Hundreds of Gunowners Show up in Temple, TX with Loaded Guns At the “Come and Take it” March

Vatic Note:  I love it.  I have to admit, its soooo American.  No rioting in the streets, no tear gas thrown by cops at the marchers, no brutality by the cops on these people, and why?   BECAUSE THEY ARE ARMED and can fight back if need be.  Its also Texas and they WILL fight back if need be.  This is exactly why the founding fathers put in the second amendment, to PROTECT THE FIRST AMENDMENT GIVING US THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH AND to Assemble and protest.

This alone makes it patently clear why our Bill of Rights is so very important when tyranny is on the prowl within your nation and if you give up those guns, then you are back to serfdom and slavery with no recourse.  If this had been done in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, or even Chicago, you can be sure the unruly ones would have been the thugs that the Bloomberg types hire as cops to create violence and chaos.  Remember, Bloomberg sent his NY police to Tel Aviv, his home that he is loyal to, to learn how to brutalize the local population if they try to exercise their rights under our governing document.

I guess if the march scheduled for July 4th goes forward, we will see which states will keep to their oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as well as the people it was meant for.   Take note when it occurs.  The Homeland Gestapo Security hopes and has been praying for a civil war now for almost a year.  They not only talked about it incessantly when there was no indication that such was ever going to occur, but they literally tried to start the civil war with a series of false flags that got outed and made it clear who the real terrorists were. 

Hundreds of Gunowners Show up in Temple, TX with Loaded Guns At the “Come and Take it” March
by Intelhub,  Before Its News
A week ago this notice was posted by concerned gun owners in the state of Texas:

"We will be gathering for a legal armed open carry march to raise public awareness of gun laws in Texas. It is partially in response to the Temple Police Department violating the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of Active Duty MSGT Christopher J. Grisham HERE. 

Please join us all. We will be exercising our rights as free men and women. Be part of the solution. All permits and armed march route has been approved and coordinated with the city and local authorities. Come out for music, great speakers, food and a march around the police station and town square."

When: June 1st
Where: Temple, TX
Venue: Community Market 212 S. Main St.
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm

“While out hiking with my son through backcountry roads to help him earn his Eagle Scout rank, I was illegally arrested and disarmed without cause. I was thrown in jail and my lawfully owned weapons were confiscated without receipt or notice,” -Grisham

That’s right! Get your guns and get to Temple, TX. They forgot we have rights and we must remind them. If we don’t stand up for fellow Texans today then we will stand alone when it happens to us in our hometown. Just a reminder on legal open carry in Texas: It must be a long gun and can be strapped or hung on your person. Holding it could be considered “calculated to alarm” and this will be a peaceful march. We will be taking up donations for the 2nd Amendment Legal Defense Fund for Christopher J. Grisham.

The march ended up being successful and peaceful, as a local news channel reported:

Army Master Sergeant Christopher J. Grisham was stopped and arrested March 16th while hiking with his son in Temple for carrying his semi- automatic gun.

He says, “I had my son record the arrest because it just became so egregious to me. It was wrong to begin with and I wanted people to see what was going on.”

Since the video has been up, it has gotten thousands of views and comments from supporters.

Evidence of Israeli Mass Murder of Palestinians Discovered

Vatic Note:   And we think this won't happen here?  I can just see Texas now... streets littered with bodies.  Who would have ever thought anyone could do what they did?  I honestly have to admit that I was, not only completely ignorant of this, but of what "True evil" really is, until 9-11.  I thought I knew, but found out I was seriously wrong.  This is one of the reasons I do what I do.

There is no way, we should allow ourselves to be manipulated into doing anything else to these people in such a gruesome way.  If we do than we deserve what ever we get.  Never let the PTB  pit Muslim against Christian or Palestinians against Americans and that includes all Middle east countries against Americans.  Or Americans against Arabs and Muslims.  Now that I think about it, that goes for right against left and vice versa.

Until you can experience or see the results of such evil, there is no way to comprehend something you have never experienced; mans' unfeeling inhumanity to man. Here is an example of what I mean... This experience is what sent me down the rabbithole that landed me on this blog & studying the protocols of the elders of Zion written long before this happened, outlining their intent to do exactly this decades before they actually did it.  How can anyone look at this and not understand true evil does exist.

How Israel came about and was reported back in the late 40's early 50's is completely different than what the research proves, did happen.  You can guess my shock when I discovered all this in the past 11 years.  I suffered deep, severe, cognitive shock, got nauseous, vomited, had the shakes,  and could not eat for the rest of the day.  I have gradually gotten desensitized to these atrocities and thus was able to accept that Israel did 9-11.  No wonder, dispora and other Jews do not want to relocate to israel.  I do not blame them one bit. 

Those real Jews who did relocate to Israel were used and abused as slaves, (VN: scroll  down past the 10 questions and read about this) to build the nation, and many returned to the arab countries they came from, like Iraq and Iran.  What truly proves these Israeli's are not real, is the fact they are willing to nuke Iran, knowing full well, it has the largest Jewish population in the middle east outside of Israel.

How could they willingly kill millions of their own people after what they had already been through.  These true Israelites said they were never included in the sense of family of Israel and knew these pagans were not the returning dispora Jews, rather the Ashkenazi Jews who had no claim upon the land, so they left Israel to the Satanic Khazars, and went back home to Iran and Iraq.

The Khazars were there to profit from it, rather than reclaim a homeland.  Israel is now more a headquarters for their international mafia, engaged in criminal activities, than it is a true homeland, otherwise how could they dig up the Israelites revered sages, to put in parking lots for profit and gain?  You read and decide for yourselves. 

Evidence of Israeli Mass Murder Discovered
by Stephen Lendman, June 3, 2013
On June 1, Press TV headlined "Mass graves from 1948 war discovered in Jaffa."
Palestinian Jaffa is now Tel Aviv's Jaffa municipality. Six mass graves were discovered. They contain remains of at least hundreds of Palestinian victims.
These and other questions remain unanswered. How many more mass graves are yet to be discovered? How many never will be found? 
How many thousands of dead Palestinians remain hidden? How many loved ones were lost? How many surviving family members couldn't bury them respectfully? 
Why have responsible Israelis remained unaccountable? Why hasn't the official historical record been set straight? Why don't lost Palestinian lives matter?
The Nakba was one of history's great crimes. Much about it is known. Israeli historian Ilan Pappe documented it. His book titled "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" explains. More on that below.
On May 29, the al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage reported the mass grave discovery. An official said it came after ground caved in while workers carried out renovations.
According to Islamic Movement in Jaffa's Sheikh Mohammed Najem: 
"During repair and maintenance (Kazkhana cemetery) work, we discovered nozzles to dig into the ground where we found mass graves." 
They included "hundreds of skeletons and human remains of rebels, martyrs and civilians who perished during the Nakba."
"The Kazkhana cemetery has exposed the historical facts that Israel has tried to hide and erase for over 65 years relating to the massacres committed by Zionist gangs during the 1948 Palestinian Nakba."
"These mass graves have banished all doubts of the certainty of oral histories collected by historians of people who lived through the Nakba of 1948 and parts of the war documenting massacres in Jaffa and its suburbs."
Al-Aqsa Foundation's head of holy site files' Abed al-Majid Ighbariya said:
"The foundation will continue to conduct research and scientifically test the remains to send media messages to the whole world that Israel is built on the skulls of the Palestinian people."
Eighty-year old Atar Zeinab was teenaged at the time.
"I carried to the cemetery 60 bodies during a period of three or four months," he said. "We used to find the people in the street, and most of the time we didn't know who they were."

Video: 11-Year-Old Takes Down Monsanto In TED Talk

Vatic Note:  Well, this below is awesome, and it reflects very well on the issue of Homeschooling.  What a blow to the PTB and their agenda to turn schools into institutions of indoctrination, instead of learning.   While they have succeeded to some degree, its not to the degree they wanted or needed.  More and more people are homeschooling and more and more teachers are disgruntled with the restraints placed on them by the Fed Gov.

This below is a good argument for placing control of schools back with local districts and Parents and teachers as the 3 rails in the system on  both teaching methods and selection of course work and books. When we used to do it that way for centuries, we were 2nd in the world in education.  Once we gave it to the feds we dropped.  There is no reason why we can't  take it back.  Elect those that will do our will on this matter.  There is hope for the future with children like this one below. Articulate as well.  

Video: 11-Year-Old Takes Down Monsanto In TED Talk
by Anthony Gucciardi, Truth Theory

The fight against Monsanto has heated up like never before, especially with the recent March Against Monsanto and other campaigns that have been rooted in similar activism. But the simple reality is that it doesn’t take a PHD to realize how Monsanto’s genetic manipulation of the food supply is an assault on the health of the world — an experiment to which we do not know the full extent of the damage. Instead, as 11-year-old Birke Baehr shows us, it simply takes a bit of research.

I wanted to share Birke’s TEDX speech as I feel it shows just how far the information we continue to cover each day has spread. Even the youngest citizens of the world are continuing the tradition of seeking truth that those before them have initiated since the beginning.

The speech also reveals how even an 11-year-old can examine the situation at hand and realize the inherent problems that go along with giving control of the world’s staple food supply to a company that created one of the deadliest chemical weapons of all time — Agent Orange.


A History Of Corruption

We know that Monsanto was responsible for creating the Vietnam-era chemical warfare weapon known as Agent Orange. A chemical creation that killed 400,000 individuals (many of which were innocent or our own troops), led to 300,000 plus birth defects, and continues to haunt veterans and their families to this day.

We also know that Monsanto managed to slip away from criminal charges without so much as a real apology. Quite simply, this is a company with a confirmed history of widespread death that has, in typical mega corporation fashion, utilized an army of lawyers to protect itself from fair treatment within the court system.  (VN: Remember, Monsanto is owned by Khazar Zionists including now, Bill Gates.  They are satanists and those 700,000 deaths and defects are sacrifices to Satan.  We have a blog that just went up going into that in great depths, so we understand where our perpetual wars come from.  Its not only for profits and gain, since they are a criminal mafia institution, but also for their satanic sacrifices as well.)

And thanks to the company’s extreme ties to the government and the media, from associates like top FDA head Michael Taylor, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and beyond, it has managed to get away without a hitch.

Monsanto’s good pal Clarence Thomas has even helped secure them a foothold within the Supreme Court that has allowed for them to openly patent life under what the Supreme Court determines to be a perfectly ‘legal’ practice.

Watch as Birke exposes Monsanto based on the information surrounding the GMO juggernaut that he has researched during his homeschooling.


Natural Society

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Keeping It In the Family: Senator Feinstein’s Husband Stands to Make Millions from USPS Contract -

Vatic Note: Well, its about time someone else picked up on her blatant conflict of interest. We did a blog on how she was relieved of her chairmanship of the subcommittee she was on due to her conflict of interest as chair of the sub-committee awarding her husband the contract.  I find most criminals do not like non criminals armed.  She is falling into that same category.

I would not doubt that she wants us disarmed before we find out all of the stuff she is involved in.  Not including what she knows is coming down the road by our foreign occupied government which then puts her criminality into a whole other level of seriousness.  I believe the term is "treason".  But we won't know that until they make their move against us and then we will know for sure.

These other two episodes we did not know about and its good to keep the truth out there for everyone to see.  Her disclaimer that she had nothing to do with  her husbands business is a sham.

I worked inside and she doesn't have to do anything overt, she just has to unofficially contact the chair of the committee or the lobbyist for the industry her husband is involved in, and make the deal off the record and unofficially.  I saw it happen all the time and its why I quit when I did.  I am glad this publication had the courage to expose these power mongers and money grubbers.

Keeping It In the Family: Senator Feinstein’s Husband Stands to Make Millions from USPS Contract -  
by Daniel Jackson, The Daily Sheeple, June 2013

Dianne Feinstein
Senator Dianne Feinstein has long been accused of corruption and unethical behavior in Congress. From going after the Second Amendment to making tens of millions of dollars through her husband’s companies, Feinstein seems to take unbridled glee in being one of the most corrupt members of Congress today.

Recently, a new wave of accusations has been levied at Feinstein, this time focusing on a deal that started in 2011 when the Post Office awarded the CBRE Group Inc. a contract to be the sole marketer of USPS properties. Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, just so happens to be the Chairman of the Board of the CBRE Group.

That’s right, the United States Post Office, apparently facing a deficit of billions of dollars, has earmarked for disposal over 600 taxpayer funded properties and a company whose Chairman is the husband of a powerful California Senator stands to reap the benefit.

Currently they have at least 42 different properties listed on their official website.

The notorious debunking website, Snopes, recently decided to look at this issue and they found that although the number of properties listed as of now is a little less than the 52 that was originally quoted, it is in fact true that despite the fact that Feinstein claims to have nothing to do with the USPS deal, she and her husband stand to make a substantial profit off their sell.
Facing a deficit of billions of dollars, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has floated a number of proposals to reduce the deficit, including selling off hundreds of post office properties in order to gain cash flow and reduce expenses.
According to the Postal Services 2012 report to Congress, more than 600 buildings nationwide have been “earmarked for disposal,” and the USPS Properties for Sale web site currently lists 41 buildings for sale across the U.S. in addition to 11 land parcels. (VN:  preparing for depopulation.  Get it? I did right away.   They honestly think they are going to get away with this.)
In 2011, the CB Richard Ellis Group, (now CBRE Group, Inc.), the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, was awarded an exclusive contract to market USPC facilities, which CBRE touted by announcing: “Historically, USPC has worked with multiple real estate service providers. The new contract enables USPC to consolidate these activities with one service provider".

RH negs - Take the Quiz: Are you a Starseed?

Vatic Note:  I read this below and decided to put it up  because it matches so closely with the RH neg characteristics, that it justified putting it up and asking the question.  Remember, the RH negs were in search of their mission, but could not necessarily clearly and firmly identify it,  so maybe this is it?  Something to think about, and study.

There are far more traits in here for the star seed than we have identified for the RH negs, but that does not mean there is no connection, nor does it mean there is a connection.  I think we all have to intuitively read and feel what the truth may well be about this issue.  Then if it fits and makes a deep impression on you, there maybe no connection, rather that you may well be both, coincidentally.

Unfortunatley there is so little info, and that could be due to the censorship on the whole alien issue in general.  We are slowly finding out how long and how much our government has known about all this from well before the end of WW II.  Now we are seemingly having an historical event of group consciousness on at least a global basis, if not a galactic basis.

As we move closer to the center of the galaxy, it maybe we are being affected by the electromagnetic energy being put out in massive amounts, due to our proximity to this center... and that may explain the extraordinary activity of the sun right now.  Lots to think about, but as usual be cautious and prudent and careful before making any decisions about this and its veracity.

There are horrific amounts of disinformation in almost every area going on, but I find most take some truth and build their disinfo around that truth.   So, even if disinfo it could provide some seeds of truth in it.   Keep an open but cautious mind.  We certainly do not want to be manipulated either.   If true, then the big question is  "how do we proceed from here"? 

Quiz - Are you a Starseed?  
by in5d Alternative News,  April, 2009

Do you have an obsession over the stars and outer space? Have you ever experienced prophetic dreams or visions? Do you have a fascination with ancient symbols? Take the quiz below, you might be a starseed!

Starseeds are simply those people who either have been awakened to Spirit or have bloodlines from ancient days which connect them to visitors from the stars. There are people of Starseed origin that are just people.

They may have more insight and longing for things of spiritual nature, and a deep respect for the creation. As there are different races of people, and differing ranks of spirits, so also are there different types of Starseeds.

There are those of unions with higher dimensional beings, those of unions with angelic spirit beings, and those of unions with reptillian beings: these latter often being bred through genetic manipulation in secret experiments using technology and genetic information taught by reptillians.

True Starseeds in harmony with the Creator exhibit certain personality traits and manifestation of powers inherited from their ancestors. There are many lists of Starseed traits made by people suspecting such a heritage, but these often have combined the traits of all type of Starseed, including those traits inherint in reptillians.

Some of the traits of true Starseed who are in harmony with the Creator are such:

1) An aversion to bright unnatural lighting, yet solace found in natural sunlight.

2) An aversion to reptiles, amphibians, and snakes. [Reptillian seeds often are obsesively attracted to these however.]

3) Sensitivity to extreme hot or cold.
4) An extreme sensitivity to pain.

5) A feeling of being very different from most others.

6) A memory or memories of a profound experience around the ages 5 to 9, usually having something to do with "aliens," UFO's, or stars. This could also include spiritual visions of earth creatures or people.

spiritual psychology SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: In a recent poll, nearly 75% of all Americans believe they are psychologically prepared for proof of extraterrestrial life while nearly 80% of those polled believe the U.S. Government is hiding information relating to UFO's and extraterrestrials.

7) An obsession with the stars and/or outer space.

8) Having an "imaginary" childhood friend that seemed to speak of its own accord, as if they were a separate entity. This sometimes continues into adulthood.

9) Attraction to the colors green, blue, and purple, especially the lighter/softer colors such as sky-blue and lavender.

10) Accute hearing/above average hearing range.

11) Extreme sensitivity to excessive or clamourous noise.

12) A driving need to get away from "normal" people to either be alone, or seek out someone who shares your interests in spiritual matters.

13) An inner desire and knowing to "do what is right" even though these things were not taught, but often feeling trapped as a child and expressing ones self in ways that are troubling to others.

5-Year-Old Boy Suspended for Cowboy Cap Gun, Interrogated Until He Wet His Pants -

Vatic Note:  Well as you can see, I got a bit hot under the collar in reading this and put some VN's inserted into the text.  That means I don't have much to say up here, but this is another important peg in the issue of Federalized schooling.  We spent most of our history as a nation schooling locally, with our local school boards and parents and teachers all working together and we ended up 2nd in the world in education.

Notice the difference between this boy who goes to a federalized public school, and the boy in the previous blog who is home schooled, what a difference.  This boy below is now fully fearful of the state and its overwhelming power and he will no longer be able to finish his development in his magical state of development.  He will be afraid to go there.  Maybe that is an issue we can address without the politicians having to play a role in any of it.  I will think on it since I am getting ideas already on how to skirt around that system that isn't working.

We are 39th and dropping, under the Feds, with an obvious disregard for teaching that the feds show, and using fear and indoctrination as the two goals of education now.... that and sexualizing our children so they will be much easier to pedophile.  I am so disgusted that I think its time to make a decision.  Get your elected officials to place school control back with the local community or everyone do homeschooling and let the schools shut down.  Or wait til I can come up with a plan  that is hatching in my brain right now.  LOL 

The schools are useless as they stand today, so being shut down will actually be an improvement.  First the bogus ADHD disease and drugging, and now violation of parental rights to be with the child during such gruesome and abusive grilling.  Parents would be prosecuted for child abuse if they did that to their children and would have lost custody of them.  That is why its important to seriously consider options away from federal control.   After what we have just gone through and are still going through, we now know why they want control of our children.  Forget it. Take control back again.

5-Year-Old Boy Suspended for Cowboy Cap Gun, Interrogated Until He Wet His Pants
by Daniel Jackson, May 31, 2013

In a shocking display of the anti gun hysteria now plaguing public schools through the country, the Washington Post is reporting that a 5-year-old boy from Calvert County, Maryland was suspended for the rest of the year after bringing a toy gun onto his school bus.

The boy was also interrogated by school officials for over two hours which caused the child to wet his pants in fear.  (VN: typical 5 year old, but then school  has become the place to train our children to grow up into fearful adults with no will or mind of their own, that is why we have to defederalize the schools.  Those administrators who did that would have been fired had they been  under local control.  No question about it, its blatant and radical child abuse of the worst kind)
The child was questioned for more than two hours before his mother was called, she said, adding that he uncharacteristically wet his pants during the episode. The boy is 5 — “all bugs and frogs and cowboys,” his mother said.


Alice In Wonderland - An historical Perspective, pre MKULTRA - Part 3 of 3

Vatic Note:  Has mind control been going on a lot  longer than MKULTRA?  If so, how did it happen and can it be done today by others without MKULTRA involved?   Good Questions and a very interesting answer lies within this article and probably a lot of  other writings we have not been exposed to.  This surprised me about Emily Dickinson, but once I reread her poety in light of this information.... this makes perfect sense.  So how far back does it go?

Well this author tries to give us a sense of just how far back "brainwashing" goes, since that is what its been called prior to mind control.  After this blog, I intend to put up a blog on how to break mind control in victims or how to protect from any brainwashing that Haarp, or the digital TV may be trying to do.  It was an interesting way to block those attempts that we can do ourselves in our own homes.  Just another nail in the evil ones agenda, and as many as we can insert, is to our advantage.

I hope this series has been beneficial, as it certainly has to me.  I am now able to tell when something, or someone is trying to get into my mind, instead of just my blog.  I have figure a way to thwart it,  and it usually works.  But it did take some experimenting and learning before I found a system that seemed to work.  I now understand why they had to do GITMO, since being in your own home environment is a handicap for the mind control manipulator.   

Once you know its going on you can tell how you think is different than your normal way of thinking and seeing.  AT that point you can address it directly and make it stop, there is no such ability when you are in a controlled physical environment such as GITMO,   I now call it the manufacturing plant for Assassins.    

Alice In Wonderland - An historical Perspective, pre MKULTRA - Part 3 of 3
by Tim Baber, Bibliotecapleyades                                                                     
Thus far we have followed a paper and celluloid trail of the use of mind control techniques that can all too easily affect our children.

The possibility exists that these techniques, discovered by the CIA in Operation Often, were well used many, many years earlier. Assuming similarities will have persisted over time perhaps we should investigate the past some more, before the appearance of Lewis Carroll and the CIA.

The library of Nazareth College (yes, the one with its tunnel system) came to your editors attention just for the book on its fully indexed catalogue, "Emily Dickinson, Monarch of Perception" (2000), by Domhnall Mitchell.
Not having the book to hand a poem by Emily was consulted at random, given the name of the first line.
"He fumbles at your spirit".
Most of her poems are untitled, their themes and contexts tantalizingly doubly obscure.

Emily's poem goes:
He fumbles at your spirit
As players at the keys
Before they drop full music on;
He stuns you by degrees,

Prepares your brittle substance
For the ethereal blow,
By fainter hammers, further heard,
Then nearer, then so slow

Your breath has time to straighten,
Your brain to bubble cool,--
Deals one imperial thunderbolt
That scalps your naked soul.
Now, what I know about literary criticism could just about fill an empty glass, and be just as useful, but this screams at you if you know about Monarch programming of a tortured soul who has had some sort of "Imperial conditioning".
Even children's cartoons (in another contemporary context) use for their triggers apparently the motif of a large if silent hammer.
Even the word Imperial is used, the "Marionette Syndrome" is there for anyone to see if they know what to look for. A psychologist, no doubt unaware of Monarch-type programming, offers the suggestion she is simply depressed! Other critics think only of God as the subject of these lines.

But this is someone who died in 1886!
Before the CIA trawl for methods of mind control could be put into action. So let us (briefly) look at Emily's biography in case she qualifies as a candidate for mental interference.

Today, as she is surrounded by rumor and legend you are best left to discover for yourself her story and see what fits. Nevertheless, a minute or two on the internet reveals that Emily was born in 1830 in New England, USA.
Given a progressive and challenging non-conformist education, she was given access to eminent speakers and thinkers of the day; especially in the Church, the law and the media (and vice versa). At 17 years she suddenly left her female seminary and stayed for most of her life a recluse at her parental home. Her surviving letters include many to an unidentified 'Master' who is addressed in a tone of intense and often masochistic devotion.
Nothing was published in her lifetime, many poems were found hidden - even sewn into her clothing, not even discovered until after her death. Her letters and poems are famous for their tortured originality. It was as if she was programmed but the programmer never followed through.

One biographer suggests her poetry was one,
"of supposed persons, of multiple, imaginative identities..."
I do not know yet if the rumor and legend surrounding her, which I have not the time to pursue just now, entertains the possibility she was a victim of pre-CIA esoteric traumatization at an early age.
This may be an original perspective in her regard worth pursuing for it's own sake never mind for the sake of trawling for any forensic clues.

So, remembering the early pre-Project Monarch case of Emily Dickinson, is Multiple Personality Disorder (or Dissociative Identity Disorder) a reality, a deliberately created state, to split and control the mind, or is it an accident, an illness. In other words is it a false state of mind where the abuse never happened?
Certainly there are organizations like the Landmark Forum who seek to tell people their memories are a "racket" and their memories of for example child abuse should be treated as steering them falsely in their future lives.
Founder Werner Erhardt claims it is possible to peel back the layers and start again (in a television documentary). I call that brainwashing, he says "so what"? The history of his movement repays close scrutiny for it's origins in the intelligence community.

And if brainwashing has, in my lifetime, been created with military ruthlessness, why not before CIA involvement by adepts and sages for their, or even perhaps Arts sake? A distinction may be that here Emily's supposed programmers were not so systematic in destroying everything of beauty and value in life.
Perhaps if she had not become a recluse and poured forth her frustrations in poetry she would have been betrayed further?

Today it seems the intention stops , maybe, at the production and distribution of porn and drugs and blackmail. The intelligence role seems to have been subverted along the way if the claims made in part 1 are true.
The victims are insensible of their fate by being "over the rainbow" thanks to the programming if it uses the Wizard of Oz script , or "Through The looking Glass" if it was Alice in Wonderland. I will not go into the techniques to achieve this state, although they can be found for those keen to discover such 'seeds of learning'. A few choice search words will reveal my sources.
See especially "Svali Speaks" a turned programmer for the illuminati story. You couldn't make this stuff up.

At least the programmers seem on occasion to have a sense of mischievous humor in their choice of symbols and matrices, a tradition I hope that reveals their works to others. Maybe they are behind the symbolic messages left behind each time I have been burgled at my insecure premises in the last year? Somehow I doubt I'm going to find out.

A mother who recently returned my day-job library's copy of a video of Alice in Wonderland remarked intuitively it seemed very strange. Perhaps Monarch programming is not as seamless as the programmers would wish it to be? Maybe I will see it in the next few days when this text is put to bed.

Throwing more fuel on the fire, consider George Klawitter (no known relation to John Klawitter of the ASA) of St Edwards University, of Austin, Texas.
Poet, author of for example, Let Orpheus Take Your Hand, a serious cultured academic, he organized a 2001 Renaissance Conference at St Louis University, Missouri (Yes, there again).
One academic area of interest amongst many others was the Renaissance Satan and amongst many others Plays within Plays.
For the educated and sophisticated this must have been a real draw. Topics covered witchcraft, ritual-symbolic actions, spectral displays of drama, esoteric learning and the psychology of power.
Now, admittedly this was probably a false lead thrown up by the internet, caused by his helpfully unusual name, but it throws up the possibility of Bambi not being enough for the more sophisticated candidate for programming. In other words, programming scripts have to be as sophisticated, or as simple as the audience over their lifetime, and Alice in Wonderland, whilst it might be admirable for what is called base-conditioning may need enhancement... a textual matrix already extant or perhaps created especially?
There are commentators on the internet and in the press who have claimed the authors of Grimms' Fairy Tales, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz have been esoterically or even Satanically inspired in their literary output.
But steady on, since even symbols such as are obtained by basic calligraphy may have been used in the past to focus the mind , it need not be much of a cultural production, perhaps?

If the tradition is very old, then a dimly lit cave with a few paintings would do. In Time Magazine for February 13, 1995 Robert Hughes suggests the powerful paintings in Avignon's long hidden cave system offer us a glimpse into the minds of our early ancestors.
He wrote:
..."the caves may have been places of initiation and trial, in which consciousness was tested to an extent we can only dimly imagine, so utterly different is our grasp of the Cro-Magnons.

Try to imagine an art gallery that could only be entered by crawling on your belly through a hole in the earth, that ramified into dark tunnels, a fearful maze in the earth's bowels in which the gallery goer could, at any moment, disturb one of the bears whose claw marks can still be seen on the walls, where the only light came from flickering torches, and the bones of animals littered the uneven floor.

These are the archaic conditions, that, one may surmise, produced the array of cave fears implanted in the human brain - fears that became absorbed into a later, more developed culture in such narratives as that of the mythical Cretan labyrinth in whose core the terrible Minotaur waited.

Further metabolized, and more basically misunderstood, these sacred terrors of the deep under gird the Christian myth of hell. Which may in fact be the strongest Cro-Magnon element left in modern life".
In case you are wondering the CIA in monarch programming do or did utilize monsters and demons in their scenarios. Hence perhaps the choice of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Whatever works best, remember.

Yet another possible false lead led to the Newberry Library (USA) [which contains the "Monckton letter"] with its texts of our forebears (or at least the ruling elite) showing their great interest in esoteric writings which touch upon these matters.

Which leads us to a consideration of the scripts used in the past, before modern times.

Ruth E. Richardson in the English Review for February 2001 has written an article called The Early History Of Drama.
She sees drama as coming from religious ritual using any appropriate techniques of music, dance or drama to obtain on occasion a slow, rhythmic almost hypnotic progression to enhance and dramatize the ongoing teaching. Our forebears at Stonehenge or Avebury in their processions may have done just this.

The author of the book Virtual Reality in his chapter "Cyberspace and human nature" suggests the caves and their art were later used as a sacred space to imprint in the mind of the initiate the secrets of fire and metal, the connections between seeds and the stars.

He argues:
..."one way for preparing people for imprinting has been known a long time by tribes everywhere, modern as well as prehistoric: bring them into unfamiliar, alien and unpleasant places , part of the procedure known in recent times as brainwashing.

This is designed to undermine the candidates everyday world as completely as possible, apparently to serve as an effective preliminary to making him or her remember..."
On the other hand Rogan Taylor has suggested that whilst our later manifestation of the same thing, drama, both conceals and reveals a secret, he agrees that the complete repertoire of popular entertainment is like a secret code... it is a reference system.
But, he argues, far from confining people it proclaims liberation from the confines of normality through ecstatic religion in performance! For him it can effect esoteric change rather than brainwashing. As John Lennon said, remember it was the CIA who gave us LSD.

So it seems the fault lies with the intent of the change desired... or the use to which it is put. Whom does it serve? The main point here is that, according to Frederick Mann, "it is absolutely vital you understand that the primary means terrocrats use to subjugate, control and dominate their victims is words". (Not forgetting violence and money, he later adds).

Words persist because they are cheaper.
But what entreaties, threats or rewards would I respond to if others did not want you to read this newspaper? (Once I offered to sell out my principles to a couple of eminent local politicians...the reply? - "You haven't any to sell!") I will say here and now, if you think this research is worthwhile make a donation... cheques payable to Tim Baber.
If you want me to stop whatever you subscribe will have to be more than what I and any supporters are prepared to muster to continue with this research. I prefer greenmail to the alternatives.
In the course of writing this the end of a routine 1996 film by Director Peter Segal has been on the television in the background, called My Fellow Americans, starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner. I was transfixed when one after another motifs I now know are part of Monarch programming appeared on the screen.

In My Fellow Americans, heads were severed from everyday fast food giant (ubiquitous) storefront models. (In the manner of Alice's "Off with her head" ).
The phrase "being pushed from the train" was made which would consciously or unconsciously remind a Monarch victim being thrown from the freedom train means to be killed.
A character dressed as Dorothy actually says to one of the President's of the USA in the film they have met "over the rainbow". If it is tongue in cheek it is at best only an in-joke in the worst possible taste. Last night a 1996 film called Grumpier Old Men staring Jack Lemmon and my favorite Walter Matthau started with a motif of a diamond encrusted winged angel or butterfly in the shot.
To an insider this suggests that the female lead might be a monarch controlled 'presidential' model - apparently! It also suggests that the Monarch program is alive and well.

Richard Dorment in the Daily Telegraph 18/12/02 suggests of Disney films for example, that,
"art in fancy dress, art that is in good taste, so unserious, and so loosed from reality couldn't possibly offend anyone"
...and of Alice in Wonderland:
"...even the spookiest of Rackham Woods illustrations for Alice in Wonderland would barely trouble a modern child".
Maybe. It is what I have always believed.

I have read a review by reporter Ellen Futterman of the (Disney) film Monsters Inc. It appears in the St Louis Post-Dispatch (which is owned by Disney). Bizzarely the plot is that monsters need children's screams to power the city of Monstropolis.

What we may need are critical reviews that dissect cultural productions in so far as they incorporate Monarch themes. An excellent example is to be found on the internet by Adam Gorightly on Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. (search term Konformist).

A mere glance at American comics on Tom Morrow's DC Universe Who's Who website suggests this format has been employed by the programmers. Just take a look at "Force of July" and imagine what it might mean to a programmed individual and yes, there is a suicide link and the moral is the country survives but at the cost of Lady Liberty and Silent Majority losing their lives.
See in this context the website http://www.illuminati-news.com/field-of-art.htm on the internet for more.

A most recent candidate for a mind controlling text is the 1950's East German television program, "The Singing Ringing Tree".
This was a cold-war fairy tale the BBC claims it only bought because it was cheap, but it had thousands of children trembling behind the sofa. (Radio 4 Documentary, presented by Chris Bowlby, broadcast 28/12/2002).
Chris Bowlby notes that today there is often no more space behind the sofa, and perhaps we should make sure of that for our children.
"This one gave me dreams and made me think about things right through my life" said one of his contacts.
Traumatizing music and fear apparently lingered in the mind of British children, but the BBC insisted after taking a psychologists advice) that as long as the surroundings were not too familiar some fear was actually a good thing for children. It is still shown in Germany every Christmas holiday time.

This leads to another concern and goes back to asking the right questions of who, what, where, when and why?
Namely WHEN are these programs shown?

Bournemouth University now has available to the public an archive of all the old Radio Times. It is a concern that if Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is in play and the programmers have a distinct matrix of programming to follow, they are likely to seek the broadcasting schedules should reflect their agenda.
We know from SRA victims that abuse happens increasingly according to the prominent dates of the occult calendar and birthdays. Although videos are now common I would expect to see, if the programmers are truly organized, the TV schedules showing increased use of known programming texts on relevant dates. And what do I see.
Approaching the winter solstice we have just had the programs have been more than suitable.
On solstice Eve The Wizard of Oz was broadcast starting every 40 minutes on one cable channel. What would ordinarily be regarded as innocent programming is actually rich in Monarch themes over the entire solstice weekend. This is surely more than usual...once you know them you can recognize them.
There appeared to be a softening up of the darker themes later, especially the following Christmas day, presumably as some kind of reward to the abused minds. Or, am I missing something and the reported SRA flows from the programs themselves? No.

Sadly readers of this newspaper will know the children's show Xena: Warrior Princess is one of my favorite programs. It can be surprisingly dark which can scare even me.
But if you try to watch the program not as a normal person, but as if you were someone (or more correctly as one of their alters) programmed to respond to certain stimuli, unconsciously, you may glimpse in a moment what it must be to be a Monarch programmed victim. For you see, films and even computer games are now working to the beat of another drum, thanks in part to the recognition archetypes play on our psyche.

Christopher Vogler has written an excellent book, "The Writer's Journey, Mythic Structure For Storytellers and Screenwriters".
In it the Wizard Of Oz is held to be an example to mimic. Like a monarch programmed mind, a film or TV program should consist of many archetypical features. These include gatekeepers, mentors, shadows, tricksters and shape shifters. All of these feature in Monarch programming as you might by now expect.
Fritz Springmeier suggests that the key elements of Alice in Wonderland cryptic language are logical contradictions, inversions and reversals which unsettle and bedazzle the mind providing an alternate reality that has it's own attractions.

Fritz writes of the difficulty of de-programming:
"as the slave breaks away from the programming, life becomes a bewildering confusion as the slave is pulled between two worlds. The internal world has everything the alter needs, the external world is a harsh cold reality that doesn't have much to offer.

People in the external world can help make it real for the slave. The handlers will never do this".
Deprogramming expert Mary Jo Schneller says,
"learn what the truth is, investigate without getting yourself in trouble or putting yourself in danger,

[It is a necessary admission to make that the normal practice of going to the primary sources has not been undertaken in this case for reasons of the security of this investigation being compromised prior to publication.]

but she says, learn what the truth is. Replace the lies with the truth. As Mark Phillips has written, Knowledge is our only defence against mind control."
I would add a good family and bags of self esteem will also go a long way.

Rowan Williams adds a religious dimension:
"Can you at least refuse to settle down in the hall of mirrors, and go on asking where truth really lies?" [2]
To be fair deprogrammers are often Christian and maintain a caring religious faith appears to work miracles in their de-programming.

Remember this drawing together of these paper trail threads, (some of what is termed 'casual evidence' in that it is there for all to see) has been done with some reluctance and no malice.
A little pride in making sense of so slippery a subject may be a mistake, for the Japanese have a saying,
"the nail that stands proud is the first to be hit".
But what is published here is done so in the belief that it is true, that it is fair comment and that it is justified.
It has been published because it is in the public interest for you to know this. A right of reply exists in this newspaper for any individual or organization that feels maligned.

I rest my case.
  1. Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart's seminal work on covert programs under the umbrella of MKULTRA used to precipitate Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD (or Dissociative Disorder - DID - as it is now more commonly known), for the military, special operations and espionage purposes.
  2. Rowan Williams' Christmas day Meditation, 2002 on Radio 4

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Luciferian Report: Shedding a little light on the darkest of dark

Vatic Note:  This is the very best write up I have found, with much of it confirmed by previous blogs we have done, but put into a much more comprehensive "BIGGER PICTURE" than we had previously had.  Below, they make the distinction that they are talking about the Ashkenazi Jews, which are the Khazarians, so keep that in mind as that also fits with our findings.

These AShkenazi Jews are not of the 12 tribes of Israel which are Gods' chosen according to the Bible.  These are Khazars and are pagans and Satanists, and edomites and the real Jews are Torah practicing Jews of the 12 tribes, centered around the Old Testament with the same sages and prophits believed in by Christians.What you are about to read below is about these edomites, or ashkenazi's, and not real Jews of the Bible.

In Israel they have a town called "Ashkenazi" that was not there before the khazars took over Israel and they have a General called "Ashkenazi", so they are very proud of that heritage while continuing to use the real Jews as front and cover for their pagan/satanic practices and worship.  The  Babylonian Talmud has been revised to reflect more their pagan practices than was there before.

This below covers the entire child sex slave trade and ritual abuse of children and dovetails into the blog we did on Senator Georgia Schaffer who was investigating Child protective services in her state and their pimping practices to higher up officials.

She was murdered after her 4 part interview with Alex Jones and her expansion of the investigation from state to national and finally international, that is when they did her and her husband.  For a good background on this, visit this blog and then read the rest of this below.  As I said, Jim Stone does another outstanding job on this issue, just like he did on Fukishima.

Where ever you see the term, "Jew" in this write up, substitute the term of either Edomite, or Khazar and Zionists. 

Shedding a little light on the darkest of dark
by Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter

Here is the Luciferian Report

The following report is so damning that I must first state that I am not anti-semitic.
As proof that I have profound respect for GOOD JEWS, just look at what's at the top of my site. Whatreallyhappened.com is owned by a VERY GOOD JEW. Not really a practicing one, but then again, when did most of us last go to church?


Here is my favorite Jew, talking about the evils of the bad ones. BELIEVE ME, if you think ALL jews are bad, you need an education!

And what about Henry Makow? He's Jewish and top linked. So now that that's out of the way, I will continue . . . . .

This is a pre-release of this report. It WILL be updated, even after getting bumped from the front page.
Though virtually all Ashkenazi Jews practice a form of luciferianism, involving child sacrifice, denial of the day of judgement, and the Kol Nidre prayer, in which they vow that nothing they say or promise is to be followed through on, and an enormous percentage of the Sephardic Jews are similar, luciferianism is not distinctly a Jewish problem.

What I will say in this report may surprise many people, but I have a hunch that a few readers will have a knowledge of certain aspects of this report already. This has been a major study of mine throughout the years, and I believe that once I am finished publishing all the segments of the Jewish report there will not likely be a better cache of info regarding this subject anywhere on the web.

My first experience with someone involved in luciferianism was with a Mormon girl (believe me, Mormons are NOT normally into this) who's parents forced her to take part in sacrificial rituals where people were killed. With this particular group, they would find a homeless individual, and murder that individual on Halloween.

She was deeply scarred by having to take part in this, was very withdrawn, and even in her 30's had a very difficult time coping. She eventually got over it enough to get married, and I have not seen her for years. What I noticed most about her was that she seemed to be a very soft spirited woman, who despite being very attractive would always avoid conversations with people, and you could tell that she was deeply scarred.

My next brush with luciferianism was with an employee who worked on the bench beside me in a computer repair center I owned in the early 90's. He told me a LOT of things, but the two things that really got to me was the stories about the ouija board he and a few of his friends made, which even after being burned and visibly consumed in a fire, was in perfect shape on the front steps of the individual it wanted most when they returned to their homes.
He told me about doing a dance around a fire, where fire demons would jump out and dance with the people. There was a certain thing about this - I knew he was not lying. And it all makes sense - If god is real, and good is real, then demons are real and evil is real, there is no reason for any of this to be false.
So this stands as emperical proof that luciferianism is NOT a distinctly Jewish issue. But that's where I am going next.

It seems as if Judaism is the only religion which has institutionalized the key aspects of luciferianism. I learned a LOT when I was with the Jews, a LOT they never knew I realized. For example;  There was a constant pervasive attitude of the NOW. Time after time I was told and saw the attitued that if it feels good, DO IT.

I would ask, well, what about forgiveness, and REPEATEDLY I was told that there is no such thing, and that there will be no day of judgement. I was told that whatever you die with, whatever wealth you had, whatever you accomplished in this life was yours in the hereafter and it mattered not how you got it. This was, of course, after I got their trust.

The Jews equate wealth with holiness. They idolize Bill Gates, and the Rothchilds are virtually Gods. If you happen to be poor, they perceive this as God looking down on you as someone who is not good enough to have wealth and use it correctly, the poorer you are the less you are as an individual. When I brought up the subjects of Bill Gates and his anti-fertility vaccines, they said that if Bill Gates was doing it, it was holy, because God gave him the money to do it and therefore he is righteous enough to spend the money as God intended.
I then changed the subject to how Bill Gates (a jew (VN: khazar)) stole EVERYTHING, he stole Dos from IBM (and was later forced to settle that by writing OS2 for IBM,) He infiltrated and stole everything from WordPerfect, he directly stole the Lotus Spreadsheet and released it as Access, He stole Stacker from Stac electronics outright; - get a load of this!

Secret Powers Of The Mind

Vatic Note:  Now that we have had some more scientist to back this up and since we have under-utilized  this gift, I felt it time to revisit this concept again.  We are getting close to the end now as the evil ones are beginning their final push on phase on of this take over of the world and are making all the moves to prepare for WW III.

NOW is the time to use this power to make World War III go away.   If we get off fiat currency and do silver and gold backed currency,  the entire world can have abundance and peace, along with happiness and enjoyment of their family and friends.  So let the peace begin...... lets start with this below and we will continue to put something up periodically to add to it.  Lets see what is more powerful,  the mind?  heart? Both? or guns?  

Now is the time to find out! 

Secret Powers Of The Mind

Uncover the Secret Powers of the Mind Through Meditation and Law of...

The power of your own mind is truly unlimited. You really can have anything you desire in your life when you know how to your mind correctly. Attract never ending success, happiness and abundance quickly and easily by unleashing the secret powers of the mind.

Many people believed that what you are, where you are and what you have are because of the people around them and because of the external events happened in Secret Powers Of The Mindtheir lives. You should not include yourself who believe with this idea.

The power of the mind is wide. It can make you live a successful and happy life. There are two ways on how you can harness the powers of the mind: meditation and law of attraction.

Meditation: One of the Secret Powers of the Mind

The most powerful and efficient way in unveiling the powers of the mind is meditation.

Every time you meditate, you focus your attention to de-stress and unwind. You also detach yourself from your everyday work and stress.

For a busy person, they will think that this is almost impossible. However, by practicing and by making it part of yourroutine, you will easily learn and develop this. You will learn how to detach yourself from the external world even for just a few minutes of your time each day. Once you start meditating, your mind is opening up to all kinds of opportunities.

You can meditate by simply doing visual imagery and deep breathing. Your mind can reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of your worries and stress. You have to let go of such things as your deadlines and activities for the day. The power of your mind is up to you: it is limited on how you can detach from your outside world.

The Universal Law of Attraction: One of the Secret Powers of the Mind

The secret powers of the mind can also help you achieve your goals much easier.
The Universal Law of attraction states that what you focus on, what your thoughts are, is what you’ll attract into your life.

Whatever you tell the universe will come to you.

However, the universe is not capable of identifying if it’s positive or negative. For instance, you tell yourself, “I’m going to get a parking slot this morning.” Viola! Without spending too much time in the parking area, you were able to find a parking space.

On the other hand, if you worry too much of losing your job, you are telling the universe that you are going to lose your job. Whatever you tell or ask from the universe, the universe will act on your instructions and give it to you.

The Law of attraction is responsible for everything – the past, the present and the future events of your life. If you have the life that you don’t want, it is because you are attracting negative energies in your life. You might be thinking that you are always broke, you do not get the job you want and you are not happy with your life.

What now is the importance of uncovering the secret powers of the mind?

When you know how to meditate, you allow yourself to have serene moments in your life each day. You will be able to approach life peacefully. Through meditation, you have the option to choose serenity over worries. Meditating for at least five to ten minutes per day will help you to be calm. Once this has become part of your routine, you will have a more productive and happy day.
Moreover, once you know the universal law of attraction, you will be able to know how to attract positive energies. You will focus more on positive opportunities which will mean that more positive opportunities will come into your life.

Learn to meditate and understand the concept of the law of attraction to uncover the secret powers of the mind.

You have the ability to create whatever it is that you want in your life. Everything that comes into your life you’re in control of.  Start taking control of your destiny and begin attracting whatever it is you’ve dreamed and desire for through the secret powers of the mind.

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The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.