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Saturday, Dec 20th, is Vatic Masters day off.  See you on Sunday.

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Dragon Society Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines, Part I of 6

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Vatic note:  There are two ways to look at this below.   One is from a globalist perspective where one man runs the world within view of the people, and they serve him, while really serving the fascist corporations.   Surfs is what they were called at one time, under a crown head of a country.  They had zero rights, and that is why many of them migrated to America. If its reinstituted under a global one world order, we will see the same thing only worse.  While much of what was presented in this article is true,  the rest appears to be a call for a return to such a system, and that is unacceptable altogether. 

The bail-ins that are being bandied about that the taxpayer will pay for are the gambling debts of the Federal reserve or international central banks, and should be ignored and let those who allowed all these banks to bet on interest rate movements (and they lost), pay the bill out of their own pockets.   Too bad, gambling debts should be picked up by the gambler and the harmed party has the right to redress for the fraud.  Taxpayer has no part in this game.  It would be different had the banks won the bets and gave all the proceeds to the taxpayer, but they don't.  They keep it.

The second way to look at this is by reading the protocols and their written recommendations to blame everything they do on the Catholic Church which the Zionists hate with a passion and on the Freemasons who were once good guys, who were all stone masons, but the Zionists created additional lodges that had no stone masons in them, only elite and bankers, such as the  York Lodge as an example.... and they infiltrated the entire global stone masonry associations.  The protocols also call for the removal of the monarchies, so there is something to what he says here.  These monarchies are a threat to the central bankers, and Rothschild. 

The zionists use the church, freemasonry and monarchies  as cover for many of their criminal schemes, when the actual association has nothing to do with them, rather the infiltrated members of those institutions, themselves, are at the core of the problem.  Sort of like how our current government is run right now as well as in other countries, and everyone within a country knows it too.  Time to do an Icelandic purge, if we are brave enough and have character enough to make a wrong into a right.  Do we still have principles, courage,  and integrity?   We will find out real soon, won't we? 

Dragon Society  Real History, Dragon Philosophy and  The Importance of Royal Bloodlines, Part I of 6 - The Monarchy
By Tracy R. Twyman,  Bibliotecapleyades,

James VI of Scotland
James I of England

When the Stewart King James VI of Scotland ascended the throne of England to become King James I of Great Britain, he made a speech that shocked and appalled the nobles sitting in Parliament. They had been waxing increasingly bold over the last few years, attempting to limit the powers of the crown to strengthen their own. 
What shocked them was that James used his coronation speech to remind them of the ancient, traditional belief that a monarch is chosen by God to be His emissary and representative on Earth, and ought therefore to be responsible to no one but God. In other words, James was asserting what has become known to history as ‘The Divine Right of Kings’, and they didn’t like it one bit.
Quotes from the speech show how inflammatory his words actually were:
"The state of monarchy is the most supreme thing upon earth, for kings are not only God’s lieutenants upon earth, and sit upon God’s throne, but even by God himself are called gods...
In the Scriptures, kings are called gods, and so their power after a certain relation compared to divine power. Kings are also compared to fathers of families: for a king is truly Parens Patriae, the politique father of his people...

Kings are justly called gods, for that they exercise a manner of resemblance of divine power upon earth: for if you will consider the attributes to God, you shall see how they agree in the person of a king."
The nobles were aghast. This fat, bloated pustule telling everyone to worship him as a god! It seemed patently ridiculous. Even more offensive, James finished up his speech by putting Parliament in its place basically telling them that, since he ruled by the grace of God, any act or word spoken in contradiction of him was an act against God himself. James continued:
"I conclude then this point, touching the power of kings with this axiom of divinity: that as to dispute what God may do is blasphemy... so is it sedition in subjects to dispute what a king may do in the height of his power. I would not have you meddle with such ancient rights of mine as I have received from my predecessors...
All novelties are dangerous as well in a politic as in a natural body, and therefore I would loathe to be quarreled in my ancient rights and possessions, for that were to judge me unworthy of that which my predecessors had and left me."

Although it was James I that made the concept famous, he certainly did not invent the idea of Divine Right. The concept is, as we shall show, as old as civilization itself.

As harsh and dictatorial as it may seem, such a system actually protected the rights of individual citizens from even larger and more powerful bullies such as the Parliament and the Pope. When power rests ultimately in the hands of a single individual such as a king, beholden to nobody except God, who need not appease anyone for either money or votes, injustices are more likely to be righted after a direct appeal to him.  (VN: Depending on the King, that is..... having said that, the prPotocols also discuss doing away with royalty for that very reason.  Then there will be no leadership head to bring the people together against the tyrants. These protocols are a long read, and given this is not a fast food info site, I suggest you take them time to analyze them one protocol at a time.  Digest it, think about it and see the connections to what we are going through today and then move on to the next one.  ITS ALL LAID OUT IN THAT DOCUMENT, THAT WE ARE SEEING TODAY.   Protocols have been confirmed as real both by a 1919 study of congress and Military intel.  The report of that study can be found in the library of congress.  And by a 1938 court ruling.  So they are real, written by the khazar Rothschilds and passed by the zionist international congress made up of khazars.

Furthermore, past monarchs who held their claims to power doggedly in the face of increasing opposition from the Catholic Church managed, as long as they held their power, to save their subjects from the forced religious indoctrination and social servitude that comes with a Catholic theocracy. (VN: remember, blaming the Catholic church for whatever the khazar zionists do, is also outlined in the protocols, so these are clever deceptions for which this group of Zionists are famous for) Author Stephen Coston wrote in 1972’s Sources of English Constitutional History that:

"Without the doctrine of the Divine Right, Roman Catholicism would have dominated history well beyond its current employment in the Dark Ages. Furthermore, Divine Right made it possible for the Protestant Reformation in England to take place, mature and spread to the rest of the world."

The Divine Right practiced by European monarchs was actually based on a more ancient doctrine practiced by the monarchs of Judah and Israel in the Old Testament. Many European royal families considered them to be their ancestors, tracing their royal European lineage back to the Jewish King David, sometimes through the descendants of Jesus Christ. Such a line of descent was (and is) known as the "Grail Bloodline."

One of Europe’s most famous monarchs, Charlemagne the Great, was often called "David" in reference to his famous ancestor, and Habsburg King Otto was called "the son of David." In fact, the European tradition of anointing kings comes from that practiced in the Old Testament. Author George Athas describes how the ceremony symbolized the Lord Yahweh adopting the new king as his own son:

"Firstly, the king was the ‘Anointed’ of Yahweh - the mesiach, from which we derive the term ‘Messiah.’ At his anointing (or his coronation), the Spirit of Yahweh entered the king, giving him superhuman qualities and allowing him to carry out the dictates of the deity. The psalmist of Psalm 45 describes the king as ‘fairer than the sons of men’, and continued to praise his majestic characteristics.
This king also had eternal life granted to him by Yahweh. The deity is portrayed as saying to him, ‘You are my son - today I have sired you.’ The king was Yahweh’s Firstborn - the bekhor - who was the heir to his father’s estate. He was ‘the highest of the kings of the earth.’ Thus, the king was adopted by Yahweh at his coronation and, as such, was in closer communion with the deity than the rest of the people. On many occasions, Yahweh was called the king’s god.

The king was distinguished far above the ordinary mortal, rendering him holy and his person sacred. It was regarded as a grievous offence to lay a hand on him. Thus, to overthrow the king was rebellion of the most heinous sort and an affront to the deity who had appointed the king...
We can note that the King of Judah and Israel is described in divine terms. He is, for example, seen as sitting at Yahweh’s right hand, and his adopted son. We find similar motifs of Pharaohs seated to the right of a deity of Egypt. Psalm 45:7 calls the king an ‘elohim’ - a god. Psalm 45:7also says ‘Your throne is like God’s throne.’"

Here we see the basis for King James’ claim that the scriptures likened human kings to gods. As such, kings were strongly associated with the priesthood as well, and in some cases took on priestly functions. However, traditionally, the Jewish priesthood was dominated by the Cohens of the Tribe of Levi, which was biologically related but functionally separate from the royal line of David - that is, until Jesus came along, heir to both the kingly and priestly titles through his lineage back to both tribes.


However, in other more ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians, the royal and priestly functions were inseparable. In addition to regarding their Pharaohs as the literal offspring of deities, and in fact, deities themselves, the Egyptians believed that the gods had given them the institution of kingship itself. Their first king had been one of their main gods: Osiris, whom all human kings were expected to emulate. Richard Cassaro, in his book, A Deeper Truth, elaborates:

"... during the First Time [The Golden Age when the gods ruled directly on Earth] a human yet eternal king named Osiris initiated a monarchial government in Egypt and imparted a wise law and spiritual wisdom to the people. At the end of his ministry, Osiris left his throne to the people. It was, thereafter, the duty of every king to rule over Egypt in the same manner Osiris had ruled.

This concept that kingship began with a single divine ruler of whom all subsequent human kings are descendants can be traced back to the oldest civilization acknowledged by history, Sumeria, and the other Mesopotamian cultures that followed, such as the Assyrians and the Babylonians. To quote Henri Frankfort:

"In Mesopotamia, the king was regarded as taking on godhood at his coronation, and at every subsequent New Year festival. However, he was often seen as having been predestined to the divine throne by the gods at his birth, or even at the beginning of time. Through a sacred marriage, he had a metaphysical union with the mother goddess, who filled him with life, fertility, and blessing, which he passed onto his people."

The Encyclopedia Britannica has identified three different types of sacred kingship that were recognized in the ancient world. The king was seen as,

(1) the receptacle of supernatural or divine power
(2) the divine or semi-divine ruler
(3) the agent or mediator of the sacred

However, this author believes it is safe to say that all of these concepts stem from the almost universal belief that kingship descended from Heaven with a single divine being who was literally thought of as the ancestor of all those who followed. This king, was known to the ancients as Kronos, the Forgotten Father, and this is another name for the deity/planet, Saturn

He was the ‘brightest star in the heavens", who fell to Earth and intermarried with the wives of men to breed a race of human kings (the Grail Bloodline). After that he was imprisoned in the Underworld by his father, Zeus, the Most High God, for disobeying a social taboo against interbreeding with humans, and sharing secret knowledge with them.


Some might think this contradicts the traditional association of ancient kings with the Sun-God, but in fact, Saturn himself was a sun god of a sort. In ancient times Saturn was the dominant figure in the night sky and as such became known as ‘the midnight sun’ (a term later used by occultists to refer to the Grail). From its position in the sky it appeared to stand still, as the rest of the night sky revolved around it. It was therefore also called ‘The Central Sun.’

Interestingly, although this theory of mine has long been in the works, I’ve recently stumbled across an author named David Talbott who shares this hypothesis on the origin of kingship. From a piece on his website, entitled "Saturn as a Stationary Sun and Universal Monarch, we read:

"A global tradition recalls an exemplary king ruling in the sky before kings ever ruled on earth.

This mythical figure appears as the first in the line of kings, the father of kings, the model of the good king. But this same figure is commonly remembered as the central luminary of the sky, often a central sun, unmoving sun, or superior sun ruling before the present sun.

And most curiously, with the rise of astronomy this celestial ‘king’ was identified as the planet Saturn."

One can see traces of this ancient progenitor of kings just in the word ‘monarchy’ itself. The syllable "mon" means "one" in Indo-European language systems, as in "The One King Who Rules Over All." But in Egypt, "Mon" was one of the names of the sun god, (also called Amun-Re) in its occluded state, at night, when the sun, as they saw it, passed beneath the Earth. The word meant literally for them, "The Hidden One", because he ruled the world (and the Underworld) from his secret subterranean prison. The syllable "ark" comes from the Greek "arche", meaning "original", or "originator." As the first "monarch", Kronos was the originator of kings, the Forgotten Father of all royal bloodlines. Many of our commonly associated symbols of kingship date back to the time when Kronos first introduced it, and are directly derived from him.


For instance, the crown symbolizes the (central) sun, the "Godhead" descending upon the brow of the wise king. The Sumerian kings adorned their crowns with horns, just like Kronos was believed to have done. The throne was Kronos’ seat on his celestial boat in heaven, and has also been passed down to us. Kronos and his descendants were known as Shepherd Kings, an appellation used by royalty throughout history, and this is the origin of the king’s scepter, which was once a shepherd’s staff. The coronation stone and the orb surmounted by a cross are also Saturnian/solar symbols, and the Egyptian word for the sun, Re, may be the source of the French word for king, Roi.

Kronos, and the god-kings who followed him, were known by the title "Lord of the Four Corners of the World." This has given birth to the universal, recurring archetype of "Le Roi du Monde", a concept that was brilliantly explored in a book by René Guenon of the same name. 

In a surprising number of cultures throughout the world and throughout history, there exists this concept of "The Lord of the Earth", an omnipresent and eternal monarch who reigns from within the very center of the Earth itself, directing events on the surface with his superhuman psyche. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, "The Lord of the Earth" is a term applied to Satan, or Lucifer, who, like Saturn, was the brightest star in Heaven, but was cast down by God. Like Saturn, he was imprisoned inside the bowels of the Earth, in a realm called Hell.   (VN: This may explain why so many of the global elite are satanists and they are slowly inculcating that into various military, including ours.)


In fact, it is quite clear that the figure of Satan comes from Saturn, the "Fish-Goat-Man", and obviously the two words are etymologically related. Perhaps this is why the "Grail Bloodline", the divine lineage from which all European kings have come, is traced by many back to Lucifer. The medieval Christian heretics known as the Cathars took this concept to its logical conclusion. They insisted that, since Satan is the ‘King of the World’ ("Rex Mundi’, as they called him), and Jehovah was, in the Bible, the one who created the world, Jehovah and Satan must be one and the same. For preaching this they were massacred unto extinction by the Papacy.

However, in the Eastern tradition, "the Lord of the Earth" represents the ultimate incarnate manifestation of Godhood. They too see him as ruling his kingdom from the center of the Earth, in a subterranean city called either Shamballah or Agartha. And in this tradition, the Lord of the Earth is also a super-spiritual being capable of incarnating on the surface of the Earth in a series of ‘Avatars’, or human kings who rule various eras of existence.


According to New Age author Alice Bailey:

"Shamballa is the seat of the ‘Lord of the World’, who has made the sacrifice (analogous to the Bodhisattva’s vow) of remaining to watch over the evolution of men and devas until all have been ‘saved’ or enlightened."

One of the names that the Hindus use for "The Lord of the Earth" is Manu, who, writes Guenon, is,

"a cosmic intelligence that reflects pure spiritual light and formulates the law (Dharma) appropriate to the conditions of our world and our cycle of existence."

Author Ferdinand Ossendowski adds:

"The Lord of the World is in touch with the thoughts of all those who direct the destiny of mankind... He knows their intentions and their ideas. If they are pleasing to God, the Lord of the World favours them with his invisible aid. But if they are displeasing to God, he puts a check on their activities."

These are obviously activities that human kings, as incarnations of the Lord of the Earth, are expected to replicate in their own kingdoms to the best of their ability. In fact, a number of human kings throughout history have been viewed by their subjects as incarnations of the "Lord of the Earth", embodying the concepts that he represents. These include Charlemagne, Alexander the Great (who was believed to have horns literally growing from his head, just like Saturn), and Melchizedek, a mysterious priest-king mentioned repeatedly in the Old Testament and imbued with an inexplicable importance. 

He was called the "Prince of Salem" (as in Jeru-Salem), and is said to have shared bread and wine with Abraham on Mt. Moriah. Some believe that the cup which they used is the artifact that later became known as the Holy Grail.


Some have also identified him with another king of Jerusalem, Adonizedek, and with Shem, Noah’s son. Nobody knows what his ancestry is, who his descendants might have been, or why, thousands of years later, Jesus Christ was referred to in the scriptures as, "A priest according to the Order of Melchizedek."


Of Melchizedek’s significance, René Guenon writes:

"Melchizedek, or more precisely, Melki-Tsedeq, is none other than the title used by Judeo-Christian tradition to denote the function of ‘The Lord of the World’...

Melki-Tsedeq is thus both king and priest. His name means ‘King of Justice’, and he is also king of Salem, that is, of ‘Peace’, so again we find ‘Justice’ and "Peace’, the fundamental attributes pertaining to the ‘Lord of the World.’"

Even more pertinent information is provided by René Guenon’s good friend Julius Evola, who in his book The Mystery of the Grail wrote:

"In some Syriac texts, mention is made of a stone that is the foundation, or center of the world, hidden in the ‘primordial depths, near God’s temple. It is put in relation with the body of the primordial man (Adam) and, interestingly enough, with an inaccessible mountain place, the access to which must not be revealed to other people; here Melchizedek, ‘in divine and eternal service’, watches over Adam’s body.
In Melchizedek we find again the representation of the supreme function of the Universal Ruler, which is simultaneously regal and priestly; here this representation is associated with some kind of guardian of Adam’s body who originally possessed the Grail and who, after losing it, no longer lives. This is found together with the motifs of a mysterious stone and an inaccessible seat."

Clearly, that foundation stone of the world is the same as the Black, or Hidden Sun in the center of the Earth, or the ‘Grail Stone’ which is said to be hidden in that location. The Grail Romances provide us with much insight into the ‘King of the World’ concept. He is represented in the story by one of the supporting characters, Prester John, a king who is mentioned in passing as ruling over a spiritual domain in the faraway East, and who, quite fittingly, is said to come from Davidic descent.


Evola continues:

"The Tractatus pulcherrimus referred to him as ‘king of kings’ rex regnum. He combined spiritual authority with regal power... Yet essentially, ‘Prester John’ is only a title and a name, which designates not a given individual but rather a function. Thus in Wolfram von Eschenbach and in the Titurel we find ‘Prester John’ as a title; the Grail, as we will see, indicates from time to time the person who must become Prester John.
Moreover, in the legend, ‘Prester John’ designates one who keeps in check the people of Gog and Magog, who exercises a visible and invisible dominion , figuratively, dominion over both natural and invisible beings, and who defends the access of his kingdom with ‘lions’ and ‘giants.’ In this kingdom is also found the ‘fountain of youth.’"  (VN: remember Bush Sr was baptized at the Bohemian Grove as "MAGOG" and he celebrated that much more than his receiving the medal of freedom which he certainly did not deserve.)

"The dignity of a sacred king is often accompanied by biblical reminiscences, by presenting Prester John as the son or nephew of King David, and sometimes as King David himself... ‘David, King of the Hindus, who is called by the people ‘Prester John’ - the King (Prester John) descends from the son of King David."

The "Lord of the Earth", or the figures that represent him, are often symbolized by a victory stone, or a foundation stone which is emblematic of their authority. For instance, British kings are crowned on the "Stone of Destiny", believed to have been used as a pillow by Jacob in the Old Testament. 

Such a stone is often referred to in mythology as having fallen from Heaven, like the Grail Stone, which fell out of Lucifer’s crown during his war with God, and became the foundation stone for the Grail kingdom, having the power, as it is written, to ‘make kings.’ Because it fell from Heaven, the Grail is also often associated with a falling star, like that which Lucifer represents. 

Of course the Black Sun in the center of the Earth also represents Rex Mundi‘s victory stone. It is interesting, then, that in the Babylonian tongue, the word "tsar" means "rock", and is not only an anagram of "star", but a word that in the Russian language refers to an imperial monarch.


Sometimes the monarchial foundation stone is represented as a mountain, especially the World or Primordial Mountain that in mythology provides the Earth with its central axis. The Sumerians referred to this as Mt. Mashu. Its twin peaks were said to reach up to Heaven, while the tunnels and caves within it reached down to the depths of Hell. Jehovah in the Bible, sometimes called El Shaddai ("The Lord of the Mountain") had Mt. Zion for a foundation stone, and was believed to actually live inside of the mountain. Later, the kingdom of Jesus Christ was said to be "founded upon the Rock of Sion".

The stone that fell from Heaven, the royal victory stone, is also sometimes depicted under the symbolic form of a castrated phallus, such as that of Kronos, whose disembodied penis was hurled into the ocean, and there spawned the Lady Venus. This story is a recapitulation of the Osiris story, as well as the inspiration for the Grail legends, in which the Fisher King is wounded in the genitals, causing the entire kingdom to fall under a spell of perpetual malaise. (VN:  Also remember that the Khazars were one of 7 cultures that worshipped the phallic symbol, and we did a blog on that. They are the occupiers of Israel.  Another blog we did was about the Israeli's (khazars) were considering returning to their original religion of the phallic symbol)

The only thing that can heal the king, and therefore the kingdom is the Grail. This is a recurring theme in world mythology. The king and/or the kingdom that temporarily falls asleep or falls under a magic spell which renders it/him ineffectual for a time, until the stars are right, or the proper conditions are met. This causes the king and his kingdom to reawaken, to rise from the ashes, from the tomb, or often, to rise out of the sea.


The cycle recurs in the tales of the Lord of the Earth, who alternates between periods of death-like sleep within his tomb in the center of the Earth, and rebirth, in which he once again returns to watch over his kingdom, to restore righteousness and justice to the land. He then presides over a new, revitalized "Golden Age".


Julius Evola writes of the archetype:

"It is a theme that dates back to the most ancient times and that bears a certain relation to the doctrine of the ‘cyclical manifestations’ or avatars, namely, the manifestation, occurring at special times and in various forms, of a single principle, which during intermediate periods exists in an unmanifested state.
Thus every time a king displayed the traits of an incarnation of such a principle, the idea arose in the legend that he has not died but has withdrawn into an inaccessible seat whence once day he will manifest, or that he is asleep and will awaken one day... The image of a regality in a state of sleep or apparent death, however, is akin to that of an altered, wounded, paralyzed regality, in regard not to its intangible principle but to its external and historical representatives.

Hence the theme of the wounded, mutilated or weakened king who continues to live in an inaccessible center, in which time and death are suspended.... In the Hindu tradition we encounter the theme of Mahaksyapa, who sleeps in a mountain but will awaken at the sound of shells at the time of the new manifestation of the principle that previously manifested itself in the form of Buddha.
Such a period is also that of the coming of a Universal Ruler (cakravartin) by the name of Samkha. Since samkha means ‘shells’, this verbal assimilation expresses the idea of the awakening from sleep of the new manifestation of the King of the World and of the same primordial tradition that the above-mentioned legend conceives to be enclosed (during the intermediate period of crisis) in a shell.
When the right time comes, in conformity with the cyclical laws, a new manifestation from above will occur (Kalki-avatara) in the form of a sacred king who will triumph over the Dark Age.
"...many people thought that the Roman world, in its imperial and pagan phase, signified the beginning of a new Golden Age, the king of which, Kronos, was believed to be living in a state of slumber in the Hyperborean region. During Augustus’ reign, the Sibylline prophecies announced the advent of a ‘solar’ king, a rex a coelo, or ex sole missus, to which Horace seems to refer when he invokes the advent of Apollo, the Hyperborean god of the Golden Age. "

Rene Guenon, Evola’s good friend, believed in this concept, and that the periods of slumber for the Lord of the Earth have been cyclically brought to a close by apocalypses. After this, Le Roi du Monde would return to clean up the wreckage and once more look after his faithful flock. In the Revelation of St. John the Divine, three kings actually return from periods of slumber, death, or prolonged absence: Jesus, Satan, and Jehovah, and naturally, the governmental entity that God chooses for this utopian world is the one which has always been associated with holiness and righteousness: monarchy.

Monarchy was the first form of government observed by man, and it was, according to almost every culture, created by God himself. It is the primordial, archetypal form of government, the most natural, that which all other forms of government vainly try to mimic, while at the same time violating its most basic tenets.  

Monarchy was, for thousands of years, all that man knew. The idea of not having a monarch, a father figure to watch over them, to maintain the community’s relationship with the divine, represented to them, not freedom, but chaos, uncertainty, and within a short time, death. The common people did not jealously vie for positions of power, nor did they desire to have any say in the decision of who would be king. (VN: this is why attacking the monarchy is in the protocols, to keep man without leaders who could lead the people into destroying the evil ones and those who wrote the protocols knew it and now we know it.)

In fact, most of them preferred that there be no decision to make at all: most monarchies functioned on the principle of primogeniture, passing the scepter and crown down from father to son, or in some cases, through the matrilineal line. The decision was up to nature or God, so therefore just and righteous in itself.


Furthermore, they knew they could count on their king or queen to watch over them as they would their own children, to be fair and honest, to protect them from invasion, to maintain the proper relationship between God and the kingdom. They desired to make their kingdom on Earth reflect the order and perfection that existed in God’s kingdom in Heaven.


And for thousands of years before the modern era, when 90% of the population was not intellectually capable of participating in government or making electoral decisions, monarchy stood as a bulwark against the disintegration of the societal unit, providing a stability that otherwise could not be achieved. If monarchy had not been invented, human history could never have happened.


Richard Cassino, in A Deeper Truth, said it best:

"Since the obligation of every king... is to maintain law, order, morality, spirituality, and religion within his kingdom, then the very design of a monarchy itself was probably conceived by the superior intelligence called God so as to endow mankind with a sound system of government.
In other words, the concept of kingship was designed for, and delivered to, the peoples of earth by God to teach mankind to live in a humanized social environment... Human history, with its past and present kingdoms and kings - Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Babylon, Sumer, Aztec, Inca, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, to name a few - stands as a testimony to the fact that the monarchial form of government has been the basis for almost every civilization."

If monarchy is the most perfect form of government, and if it has been responsible for providing us with at least 6000 years of human history, why now does it seem to be only an ancient pretension? Why is the concept of having a monarchy actually function in government considered to be a quaint but laughable thing of the past? Have we really moved beyond monarchy?

Hardly. If you were to graph the entire 6000 years of known human history and isolate the period in which civilized nations have been without monarchs, it would be merely a blip on the spectrum. In fact, of the civilized Western nations, few do not have a monarch reigning either de jure or de facto (although they continue to elect Presidents from royal European lineage.) Most nations that maintain representational government still have a monarch either recognized by the government, or by the people at large. Although essentially powerless, these monarchs maintain a symbolic link between a nation and its heritage, its most sacred, most ancient traditions.


They also constitute a government-in-waiting, should the thin veneer of illusory ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ that maintains democracy break down. The modern system of Republican government is based not so much on the freedom of the individual, but on the free flow of money, on debt, usury, and inflation, on a monetary house of cards known as "Fractional Reserve Lending." It would only take a major and slightly prolonged collapse of the monetary system to eliminate this governmental system. 

At that point, civilized man will have essentially two choices: anarchy or monarchy, and if people have any sense at all they will choose the latter, rather than subjecting themselves to a chaotic succession of despots interspersed with periods of violence and rioting, and the poverty that comes with the lack of a stable state.  (VN: I totally disagree with this paragraph and the one below.... we have no idea what satanic horrors were visited upon the serfs, slaves of those days, and today we posted proof of the satanic connection between the royal families of Europe and the worshipping of Satan.  No thank you!!!!  This analysis does not include consideration for the changes within the royal households from earlier times, as well as the deterioration of our moral code and standards, and that includes these royal families.  There is no guarantee that all would be well under a monarchy, in todays world.)


It would be the most natural thing in the world for the royal families of Earth, as well as the monarchial system which they have maintained, and which has maintained us for thousands of years, to just slide right into place. The kingdom of the gods, who once ruled during man’s Golden Age, would awaken from their slumber and heed the call to duty, like Kronos, their Forgotten Father, and monarch of all, who soundly sleeps within his tomb in the primordial mountain, waiting for his chance to once again hold dominion over the Earth.

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Ashkenazi Haredi School Closed For Discriminating Against Sefardi Kids

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Christmas to all.    Due to generous donors very early on, we have met our goal for the $110, and thanks to an other donor who  brought our normal deficit  balance  down to $120 which is due by the first of the month of the new year.  If you can afford it, please  help us reach that goal by the first of the year. In the meantime, have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Thank you for all who have contributed so far, &  for your support during these turbulent times, especially now.  I had never seen such an immediate response to our call out.  I will pay out the $110 immediately.  It may take time to build up to the income we need to make our deficit, so I may need one more month from our donors, but lets pray that we do very well, right away early on.    May God bless you all in a very special way.

Vatic Note:  The Sephardi Jews are the original Jews of the Bible and are not Khazars, but the Ashkenazi  Jews are khazars and not the real Jews of the Bible as we know it.  That holds for both DNA and religion.  The Khazars were 1 of 7 cultures that were pagans who worshipped the phallic symbol and continue on with it today.  We have covered the differences many times on this blog, since its the Khazars doing all the damage throughout the  world and using children in their satanic rituals.

Even the Sephardi's had to seek asylum in London and New York for protection against the violence and BIGOTRY/RACISM used against them in Israel.   So this is not new to those of us who have been studying the differences.  This to me is simply another indication, at a massive level, of the racism Israel engages in, not only the Palestinians but also the real inheritors of Israel, and maybe that is why they are being discriminated against so heavily. 

This is up for those dual Israeli citizens living here in this country and in other nations, including the regular grassroots khazars who are good guys and follow their Jewish faith...... to see for themselves what to expect if these khazar zionists take over the globe.  It won't be pretty in more ways than we can imagine. I have included other VN: along the way below to add more comments, to match the information as its forthcoming. 

Ashkenazi Haredi School Closed For Discriminating Against Sefardi Kids Whose Father Uses A 'Non-Kosher' Cellphone

Haredi kids eyes covered croppedAshkenazi haredim – especially many hasidic groups – have long objected to having Sefardim study alongside their children, and they have repeatedly violated the law to ensure their ‘pure’ children are not ‘contaminated’ by Sefardim. In this new case, the issue is partly the ethnic background, but mostly the supposed low level of Jewish observance by the family. (VN: the truth is these khazar zionists hate the real Jews of the Bible, who are the Sefardim, as they consider them "weak" and ineffective.)

Originally published at 10:23 pm CST 12-3-2014
Please see the update posted below
Ashkenazi Haredi School Closed For Discriminating Against Kids From Family Whose Father Uses "Non-Kosher" Cellphone
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Another Ashkenazi haredi school has been closed by the government over anti-Sefardi discrimination.

The head of Zichron Yaakov’s Municipal Council, Eli Abutbul, and the Ministry of Education reportedly shut down the ‘Zichron Gavriel’ heder today after the school refused to admit children from a Sefardi family and then, under presssure from the government, accepted the two children.

But when those children came to school Tuesday morning, every classroom they were assigned to was empty – all the Ashkenazi (VN: khazar....)  students had been moved to another location.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Education closed the Zelnik girl’s seminary high school in Elad, where similar tactics were used.

Ashkenazi haredim – especially many hasidic groups – have long objected to having Sefardim study alongside their children, and they have repeatedly violated the law to ensure their ‘pure’ children are not ‘contaminated’ by Sefardim.

Several years ago, a group of hasidic parents were found to be in contempt of the High Court of Justice over this issue and were jailed, sparking massive countrywide demonstrations by Ashkenazi haredim in support of those parents who discriminated against Sefardim.

Update 11:36 pm CST – The above report, which is based on a report in Yeshiva World (which in turn appears to be based on a Kikar HaShabbat report Yeshiva World did not credit or link to), had several errors which I corrected.

Ha'aretz supplies much information Yeshiva World omitted, including the actual reason for the discrimination – a "non-kosher" cellphone and related issues:
…The school is an Ashkenazi Talmud Torah, but it has a substantial enrollment of children of Mizrahi, or Middle Eastern, background – some 40 percent, according to school representatives. The two boys in question, brothers aged five and six, are from a Mizrahi family.
According to the Haredi website Kikar Shabbat, the school did not want to accept the children because the family’s level of observance was not in keeping with the school’s demands. For example, the principal said, the father uses a regular cell phone, not a kosher one without Internet access. The school, however, was forced to accept the children by the Education Ministry.
Over the past two months the children have been teased and harassed incessantly, and were even prevented from entering their classroom, until the Education Ministry inspector responsible intervened, about a month ago.
Since then, parents have been taking other actions to protest the acceptance of the boys. Several times, for example, the boys would come to school and find an empty classroom.  (VN: shame on those parents for being such poor examples of the kind of adults they want their kids to be,  and they are messaging it to their kids as good and honourable.) 
Parents who object to having the boys in the school have also harassed the family. According to local residents, graffiti was sprayed on the walls of their home, the grandfather’s door was sealed with silicon, and flowerpots around the homes were smashed.    (VN:  Ok, I am not going to pussy foot around about this..... They are insane. They commit crimes against others, and that degrades a civilized society if they are allowed to get away with it, and suffer no consequences.  No wonder their kids grow up to be like the adults, thus,  No wonder their leaders are so insane AND DANGEROUS TO OTHER NATIONS,  as well.... they represent their people.)
Local Council Chairman Eli Abutbul said that a “pulsa dinura” curse – a Kabbalistic death curse – was invoked against the family.…

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

UPDATE: 12/18/2014 - Hawaii Victorious Over GMO Tyranny! Follow the money: the Maui-Monsanto war

***UPDATE:  12/18/2014 -  Hawaii Victorious Over GMO Tyranny!  When we originally posted and scheduled this out, the battle was raging in Maui.  The GMO pond scum were winning in other parts of Hawaii but lost in Maui, and fought the results of the election in court.  That is where it was at the time we posted this original article.  But the update came through today and we are posting the fact that they lost in Maui. Lets celebrate every win we get.  So far the courts have not overturned it.

We will post the entire article of the win, up on Sunday, since 12/20 is my day off. AT least when you read the original blog you will know how it turned out.  I told you we were winning small battles and skirmishes, and if we NEVER GIVE UP, we can win the war.    

***Fundraising time - Merry      
Christmas to all.    Due to generous donors very early on, we have met our goal for the $110, and thanks to another donor who  brought our normal deficit  balance  down to $120 which is due by the first of the month of the new year.  If you can afford it, please  help us reach that goal by the first of the year. In the meantime, have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Thank you for all who have contributed so far, &  for your support during these turbulent times, especially now.  I had never seen such an immediate response to our call out.  I will pay out the $110 immediately.  It may take time to build up to the income we need to make our deficit, so I may need one more month from our donors, but lets pray that we do very well, right away early on.    May God bless you all in a very special way.
Vatic Note:   This is up because it proves there is hope and the bad evil satanic guys are not omnipotent.  They are vulnerable and their millions could not overcome a half million in that election that the evil satanic ones lost to the anti-monsanto GMO heroes.

I like to mix in our wins and victories with their continued attack against our people.  Forget about Russia, or China, and focus your efforts 100% on the puppet masters,  Rothschild, international zionist banks and their bankers,  and on that bogus group, called Khazars,  who have taken Israel from their rightful owners, the real Jews. 

Notice the harmful and damaging way they are conducting this war! They are attacking us, for a slow kill, and not a quick kill.   That is because the pain, suffering, and the longevity of it, is what constitutes the sacrifices in the millions if not billions, to Satan, who they petition to make them rulers of the globe with promises of more and more sacrifices and once they rule, they won't even try to hide the perversion of their choices.

These people are a totally insane lot, and must be resisted at all costs, for the sake of your loved ones, children everywhere, elderly, and pregnant women who bear the burden of perpetuation of our race, through their very long and dangerous pregnancy.  The weapons of this war must be spiritual and we must see to it that we fight it with everything we have. 

This below proves we can and will succeed, as do other victories elsewhere that we have published.   The exposure everywhere is killing them and we must continue that fight every chance we get.  If you have not turned to God yet, its now time.

I swear to you, it works to do so.  I converted 8 years ago and I have had proof time and time again that God works for us and protects us and one of these days I will explain in detail.   But its time to do battle on a spiritual plain and this is how...... in fact, the more that convert, the worse it is for the bad ones.  I am watching it every day, so I can attest to that fact. 

Follow the money: the Maui-Monsanto war
by Jon Rappoport,  November 22, 2014

This is a stunner.

On Election Day, Maui passed a local initiative blocking Monsanto and Dow from developing new GMOs in Maui County.    According to Ballotpedia, the winning war chest in the election was, overwhelmingly, composed of contributions from five individuals.   Total? $55,000.

The losing war chest consisted of contributions from three groups: Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, and the Council for Biotechnology Information.
Total? $7,876,000.

I can think of a hundred things to say, but I’ll let most of them ride.
You decide what the lessons are.

Yes, Monsanto is now suing Maui to reverse the results of the ballot measure, claiming state and federal law trumps a county vote.

But check your cynicism at the door long enough to appreciate what it took for the citizens of Maui and the local SHAKA Movement to shock the world.
Authentic hope and change? THIS is what it looks like.

Jon Rappoport - about the author
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. 

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


BREAKING - U.S. Treasury Department Seeking Survival Kits For All Bank Employees!

***Fundraising time - Merry Christmas to all.    Due to generous donors very early on, we have met our goal for the $110, and thanks to an other donor who  brought our normal deficit  balance  down to $145 which is due by the first of the month of the new year.  If you can afford it, please  help us reach that goal by the first of the year. 

Thank you for all your support during these turbulent times, especially now.  I had never seen such an immediate response to our call out.  I will pay out the $110 immediately.  It may take time to build up to the income we need to make our deficit, so I may need one more month from our donors, but lets pray that we do very well, right away early on.    May God bless you all in a very special way.

Vatic Note: Hmmm, I wonder if this is another indication that the Twin Star is here??? Well, from the looks of it, based on this article, we can assume they have targeted populations they do not want to go away, such as their bank employees, rather, identified those they do want to go away.  Not only did they not provide for the population in general,  THEY HAVE NOT TOLD US WHY THESE ITEMS ARE NEEDED BY BANK EMPLOYEES, so we could protect ourselves.

It also means they are preventing those hired with our taxes such as LEO's and Military, that are sworn under oath to serve and protect, are being withheld in doing their jobs we hired them for.  So if they do not protect us, they did it to advance their own position to be saved like the bank employees.  Notice in Ferguson, which was a trial run, the "OATHKEEPERS" showed up to help the residents because the police were not doing the job, and they were hindered in aiding those residents, by the very LEO's that swore to serve and protect and they did neither.

There was no need to withhold that information, whatever it is, unless they wanted the deaths they are proving are going to occur.  So, automatically, they are now our enemy and this is true WORLDWIDE.  Raise your hand if you have had such a warning and share it with us. If not, then you have been identified as their enemy and they are using our taxes, wealth, resources to harm us.  Enough is enough.

So the message is clear, they plan on us dying in record numbers.  Thats why all the millions of coffins stored around the country, why UN trucks transported in the Southeastern US.  Why the attack on the Bundy ranch out west after clearing out 242 ranches from southern Nevada already.  Yup, the game is afoot.  Time to step up to the plate and prepare. 

If its Nibiru or the Twin Star that is coming, then so be it, many are prepared and if that is the case, and they did not warn us, then they have declared open warfare on all the people of the planet, not just the USA.  Open warfare world wide is a lot different than a revolution in just one country where they can control the outcome as they have in the past.  They rely on revolution in ONE COUNTRY to weaken that nation to bring it down using a follow up world war. Well, when its a global attack, they lose, we outnumber them massively and we are not easily fooled in those numbers.  I don't care what they said in the protocols.  We are not ".....SO STUPID WE WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL US."  WRONG!!!!!  Its gone too far now.

Well, now that we know that, and we see who they are targeting, southeastern US,  Western US,  and all rural areas, then we can respond accordingly.  Its time for EVERYONE to wake up and defend their countries people, against the globalists who have had this planned for years.  We know who they are.... Rothschilds, Rockefellers,  Gates,  Shiff, Warburg,  wall street bankers, and international bankers that belong to the BIS owned by Rothschild and the various traitors they have either bribed, blackmailed, or threatened.

So we must do a global purge, in every nation, of these cretins and make sure they never come back again. Iceland did it, threw them in jail and they are in recovery right now.  No reason the rest of the world can't do it.   

BREAKING - U.S. Treasury Department Seeking Survival Kits For All Bank Employees!
By Volubrjotr

Matthew 26:14-15, “Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, went to the leading priests and asked, “How much will you pay me to betray Jesus to you?” And they gave him thirty pieces of silver.”

Matthew 26:14-15, “Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, went to the leading priests and asked, “How much will you pay me to betray Jesus to you?” And they gave him thirty pieces of silver.”
Emergency masks, solar blankets to be delivered to every major bank in the U.S.
The Department of Treasury is seeking to order survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system, according to a new solicitation.

The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country. The survival kit includes everything from water purification tablets to solar blankets.

The government is willing to spend up to $200,000 on the kits, according to the solicitation released on Dec. 4.

Flag Red Shield rothschild zionism keynesian clinton

The survival kits must come in a fanny-pack or backpack that can fit all of the items, including a 33-piece personal first aid kit with “decongestant tablets,” a variety of bandages, and medicines.

The kits must also include a “reusable solar blanket” 52 by 84 inches long, a 2,400-calorie food bar, “50 water purification tablets,” a “dust mask,” “one-size fits all poncho with hood,” a rechargeable lantern with built-in radio, and an “Air-Aid emergency mask” for protection against airborne viruses. HOW ABOUT THE BEGINNING OF THE BAIL-INS WHERE CITIZEN’S ACCOUNTS ARE TAKEN AWAY BY THE BANKS?

Survival kits will be delivered to every major bank in the United States including Bank of America, American Express Bank, BMO Financial Corp., Capitol One Financial Corporation, Citigroup, Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Company, and Wells Fargo.

Items will also be delivered to OCC offices across the country, from Champaign, Ill. to Billings, Mont. The agency also has offices in Sioux City, Iowa; Joplin, Mo.; and Fargo, N.D.

The mission of the OCC is to “ensure that national banks and federal savings associations operate in a safe and sound manner, provide fair access to financial services, treat customers fairly, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.”

The agency has roughly 3,814 employees, each of which would receive a survival kit. The staff includes “bank examiners” who provide “sustained supervision” of major banks in the United States.

“Examiners analyze loan and investment portfolios, funds management, capital, earnings, liquidity, sensitivity to market risk for all national banks and federal thrifts, and compliance with consumer banking laws for national banks and thrifts with less than $10 billion in assets,” the OCC website explains. “They review internal controls, internal and external audit, and compliance with law. They also evaluate management’s ability to identify and control risk.”

It is not clear why the Treasury Department is ordering the kits. Contracts for survival kits are usually made for the military, or law enforcement such as the FBI.

The OCC did not return request for comment before publication of this story.
Free Beacon!

rothschild bloodsucker
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