Thousands Secretly Sterilized in America

Vatic Note:  Well, it appears its no longer a third world problem, rather the elite saw the poor of the south as the same as those in third world countries and simply imposed their will on them without any permission or knowledge of the victim.   Once you remember that Eugenics funding by Rockefeller has been going on for almost a century, and he funded Dr. Mengeles's experiments in Eugenics in the 40's, (A crime against humanity at the time as determined by the Nuremberg trials and still  considered the same today) and now its practically embedded in the Health care bill under Obama, (guided by Rahm Emmanuals Eugenics expert brother, Ezekiel,)  written by Rockefeller/Gates minions for their foundations and eugenics programs,  then it becomes much more clear just how radical, criminal, psychopathic  and barbarian these elite can be when let loose upon an unsuspecting public and most of all upon  the goyim as they call us.  AND THEY WANT US TO LET THEM CONTROL  AND RUN THE GLOBE???  I find this outrageously unbelievable.... they are too mentally ill to be given that kind of power when this is what they do with it.  No thanks.    This is no conspiracy theory, this is proven fact before a court and with the state considering compensation to the victims of these practices.    Notice the word "Butchered" in  there with respect to the quality of the job done on them.   It appears these poor people did not even rate a decent surgery job either.   Today the practice has not stopped rather its gotten much more sophisticated and deceptive.  Bill Gates is the lead on this one like Rockefeller used to be before he got too old to even stand up on his own.  Now instead of using a butchering knife on us, they use vaccines to sterilize and you never know which vaccine won the lottery to be used to sterilize us.  No more vaccines for our children.   How dare they do this..... HOW BLOODY DARE THEY.    I get more incensed with every violation of our bodies they engage in as if we do not have any say in our own bodies anymore..... poisoning our food, air and water is a good example.   These are crimes demanding life sentences in prison.  No death penalty please,  I want them to suffer the humiliation of imprisonment at the hands of those they so willingly use for medical experimentation.

Thousands Secretly Sterilized in America

More than 60,000 Americans were victims of state-sanctioned sterilization during the 20th century.

After getting married at age 18, Elaine Riddick desperately tried to start her own family. It wasn’t until she was in her 50s, however, that the North Carolina woman found out that doctors sterilized her when she was a teenager.

Riddick was raped at age 13 and says that, when she awoke in a hospital bed after giving a cesarean birth, she was never told that doctors performed a sterilization under orders of the state of North Carolina.
“They said that I was feeble-minded, they said that I was promiscuous,” Riddick tells CBS News.
“I’ve always been able to take care of myself – I’ve never been promiscuous.”

In 2007 Riddick went to a doctor weary of ongoing medical problems. “I kept getting sick. I kept hemorrhaging… I kept passing out,” she says.   After being referred to a second doctor, Riddick was told the same thing the first she saw in ’07 told her: that she had been butchered.

She had gone 40 years without knowing that doctors sterilized her as she gave birth to her only child. Riddick’s illiterate grandmother signed off on the papers allowing the procedure with just an “x.”

State-sanctioned sterilization programs were much more rampant in America than many believe — especially since some of the victims, such as Riddick, were unaware it ever happened. More than 60,000 people across the country were sterilized from the 1920s through the 70s under a widespread initiative aimed at cutting the cost of welfare. Riddick’s state operated on more than 7,000 during the 50 year span.

Now North Carolina is considering compensating victims decades later. Though North Carolina’s sterilization law was written to give the state immunity from lawsuits, if it looks to follow through with a proposal that will pay $20,000 a pop to those operated on it will need to fork over nearly $70 million. An earlier meeting with state officials ended with discussions of compensating victims with $50,000 each — less than 1 percent of the state’s annual budget — but now that figure is less than half that.

“Every time we go to put a number on it, it seems too small,” Karen Beck tells Time. Two of her relatives were sterilized in the 1930 and Beck says her great aunt was sterilized after she was told she needed an appendectomy. Instead doctors cut her fallopian tubes rather than her appendix.

So far no other lawmakers in the other 31 states that imposed sterilization programs have publically spoken about similar initiatives.

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Corporate Media Hints At Military Plans To Take On The American People During Domestic Civil Unrest


By: Alex Thomas & Popeye of FederalJack.com

As the United Kingdom continues to riot many have wondered how the United States would respond to a similar outbreak of riots whether caused by an economic collapse, widespread terror attacks, or some other catalyzing event.

For those that are awake to the fact that the government was long ago taken over by elitist oligarchs, this question was answered years ago.

It is public knowledge that the military is planning to take on the American people by declaring martial law and taking part in widespread arrests/gun confiscations. These plans have already been activated multiple times including during Hurricane Katrina and the Seattle WHO riots.

For years we have begged the corporate media to cover these startling facts yet they have instead called us conspiracy theorists and possible domestic terrorists.

Science Distorted by the Bomb


By: Evaggelos Vallianatos
Date: 2011-08-07

The United States assumed the mantle of Western civilization immediately after blasting Japan with atomic weapons on August 6 and 9, 1945. Scientists created those weapons. By that act, scientists made science dangerous and changed themselves, America, and the world forever.
In 1963, David Lilienthal, chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission, the precursor to the Department of Energy, raised grave doubts about science and scientists because of the bomb. He said the bomb brought large amounts of money to scientists at universities, diverting them from research and teaching, making them exclusive experts on weapons of war. This new function diluted "the spirit of independent inquiry," making scientists "uncritical advocates and even lobbyists for various huge 'programmatic' technical enterprises." This was especially manifest in the behavior of the atomic scientist who birthed the bomb.


Shock Doctrine? Fight Back


By: Robert Borosage
Date: 2011-08-08

Global economic turmoil is getting worse. Europe’s financial crisis now imperils Spain and Italy. The folly of pre-mature austerity savages economies in Great Britain, Europe and, increasingly, the United States. China and the emerging economies are slowing down. This economy seems stalled at best.

People are sensibly scared, worried about their jobs, their homes, their lost savings, their prospects.
Conservative and corporate elites are stoking the turmoil, and using fear to panic a public into accepting harsh measures that would be otherwise unacceptable. The stock market tanks after the debt ceiling debacle. 

Standard and Poors, the discredited and corrupted rating agency, rushes to downgrade US debt, with such haste it doesn’t even get its math right. China’s news service announces the US must roll back its bloated “welfare state” and its bloated military. The talk shows are inundated with pundits expounding the urgent need for the US to get its deficits under control to regain its credit status.

America in Decline


By: Noam Chomsky
Date: 2011-08-05

“It is a common theme” that the United States, which “only a few years ago was hailed to stride the world as a colossus with unparalleled power and unmatched appeal is in decline, ominously facing the prospect of its final decay,” Giacomo Chiozza writes in the current Political Science Quarterly.

The theme is indeed widely believed. And with some reason, though a number of qualifications are in order. 

To start with, the decline has proceeded since the high point of U.S. power after World War II, and the remarkable triumphalism of the post-Gulf War '90s was mostly self-delusion.

Another common theme, at least among those who are not willfully blind, is that American decline is in no small measure self-inflicted. The comic opera in Washington this summer, which disgusts the country and bewilders the world, may have no analogue in the annals of parliamentary democracy.


Defense Against the Psychopath

Defense Against the Psychopath
Uploaded by on Dec 14, 2010

Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary excerpted from chapter one of my book; The Art of Urban Survival. Teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society's most dangerous predators, psychopaths.


Vatic Note:  Here is a more recent presentation translating psychopathy into our everyday life caused by those in power and their destructive drive to control everything that breaths, lives, walks, and reproduces.  Its amazing to read how this has become our reality and is no longer just an abstract theoretical theory.   Its now here and fully functioning until we decide to accept or reject it.  Its always been up to us.  Please read it all the way through and watch the videos.

Psychopaths Rule our World
Posted by Mark Sircus on 12 July 2010
Contributed to Vatic Project by Jack Peach,  Great Britian

We have never faced anything like what we are facing today. Most of us have planned our lives in terms of a world that is quickly disappearing and we have not set new sails based on the prevailing winds that will blow across our future bows. What will surprise most people is the fact that our true enemies are not terrorists in far away countries but psychopaths that walk among us and populate corporate boardrooms, banks and government chambers.

We have not learned what to do about the world’s psychopaths so we will see our civilization ripped asunder. Psychopaths and sociopaths have little choice but to hurt others as well as the environment because it is in their very nature to do so. These vicious individuals and the institutions they manage are at war with the peoples of the world and there is little defense against them. The very nature of our civilization encourages these people to seek the pinnacles of power and they certainly found just that inside the oil companies.

What Distinguishes the Rich from the Poor Today, Part I


By: Gonzalo Lira
Date: 2011-08-22

In Part II of this series, I’ll be covering education. In Part III, I’ll be covering something I call “structural pliancy”. —GL

One of my brothers-in-law, C., is moving from Chile to America to take over a fairly large corporation. He is a highly educated, highly successful guy in his late-thirties—a big strapping guy of about 6’3”, a former rugby player, big on golf, with four small kids and a tall willowy wife who looks like a model.

Yeah, it has two heads—but it was
raised organically. So it’s safer 

than your lunchtime Chicken McNugget.
Though he’s been to the United States many times, for business and pleasure, he’s never actually lived there. So over a Sunday lunch, we talked about his first impressions about daily life in America—and what struck him was the food:

“It has no taste,” C. told me. “Or rather, supermarket food has no taste: Beef, fish, chicken—it all tastes bland and watery.”

He told me how vegetables too tasted oddly bland, and on top of that, he and his wife were worried about what is actually in the food.

The reason they’re worried about American food is because of the size of American children in his kids’ new schools:

“Our kids were among the tallest in their class in Chile—but they’re among the smaller kids in their U.S. classroom. On top of that, the girls in my older daughter’s class are starting to menstruate—and they are nine years-old! That’s not normal.”

Unequal Uses for the Bill of Rights


By: Thom Hartmann
Date: 2011-08-09

Of the cases in this court in which the Fourteenth Amendment was applied during its first fifty years after its adoption, less than one half of one percent invoked it in protection of the Negro race, and more than fifty percent asked that its benefits be extended to corporations.
- Justice Hugo Black, 1938

The statistic in this chapter’s epigraph is sobering indeed. It says corporations sought protection under the Fourteenth Amendment a hundred times more often than did the people it was intended to protect. And this is not a victimless shift—there have been real and substantial consequences. In the years following the Santa Clara decision and the cases that referred to it, companies have used their personhood rights in an amazing variety of ways. What follows in this chapter is a small selection.
First Amendment

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. noted in the landmark 1919 Shenck v. United States case that shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater does not constitute free speech; the Bill of Rights guarantees that a person’s opinion can be expressed, not that there are no limits on what one can do. But consider how this fundamental freedom has been bent by corporations since Santa Clara.

Judicial Misconduct the "One Catch All"


By: Walter Burien
Date: 2011-08-08

Judicial misconduct is the standard. Those in the Judiciary that follow the law are ignored from the inside and those that break the law as the standard bring in the piles of cash under the table and from behind closed doors. Thus they build and are the prevalent power structure.

What I have discovered as the pattern for the most pervasive scum in the judiciary that break the law and continuously violate their oaths of office and the law where if they were held accountable, they would be doing long prison sentences are:



Vatic Note:   Just a reminder to our readers, this is not a fast food service blog of information.  Be prepared to spend time reading, since this information is not available readily anywhere except here at the link below that we found by accident.  As many of you regulars are aware, we have spent a great deal of time posting and blogging about the power and secrets of water  (Please rewatch these excellent videos about something kept from us about the importance of water to us besides just hydration) as well as the attempt by the evil ones to either control the real water or to contaminate that which we drink and use to bath with which our skin absorbs up to 20% which goes directly into our blood stream and by passes  the liver.  Our water is full of toxic chemicals and poisons that are damaging to our bodies and DNA.  It would be good to revisit some of those blogs  and remind ourselves of how important water and the sun is to our DNA and therefore our consciousness.  Now we know why with this article below...... Its not just the sun but also the earth, and together they are both critical to our DNA, CONSCIOUSNESS AND HEALING AND REPAIRING our cells and bodies.   We even did a blog on Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory and the world wide control of our water. I could not understand their allocation of so much of their resources into such control, but now I do.  This below is highly educational and new to me, so maybe it will be new to you as well.  

           This is why the US and Israel precipitated the rebellion in Egypt and Libya.... WATER CONTROL.  Remember when reading this article below, that Libya's Gadaffi had tapped into ancient underground water source that was untouched pure ancient water and that is what they were using to drink,  grow crops and feed animals.   Also remember, this past week they just bombed that water reservoir and doing serious damage to their water supply.  Gadaffi built that water extraction and delivery system, without borrowing money from the Rothschild scamming bankers.  He used his oil revenues to pay for it.   THOSE ARE THE TWO MAIN REASONS HE IS UNDER ATTACK.  Also  we covered Israels latest attempted land grab.  Both water and oil are located in Gaza, so we know why the attempted final grab for Gaza is being done by Israel.  
I included the comments section below since they were as informative as the article itself and worth the time to read.   I hope this conveys the importance of our paying attention to this issue and probably is why we are distracted intentionally from it by other fear generating screams  by the MSM and other gov agencies such as NASA about Eleven Nine comet (11-9) which is going to be another false flag they will use to justify some acts against us unless stopped.  That is why they named it 11-9, to tell us what they intend to do.... that is the deal they have to make with their spiritual contract with Satan.   
Earth Generated Water

They have affirmed that the Earth itself generates massive amounts of water from deep within ... it has no connection with the water of the hydrologic cycle.
"Waters divided... "1 or "well[s] of living waters" and "living fountains of waters"?2
Morad EghbalThe Middle East is not the only place where water crises and disputes arise and continue, but it is the region in which the potential for conflict over water is perhaps most extreme. A long history of hostilities and border disputes, plus the presence of oil, make the need for binding international agreement most pressing, though history gives us little confidence that international law can avert wars there.

Message To Obama Goes Viral


By: We The People
Date: 2011-08-09

Dear President Obama,

“We The People” have stated resolutely we reject your vision for our country. You claim you have not heard us.

“We The People” have assembled across America resisting your efforts to subvert our constitution and undermine our liberty. You claim you have not seen us.

Since you have not acknowledged our message, let us here present it once more for if as President Wilson said, “a leader’s ear must ring with the voices of the people,” the time has come.

U.S. covering up documented ETs & UFOs over White House, Capitol

Bruecke Note: I'll be the first to admit that Mr. Webre's reporting regularly goes into the deep end. I regret that I don't have the time to vet the information more thoroughly. So please read this with a grain of salt; don't accept everything at face value; do your own research. But also recognize that it may contain more truths than most of us are willing to admit, such is our conditioning.


Date: 2011-08-07

Wilbur “Will” Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton and an expert photographer of interdimensional UFOs in the prohibited P56-A airspace over Washington, DC, has revealed in an exclusive August 7, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that U.S. government agencies are continuing a public cover-up of continuing, recent documented interdimensional extraterrestrial UFOs that are creating interdimensional wormholes and flying over the U.S. Capitol and White House.


New social network will force Google+ users to identify themselves.. or leave the site


By: Hannah Roberts
Date: 2011-08-15

Web users who go by bogus names will be booted off the new Google+ social network.

The company has recently launched the network as a rival to Facebook.

But If Google learns the name you're using on the network is not your real name, you have just four days to clean up your act. If you don't your profile will be removed.

Saurabh Sharma, product manager on the Google+ team, announced the new rule in a video shared on YouTube and on Google+.

The company said it tried to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world, so those signing up for the service are required to use the name they commonly go by in the real world.

The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda


Date: 2011-07-11

While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults; the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food. Austerity measures aimed largely at the poor are being imposed on all the nations of the world. Weather events grow more deadly and brushfire wars more frequent. An AK-47 can be obtained for $49 in the markets of West Africa. The depopulation campaign of the inbred Illuminati bankers is accelerating.

In 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower, who later warned of a “military-industrial complex”, commissioned a panel of scientists to study the issue of overpopulation.  The scientists put forth Alternatives I, II and III, advocating both the release of deadly viruses and perpetual warfare as means to decrease world population.
The first supposition dovetailed nicely with the pharmaceutical interests of the Rockefellers.  According to Nexus magazine, the Rockefellers own one-half of the US pharmaceutical industry, which would reap billions developing medicines to “battle” the deadly viruses about to be released.

In 1969 the Senate Church Committee discovered that the US Defense Department (DOD) had requested a budget of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for a program to speed development of new viruses which target and destroy the human immune system.  DOD officials testified before Congress that they planned to produce, “a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could be acquired…Most important is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”  House Bill 5090 authorized the funds and MK-NAOMI was carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Out of this research came the AIDS virus which was targeted at “undesirable elements” of the population. The first AIDS viruses were administered through a massive smallpox vaccine campaign in central and southern Africa by the World Health Organization in 1977.  A year later ads appeared in major US newspapers soliciting “promiscuous gay male volunteers” to take part in a Hepatitis B vaccine study. [1]


A Little Known Fact About the 9/11 Planes

Bruecke Note: Mr. Lawson does do a good job of stating in this year old article how the US govt has never made a conclusive case for the commercial planes supposedly hijacked on 9/11. I have issues with Mr. Lawson in other areas of 9/11, because he is known for doing ad homenim rounds with "no-planes", "video fakery", and "pilots for 9/11 Truth" in various forums, like Veterans for 9/11 Truth. Gee, no-planes is one of the trick ponies I ride as a 9/11 Troofer!

I’ve jumped back-and-forth over the video forgery fence, I don’t know what I believe today except some degree of video manipulation happened, just like editors regularly photoshop already pretty women into being unrealistically drop-dead georgous in magazines. Such enhancements, like inserting pixels of planes into some footage that may not have depicted planes with more shock-and-awe, doesn’t prove that all video footage was faked and that no planes hit the towers. What it does prove is a complicit corporate media to allow for (or actively edit) such fakes to be aired.

Were corporate media not complicit, we wouldn’t be doing our September Clues analysis on poorly recorded broadcast footage complete with oversize banners and footers. No, corporate media would have opened their vaults and provided the raw footage long ago to settle the issue. They didn’t, just like the FBI never released the 85 tapes they confiscated of cameras around the Pentagon. They all have something to hide.

At any rate, Mr. Lawson wrote the following article prior to his new premise that "enhanced 767's", as opposed to "standard commercial 767" were deployed, because this accounts for the velocities at a quarter mile above sea level (with more air resistance) that were above their rated maximum at high altitude, should have made the planes very difficult to control and target, and could have torn the planes apart, in addition to (some) additional strength attributed to more cutting of building steel by the plane.

I'm such a duped useful idiot, I can buy this AND video fakery. Maybe enhanced planes were used, and an early example of complicit corporate media involvement is in the photoshopped & enhanced pictures and videos in a beautifying effort to put lipstick on this 9/11 pig for a better shock-and-awe Hollywood-esque story.


By: Anthony Lawson
Date: 2010-03-19

It is not a theory but a fact — one that is well known within the 9/11 truth movement — that the 9/11 Commission failed to ensure that at least one of the appropriate government agencies: the NTSB, the FBI or the FAA was commissioned to positively identify the aircraft which were allegedly involved in the murders of nearly 3,000 people, on September 11, 2001.

One does not need to be a Harvard Law School graduate to know that the first and most important requirement in any murder investigation is to determine the cause of death, which often leads to a requirement to identify, and trace to its origins, a murder weapon, or, in the case of 9/11: weapons.  And there can be no doubt that each of the four planes which were allegedly hijacked on the morning of  9/11 was posited as being a murder weapon by the U.S. administration and the 9/11 Commission, yet there is absolutely nothing which firmly connects the four allegedly-hijacked planes to any of the 9/11 crash sites.

Pure fiction: Bigelow’s new bin Laden chase film will reinforce 9/11 myths


By: Craig McKee
Date: 2011-08-11

I can see it now: Robert De Niro as Osama bin Laden, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt as the handsome and fearless Navy SEALS, and Morgan Freeman as the “president.” Or Denzel Washington…

Okay, I might have the casting wrong, but the upcoming film Kill bin Laden by Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) is certain to be fascinating – and fictional. It will take its place alongside United 93 and World Trade Center – a sort of trilogy of 9/11 propaganda.


Rumsfeld must face trial for torture, Court of Appeal rules


By: IndictBushNow.org
Date: 2011-08-11

Bush official does not have personal immunity for torture
Indict Bush Now reaches international TV audience – share this video with friends

It is hard to overstate the significance of the ruling bythe US Court of Appeals that Donald Rumsfeld will face trial for torture. Every Bush-era official who committed crimes, including authorizing torture, has to be deeply alarmed.
The movement for accountability has entered a new, decisive stage and we are committed to stepping up the momentum.
Here is what has happened:

Defeating Zionism!


By: Alan Hart
Date: 2011-08-08

That was the headline over a recent post by David Hearst for The Guardian’s Comment Is Free space. It began: “There is an Arabic word you come across a lot when Palestinians talk about their future. Sumud means steadfastness, and it has turned into a strategy: when the imbalance of power is so pronounced, the most important thing to do is to stay put. Staying put against overwhelming odds is regarded as a victory.”
Hearst didn’t offer any substantial explanation of why Palestinian steadfastness is a victory, so I will.