White House confrontation over FBI file leads to Scalia killing

Vatic Note:   I wasn't sure about Gordon Duff,  until this article.  Ironically, if it had been authored by Dean,  I would have no problem with it, but with Gordon, its nothing  but accusations with not one scintilla of evidence to back any of it up.  With Gordons massive love of Obama, and Obama's, persistance use of lies, false flags, and treason,  that I am fully suspicious of this entire article.

I think there were decisions  coming up that the powers that be could not afford to have a Constitutional oath taker, such as Scalia, make decisions on and or expose their violations. Just look at the TPP trade agreement that is a blatant violation of our  Constitution and the installation of a fascist state.  It also does away with courts on issues dealing with corporations in favor of some other system dreamed up by the khazars.  They could not afford to have Scalia as the tie breaking vote on this TPP trade agreement, especially if congress voted it down.

Since most of the existing court was loaded up with Obama and Clinton appointees,  the only chance we had to preserve our Constitution was with Scalia and the powers that be knew it.   THIS IS FALSE FLAG SLANDER, and murder and these infiltrators of our govnernment should be arrested, tried, and if convicted hanged by the neck until dead.

The WW II underground way of dealing with stuff like this is looking pretty good to me as a legit option, since the system is no longer working for us.   Time to work for ourselves.  No wonder they were so obsessed with taking our guns.   Now it makes sense.  My final Question is "What is Info wars dot com doing contributing to this slanderous article with no proof included"???


I was wondering who in the alternative press they were going to get to slander and blame Scalia for his own death.  Now we know.  i AM SURPRISED DEAN ALLOWED THIS.

White House confrontation over FBI file leads to Scalia killing
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, and Ian Greenhaigh, Staff writer, Veterans today, February 26, 2016

[ Editorial note: Revelations on the Allan case, which led to Scalia now lead into the entire Koch network, including the Federalist Society, said to be operating not simply in law schools but America’s high schools as well, and into the Heritage Foundation.
We don’t know when it began, maybe at the Presidio under Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set or before. We do know it has victimized thousands of children around the world, not only in America but channeling children through Belgium and the Netherlands into sexual slavery and death.
What is it that makes the powerful desire that is so hurtful and obscene? When we ignored the Franklin Coverup, we opened ourselves to this… Gordon Duff ]
Scalia – What really happened?
Justice Antonin Scalia was surprised when he was ordered to the White House. This was not a man you gave orders to, especially not President Obama. It was Justice Antonin Scalia who vacated the long sacrosanct immunity from civil lawsuits, opening the door for a weakened presidency.  (VN: oooh, a very biased comment indeed.  No evidence provided that making the power brokers subject to the same civil lawsuits that average Americans are subject to, would weaken the Presidency, please provide evidence, examples of such weakness, and links, thanks.) 

Sources say that Scalia was the single actor behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton. President Obama was aware of this and had ordered the FBI to set out traps for Scalia. We will now outline the downfall of Antonin Scalia. Yes, this is a story of secret societies, operating worldwide and ritual Satanic child abuse that permeates Washington.  (VN:  Ooooh, this looks like a slander piece, where is the evidence, documentation, etc.  IS THIS BEING DONE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO ANY SUPREME JUSTICES THAT THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM IF THEY DO NOT DO AS TOLD. Just look at the decisions in our favor that justice Scalia brought down for "we the people", while the Obama appointed judges turned a blind eye to the attempts at destruction of our Constitution.  So, killing him wasn't good enough, slander had to be used as a message to all other justices.)

Scalia funeral
When Scalia left the White House after a meeting with the president just before flying to Texas, the manila envelope he was carrying had printouts from a computer seized by FBI Special Agent Jeff Ross of the Salt Lake City, Utah field office, or so informants tell us. (VN: what informants?  Positions, titles, how did they get access to this info, how did they know what was in the envelope, who told them???)
Scalia left the White House carrying “slam dunk proof” that would lead to the arrest, conviction and, of course, impeachment of a seated Supreme Court Justice, files that contained names of victims and details on sex acts, preferred “types” along with dates and places. All of this was on the seized computer and these files went “up hill” from the FBI to the Department of Justice and directly over to the White House.  (VN: this is a perfect example of what I am talking about in the Vatic Note.  How did these authors know what was in that envelope?  Where is the proof, where are the witnesses,  this is slander that can't be answered by a DEAD MAN. )
There, political advisors leapt on them, seeing a chance to leverage a justice and, in this case, and this is very important, bring down Scalia in such a way that conservatives would be forced to accept virtually any Obama nomination.
When Scalia arrived in Houston and chartered a plane after ditching his US Marshall protection detail, Scalia and his companion, C. Allen Foster. Foster heads the Order of Hubertus and is co-owner with John Poindexter of the Cibolo Creek Ranch, 25,000 plus acres free for anyone to use, according to John Poindexter, “free of charge,” so long as they are a supreme court justice, “A list” celebrity like Mick Jagger or billionaires, others need not apply. (VN: again, no evidence, in fact this article is sorely lacking any kind of support to the various slanders being waged against this man who did everything he could to protect and defend our Constitution, and thus the people who are protected under it. )

St. Hubertus ritual mask from Scalia death scene, photo credit: InfoWars.com
St. Hubertus ritual mask taken from Cibolo Creek ranch (credit: InfoWars.com)
The crux of the story is how they got Scalia. According to sources, Scalia had been providing protection for an international pedophile ring and was murdered by “friends” who he had informed of the nature of his visit with Obama and the doom it signaled for those around Scalia, prosecution, ruin and Citizens United reversed.  (VN: this is pure speculation of the worse kind.  Who said he was murdered by "friends"?  Who said they killed him and who said that they were at risk due to Scalia's meeting with Obama?  too much speculation and nary a piece of evidence in this whole diatribe.  Frankly, it appears to be the opposite.  It appears he was killed by Obama's handlers)
The mechanism Scalia used to provide this protection was the Federalist Society which chooses the judges throughout the US judiciary system so should any unfortunate pedophile find himself in court, the judge was under Scalia’s control, thus making a successful prosecution difficult to achieve.
The Federalist Society grooms and recruits candidates to become judges at a young age – college age kids; they specifically seek out suitable candidates who have certain moral ambiguities that can be exploited.  (VN: In checking on this Federalist Society, I found absolutely
Thus a stranglehold is placed on the judicial system of the United States by a group which serves the interests of big business – corrupt corporations, big pharma, the oil and coal barons; this is how their interests are, time and again, placed ahead of those of we, the people with the result that our environment and our bodies are polluted by the products of these corporations, be it poisons like aspartame and GMO crops in our food, toxins in our ground water (see Flint, MI) or just plain old exploitation of poor people such as the coal miners of West Virginia and Kentucky.
Scalia met with the Order of Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of million dollar dude ranch hunting. As of yet, no one has identified who was there, it seems that Supreme Court justices are found all the time with pillows over their faces and nobody asks a thing, but this was Texas and they make their own rules down there.
We remember former FBI director and founder, J Edgar Hoover, the man who said ritual satanic child abuse was a conspiracy theory. He is also the man who said the mafia didn’t exist. 
Scalia’s talk in Texas was said to have gone like this: “They have us, we are all going down unless we can give them what they want and they are holding all the cards, they have everything.” There was no negotiation with the White House, instead Scalia got, we are told and multiple sources confirm, a pillow over the face and a heroic funeral, one that President Obama refused to attend. Now we know why.  (VN: well of course, we know why!  His handlers can't achieve their objective unless they go all the way.   That means the other justices will have the final slur on their heads if they do their job, in that the President will reject him even in death.)
For a seated president to not attend the funeral of a pedophile is unthinkable.
The computer itself belonged to a Stirling David Allen, arrested and charged with child rape and sodomy by the FBI after an investigation that began with a meeting in Rome, Italy. The FBI had known about Allen for some time, had wanted to arrest him since 2014 but had been blocked, they just didn’t know why or who was behind it, not until Justice Scalia died. Within 9 days, Allen was jailed, and the evidence he held began to yield gold. (VN: if so called friends of Scalia killed him to silence him, then why didn't they kill this allen guy? He is obviously in a much more precarious position that Scalia would have been.  It does not make sense.  This is where "critical thinking skills" come in real handy. Lets remember, Obama has done more in his short time in office to bring this nation down, than any other President before him.  So how come no word about him b y these authors..... oh, thats right, they are Obama supporters from long ago.)
Allen is being held on these charges with bail set at $250,000.
We were shown an email from Allen where he tells of his January 15, 2016 meeting with Agent Ross at which time his computers were seized by the FBI. What we are told was on Allen’s computer and what Allen told agents is astounding. Allen confessed, we are told, not only to his own sex crimes but to being recruited by a powerful international organization that provided him broad protection from prosecution.
From Ian Greenhalgh:

It is very sick, but if you really want to watch and hear the ramblings of a mad man just watch this video where Sterling D. Allan says he is GOD in the flesh, admits to being a paedophile, admits he has committed sexual abuse with an underage child, and says that he is waiting to be arrested. Mr. Allan claims he chose this life before coming to Earth to be a “scapegoat” which of course is all foretold in his insane “alphabetics.”
We are told that Allen became increasingly unstable as his own feelings of guilt and his own public confessions of child sex crimes were inadequate to bring about his own arrest, an arrest he openly asked for time and time again.
Allen, who using his computer skills helped fellow pedophiles scour the internet for vulnerable children.  (VN: I TRIED TO BRING UP THE VIDEO AND GUESS WHAT?  ITS BEEN REMOVED.  THE LINK GOES NO WHERE.  SO THEY DON'T WANT US TO SEE THIS MAN SINCE IT JUST MIGHT MAKE US ALL WONDER WHAT THE HECK THIS IS ALL ABOUT.)
High level sources confirm that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, that in itself is neither an original claim nor beyond the realm of likelihood based on circumstances allegedly tied to his death. By that, we are speaking of the “pillow over the head” and allegations of a “cover-up autopsy,” well outside legal requirements for someone of Scalia’s position.
Sources in the White House confirm that immediately prior to his flight to Texas, ostensibly for a hunting trip with 35 “close friends,” many of whom are members of the highly secret Order of Saint Hubertus. As is being reported, initially in the Washington Post with broader allegations made on the InfoWars website, tying the Hubertus Order to Bohemian Grove antics, long subject to speculation in the alternative media.  (VN:  I think we all know what Info wars dot com is really all about.  They never touch any news on the khazars, and I believe they are part of the cabal and serve a function to redirect us away from the truth.  Check it out and decide for yourselves.  They are the only blog/site that NEVER talks about the khazars, not ever.)
We became aware of the case in August 2015 when we were shown correspondence between Allen and representatives of the Keshe Foundation. Allen ran several popular websites on alternative energy and was a popular speaker, often appearing on the Coast to Coast radio show with Detroit native, George Noory.
Increasingly it became obvious that Allen had been using these venues for sexual trafficking of children. It wasn’t hard to figure out, he did it openly spoke of it constantly (as seen in the YouTube above) and lived as though he were above the law. Over the next few months, particularly when confronted by Iranian born physicist MT Keshe, who ordered Allen and those around him banned from all Keshe forums, Allen openly flaunted his criminal activities.
What made this particularly insidious is that it was obvious not only that Allen was not acting alone but that he had broad support not only in his home state of Utah, where he was able to avoid prosecution, but in Belgium as well. There, Allen and associates Hans Bracquene, Dirk Laureyssens and Ad Van den Elshout moved against the Keshe group, securing against Keshe’s wishes technologies with defense related applications and passing them on to MI 5 in Britain.

When Keshe moved against this group and tried to secure his patents, he found himself being chased down the highway, shots fired, his car run off the road. Police arrested and soon “misplaced” the culprits, and soon thereafter, representatives of Belgium’s “royals” told Keshe to leave Belgium or be buried there. (VN: not a word about Scalia nor any proof he was tied in with these people)
On the European end of the FBI investigation, the trail, all of which is easily followed by the “breadcrumbs” Stirling David Allen has left, leads to the highest and most powerful of the scientific communities where blackmail, kidnapping and torture, threats against families and in particular, threats against children, have placed members of secret societies in positions of power at universities, think tanks, police and counter-terrorism agencies and even the European Space
Agency.  (VN: again, what does this going on in Europe have to do with Scalia???  Not clear and not documented)

More to come…

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