Or maybe its jealosy, ya think? They tried for centuries to gain the wealth our nation has and no where they have settled, did they ever manage to do so. Maybe that is why they hate us.

Love is like acid to these people who have no souls, since love does not feed their hate, and it acts against their hate, which they apparently nurture. You will see what I mean when you read what he wrote to this John Friend. Its never been the Muslims, its always been the khazar israeli's.    Read this and NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, we have finally received an admission that we have been invaded by a foreign country and its time to take a stand in defense of our nation.

I am glad they have finally stopped pretending that every one else was our enemy, and they are finally admitting its only them who are attacking us and attempting to bring us down and take over the country and trying to create division between us in America through deception; False flags blamed on Arabs, then in Missouri trying to train Peace Officers to think of Ron Paul Supporters and Chuck Baldwin supporters as domestic terrorists. FINALLY, THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL SEE THE TRUTH SINCE ITS NOW FINALLY OUT.  FINALLY!!!! WHATEVER THEY DO HERE, JUST LIKE RUSSIA, THEY WILL DO EVERYWHERE, THEY SAID SO IN THEIR PROTOCOLS.  Are you paying attention China???  Brazil???  South America???

There is good news. This is now out in the open where we can all deal with it as it should be. No more of this fake BS AND PRETEND.... we finally know WHO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN PULLING THE STRINGS REALLY IS.... No aggressing. We want everything to be legal, and so far us stupid goyim are legal.... they are not. 

Call out to Sheriffs, heads up in your counties.  Deputize and prepare.  The threat has been made and not denied.  Also It appears, according to the Jewish defense League, that Homeland Security works for the Israeli's and not for the American people.  So now those weapons they bought on our taxes need to be confiscated and returned and sold and replenish the treasury.

Every team needs a hacker for the drones.  Spotters, guerilla warfare coordinators in case they attack us, which is now very very likely, according to the Jewish Defense League,  using their old protocols cannard, anti-semitism, which ironically, is only true of the khazars who hate real semitic Jews as much as they hate Christians, since they are practicing satanists. Ironically, he threatened us, and not the other way around.  so prepare.

One last note:  All actions we took that were nazi like, were in the middle east where we had no enemies, but Israel wanted empire and control of oil and water, so they used their nazi collaborators here in this country to harm all those people who did nothing to them either.  They are the only nazi's on the planet this time around and now everyone knows it.

Happy New Year, Goyim! by Danny Levi  (Jewish Defense League)

Posted on January 1, 2013   by Montecristo

This threatening letter, predicting dark days ahead for the goyim at the hands of their Jewish masters, was fired off yesterday by a representative of the Jewish Defense League, Danny Levi, to anti-Zionist activist John Friend, writer of the controversial John Friend’s Blog


Mr Friend,

Your recent comments about me on your blog have been noted. I only take issue with one thing that you wrote – and that’s the fact that you refer to me as a “Jewish supremacist”. I may be Jewish, but I’m certainly not a “supremacist”. 

Although I’m not surprised that you employ that kind of rhetoric as your kind generally do. (VN: What kind is that? Goyim? And he says he is not a supremecist?)  All you’re doing is flagging up your innate sense of inadequacy and inferiority which is usually the root cause of all that hatred that eats away at your sick soul.  (VN: Aaah, is that what we saw in Gaza?  Bombing unarmed civilians, hospitals, and is that a result of that "sick soul" you seem to know so much about?)

You and I are going to be meeting very soon, (VN: First threat! I believe that is illegal. Sounds like a hate crime to me.) and we’ll see if you’ve got the balls to call me a “clown” to my face. In my experience, aggressive, abusive Nazi-boys like you tend to crumble like men of straw when real life intrudes on all that cyber-hatred that you like to display. And you will be no different.

We REALLY Are Living in a Matrix! That Movie was another Advanced Notice of our Future!

Vatic Note:  Ok,  Even I am having trouble with this one myself.  But if he is right, then this is a total mind blower.  I do not know if he is right, but the evidence he provides is compelling, and yet, hard to believe.   What we are experiencing here in either case, is a complete and unbelievable distortion of reality, a true high tech matrix of fabricated reality that either the powers that be (and its beyond governments, I know that now) or the high tech person presenting this is engaged in.   I had to put this up because if true, we should all know about it.   If not true, then we should question everything and research for ourselves as I plan to do on this.

If true, these are truly brilliant and insane  people.  They live for this deception and nothing else.  How truly sad and what a waste of a life.  I have truly come to appreciate the simplicity and genuineness of my daily life and the people in it, outside of this work I do.  I have never wanted to go back to my roots so bad as I have since I began seeing the inhumane and insane actions of these people.

I realize now, they "NEED" and "WANT" chaos and drama everywhere and spend an inordinate amount of time engaging in all the useless, non productive expense it takes, both in wealth and time, to achieve that end. That leads to another solution. IGNORE EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO, DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS, AND BEGIN going internal with your family, friends, church, or other local institutions and ignore all the rest.  

Create your own reality.  I hate to see just how bad their adrenal glands are.  If they did not have organ harvesting and transplants and stem cells, they would all have died physically, years ago from Adrenal poisoning from all the stress this kind of garbage produces, talk about useless feeders?  Instead of contributing to the enhancement of society and life, they destroy, distract, and manipulate for evil ends.  (I bet Bush went in for an organ transplant after wearing out his organs and that is why he was in the hospital)

Unfortunately, they are the walking dead spiritually.... Zombies, if you will.  Maybe even vampires.  LOL   I find it interesting we that are here now, came to see all this as it is.  We must have decided to come to partake in this charade at this time.  Never has so much been exposed so quickly as what we are seeing now that we never ever saw before.  Even if this guy is some part of a game, then its still the powers that be and everything I said above still stands.  


JFK Assassination Lie 
·Uploaded by RichardBDawson, Published on Oct 16, 2012

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Mr. Chiarini presents biometric comparisons of individuals seen in public roles but who are counterfeits passing on propaganda and agenda programming to others. Their personalities as genuine people in real current news events are staged productions. These actor activists (actor-vists) use pseudonyms presenting information integrated with lies to an unsuspecting public. Much of it is 'not-real-news' NRN.

Watch, decide for yourself, and then become a 'well aware one'. You will never see the world the same again.


Note: We thank YouTube for supporting the people's right to know and freedom of speech.  


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Vatic Note:  This write up is correct, but not complete, so I had to add some VN:'s to clarify on many points.  He seems to hold the earlier traditional view of history that has already been completely torn apart, and thus the focus is not necessarily on the real players, however, he is absolutely correct on what the Satanists are doing and why.   He just doesn't seem to want to mention the "who" of it all, but then I did that for him.  

Otherwise, this was an excellent write up about Satanism and what it means to our children should they EVER TAKE OVER THIS PLANET.   Our Problems won't be the ones we would normally assume with a dictator and tyrant in control.  It will be who will control the Tyrant and that is the danger since it will always be "The man behind the curtain" that we did not know existed until 9-11 happened. 

Then it began coming out all over the place with the USS Liberty, the USS Cole, the airplane crashes that conveniently killed those that also identified the true culprits.   So this is not quite as complete as I would have liked, but it was deeply insightful on the issue of the satanism pervading our society today.  And it was spot on with respect to these mind controlled subjects and the bogus massacres.

So its worth the read, if you keep in mind, either he does not know who, or he does and because of the audience he has, he has decided to soft ball that issue for now.  Read it and see what you think.   This is continued from the earlier part 1, that we put up last week.  If you haven't read that one yet, you should do so before reading this one.  It lays a very good foundation. 
PART 2 of 2
By Paul McGuire
December 24, 2012

As an author and speaker, it is stunning to me to watch some of the so-called big name Christian preachers or celebrities use well-known behavior patterns, which are well known inside of the neurological scientific community. 

To put it bluntly, they are “Manchurian Candidate preachers,” and they and their worshippers do not even know it!   But the net effect is that you have the systematic dismantling of the Biblical church through scientific-occult forces.

The Satanic elite who are creating our new world order in the image of Lucifer are moving quickly to their destination point, that must end in mass human sacrifice in order to please their master Satan. Human and child sacrifice is a mandatory component of Satanic worship. 

This demonic kind of worship goes back to ancient Canaan and the pagan nations which surrounded the tribe of Israel. It can be found in the Druid monument of Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Mayan and Incan ruins. The mass slaughter of approximately eight million people by Hitler was not only about creating a genetically superior master race, but it was also about Satanic sacrifice. (VN:  The number that Hitler was supposed to have done is high.  The last number I heard was 6 million, which is now in doubt due to census information for that period in all of Europe.  Be that as it may, the Khazar Zionists did kill 63 million Christians, murdered them after these bankers financed and orchestrated the bogus revolution, so even 8 million pales in comparison. To be honest, we don't even know if Hitler murdered that many even at the earliest figures which were in the hundreds of thousands and its grown ever since, but this is not the discussion intended here, just wanted you to see the comparison between the 8 million and 63 million in Russia that these Zionists did once they took control through their puppets).

The approximately 50 million abortions in the United States are not only about population reduction or the breeding of a master race, but also about Satanic ritual worship. The Communist Russian, Chinese and North Vietnamese revolutions killed, tortured and imprisoned over 175 million people. 

(VN: What he neglects to point out, which makes me wonder about him, is what everyone now knows, that the Russians were not Russians that killed all those people.  Trotsky was an American named Bronstein and both Lenin and Stalin's names were also of the same ilk.  Like the Chinese leaders, most were educated and indoctrinated in Britain at Oxford or in the USA  under the wing of Shiff and Warburg in the banking industry . So, who was really responsible? Protocols also covers depopulation issues as well. Who financed the feminist movement that lead to these abortions? Who wrote in the protocols that emphasis on sex should be socially engineered into recreation instead of longterm and long lasting family oriented relationships?  Who used an issue of long standing to promote their evil agenda? Who pushed to federalize the public school system?  Who is promoting sex education in grade schools to include "techniques for gay sex" to children barely mature enough to even spell the word, much less understand what it means.  This would interfere with the childs natural development sexually, which if allowed, could have included thier natural inclination to gay sex, but only the child would know and make that decision instead of having sex shoved down their throats in grade school.  REad the Protocols and the Bilderberg social engineering document called "The Lawful Path:  silent weapons for quiet wars."

It is important to understand that the Communist revolutions were created by the Illuminati and the Communist Manifesto was a direct imitation of the Illuminati Manifesto (VN: Which was a direct imitation of the Protocols written in 1897). Stalin and Lenin both understood that the world’s power elite were controlled by the Illuminati (VN: some illums included Rothschild, Warburg, and shiff). Karl Marx was a practicing member of a Satanic church

The carving on the Georgia Guide stones about reducing the human race from seven billion to 500 million as quickly as possible is more than population reduction; it is about Satanic sacrifice as the new world order is brought in. (VN: In fact we published evidence that those guidestones were commissioned by the "Luciferian Society" as they liked to call themselves, so he is right about that, and we also know karl Marx was a member of the International Jewish Congress that were complicit in approving the Rothschild drafted protocols, which is the blueprint they used for the Illuminati guidelines and the blueprint for taking down the globe today. )


UPDATE: “The Other Shooters Are All Dead” based on reverse speech

Vatic Note:  I put this up because it fits with everything else we have proved on here with over 12 blogs just dedicated to the Sandy Hook Shootings done by false flag to push through that desperately needed gun control law or they are toast. I believe the whole thing was a production used for typical multiple purposes.

First and foremost to collect our guns since nothing else has worked. Additionally, I believe either these kids never existed since there is no record of some of them they listed nor the teacher they listed, who was shot, but not on the school records as having worked there, Nor was the teacher they interviewed and sold to us as a suvivor.  That was the Diane Sawyer interview.  She should be ashamed of herself for agreeing to do that just to keep her job or she is one of them.

Finally, if they did take those kids, since they did not kill them, then they are going to be used or have already been used as sacrifice, in satan ritual,  in order to solicit the power they need to pull all this off. Remember, it doesn't matter if Satan does not exist, it matters that they believe he does. Either that, or its dimensional beings, which I am less inclined to support since I have little to no evidence such exists in some dimensional place. That does not mean they don't, it just means we were unable to prove it. So you watch these and you decide.  But it does fit everything else we were able to prove.

“The Other Shooters Are All Dead”
by Barracuda,  Before Its News, January 1, 2013

Reverse speech done on LT.Paul Vance when asked about, did Adam Lanza’s mother have any connection to the Newtown Elementary School.

I have been doing reverse speech since 1994, I have done literally thousands and thousands of reversals. I guess you can say I have a trained ear for this. There was a few years in between where I didn’t do any reversals, but for the most part I kept with it.

It’s like riding a bike,you don’t forget how to do it. I got so good at this, people I knew were paranoid, they would say , you aren’t recording me right now are you. Thinking that I might do reversals on them later on. Thats because after having them listen to my collection I had at the time ,they knew this is for real.

Video #1


Here is the original video.

Video #2


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Israel activates American 5th column for Sandy Hook damage control

Vatic Note:  Oh, this is a good one.  I like Jim Dean.... he  speaks truth to power and does so credibly.  Its good to see the slurs and attacks by the Israeli lobby against those who are truth tellers,  is no longer working.  Anti-semitism is actually a tool of the khazar zionist Israeli sock puppets, to use to manipulate and strike fear in the hearts of anyone showing Israeli's actions as they factually are. 

In reality, given all the quotes from the leaders of Zionism,  the truth is, the zionists are the biggest anti-semites on the planet.  Ask yourselves, why are "real" Jewish people having to see asylum in London and NY from the khazars in Israel?   And as the number of "Khazars" being imported as settlers from Russia, increases, so does the violence against real Jews.   Soon there will be no Semitic Jews Left in Israel and its their and the Pals homeland, and the khazars have zero claim to such land.  How is that for ironic.  Anyway, this is good below, so be sure and read it all the way through. 

Israel activates American 5th column for Sandy Hook damage control
By Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor

The Veterans Today site counts Gush Shalom founder Uri Avnery and rabid anti-Israel activist Gilad Atzmon as writers.” …Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel  ( First published in Press TV … December 19, 2012 )

EditorsNote:  This article was a follow up to Gordon Duff’s on Press TV which went viral and became the most read article in Press TV history. It triggered a quick and organized Israeli Lobby smear campaign before that day was done, which we enjoyed.

Major Foreign Intel agencies taking a close look

It began 36 hours ago during a TV interview about gun control with an angry American radio show host, Mike Harris, made his case for Israeli complicity in the Connecticut school killings. 

Mike based his feelings on the recent Gaza outrages, access to Intel reports on the Berwick killings in Norway, backed by a wealth of circumstantial evidence that raised very serious questions but did not “close.”

Then Gordon Duff wrote a short article on the Harris interview giving some background but stayed well short of endorsing Harris’ conclusions.

Today Duff’s article went viral on Press TV. It hit a nerve, the UN votes, Gaza bombings, the world was, it seemed, ready to blame Israel for whom killing children has been part of their state defense policy for some time.

What can put the “Israeli stamp of approval” on a preemptive attack more than killing children, right?
In the intelligence world especially, Israel has a very long history of state terrorism going back to their pre-1948 war market-basket bombs, and being awarded at least a virtual patent for car and truck bombs. Many of their top leaders came up through their terrorist ranks, where having murdered people was considered a resume enhancer to the voters.
Every counter intelligence officer and analyst working the Israel desk carries around a mental encyclopedia of the methods used in every Israeli attack on record, including those the public is unaware of.


***UPDATE: Diane, here is an additional reason in writing from the mouth of the self proclaimed enemies  of the American people, and they threatened an American citizen for expressing an opinion  that they did not like and threatened him  for it.  Apparently in their own country they do not have freedom of speech.  It appears you can be shot or beat up or something for expressing a displeasure with your leaders or those you perceive are harming you.  NOW YOU KNOW WHY WE WANT TO KEEP OUR GUNS.  ITS TO PROTECT US FROM THE FOREIGN OCCUPIERS OF OUR GOVERNMENT.  USS LIBERTY, USS COLE, 9-11, AND VARIOUS FALSE FLAG MASSACRES AND ASSASSINATIONS OF OUR LEADERS.  

*** they just messed with the link above. Ignore the font, color etc, they are messing with it because they do not want you to know this.  Here is the link directly  


Vatic Note:  Diane, I realize you are ignorant of what is happening in our nation as we speak,  otherwise, I am sure, you would have taken the lead on doing something about it.  But alas, no one has stepped forward out of over 1000 high level elected leaders and appointed dept heads, to stop this long term criminal orgy that has gone on in our "FOREIGN OCCUPIED" government by a nation that has no concept of civilized behavior and social and moral terpitude., 

So, to help ease your embarrasment over that fact, let me quickly educate you as to what is happening so you can quietly withdraw your gun control bill without egg on your face.  OK?  To be honest, when you read all this, you will understand why we, the people, can no longer trust our own law enforcement people at the federal level (Ex. TSA (pedophiles hired), Homeland security,(Crimes committed by their employees, we have proof) The Attorney General (fast and furious).  Further, they are also committing crimes against our people such as sexual fondling of our children at airports, pedophiles working at the pentagon and porno being watched at many depts in our gov on tax payer paid time. 

Attorney General Holden

Where do we begin, I must say.   Lets begin with our highest Law Officer in the land, the Attorney General, Mr. Holden, aided and abetted the illegal acts of the ATF in funneling military weapons such as granade launchers, rocket launchers, assault weapons, machine guns, etc, to drug cartels in Mexico, which I am sure you knew nothing about.  Sarcasm intended.... I couldn't help myself. 

Those illegal acts resulted  in the deaths of two border patrol guards and one rancher and a propoganda campaign to blame gun shops so "someone" could call for gun control.  Hmm, I wonder who that would be? And it was done as a result of those acts which, fortunately, were outted by some diligent press people (not mainstream press,of course, but truth that is documented, non the less).  Now this article below adds very much to that example above, Feds, under the gestapo Homeland Security, allowing murder by a drug cartels hitman inside the USA.  

But let me continue..... other reasons are just as blatantly criminal.  There have been numerous false flag mass shootings (beginning in Virginia under Bush, right on through to the most recent series of shootings) that turn out to be exposed as black ops being done by members of some gov and that could include Britain, Israel and even our own foreign occupied nation, but that would take an investigation that no one at the highest levels of law enforcement have bothered to investigate, just like 9-11. 

Or maybe governments and private contractors for bankers all working in conjunction with each other.  The problem with no one we can trust in Gov is that we have to guess at the truth, until we can piece it together.

Needless to say all these examples, and trust me there are more, are just the tip of the iceberg of just how aware we are of the danger we are in from our own foreign occupied institutions.... or what is better known as domestic based enemies with loyalty to another nation.   

These foreign occupying enemies of our country, are controlling these departments engaging in illegal, unethical, and down right criminal acts against the American people.  Here is a short quick list of just a few of these criminal acts:

THESE ARE KNOWN IN BLACK OPS AS THE "SOFT KILL" weapons against the AMERICAN PEOPLE and there is no doubt about it since the evidence would hold up in a court of law in front of a jury..

1.  Chemtrail dumping loaded with black mold, cancer cells, aluminum nitrate (eats the cortex of the brain and causes record levels of alzheimer disease), barium, and other chemicals that are dangerous to our bodies delivered by the "for profit CIA" airlines, called Evergreen Airways, privately run, and with cooperation of Mossad and MI6.  (Should you need the evidence, please contact Dennis Kucinich who offered legislation to stop the practice.  He has all that you need.  I suspect he gave it to others to protect himself, so don't bother trying to "silence" him.)

2.   GMO foods being allowed to be grown and put into our food supply, that attacks our organs,  and autopsys have found the ready round-up marker in the stomach of the victim that never leaves, but just keeps on producing and leaving pesticides in the system eventually killing off our organs.  Thats only part of what they do.

3.  Vaccines that are killing our children in record numbers, sterilizing those that manage to survive, and actually passing on to recipients the disease for which it was made to protect against. (See the Baxter Scandel, where they sent live viruses to Europe that would have killed approximately 30  million peopleAnother non investigation that never occurred... since part owners of Baxter are Rahm Emmanual and Obama)Recently we discovered that 4,600 unborn babies were aborted due to vaccines given to pregnant women.  Soft kill is still first degree murder anywhere. 

4.   FDA approving killer drugs, that also have side affects worse than the disease for which they were intended to cure.  They have  also approved Genetically modified salmon that was injected with the DNA of an animal that is not even in the same species line. 

THIS AGENCY HAS A REVOLVING DOOR EMPLOYMENT WITH THE DRUG COMPANIES THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO REGULATE AND THEY ARE NOT REGULATING, RATHER RUBBER STAMPING THEIR KILLER DRUGS. That is a criminal act called "conflict of Interest" and once again, should have been prosecuted, but then what do we expect from AG's who do gun running to Mexican drug cartels??? Not much I am afraid.

We sit here watching criminal acts being accepted by those who were hired to protect the people and are not moving a finger to do so.  That means we are on our own and must protect ourselves, and that means our guns. 

I am sure you have read the "Federalist Papers where our forefathers intent for the 2nd amendment was made very clear.... it was to protect against enemies both foreign and domestic and unfortunately both have joined forces against us at this point, thus no one available to stop it.

5.  EPA -has allowed non organic Fluoride in our water supply obtained as waste from the smoke stack of a pesticide plant in Florida and elsewhere I am sure, which lowers the IQ of those that drink it, its in our toothpaste that children swallow, and then, there is the poisoning of our drinking water with arsenic, heavy metals such as lithium,  and chlorine.  My goodness,  I have to work hard to avoid all of this above and its not easy. 

Their revolving door is with the chemical companies.  USDA is not much better but I am running out of room for all the crimes, so some I will let pass right now.  Maybe later if someone finally gets arrested.

Now onto the more serious stuff that we are experiencing as a threat to ourselves and our children.