Was the Pentagon "shooting" a false flag Event by our government??

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Title:      Was the Pentagon "shooting" a false flag Event by our     government??
By:       Vatic Master
Date:    03-06-2010

If we carefully look at elements surrounding the attack by John "Patrick" Bedell (Notice these assassins and shooters have middle names included in the reports by the neocon owned publications such as NY Times) we find that they had previous exposure to some form of Governement project, and in addition, this man disappeared a full month before he performed this operation. He was killed and thus no toxicology performed to determine if he was on psychotropic drugs for mind control purposes, where was he during the month he disappeared?

ADL opposes recognition of “genocide” in Turkey and Ukraine

Source:  http://www.printfriendly.com/print?url=http://www.eutimes.net/2010/03/adl-opposes-recognition-of-genocide-in-turkey-and-ukraine/

Title:    ADL opposes US recognition of “genocide” in Turkey and Ukraine

Date:   03/06/2010

Abraham Foxman, Jewish leader of ADL

The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted 23 to 22 to acknowledge the mass murder of Christians, mostly ethnic Armenians, by the Turks early in the 20th century. Turkey officially denies that they committed genocide against Christians Armenians, Greeks, and others.


Israel's DU, the weapon that just keeps on giving.

Source:  http://uruknet.info/index.php?p=m63830&hd=&size=1&l=e
contributed by Jim Kirwan

Title: New birth defects seen in Gaza due to Israeli weapons

By:  Eman Jomaa
Date: 03-03-2010

Gaza, March 3, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) -An increase in birth defects among newborns in the Gaza Strip - first documented in the Palestine Telegraph - has become apparent, despite claims to the contrary by some doctors at Al-Shifa Hospital. Pregnant women say they are living in constant fear.

Are the States of California, Illinois and others really broke?

Source:     CAFR.com
Title:     Walter Burien-THE CAFR SHELL GAME!!
By:    Vadic
Date:      03/05/2010

Do these states really qualify for bancruptcy?   Are these states really broke???  The answer is "no" according to Walter Burien and confirmed by the officially filed CAFR's required by law to be filed, by every state, with the Federal Government.   Such CAFR's which are Consolidated Financial  Statements also exist for the various branches of Government as well (example: CIA afghanistan drug trade profits go into their CAFR investment accounts where the funds are controlled by the bankers in Wall street trades in which they make millions in fees).


University of California campus erupts in riots

Source: RT.com - Top News

Title:   University of California campus erupts in riots
Date:   03 March, 2010, 00:49

Violence breaks out as students at the flagship school of the University of California protest stiff tuition hikes.

Students at the University of California’s flagship Berkeley campus took to the streets on Friday night, vandalizing university buildings, burning trash cans and clashing with police in the latest expression of frustration over cuts to the educational budget in California.

In November, the University of California Board of Regents voted to raise tuition by 32 percent. At the same time, professors were asked to take pay cuts or be furloughed, classes were eliminated and class size increased. Protests erupted across the University of California system, particularly at UC Davis and UCLA.

The first tuition hikes took place in January, and since then tensions have been on the rise.

“Nobody planned what happened, but anger erupts when it has been building for so long. That’s what happens,” said Callie Maidhof, a student activist at UC Berkeley. “[The regents] are effectively closing off the campus, making it less accessible, and those already here are getting less out of their education.”

The University of California system, made up of 10 campuses with nearly 160,000 students, has long been the envy of other states. For many years, UC has provided a low-cost, world-class education, and scholars and politicians alike have noted the role of the UC schools in building California’s middle class. In recent years, however, the system has been battered by the state’s ongoing budget crisis.

California, which has the sixth largest economy in the world, has been hard hit by the economic crisis. Rising unemployment has caused a drop in the state’s income tax revenues and lawmakers have been reluctant to raise taxes, leaving the state government with little choice except to make severe budget cuts.

Schools across the state are planning mass protests on March 4 to protest the $17 billion in cuts to education budgets expected over the next two years.


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Morgellons Disease: A Crime of Silence

(Vatic Note:  I just attended a very illuminating seminar on Chemtrails which touched on this disease being distributed through the chemtrail operations out of the Dept of Energy and this bug is notoriously resistant to treatment and now appears to be manmade.  It might also explain the 69 dead Microbiologists since 9-11.   The Pathogenic Mycoplasma at the center of this diseases has a US Patent 5,242,820 issued Sept 7, 1993, by the US Army and Army Pathologist Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo.  Google now has a patent search you can use to verify it yourself.   www.morgellons.org/index.html )

Source:   morgellons 2

Title:   Morgellons Disease: A Crime of Silence

Date:   03-03-2010
The CDC gets involved... to kill further research!

Because of the publicity that the Morgellons Research Foundation attracted, certain politicians decided that it was politically valuable to at least appear sympathetic to this cause. In early 2008 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that it was going to conduct an in-depth study of the disease through their association with the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in California. Kaiser was chosen, according to the CDC, because of the large population of California residents that claimed to suffer from the symptoms.

Army May Slash 'Warrior Task' Training

(Vatic Note: Under normal circumstances this would seem like good news, however, think about the situation we are currently in; where the majority of our soldiers are currently located, the condition they are in, the history of risk they have been exposed to, the number of deaths (78,000) and over 1 million permenantly maimed, along with the survey taken 10 years ago showing 69% of soldiers said they would not fire on American civilians if ordered to do so, and one begins to question the rationale for this decision.  Is it to ensure they do not aid a rebelling civilian population?   I don't know, we all have to answer that one, remember these are the nations children)

Source:  http://www.military.com/news/article/army-may-slash-warrior-task-training.html

Title: Army May Slash 'Warrior Task' Training
By:   Christian Lowe Date:   February 25, 2010

The Army is set to cut down on the number of skills it teaches incoming Soldiers at boot camp and further constrain its "onerous" list of required training for all Joes across the force.


Statement From The Afghan Resistance

(Vatic Note:   This is confirmed by the loss of Pak Alert who is no longer publishing excellent stories from central asia with deep research and commentary, this is the forum I had solicited citizens to join our people-to-people initiative and they were signing up, so that ended now that they are shut down as of 2/28/2010)

Source: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article24904.htm

Title: Statement From The Afghan Resistance
By: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Date: March 03, 2010

According to international media reports, the Kabul Puppet Administration have warned media outlets not to publish or transmit live reports of events without obtainment of prior permission. In case of violation, they have threatened to arrest relevant reporters, seize their equipment and impose ban on activities of the concerned media outlet in a given area. International media outlets, civil societies and human rights organizations have condemned the irrational warning of the Kabul puppet administration. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this measure of the surrogate administration as a flagrant violation of the recognized principle of freedom of speech and wants to announce as follows:

High-profile US official was waiting for Rigi in Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan

(Vatic Note:   Please note that Richard Holbrooke is a member of the CFR and banker backed operative. What is he doing meeting with a so called terrorist who ended up arrested by Iran?)

Source:  http://www.abna.ir/print.asp?lang=3&id=180088
provided by Jim Kirwan,  Vatic contributor

Title:    High-profile US official was waiting for Rigi in Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan - Terrorist arrested by Iran
Date:  02/28/2010
Tehran, Independent news sources reported on Saturday that Abdolmalek Rigi, the terrorist who has been arrested by Iranian security forces, had planned to meet with Richard Holbrooke in the Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan.

Dubai police chief says to seek Netanyahu arrest

Source:   http://www.reuters.com:80/article/idUSTRE6214TT20100302

Title:       Dubai police chief says to seek Netanyahu arrest

Date:       5:52pm EST 02-03-2010
DUBAI (Reuters) - Dubai's police chief plans to seek the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of Israel's spy agency over the killing of a Hamas leader in the emirate, Al Jazeera television reported.


Fifty-six percent of Americans say the government poses an immediate threat to individual rights and freedoms.

Source:   CNN  Political Ticker

Title:   Fifty-six percent of Americans say the government poses an immediate threat to individual rights and freedoms.

By:    CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser

Date:   02/26/2010

Washington (CNN) – A majority of Americans think the federal government poses a threat to rights of Americans, according to a new national poll.

Fifty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday say they think the federal government's become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. Forty-four percent of those polled disagree.

British people told by opposition politician to start arming themselves for a class war

Source:    http://www.eutimes.net/2010/02/british-people-told-by-opposition-politician-to-start-arming-themselves-for-a-class-war/print/
Title:   British people told by opposition politician to start arming themselves for a class war

By:   Edmund Conway
Date:  02/28/2010

The recession has increased the wealth gap to dangerous levels, and George Osborne does not seem serious about tackling it, says Edmund Conway.

If you don’t work in the City or in economics, you may not have heard of the annual Mais lecture, which was delivered last night by George Osborne. But it’s a big deal, arguably the most important set-piece speech in the Square Mile calendar. And only once before has City University, the host, deigned to invite an opposition politician primed for election to deliver it.

Eyewitness Says Sky Changed Color Before Chile Earthquake

Source: http://www.prisonplanet.com/eyewitness-says-sky-changed-color-before-chile-earthquake.html

Title: Eyewitness Says Sky Changed Color Before Chile Earthquake
Date: March 1, 2010

An eyewitness speaks about the earthquake in Chile this weekend, describing some interesting details regarding changes in the color of the sky.

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The Orwellian Agenda Of 9/11 Truth's Enemies?

The Orwellian Agenda Of 9/11 Truth's Enemies?
By Matt Thomas

Starting with a link on Rense.com, I watched the Debra Medina interview with Glenn "Hitman" Beck. Then I heard the talk show host at Texas radio station KLIF (http://www.klif.com) trying to discredit her half-baked answer to Beck's questioning about US government involvement in 9/11. I wondered which position she would commit to.

Soon thereafter, I got my answer. I went to Medina's website where there was a transcript of the official Medina statement (http://www.medinafortexas.com/getPost?p=272) about the Beck interview. With that, she chickened out and blew itin essence denying 9/11 Truth for political expediency. So I immediately wrote her off as a possible patriot just as I have written off her mentor Ron Paul. She was probably "advised" to say that politically correct BS, because 9/11 is being used as a litmus test to discredit patriotic candidates for public office in the eyes of the brainwashed and non-thinking populace. Jesse Ventura is the only person I can think of who might have the stones to talk straight about 9/11 in a political campaign.

The Decline of the American Empire Remains a Movie for the CIA

Source: http://www.truthout.org/the-decline-american-empire-remains-a-movie-cia57310

Title: The Decline of the American Empire Remains a Movie for the CIA
By: Samir Amin
Date: Wednesday 17 February 2010

Economist Samir Amin deciphers the latest CIA report on the state of the world. He shows that intelligence agency experts still see a single view only: the American model's dominance. In this first part of two, Samir Amin describes the experts' capitalist blindness.

A reading of the CIA's latest report on "the world in 2025" supplies hardly any information that an ordinary observer of the global economy and politics would not have known. On the other hand, it allows us to better know the way the ruling class of the United States thinks and to identify the limits of that thinking.

I would summarize my conclusions from that reading by the following points:


Hazmat Crews, FBI Called to IRS Building in Utah

(Vatic Notes: It appears they do not want to talk about this one. I suppose if you can't stop the war by asking, then its by attacking the source of our slavery, that is what I get from this and why they are keeping it so quiet compared to the one where the FBI was on site before the plane showed up and there was a lot of press on that one.)

Source: Foxnews

Title: Hazmat Crews, FBI Called to IRS Building in Utah
By: staff
Date: 03-01-2010

Hazardous material crews were called to an IRS building in Ogden, Utah on Monday, less than two weeks after a man deliberately crashed his private plane into a Texas building that housed IRS workers, according to local reports.

The FBI was called to the scene and reporters were not allowed into the building after the incident, The Standard-Examiner reported. Showers were being used to deal with "a possible chemical situation," according to the local ABC affiliate.

The news station alluded to dispatcher calls that indicated a powder may have been found in the mail at the facility.

Fire crews were first notified at 11:15 a.m. local time, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Ogden is approximately 40 miles north of Salt Lake City.

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More Teeth for Brussels - Plans for a Euro Economic Gov gain steam

Source:  German Newspaper - Der Spiegel

Title:   More Teeth for Brussels - Plans for a Euro Economic Gov gain steam
By:   Spiegel Staff
Date:   03/01/2010

With Greek finances dragging down the euro, calls for coordinated fiscal policy within the common currency zone have become more frequent. Now, Germany and France have presented a paper outlining what such a regime might look like. Increased monitoring is at the top of the priority list.

Up until just a few months ago, it wasn't easy to find people on the Continent who were seriously skeptical about the euro. The European common currency had performed well during the financial crisis and had steadily strengthened against the dollar. Indeed, the only concern was that the dollar would become too weak, thus making euro zone exports unaffordable.


Brussels, London, Istanbul: A Week Of Western War Councils

(Vatic Note:   Notice wars are planned and coordinated between all the plays including the "designated" enemies.   It's only the "people" who are led to believe these wars are for real.  That is why our "PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE" initiative is so very important.  Please sign up > "followers" and we will notify you when we have a meeting on the net to plan in about a week)

Source: http://pakalert.wordpress.com/2010/02/06/the-planning-of-war-behind-closed-doors/

Date: 2/6/2010
Brussels, London, Istanbul: A Week Of Western War Councils

by Rick Rozoff

The defense chiefs of all 28 NATO nations and an undisclosed number of counterparts from non-Alliance partners gathered in Istanbul, Turkey on February 4 to begin two days of meetings focused on the war in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of military forces from Kosovo in the course of transferring control of security operations to the breakaway province’s embryonic army (the Kosovo Security Force) and “the transformation efforts required to best conduct the full range of NATO’s agreed missions.” [1]

Iceland's financial avalanche turns on bankers

Source:   The Australian Business with The WSJ

Title:  Iceland's financial avalanche turns on bankers
By:   by Iain Dey

NIKULAS Einarsson rubs his hands over a brazier outside Iceland's modest parliament building.

Two years ago, the electrician was always busy, thanks to the construction boom in the capital, Reykjavik. Iceland's spectacular financial collapse means he now works only one day a week.

Although he is part of a group that congregates daily to hurl abuse at passing ministers, they are not the ones he really blames for the disaster.

"The first people we have to look at are our bankers, and the people who owned our banks," he says.