TV Series "Whistleblowers - the Untold Stories" -- UA Pilot and Spokesperson, Dan Hanley, Now Missing

Vatic Note:   Shades of Nazi Germany anyone?  Same players funding and running the game this time as last time using the same techniques.  Dissidents disappearing,  being killed, or jailed for no crime.   THIS IS THE FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER AND THIS TIME WE DAMN WELL BETTER FIGHT BACK.   Has anybody bothered to check with Cheney's (CIA) and now Rahm's (MOSSAD) domestic assassination TERROR squads?  Hmm, isn't "spreading terror" illegal?  Looks like some people need to go to jail.   Ask those CIA and Mossad agents assigned to the death squad operating in the United States of America like some mafia criminal third world tin pot dictatorship(This is what happens, UN members, when you do not sanction those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity,  they do this, and you and your country could be next, cooperating does you no good,  ask Saddam Hussein) Bet you find your answers over there.  Just like Wellstone, Carnahan,  JFK,  JFK Jr.,  and Lord knows who else, possibly Wheeler???   Where is our modern day Senator Church when you need him! How do you like your "treason" served??? HOT OR COLD???  It appears from this video that the only terrorists we have in this world resides in the WH,  Netherlands, or Israel. 

TV Series "Whistleblowers - the Untold Stories" -- UA Pilot and Spokesperson, Dan Hanley, Now Missing
You Tube, Citizens Committee, offered by the Activist

Whistleblowers, the unsung heroes of American society, are routinely persecuted, prosecuted and terrorized by the government, in an effort to discredit their reports, deny their constitutional rights, destroy their lives and careers. We will bring their shocking stories to the public. The truth is no longer a secret.  (watch video)

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Embassy in Cairo Under Siege

***Just checked, since they were preventing me from putting up the next blog coming up about the Israeli embassy in Egypt being under seige because of the barbaric and brutal attack against unarmed Pals in Israel, the Pals getting hit once again, THEY MESSED WITH MY CURSOR and I discovered on my tracking site, where its coming from and all 4 times it was from the NETHERLANDS, SO BILDERBERGS ARE HEAVILY INVOLVED with the Khazars and Rothschilds and active on the censorship and internet harassment. LETS NOT FORGET THAT SHALL WE AND REMEMBER ALSO THAT NORWAY IS WHERE THE OTHER HARP IS and Netherlands is right there in your face next door to Norway, so maybe we need to expand our list of those that need to be gone from this planet in order to save it. Yup, I think so. From now on, we include them in all of this by saying "khazars and Bildergbergs", wonder if their chickhawk members will like that we are pointing them out and highlighting their participation in this gruesome satanic endeavor??? They didn't like it very much before.

Vatic Note:  Bilderberg and Israel's new course in "how to make friends and dispell enemies".   Sarcasm intended.  Its as if they want to be destroyed as a nation.  They have alienated everybody on the planet.   I do not understand that mentality.  But then, hey, I am human, which is  all I understand.  So far they have violated every single one of their commandments given to them by God which is how you know these are pagan Khazars doing this.  The Torah Jews need to seek Asylum elsewhere before its too late. 

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Embassy in Cairo Under Siege (due to attack on Gaza)  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/04/09/dr-ashraf-ezzat-israeli-embassy-in-cairo-under-siege/
April 9, 2011 posted by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat · Leave a Comment


“ Just when the Palestinians in Gaza thought they were facing this new Israeli attacks alone and with their backs against the wall, they found out they forgot, over the years, that they had brothers in Egypt who are willing not only to accompany them in their struggle against Israel but to protect their backs as well”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / Veterans today Exclusive

Editor’s notes:   The western press and even Al Jazeera have failed to report today’s demonstrations in Tahir Square, Cairo accurately. Thousands of Egyptians marched from the square to the Israeli Embassy, demanding that the current military government end diplomatic relations with Israel in wake of the recent assault on Gaza by the IDF.

Israel claims that a school bus was attacked with a mortar round this week and it was necessary for the army to respond with tanks, helicopters, rockets and a step-up of the nightly bombing campaign that has gone on for months.

Skeptics doubt Israel’s claim of an attack from Gaza, citing Israel’s propensity for fabricating threats and the bizarre choice of weapons. From an American intelligence source who has worked with Israel for decades:

Israel has been using the “mortar attack” story more and more. Any small explosive charge can be made to look like a mortar attack. even a hand grenade. You only need to throw a few shards of metal around, the cheapest and dirtiest “false flag” possible and Israel has done this dozens of times.

Hamas has mortars but they also have thousands of RPGs. That’s the weapon used to go after a vehicle. Saying someone shot a mortar at a bus is simply idiotic. If Gaza has the weapons Israel claims, Russian Kornet and RPG 29s which are capable of destroying Israel’s Merkava tanks quite readily, as Hizbollah proved, the “school bus” story is even more fictional.

Egyptians marching to the Israeli embassy in cairo, protesting over Israeli strikes of Gaza.


On this very day, April 8th since 41 years the Israeli air force struck the village of Bahr el-Baqar – an Egyptian small village near Suez Canal. The raid resulted in the total destruction of an elementary school full of school children.

Five bombs and 2 air-to-ground missiles struck the single-floor school. Of the 130 school children who attended the school, 46 were killed, and over 50 wounded, many of them maimed for life. The school itself was completely demolished.

That tragic day marked the first encounter of the Egyptian people with the brutality and the indiscriminate aggression of the Israelis that targeted the innocent and unarmed civilians. This air raid demolished not only the school building but also the remains of any hopes for Israel to be seen as a friendly neighbor state.

From then on Israel was the absolute enemy in the eyes of every average Egyptian.

This terrorist attack on the innocent Egyptian school children has been deeply engraved in the memory of all Egyptians. And to make sure that no one forgot what Israel had done on that day, Egyptians made April 8th a mourning day for the killed school children of Bahr el-Bakar and to be commemorated every year for the last 41 years.

Only this year it was rather different.  Egypt-Israel relations in the last 40 years: 

Egypt has just emerged from its worldwide celebrated revolution which managed to topple the long lasting in power dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

So many things happened in Egypt since the Israeli raid on April 8th, 1970.

- Egypt retaliated years of Israeli military aggression and political arrogance in the glorious October war 1973 against Israel.

- President Sadat signed – on an individual initiative- a peace treaty with Israel 1979 (based on Camp David accords) that never managed to naturalize relations between Egyptians and Israelis.

- Mubarak ruled in Egypt in 1980 and to begin a long era of not only observing the terms of the peace treaty but to act as the closest friend of Israel and the white house in the Middle East.

- Mubarak through his corrupt reign helped Israel to tighten its shameful siege on Gaza and he even supplied Tel Aviv with the natural gas they needed for power and electricity production with prices way under the world rates. But his most appreciated contribution to the Zionist regime in Israel was the complete Egyptian withdrawal from actively participating into the hot issues of the Arab- Israeli conflict.

Gaza under fire again

Lately, the unrest began to resurface again at the border line between Gaza and Israel. On Friday April 8th Five Palestinians have been killed and around 45 wounded in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip following an offer of a ceasefire from Hamas after a surge in cross-border violence that was dramatically reduced by Israel and sold to the world as the usual selective Palestinian attack, by their most primitive handmade rockets, on a school bus – an area of specialty long mastered by the Israelis since Bahr el-Bakar school massacre.

Thus began another expected scenario of disproportionate Israeli attacks on the civilians and children in Gaza with the civilized world muted and turning a blind eye as usual.

The world has grown numb and painfully insensitive to the crimes of Israel against the Arab Palestinians in Gaza and the west bank.

And with judge Richard Goldstone bowing out and going back on his indictment of the Israeli crimes committed during the war on Gaza 2009; the world seems like a barren place for the Palestinians devoid of any free voices left to stand up against the Israeli insolence.

And just when the Palestinians in Gaza thought they were facing this new Israeli attacks alone and with their backs against the wall, they found out they forgot, over the years, that they had brothers in Egypt who are willing not only to accompany them in their struggle against Israel but to protect their backs as well.

Embassy under siege

On the very same day of April 8th and as Egyptians were protesting in Tahrir square demanding that Mubarak and his inner circle of aids to be put on trial and as the news of the Israeli attacks on Gaza made its way to the square at the heart of Cairo, thousands immediately took to the district where the Israeli embassy in Cairo is located.

Egyptians held back – by the military forces- from advancing into the building where the embassy lies practically surrounded the embassy in what seemed like a gigantic human shield. The angry protesters held flags of both Egypt and Palestine and raised big posters of al Aqsa mosque- temple mount in Jerusalem.

YouTube - Veterans Today -Israeli embassy in Cairo sieged by angry protesters


On a live coverage by Aljazeera of the march to the Israeli embassy some of the protesters expressed their anger at the recent unjust Israeli attacks on Gaza and they made it clear they expected nothing less than the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador out of Egypt and taking the Israeli flag off the embassy building.

Some of the protesters went far as to demand the immediate ending of the siege imposed on Gaza from the Egyptian side and the freeze of the Egyptian supply of natural gas to Israel. But the most daring request came by many protesters who called for a public referendum to allow the Egyptian people to have their say about the peace treaty president Sadat had signed 30 years ago.

Amidst that overwhelming atmosphere of antagonism to Israel and its unacceptable and inhuman war of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians the Israeli embassy at the top floor of the building on the other side of the Nile opposite to Tahrir square found no other option than to dim out the lights and keep its staff hiding inside.

While the Egyptian crowd down in the streets were still swelling in great numbers around the embassy with the intensity of their enthusiasm rising high as they chanted for eternal solidarity with Palestinians the Israeli embassy’s lights were almost turned off with the Israeli flag kept as unapparent and way out of sight as possible.

On this April 8th night, and on the very same day that witnessed the massacre of Bahr el-Bakar the Israeli embassy with all the Israeli diplomatic mission in Cairo seemed under siege.

It must have been a terrible night for the Israeli diplomats in Cairo but at least they have experienced, even it was for few hours how it feels to be vulnerable, threatened and under relentless siege.

This public display of the Egyptian anger and dissatisfaction of the Israeli aggressive policy against the Palestinians may pass unreported by the main stream media but never unnoticed by the analysts of the Arab- Israeli conflict especially in the post-Mubarak era in Egypt for what happened on that night of April 8th, 2011 might well depict the scene of the coming Egyptian-Israeli state of affairs.

On this day of commemoration, May the souls of innocent Egyptian and Palestinian children, massacred by the Israeli criminal forces, rest in peace.

For more articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website.

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- ARAB UPRISINGS: Time-Out For Israel Is Over

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Gerald Celente Loses It - When This Man Acts Like This It Means - WAKE UP!!!!

***Just checked, since they were  preventing me from putting up the next blog coming up about the Israeli embassy  in Egypt being under seige because of the barbaric and brutal attack against unarmed Pals in Israel, the Pals getting hit once again,  THEY MESSED WITH MY CURSOR and I discovered on my tracking site,  where its coming from and all 4 times it was from the NETHERLANDS,  SO BILDERBERGS ARE HEAVILY INVOLVED with the Khazars and Rothschilds and active on the censorship and internet harassment.  LETS NOT FORGET THAT  SHALL WE AND REMEMBER ALSO THAT NORWAY IS WHERE THE OTHER HARP IS and Netherlands is right there in your face  NEXT TO NORWAY, so maybe we need to expand our list of those that need to be gone from this planet in order to save it.  Yup, I think so.  From now on, we include them in all of this by saying "khazars and Bildergbergs",  wonder if their chickhawk members will like that we are pointing them out and highlighting their participation in this gruesome satanic endeavor???  They didn't like it very much before.  

Vatic note: This is excellent and he is mad as hell. I have never seen this man lose his temper.  My only surprise is that he is missing the point completely... IF NEW YORK, FRANCE, OR GB ARE ATTACKED, we will know it was NOT GADAFI, rather the same people who are doing the black ops through deception in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.  The mossad and cia plant the bombs, kill massive numbers of citizens and then blame whoever their target is for retaliation.  WE KNOW IT,  AND WE WON'T BUY IT.  We will finally begin to hold those accountable that have done this to us before,  LIKE 9-11,  THE USS COLE, AND THE USS  LIBERTY.  UNDERSTAND????  Just one more killing of another American and the only war we will fight will be against the Rothschild bankers and their enforcement arm,  Israel.    No third world war here.  YOU WILL FIGHT IT BY YOURSELVES, you and YOUR children, not ours.  Send Zbigs sons and grandchildren, he's the one recommending all this in his best seller (sarcasm intended!).

Gerald Celente Loses It - When This Man Acts Like This It Means - WAKE UP!!!!
Uploaded by 5T4RSCREAM on Apr 6, 2011,  provided to Vatic Project by Life Force,  Montana, USA

Gerald Celente has not been wrong in just about every prediction and assessment I have witnessed. I have never seen him blow off the handle like this. This is dire warning for sure that if the American Sheep do not wake up and stand up for themselves we are going to be in trouble.

Take a second to put the pieces together. Look at the ridiculous media attention on the government shutdown. If they know something this gives them the perfect reason to take temporary shelter in the bunkers while we take the heat for their undoings. America you better wake up and realize the mainstream news is LYING to you!!! They don't care about you one F**king bit... God help us -- it's Nazi Germany all over again.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Space Station Residents to Evacuate as Space Junk Threatens.....

Vatic Note: This was updated and the space executives decided not to evacuate the space station after all. However, that still leaves the question of my seeing a meteor during the day time, showing up in our atmosphere with burning tails heading out over the Pacific Ocean. Further there have been reports and problems experienced by Southwest Airlines who says that a hole blown out of the roof of their plane was a result of metal fatigue and given the plane was 15 years old, its possible that was the case, however, they found 80 planes they had to ground,  hmmmm,  more and more coincidences.  One plane with metal fatigue is one thing, but 80 of them?  Its also what you would expect if micrometeors are preceding a heavenly body having come through the Ort Cloud. The debri comes first, then the body that dislodged it.  Start looking up at the sky more often than you have in the past and watch for anomolies and report them to us for our Vatic Watch:    So, it could all be just one big coincidence, but its sufficient for us to begin to keep an eye out for what may potentially be coming and to consider these issues more seriously as more and more "coincidences" develop.  . Here is a note from our contributor.

Contributors Note: Remember the space station crew yesterday had to go to a "protected area" because of "space junk" plus 2 NEAR EARTH ASTEROIDS TODAY?? Well, look at below story from Alex Backman on what happened 4 days ago here in Arizona !!!! Plus, Shuttle going up 5/29/11 to loft 'micro-meteoroid' debris shields to the ISS.... (vn: looks like the station got some consideration. Where is our shield????)   Plus, have you seen my outstanding writeup on Space Rock stuff ?

Space Station Residents to Evacuate as Space Junk Threatens
Posted by Jason M on April 5, 2011, Source:
Contributed to Vatic Project by Sheldon Day, USA

Jason's comment:  "Space junk" or incoming debris from the the tail of the Destroyer??? Space junk has been floating around for years and now all of a sudden they're worried about it, yeah right.I think when they finally do evacuate the space station, this will be a sign that its about to hit the fan. They want those people up there as long as possible.

Main Article:  
"A small piece of space junk drifting dangerously close to the International Space Station led NASA to warn of a potential need for evacuation early Tuesday -- but the space agency has since sounded the all-clear. Mission Control informed the crew at 2:41 p.m. Tuesday afternoon that the debris no longer posed a threat. (VN:  shortly after the internet spilled the beans on the evacuation.  Funny how that coincidence happened)

"That means we don't get to jump out tonight?" joked Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. He said he had been looking forward to getting some pizza. "OK, next time," he said.

Eight hours earlier, Mission Control had told the astronauts they might have to leave the space station and seek shelter in their attached capsule, after determining there was not enough time to steer the orbiting outpost away from the space junk. That precaution is no longer needed.

The debris -- about 6 inches (15 centimeter) in size -- is from a Chinese satellite that was deliberately destroyed in 2007 as part of a weapons test. It was projected to pass within three miles (five kilometers) of the space station, warranting a red threat level -- NASA's highest.

That threat level has been lowered from red to green.Just last Friday, the space station had to move out of the way of an orbiting remnant from a two-satellite collision in 2009. Debris is an increasingly serious problem in orbit, because of colliding and destroyed spacecraft. Travelling at 5 miles (8 kilometers) a second, damage can be severe, even from something just inches in size. Decompression, in fact, is at the top of any space farers' danger list.

More than 12,500 pieces of debris are orbiting Earth -- and those are the ones big enough to track.

Mission Control notified the crew of the threat early Tuesday morning, a few hours after the risk was identified. The three crew members are Dmitry Kondratyev, the station's Russian commander, American Catherine Coleman and Italian Paolo Nespoli.

The orbit of the space junk was extremely erratic, and there was quite a bit of atmospheric drag on it, said NASA spokesman Josh Byerly. Experts monitored the debris into the early afternoon, to determine its exact path, and later told the crew that they would not have to close themselves off in the Soyuz spacecraft.

The three station residents arrived in the Soyuz last December. The spacecraft serves as a lifeboat in case of an emergency. It will be used at the end of their six-month mission to deliver the crew back to Earth in May.

If the risk level had remained red, the astronauts would have had to remove ventilation lines running from the space station's major modules, seal the hatches to the rooms, and switch the radio channels so they can remain in contact with flight control teams in Houston and Moscow.

The last time a station crew took refuge in a Soyuz was in 2009. That time, the crew had less than an hour's advance warning. This time, the astronauts had nine hours' notice.

A fresh three-person crew is en route to the 220-mile-high (355-kilometer-high) outpost after rocketing away from Kazakhstan. That Soyuz is due to arrive Wednesday evening.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.



Vatic Note:  Remember,  its illegal and criminal to recommend boycotting Israel, in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Can you believe that one?  We posted that earlier and this is just a reminder of the courage it took for these kids to do this.

HERE’S ANOTHER ONE THAT YOUTUBE WILL SURELY CENSOR - Boycott Israel http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/heres-another-one-that-youtube-will-surely-censor/
April 3, 2011 at 19:03, Desert Peace

Hurry and watch before it’s gone to their ziodump

On March 30th at 5 pm, a group of social justice activists held a “flash-mob” in downtown Chicago. The demonstration was organized to mark the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Global Day of Action, an annual event designed to call attention to the movement to boycott the apartheid policies of Israel. Demonstrators performed an original song called “BDS,” a parody of “ABC” by the Jackson Five.   (Watch video).

Tungsten Plated Gold Bars - Bob Chapman Implicates Robert Rubin & Larry Summers

Tungsten Plated Gold Bars - Bob Chapman Implicates Robert Rubin & Larry Summers http://dailybail.com/home/tungsten-plated-gold-bars-bob-chapman-implicates-robert-rubi.html
by Bob Chapman, The Daily Bail

Vatic Note: ANY QUESTION THAT THE FED NEEDS AUDITING??? After this ditty, no question that their control over fort knox needs auditing in addition to the 12 trillion dollars that are unaccounted for by the fed reserve.   Now, if true, you do realize this is a major fraud 20 year sentence type crime??? So CFR Rubin and Summers who are economic hitmen as well, should be in the hoosgow....as we speak. But alas, the criminals get to run the justice dept. Something wrong with this picture. In Video #3, watch how a gold bar is tested and scanned with ultrasound. To ensure the integrity of the gold bars stored for customers, some companies now use scanning technology.

Video #1 - Bob Chapman talking about the Tungsten Plated Gold Bars


Blinding Blue light flash seen during recent earthquake in Japan: Nuclear Plants Lose Power

Viewers Note:  I am putting this up because its excellent and a viable alternative to what I have said below in my vatic note.  I think this may well fit both situations perfectly so please read and watch the videos.  This would explain the horizon chemtrailing at sunrise and sunset every single day without exception, while continuing to accept the man made efforts to wreak havoc on the planet.  One thing all this has taught us...... we are capable of making it on our own without gov or banks or anyone in corp america or the elite.  That is good.   Here are his comments:
"Man-made technology ONLY causing the Earth Disasters--FALSE..

Planet X is the BIG FACTOR causing these Natural Events but the Elites can also trigger these events as well and actually want to take credit for it because they want the masses to BLAME THEM for Causing this, that way they can Maintain Control over the masses before the BIG Planet X event gets here.. This way they don't lose control over the masses... They must do this by making us think/believe/feel these are 'ManMade' occurrences.. IF the masses caught on that an incoming Brown Dwarf Star is MOSTLY behind it, the masses would feel betrayed that their Gv't knew about Planet X coming in for thousands of years now but did nothing to try to protect their asses !!!!!!!! They would quit going to work, they would alleviate their obedience from their tyrannical masters, they'd quit paying their taxes, Commerce would grind to a halt, the Economy would completely collapse, etc. and the PTB are TRYING TO AVOID THIS...
The Elites try to imitate God ( and God is CAUSING PLANET X TO CAUSE THE VAST MAJORITY of the Earth Changes ) because they think they can outsmart God, etc......
Vatic Note: (now for my two cents) Well, the space military top secret ship and weaponry is being used on the globe right now as we speak.  CHECK OUT THE VIDEOS BELOW as it shows it all.   check it out since they have completely cut me off of my blog now.  Its taken me two hours by contacting Google to get back onto my own site and post this.  Google said there is "suspicious activity" on my blog and suggested changing my password, which I have done. You know this always indicates we have something they do not want out there for you to see.  Keep that in mind as you read this and watch the videos.   There is a lock down on these two videos..... ITS A WEAPON BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE ON THE 1st VIDEO THE WEAPON BEING USED.  THIS IS NOT NATURAL SO THEY ARE SERIOUSLY CONDUCTING WAR ON US or WORSE, NIBIRU IS HERE AND THEY AREN'T TELLING US SO WE CAN PREPARE, both options are bad and treason by our own Israeli controlled  gov and banking system.  Watch the  videos and see for yourself unless they gutted them.   I would highly recommend you download before they are gone.  Remember they also just got done reclassifying 60 million documents as top secret.  Why??? What are they? Is this like the library going underground???  Someone in DC want to check and see if the library of congress has all their books above  ground? 

Blinding Blue light flash seen during earthquake in Japan: Nuclear Plants Lose Power

The Intel Hub
April 7th, 2011

The Onagawa nuclear power plant has lost power and is currently running on back up generators after another huge quake rocked Japan.

“At 12:23 a.m. the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, an arm of the Japanese government, began holding an emergency press conference. An official said external sources of electricity have been cut to both the Higashi-Dori nuclear power plant in Aomori Pref., in northern Japan and the Rokkasho nuclear recycling plant, which I wrote in the latest issue of Forbes magazine . Both plants are reportedly operating normally via on-site emergency generators,“wrote Yas Idei, writing for Forbes in Japan.

During the earthquake a strange blue light was observed which has yet to be explained. Earthquakes have spiked throughout the world yet our corporate media continues to downplay the dangers, while our president has openly canceled the United States Earthquake early warning detection system.

Banksters & Government Exposed in Biggest Con

Vatic Note:   I like the solution a caller gave for solving it.  MAKE THE BANKERS AND FED RESERVE INDIVIDUALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CRIMINAL ACTS.  Once a few of them sit in jail for 20 years rather than collecting billions in bonuses for their criminal payoffs, then the system would definitely change.   I like it.   This was an excellent show with good interviews on just how criminal the actions of the federal reserve and wall street bankers really were and just who was responsible who are still in positions of power.  The law is being totally ignored.  Remember also these banks use the ill gotten gained money to then go and obtain ownership of other companies that then also engage in criminal, unethical and immoral acts of outrage against the American people.   The article we did on Trees for instance comes to mind. 

Banksters & Government Exposed in Biggest Con

Wall St. Executives Paid Themselves $121 billion in Bonuses Between 2000-2006

Dylan Ratigan's segment presents his case for what he deems to be the biggest fraud perpetrated against the American people - and people all over the world - ever!


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Robert Welch got it right back in 1974! How to kick the New World Order's A- -!

Robert Welch got it right back in 1974! How to kick the New World Order's ass!

Uploaded by peltecs on Apr 19, 2009

Robert Welch founded the John Birch Society

Vatic Note: He had it perfect and predicted every single move that was made to this point and he did it in 1974. What an eye opener  this was. Too bad they sold out through leaders that infiltrated the organization. But then that has happened to almost every organization both left and right.   Rothschild international bankers infiltrated and took over that organization almost right away.  How sad, because his solutions could have worked.   I believe that is why they were targeted early on, as they were the biggest threat to the Rothschild/israel Khazar agenda. 

His solutions are great. But then we did not listen when we had a chance to do what he suggested. As to troops and occupation of countries by our troops, he sounds like Ron Paul. This is well worth the listen since he exhibited a real understanding of the plan for our take over, that is now almost complete as you saw with the Soros article on a second brentwood conference.  Heaven help us.  CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SHOCK ON THE SHEEPS FACES WHEN THEY COMPLETE THIS MESS?  Fascism in America, who would have ever thought, but then when Britain is around the periphery, you know that fascism can't be far behind.  Looks like another revolution is on the horizon. 


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Are you aware that it is a "crime" in this country (America) for an "American" to ask if a product comes from Israel?

Vatic Note:   Remember our blog on the 1919 Military Intel Top Secret Classified document that provided the results of a military intel investigation into the dangers to the United States of International Jewry???  The results of that study was "INTERNATIONAL JEWRY (KHAZARS) WAS A DIRECT THREAT TO THE INTERESTS OF THE UNITED STATES".  Wilson was blackmailed at that time and he classified those results for 50  years until a military general declassified them and then was fired for it.   It was done because of what International Jewry had done to Russia and all of eastern Europe in installing a Jewish (Khazar) run communist government and the murders and mass genocide conducted on Christians once they took over the government.  What the report included was the role of Wall Street Khazar bankers in financing and supporting the Khazar take over of eastern europe and Russia. SOUND FAMILIAR???  Its what is going on here right now.  THE REPORT WAS RIGHT.

Now here is a perfect opportunity to practice civil disobedience. Not only ask if a product is made in Israel, but then promote a boycott of that product and all other such products, under the first amendment. That will stop all the war mongering since they won't have any money to do so , THEY USE OUR MONEY. Further, PUBLISH IN YOUR NEWSPAPER A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT THAT YOU REFUSE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DEBT AS OF THAT DATE AND WILL NOT PAY TOWARD ANY DEBT AS OF THAT DATE FOR ANY FOREIGN AID TO ISRAEL WHO HAS MURDERED AMERICAN CITIZENS AND IS ALSO A THREAT TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THIS NATION OR FOR ANY DEBT INCURRED BY ANY DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN, WHO HAS THE APPEARANCE OF A CONFLICT OF INTEREST, WHO IS AUTHORIZING SUCH DEBT ON BEHALF OF THE UNITED STATES. Then withhold your share of the amount of that debt from any taxes you owe to the United states government and send in a copy of that ad run 3 times in your local paper. Further I would run it in a washington DC paper as well. Or keep a copy of that papers refusal to run it so you have all this evidence when you go to court in front of a jury of YOUR PEERS, NOT THEIRS. This was an incredible article. Even I did not know this. No wonder they just classified 60 million documents as top secret. I can't imagine the garbage the Israeli's have authorized in our name since their take over of our government in 2000 through their dual Israeli citizens on the Supreme court who all need to be impeached now that we see the results of that court decision. WE HAVE MORE IN COMMON RIGHT NOW WITH THE PALESTINIANS THAN WE DO WITH THE ISRAELIS.   I find that horrifically ironic.  

JB Campbell: DAJA
By JB Campbell, Veterans Today on Line

Israeli settlement police man

Are you aware that it is against the law in this country (America) for an American to ask if a product comes from Israel? That it is against the law for an American to answer that question, yea or nay? That it is against the law for anyone asked that question not to report the offender to the FBI or Department of Justice? That the penalty for asking, answering or not reporting is up to five years in federal prison and fines equaling five times the cost of the product or $15,000, whichever is higher?

Back in 2003, when this story first broke, the feds had already collected over 26 million dollars in fines from American violators of this law. By now, eight years later, I don’t know how much more they’ve collected under this law, part of the Tax Reform Act of 1976, gifted to us by a senator named Abraham Ribicoff, or to whom they gave the money.

I’m pretty sure you weren’t aware of that law.

Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky

Vatic Note:   This is serious.  Once again, we get to SEE FIRST HAND what a FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER WILL LOOK LIKE. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine it, and don't ever want to have it come into existance.  This explains a lot about our creatures we have that are fully responsible for pollinating not only our crops but all living plants on the planet.   We better read this one and call our congress to stop this planting of "killer" trees created by Monsanto.  We also better support that court action taking away their patents on all items harmful as the law requires.   If we don't do something soon, we won't have anything left that is real.   That means we have to try and get real seeds from the seed banks or someone better start collecting seeds from real trees before we are unable to do so.   Remember, its been the pesticides in the GMO seeds that have been killing off the bees.   This is no joke folks.  These elite are way more sick than even I imagined.  Or inbreeding has left them mentally retarded, I don't know which.  Way too much money and time on their hands. 

Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky
By Rady Ananda — Contributing Writer, The Intel Hub,  Source:  The Activist Post
Provided to Vatic Project by the Brooks Report

Imagine our declining pollinators – bees, moths, butterflies and bats – coming upon thousands of acres of toxic trees, genetically engineered so that every cell in the tree exudes pesticide, from crown to root. Imagine a world without pollinators. Without seed dispersers. Without soil microbes.

It would be a silent forest, a killing forest, an alien forest. No wonder Vandana Shiva scoffs at the moniker, biotechnology. “This is not a life technology. It’s a death science.”  (VN:  remember, Satanists hate "life", they celebrate "death" in all things. This is so bizarre, its hard to reconcile this with our concepts of reality in life.  But we MUST get out of denial and start seriously thinking about how we are going to save our planet)


This Is What Resistance Looks Like

Vatic Note: Remember, the Nation is a neolib funded organization so you are getting the neo perspective on this...... Notice he never mentions the CAFR's in every city, county and state which are flush with funds and are invested by wall street which then makes wall street money and if we were to use those funds for meeting budget requirements, they would be liquidated and thus NO MONEY FOR WALL STREET. Now that is the good news. But Chris never brings it up. Why? I like Chris and his writings, but its instances like these that show the limitations he is writing under since this is the UNMENTIONABLE.  Another problem I have with this recommendation.  When we have come out in the hundreds of thousands and we have under both administrations,  IT MADE NO DAMN DIFFERENCE.  None,  they don't care how many show up as long as we don't do anything to their plans, their assets and to their personage. It was actually impressive to see just how unaffected we were in the hundreds of thousands.  I could hardly believe it.  And he wants us to continue doing the same that that doesn't work?  That is the definition of insanity.   Then they  could care less and I saw that ever since Sept 2008 when the congress totally and completely ignored 80% of the Tax payers who INSTRUCTED THEIR ELECTED AND HIRED REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS  to vote against the bailout,  and they were TOTALLY IGNORED AND DISCOUNTED.   So, I think history proves we are past that method of change, it "ain't gonna happen"  that way.   The only way is the JUDICIAL WAY.  WE FILE GRAND JURY INDICTMENTS BECAUSE ITS SAYS SO IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT THE CITIZENS CAN EMPANEL A GRAND JURY TO INDICT THESE CRIMINAL for all offenses......1.  Drug money laundering and probably actual drug running as well.   2.  multiple violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust act as owners of Wall Street brokerage houses and of most energy corporations  3.  Illegal manipulation of the precious metals markets and stock market through use of shorts and pumping "taxpayer" money into the markets to manipulate prices thereby driving stock prices down and picking up co for pennies on the dollar.  There is plenty more that we have already outlined on this blog,  and nothing has been done about it,  not a single thing.   These are blatant crimes, and nothing, no arrests.  Chemtrails is illegal.  You cannot dump stuff on humans that will harm or kill them.  Its a crime.  No arrests.  TSA agents illegally fondling little children and nothing,  NO ARRESTS,  SPLC and ADL on the board of HLS and they come from a background of a country that is perverse in their child sexual abuse record.   That is how the story goes, so how in the world does he get that this system he is recommending will work??? Its orwellean to even suggest it.   You read and decide.  Let us know what you think?

This Is What Resistance Looks Like
Posted on Apr 3, 2011
By Chris Hedges, Truthdig report
A Woman who sympathizes with people whose homes have been foreclosed is arrested at a protest outside a Chase Bank in Los Angeles

The phrase consent of the governed has been turned into a cruel joke. There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs. Civil disobedience is the only tool we have left.

We will not halt the laying off of teachers and other public employees, the slashing of unemployment benefits, the closing of public libraries, the reduction of student loans, the foreclosures, the gutting of public education and early childhood programs or the dismantling of basic social services such as heating assistance for the elderly until we start to carry out sustained acts of civil disobedience against the financial institutions responsible for our debacle. The banks and Wall Street, which have erected the corporate state to serve their interests at our expense, caused the financial crisis. The bankers and their lobbyists crafted tax havens that account for up to $1 trillion in tax revenue lost every decade.

5.8 million Israelis Get 100 Billion In US Tax Dollars While American States Are Falling Apart

Vatic note: This below is exactly why the founding fathers forbid any foreign related personnel from holding key positions in the US Gov. Well we now have 32 dual Israeli citizens in the white house in key positions, and additional personnel in key positions in the pentagon, intel services, and now Homeland Security with the SPLC AND THE ADL taking over the dept in total violation of the constitution of the United States. This below is why it should never be allowed and that does not include the massive numbers of dead American soldiers WHO ARE OUR CHILDREN AND OUR FUTURE, fighting for Israel's empire building at a figure of 78,000 dead so far, which exceeds that which we had in Viet Nam, and the million permanently maimed as well, which exceeded Viet Nam. Add to that the fact the money is used to finance campaigns for their supporters in our congress and white house. Now how orwellean is that??? TAXPAYERS FUND THE ENEMY'S LOBBYING AGAINST THOSE SAME TAXPAYERS.   Its all perfectly obscene.

5.8 million Israelis Get 100 Billion In US Tax Dollars While American States Are Falling Apart
Uploaded by TheyDidThis on Apr 2, 2011

A foreign country with the population the size of Wisconsin is getting $100 billion in USA tax Dollars while states all around our Union are going Bankrupt. 5.8 million Israelis Get 100 Billion In US Tax Dollars While American States Are Falling Apart. Israel is a criminal kabbal and must be stopped for good. Better 5.8 million go than 350 million in the usa.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

FDA Says You Have No Right To Real Food Unless They Give You Permission First!

Vatic Note:  If this is approved by the court, then we have finally succumb to a FASCIST POLICE STATE without a doubt.  We have always been free to self sustainment in both food, natural remedies and water.... now the state will control all three as we saw in the water videos.  Add to that the restriction of movement through the TSA satanic perversion of sexual transgression that is criminal in nature, but now state sanctioned, which does not surprise me since the ADL and the SPLC are on the HLS board making policy and we all know the sexual abuse of children that is prevalent in Israel,  so of course it would raise its ugly head here THROUGH THOSE TWO ORGANIZATIONS, now wouldn't it?   Then add to that the price of gas that also restricts our movement and slowly but surely we are no longer free in any aspect of our lives.   That is revolution time when that happens.... so its time to think about how we want to deal with all of this.  Take it and live with it, or resist it.   That is where we are going with this.  How they get the guns will be the key.   The more tightly they squeeze, the more control they lose.  How stupid, but then arrogance has historically   ALWAYS been the curse that brings tyrants down.  They should have had "TAVISTOCK" pay for a grant to study the elite instead of us to find out what self sabotage the elite  will engage in to self destruct through their arrogance, which has ALWAYS defeated their efforts????

FDA Says You Have No Right To Real Food Unless They Give You Permission First

By The Intel Hub, Before Its News
Monday, April 04, 2011 12:07

Natural News
by David Gutierrez
April 3rd, 2011

In a response to a lawsuit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF), the FDA has articulated its belief that there is no such thing as a right to health or to purchase or consume any given food.

The FTCLDF has sued the FDA for banning the interstate shipment or sale of raw milk products, alleging that the policy deprives consumers and a food buying group owner “of their fundamental and inalienable rights of (a) traveling across State lines with raw dairy products legally obtained and possessed; (b) providing for the care and well being of themselves and their families, including their children; and (c) producing, obtaining and consuming the foods of choice for themselves and their families, including their children.”

This Is What Happens When Establishment Control Of The Media Cracks For A Moment

Vatic Note: This whole offering says it all. It leaves me with little to say. Its important to read it all and watch both videos especially if you need a good laugh. Sometimes its rewarding to watch these khazars get exposed by their own vehicles for manipulation. I would love to see the look at the producers faces while all this was going on. I would have given my eye teeth to be a fly on the wall in that booth..... LOL Its so worth the watch.   Remember these bankers also are stockholders in companies that benefit from war.... oil.....water..... and other resources like AGRICORPS.... Monsanto, etc. etc.   We HAVE TO CHANGE how we see our world and begin seeing it the way they do or we will never get out from under them.  When in Rome do as the romans do,   its time to start thinking like they do and to meet them on their own ground with their own rules of the game.   We continue with our normal rules they will simply run  all over us more than they already have.  Remember psychos will always  win against people of conscience.   So, start thinking and seeing all this differently.   REMEMBER, IN LIBYA, THE REBEL LEADER HAS JUST BEEN PROVEN TO BE A CIA OPERATIVE AND WAS PUT IN THERE BY THE CIA, TO START THAT REVOLUTION.  But the MSM will not cover it.  Yes, we have morals, integrity and honesty, they do not..... time to turn the tail.  

This Is What Happens When Establishment Control Of The Media Cracks For A Moment
By The Economic Collapse Blog (Reporter), Before Its News
April 3, 2011

Every once in a while, establishment control of the mainstream media cracks for a moment. In an effort to achieve higher ratings, mainstream news programs will invite guests on that promise to be "interesting", but then they will say something that is not part of the script and the entire system will go into a state of chaos for a moment. One example of this happened recently when two CNN "infobabes" interviewed former CIA officer Michael Scheuer about the situation on the ground in Libya. They asked Scheuer some questions regarding the role of the CIA in Libya, but the interview rapidly moved in some directions that the "infobabes" were not anticipating. Instead of sticking to the "Republican" or the "Democrat" script, Scheuer ripped both parties and he detailed many of the reasons why we should have never gone into Libya at all.

The "infobabes" grew increasingly uncomfortable as Scheuer described how large numbers of the resistance fighters in Libya have fought against U.S. troops in the Balkans, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. They did not seem pleased at all when Scheuer declared that the civil war in Libya is "none of our business" and that to the rest of the world this conflict looks like "Americans killing Muslims for oil" all over again.



Vatic Note:  This sssooooo speaks for itself that I need make no comment on this one.   By the way, just one point,  Iran has not invaded or attacked another country in over 350  years, more than the years since the shah.   However, Iran is key to Zbig's great master mind empire building plan for the Rothschilds as he shows in his book  "The Grand Chessboard:  American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives"..... That is incorrectly  named,   It should read ..... chessboard:  Rothschild Primacy and Israel's Geostrategic Imperatives" since Rothschild is the king of Israel and Israel is on a massive middle east land grab, as they are in the states through their khazar Rothschild controlled banking fraud using foreclosures to confiscate the land.  Then the final is to declare bancruptcy and give the land of the United states, with all infrastructures that we paid for with our taxes, to the IMF and world bank who handles the massive national debt we have.   That, my friends,  is who is empire building since Zbig is a giant Zionist.   End of very short rant. 


by admin,  What Really Happened,  4/2/11

Since the 1979 Iranian revolution and the downfall of the US Puppet Ruler the Shah, Iran has been an Islamic state. In that interval of time, 1979 to the present, Iran has not invaded anyone. Not once. People of all religions live in peace in Iran, even Jews, http://www.journeyman.tv/57268/short-films/irans-jews.html who find life so comfortable in Iran they refused an offer by the government of Israel to emigrate!

In the same period of time, Israel, a self-declared Jewish state, attacked Iraq in 1981, bombing the power station at Osirik, claiming it was a clandestine weapons factory. Subsequent examination of the ruins following the 2003 invasion proved Israel had lied. In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. This led to the Massacres at Sabra and Shatilla. In February 2003 Israel stages incursions into Gaza and Nablus. In September 2007 Israel bombs Syria, again insisting they are destroying a clandestine weapons laboratory.

Video Responses to 911 Disinfo Agents ( vn: and hate mongers)

Vatic Note:  Oh, my goodness, this is a MUST READ.  lol  I have not seen any depiction of a forum Khazar troll so well presented as this commentary from one of our contributors.   Please read and watch the video at the end.   You will NOT BE SORRY you took the time.   I am still laughing, but crying at the same time, that so many do not "GET" what manipulations these guys do.   They have their tactics and strategies all written up and they use them for training their trolls on how to disinform, ridicule, deflect, distract, and provocatuer through hate and fear.   Once you recognize the tactic, you never fall for it again.   Its worth the effort to check this out.  He did an excellent job of presenting and educating while using some excellent humor to boot.  Give this a good gander.

Video Responses to 911 Disinfo Agents ( vn: and hate mongers)

by Jerry Mills, Phd, American Action Report, Taiwan
Saturday, March 26, 2011
Over time, it's easy enough to spot an Internet disinformation agent, otherwise known as a troll. No matter how many times their lies are exposed, they continue to tell the same lies day after day. The theory is, if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t receive emails encouraging me to hate Muslims, to hate immigrants, or to hate some other group of people. Since all of them follow a similar pattern, I can avoid repetition by writing a response here and now and use that response for all future hate messages.

In one message to a meet-up group, someone hysterically decried the fact that two supposedly devout Muslims were appointed to government positions in connection with the alleged War on Terror. It was like “a fox guarding the hen house,” he shrieked with a ho-hum lack of originality.

The writer reminded his suffering readers that two well-known acts of terrorism (actually false flags) had been pinned on devout Muslims. He actually expected his readers to fall for that one, as if the 911 Truth Movement had never existed. I didn’t address the question of whether the two appointees really were devout anything or whether their dark complexions and Middle Eastern-sounding names caused them to be labeled Muslims. Nor did I question whether Muslims who were not devout would be more acceptable to him.

Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

Vatic Note:  Lets never forget that Soros is Rothschilds hatchet "go-to" man.  We covered that on here before and what Soros did to finalize the take over  and destruction of the countries of the former Yugoslavia.   He is now the land owner,  owner of the companies and banking in that former raped and pillaged territory.   Soros was his hatchet man for that job.  He is the one that finalizes all take overs of regions and nations.  That is done under the "Orwellean" name of his non profit...."Open Society Institute" which will in effect "close" off our society to any elected control over our financial life by the time he finishes with this.  I think Soros should be invited to leave this country before he can pull this off and never come back.

Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

By DAN GAINOR, Wall Street Journal, March 29, 2011
From the Media Research Center, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704471904576229023536424418.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

(VN:  Would you trust this man to structure your economy? I hope not! )
Two years ago, George Soros said he wanted to reorganize the entire global economic system. In two short weeks, he is going to start – and no one seems to have noticed.

On April 8, a group he’s funded with $50 million is holding a major economic conference and Soros’s goal for such an event is to “establish new international rules” and “reform the currency system.” It’s all according to a plan laid out in a Nov. 4, 2009, Soros op-ed calling for “a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order.” (VN:  If what we are seeing since that date is any indication of where he wants to take us, then I say exile him from this country and never let him back in again.)

Red Ice Radio - Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Disaster

Vatic Note:  THIS IS A MUST LISTEN,   ITS LIKE A VERY BAD PLAY.  LOL  I had a serious concern over Richard Hoagland as to his status, is he part of the cabal, or is he for real. Each of us has to listen to this and decide for yourself. What this will do is IDENTIFY ALL THOSE THAT WE THOUGHT WERE FOR REAL WHO ARE NOT. THEY WILL GO ALONG WITH THIS GAME AND TRY TO SELL US THIS NEW GLOBAL OUTER SPACE THREAT. Watch for it and let us know who in that group is going along with it.  He made two statements that threw doubt on his veracity. The first one was his heaping praise on Alex Jones knowing full well, Alex will not address the Rothschild and Israeli khazars. Further he said that he believes that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are going to "RESCUE US" from this other master group of human nazi's out in space. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  

This is the new substitute for the alien invasion that was suppose to take place but got outed over the internet big time. So this is exactly the same thing only the players are different, now the bad guys in outer space are really advanced nazi's who want us gone from the planet, and they betrayed the Rothschild and Rockerfeller WHO HE SAYS ARE GOING TO PROTECT US FROM THIS THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE. He even called them "our guys". You know, the old "Them vs Us", and now Rothschild is one of  "US",  ahahahaaa.   Yeah, right!   Man, that is the protocols in full bloom. Create the chaos and problems, then become the solutions.... they said in the protocols that the goyim are so dumb that we would fall for it. ....... WRONG.   NOTICE THIS CONFERENCE IS GOING TO BE IN BILDERBERGS HOME IN THE NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam in fact. 

If I hadn't been laughing so hard, I would have thrown up.... from the insults to our intelligence.  Just listen and see if this isn't the Alien scenario that Bill Cooper talked about as the bogus invasion that will force us to globalize in order to defeat them.   This is really reaching. They must be in serious trouble with their agenda on the verge of falling on its face because this is a really bad job of it. This is not up to their usual standard of deception at all. Its bad.    "We must globalize to defeat them", can you hear it now, Same agenda, just different players using the same technology they were going to use previously antigravity ships shaped like a triangle,  then the hologram technology, oh, yes,  If you don't laugh when you hear this then, you haven't read enough of the proofs we have that they planned a similar exact happening only it was going to be aliens and not other humans.

That is the only change in this whole game plan. They knew the alien would not work since we know it all. Amazing. You listen to this and see what you think.   Its what happens when your a control freak.   Can't adapt to change.  THE WAY THIS IS COMING OUT IT APPEARS THIS IS GOING TO BE THE NEW HARD PUSH AND THE SHEEP JUST MAY BUY IT. Anyone want to bet that the solutions they come up with includes GLOBALIZING???? lol    OH, my Gawd,  I am glad I fell on this one by accident.   I haven't had a good laugh in a long time.   Does anyone else see this like I do???  Just curious.  NOW, we have to decide about Red Ice, which would disappoint me tremendously if they are complicit.  I am hoping he saw the obvious. The only real question now is,  "Do they intend to depopulate us with space weapons?"   And the slaves then get rescued who are remaining???  A manageable number.  Sorry for rabiding on, but I could not believe my ears. 

Red Ice Radio - Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Disaster

Uploaded by RedIceRadio on Mar 22, 2011

In this program, we discuss the "Secret Space Program" and the concept of a breakaway civilization. Someone with a more sophisticated and advanced technology, from Earth, has created for themselves a completely different capability to go into space, to utilize resources and maybe even to settle on other planets. Is this a plausible theory? Could this really be happening? Richard C. Hoagland from enterprisemission.com and author of "The Monuments of Mars" and "Dark Mission", returns to Red Ice Radio to discuss some of these ideas. Richard tries to shed light on the possibility that most of humanity has been kept in the dark about. (VN:  see Video for a good laugh)


Why Banksters love Drug Gangsters

Vatic Note: We could do a whole post just on the massive criminal enterprise, not only nationwide, but world wide, that the international banking cartel under Rothschild and Rockefeller is engaged in. Everyone knows it and yet they continue to get away with it. The wealth of the nation and the globe is rapidly moving up to the point where Rothschild alone has now a net worth of $167 TRILLION dollars...... that exceeds the entire GDP of the entire globe, and it represents the killing of any advancement of society and civilization resulting in it regressing into a barbaric slave state and soon the demise of anything resembling a humane and advancing civilization. Not to mention THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR ENVIRONMENT AS EVIDENCED BY BP RESUMING OIL DRILLING WITHOUT FIXING WHAT THEY DESTROYED IN THE FIRST PLACE.   FASCISM AT ITS FINEST!  This must be stopped at all costs.... otherwise this planet won't be worth living on anyway. Might as well go out seeing to it they can't live on it either. Its becoming a real consideration for the first time in the history of this nation, that means mechanisms other than government will have to be used. Government is gone..... in almost every country on the planet and those that aren't are being invaded criminally BY THE US GLOBAL MILITARY.  That is our role in this New World Order.  How pathetic.  What an indictment of our future.  That is the future for your children and grandchildren.  How do you like it?  Right now from the past 10 years over 1 million of our children are permanently maimed and unable to lead normal lives.  Is that the future you want for your children??? 

Why Banksters love Drug Gangsters
Brass Check TV, April, 2011

"The money is too big..." The biggest lobbyist for NAFTA was not US manufacturers, it was US banks.

This video suggests and answer. Laundering money is big business for the top banks as proven by their constant (small) fines for getting caught.

(VN: So why did not someone go to jail over it since its a crime??? What is going on?  Why just a small fine?  Tell that to those doing hard time who worked for them distributing those drugs to our children)


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Blue Gold - World Water Wars 1/6

Vatic Note: THESE 6 VIDEOS ARE A MUST WATCH.  This is one of those times, WE BETTER PAY ATTENTION NOW WHILE WE STILL CAN. While these videos outline the seriousness of corporate threat to our water supply, it also provides real solutions we can take if we pay attention NOW, and not later when its too late.   If there is ever an issue that we best pay attention to, this is it. This is the one that shoves us over that line in the sand that says corporations need to be brought into line and under control. Most are now owned in majority part by Rothschild international bankers, and we are under threat by him and his corporations and we must respond quickly. I like indonesia's solution.... "A DEATH PENALTY" FOR THREATENING WATER WITHIN THE NATION including that done by Corporation irresponsibility.

We die if we go more than a week without water, so its even more important than food. Rivers are losing oxygen. But worse, without good healthy natural non chemically polluted water, our DNA and our consciousness is affected.  They are trying to turn us into third world country as a nation of cattle (DNA manipulation) and where depopulation would be much easier and less accountable to any one individual or other nations..... so we best take this in hand. Remember, before we knew about all this, Bush, Mooney and others bought massive land over the largest fresh water aquifir in the world in Paraguay. That was with the intent to control water just like controlling oil and making massive profits off our life sustaining water. This is a public resource and must be treated that way otherwise why bother having a government at all. Time for our elected officials to be held accountable in a real way. Criminal penalties for selling out our life sustaining assets such as water and food.

Blue Gold - World Water Wars 1/9
Uploaded by Purrfectstranger on Oct 11, 2009, Provided to Vatic Project by American Action Report

Wars of the future will be fought over water as they are over oil today, as the source of human survival enters the global marketplace and political arena. Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments vie for control of our dwindling supply, prompting protests, lawsuits, and revolutions from citizens fighting for the right to survive. Past civilizations have collapsed from poor water management. Can the human race survive?
Privatisation (privatization) is one of my pet peevs. Globalization, central power, political and religious regimes also head my abhorence list because they're all hurting humanity. Be your own judge and take a closer look around you.

I know everyone loves to have things for free but this is reality; films and documentaries cost money to make. This is an awesome documentary loaded with fact from respected and reputable sources. A must have DVD (signed by the filmmaker) in your collection -

Sam Bozzo

Part I of 6


Part II of 6


Part III of 6


Part IV of 6


Part V of 6


Part VI of 6


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Lawsuit Seeks to Invalidate Monsantos GMO patents

Vatic Note:  Well, well, Bill Gates will have bought a dying company if this law suit goes through and rightly so... after what he is involved in, which is depopulation through deception using vaccines and now he will be able to use the food and that can be proven in court with his own words on video tape many times.  His foundation fundings will also show the same thing.   Eugenics and messing with the human genome so they can control and robotize and make cattle out of the remaining human population.  Hey, they said it, not me.  Its why he also bought Black water who will do whatever their contracter says they must do. 

Lawsuit Seeks to Invalidate Monsantos GMO patents

Rady Ananda, Contributing Writer Activist Post

“A new invention to poison people … is not a patentable invention.” Lowell v. Lewis, 1817

A landmark lawsuit filed on March 29 in US federal court seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seeds and to prohibit the company from suing those whose crops become genetically contaminated.

The Public Patent Foundation filed suit on behalf of 270,000 people from sixty organic and sustainable businesses and trade associations, including thousands of certified-organic farmers.


Vatic Note: This article below is a perfect example of why the Khazars use "front people" for their dirty work. Obama is nothing more than a shill, yet he is deflecting the attention away from those truly in charge. Bush was the same way, only a puppet, we must stop talking about those that have no say in anything and begin focusing exclusively on the Khazars, international bankers and Israel. Those are who are making all the decisions with respect to our country, war, spending, etc etc. Lets be honest and simply say "khazars everywhere you normally would say Obama. That would be honest and truthful and would highlight the problem so that an effective solution could be garnered. Remember, if you do away with Obama, you simply get Biden, a different tool of the same masters doing the same agenda. We saw that with Bush leaving and Obama taking over.   No, lets stay fully and forcefully on the the guy behind the curtain, Netanyahu. 

March Monday 28 2011 (12h18) :
Contributed to Vatic Project by Dick Eastman

Contributors Note: Nobel Laureates like Martin Luther King Jr., Elie Wiesel, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela and Liu Xiaobo suffered illegal detentions, imprisonment and/or torture, Nobel Laureate Obama not only defends these practices, he actually engages in them.

According to some prognosticators, the world will end in 2012. This hypothesis is based upon many beliefs, including the prophecies of the Hopi Indians and the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

I’ll admit, the world’s demise did not seem far-fetched when George W. Bush and his cabal of liars, sadists, torturers and war criminals illegally controlled the White House. But the election of Barack Obama in 2008 seemed to reinvigorate the spirit of the world, and made people believe in the power of “hope.”

I’ll also admit that I was pleased when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and rejected the sentiments of those who argued he had done nothing to deserve it.