Veteran's Day Requires Rethink

Vatic Note:  This is a must read, a real eye opener,  just read what Kitterage said who is with the BIS and early on and its now true for the USA, and he tells it ALL  like it is from the mouths of the soldiers and perpetrators themselves and going way back in time to WW II.  The military as an arm and enforcer for corporate America is not a new concept, its just never been discussed until General Butler wrote his book, and disclosed the perverted use our military and the lives lost for corporate Americas gain.  Not what any of us thought, wanted or approved of.  Please read and if you need more, buy the book.  Now they don't need us anymore so we are to do like Nazi Germany and become a vassal state of Israel. 

NATO has become the oil companies and bankers enforcer arm, now its gone from America to a Global policy of theft by the global military action.  It is a war crime and crime against humanity UNTIL OR UNLESS WE GLOBALIZE, THEN THEY WILL GOVERN:  THE BANKS AND CORPORATIONS, AND WILL CHANGE THAT, SO ITS NO LONGER A WAR CRIME. 

I just  keep thinking about the picture under the Denver Airport and the process and outcome they intend for all of this.   What a horrible world it would be with them in control.  No thanks. Henry does a great job on this historical perspective and how true it is that "history truly does repeat itself"  unless we stop it.  Only we can do that. Its our world and our govs doing these horrors in our name.

Veteran's Day Requires Rethink 
November 10, 2011

If central bankers start all the wars,
re veterans heroes, or mercenaries and dupes?

by Henry Makow Ph,D.


When the United States and England loaned Mexico money in 1903 using its customs revenue as collateral, Illuminati banker Jacob Schiff cabled his English counterpart, Ernest Cassel:

"If they don't pay, who will collect the customs?"

Cassel replied:

"Your marines and ours."   (The Life of Otto Kahn, p. 22)
War is a Racket (1935)

The Real Truth of Wars - Dr. Dahlia Wasfi's

http://www.youtube.com/embed/6_RvhvGZVkk Title:

By:   Dr. Dahlia Wasfi's

We have an obligation to every last victim of this illegal aggression because all of this carnage has been done in our name. Since World War II, 90% of the casualties of war are unarmed civilians. 1/3 of them children. Our victims have done nothing to us. From Palestine to Afghanistan to Iraq to Somalia to wherever our next target may be, their murders are not collateral damage, they are the nature of modern warfare. They don't hate us because of our freedoms. They hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called "war on terror" is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of western Asia.

This is sending the poor of this country to kill the poor of those Muslim countries. This is trading blood for oil. This is genocide, and to most of the world, we are the terrorists. In these times, remaining silent on our responsibility to the world and its future is criminal. And in light of our complicity in the supreme crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan, and ongoing violations of the U.N. Charter in International Law, how dare any American criticize the actions of legitimate resistance to illegal occupation.

2.1 Kids: Stable Population


Overpopulation is a myth. This myth has caused human rights abuses around the world, forced population control, denied medicines to the poor, and targeted attacks on ethnic minorities and women.


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Penn State Scandal: Rumor Claims Sandusky “Pimped Out” Boys to Rich Donors

*** It appears they do not like this one either or they  just don't like "me" posting.  Not sure which it is, but they are messing with the format below and I fix it and they screw it up again, so I simply can't fight it and we will just have to understand that I believe this is bigger than just some pedophiling, rather, its a concerted effort to destroy the pyschological integrity of our emerging teens coming into adulthood and its tied heavily in with the Satanic global work being done in every nation.  We covered Bosnia, Iraq, and other nations we have attacked and conquered and right afterwards their children are found in international sex slave trade camps.  Why?  I explain below.  So no matter how this looks, STICK WITH IT.  Its important we know and understand the danger our children are in and that we must protect them with all the energy we have at our disposal.  Its a direct attack against the most vulnerable of us and only we, the adults can stop this.  Soon we are going to have to understand and realize WE ARE WHO WE HAVE TO DEPEND ON TO STOP ALL THIS GARBAGE GOING ON AND NO ONE ELSE.  We are truly on our own. 

Vatic Note:  As many who visit here know,  we have spent a great deal of time and bandwidth on the subject of Pedophilia and satanic child sexual ritual abuse.  Well, the first thing that struck me with this article was the tie in of the disclosures coming fast and furious.... hehehe...... about all the sexual abuse at all levels of our society now and the impact on this to our children.  Remember, the psychological damage to these kids is almost irrepairable.  Pedophiles are created, not born, and how they are created is through sexual abuse themselves as children.  Its why its considered an untreatable condition.  Very few if any are ever able to give it up and its why sentencing and monitoring in a community has taken hold.  That is why this is such a horrific crime.  Fortunately, at this age, its possible for these kids to recover, with intensive counseling, lets hope that happens.  Now the question is "IS THIS TIED INTO SATANISM AT THE UNIVERSITY LEVEL?"  And just how prevalent is it, if so.   What other institutions does this sequay into?  We know about the Catholic Church, the Child Protective Services scandels,  the various Satanic practices in every country at the highest levels of gov.  But do we know it all yet?  Maybe this scandel is the one to ratchet this whole issue open to the light of day. 

So, the work we have to do to protect our children is at the level of abuse when it occurs, and the purging of all  institutions that are caught engaging in the practice.  Pimping is pimping, I don't care what institution you do it from and a "John" is a "John", I don't care how rich you are,  your still nothing more than a petty criminal doing horrific damage to little children.  Think about all our articles on the Child Protective Services that we have covered and its prevalence internationally, as Georgia Senator Schaffer had shown us before someone murdered her and her husband.   Absolutely no doubt about the institutionalization of sexually abusing our children, but then, "control" of the population, begins with children, doesn't it?    That is why the social engineering and some countries are now talking about making pedophilia legal so those elected officials won't have a criminal record for doing what they should not be doing.  No wonder our world is going down fast.   Its needs, not a face lift, but a spiritual lift,  no doubt about it.  What needs to happen IS THE RICH DONORS NEED TO BE EXPOSED TO THE LIGHT OF DAY POSTING THEIR NAMES AND PICTURES FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE..  That is the job that needs to be done now. 

Now I understand why the Khazars killed 60 million Christians in Russia, Christ teachings, laws, and practices, were interfering with their various perversions.   

Penn State Scandal: Rumor Claims Sandusky “Pimped Out” Boys to Rich Donors
By Zac Wassink,
November 10, 2011

Just when you thought the Penn State child sex-abuse scandal couldn't possibly get any worse, we may have just scratched the surface. Joe Paterno being fired could be just the start of arguably the biggest downfall in the history of college athletics.

Pittsburgh radio personality Mark Madden, who penned a column for the Beaver County Times back in April of this year named "Sandusky a State secret," a column which foreshadowed the recent scandal which has absolutely gutted those of us in the Penn State family, was a guest on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on WEEI sports talk radio out of Boston on Thursday morning.

During his appearance, Madden, who has been mostly right regarding this issue from the very start, dropped what can only be called a bombshell, an announcement which could mean far more than the end of Joe Paterno's career.

Madden went on to say that Jerry Sandusky was told by those running the show at Penn State football that Sandusky had to retire after allegations made in 1998 that the defensive coordinator was guilty of "improper conduct with an underage male." Sandusky, thought by some to be Joe Paterno's successor at the time, abruptly and somewhat shockingly retired from coaching in 1999.
It actually gets worse. Madden went on to say "When Sandusky quit, everybody knew; not just at Penn State. It was a very poorly kept secret around college football, in general. That is why he never coached in college football again and retired at the relatively young age of 55, young for a coach." Madden also called the Second Mile Foundation "the perfect cover" for Sandusky's scheme.

I want to be absolutely clear about a few things. These reports, as of the writing of this piece, are coming only from Mark Madden, and they are currently only rumors and speculation. With that said, Mark Madden has been mostly correct about a grand jury investigation which was sealed until very recently. I'm not suggesting that I 100 percent believe Madden to be correct. I'm certainly not ignoring a word he's saying regarding the Sandusky case at this point.

Late Wednesday evening after Joe Paterno was fired by Penn State, an "in the know" individual told me that this story was going to get uglier, and that there were, at the very least, "dozens of more victims.

"My absolute worst fear regarding the issue is what Mark Madden spoke on Thursday morning. It's been widely reported that the US Department of Education is currently investigating Penn State.

Are they going to find that Jerry Sandusky was running a multimillion-dollar criminal organization, one which resulted in dozens, possibly hundreds (or even more), of youths being sexually abused? Will they find that higher-ups at Penn State, including now former football coach Joe Paterno, covered-up Sandusky's heinous crimes? All I know this morning is that, after the worst week of my Penn State life, I don't know if anything would shock me.
For more: Paterno fired, PSU shamed

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North Carolina sterilization program targeted women, young girls, and blacks

Vatic Note:   Pure Racism and Sexism.  The didn't even arrest the man who raped her, much less sterilize him.  This is an abomination to do this to any young girl without a trial and sentencing, even if found guilty of something, its cruel and unusual punishment forbidden by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Oh, thats right, your a domestic terrorist if you bring that fact up in conversation, sorry, I forgot the SPLC and ADL are adamant about not mentioning our Constitution. Well too damn bad.   Its a form of punishment for being raped.      Don't think this issue has gone away.   Rahm Emmanuals Brother is an avowed Eugenicist and had much to do with the Health Care bill that is a Eugenicists dream.   Look at who promotes this Eugenics?  Rockefeller, and other wealthy foundations that fund research into it and its not monitored by the Government to protect the people from these perverts.   North Carolina should be ashamed and embarrassed to have this on their record.  This video is a MUST WATCH. 


Elaine Riddick was 13 years old when she got pregnant after being raped by a neighbor in Winfall, N.C., in 1967. The state ordered that immediately after giving birth, she should be sterilized. Doctors cut and tied off her fallopian tubes.

“I have to carry these scars with me. I have to live with this for the rest of my life,” she said.

Riddick was never told what was happening. “Got to the hospital and they put me in a room and that’s all I remember, that’s all I remember,” she said. “When I woke up, I woke up with bandages on my stomach.”

Riddick’s records reveal that a five-person state eugenics board in Raleigh had approved a recommendation that she be sterilized. The records label Riddick as “feebleminded” and “promiscuous.” They said her schoolwork was poor and that she “does not get along well with others.” 
(VN: remember that board would have been considered a crime against humanity in WW II and those serving on it would have been  prosecuted and hung under the Nuremberg protocols, and now they are a legal board.  We had come a long way down the road to perdition and we should be heartily ashamed that we had allowed the DR. MENGELES types (Rahm Emmanuals brother ring a bell?) to run such institutions and policies, my Gosh, where are we going ?  Eugenics is alive and well today, and that is another reason to fight and resist any globalization where the people are not protected. Satanism is really taking over, isn't it? I wonder if Bill Gates sits on just such a  board? Now they are using vaccines instead of scalpels and surgery to do the same thing and still not telling anyone what they have done to them.   Kissinger wrote about doing this in Africa, why?   Well guess who controls the natural resources of  that continent?  DeBeers, a Khazar of course.    Rockefellers should be hung for funding these
"eugenics" research studies that have to do with "preferences on "who" can reproduce".  Yesterday its women and blacks , today its senior citizens, and tomorrow it could be the irish or someother race of people.  That is what happens when you tolerate something so evil. Who made these people God? No one on that board went to jail did they? )

 “I was raped by a perpetrator [who was never charged] and then I was raped by the state of North Carolina. They took something from me both times,” she said. “The state of North Carolina, they took something so dearly from me, something that was God given.”


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Journalists would be thrilled to break 9/11 ‘inside job’ story, if there was one: Kay


By: Craig McKee
Date: 2011-11-07

Jonathan Kay lives in a truly wonderful world.

In this world, journalists are just dying to break any story that would show that 9/11 is an inside job. And any who did would surely be rewarded with wealth, fame, and maybe a Pulitzer Prize.

Too bad for them there isn’t a shred of evidence for this ridiculous “conspiracy theory.” If there were, we’d have hundreds of ambitious scribes fighting and scratching to find out who could get that April Gallop interview first. Somebody heard bombs going off in the towers before the planes hit? 60 Minutes would have been there. A big plane got sucked into an impossibly tiny hole at the Pentagon? The Times wouldn’t have missed that one.

And if there were any evidence at all that 9/11 was an inside job, poor David Ray Griffin would have to beat the network anchor people off with a stick. There are only so many hours in the day!


Ohio Mother claims her 6 year old daughter was strip searched by school


NEWARK, Ohio - A Licking County mother filed a police report claiming her daughter was strip searched at school.

The mother, who did not want to be identified, said the incident happened last week at Par Excellence Academy in Newark.

She said it all started because her six-year-old daughter had trouble gaining weight, 10TV's Justin Moss reported.

The mother said she believed the nurse at the school was looking for signs of abuse on her daughter.

"Next thing she knew she's being told to take off her skirt, her pull-up, her socks and shoes, and was just standing there in a T-shirt," said the girl's mother. "It was done illegally. There was no phone call or any kind of contact saying ‘We're going to do this to your child.’"

The mother said she took her daughter out of school and is demanding answers, Moss reported.

Par Excellence Academy did not return calls for comment.

Read original story: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2011/11/05/newark-mother-claims-daughter-strip-searched-at-school.html

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The medieval, unaccountable Corporation of London is ripe for protest

Bruecke Note: Shades of Washington D.C.


Date: 2011-10-31

It's the dark heart of Britain, the place where democracy goes to die, immensely powerful, equally unaccountable. But I doubt that one in 10 British people has any idea of what the Corporation of the City of London is and how it works. This could be about to change. Alongside the Church of England, the Corporation is seeking to evict the protesters camped outside St Paul's cathedral. The protesters, in turn, have demanded that it submit to national oversight and control.

What is this thing? Ostensibly it's the equivalent of a local council, responsible for a small area of London known as the Square Mile. But, as its website boasts, "among local authorities the City of London is unique". You bet it is. There are 25 electoral wards in the Square Mile. In four of them, the 9,000 people who live within its boundaries are permitted to vote. In the remaining 21, the votes are controlled by corporations, mostly banks and other financial companies. The bigger the business, the bigger the vote: a company with 10 workers gets two votes, the biggest employers, 79. It's not the workers who decide how the votes are cast, but the bosses, who "appoint" the voters. Plutocracy, pure and simple.

The Covert Agenda Behind the Occupy Wall Street Protests


By: Robert F. Beaudine
Date: 2011-10-26

The “occupying” protests here in America have been characterized as spontaneous and leaderless. Protesters, politicians, and the mass media have compared it to the so-called spontaneous uprisings of the Arab Spring. In reality, neither has been spontaneous nor leaderless. The Arab Spring was planned years ago and then executed by the forces of oppression that the people thought they were attempting to overthrow.

In an AFP article last April, Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State, admitted that the US trained 5000 activists last February from Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Lebanon. The goal was to provide the technology to circumvent government obstruction and help activists create a ripple effect by training their colleagues in the arts of government destabilization. Posner said our Federal government budgeted $50 million to develop new technologies to protect activists from arrest by authoritarian governments.

This assistance did not create the Arab Spring, but it helped perpetuate it. The campaign to destabilize the Middle East began much earlier, as geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci has repeatedly demonstrated.


Drills, Drills, and More Drills On November 9th! – ELE(vin) NIN(e

Vatic note:  This reminds me of Sept 14, 2007 war games to be conducted by Dick Cheney, but the internet went crazy and leaks occurred and spread like wildfire,  and that ended the war games and the false flag they had planned.  Wonder if this is what happened here or was it a test for spying????  Who knows.... just keep vigilant and positive and we will prevail.   DO NOT AGREE TO FIGHT IN ANY WAR WITH IRAN. If they are attacked by us and Israel then we turn as a nation against the bankers and their minions and fight them and kick them out of all nations.   Put them all on the Isle of Man and make sure they never leave.  The Iranians have done nothing to us OR to anyone else for that matter, and thus if we attack, then its a war crime and if they use nukes against an unarmed nation then its a crime against  humanity.   Lets finally get serious here, shall we???   Now we know if any of these war games turn into a real  attack, then we know who did it.  And if no justice from the justice dept, then we are obligated to turn vigilante and do justice under the Constitution with all the attending rights to trial etc that it brings..  That is the way the law reads. 


By: Shepard Ambellas
Date: 2011-10-26

Note: Too many drills coincide to be random, consider this is an alert.
There are many data points leading up and into the dates November 9 – 10, 2011 suggesting that some type of global event/control system will be implemented, Glenn Beck has now even commented on the FEMA/FCC takeover drill.
Is a doomsday event such as a asteroid pass lurking? Do the globalists have a worldwide system in place to test? Will the drills go live?
An excerpt from thewatchers.adorraeli.com reads;

Community Medical Excercise

Medical Reserve Corps issued a call for volunteers needed for community medical excercise which is to be held on November 9. Hospital personnel and various first responder agencies from the MidSouth region will participate in a community medical exercise. This exercise will provide practical training experience to prepare for medical response during a large scale event. On Wednesday November 9th, hospital personnel will work with volunteer patients playing the role of injured victims to provide a realistic and practical experience in treatment and response. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and preregistration is required. In order to participate in this drill you must be a member of the Medical Reserve Corps.
Hospitals performing drills on the same day? And if that is not enough look at this excerpt;


November 7 -10  is scheduled for MILCOM 2011 / IEEE Military Communications Conference. The unclassified technical program provides a venue for technical papers that do not contain ITAR-sensitive, classified or proprietary information.
Unclassified technical program  includes Waveforms and Signal Processing, Network Protocols and Performance, Cyber Security and Network Operations, Middleware Services and Applications, Communications and Network Systems and Department of Defense Programs.
Classified technical program includes Track: Satellite Communications, Tactical Applications and Framework, Tutorial: Enhanced Polar System Overview, Radio Technology, Analysis and Capabilities, Security Challenges and Solutions, Command and Control for Cyberspace, Electronic Warfare/ Communication System Compatibilities, Communication System Susceptibilities and Jamming, Network Security and IA Testing and RF.

Starchild Skull: SHOCKING DNA Results Show, The Skull Is Alien- Update 2011

Vatic Note:  This article speaks for itself.  Unfortunately this is one of those issues that each of us has to decide for ourselves until we are able to trust our institutions once again and I don't forsee that in the immediate future.  So, here it is and good luck.  Since they haven't messed with this one,  I can't vouch for its veracity.  LOL 

Starchild Skull: SHOCKING DNA Results Show, The Skull Is Alien- Update 2011
UFO blogger,

The starchild skull came into the possession of Lloyd Pye in February 1999, the skull was found around 1930 in a mine tunnel about 100 miles (160 km) southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico, buried alongside a normal human skeleton that was exposed and lying supine on the surface of the tunnel.

Radiocarbon dating results conclude the skull is 900 years old + or - 40 years

In 2011 the geneticist working on the Starchild Skull discovered that its mtDNA (the part of DNA passed only through the maternal line) was radically different from human DNA.

The maximum number of mtDNA differences between all humans is 120. The Starchild Skull has between 800-1,000. This is a partial result, but it is enough to be definitive: the Skull’s mtDNA is not human.

DNA has two types: nuclear (nuDNA) and mitochondrial (mtDNA). NuDNA is found in a cell’s nucleus, and it comes from both parents. MtDNA is found in tiny sub-cellular units called mitochondria that float in the cell’s cytoplasm (the jelly-like interior). MtDNA passes to each generation only through the maternal line.

The nuDNA genome is the total of all the base pairs (bp) it contains. Base pairs (bp) are the “steps” in the famous double-helix “ladder” of DNA. Each human cell has only one nucleus that contains a copy of the entire genome of more than 3 billion bp, and up to thousands of mitochondria, each containing the mtDNA genome of exactly 16,569 bp.

The DNA genomes for humans, Neanderthals, Denisovans (a new prehuman species announced in 2010), chimps, and gorillas are all the same approximate size. Therefore, it seems safe to assume the Starchild’s two genomes will have approximately the same number of base pairs as humans: nuDNA of 3 ± billion bp, and mtDNA of 16,600 ± bp.

In 2010, dozens of the Starchild’s nuclear DNA fragments were sequenced, adding up to about 30,000 bp. That was enough to be clearly indicative of what the total nuDNA genome will be when it is fully sequenced, but at only .0001% of a 3 billion bp genome, it was well short of the 1% (30 million) needed to establish definitive trends.

Recently, four fragments of Starchild mtDNA were sequenced, totaling 1,583 bp. That is a whopping 9.5% of its assumed 16,600 ± bp mtDNA genome, and nearly 10 times the 1% needed to make reliable projections. Thus, there can be no reasonable doubt that an incredible answer will result from a full recovery of the Starchild’s mtDNA genome. It further indicates that the vastly larger nuclear genome will be even more incredible!

In human nuDNA, only 2% of the 3 billion bp work to keep us alive. 98% is called “junk” because it has no known life-sustaining functions. Mutations in junk are nearly always non-disruptive and accumulate easily, resulting in an estimated 15 million in humans.

In mtDNA, the exact opposite applies. The great bulk of its functions are required for survival, so every mutation is a potential death sentence. Very rarely does a mutation occur in harmless areas, and all of those are well documented. In fact, the physical structure of mtDNA is one of the best-understood aspects of human biology.

Geneticists have been able to utilize the extreme rarity of mtDNA mutations to create a “biological clock” that dates humanity’s origin—the time we became a distinct species—to about 200,000 years ago. During those 200,000 years we have gradually but steadily accumulated a maximum of 120 variations in our mtDNA. The oldest humans (natives of South Africa) have the most (up to 120), and later human types have fewer and fewer.

Humanity’s 120 variations have been divided into 33 subunits known as haplogroups (shown left). Those 33 are derived from seven ancient females whom geneticists calculate were the founding matriarchs of our species [related in the book The Seven Daughters of Eve by Dr. Bryan Sykes, 2001]. Thus, every variation between every haplogroup is well known and chronicled, and every human belongs to one of the 33 haplogroups listed below.

The chart (left) shows how mtDNA is analyzed. At the top is the Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS), the mtDNA pattern arbitrarily chosen from one individual to provide the human value baseline. Variations from the CRS establish the count of differences in all related species. Among the 33 human haplogroups, no individual has more than 120 differences.

At the chart’s bottom are Neanderthal mtDNA and mtDNA from two samples from Denisovans. Denisovans are a new species discovered in Siberia in 2010 when a finger bone and molar from what seemed to be Neanderthal remains were routinely analyzed. To everyone’s astonishment, the mtDNA in both of the samples produced 385 differences from the human CRS—185 more than Neanderthals (whose 200 differences are only 80 more than the human maximum of 120).

With so many undeniable differences, and because mtDNA is so highly conserved and unerringly precise, geneticists had no choice but to classify Denisovans as an entirely new prehuman species closely related to humans and Neanderthals. [For comparison, the chimpanzee mtDNA genome contains 1500 differences from the human CRS.]

Now we will consider one of the four fragments of Starchild Skull mtDNA that has been sequenced, the smallest of the four at 167 base pairs. Below, it is compared to the human CRS, base pair to base pair, and below that is the top left half (outlined by a box) enlarged for visual clarity.
The blue bars show the differences in base pairs between the Starchild fragment (top line—167) and the corresponding segment of the CRS (bottom line—1269). This 72 bp part has 11 differences. In the non-enlarged parts are 95 bp with 6 more differences, for an astounding total of 17 differences between the Starchild and the human CRS!

The down below chart covers the segment of the human CRS that corresponds to the 167 bp segment sequenced from the Starchild. It extends from #1265 to #1432 (out of the CRS’s full compliment of 16,569). At this scale it is difficult to read, but it shows that among the 33 human haplogroups, those 167 bp have only one difference among all types of humans! [Three aqua lines highlight the differences: the first two lines are for differences in both of the Denisovan samples, and the third is for one difference in the Neanderthal and in one human haplogroup (HPT L1b) compared to the CRS.]
This stretch of mtDNA is one of the most extremely conserved in the entire genome, with only one difference among the 33 human haplogroups, one in Neanderthal, and two in Denisova. Yet, somehow, the Starchild mtDNA (see red arrow at bottom of chart below) carries within itself 16 additional differences! Even if multiple repetitions of this analysis should reveal that a few of its recorded differences were due to machine error or to human error, which can happen, the final total will still be mind-boggling!
If a human fetus were conceived with only one or two differences in an area of mtDNA Nature keeps so rigidly intact, it would abort spontaneously. Yet the Starchild grew to full term and aged enough to grind down the enamel of its adult-like teeth. Also, several experts have agreed the Skull belonged to an adult. This is convincing evidence that the Starchild was born, and lived its life, considerably different from any typical human.

Now recall that all four Starchild mtDNA fragments add up to 1,583 base pairs, which is 9.5% of what we assume will be a total mtDNA genome in the 16,600 ± range. Among the 1583 bp are 93 differences, which extrapolate to a shocking total of 976 differences![To extrapolate 9.5% out to 100%, divide 100 by 9.5 to get 10.5; then,10.5 x 93 = 976.]

Extrapolating a partial result for nuDNA usually provides only a tentative total, but with mtDNA we can be certain that extrapolating a nearly 10% result is dependably reliable. Why? Because the machines that sequence and analyze the results of that sequencing have become remarkably accurate. However, reading errors can and do occur, so that has to be taken into account. Assume 80 of the 93 are ultimately confirmed, leaving a total of 840 rather than 976. That is 720 more than any human on Earth could tolerate.

Errors or not, we can be supremely confident that the confirmed total of the Starchild’s differences will fall between 800 and 1000 bp, while all humans are 120 or less. Using the most effective techniques science can bring to bear to solve any problem of genetic heritage, techniques that are used with finality in court cases worldwide, the Starchild is shown to be nowhere near the ballpark of human or prehuman. This result is definitive.
Without doubt, without question, without fail, recovering both of the Starchild’s entire genomes will prove it to be so astonishingly far from humans that the only reasonable, logical, acceptable term for it will profoundly change human history forever…. ALIEN!

Below is a greatly simplified 1,200 word summary of a much more detailed report on this data available at: www.starchildproject.com/dna2011march.htm.
The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Governments turn to hacking techniques for surveillance of citizens

Bruecke Note: Shades of the technology used against the Vatic Master when she tries to make postings here.


Date: 2011-11-01

In a luxury Washington, DC, hotel last month, governments from around the world gathered to discuss surveillance technology they would rather you did not know about. The annual Intelligence Support Systems (ISS) World Americas conference is a mecca for representatives from intelligence agencies and law enforcement. But to the media or members of the public, it is strictly off limits.

Gone are the days when mere telephone wiretaps satisfied authorities' intelligence needs. Behind the cloak of secrecy at the ISS World conference, tips are shared about the latest advanced "lawful interception" methods used to spy on citizens – computer hacking, covert bugging and GPS tracking. Smartphones, email, instant message services and free chat services such as Skype have revolutionised communication. This has been matched by the development of increasingly sophisticated surveillance technology.

Among the pioneers is Hampshire-based Gamma International, a core ISS World sponsor. In April, Gamma made headlines when Egyptian activists raided state security offices in Cairo and found documents revealing Gamma had in 2010 offered Hosni Mubarak's regime spy technology named FinFisher. The "IT intrusion" solutions offered by Gamma would have enabled authorities to infect targeted computers with a spyware virus so they could covertly monitor Skype conversations and other communications.

Teach kids conspiracy theories are ‘bad for society’: an interview with Jonathan Kay


By: Craig McKee
Date: 2011-11-02

It’s a challenge to interview someone you’d rather be debating. That was the case when I interviewed Canadian writer and journalist Jonathan Kay this week. Kay, an editor with the National Post, is the author of Among the Truthers, which attempts to examine and explain the world of conspiracy theorists. Why do these otherwise intelligent people believe the “bullshit” that they do, he wonders? He sees the 9/11 Truth movement as being ridiculous and based on arguments that “even an eight-year-old” would see through. I chose to try and cover as much ground in 45 minutes as I could rather than getting into an in-depth debate on any one point. I did find things in his arguments that cry out for further argument , and I will offer my analysis of his remarks in a subsequent post. I encourage readers to offer their own comments at the end of this article.


ALERT: A True Greek Tragedy - Odyssey of the EU

Vatic Note:  This article is excellent,  boy I have been saying that a lot lately.  LISTEN AND READ CAREFULLY, WE ARE SEEING THE SLAVING OF GREECE AT THE HANDS OF THE ROTHSCHILD CONTROLLED EU.  GREECE IS THE TEST RUN FOR THE REST OF THE GLOBE ONE COUNTRY AT A TIME.  Now after watch and reading this about Greece, and the EU,  then think "NAU" and how they will do the same thing here to each of our countries and I suspect Mexico will be  first with the rest of us slaving right  behind.  Notice its none of the black nobility countries like Germany, France, or Britain, London more specifically.  Its Italy, Portugal, Spain, etc.    

More and more is coming out and its exposing the banking internationalists who work for the Black Nobility, all over the place.  I finally feel vindicated.  My Partner and I used to get banned all over the net, both left and right sites who were funded by foundations,  just for saying the bankers are the problem, and heaven forbid if we should ever mention Israel in the same breath.  That is how Vatic Project got started.   Now its all coming home to roost right where it belongs:  on the bankers and their masters..... the black nobility and their country Israel. 

Remember, Geithner and Summers did this type of work for the Rothschild Goldman Sachs as assigned to the IMF to destroy and take control of third world countries and now instead of a better world for those countries they are raped and pillaged everyday of their natural resources with no return to the country itself.  THAT IS HOW AND WHY THE BANKERS FORCE COUNTRIES INTO DEFAULT OR INVADE THEM LIKE LIBYA AND JUST FLAT OUT STEAL THEIR RESOURCES AND THEY DO THIS FINANCIALLY,  SO THEY CAN CONFISCATE THE LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES THROUGH THE DEFAULT PROCESS.   Its time to take the land back or make them fight for it and risk losing their lives like any other aggressor would do and do it honorably instead of all this sneaking around like a bunch of cockroaches or slimy worms,  apology to the bugs and worms. NO MORE USING THE USA TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK, DO IT YOURSELVES LIKE A MAN AND TAKE THE CHANCES THAT COME WITH IT.  When Israel/Rothschild is done with us, this is exactly what they will do to us. 


A True Greek Tragedy - Odyssey of the EU
Nov 07, 2011 - 06:19 AM
By: BATR, Market Oracle 

Prime Minister George Papandreou’s gambit calling for a Greek referendum on the draconian EU extortion is proof positive that state sovereignty is dead. It failed because the EU cabal would not allow self-determination. Servicing the debt is the supreme dictate. The analogy of the arrogant and obnoxious Antinous wooing Penelope as a right of entitlement, applies. The righteous outrage of Odysseus’ arrow shot through the throat of all the EU suitors, also applies. Today’s script does not fit the noble triumphs of Homer’s epic. The banksters are more powerful than the intervention of Athena.

How quickly the defiant Greeks were put back in line. The video Greece To Let The People Vote On EU Bailout turned into Greek Government Teeters, Lawmakers Urge PM to Resign.
"In an effort to avoid a financial catastrophe, Europe’s leaders persuaded Athens late Thursday to back away from a referendum, but the result, which involved threats to expel Greece from the euro zone, has destroyed any sense of democratic solidarity uniting them."
"This is obviously a decision the Greeks have to make," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said, "but I think the strong preference of everybody around the G20 table would be for progress to be made toward the package the European Union put together last week," rather than a referendum. "I think that’s a strong preference."
In one rare spark of insight, the progressive statist proponent Robert Reich actually asks the proper question, Greece’s Choice — and Ours: Democracy or Finance?
"Shouldn’t Greek citizens make this decision for themselves?
Of course, if Greek defaults on its loans, global investors (fearing that a default in Greece sets a dangerous precedent) may yank their money out of Italy. This would almost certainly bust several big European banks – and generate panic on Wall Street. That’s why Tim Geithner has been pressing Europe to bail out Greece."
Patrick Henningsen writes in the article, Another military coup in Greece – can you blame them?
"If the government is in danger of collapse, then Greece could be looking at a genuine military coup d’etat.
This theory has gained credence since Athens announced a wild reshuffle, sacking its military leaders in every branch of the forces on Tuesday. The defense ministry confirmed that Greece’s state Security Council replaced the heads of the general staff, the army, navy and air force, and discharged a score of army and navy officers."
Alas, the gallant crew of Odysseus are all dead at the hands of a vindictive Poseidon. The EU cannot tolerate adventurism and needs to make kings into beggars.
The EU Cyclops not only wants to devour the Greeks, but also wants to imprison the next generation for future meals. The central banksters act like the six-headed monster Scylla. They seek perpetual serfdom and a burden akin to Sisyphus pushing his boulder up the eternal hill. Welcome to the realm where the suffering of Tantalus, eternally punished with hunger and thirst, surrounded by water and tempted by grapes, is now commonplace for the Hellenian slaves.
The plight and trials of Odysseus become universal under the global gulag of debt created tyranny. The rule of compound interest is the ultimate peril from the gang of suitors that court the hand of Penelope, not for partnership bliss, but for control. Doom them to the bowels of Hades. All Greeks are now Ithacans.
The neutralization effort for a popular vote and a plan for a caretaker government, demonstrates the financial muscle of the shadow gangsters that run the EU experiment. Yet, this last minute stopgap measure, is but a temporary band-aid on a terminate patient.

Press TV viewpoint and the video on the Greek PM wins vote of confidence, is revealing.
Papandreou gave an address to parliament for more than half an hour, saying that "immediate elections will be catastrophic," but he would be prepared to negotiate a power-sharing settlement, the state-run BBC reported.
Papandreou said the economic bailout deal for Greece currently on offer by the European Union had to be accepted, and it would be "historically irresponsible" to lose it, though he is "past caring about his power and post."
Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog forecasts, "You cannot tell millions of Greeks there will be a vote on a massive debt deal and then say just kidding, not going to happen. You can’t put that genie back in the bottle. I predict there will be a vote by the Greek people one way or another. It will be a nice, neat nationwide referendum or protests in the streets."

Michael Hudson provides a forceful analysis in a Democracy Now video, Wall Street v. Greece: G20 Opens as Greek PM Pushes For Referendum on EU Bailout Plan. Contrast this liberal interpretation with Mad Max Keiser’s outburst calling a talking head - toady for the globalists. "Sounds like a Nazi collaborator defending a rapist", in Greece run by financial terrorists defined the nature of the combat. Both share the same viewpoint that a forced Greek austerity only benefits the banksters.
Wheeling raw power has seldom been so clear. When Hank Paulsen threaten the U.S. Congress with martial law or approve the TARP theft, he wanted a mere $700 billion bailout. The stakes are raised; Greece must surrender the entire country to the master of the real and only true global empire. As the mass media spins the bleb of populist democratic clout, as a horrific thought, the vultures swarm for the pickings of the choicest Greek islands.

Euripides’ style of Greek Tragedy, as the interpreter of this type of divine comedy, best reflects the psychopathic impulses within the EU charade. The play Bacchae has the god Dionysus, the personification of the liberating spirit of wine and revelry, responds to doubters of his divinity. He claims that he has "driven the women of Thebes mad and sent them to the hills around the city, where they wear the animal skins of bacchants, priestesses of Dionysus, carry the ivy-entwined thyrsus (a symbol of his worship), and dance and sing hymns of praise to the new god."
To worship Dionysus, the Chorus sings, followers need only to crown themselves with ivy, wear deer skins lined with goat hair, carry the branches of oak and fir trees, delight in the bounty of the vine, and make ritual animal sacrifices. If they do, the land will overflow with natural beauty and riches—fawns and goats, wine and honey.
Contrary to the characterization that the Greeks are lazy, need to suck it up, institute higher taxes, start embracing thrift, restraint and frugality; the central banksters are the true dispensers of greed and drunken lust of power. The four horsemen of the Acropolis hangs over all of the EU, not because of Greek defiance, but because they will not yield to the armies of the financiers.

In the article, EU Bonds Rollover Debt with a Chinese Bailout, published on September 18, 2011 predicted, "Greece is the Sarajevo in the start of the next currency world war. A containable matter ready to snowball into a full-scale mobilization of competing factions, poses the unwinding of world markets." Now you see this confrontation erupting into open warfare, not through a face off from phalanx corps, but in the struggle to prevent the collapse of the global debt created fiat currency model.

Learn the lesson that Euripides taught in Bacchae. Pentheus, the king of Thebes, stands as a symbol in the play for all those who opposed the cult of Dionysus and denied the erratic, emotional, uninhibited longings within all human beings. The criminal banking institutions that want to exemplify Dionysus’ god like supremacy, needs to be defeated. In ancient times, a Pentheus or an Odysseus could wield the sword and destroy the beasts. Today, only the strength of a united world body of individual citizens, exercising civil disobedience, can bring down the evil banking system.

Those corrupt uninhibited longings exist in all of us, because of our fallen nature. However, the globalists have weaved a system of universal slavery based upon their manipulation of money. They can be defeated. Have the courage of a Greek hero and take control of your own destiny. This tragedy is an existential test. Appreciate the absurdity of compliance with the New World Order, and apply comic relief, to those who follow commends of the EU Poseidon ship of state.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Water has Memory

Vatic Note:  As you know we did a series of videos on Water and I suggest we revisit that after watching this since research has been done and now we do know why water has memory and why the elite want to control it.  Its worth revisiting that series of videos.... they go much deeper than this one did.   But this is a good follow up video showing its now made it overseas to the scientists there as well.  Water is a product of its environment both good and bad.   If it travels and comes to you its natural way,  through rivers, streams, aquifirs, rainbarrels, wells, AND you drink it,  then you will heal whatever ails you.  If it comes through 90 degree angled, crooked, rusted city pipes and after being assaulted with every know  chemical that the chemical companies avoid  paying disposal for, and so sell it to put in our water instead, then you will be ill and deteriorate.  According to those series of videos above, a water molecule has  400,000 units of memory  in  panels.    So make an effort to find well, stream or river water that is filtered or better yet, collect it in a rainbarrel.   It has made a huge difference in peoples  health and the evil ones know it too.  It did that for me when I began drinking well water, normally filtered with no chemicals.     Even bottled water has the same chemicals in it that drinking water by the city has in it.  So don't think that will make a difference.   The more you assault the water (treat it), the worse it responds to our bodies.  

Water Has Memory
Uploaded by on Feb 3, 2011

http://oasishd.ca - Water -- just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of "memory" by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


NAVY Space Command uncovered, 2009 - Part IV - Space Surveillance System, etc.

Vatic Note:  This part deals with using these space weapons for surveillance, more space laser weapon use, Directed Energy weapons, Haarp,  etc..  This division is huge and as fully functional as any other branch of the military and we know least about it as the public who is financing it.  Even our elected officials are in the dark in many cases and that has to change.  The Surveillance without accountability to elected officials is a perfect storm for abuse by the wrong people who get their hands on it.  

Spying and violations of privacy and who knows what else,  blackmail?  That is the problem, we don't know what else.  Do we?  There have been a lot of crimes committed in the past ten years under the guise of "National Security" and that is what must stop.  

The Gulf Blow out and now the directed energy weapon on 9-11 comes to mind clearly.  Americans were murdered that day who paid taxes to build those weapons without their knowledge and they paid the ultimate price.  I will never forget that day and who did it.  That is why this series is so vitally important now, so no more false flags can be used against Americans or anyone else for political, monetary, or power gain, ever again.

NAVY Space Command uncovered, 2009 - Part IV - Space Surveillance System, etc.
by Zorgon, Above Top Secret

US Naval Space Command Space Surveillance System

One of the lesser-known assets of the US Space Command's world-wide space surveillance system is the 217 MHz NAVSPASUR "fence" across the southern US. The following items from various sources (indicated in italics) give some basic information about the system, its history and us
US Naval Space Command Space Surveillance System
US NAVY Program Executive Office Space Systems

Credit: US NAVY
PEO Space Systems Organization Info
Mission Statement
The PEO Space Systems mission is to develop, acquire, integrate, produce, launch, test and provide operational support to reliable, affordable, flexible, effective and seamless space systems that support DOD and U.S. agencies to enable joint, coalition, combined and naval operations. PEO Space Systems coordinates all Department of the Navy space research, development and acquisition activities.
US NAVY Program Executice Office Space Systems

Naval Space Command

NAVY Space Command uncovered, 2009 - Part III - The Tether Incident, HAARP & Railgun Shot

Vatic Note:  Pay special attention to the mention of the lasers in space.  We also put a VN to remind readers of our call on that with respect to the blow out of the Rig,  also remember the rig went dark, no electronics minutes before the blow out and Tru Ott pointed that out in his paper on the Laser attack on the rig with the video that showed the actual lasers taking out the rig by two fishermen out at sea when this all came down.   We have also pointed out everytime they had a top secret space mission with no indication what they were going to be doing or testing while up there, but during one of those, came the dead birds, dead fish etc.  A coincidence?  Maybe, if you believe in them.  I hate sounding redundant, but I cannot thank Zorgon enough for the excellent work he did on this and the support of "Above Top Secret" in providing all the space he needed to get this out there and early on.  I had never seen this til now and saw right away the value AND implications of this down the road.  Well done, my man!

NAVY Space Command uncovered, 2009 - Part III - The Tether Incident , Haarp in Space along with their railgun Shot.
(VN:  Con't from 10/6 blogs Parts I & II )


For some time in many threads, mostly those dealing with the infamous STS 75 Tether Incident and NASA's bungling loss of the satellite, I have dropped hints about the OTHER tether satellite flown by the NAVY only a month later. It was used for two years for laser experiments and as far as I know it is still being spotted by amateurs, at least it was a few years ago... It first flew in 1996 and I have an amateur video of it passing over in the summer of 2004 with an Astrovid StellaCam EX by apolloisgo (link later)

Now very few people even asked me about it and yet info on it was even available back then in public channels. Its one of my pet peeves, people saying they are searching for truth, but then even when you rub their noses into it, they still don't see it. I got the usual ribbing from certain skeptics, who didn't even bother to do a simple search...

Well this satellite was flown and they shot lasers at it from two locations on Earth...

One was the Advanced Electro Optical System (AEOS) Mount Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii run by the Air Force and this was the location they took photos of the satellite in orbit...


The other location was the Starfire Optical Range in Kirtland AFB in New Mexico

There is a similar facility in Russia that I knew about and managed to find on Google Earth It is called OKNO ELINT and on that project the Russian's said we had THREE... well I found Starfire and AEOS no problem, but the third eluded me though it was already on my list...
HELSTAF High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility - White Sands, New Mexico

The Russian site OKNO ELINT is here

This was the Russian Article I used to track it down on GE

OKNO ELINT Photo Gallery - Pegasus

OKNO Sourcebook - 242 page PDF report

So back to the tether... the purpose of firing the lasers at it was to test the concept of transmitting power to satellites in space via high powered lasers.  (VN:  We broke the story of the lasers in Space that took out the Gulf rig way back and Tru Ott also had the video that showed the lasers in action as we did and he posted his after ours.  We  then put his up to confirm what we had seen and they gutted them within 48 hours after we put his up on our blog.  There were two holes basically in the platform that matched what we saw with no carbon and no outward explosive evidence, rather downward. You can see the pics of the platform yourselves.  Thats why they kept gutting our space military blogs and probably will do these unless they don't care anymore.  That s possible.)   The new optical systems compensate for atmospheric dispersal. My next thread will deal with that topic in detail... and a little later I will show you one more awesome NAVY project...

The NAVY Tether is called TiPS Tether Physics and Survivability experiment.

Some public links..

* Wikipedia Tether Satellites - en.wikipedia.org...
* NRO - Tether Physics and Survivability (TiPS) Fact Sheet - http://www.nro.gov/PressReleases/prs_rel10.html
* NASA - TiPS Satellite - ilrs.gsfc.nasa.gov...
* NRL - NAVY - code8100.nrl.navy.mil...

Now those sites will give you basic details...

US spent $1 Trillion on arms since 9/11

Vatic Note:  Now this is Zbig Breszinzki's wet dream... and he says so in his book, "The Grand Chessboard:  American Primacy and Its Geostratic Imperatives".... which is policy wonk talk for "empire building" and making billions if not trillions off the various wars.  However, he said, it would take a major attack event to galvanize the people to support such empire building in both US wealth and blood "Of Our Children".  What he didn't tell us in the book is that it was for "Greater Israel" agenda to control the middle east and eventually, once they got the profits from all the oil in the Middle East, they could then control the world.   He was a bad boy not to tell us what the real agenda was.  Does that one trillion include lasers in space? 

US spent $1Trillion on arms since 9/11
by Siasat, Military section

Washington, November 04: US has spent roughly USD 1 trillion on new weapons since the 9/11 attacks, using the money that were supposed to be spent on US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The services capitalized on funding to modernize their forces, especially the major weapons programs that constitute the heart of the services' capabilities," a new report by Stimson Center said on Thursday.

Twenty two percent of the roughly USD 1 trillion spent on weapons since 9/11 comes from "supplemental" war funding, which are voted on separately from the regular defense budget.


VATIC ALERT: Tectonic Weaponry : How to make an Earthquake

UPDATE: 11/8/11 oooh, look at the date?  Arrival of the Asteroid???  LOL  Just in time  
for the 11/9/11 war games on the space weapons that would normally interfer with electronics, cells phones etc, so they have to shut it all down and call it a test of the emergency alert system.  I don't know why they have to lie.  We probably, collectively, know more than they do. LOL.  Now will we see our space division in action?  Another False flag on the drawing board.  We better not. 

Just got comments below that all have been very helpful and require additional exposure up  here for our readers.  One of the clips below was pointed out that it lacked something so the viewer obtained the full documentary on it and I believe it may well be worth watching.  Another viewer provided us with an ex weather mans three minutes of insight that is also worth the watch.  All the comments were contributory and very helpful and insightful.  I said and do believe if we continue to work together ad hoc, these demons ruining our nation will be defeated and reside in the burning hell they wished to create for us.  Our ignorance is being washed away with the efforts of so many and for that I am grateful.  We are truly coming together and they are not able to get us to hate each other.  They tried it in Seattle using race and murder and its not working.  Here is the additional info.  Check it out

From Anonymous 2
Former weather man, Scott Stevens details another doc - 3 min clip.
“has global warming been created as a cover for active weather
Modification we now see going on in our skies”

Weather Wars Documentary Promo (by Scott Stevens)

From Anonymous 1
Weather Warfare Documentary [Full Length]

(Original blog starts here)
Vatic Note: Just listen to this video. It confirms the connection between chemtrails and Haarp. This is
the very best video explanation on haarp and its impact on floods, earthquakes etc,,, in otherwords a weapon of mass destruction.  Remember, this video was done way back in MAY 2010, and since then all that they speculated in May 2010 has come to pass.  Also listen to the  the description of how haarp works based on the end results desired.   I found that to be the most fascinating and educational part of the video.  What surprised me is what they use in conjunction with haarp to get the desired results.  Our area just got winter type cold and snow for days when in fact we never get this kind of weather before Thanksgiving.  Haarp was going crazy for days before as were the chemtrails.... so everyone here knew and knows what is going on.  Read below and if you are having anomolous weather, this explains it, or earthquakes in Arkansas and Alabama as reported today, then you know where it comes from.  SAME WITH TURKEY and other such enemies of Israel, or I should say innocent countries who are victims of Israel.

I placed this blog between the others to do with military top secret space weaponry now that its been disclosed that there is a haarp in space and lasers as well as satellites used in conjunction with haarp and satellites.  Placing it here puts it all together and in perspective and connects all the dots.  Please notice IN THE VIDEO, they are blaming the Air Force for the chemtrail component of the Haarp actions, but in fact, we posted a blog with proof that the BRITISH CREATED CIA OWNED EVERGREEN AIRWAYS HAS IN FACT CONTRACTED WITH THE "SHADOW GOVERNMENT" (INFILTRATED BY ANOTHER COUNTRY) TO DUMP THE CHEMTRAILS.  Notice it says "airforce contracted with..." yet, khazars always call themselves "Jews" and they are not.  So they use fronts to cover their criminal activity.  That is why its so hard for us to believe.  But its worked for them to this point, but no longer.  We are onto them.   I point this out and please notice it in the press, in the OWS, and everywhere, they continually try to blame our government, when in fact its the shadow govenment with key people in key positions who do all this either without the official gov permission  or without their knowledge.  That is becoming more and more evident and now supports the protocols that called for doing just that. Here are some other examples below. 

Example:  Ionic atmospheric heaters.  There are twenty five of them across the globe according to this video.  Does GLOBAL WARMING STRIKE A BELL??? Then would come the carbon tax for the bogus carbon dioxide that trees need to live.  Oxygen is their waste that we need to live.  Hmmm.  That is only one example.  We do not know how many other lies they have conjured up for us like the Chemtrails issue, using these space weapons that we know or used to know nothing about.   That is what we have been missing and now we have it all, (after tomorrows 2 blogs and tuesdays final blog on the subject for a full and complete offering),  at least in the area of the "deception"  they intended to use on  us without exposing themselves.   Its the bankers, folks.  Not the Government per se.  Remember, overthrowing the gov does not deal with the infiltration and control of it, it simply replaces a legal system with one that favors the criminals in charge.   PURGE THE CRIMINALS AND THAT SOLVES THE PROBLEM, ICELAND PROVED THAT FULLY.   These are nothing less than psychopathic criminals and should never be allowed to govern anything more than their own mafia dealings.  Let them screw each other like Madoff did. 

All of these blogs are  beginning to explain how they intend to depopulate this planet and then blame it on aliens or someother space phenomena (Elenin or astroid  or record breaking sun spots ring a bell?) and then convince those remaining to globalize and voila,..... their agenda achieved.  We must not let this happen.   Take over those Protest marches across the globe and start occupying Rothschild/Rockefeller residences in Paris, London, Germany, etc etc etc.  I can't believe no one is occupying Rothschilds all over the globe.  How come???? 

VATIC ALERT:  Tectonic Weaponry : How to make an Earthquake
Brass Check TV, 11/6/2011, 
Uploaded by on May 2, 2010

It's been the doomsday weapon of villains from comic books to
James Bond movies, but is it just science-fiction?
Not many people realize just how far from fiction tectonic weapons
really are. Tectonic weaponry even gained mention in legislation
before the U.S. Congress, in H.R. 2977, the Space Preservation Act
of 2001