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46,000 Americans killed each year by drug overdoses... most of them FDA-approved Big Pharma opioids... while medical system suppresses HEMP cures that render many painkillers obsolete

Vatic Note: Just think about that number.  Soft kill is becoming much more effective than hard kill with guns and military weapons and no resistance from the victims.   This should come as no surprise to any of us.  Aleopathic drugs have been a curse upon the American population for a long time and why?

Because the FDA does not do its due diligence when it comes to drug approvals, and protecting the American public, and that is because the FDA is a revolving door to the drug companies and Monsanto.  They switch jobs often.   Some officer of the drug company gets appointed to the FDA board, and then goes back to work for the company they are suppose to regulate.  Now, how does that make any sense??

That intentional act of ignoring the test results of many of these drugs, the side affects, and the kill rate, should result in those in the FDA sitting in a court room under trial for first degree murder of Americans and others who take the drugs that the FDA approves.   Instead they go after natural remedy manufacturers whose natural remedies, kill no one and have no side affects.   Further, they ban them if they actually work, like Marijuana and the orgon machines.

Nearly half a million Americans died from legal drug overdoses in just a 14 year period and yet not a single one of those drugs are banned.  So someone please explain that, will ya?   Depopulation?  Just like GMO seeds???  Yup, soft kill is on the march and now they want to put cell towers in residential neighbourhoods, to add insult to injury.  We have a LOT TO THINK ABOUT IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.  I really like the way Natural News covers our health issues and exposes the underbelly of the "beast".   Time is drawing near.  Time to buy a gas mask for their DNA altering chemtrails and oxygen supplements as well as arms and ammo. 

46,000 Americans killed each year by drug overdoses... most of them FDA-approved Big Pharma opioids... while medical system suppresses HEMP cures that render many painkillers obsolete
By Mike Adams, Health Ranger,
(NaturalNews) According to the FBI, around 15,000 people are murdered in the United States each year. Terrorism incidents like the San Bernardino shootings add another few dozen fatalities, and war operations in the Middle East bring additional casualties into the mix.

Yet the number of Americans killed by FDA-approved pharmaceutical drug overdoses dwarfs all those fatalities combined. According to the CDC, there were 43,982 drug overdose deaths in 2013, and over half of those were caused by FDA approved prescription pharma drugs (opioids).

Ten Things to Think About: The Bill of Rights

Vatic Note:   I put this up in case some of you have never read the Bill of Rights, and those that have, that might have forgotten what they mean and stand for in our so called free society.  Please read them and understand what it will mean to have them all gone.   Imagine, if you will, that you would be incarcerated for life for speaking freely about your feelings about your government.  Imagine, again, if you will, if you watch your family/neighbors "DECAPITATED" for being practicing Christians.  These issues are becoming "real possibilities" in the very near future.  Call your senator and tell him NOT TO VOTE FOR THE TPP TRADE AGREEMENT. 

The Syrians had to watch their Christians get beheaded, what if we do it here???  That is just a couple of examples of what it would be like to live under these criminals laws.  In fact, we  have the noahide laws now being the basis of our legal system.   That happened in 1991 and signed  by Bush Sr.  and he was given the Medal of Freedom by Obama. That is the level of treason by our elected officials,  that our khazar owned press did not bother to tell us about.

So, what has happened to our freedom of press?   Is this BOR below why Scalia was killed?  Are court cases coming before the supreme court?  I wonder.  They certainly will be if the TPP trade agreement is passed.

Ten Things to Think About: The Bill of Rights
By Findlaw, Civil Rights section

The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution make up what is known as the Bill of Rights. These amendments form part of the essence of what makes United States citizenship the privilege that it is. Many people are familiar with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press, but these important Constitutional amendments offer more than those rights, as the following summary demonstrates.
  1. Congress cannot make a law that favors the establishment of one particular religion; that prohibits the free exercise of religion; or that restricts freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people to gather and engage in peaceful demonstrations and to petition the government for redress of their grievances.

How to pack your bug-out bag like a survival expert

Vatic Note:   These are the kinds of things we need to know, since we have been so disconnected from nature and survival living.  

*** the ptb gutted this blog, before I even got my VN up, and I could not figure out why.  Now I know, its because they do NOT want us to survive out in the wilderness where they cannot control us and trying to find us will eat up enormous resources for so little return, tracking and finding one person at a time, and they need those resources for other repressive and dna altering projects.  so read this one and follow up with it.  its that important.  I finally found a saved copy in my files and thank goodness I saved it. 

How to pack your bug-out bag like a survival expert   http://www.naturalnews.com/052583_bug-out_bag_prepping_survival.html
By Daniel Barker,  Natural News,  Jan 10, 2016

(NaturalNews) If you're thinking of assembling a bug-out bag -- and I strongly 
recommend that everyone do so -- you may find yourself becoming confused by the boatloads of sometimes conflicting (and often useless) information you'll find on the web regarding the subject.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no one perfect bug-out bag that will meet the needs of everyone or every situation. There are as many different schools of thought and definitions as to what constitutes a bug-out bag, as there are people who have made their own versions, so no one person or website can be considered the single best source of expertise on the subject.


Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

Vatic Note:  This is an extremely well done and comprehensive article on what Vatic Project has been posting about and exposing for well onto 6 years since we started this blog and that is the Khazarian Mafia as the author likes to call it.  Please read and let us know what you think. 

I have very little more to add to this great recounting of these very evil and psycopathic people.  Except to say that we need to be ready in every way to take these evil ones on and NEVER, EVER GIVE UP OUR GUNS.  Let this be the Concord of our time, and say that if they actually try, it will be the second shot heard round the world.  I can't stress enough how important this article is to our understanding of our situation and that of the world.  The perps are well exposed so we should have no problem identifying them when time comes.

Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia
By Preston James and Mike Harris, Geopolitics,  March 11, 2015

The Rothschild KM also gained some S-19 and S-20 Warheads from a corrupt Member of Congress assigned the task to buy up Ukrainian Mirvs on behalf of the USG in order to decommission them. Instead, he sold them to the Israelis and split the money with other key Congressmen involved.


Vatic Note:  Oh, my Gosh, these are some of the worst horror stories I have ever heard.   This is seriously criminal.   Someone needs to be prosecuted for allowing this to happen to our general population. TREASON IS NOT TOO STRONG A WORD FOR THE FDA AND THE DRUG COMPANIES THAT HAVE DONE THIS TO  US.  The head of the FDA during the approval process of each of these drugs listed below, should be who pays the price for criminal neglect or fraud depending if they got  paid by the drug company outside of their normal salary from the state.

I am still in shock.  This below has made me re-evaluate what I believe is the true agenda here.   While we are being distracted with economic news "created by the evil ones", they are killing us with legal drugs.  The boards of directors of these companies should receive a life sentence for every life ruined both physically and psychologically.

Jim Stone tells us below what the steps will be and we better make an effort to read this since his research in other areas has been impeccable. This first part is about the lives destroyed by the drugs that are promoted as the panacea of relief for these people, and instead they are being driven crazy and worse, by these drugs.

If I were to do that to even one other human, I would be arrested, charged, tried, and if convicted, end up with serious jail time.  We, the people, those of us not on legal drugs,  are going to have to start insisting on the justice system working equally for all citizens regardless of income, status, etc.  The KHAZAR BANKERS  are just as subject to criminal prosecution for their voluntary  actions to harm others,  as we are.  Read the board of directors for these companies and you will see the bankers and wall street players sitting on those boards.   You read and decide.  This below is as bad as, if not worse, than the vaccine scandals currently underway.

Imagine the kind of people we are dealing with here.... they spend and devote their entire lives to this destruction and demise of nations AND HUMANS, INCLUDING CHILDREN, today its the  Western culture that is targeted to go and the attack is against unarmed civilians with no idea that they are at war.

That is definitely in violation of the Geneva conventions.... and a war crime as well as a crime against humanity, as well as TREASON, WHICH IS A DEATH PENALTY OFFENSE.  I just  want to be there when they have to pay their dues..  OR MAKE THEM PAY THEIR DUES IF THE SYSTEM WON'T. 

PRESCRIBED DELETION - the truth about antidepressants. - Testimonies of the destroyed.
by Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter, 

This is a massive subject, and I am living a very difficult life at this time which is interfering with my writing. So, I have to rough this out.

This report is based mainly upon information I gathered during a study of antidepressants I did in 2008/09. This was the study that netted the classified documents from GSK

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

Vatic Note:   We, in our little podunk town got flouride out of our water back in March, 2005, and the state had a fit over it.  The feds and state tried to get us to change our minds, but health sense prevailed and we are still flouride free.  It and watching no more TV has made a world of difference in how we see our world.  Our critical thinking skills are back on line again and boy does that ever feel good.

This info below was news to me, but it makes perfect sense.   What the powers that be neglected to tell us, is the flouride they were putting in our water was the residue of pesticide manufacturing and it cost the company $400 per truck load to get rid of it in a non toxic way.   They the company decided to do was sell this residue as organic flouride to put in our water systems for $40 per truck load.  So the companies turned and expensive detoxing problem into a money making asset at the expense of our health.  Whats new with these Khazars.

Is this part of the "soft kill" that the powers that be have devised for their depopulation program they promised us in the 1974 Georgia Guidestones?  It is beginning to appear that way.  Or is it the "Zombification" of those who will be remaining when all this depopulation is over.  Flouride attacks the brain, so I suspect it might be both.... depopulation and Zombification.   Get this stuff out of your water ASAP. 

Find out the source of the fluoride and use it in arguing your case as we did.  Tell your water board after you prove its bad for human consumption, that if they continue with it in the water, you will sue them, NOT AS A BOARD, rather as INDIVIDUALS, and thus will have to hire their own attorneys and can't use the board paid attorneys since they acted outside the scope of their authority as a board,  in approving something that is so harmful to humans.

In the meantime, start using this spice to repair any damage already done.  This truly is "a must read" article.

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain
By Paranormal Stories,  BIN, Jan 10, 2016

Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why new research proving this common spice can prevent fluoride damage is so promising!



Vatic Note:   It was nice to be validated when I read this.  We have published so many articles tonight showing just how blatantly and quickly these cabals are moving to take over this nation.  With all that is going on right now, I finally get it.   These evil ones are not going to win the Presidential election and now they know it.  Hitlary is out, Sanders is a khazar, and the GOP candidates have also been exposed for their sell out condition.  The only candidate that promises to restore America to her former greatness, is Donald Trump.   They did not expect him to do very well, especially with the left and independants, but he has done extremely well.

I believe that is why these evil satanic ones are on the move at this level.   They are trying to take us and the nation over BEFORE TRUMP can take office.  I could not figure out why they have moved out into the open for everyone to see.  Now I know why.   Trump is winning impressively in many states so far.  It looks like he will get the GOP nomination and if he does, its over for the evil ones and they know it.   Trump has started wearing a bullet proof vest.  He must have turned down the evil ones offer, and thus knew his life was going to be at risk. 


By Jim Stone, freelance reporter, February 15, 2016

With Scalia gone, America is likely to be on a tobaggan ride to the bottom. Abortion is going to get a huge boost, guns are likely to be banned, and it is all too suspicious that 3 out of 9 judges will have been appointed by a phony president who is not even an American. 

Obama just nationalized 1.8 million Acres of Gold and Silver Land Deposits, Robbing Onwers of their Land

Vatic Note:  First question I asked myself when I read the title, "who would have heard the case on this act of nationalizing private land for resource control and depriving citizens of their land?"  Correct and with a divided court, Scalia would have caste the deciding vote.  I guess we can deduce why he may well have been killed.

Read the protocols listed on this site, and written by Rothschilds in 1897 where he talks about taking all the gold.  That is a short summary, but read it and you will see that is exactly what he is saying.  Then keep in mind just how vehemently the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve has fought against an audit both of themselves and of fort knox, our gold reserves. 

Also note that China works hand in glove with Goldman Sachs, owned by the Rothschild family and the Chinese built a 2,000 ton gold vault , so why???  Whats it for?  What about an audit of the Federal Reserve and our gold in Ft Knox that they were suppose to guard and be responsible for.  Is it gone and is that why the Fed is fighting the audit???

Time to take a serious look around and make all the connections.  Its happening right before our eyes.  So, the very BIG QUESTION IS "what do you intend to do about it?"   The results of their efforts will rest solely on the results of OUR EFFORTS OR LACK THERE OF.   They are obviously in panic mode, because all is being exposed so they are rushing to put the lid on their agenda and finish it off before we finish them off.   So, wake up and smell the coffee before its too late.  NEVER, EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. 

Obama just nationalized 1.8 million Acres of Gold and Silver Land Deposits,

I told you it was coming. The Road to Roota documents released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston clearly state that one of the options in the transition is for the Government to take over the gold and silver mining operations after the crash.
Obama has just set the stage for it by nationalizing a large chunk of the hidden gold and silver deposits…

White House confrontation over FBI file leads to Scalia killing

Vatic Note:   I wasn't sure about Gordon Duff,  until this article.  Ironically, if it had been authored by Dean,  I would have no problem with it, but with Gordon, its nothing  but accusations with not one scintilla of evidence to back any of it up.  With Gordons massive love of Obama, and Obama's, persistance use of lies, false flags, and treason,  that I am fully suspicious of this entire article.

I think there were decisions  coming up that the powers that be could not afford to have a Constitutional oath taker, such as Scalia, make decisions on and or expose their violations. Just look at the TPP trade agreement that is a blatant violation of our  Constitution and the installation of a fascist state.  It also does away with courts on issues dealing with corporations in favor of some other system dreamed up by the khazars.  They could not afford to have Scalia as the tie breaking vote on this TPP trade agreement, especially if congress voted it down.

Since most of the existing court was loaded up with Obama and Clinton appointees,  the only chance we had to preserve our Constitution was with Scalia and the powers that be knew it.   THIS IS FALSE FLAG SLANDER, and murder and these infiltrators of our govnernment should be arrested, tried, and if convicted hanged by the neck until dead.

The WW II underground way of dealing with stuff like this is looking pretty good to me as a legit option, since the system is no longer working for us.   Time to work for ourselves.  No wonder they were so obsessed with taking our guns.   Now it makes sense.  My final Question is "What is Info wars dot com doing contributing to this slanderous article with no proof included"???


I was wondering who in the alternative press they were going to get to slander and blame Scalia for his own death.  Now we know.  i AM SURPRISED DEAN ALLOWED THIS.

White House confrontation over FBI file leads to Scalia killing
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, and Ian Greenhaigh, Staff writer, Veterans today, February 26, 2016

[ Editorial note: Revelations on the Allan case, which led to Scalia now lead into the entire Koch network, including the Federalist Society, said to be operating not simply in law schools but America’s high schools as well, and into the Heritage Foundation.
We don’t know when it began, maybe at the Presidio under Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set or before. We do know it has victimized thousands of children around the world, not only in America but channeling children through Belgium and the Netherlands into sexual slavery and death.
What is it that makes the powerful desire that is so hurtful and obscene? When we ignored the Franklin Coverup, we opened ourselves to this… Gordon Duff ]
Scalia – What really happened?
Justice Antonin Scalia was surprised when he was ordered to the White House. This was not a man you gave orders to, especially not President Obama. It was Justice Antonin Scalia who vacated the long sacrosanct immunity from civil lawsuits, opening the door for a weakened presidency.  (VN: oooh, a very biased comment indeed.  No evidence provided that making the power brokers subject to the same civil lawsuits that average Americans are subject to, would weaken the Presidency, please provide evidence, examples of such weakness, and links, thanks.) 

Land Agencies Disinherit Americans - Retired Manager -

Vatic Note:   This fits in with two other articles we have published proving the move is on to take over America, disenfranchise us from our land and our government, and our Constitutionally guaranteed rights and protections, as well as our freedoms.   Can't have slave labor with free men, now can you???  Fascism is on the move.  READ THE FULL TEXT OF THE TPP TRADE AGREEMENT.  ITS DAMN IMPORTANT.... ITS THE TAKE DOWN OF THIS NATION AND ITS DONE IN WRITING.  

The powers that be have decided that we are soo wrapped up in our own lives that we will do nothing to stop them and that is why they are moving forward at a record pace. Too much is coming out too fast, and if they intend to succeed, they must act now.  I guess we will find out if they were right or we were.  

Read the writings of an ex forest service whistle blower and see just how perverse our bureaucrats have become, but then infiltration by the cabal into all our various depts, including the Pentagon, forest service,  US treasury etc, was intended to provide exactly this kind of coverage for their nefarious deeds against our nation and its people.

Notice the man below, talks about our strange religious beliefs that hold truth, honesty, integrity and belief in God as weird and I believe that is why they want to rid the planet of those of us with those strange religious beliefs.   In fact, they intended WW III to be fought between Muslims and Christians where they were to kill each other off and leave the khazar zionists left standing to rule the world.  What a horrible world it would be under their psychopathic control. 

They would make the dark ages look like a picnic if they succeed in their objective.  Lets see to it they don't. 


Land Agencies Disinherit Americans - Retired Manager -
By Henry Makow, February 19, 2016

Agenda 21 is the reason the US government (aka the Illuminati bankers) own
one third of the land in the US and are trying to usurp more. Agenda 21 or 
"sustainable development" is just another face of the occult Communist war on humanity.
Its ultimate aim to use the environment as a pretext to disposess Americans by restricting private property rights and development while reducing population and redefining families.  Below, Bill Barcus of Montana reflects on his two decades with the US Forest Service. 

Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion Blanketing Entire California State!!! Expert Says CO Precursor To Earthquakes, And Is Early Warning System!! Precursor To ‘The Big One’?

*** There are 5 blogs posted tonight, and they are all related to each other.  They are serious and important so please take the time to read.  your country and life may well depend on it. 

Vatic Note:   Is this just another false flag that the evil ones are doing using USA's technology?  Or is it the Dark Star?   Or is it just "FEAR PORN"?   You read and decide.  These evil satanists are good at making all this up using our technology.   I believe they are doing this false flag as a precursor to a major land grab for California's resources.  Notice the land grabs and murders going on out west and we are doing nothing about it?   We are on the verge of losing our nation.  Time to decide and live with the results of that decision.  

They always do a false flag just before trying to get us to buy one of their lies and harming programs. They are going to take us down one state at a time.  Land grabs in conservative states with less population and larger tracks of land rich with natural resources and then, life killing weapons in more populated states with movement into urban areas and in stack housing, in small geographic areas and the average person will not be a land owner, only the ruling cabal and their friends. .  Depopulation is key to the agenda, so Watch and see.  

If you notice, I seldom publish anything like this because it has no basis in fact.  Its just a blog  with an eye witness report, so until I could confirm, I would not put it up.  I did this time because we are seeing more and more war like attacks against Americans and our leaders that won't capitulate to the powers that be, (Does SCALIA ring  a bell?) and it needs to be highlighted and pointed out. We need to pay attention and come together as a people to stop all of this, otherwise, why bother fighting gun control? 

They appear to be saving the most conservative states out west until last since the Powers that be,  have no foothold here with the people.  The TPP trade agreement, if passed, is the blue print for what we are seeing right now in both the Scalia false flag and this one as well.   My question is,  how did a methane gas leak turn into a "carbon Monoxide Explosion"???   After all that is what it was first reported to be:  just a methane gas leak that could have been stopped.

And it was stopped, so now this???? You better face the fact that war is being conducted against us by our own infiltrated and taken over government.  Do you want to live under these evil satanists or do you want to die fighting them?  You decide and start letting go of that which is important to you if you choose to live under their plan, like your elderly, your children, your freedoms and protections, courts, etc. READ THE TPP TRADE AGREEMENT WORLD WIDE.  It guts our soveriegnty, our courts, our constitution and our rights. It in fact, globalizes all of us world wide.   That means we have to take them on world wide. 

Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion Blanketing Entire California State!!! Expert Says CO Precursor To Earthquakes, And Is Early Warning System!! Precursor To ‘The Big One’?

By Indian in the Machine,  BIN,  February 28, 2016


Monsanto to face tribunal at The Hague for 'ecocide' against humanity and the planet

Vatic Note:   Monsanto's owners should be prosecuted for intentional assault  against humanity using food to conduct war on a soft kill basis.  GMO seeds attack our organs and its been postulated that it ensures workers do not live past 40 when their physical prowess is over, and then they do not become wards of the state, rather, corpses due to GMO seeds.

Then the state can steal the social security fund that these people paid into their entire lives.   We definitely have a bunch of psychopaths running this nation and others that they have infiltrated as well.   It appears that some action is being considered against Monsanto and I am anxious to see it happen.  Lets hope that is the case. 

Monsanto to face tribunal at The Hague for 'ecocide' against humanity and the planet  

(NaturalNews) An international tribunal made up of some of the world's leading environmental and human rights groups, is set to hold the world's most evil corporation, Monsanto, accountable for its crimes against nature and humanity.

Dubbed "The Monsanto Tribunal," a cohort of scientists, environmentalists and professionals from all across the globe will put Monsanto on trial at an upcoming hearing at The Hague this fall, where the purveyor of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and chemical crop herbicides will be charged for committing "ecocide."

Christians Arrested by Jewish Bolsheviks Are Still Prisoners of Injustice

Vatic Note:  Its amazing what we do not and did not know about real history.   What is described below about the Russian peoples plight, is what is called "SLAVERY" in the truest sense of the word.   Its exactly what these khazar bankers have planned for us in their psychopathic frenzy.  When you read this, you begin to understand that the word "human" has no connection to these sociopaths with no humanity, no compassion, no soul, no spirit, rather just an advanced animal basically called a "predator", an opportunist, and a total unadulterated psychopath.

In reading this, you can't help but feel for what the Russian people suffered under the Christian murdering hand of these khazars.   Is it a coincidence that the Noahide laws as a basis for our legal system,  passed our congress back in 1991 and was SIGNED BY BUSH SENIOR?   Or was it a way to set everything up for the eventual take over of our nation.   Can we expect the exact same treatment? 

Is this why they wanted our guns so badly.  Every single dual Israeli Ashkenazi citizen should be kicked out of office, since they are the khazars and disarming us is against our basic rights under our governing document.  It was the khazars pushing for disarmament of the American people,  Feinstein, Liberscum, Levy Pelosi etc.

Like Iceland, we should jail those that have committed either treason or crimes that are on the books.  Then purge the remaining khazar bankers out of our country.  Tell your elected officials to VOTE AGAINST THE TPP TRADE AGREEMENT AS ITS THE FOUNDATION FOR EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE.  It guts our protections against these predatory psychopaths.

Christians Arrested by Jewish Bolsheviks Are Still Prisoners of Injustice
by Mark Franchetti Vorkuta, Longon Times. June 28, 1998

Conquering cigarette addiction and eight other ways raw honey can improve your health and your life

Vatic Note:   During my research I discovered that this type of honey described below and organic, natural, unprocessed cinnamon are natures most potent anti-biotic.   It makes sense since Honey bees are responsible for seeing to it that the hive survives all the ravages of nature and protects the hive occupants which are the babies.

Its amazing what nature has to offer us that would help us stay away from the life killing drugs that are fed to us.  More people die from the side affects  of the poorly regulated drugs, than from deaths from car accidents nationwide.  What an indictment that is.   The FDA is a revolving door for those drug company greedy bums who would sacrifice human health for wealth. 

Conquering cigarette addiction and eight other ways raw honey can improve your health and your life 


Dick Cheney Poisoned Hundreds Of US Troops In Iraq — They’re Dying — And The Media Is Silent

Vatic Note:    This does not surprise me, since he knew that the Khazars in Israel were sniping and killed over 400 of our troops and blamed it on the Iraqi's.  He did nothing about it to Israel for doing that, just like Johnson nothing to them for the USS Liberty.

If he would do that, he would do anything.   I am impressed with the level of TREASON I am seeing in our own country by our elected and appointed leaders who obviously have loyalty to the globalists and not to our sovereign nation or its people. We must have loyalty to ourselves.   Time to contemplate our responses to all of this warring they are doing against us and other nations.

Dick Cheney Poisoned Hundreds Of US Troops In Iraq — They’re Dying — And The Media Is Silent
By "The Liberator",  Before Its News,  February 20, 2016

Smart Meters in court: Health & privacy facts explained

Vatic Note:   We just got done fighting the first leve on this issue with the towers placed on the ground in residential areas among houses with the FCC forbidding the local governing body from considering or deciding on placement based on health issues.   If they do it, then the tower is automatically approved by the FCC.  Hows that for violating our Constitutional freedom rights????  We still have one more level to go.   We won the first round, but still have the final round to go. 

Globalization is on the move and this is the first step in warring against the people and their governments sovereignty.  The rest of the weapons of mass destruction can be found in the TPP trade treaty  that moves the world into a fascist state.   Call your reps and senators and tell them to vote against the trade agreement.   We are being set up for depopulation with these weapons of war they are putting on our homes and in our neighborhoods. 

Smart Meters in court: Health & privacy facts explained 
Published on Apr 27, 2012

Tattoos linked to chronic health problems; dyes, chemicals can cause long-term allergies and infections, warn scientists

Vatic Note:   This below is a result of the social engineering of our society, and especially our youth, that has been done to reduce our population world wide down sufficient for the evil ones to control or do away with resistance.   Its also their way of diminishing the intellectual pursuits of our young people.  To make them, basically,  dumbed down, or like Zombies, if you will.  Lots of movies out proving it. 

I am publishing so much on health because that is the soft kill that is being used in this war against  us.  Vaccines, (drug companies),  Cell phones (Telecommunications companies),  chemtrail dumping (Dupont chemicals), and other weapons of war used to either sterilize us, harm us, or kill us off.

Finally they intend to restructure our DNA to remove our resistance to their control over our globe.   Add to this the smart meters which will be used not only to depopulate, or sterilize, but also to create the global spy grid the G20 decided to set up to spy on us through those smart meters.  It was reported more than once as an item on their agenda.

Tattoos linked to chronic health problems; dyes, chemicals can cause long-term allergies and infections, warn scientists 
By Jonathan Benson,  Natural News, Staff writer, June 25, 2015


Trump Calls For Auditing the Fed (Keep your bulletproof vest on Donald!)

Vatic Note:   Notice the title, where it says ".....keep your bulletproof vest on Donald".   Why do I point that out?   Because I believe that is what got Kennedy (JFK) killed.  He signed executive order 1010 that transferred all functions of the fed over to the US Treasury dept.  He made a speech about it and was killed shortly thereafter.  So, what is it about the Fed that makes it so dangerous?   

Its owned and run by Rothschild private khazar bankers and they control not only our currency issuance, but also the debt and interest on the debt.  Did you know our budget does not include revenues from Tax collection?  It includes debt consideration.   How much debt is available for us to then do a budget bill?   That is why Congress always has to raise the debt ceiling.  Tax revenues are strictly for paying the federal reserve owners for the interest on that debt. 

That is how that Rothschild family has become trillionaires.  Interest on debt they do not put up, rather as accounting entries they created to provide the debt levels we want or need to get o ur needs met.   At the same time, the elite are being exempted from paying taxes on their profits, when the Constitution provides that its the profit making companies that are suppose to pay taxes and not the wage earner.   Don't believe me, go read the document for yourselves and see what it says. 

Ron Paul even says that Auditing the fed is the only way to go and has introduced a bill twice to do just that.   I also wanted included in that an audit of Fort Knox where all our gold is "suppose" to be stored.   Is it still there??  No one knows. Half our problems would be solved if we audited the fed.    

Trump Calls For Auditing the Fed (Keep your bulletproof vest on Donald!)
By Admin,  Patriot Rising,  Feb 22, 2016

GOP frontrunner makes good on promise to call for audit of Fed

Donald Trump is calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration

Vatic Note:   Remember, it was the Rothschild khazars that financed the nazi's in WW II and provided 7 of Hitlers 10 leaders who were Zionists.   Then Hitler had over 150,000 Zionist soldiers in his military that he used to guard the camps.  Now add to this, the support of royalty of Europe and Great Britain, whose royalty recently admitted they were also Khazars and that was why their last name was German.  

We documented on this blog, that the entire purpose of this mass illegal immigration was to dilute the RH neg blood of the Aryan race, since that seems to be what the PTB are so very much afraid of,  WHY???  I am still trying to find out why they were so afraid of that blood that they gutted mostly those blogs from this site and I had to go back and reput them up.  The hits for most of them were phenomenal, which told me there were many out there that the issue of blood was important to.   

Was it because of the traits?  Was it because that blood was found "NO WHERE IN NATURE?"  I don't know, but am still trying to figure it out.  This mass migration of illegals is a clever way to attack the blood  and dilute it.  Move in masses of positive blood and hope that through marriage and intimacy, that the blood will be diluted and weakened.   Ironically, the real racists are the Khazars that  call themselves Jews in order to pass on the blame for their actions, unto the real Jews.

Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration
By Brother Nathaneal,  Real Jew News,  January 14, 2016 

3 Powerful Ancient Herbs to Raise Consciousness and Expand Awareness

Vatic Note:   

3 Powerful Ancient Herbs to Raise Consciousness and Expand Awareness 
By Admin, Arclein Blogspot, Feb 3, 2016 
This list is somewhat new to me and well worth revisiting.  Way more important though is the unexpected observation that your response to the herb needs to evolve and includes meditation.  Sensitivity must almost be learned.  Who might have thought that? 

This implies that much of herbal healing needs to be folded in with a program of spiritual practice that enhances the response.  A healer must also be a teacher.

This needs to be thought through in serious detail and carefully to create informed protocols.  It has been there all along but overlooked..