Iran Contra Coverup: Video in 8 parts (foundational for todays context)

Vatic Note: These 8 videos are priceless when seen in the context of todays environment. There was no way to know then how this would end up and how it would be played out. No one could have known except through hindsight. This was a mind blowing exposure of something even greater than the actual drugs and guns issue. The cover up was just as impressive. It is being fully exposed through these 8 videos that the foundation for the corruption EXISTING TODAY WAS established in 1988 during this time in our history.

Corporations/banks ran the operation as a shadow government and the analysis in these videos lays it out brilliantly. From that foundation laid by Bush (after his assassination miss, Reagan abdicated all power to Bush if they would allow him to live) came the fascism we are experiencing today with the same players involved. Corporate America, Wall Street Brokerage Houses (with the same international masters)  and the same players in gov, such as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. who had learned the lessons the exposure they received had given them, and  made changes for when they took over again under Bush Jr.

That is why they are far more successful this time than they were then. The cover up allowed them to remain free enough to do it again only this time better and with greater impact against the US and its people. Can we get out from under it? I dont' know but we are definitely going to try. Of that I have no doubt. We have tasted freedom and will never give it up willingly. There will be a cost to those trying to take it from us, of that I am sure.

Iran Contra Coverup: Video in  8 parts
December 07, 2008
Provided to Vatic Project by Erica Stuart, PHD, International Affairs, Ca., USA

Coverup: Behind The Iran Contra Affair (1988) 

(VN:  listen carefully to these videos and you will how this very issue in 1988 has definitely impacted us today.  Lessons are certainly available for us to learn as a nation and a people about our leaders in both industry and government, that we must NEVER  forget again and teach our children and their children etc.)

This documentary of the Iran Contra affair consolidates the evidence and conspiracy theories of the incident after the 13-week Congressional hearings proved inadequate, acting merely as "damage control" and failing to show any sincere effort to get to the real truth of the matter. Illuminated are the delays by the Reagan-Bush ticket in releasing the American hostages until after the election -- after outgoing President Jimmy Carter worked tirelessly to free them.

9/11 & Nine Years of Deception and War

By Christopher Bollyn
Updated:  August 9, 2010

A U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.  July has been the deadliest month of the nine-year war for U.S. troops in Afghanistan with 66 fatalities reported.  Apart from the 8,000 Americans reported killed and wounded in Afghanistan, tens of thousands more will bear the heavy spiritual and psychological burden of having participated in a fraudulent and illegal war in which they killed innocent people.  Why, and for whom are we really fighting this criminal war in Central Asia?

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Galatians 6:7

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832)

Nine years ago this week Larry Silverstein and his partner, the former Israeli commando Frank Lowy, closed the deal on the 99-year lease of the World Trade Center.  Silverstein and Lowy, devoted agents of the state of Israel and its Zionist fund-raising organizations in New York, immediately had their leased WTC property and future rental earnings insured against a terror attack exactly like that which occurred only seven weeks later.   Having obtained the lease with borrowed funds, Silverstein promptly raised rents forty percent.

Unlike the Twin Towers, Larry Silverstein actually owned WTC 7, the 47-story building that fell straight down into its footprint at about 5:25 p.m. on 9-11, in what was clearly a controlled demolition.  All three towers demolished on 9-11 were under Silverstein's control and although he openly admitted on camera that he had decided to "pull" WTC 7, his revealing comments have never been investigated by the authorities of New York City or the federal government.    Whoever placed the super-thermite and other explosive charges in the Twin Towers probably did so during the seven weeks before 9-11, when Silverstein completely controlled access to the towers.  Apart from all the other questions, Silverstein has never been held to account for the fact that the escape doors to the roof of both towers had been locked.  Why were rooftop evacuations not attempted? 

Polish Airplane Crash Cover-Up?

The following comes from a highly respected journalist in Poland.  For reasons of personal security this individual must remain anonymous:


After four months, the Polish parliamentary opposition wins the battle over the forming of an investigation committee for explaining the reasons of the president’s and his delegation’s plane crash in Russia. The committee of 120 members of Parliament (from Lower and Higher Chambers) is being led by Chairman Representative Antoni Macierewicz, who in 2008 successfully disbanded the still then pro-Russian military intelligence Wojskowe Sluzby Informacyjne (Military Information Service). Many Poles hope that Macierewicz’s committee will be able to motivate the Polish government, which as they are convinced, does not contend with the Russian deceptions on the plane crash. However, the list of those deceptions is already very long.

On April 9th the plane crash killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski, his ministers, the Army’s highest commanders, members of Parliament and many other officials in Smolensk, Russia. President Kaczynski and his delegates flew to pay homage to 22,000 Polish officers murdered in Katyn forests near Smolensk by the Russians in the biggest still unpunished war crime.

The first president who offered his condolences to the Polish nation in the face of the death of their best leaders was Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He took Poles, who were in a state of deep shock after the loss of their president and 95 high state officials, by surprise and in an hour after the catastrophe as he established himself as the leader of an investigative committee. The next day Russian president Medvedev told Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk that Russian prosecutors will be working together with their Polish counterparts. It became obvious a little later that Medvedev acted according old Soviet tradition – tell one thing and act contrary to what you said. Putin-led investigative committee is not different from well-known to Poles Soviet-style committees. Contrary to investigative teams formed in the West, Soviet style groups practice maskirovka (concealment) – that is, hiding instead of revealing evidence, lying instead of providing information and using active measures to discredit victims and shield those responsible among them.


Israel’s Olmert and the Jackals

Vatic Note:  Notice how he talks about corruption and how it infects the body politic and the social fabric of the society.   He discusses the atmosphere of general "lawlessness" That infects the state conquorer and that is where "the rot sets in".  Very good article by a Jewish author about Olmert and Israel.  

Israel’s Olmert and the Jackals

August 11, 2010 posted by Michael Leon, Veterans Today on line

The occupation is corrupt, and it corrupts by its very nature. It denies all human rights, including the right to property. It fills the occupied territories with an atmosphere of general lawlessness. It enriches the occupier and everybody connected with him. It creates a climate of wanton cynicism, an environment of “anything goes”. Such an atmosphere does not stop at the Green Line. It permeates the state of the conqueror. That’s where the rot set in. -

By Uri Avnery

I CANNOT say that I ever liked Ehud Olmert [former Prime Minister of Israel (2006-09) who stepped down facing corruption charges]. But now I almost feel sorry for him.  It is not pleasant to see how they pounce on him, like jackals and hyenas fighting over a carcass.
And that also raises some questions.

WAS OLMERT the only fallible human being in this paradise? Not at all. The stories about the envelopes stuffed with cash, the cigars and the luxury suites in posh hotels fire the imagination, but the hedonism of Olmert is no different from that of Binjamin Netanyahu or Ehud Barak. When Barak accuses Olmert it is like the kettle calling the pot black.

Netanyahu lived like a king in expensive hotels paid for by kind donors who, of course, ask for nothing in return, whose sole purpose in life is to allow him to revel in luxury. As for Barak – after decades of service as an army officer with a salary that did not reach the sky and some years as a cabinet minister with a similar income, he disappeared from public view for a short while and reappeared as a rich man. He bought a luxury apartment in one of the most expensive buildings in Tel Aviv, a structure that is a byword for ostentatious wealth. How does one get so rich in such a short time? Could it be by using connections acquired in the service of the state?

How the Military Destroys the Lives of Soldiers Who Try to Tell the Truth

Bradley Manning is not the first military whistleblower to have his life ruined. The military is infamous for trying to silence soldiers who speak out against the war.


August 11, 2010  |  By Justine Sharrock

Last week, Representative Mike Rogers called for the execution of military whistleblower, Private Bradley Manning. His crime? Sharing the “Collateral Murder” video and the classified Afghanistan “war logs” with Wikileaks, which exposed the truth behind the failing war in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s cooperation with the Taliban, and potential war crimes. The 22-year-old Army intelligence analyst said he felt it was "important that it gets out...I feel, for some bizarre reason...it might actually change something.” He is currently in jail at Quantico, on suicide watch, and is facing up to 50 years in prison for exposing information the American public has the right to know.

“The government is engaging in selective prosecution to ensure that employees keep their mouths shut,” says Stephen Khon, a lawyer specializing in whistleblowing cases. “All of a sudden the whistleblower becomes public enemy number one. There is no proportionality.”

Manning leaked the information anonymously with the assurance that his name would never be released, but all the same he has been accused of seeking his “15 minutes of fame.” Manning specifically said, “I just want the material out there...I don't want to be a part of it.” His name only became known after hacker-turned-reporter Adrian Lamo ratted him out. Before going to Wikileaks, Manning tried, unsuccessfully, to report the information to his officer. He explained that he “immediately took that information and ran to the officer to explain what was going on…he didn’t want to hear any of it…he told me to shut up and explain how we could assist the FPs in finding more detainees….” Yet now he is being denounced for not handling the matter internally.

Regardless of whether he is found guilty and sentenced to prison, Manning’s life will be irreparably destroyed. “If you are deemed a whistleblower in the Army, there is a very good chance of it ruining not only your career but your life,” says David Debatto, a U.S. Army counterintelligence special agent who saw several such instances while serving in Iraq in 2003. Manning was already "pending discharge" when he made the complaints, but now, even if he isn’t charged, he will most likely be dishonorably discharged. This will mean a loss of all benefits and difficulty getting a decent civilian job, a bank loan or a lease.

Fraud Update: Australia a Concealed Colony

Vatic Note:   This is a very interesting take on a very old subject.   I had read before and posted in one of our blogs that the Queen literally owned all the land in Canada and not as  monarch, but as a person and she literally stopped the parliament when they went against her wishes.  That is power over an entire nation.  What about the Canadian people, do they know about all this???  She has dreams of reclaiming the old British empire back again.  Remember it was the British that led the movement and shoved for Israel to be a state in Palestine.  Now Rothschild owes here and I wonder if we are the payback.   I feel sorry for New Zealand,  Scotland, Canada, and Australia.  There biggest problem is us here in this country.  Not the government obviously, but the people who are mightily armed and lots of assets are exposed that they own. When you read this very good article you will get the message as to how important "BURYING" this information was and the lengths they went through to quash this information. 

Fraud Update: Australia a Concealed Colony
August 10, 2010 , by Henry Makow

Since his July 27 article appeared on this website, Ken's site http://www.basicfraud.com/  has been hacked and demolished, as Satanists promised it would be. The site argues that former British colonies, Australia, New Zealand and Canada never actually achieved independence. World government is an extension of the "British Empire" and independence would have been a step in the wrong direction. So they faked it. (VN:  I knew it.... the Queen really only came here as her minions and relatives were in charge now and busy bringing the USA back into the British fold through Rothschilds banking and Israeli connections, damn, no way).

Their "elected Government and entire Judicial Systems are totally unlawful, fraudulent and invalid...This has enormous ramifications when considering International Treaties entered into by the these Governments, any political appointments, the banking laws, the whole Court System, taxation, just to name a few, have NO legitimacy and are totally null and void."

He who controls the past, controls the future

Bruecke Note: Many of you Vatic readers may have noticed that the input field into the Google search of this blog isn't working and hasn't been for a couple of days. Evidently it is a known  problem with Google/Blogger. I have noticed at least one other blog using the same blogger hosting services with this issue.

Or are we being messed with?

He who controls the past, controls the future

by Maxwell C. Bridges
Thursday, August 12, 2010

I was an active participant on Alternet until they changed their page layout and comment format. They purposely crippled the comment section for over a month under the guise of:
"We're doing software development on-the-fly on this live & popular website and can't seem to get it right."
I think it was to drive away the regulars, because the 9/11 Truthers were certainly beginning to out numbering the 9/11 Coincidence Theorists and just about any political topic could legitimately be steered there. Those defending the government version had to dig deep into their bag of dirty tricks by often and fragrantly violating the posting policies about person attacks. After all, when you are losing the debate against the message, attack the messenger.

Be that as it may, slowly over the course of 3 months or so, I observed them deliberately crippling their own comment archives to articles. First, it was that the new comment format couldn't display them correctly to all nested levels, but if you had a deep link, you could get them all. This proved that it wasn't the database, but how that information was parsed. Then it was those levels getting truncated. Then it was nothing displayed at all. Now in many cases those lengthy, wonderful, insightful comments -- even when the trolls attempted detours into flame wars -- are replaced in many cases with Digg & Twitter feeds that weren't even supported at the time of the original article.

The 9/11 disinformation warriors from NSA's Q-group lost many battles and finally had to do triage and clean-up but destroying those records. Google isn't up to speed, and specific searches can still get you hints at the debates but no longer directly to them.

I've participate in at least two other forums that underwent upgrades in their technology, which also served to boot off the regulars (and 9/11 Truthers) and then eventually make those database archives where all aspects of 9/11 were publicly debated in accessible slowly over time. On the one hand, I can understand issues with cutting over from one database to another. On the other hand, they deliberate threw away the zeitgeist of our time and the public record that proved (then and for any future database archaeologist) that not everyone in the years after 9/11 was a complete, gullible idiot.

I've recently learned of a 9/11 Truther in another forum who is experiencing the disappearance of whole discussion threads on 9/11 the very next day. It came to my attention, because he suspected that his opponent under a new alias was also mine.

My opponent certainly had either in-roads with AlterNet or hacking skills to get into their database, based on what I observed. Blatant personal attacks from him would remain despite numerous requests for their moderation, while suddenly out of the blue rather benign but possibly too personal (or not in agreement with the persona) postings of his would be removed from the system. It was suspected that he requested or effected their removal. Therefore, when a series of his personal attacks went way over the line, he was asked early on a Sunday morning to request their removal. Sunday before noon, 5 of them were gone and by Wednesday, they all were.

George Orwell wrote in 1984 as the party slogan:  
"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future."

Is this what we're observing in the message boards of our day?

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Obama called to act as Wall Street prepares to tax all US homes 1% for 99 years

Vatic Note:  "Obama, called to act" is a joke headline.   Obama does what he  is told every single time.   I wish it were not so.   Once depopulation is complete or at least well on its way, then comes the slavery, and this is step one.   The cap and trade tax is step two and the Universal medical bill was the final hammer on a full fledged dictatorship.   Once you start letting these useless feeder bankers start taking our earnings from us for no reason as we did in the bailouts, (2 of them, one under each parties Presidents, Bush and Obama), then it was a simple step to continue the process through extracting even more equity that we built up in our homes, by this process below. Its time to stop all this and we should notify the congressmen and senators up for reelection to give us their position on this issue (I know, its a pipedream to even believe they can do anything at this point except watch as helplessly as we are, those that have not sold out), otherwise the way around it is to never use title insurance and escrow to close on a transaction, rather simply do a warrantee deed and carry the note privately. The more they push, the more creative we have to become.

These bankers, globally,  are still alive and walking around? hmmmm Just expressing my amazement. LOL  Think about it,  you work and pay down on your home, that is called 'building equity' through your labor and choices on where to spend it, then the bank comes along and takes that equity from you.  THAT IS CALLED SLAVERY.  No way should we even consider cooperating on that one.  It would be better to then not own.  (update:  breaking news is indicating they are on the move with this agenda because once the population is down to a manageable level, they can then control us and they will be safe, right now, they are NOT safe as our population is not down..... this is truly our only chance).

Obama called to act as Wall Street prepares to tax all US homes 1% for 99 years
Posted by EU Times on Aug 9th, 2010

Foes want the Obama administration to ban a 1% ‘private transfer’ charge — assessed every time a property is sold for 99 years — paid to investors who backed the home’s original builder.

Can you name a housing controversy that pulls Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, consumer advocates, labor unions representing transport workers and government employees, the title insurance industry, the National Council of La Raza, libertarian and property rights groups and the National Assn. of Realtors all together into a protest coalition demanding quick action from the Obama administration?

More to S510 than meets the eye; FARM ANIMALS R US!

Vatic Note:   This article and the implications of what the government is going with respect to our farm animals, if very much in line with the weather chaos,  the floods, and droughts, etc,  that is being used intentionally through HAARP, by not only our government but by the internationalists/bankers/Israeli's  through our government to complete the depopulation agenda and get that third world war going.  Add in the information on this with respect to this food bill,  they are attacking us in our very sustenance of life, food, water and air.   That is a fundamentally, brutal attack and a vicious cruel and inhumane way to conduct war against the people.   This is clearly a class war with the luciferians orchestrating it from their perches in London, and Tel Aviv.   See if you can connect the dots with this article to the one we had just published on the murder of Senator Stevens over his investigation into the HAARP use as a weapon of real mass destruction.    

Farm animals R US

by Noah Ararat, Yup Farming
Thursday, June 17, 2010

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is non-threatening disease and yet the government is setting up conditions for an outbreak here which, if it occurred, would entail the slaughter of vast numbers of animals, even healthy.

Farm animals are so important that in destroying them, the government would be destroying local independent farmers, local food economies, safe food, food security, and the very underpinning of a sustainable future for everyone.

To understand the threat, one might begin by looking at what happened when US Agribusiness triggered avian flu in Asia through spreading contaminated waste from their giant unregulated poultry factories onto fields and infecting birds. Projecting avian flu as a terrifying pandemic, they got Asian governments and their military to slaughter small farmers' private poultry stocks across Asia. Once the farmers' biodiversity in poultry was exterminated, Agribusiness/biotech substituted their own patented GE-poultry.

The murder of Latin American (world) populations has begun

Vatic Note:   This is one of the very best analysis I have ever read about what we are seeing right now in our breaking news on weather and population impacts.  FOR THE SERIOUS INVESTIGATOR and truth seeker, this is a MUST READ.  Also tie this in with Zbig Brezsinzki's early book written in 1976 when he was newly the NSA manipulator of the Carter administration,  called "Between Two Ages", wherein he broached “the theme of weather control, which he regarded as a form of broader social regulation”.  This observation was made by a Russian Scientist, Dr. Areshev.   Then Zbig writes the Grand Chessboard in 1997, published in 1998 which then ties the original "weather manipulation" into the larger Geostratetic Imperative of the International Banker elite relative to the Eurasian continent, and control of its enormous untapped wealth.   That is Empire building by "Class" rather than "Nation".   Because the international elite cross all borders,  they have no country pre se themselves, even though they have the wealth they have stolen that is the equivalent of a 2nd world country,  they still needed a nation to act as surrogate for them and that is the US Gov and they did it by putting one of their own who is not an American in as President.  VERY CLEVER indeed, so they act through him to empire build, using our wealth and human resources as fodder for their wars to bring other nations into line.  This is not our "people" doing this, its the illegal and illegitimate Government owned and controlled by Rothschild, head of the international bankers.   Zbig is his policy wonk man on these issues. 

In the process Zbig makes it clear that while manipulating such weather weapons to control Eurasia,  it was also imperative to absolutely dominate through any means possible, the rest of the globe TO ENSURE NO ONE COULD ARISE TO CHALLANGE THE EMPIRE AGENDA OF THE ELITE who are using the US and her wealth to achieve their global domination of the planet.   Globalization was about forming a government of the ruling elite who have no boundaries,  which would then reflect reality.   No nationalism, no loyalty to a country or a people.  Only complete and total control of the globes massive wealth by a very elite few.  Combine that with Israel's agenda of moving Christians and muslims into a slave cattle workforce for their benefit and you have a perfect storm for this that is happening now.  In that context, all that Dick discusses below begins to make sense as to why this is happening. 

The murder of Latin American (world) populations has begun -=- "Starvemageddon" = Clandestine Weather Modification
Commentary by Dick Eastman,  Yakima, Washington, USA
August 9, 2010

Tropical vegetation dies fast in snow and tropical fish die fast in cold water. The extreme cold in South America this season has been caused by prolonged wind from the Antarctic during the southern hemisphere winter.

Is someone behind this?

Winds can be redirected or prevented from modifying direction by controlling high and low pressure by heating or cooling surface regions along side the paths of the wind by creating cloud cover or by steering clear air to locations where heating of the surface is required.

Wind blows anti-clockwise around lows (right hand rule) and clockwise around highs (left hand rule) in the northern hemisphere and the opposite in the southern hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere to create a stream of wind headed north (from Antarctica) over a region of South America arrange for higher pressure to the west and lower pressure to the east of the stream, that is block sunlight to the west and leave sky clear to the east. This is Clandestine Weather Modification.

Snow in Brazil, below zero in the River Plate,


tropical fish frozen
Power consumption sets new records

How Facebook Betrayed Users and Undermined Online Privacy

Bruecke Note 2 (Update 8/12): Coincidence that the comments to this article on AlterNet are no longer available?

Bruecke Note: I added emphasis to the paragraph about the beacon.  Reading the comments on Alternet is also interesting, with the 2 entries below:
Batrhyme: Facebook is the wet dream of the covert survelliance community. It is based on the "circle of friends" therory of criminal investgation. Before facebook authorities had to supeona phone record to get this information. Now the circles are publically available with no way to retract. And more is available publicly ie religious views, political views, reading And viewing preferences. Who needs FISA when the FBI has FB? (coincidence...I don't think so). This is the private outsourcing of the intelligence industry that your mother warned you about.

Parvaneh Ferhad They all do that, even your network service provider is doing it (Deep Packet Inspection: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_packet_inspection) There is no privacy on the Web at all and it's not anonymous how many people think.
The reason why all these services are for 'free' is because the providers get something that is worth more than they invest - they are Capitalists, after all - and that something is people's behavioural profile.
They are profiling you as an individual and as a member of a group.
If you want to get rid of that, you'll need to outlaw it, but that will never happen.
How Facebook Betrayed Users and Undermined Online Privacy
by Allan Hunt Badiner http://www.alternet.org/media/147760/how_facebook_betrayed_users_and_undermined_online_privacy/

Facebook has collected loads of private information about their users -- information that is being sold to marketers.

August 5, 2010

In just six years Facebook has crossed the threshold of 500 million users. In the past nine months it has doubled in size and is now the number one most visited Web site in the world, surpassing Google.

Facebook’s motto is “Making the world open and connected,” where a lone voice can have a powerful impact, as evidenced this year by one activist’s post on Facebook that sparked a demonstration of 12 million people against the Revolutionary Forces of Columbia (FARC), which had been terrorizing Colombian citizens for years.
But along with its policy of openness and potential for social change, Facebook has repeatedly come under fire for its lax policies toward the privacy of its members.

Behind the Wall
Facebook members have a “wall” where they can post pictures and information (essentially their own web page), chat with each other, and read the latest on everyone in “The Feed.” But behind the wall, users are creating a cumulative data repository of all the relationships in the entire world and the intimate details of everyone’s lives. The databases and algorithms employed at Facebook to store, crunch, and make inferences about you are far greater holders of data than any government agency.

ALERT: Top US Senator Assassinated As Obama “Weather War” Plunges World Into Chaos

**(These next three blogs today tie into a much bigger picture of depopulation now in progress, and globalization using Weapons of Mass destruction (HAARP) and once weather is done, the final coup de grace will be a very bad bioweapon attack globally, and that has started already in some of the third world countries, watch for more on this as we ferret out the truth and information.  As populations die off, the less of a threat we become, the more embolden and tyrannical these satanists will become, so our window of opportunity is getting very narrow and time is not on our side at this point)

Vatic Note: THIS IS A MUST READ "ALL THE WAY THROUGH", SERIOUSLY,  THE ARTICLE IS CRITICAL AND HAS LINKS AND PROOFS THAT WE ARE UNDER SERIOUS ATTACK GLOBALLY, AND SENATOR STEVENS DIED TRYING TO INVESTIGATE THIS. This is one of those rare times that I was going to have very little to say since this article says it all. But I changed my mind. 

Once you accept these foreign occupiers of our country are capable of making these kinds of decisions to assassinate without a trial, then the leap is not to far in realizing, they are fully capable of murdering in cold blood Millions of the globes citizens in every country, every continent and in every language, and they are doing so right now as we speak here tonight as this article shows along with all the links.   This is the big attack for millions of us, however, remember, the goal is billions, thus we have way more coming.   It is clearly to a point where our only options as a mass of humanity, is to rid this planet of those doing this who are the international bankers and the various owned leaders of ALL THE COUNTRIES INVOLVED.  Its something we should have done at the first bailout by taking back control and encarcerating the lot of them. 

Sarkovsky of France,   The Queen in England, ROTHSCHILD OF COURSE who is the master mind behind it all.   Merkel of Germany,  Putin of Russian,  the Chinese leader is also a graduate of one of the elite schools such as Oxford, I believe is where he was trained, so the very top of our governments are responsible for this in concert.  Its only "the people" who have no clue and will be fed who the enemy is to try and get us to hate and fight each other.   We must not do that.  Within each  of our own nations, we must take on the real culprits in this game.   

Top US Senator Assassinated As Obama “Weather War” Plunges World Into Chaos
Posted by EU Times on Aug 11th, 2010

A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) states that a former top United States Senator, Ted Stevens, was assassinated this week after he attempted to gather evidence “proving” that President Obama has unleashed America’s devastating “weather weapons” against the World.

As we had previously reported on in our August 3rd report titled “Russia Burns, China Drowns: US To Blame?” Russian research scientist Dr. Andrey Areshev has joined the ranks of International scientists and experts stating their belief that the extreme weather chaos currently battering our Planet is being caused by the Tesla technology based weapons systems directed from Alaska’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, otherwise known as HAARP.

Now according to this GRU report, Senator Stevens was approached less than a fortnight ago by his longtime friend and Alaskan bush pilot Theron “Terry” Smith whose son-in-law, Alaskan Air National Guard Major Aaron W. Malone, was killed on July 28th after having his C-17 US Military aircraft “targeted” by a HAARP “Tesla Beam” while in the air over Anchorage, Alaska causing it to crash and explode upon impact killing all aboard. [Note: The Russian translation for “targeted” as used in this report does not assign HAARP blame as it includes an “accidental” verb component.]


ALERT: Ghostly Chatter of U.S. Veterans about Israeli War on Iran

Vatic Note:   Take these links and articles and commentaries very seriously as these are connected to insiders who leak out info so that we may know the truth and those doing it are genuine heroes who, if caught, would be killed by our foreign occupying force.    WE have so few genuine heroes anymore that it behooves us not to get the ones we do have, exposed and in jeopardy.   Please read this all as Captain May risks his life everytime he writes these leaks up for us and everytime they are distributed widely.   Please, please do what you can to help us prevent this BY SPREADING THE WORD AROUND TO MAKE IT DIFFICULT IF NOT DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS "TO THEM" FOR THE TREASON AND WAR ACTS AGAINST AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE THEY ARE ABOUT TO DO.   Lets stay forcused on WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS AND FOCUS ONLY ON THAT ENEMY.  

Ghostly Chatter of U.S. Veterans about Israeli War on Iran
+ + + + + + +
By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

HOUSTON, 8/11/10 -- Two of my cohorts, Major Bill Fox and Dr. Jim Fetzer, have written a well-time well-targeted military analysis to back up their opinion (which I share) that America is great danger of a false flag attack to sucker us into a war with Iran.

"False Flag Alert!" The Lone Star Iconoclast, 8/9/2010, http://lonestaricon.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=738:false-flag-alert-pieces-falling-into-place-for-israeli-us-attack-on-iran&catid=36:guest-commentary&Itemid=70

Breaking a Promise on Surveillance


It is just a technical matter, the Obama administration says: We just need to make a slight change in a law to make clear that we have the right to see the names of anyone’s e-mail correspondents and their Web browsing history without the messy complication of asking a judge for permission.

It is far more than a technical change. The administration’s request, reported Thursday in The Washington Post, is an unnecessary and disappointing step backward toward more intrusive surveillance from a president who promised something very different during the 2008 campaign.

In a 1993 update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Congress said that Internet service providers have to turn over to the F.B.I., on request, “electronic communication transactional records.” The government says this includes the e-mail records of their subscribers, specifically the addresses to which e-mail messages were sent, and the times and dates. (The content of the messages can remain private.) It may also include Web browsing records. To get this information, the F.B.I. simply has to ask for it in the form of a national security letter, which is an administrative request that does not require a judge’s signature.

BP Critic Matt Simmons Found Dead

Vatic Note: I don't believe he was offed because he was a deep critic of BP, He was not only vocal but also very very visible  appearing on many different talk shows and interviews but then so were others of his ilk, rather I think he got offed due to his work on alternative energy which was actually going to turn into something good. Check it out for yourself and see what you think. Here is an excerpt from the link above here:

"........Simmons founded The Ocean Energy Institute, a think tank and venture capital fund in Rockland to promote offshore wind energy research and development."   

He was the driving force behind this very unique project that was generating a great deal of interest and resources for pursuing the alternative energies from a unique perspective.  Add to that his vicious pursuit of BP in the press, it was almost too convenient, so it may have been a combination of both. 

Matt Simmons apparently drowned at his home Sunday night
Krister Rollins, Producer 1 day ago
WLBZ2.com, North Haven Maine (News Center)

NORTH HAVEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Rockland area is mourning the loss of the man who had hoped to make the city the heart of a new energy industry. Matthew Simmons, a longtime summer resident of Rockport, died Sunday night at a summer house on North Haven island. He was 67 years old. According to the Medical Examiner's office, Simmons drowned. A statement earlier in the day from the Ocean Energy institute in Rockland, which Simmons created, said Simmons suffered a heart attack while using his hot tub. The Medical Examiner's office says Simmons was suffering from heart disease, which may have been a contributing factor in the drowning.
Simmons spent his career as a leading investment banker for the energy industry. In recent years he had become prominent in Maine as well, and was a leading proponent of building large, offshore wind turbines to generate electricity for the state. Simmons had founded the Ocean energy Institute (OEI) in Rockland to pursue research into a variety of ways to produce energy from the ocean. Just three weeks ago, he announced plans to also start a for-profit side of the institute, and said he planned to raise a billion dollars in capital from investors to push the development and construction of offshore wind turbines in the Gulf of Maine.

Through his energy work, Simmons had become an advisory to Sen. Susan Collins, Gov. John Baldacci and other state leaders. But his contributions were also local. Most notably, Simmons, his wife, Ellen and two daughters bought and rebuilt the old Strand Theater in downtown Rockland. They also created the non-profit organization that runs the theater, which has become a center of the city's business and cultural district.

He had also been closely involved with the Island Institute and the Farnsworth Art Museum, among other causes. Retired Prof. Wickham Skinner of St. George, who was Simmons' professor at Harvard Business School, called Simmons a "born leader". Skinner is a member of the board of the OEI, and told News center the work of the Institute should continue: "The idea of the Ocean Energy Institute is so good and so strong, I'm hoping we'll pick it up and keep it going and find not another Matt Simmons but somebody who can do it."


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


IMF blueprint for a global currency – yes really


FT Alphaville missed this IMF paper when it first came out in April, 2010.

Authored by Reza Moghadam, director of the IMF’s strategy, policy and review department, it discusses how the IMF sees the International Monetary System evolving after the financial crisis.

We’ll cut to the chase and draw readers’ attention to the final bubble in the following chart, found on page 4:

Which means, in the eyes of the IMF at least, the best way to ensure the stability of the international monetary system (post crisis) is actually by launching a global currency.

And that, the IMF says, is largely because sovereigns — as they stand — cannot be trusted to redistribute surplus reserves, or battle their deficits, themselves.

The ongoing buildup of such imbalances, meanwhile, only makes the system increasingly vulnerable to shocks. It’s also a process that’s ultimately unsustainable for all, says the IMF.

Clearing the Baffles for 911


By Wayne Madsen – October 3, 2005

Top officials of the George W. Bush and, to a lesser extent, the Clinton administration, stymied a number of coordinated intelligence and law enforcement activities that could have prevented both the 911 attacks and the attack, eleven months before, on the USS Cole.

These subscribers and ardent supporters of the Project for a New American Century’s (PNAC) blueprint for U.S. global domination interfered with covert projects by the CIA, FBI, Defense Intelligence Agency, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Treasury Department, and National Security Agency (NSA) that could have exposed an international organized criminal cartel that included the 911 hijackers, arms and drug traffickers, and Mafia financiers. According to a number of former CIA, FBI, and DIA officers, the one glaring missing link in the 911 attacks and the USS Cole bombing is the lack of provable involvement by organized Islamist fundamentalists, including the generic bogeyman consistently cited by the PNAC supporters: “Al Qaeda.”

The element that is common to both the Bush II and Clinton administrations is a group of neo-conservatives who signed on to the PNAC dream of “some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor" to advance their agenda in the same way the German Nazis torched the Reichstag building to advance their agenda. Then the bogeyman of convenience was the Communist Party, today, it is Al Qaeda.

Formation Of Al Qaida: US-Israel Collaboration

Vatic Note:   Remember, this has been confirmed by BBC and at the time of the surge, we were also told that there were only 100 of the AQ in Afghanistan and that was nothing considering the wealth we were spending on supposedly trying to destroy the organization.   Lets also remember, the CIA and ISI also created the Taliban.  Who works for who these days.  Remember also Seymour Hersh's New Yorker article on the 10 million dollars in CASH that was shrink wrapped by GOLDMAN SACHS, in New York,  and then shipped on US military cargo planes back to Iraq conveniently placed on palettes for ease of removal.  Hersh then discovered that money went to non other than the Al Qaeda.   So, really, who honestly works for who and why???  Anyone else notice more and more the "US-Israel"  Collaboration or the "CIA-Mossad" collaboration?? 

Formation Of Al Qaida: US-Israel Collaboration

Posted on 30. Jul, 2010 by Raja Mujtaba in World News
SPECIAL REPORT: The top secret Israeli-US program to establish “Al Qaeda”
By Wayne Madsen

Press clips gathered by the CIA and discovered in the National Archives’ stored CIA files point to an agency keenly interested in any leaks about the highly-classified CIA-Mossad program to establish Osama Bin Laden and the most radical elements of the Afghan Mujahidin as the primary leaders of the anti-Soviet rebels in the 1980s.

WMR has pored through the CIA files and a complicated picture emerges of America’s and Israel’s top intelligence agencies, in cahoots with Saudi Arabia, establishing financial links and carve out intelligence programs to provide manpower and financial support to Bin Laden and his allies in Afghanistan. It was these very elements that later created the so-called “Al Qaeda,” which the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook described as nothing more than a “database” of CIA front organizations, financial supporters, and field operatives. However, one component omitted by Cook in the Al Qaeda construct is the Israeli participation.

Newsweek’s Zakaria Returns ADL Award in Protest, Rendering Foxman ‘Speechless’

Vatic Note: There is no other group that is a greater promoter of "hate" speech and fear mongering than the ADL and SPLC. We have tons of writings by that group that supports that statement and can be thoroughly documented. We have all seen it ourselves and their willingness to support mass murder of unarmed children and women as well as using illegal weapons of mass destruction for their inhumanity all for Israel while condemning everyone else for defending themselves against Israel's agression. I wish to remind everyone reading this, that ISRAEL HAS "INTENTIONALLY" KILLED MORE AMERICANS IN THE PAST 30 YEARS THAN ALL MUSLIM NATIONS PUT TOGETHER... AND MORE THAN WE HAVE LOST IN THIS WAR already. So who is the real enemy of the people of the UNITED STATES AND THE GLOBE????

Newsweek’s Zakaria Returns ADL Award in Protest, Rendering Foxman ‘Speechless’
August 9, 2010 posted by Michael Leon and By Richard Silverstein, Veterans Today on line

In the realm of the impossible is the following statement http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/06/fareed-zakaria-returns-an_n_674099.html from Abe Foxman upon learning that Fareed Zakaria, noted Newsweek columnist and Muslim-American, would be returning an ADL award and honorarium http://www.newsweek.com/2010/08/06/the-real-ground-zero.html in protest of the ADL’s position opposing the Cordoba House Muslim Cultural Center near Ground Zero:

“I am not only saddened but stunned and somewhat speechless by your decision to return the ADL Hubert H. Humphrey First Amendment Freedoms Prize, you accepted in 2005,” ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said in a letter to Zakaria. http://www.adl.org/media_watch/tv/20100806-Fareed+Zakaria.htm “As someone I greatly respect for engaging in discussion and dialogue with an open mind I would have expected you to reach out to me before coming to judgment.”

Foxman added that the League “did not oppose the right for an Islamic Center or a mosque to be built” but rather “[made] an appeal based solely on the issues of location and sensitivity.”

“Somewhat speechless?” Abe Foxman? Not on your life. He’s just nonplussed that as a master PR tactician, Zakaria has upstaged and embarrassed him. The leader I’ve called a “Jewish dinosaur” made political calculations that the Center could be killed and that he’d score points with Republican neocons by joining their crusade. But when Mayor Bloomberg and even New York Orthodox rabbis took him to task, he was left looking mighty foolish, not to mention like the Islamophobe he is.

Foxman is chagrined Zakaria didn’t “reach out” to him before returning the award–did Foxman reach out to Zakaria before insulting him and his co-religionists by taking his stand on behalf of bigotry? In claiming he supports the Center, just not the location, Foxman is trying to have it both ways.

As Center supporters like Mayor Bloomberg have made clear, the location of the new building is part of the critical strength of its mission to bridge differences and encourage dialogue among religious traditions. Sure you could put the project in the middle of the East River or Governor’s Island so as not to offend anyone, but what would be the message you’d be imparting? That we respect Muslims as long as they don’t rock the boat and get in our way. As long as they retire someplace out-of-the-way they’re OK.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Peasants killed Putin's police terrorists who attacked them

Vatic Note: Well, looks like revolution of varying types are definitely in the air. These planned wars may not go off as planned by the bankers and the leaders of all countries on both sides. I found something amazing the other day that we are going to do a blog on  which will prove that Iran's leaders are as much in on the bogus third world war as are all of our leaders, that is why so much planning and preparation, like clearing out embassies etcc. This is typical of all previous world wars, but this time WE KNOW WHO IS DOING IT, AND WHY AND WE WILL NOT COOPERATE. 

The "people" on both sides of this planned war, are victims of this obscene and perverted game these men play for profit and power. No more are we going to contribute to it. This was a good story to show what is legitimate excuse and a proper time to fight back.  Notice how they call their gestapo "Russian Terrorists".   I think using the "TRUTHFUL WORDS" that reflect the reality, is critical to fighting what is going on.   Lets start doing the same thing.   Why don't the citizens of our country have a  centralized " Dept of Monitoring" of our domestic police terrorists???  I think this is a fabulous idea.   I just may incorporate it into the blog and see how we do.  All citizen reports of Police terrorist acts would be sent through there to the be distributed to all over the nation.   Lets hear some feedback on the idea.   This certainly is working in Russia,  notice how we are all having he same problem????  Notice how it appears to be coordinated??? 

Peasants killed Putin's police terrorists who attacked them

Department of Monitoring Kavkaz Center, english

Publication time: 9 August 2010, 15:08
Permanent address at KAVKAZCENTER.COM:

According to Russian media outlets, 3 Russian police terrorists from a so-called "patrol unit" attacked in a car six peasants peacefully travelling in a horse cart on Sunday, August 8, at about 11:10 pm at 435-kilometer mark on the highway Kursk-Saratov in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian province of Voronezh.

Peasants rebuffed police terrorists and, using improvised means, killed two Russian terrorists.

A third Russian terrorist was not sent to Hell and was only wounded. After the elimination of Russian terrorists, the peasants continued their peaceful travel. Russians do not know the identity of the brave peasants.

Russian media outlets reported that the peasants who are supposed to be ethnic Ukrainians, eliminated rather high-ranking and experienced Russian terrorists: a 45-year-old "deputy head" of the gang (VN:  I love their style,  "....head of the Russian terrorists",  LOL) "Verhnekarachanovsky district police department" Fetisov and a 27-year-old "operative policeman" Sasha Scherbakov. Uneliminated meanwhile remained a Russian thug, chief of the "Verhnekarachanovskogo district police department" gang with the name Seleznev.

Department of Monitoring Kavkaz Center

Publication time: 9 August 2010, 15:08
Permanent address at KAVKAZCENTER.COM: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2010/08/09/12365.shtml

© Copyright 2001-2010 KavkazCenter.com

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Albert Pike and The Great Luciferian Religion - Part II

Vatic Note: The sources and footnotes referencing the old documents, letters and other evidence are included below at the bottom of this commentary. These can be checked out by the reader himself for validation. This simply adds another deep dimension to the other aspects we have discussed and why it takes at least 3 parts just to understand the lucifarians, who they are and what their objectives were and how long they have been working on achieving them. This period we are in is the culmination of all those generations of planning, games playing and work and is almost to the point of successful control of the globe, unless we can stop it before it is finished, which daily gets closer and closer and we are definitely running out of time. If we come together united both physically and spiritually, we have a chance, but at this point in time, that is all we have, a chance. Its better than no chance at all. Suggestions are forthcoming on how to over come this on a spiritual plane.

Albert Pike and The Great Luciferian Religion
Date: Tuesday, April 29, by Rick Salbato, Friends of Liberty

Lets go back a few years to 1871 and read a letter written to a man in Italy, named Mazzini, from a general in the Confederate Army from Little Rock, Arkansas named, Albert Pike. On August 15, 1871 (Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) Albert Pike wrote:

"We shall unleash the Nihilists and the Atheists and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which, in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, forced to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will form direction and leadership, anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out into public view, a manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."...


9-11 is an unsolved crime

Kourosh Ziabari, a young Iranian journalist and prodigious writer, recently interviewed me (Christopher Bollyn).  The interview below is posted on many websites.  One very good posting with photos is on Ramallah Online at: http://ramallahonline.com/?p=4447

The interview has also been published on Al-Jazeerah.
The interview was also front page news in The Tehran Times of June 24, which ran the complete interview.  The headline was "9-11 is an unsolved crime", which is exactly what I repeatedly told CNN, but that was not what CNN wanted to hear.  The Tehran Times article is here:  http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.asp?code=221932
Kourosh Ziabari Interviews Christopher Bollyn

Video: Democrat pollster warns American anger has become 'pre-revolutionary'

Vatic Note:   .  Just listening to these two talking, I get that either neither of them gets what is really going on or both are working for the MSM owners in putting out the protocol #12 line of the day.  It appears the MSM are promoting the republican take over in November.  However, we don't have that SHORT a memory.  We remember how we could not tell the difference from the Bush administration to the Obama admin and if they think WE ARE GOING TO FALL FOR THAT ONE AGAIN, THEY ARE NUTS. Once again there will be continuity, WHY???  Why will there be no change between Obama and the new president?  Because the same people own BOTH PARTIES COMPLETELY WITHOUT EXCEPTION, thus the agenda marches forward. What should be a good revolution would be to put in a third party candidate in every race for every seat in every election.  Talk about a revolution, now that would definitely work.  Just keep the lobbyists away from them after they take office.  If that doesn't work, well then it moves from prerevolution to a full effort only done underground.  If there is one single assassination then we go in and clean house on the CIA/MOSSAD assassination squads, throw them in jail where they belong and thus we can go forward with a viable election.  We will not tolerate another Wellstone or JFK Jr. 

Video: Democrat pollster warns American anger has become 'pre-revolutionary'

August 7, 8:19 AM · Robert Moon - Conservative Examiner

Recently appearing on Fox News, former Jimmy Carter pollster Pat Caddell warned that voter outrage against Obama's tyrannical, Constitution-shredding Marxist agenda has now reached "pre-revolutionary" levels.

Additionally, James Carville's polling group is also now predicting a catastrophic implosion for the Democrats in November, and Howard Dean is warning that if this election ends up being a referendum on Obama, Pelosi and Reid, Democrats will be absolutely annihilated.


1,200 National Guard Troops Being Deployed to Border Will Not Be Used to Stop and Detain Illegal Aliens

Vatic Note:  So, WHAT will they be used for???  Not sure this makes sense;  didn't the President just sue AZ to kill the bill that would allow the state to do this???  Is this to be a Federal vs state confrontation?  Please notice how they will not tell us exactly what they will be doing on the border.

I wonder, given our gov need for drugs to fund their black ops (or those running our government who are not true members of our government, rather foreign occupiers, if this is about escorting and making sure the drugs get through, like the military does in Afghanistan. We wrote about that on a previous blog. We also wonder if the militia stepping up and shooting drug dealers who tried to enter private property is the reason they sent the guard to prevent that from happening again probably for the same reason. We also wrote about that as well. Or maybe that is for us, and not for them. Identification etc???

Its been impossible for the gov to declare martial law and maybe they decided to do what they would normally have done had it been declared and then see how we respond to the intrusion into our freedom of movement and road blocks, only for citizens and not illegals or drug dealers. Some interesting questions and feedback from that area would be most welcome on what you actually experience there in AZ and the other states.  Or maybe its just because its election time and once over, we will be back to normal  with drugs and illegals all over the place.  We don't know why this is happening, but given our history with this gov, its best to watch and observe diligently so we are not leaving our states to the mercy of the neocon occupiers of our fed government. 

1,200 National Guard Troops Being Deployed to Border Will Not Be Used to Stop and Detain Illegal Aliens
Friday, August 06, 2010
By Edwin Mora

(CNSNews.com) -- The 1,200 National Guard troops that are being deployed incrementally to the southwest border “will not be doing direct law enforcement,” said U.S. National Guard Bureau Director of Communications Jack Harrison when asked if the forces would be interdicting drugs and undocumented immigrants.

“The two mission sets are criminal analysts and enter-identification team,” Harrison told CNSNews.com. “I can tell you that guardsmen will not be doing direct law enforcement on the southwest border.” In other words, the National Guardsmen will not be used to actually stop and detain illegal aliens trying to sneak across the border into the United States. Harrison made his comments on Friday during a “bloggers roundtable” sponsored by the Department of Defense (DOD).

When CNSNews.com asked if the National Guard assessed whether 1,200 troops were adequate to accomplish the mission assigned by the Department of Homeland Security and DOD, Harrison said, “DHS and DOD determined the number necessary for this request and I don’t have anything further on that part of your question.” “The mission in a nutshell is a two-fold support mission in criminal analysis and enter-identification team on the southwest border,” he said.


Scientific Study Finds 40% Of All Store Receipts Covered In Dangerous Hormone-Disrupting Chemical

Vatic Note: My Goodness, it appears we may be under attack even in our own grocery stores. The receipts for heavens sake. That takes planning. I don't care what anybody says. If not the stores, then the manufacturers of the cash register rolls that contain the paper that is treated. Depopulation and eugenics once again. We need to keep an eye open on this issue.

We just published a blog on the use of technology to change what is human in us into something they say would be super human, but that also leaves the door open to ensure devolution as well. Remember, they lie to us all the time, so what makes this any different. This does carry a dangerous hormone disrupting Chemical and that cannot be to create a superhuman, now can it? Just check out the list of abnormalities and horrors this can cause on the human body.  It can be used to sterilize those less than desireable.  Just how many lame excuses are we going to take for all this assault upon our bodies, mind, spirit, and consciousness before we say it as it is....warfare at every level.  

As I said, they neglected to tell us who would be the "superhumans" allowed to evolve and who would be the population devolved? Until that question is answered, anyone doing this should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. Forced sterilization is a CRIME..... it must be prosecuted. Yeah, good luck. Justice has become an abstract concept these days. It appears only we can bring justice to where it belongs.

Scientific Study Finds 40% Of All Store Receipts Covered In Dangerous Hormone-Disrupting Chemical http://www.prisonplanet.com/scientific-study-finds-40-of-all-store-receipts-covered-in-dangerous-hormone-disrupting-chemical.html
Steve Watson
Tuesday, Aug 3rd, 2010

Massive amounts of harmful sterilant may be absorbed into bloodstream

A scientific study has found that receipts from ATM’s, grocery stores, fast food restaurants and gas stations contain massive amounts of bisphenol A (BPA),  the harmful chemical that is known to cause fertility problems and cancer.

Huge quantities of the chemical were discovered coating 40%, or two fifths, of all U.S. thermal activated paper receipts in a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group,  a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C.

The group commissioned the University of Missouri Division of Biological Sciences to undertake the research. The laboratory, one of the world’s foremost research facilities, found that in some cases pure BPA made up 3% of the total weight of the receipt.

The lab also discovered that the chemical was easily transferable from the receipt onto anything it came into contact with, including the skin of anyone handling the paper.

Previous studies, including recent research by Swiss scientists,  have found that BPA from receipts can transfer to skin and penetrate so deeply that it cannot be washed off and may even enter the bloodstream.

Analysis: China poised to set gold market alight as it opens up

Analysis: China poised to set gold market alight as it opens up

By Lewa Pardomuan and Langi Chiang
Thu Aug 5, 2010 12:32pm EDT

SINGAPORE/BEIJING (Reuters) - China's moves to free up its gold market opens the way for foreign players and local banks to tap growing demand for the precious metal, offering citizens a more attractive investment and promising to boost the country's clout over global prices.

With the Shanghai Composite Index .SSEC down 20 percent this year, and gold prices still up 9 percent despite a correction from a lifetime high hit in June, more retail investors are buying bullion as they diversify their wealth.

A clampdown on rampant property speculation could also drive investors to shift some hot money into gold, which many see as a sign of status and good fortune, as hopes for more Chinese demand pushed gold to a two-week high above $1,200 an ounce this week.

"What's happening in China right now is that a lot of wealth is being switched out of the property markets into the gold market," said Mark Pervan, senior commodities analyst at ANZ in Melbourne.

"This is an ongoing theme. This theme is likely to put a very high floor of price on the gold market. The property investor is very concerned the government is trying to cool that market. They've made a lot of money in property."

Investors have long bet that China will eventually overtake India as the world's top consumer, and Beijing's move to allow more domestic banks to export and import bullion underscores the hunger for gold among the country's burgeoning middle class.

More foreign firms are likely to become members of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and analysts also expect Beijing to ease curbs on gold investment products such as exchange traded funds.


Although China is the world's largest gold producer, it still requires imports as demand can easily outstrip domestic output by more than 100 tons annually.

Petraeus emails show general scheming with journalist to get out pro-Israel storyline

Vatic Note: Now this was a fascinating look into the politics and intrigue that pervades our White House and Dept of defense. No wonder McCrystal quit. I would have as well, its too time consuming and not enough time left to deal with wars and ending them. Its also difficult when you work for one country whose interests you are responsible for upholding but its worse when you have to fight an enemy that is hidden and working against you at all times for their own countries interests. That is exactly why our forefathers forbid anyone with a conflict of interest with another country to ever occupy a seat of power such as Rahm does. He is illegally seated, but then so is our President, so what difference. Anyway, this makes from very interesting reading.  Those of you considering Palin, may want to revise your position since she is more than owned by Israel, lock, stock and barrel.   Check out this man, Petraeus.  

Petraeus emails show general scheming with journalist to get out pro-Israel storyline
by Philip Weiss on July 6, 2010

Last March General David Petraeus, then head of Central Command, sought to undercut his own testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee that was critical of Israel by intriguing with a rightwing writer to put out a different story, in emails obtained by Mondoweiss.

The emails show Petraeus encouraging Max Boot of Commentary to write a story-- and offering the neoconservative writer choice details about his views on the Holocaust:

S510 - Illegal To Grow, Share,Trade, Sell Homegrown Food, Penalty is Jail

Vatic Note:   This is the death knell finally, of our Constitution and Bill of Rights,   You just lost the right to survive freely, IF OBAMA SIGNS THAT BILL,  now you will survive IF THE GOVERNMENT SAYS YOU CAN IF YOU BEHAVE AS THEY WISH YOU TO.    I sincerely hope you really UNDERSTAND THIS, and all its implications.   I suspected and said in the beginning,  the gulf was about controlling our food by taking sea food away from us and making us dependant on asia and overseas suppliers, just like our current situation with fruits and veggies.   Now you can't even do a homegrown garden and barter food without going to jail.

Now you know why our prisons contain the largest prison population in the world including China with quadruple the population.  Our prisons are full of Americans who have done nothing criminal as we know crime.  Now we are fully like China that we used to gripe about how unfree they were.   Now its about control and resistance to it.   IF YOU RESIST ANYTHING NOW, BETWEEN THIS AND THE HEALTH CARE BILL YOU WILL GO TO JAIL, & in jail, YOU WILL PERFORM SLAVE LABOR FOR THE CORPORATIONS, JUST LIKE CHINA, AND YOU WILL NOT EAT IF YOU DO NOT WORK.  GOT IT????   They just finished packing the supreme court with  Zionists who will sustain that position.   Palestine II at your service.   So, Is this the line in the sand?   If not, then there are no more opportunities to draw one after this.  They just banned collection of rainwater and thus forcing us to use their poisoned toxic water full of Lithium which is a heavy metal and Flouride which is a Halogen, and both are deadly to the human body.  So now what?  You decide.   Its your life sustaining future they will control unless we stop this now and they NEED to know we are serious about doing so.   Only you can convey that fact to them effectively.  REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE IN JAIL, THEY GET CONTROL OF YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU KNOW FULL WELL WHAT THAT MEANS WITH THESE PERVERTS. 

S510 - Illegal To Grow, Share,
Trade, Sell Homegrown Food
SB S510 Will Allow Government
To Put You In Jail ....
By Steve Green

S510 http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=s111-510 , the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. (http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=s111-510  )

"If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public's right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one's choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God." It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S 510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food." ~ Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower.

Monsanto says it has no interest in the bill and would not benefit from it, but Monsanto's Michael Taylor who gave us rBGH and unregulated genetically modified (GM) organisms, appears to have designed it and is waiting as an appointed Food Czar to the FDA (a position unapproved by Congress) to administer the agency it would create without judicial review if it passes.