The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus: ELRON - VOXEO

Vatic Note:  What is a "DEFENSE" firm doing dealing with voting machines?  Is Israel at war or something with the United States???  Are the US Voting machines a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION?  If not, then why is a "Defense company" creating them?  Why are they selling them to the United States and then I want to know who specifically ordered those machines and then I want to know who "authorized" the person who ordered them, to order them through a foreign nations DEFENSE COMPANY???  Something stinks beyond high heaven here.  More TREASON??? Is that what we are seeing here?  I would bet my last nickel its the DUAL ISRAELI GOLDMAN SACHS CITIZENS in our government who ordered the machines.   If they were ordered before the last election, then it was probably Chertoff who is a dual citizen and did personally provide in the patriot act, immunity for anything Israel may have done on 9-11, which screams volumes about who did 9-11, and by the way, is not legal since its covering up a crime to do so.  Its in fact another crime of aiding and abetting and worse, its treason since its aiding and abetting a foreign nation that attacked the United States of America.  So it is VERY IMPORTANT to find out who ordered those machines.  VERY IMPORTANT.  The date of the article implies it was in fact Chertoff who was also a consultant to that firm in Israel.   Criminal Conflict of Interest.  Yes, it is a real crime, with serious Jail time.  Here is more about the company and its ties to terrorism and war.

The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus  (ELRON - VOXEO)
By Christopher Bollyn,  Rense.com

The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation's attention will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results of the Iowa caucus?
The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year. Don't expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of the American "democratic" election process.
In the summer of 2004, I first learned that a foreign and out-of-state company using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology tallied the Iowa caucus results.
The system used to tally the 2004 Iowa caucus results was provided by a company called Voxeo, which was apparently based in Orlando, Florida. (Yellow flag goes up in the mind of those familiar with Orlando and electronic vote fraud history. See Bollyn article on Wang below.)
The calls from the nearly 2,000 caucus centers in Iowa went to a Voxeo call center in Atlanta, Georgia.
On January 31, 2005, I wrote to Michelle Bauer, Iowa's Secretary of State with some questions about the use of Voxeo, a foreign company located in Florida, to tally the results of the Iowa caucus:
Subject: How was the Iowa Caucus Tallied?
Dear Sirs,
When I visited the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Des Moines last summer, I learned that the tally of the Iowa caucus had been "out-sourced" to a company in Atlanta, Georgia.
What this means is that the tallying of the Iowa caucus results was done over the telephone, using the touch-tone buttons, to enter the results from each caucus locationS
I am interested in how this was done, and why. Why did the Democratic Party allow the crucial tally of the caucus results to be done by a company in Atlanta? Don't they trust their own math skills?
Can any of you provide any information about this matter?
Kind regards,
Christopher Bollyn
A person named Mike Milligan wrote back on behalf of Secretary of State Bauer:
Mike Milligan wrote:
Dear Christopher:
The Secretary of State forwarded me the email you sent to then on Monday, January 31, 2004 [sic] regarding the Iowa Caucuses.
Unfortunately, you either received some incorrect information in your travels or are confused. The Iowa Democratic Party completed all of the caucus night tabulations in Iowa, in the Des Moines/Polk County Convention Center, which was the Caucus night HQ. In fact, our tech staff wrote the software that tabulated the results.
To answer your second to last question, we feel we have a comfortable grasp of mathematics.
Mike Milligan,
Executive Director Iowa Democratic Party
(515) 244-7292 ex. 676
I wrote this note back to Mr. Milligan:
Dear Mr. Milligan,
I am responding to you about how the caucus results for the Iowa Democratic Party were tallied on the night of the nation's first caucus. After checking my sources, I can assure you that it is correct that an out-of-state telephone/computer system tallied the Iowa precinct results.
The system used was provided by Voxeo Corporation based in Orlando, Florida. The calls went from Iowa to a call center in Atlanta, Georgia.
See: http://www.voxeo.com/
This information was first provided to me last August by John McCormally, Communications Director for the Iowa Democratic Party in Des Moines, Iowa.
Today I called Voxeo (800) 305-5771 in Orlando and although I didn't go into detail, the receptionist confirmed that Voxeo had conducted the telephone tally of the Iowa Democratic Caucus results.
How is it that you don't know that?
McCormally told me that chairmen were selected in all 1,993 precincts and these chairmen called in on touch-tone phones and after giving their PIN number, were able to enter the results from their precinct using the touch-tone number pad.
I'm not going to go into great detail at this point, but this procedure of using an out-of-state computer company to tally the precinct results for the Iowa Democratic Caucus lacks the transparency and openness that one might expect in this exercise in grass-roots poll.
Clearly, if someone wanted to adjust the results, it would be the easiest thing to do to do it through this computer system in Orlando, Florida. The Democrats in Iowa would never be aware of it, regardless of their math skills, unless the paper results were carefully audited in an open and honest manner.
Christopher Bollyn
Now, who really is Voxeo, and why are the Iowa caucus results tallied by them? I don't know if the 2008 Iowa results will be tallied in the same way, but I wouldn't doubt it.
Voxeo is headed by Jonathan Taylor, who is the company's President and CEO. This is what his Voxeo webpage says about him:
Jonathan combined his experience in both business operations and technology innovation to found Voxeo in 1999. Under his guidance, Voxeo has seen triple-digit revenue growth for four consecutive years and has been profitable since January, 2004. Prior to Voxeo, Jonathan founded and helped bring three additional software and infrastructure service companies to profitability.
"From 1995 to 1997, Jonathan was the founder and President of InterResearch and Development Group (IRdg), Inc. IRdg created and licensed iPost - the first internet powered OEM unified messaging solution - to leading telecommunications providers including Ericsson,
Motorola and Unisys. IRdg was acquired by Elron Electronic Industries (Nasdq: ELRN) subsidiary MediaGate in 1997."
There you have it. Jonathan Taylor's company, which he founded, was taken over by Elron Electronic Industries, the Israeli defense high tech company:
In its early days, Elron focused on defense, particularly electronics and avionics, as well as the emerging medical and technology sectors. In 1966, Elron founded Elbit, which combined the expertise of the Ministry of Defense-Research Institute in special computer design with Elron's experience in electronic product design, manufacture and management. Source: http://www.elron.net/default.asp?Pa...
This is important information that Americans need to know and which they will not find in the Zionist-controlled media in the United States. It needs to be understood that the entire election process in the United States is a fraud. More than that, it is a fraud that is being perpetrated by the Israeli defense establishment on the naïve and gullible American public.
The sine qua non of an honest and transparent election process is the open counting of the votes by the voters themselves in each polling station in front of the open eyes of other citizens and members of the media. Any compromise in this most fundamental and essential process which acts to remove the citizenry from the vote-counting process simply cannot be accepted.
This is what Americans MUST get back to, in every polling station in the nation: paper ballots that are hand counted in front of the public.
Nothing else will do to protect their democratic franchise in the United States - NOTHING.
* * * * * * *
Christopher Bollyn is an independent journalist who needs the support of his readers. If you value his research and writing, please send a donation via PayPal to: bollyn @ bollynbooks.com or shop @ bollynbooks.com
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"Florida Election Stolen -- Computer Programmer Reveals Scheme to Steal 2000 Vote" Christopher Bollyn, 21 December 2004 http://www.bollyn.com/index/?id=105...
Reporter Chris Bollyn Proves Why WE Must Watch and PUBLISH Iowa Count! December 31st
This article focusus on the DEMOCRATIC PARTY process in 2004, which probably explains how John Kerry went from no where to "winner" in the Iowa Caucus that year.
Bollyn's article is shocking, and he and his family are now in hiding outside the USA after being tasered for no reason by two Homeland Security-trained plain clothes policemen in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (near Chicago) in 2006. Also see Bollyn's article, "How a Private Company Counts our Votes on Election Night" linked on the home page of votefraud.org in the lower left hand blue box.
This excellent reporting underscores why all Iowans and NH voters must support Watch the Vote 2008 and the newly up tally board at:
www.LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org -- In-home correspondents will be listed for each county in Iowa. Now all we need is for the Iowa Caucus goers to do one more thing before they go home on Jan 3, Iowa Caucus nite: make a cell phone call to the in-home correspondent assigned to your county at www.LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org -- and report the eye-witness results you saw at your caucus. This is how to checkmate any chicanery in the GOP Iowa Caucus (or the Democratic).
(The list of in-home correspondents assigned to your county should be up anytime on LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org. There will also be an open nationwide conference call on Iowa Caucus nite so people can call in and ask questions anytime throughout the nite if there is any uncertainly on what to do or who to call on the actual Caucus nite.)
It is important to note that LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org has set up a system that goes live IMMEDIATELY on the internet, with updated tallies. The plan announced by Ron Paul HQ in Iowa appear useless, as Drew Ivers and the other decision makers there are planning to keep the tally secret. Without going public -- what keeps the Iowa GOP and the Big TV Network consortium (now called National Election Pool, formerly Voter News Service) honest?

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NEW Ancient Mayan artifacts found!

Vatic Note 1:  This vatic note is to explain about our Christmas series on Dec 25, 2011, once again that are updates on info we had regarding our DNA and Heart brain.  We are also doing updates on the RH neg but those are not on Christmas, rather continual and they are important since RH neg's we found out, are being tracked, so those  are tied in with what we put up for Christmas.   If all of this is true about alien visitation and hybrids, then our children are important for our future.   I believe its why they federalized the education system, to control and repress that which is a threat to them.   Remember, these neocons understand the danger of Children being raised right.  The Children, like all of us, have natural abilities that are a massive threat to the owners of the cattle.  Christmas day is nothing but articles showing how that is the case.   I worked as a math tutor for 4th graders who are in their magical period of development and teaching used to be geared toward that use of their right brain.   Now teachers have informed me that they cannot use that information to teach.  They cannot use their skills to teach, they have to teach as outlined in manuals and never deviate.   There is no longer any "interactive" teaching and learning.  Its all lecture with no hands on for the students.  I taught from the right brain interactive perspective and they just kept giving me more and more kids because they were doing better in school, (notice that home schooled children do better overall than those taught in the system)  but the volunteer tutoring was the only way around the structured system.   My kids ended up with B+'s and A's after just one quarter of tutoring.   Ron Paul wants to get the dept of Education abolished and go back to local school boards and local control and frankly, I think he right on. 
So Be sure to watch on Christmas, we believe we have expanded on Strategy #1 and in that there lies the most important aspects of our salvation from these evil ones.   All blogs, so far 5 of them, explains the power we have to overcome and why the evil ones are attacking our DNA, since its in that region our power lies.  Be sure and watch the videos and read the blogs.  Save them and revisit when you have time to fully understand the importance to our salvation of our taking complete control of our own destiny.  Fear must go by the wayside as it inhibits the use of our tools inherent in our DNA.  Then when you fight for your childrens education, you will also be fighting for their tools they will need to navigate this obstacle course they call "Life" under these robber baron eugenicists.  Control of children must remain with their families, NOT the state like the Hitler Youth were. 

Vatic Note 2:  Now for this video.  Understand and remember, there are no institutions within the system that we can trust anymore.  We found that out with the Global Warming and carbon tax scam.  This maybe legit and it may not be since the fraud we have experienced has been global and not unique just to  America.  So, evidence suggests Aliens have been here, but by the same token the 1966 Iron Mountain report recommended using aliens as a reason to globalize.  The insider who told us t heir plans also said they intended to do bogus alien dig discoveries in time for the so called invasion, that would be used to manipulate us into supporting them against our friendly aliens.   IT COULD BE BOTH.  Bill Cooper told us there are alien already here and are a danger to us,  and there are also aliens who are a danger to the ZIONIST  BANKERS and those are our ancestors and wisemen, as the mayan shaman indicated.  Cooper said they are the ones the fraudsters intend to tell us are bad and get us to fight them for them.  We fight no one except the banksters.   They also intend to tell us Nibiru is coming and its an extinction event, when the mayans say its not.  It will probably be a false flag they will use through our space weapon that they have developed and experimented with that killed all those birds and fish.    So Lets Be Prepared for the worse and you can't lose.  Purging the bankers and dual foreign citizens out of this country would actually be better.   Anyway, watch this below and decide for yourselves and check everything out with back up sources of legit credentials.  Hard to know anymore, what that means either.  Focus on all of this going away and we becoming all that we can be. 


By: tutherTube2012

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Be Prepared to Faint!! Organization Chart of the Shadow Government -

Vatic Note: If the foreign occupiers invested as much into their own government as they have into controlling ours, they wouldn't need either us or our foreign aid they get and use to coopt our government.   Of course they would never ever send their children to die in wars for greed and power, so I guess they would still need the "goyim" for that part of it.   Did anyone ever realize just how big this "shadow" government is?   You can bet its bigger than what is showing here.   This is only a small part of the total  governmental structure.  In fact there are now over 23 million employees which is more than the entire manufacturing industry of our country,  which is shrinking while this gov structure is growing. 

This is classic fasicsm.  Catherine Fitts described the intentional restructuring we are going through by saying that we are communist in Liability for corporations,  but fascist in profits for corps.   The corporations take over the government, through the revolving door process such as Goldman sachs ex CEO serving as Treasury secretary,  and then they contract with private industry to privatize government services thereby having corporations become the gov with no accountability.  They are not elected rather hired.   Quite brilliant.   If only that brilliance had been used to advance society rather than to destroy it,  we would be sitting pretty.   This is one lesson we must never forget and to indoctrinate your children into never letting this happen again.  They did this in Russia during the Russian Revolution and destroyed that country.  Once they extracted all the wealth they could, they gave it back.  Do not kid yourself, it was not the people who rebelled.   Just like it was not the "people" who rebelled in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, it was the CIA, MI6, and Mossad black ops that did that and the results confirm that fact.  Its the back door way to conduct a secret war against another country such as Israel is doing to the United States, without getting hurt yourselves.  COWARDS. 

Title: Organization Chart of the Shadow Government

Source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_shadowgov.htm

This edition of True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia) is devoted to everyone who ever suffered from the hegemony of the United States government. In other words, this edition of my unique magazine is devoted to nearly everyone.

To disband the CIA wouldn't do much good (see the first edition) because the Defense Intelligence Agency would be given the same responsibilities that the CIA had so it was with gratitude that I obtained the documentation which you will read within these pages because the Defense Intelligence Agency is part of the "Shadow Government" or the government you've most likely never been aware existed.

The Shadow Government is composed of five branches of government, not three as the framers fashioned. The documentation is in a Web site which is http://abovetopsecret.com/pages/secgov.html  and will be embellished in this edition. If you have read the first edition of my unique empowering magazine you would have read about four of the agencies or organizations because of my immense good fortune had made me aware that either President Kennedy wanted to disband them which resulted in his assassination or I had learned of them because of my being in the right place at the right time so many times that I learned of them. Specifically, I speak of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, two elite organizations which need to be exposed to decent people of the world like you.

So, enjoy this edition of True Democracy because it is devoted to you. If your family hasn't suffered physically or emotionally because of my government, your taxes have funded the atrocities making you suffer indirectly.

In peace and solidarity,
Arlene Johnson


Potbelly Globalists Want You Dead – The Kissinger Report

Vatic Note:  The two most dangerous men on this planet are the "aging" and decrepit Kissinger and the perverted and psychopathic Zbig and both of them controlled presidents after Presidents in this country.  Kissinger it was Nixon and Ford, and Zbig it was Carter and Obama.  Not good for the nation and both of them are satanic dual Israeli Khazars, also not good for the nation.  This below along with Zbig's book, the Grand Chessboard are the blueprints geopolitically for implimenting the Protocols of the elders and for what we are experiencing today and yet to come.

Think about it, if they are willing to do what they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, the middle east in progress, and central asia, then its a no brainer what they plan to do to us and maybe even worse.  Remember, these are the same khazar bankers who murdered intentionally, millions of people in WW I, as we just read about earlier on this blog.  I think it was yesterday.  So History,
REAL HISTORY, is important to know and understand in order to prevent EVER repeating it again.

Also remember, the missing children in Iraq, pedophilia everywhere else, and satanism are all part of the package, so try to imagine yourself, you family, children and others living in that environment with no laws of any kind to protect you or them from these barbaric psychopaths. 

Potbelly Globalists Want You Dead – The Kissinger Report
by Shepard Ambellas, the Intel Hub
December 22, 2011

“World population needs to be decreased by 50%” — Dr. Henry Kissinger

National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM 200) A.K.A. “The Kissinger Report” (released internally late December of 1974) was crafted by globalist advisor, eugenicist, former Secretary of State, and director of the National Security Council (NSC) during the Ford and Nixon era, Henry Kissinger.

This memorandum is one of many indicators that diabolic withering potbelly globalists want a major portion of the world populace dead, and are in the midst of exterminating humans incrementally, and have been for some time.

The document (declassified in 1989) reads like a horror story.

“Part One” starts off with an analytical section mentioning, world demographic trends, population problems,food supply issues and more — then ends with details about the “World Population Conference” (a group of diabolic oligarchs that decide our fate).
Item #3 in the “Executive Summary” states;
"Because of the momentum of population dynamics, reductions in birth rates affect total numbers only slowly. High birth rates in the recent past have resulted in a high proportion m the youngest age groups, so that there will continue to be substantial population increases over many years even if a two-child family should become the norm in the future.
Policies to reduce fertility will have their main effects on total numbers only after several decades. However, if future numbers are to be kept within reasonable bounds, it is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be started and made effective in the 1970′s and 1980′s.
Moreover, programs started now to reduce birth rates will have short run advantages for developing countries in lowered demands on food, health and educational and other services and in enlarged capacity to contribute to productive investments, thus accelerating development."
The report moves proclaim that “they” (potbelly globalist oligarchs) need to stabilize the population worldwide, showing world population figures at the time of 1970 at 3.6 billion and projecting 12 billion by 2075.

The report also mentions the potential for famines in the future. Here is an excerpt from #6;
The most serious consequence for the short and middle term is the possibility of massive famines in certain parts of the world, especially the poorest regions.
Section #10 goes on to detail how the elite will profit less from having a larger number of people worldwide, stating;
Rapid population growth creates a severe drag on rates of economic development otherwise attainable, sometimes to the point of preventing any increase in per capita incomes. In addition to the overall impact on per capita incomes, rapid population growth seriously affects a vast range of other aspects of the quality of life important to social and economic progress in the LDCs.
And then there is the ultimatum (#23) — it reads as follows;
The central question for world population policy in the year 1974, is whether mankind is to remain on a track toward an ultimate population of 12 to 15 billion — implying a five to seven-fold increase in almost all the underdeveloped world outside of China — or whether (despite the momentum of population growth) it can be switched over to the course of earliest feasible population stability — implying ultimate totals of 8 to 9 billions and not more than a three or four-fold increase in any major region.
WOW! — Did you get that?
Here are some of the policy recommendations mentioned in The Kissinger Report;
26. There is no single approach which will “solve” the population problem. The complex social and economic factors involved call for a comprehensive strategy with both bilateral and multilateral elements. At the same time actions and programs must be tailored to specific countries and groups. Above all, LDCs themselves must play the most important role to achieve success.
27. Coordination among the bilateral donors and multilateral organizations is vital to any effort to moderate population growth. Each kind of effort will be needed for worldwide results.   (VN: To the naysayers who say "

28. World policy and programs in the population field should incorporate two major objectives:
(a) actions to accommodate continued population growth up to 6 billions by the mid-21st century without massive starvation or total frustration of developmental hopes; and
(b) actions to keep the ultimate level as close as possible to 8 billions rather than permitting it to reach 10 billions, 13 billions, or more.
29. While specific goals in this area are difficult to state, our aim should be for the world to achieve a replacement level of fertility, (a two- child family on the average), by about the year
This will require the present 2 percent growth rate to decline to 1.7 percent within a decade and to 1.1 percent by 2000 compared to the U.N medium projection, this goal would result in 500 million fewer people in 2000 and about 3 billion fewer in 2050. Attainment of this goal will require greatly intensified population programs. A basis for developing national population growth control targets to achieve this world target is contained in the World Population Plan of Action.
30. The World Population Plan of Action is not self-enforcing and will require vigorous efforts by interested countries, U.N. agencies and other international bodies to make it effective. U.S. leadership is essential. The strategy must include the following elements and actions:
Concentration on key countries.
(a) Assistance for population moderation should give primary emphasis to the largest and fastest growing developing countries where there is special U.S. political and strategic interest. Those countries are: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Columbia.
Together, they account for 47 percent of the world’s current population increase. (It should be recognized that at present AID bilateral assistance to some of these countries may not be acceptable.)
Bilateral assistance, to the extent that funds are available, will be given to other countries, considering such factors as population growth, need for external assistance, long-term U.S. interests and willingness to engage in self help.
Multilateral programs must necessarily have a wider coverage and the bilateral programs of other national donors will be shaped to their particular interests.
At the same time, the U.S. will look to the multilateral agencies, especially the U.N. Fund for Population Activities which already has projects in over 80 countries to increase population assistance on a broader basis with increased U.S. contributions. This is desirable in terms of U.S. interests and necessary in political terms in the United Nations. But progress nevertheless, must be made in the key 13 and our limited resources should give major emphasis to them.
(b) Integration of population factors and population programs into country development planning. As called for the world Population Plan of Action, developing countries and those aiding them should specifically take population factors into account in national planning and include population programs in such plans.
(c) Increased assistance for family planning services, information and technology. This is a vital aspect of any world population program.
1) Family planning information and materials based on present technology should be made fully available as rapidly as possible to the 85 % of the populations in key LDCs not now reached, essentially rural poor who have the highest fertility.
2) Fundamental and evelopmental research should be expanded, aimed at simple, low-cost, effective, safe, long-lasting and acceptable methods of fertility control. Support by all federal agencies for biomedical research in this field should be increased by $60 million annually.

(d) Creating conditions conducive to fertility decline. For its own merits and consistent with the recommendations of the World Population Plan of Action, priority should be given in the general aid program to selective development policies in sectors offering the greatest promise of increased motivation for smaller family size. In many cases pilot programs and experimental research will be needed as guidance for later efforts on a larger scale. The preferential sectors include:
– Providing minimal levels of education, especially for women;
– Reducing infant mortality, including through simple low cost health care networks;
– Expanding wage employment, especially for women; — Developing alternatives to children as a source of old age security;
– Increasing income of the poorest, especially in rural areas, including providing privately owned farms;
– Education of new generations on the desirability of smaller families.
While AID has information on the relative importance of the new major socio- economic factors that lead to lower birth rates, much more research and experimentation need to be done to determine what cost effective programs and policy will lead to lower birth rates.
(e) Food and agricultural assistance is vital for any population sensitive development strategy. The provision of adequate food stocks for a growing population in times of shortage is crucial. Without such a program for the LDCs there is considerable chance that such shortage will lead to conflict and adversely affect population goals and developmental efforts. Specific recommendations are included in Section IV (c) of this study.
(f) Development of a worldwide political and popular commitment to population stabilization is fundamental to any effective strategy. This requires the support and commitment of key LDC leaders. This will only take place if they clearly see the negative impact of unrestricted population growth and believe it is possible to deal with this question through governmental action.
The U.S. should encourage LDC leaders to take the lead in advancing family planning and population stabilization both within multilateral organizations and through bilateral contacts with other LDCs. This will require that the President and the Secretary of State treat the subject of population growth control as a matter of paramount importance and address it specifically in their regular contacts with leaders of other governments, particularly LDCs.
31. The World Population Plan of Action and the resolutions adopted by consensus by 137 nations at the August 1974 U.N. World Population Conference, though not ideal, provide an excellent framework for developing a worldwide system of population/ family planning programs. We should use them to generate U.N. agency and national leadership for an all-out effort to lower growth rates. Constructive action by the U.S. will further our objectives. To this end we should:
(a) Strongly support the World Population Plan of Action and the adoption of its appropriate provisions in national and other programs.
(b) Urge the adoption by national programs of specific population goals including replacement levels of fertility for DCs and LDCs by 2000.
(c) After suitable preparation in the U.S., announce a U.S. goal to maintain our present national average fertility no higher than replacement level and attain near stability by 2000.
(d) Initiate an international cooperative strategy of national research programs on human reproduction and fertility control covering biomedical and socio-economic factors, as proposed by the U.S. Delegation at Bucharest.
(e) Act on our offer at Bucharest to collaborate with other interested donors and U.N. agencies to aid selected countries to develop low cost preventive health and family planning services.
(f) Work directly with donor countries and through the U.N.Fund for Population Activities and the OECD/DAC to increase bilateral and multilateral assistance for population programs.
32. As measures to increase understanding of population factors by LDC leaders and to strengthen population planning in national development plans, we should carry out the recommendations in Part II, Section VI, including:
(a) Consideration of population factors and population policies in all Country Assistance Strategy Papers (CASP) and Development Assistance Program (DAP) multi-year strategy papers.
(b) Prepare projections of population growth individualized for countries with analyses of development of each country and discuss them with national leaders.
(c) Provide for greatly increased training programs for senior officials of LDCs in the elements of demographic economics.
(d) Arrange for familiarization programs at U.N. Headquarters in New York for ministers of governments, senior policy level officials and comparably influential leaders from private life.
(e) Assure assistance to LDC leaders in integrating population factors in national plans, particularly as they relate to health services, education, agricultural resources and development, employment, equitable distribution of income and social stability.
(f) Also assure assistance to LDC leaders in relating population policies and family planning programs to major sectors of development health, nutrition, agriculture, education, social services, organized labour, women’s activities, and community development.
(g) Undertake initiatives to implement the Percy Amendment regarding improvement in the status of women.
(h) Give emphasis in assistance to programs on development of rural areas.
Beyond these activities which are essentially directed at national interests, we must assure that a broader educational concept is developed to convey an acute understanding to national leaders of the interrelation of national interests and world population growth.
33. We must take care that our activities should not give the appearance to the LDCs of an industrialized country policy directed against the LDCs. Caution must be taken that in any approaches in this field we support in the LDCs are ones we can support within this country. “Third World” leaders should be in the forefront and obtain the credit for successful programs. In this context it is important to demonstrate to LDC leaders that such family planning programs have worked and can work within a reasonable period of time.
34. To help assure others of our intentions we should indicate our emphasis on the right of individuals and couples to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and to have information, education and means to do so, and our continued interest in improving the overall general welfare. We should use the authority provided by the World Population Plan of Action to advance the principles that: 1) responsibility in parenthood includes responsibility to the children and the community and 2) that nations in exercising their sovereignty to set population policies should take into account the welfare of their neighbors and the world. To strengthen the worldwide approach, family planning programs should be supported by multilateral organizations wherever they can provide the most efficient means.
35. To support such family planning and related development assistance efforts there is need to increase public and leadership information in this field. We recommend increased emphasis on mass media, newer communications technology and other population education and motivation programs by the UN and USIA. Higher priority should be given to these information programs in this field worldwide.
36. In order to provide the necessary resources and leadership, support by the U.S. public and Congress will be necessary. A significant amount of funds will be required for a number of years. High level personal contact by the Secretary of State and other officials on the subject at an early date with Congressional counterparts is needed. A program for this purpose should be developed by OES with H and AID.
37. There is an alternative view which holds that a growing number of experts believe that the population situation is already more serious and less amenable to solution through voluntary measures than is generally accepted. It holds that, to prevent even more widespread food shortage and other demographic catastrophes than are generally anticipated, even stronger measures are required and some fundamental, very difficult moral issues need to be addressed. These include, for example, our own consumption patterns, mandatory programs, tight control of our food resources. In view of the seriousness of these issues, explicit consideration of them should begin in the Executive Branch, the Congress and the U.N. soon. (See the end of Section I for this viewpoint.)
38. Implementing the actions discussed above (in paragraphs 1-36), will require a significant expansion in AID funds for population/family planning. A number of major actions in the area of creating conditions for fertility decline can be funded from resources available to the sectors in question (e.g., education, agriculture). Other actions, including family planning services, research and experimental activities on factors effecting fertility, come under population funds.
We recommend increases in AID budget requests to the Congress on the order of $35-50 million annually through FY 1980 (above the $137.5 million requested for FY 1975). This funding would cover both bilateral programs and contributions to multilateral organizations. However, the level of funds needed in the future could change significantly, depending on such factors as major breakthroughs in fertility control technologies and LDC receptivities to population assistance.
To help develop, monitor, and evaluate the expanded actions discussed above, AID is likely to need additional direct hire personnel in the population/family planning area. As a corollary to expanded AID funding levels for population, efforts must be made to encourage increased contributions by other donors and recipient countries to help reduce rapid population growth.
I will leave you with this inscription on the Georgia Guide Stones;

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature” — Anonymously commissioned Georgia Guidestones

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Iraq: not free from foreign domination

Vatic Note:  The list of the crimes we have committed against Iraq is so long that it would exceed the length of this article to put them up, but suffice it to say that right now Iraq is suffering from  1.  FIAT CURRENCY put into place the very day Bush declared hostilities over and 19 billion in gold stolen from the Bank of Bagdad and shipped out by military cargo plane,  FASCISM.  Bankers steal,  Government ships the stolen goods, you can't get any more fascist than that.  2.  Taxation and debt they did not have before the invasion.  3.  Oil revenues to the Iraq people down graded from 75% to only 25% with British and American oil companies benefitting from the windfall, courtesy of AGING JAMES BAKER, consultant for 10 years to Exxon for just such a purpose.  4.  Ancient artifacts of inestimitable value stolen from the Museum in Iraq and removed to places and people unknown, lost to the Iraq people for good.,  5. Iraq now experiencing what America experienced in the 80's,  a record number of missing children.  We eventually found out what happened to ours,  they were pedophiled and then made to serve as child prostitutes for high up government officials and bureaucrats..... there is more, but this alone is hard to digest.  We are clearly war criminals as well as criminals who have committed crimes against humanity.  We should be ashamed and so should Israel since she runs our country.   


By: Richard Becker @ LiberationNews.org.
Date: 2011-12-18

“Our war there will be over. All of our troops will be out of Iraq,” President Barack Obama said in his Dec. 17 weekly radio address.

But while combat troops are leaving, for now at least, the U.S. government is creating a staff of 16,000 for its newly constructed embassy in the heart of Baghdad.

Although Iraq has only 28 million people, the new U.S. embassy is the largest in the world. It is a massive compound that is one and a half square miles-—an enormous complex of 22 buildings and the size of 94 football fields. Half of the 16,000-person staff will consist of a private military army made up of mercenaries under the control of the State Department. The State Department budget for the embassy is estimated at $25-30 billion over the next five years. (VN:  Guess who runs the State Dept???  Hillary Clinton.  Now you know why they did not choose her for President.  She is too valuable in State where all the control is concentrated.  Geithner is right, Obama makes no decisions and does not run the show,  Geithner does for Rothschilds Goldman sachs and Israel.  Thus he controls Clinton as well.  But maybe she is a voluntary subject of Israels?)

In addition, the Pentagon retains a vast network of bases, sea and air power surrounding Iraq. Washington’s intention clearly is to dominate Iraq for many years to come in a colonial-type relationship. Iraq possesses the second largest oil reserves in the world.

Obama's speech was the latest in a series of appearances seeking to bolster the president’s re-election prospects by associating himself with “the end of the war in Iraq.”

The dishonesty of this presentation would be considered breathtaking except for the fact that his deception fits exactly into the pattern of lies and deceit practiced by all other Democrats and Republicans who have served as the CEO of the U.S. imperialist state.


Bruecke Note: The following came from chasing a rabbit into a hole whose entrance was in the discussion to "Weeding out corporate psychopaths".

See also: http://learnerpeaceworld.info/020TABLEOFCONTENTS.htm

Out of all humanity, approximately three percent of men and one percent of women are sociopaths. One percent of humanity consists of psychopaths. Depending the therapists’ preference, those suffering from psychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial personality disorder, and malignant narcissism are interchangeable: the psychopaths tend to be anarchistic lone wolves, whereas the sociopaths tend to belong to subcultures that promote their vicious selfishness (like organized crime, prisons, politics and the military). Four or more percent of corporate chiefs are psychopaths and who knows what percentage of politicians and the military?

What would be the proportion of preachers more intent on their meticulous textual fundamentalism than the more natural – and from their point of view, satanic – dictates of moral conscience?

Is there a parallel between the fact that 96% of the universe is made up of “dark matter and energy” whereas only four percent is visible matter; and 96% of mankind is conscience-driven whereas four percent is not?


Its Amazing what We did not Know and Historians Have Not Told Us.

Well, they completely gutted my vatic note.  Will try to see if I can reconstruct it.  Thanks for your patience.

If you do not learn Real History, You will be Dead Really Soon
by FourWinds10.com

Edith Cavell was a British nurse in World War I who wrote in the April 15th issue of the Nursing Mirror of her plan to bring the Great War to a speedy conclusion. She was executed under orders from William Wiseman the head of MI6 for North America.

She had discovered that the British relief program to feed the Belgian widows and orphans was a fraud used by the Rothschild interests to prolong the war. They did not feed the Belgians. The food was put on rail cars and sent across the lines to feed the German soldiers.

The relief efforts were headed by the exceedingly despicable Herbert Hoover who profited from this enterprise. He was a Rothschild business partner in Rio Tinto Zinc.  (VN:  British Queen is a stockholder of Rio Tinto, hmmm, interesting indeed)  Hoover also organized the relief program to save the Russians from starvation under a fellow Rothschild associate, Joe Stalin.

Ferdinand Lundberg in America’s Sixty Families told us that an associate of JP Morgan went around America in 1915 telling businessmen that America could prolong the war in Europe by promising to enter the war after the elections of 1916. This would be wonderful thing to do because it would bankrupt England and France making America the world financial capital.

That the prolongation of the Great War killed millions, made the Soviet revolution possible which killed more than sixty million and set the horrors of WW II in motion is of no consequence to men who think like bankers in terms of human life.

World War II was unavoidable. Admiral Canaris and General Beck sent two officers to London in March of 1939 to negotiate a surrender which included an arrest of Hitler. This was refused. The Rothschilds said No to peace according to Ambassador Joseph Kennedy. The bankers needed Hitler to play the bad guy.  (VN:  sound familiar?  We have been saying that all along about our own leaders and thus we should not overthrow the government, rather overthrow the bankers in the Shadow Government and their dual citizen foreign occupiers).  

Stalin would have attacked Germany with 20 or 30 thousand tanks even if Hitler had never been born. What would the Germans have done if the Russians had a line of 18,000 artillery firing rounds every few seconds with 20,000 tanks in front and 10,000 planes overhead?

The final secret of WW II might have been that the Allies killed more people after WW II was over than Hitler ever did during the war in those concentration camps. General Eisenhower who was Jewish Khazar killed about one million Germans in 200 camps that were nothing more than open fields with no shelter, no food, no latrines and no medicine. Many of these prisoners were civilians ranging in age from 13 to 80.  (VN:  Sounds like Palestine to me,  anyone else?)

General Eisenhower also participated in the forced repatriation of up to 5 million Russian POWs in what was known as Operation Keelhaul. Many of these people were killed the instant American soldiers turned them over to the Russians.

After the war there were claims made of a Holocaust. A Red Cross official wrote a letter in 1944 to the US State Department saying that the International Red Cross had access to all of Hitler’s camps. They had informants on the inside and were allowed to interview prisoners freely. The Red Cross stated flatly there were no gas chambers.

I regret to inform you that there was no Holocaust.

Do you now understand what America has been doing since WW I? Are you prepared to accept what fate the Rothschild banking network has planned for you?

A quick review of modern history.

The US government which had resisted evil from time to time was taken over by a coup with the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. He was assassinated on the anniversary of the first meeting to create the privately owned Federal Reserve bank on November 22, 1910.

It was a clear message that America was not allowed to replace Federal Reserve Note with US Treasury Banknotes as JFK had done with Executive Order 11110. This would have saved U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars in fraudulent payments to the bankers.

Israel also told the U.S. that their nuclear weapons program was not subject to American objections. And of course there was the desire to get the United States into the the Vietnam war so it would be lost thus hastening the destruction of America. Hint: That is why North Korea was given to Stalin after the war. The bankers wanted to kill Americans in the Korean War and run the country into the ground.

As I previously said, the Rothschild banking network passed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) in 1994 so they could de-industrialize America and send 50,000 manufacturing plants overseas. The plan was to force the American military to have supply lines 8,000 miles long on a dodgy credit card to China so the United States would lose World War III.

On September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7. fell down at nearly free fall speed. The North and South Towers were 110 stories tall. There were 283 steel girder columns in each tower. That means there were 110 X 2 X 283 or 62,260 points of contact between the steel columns and the floors. All of these 62,260 points of contact melted in less than 2 seconds. But none of the windows melted. Steel melts at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit (1,204.44 Celsius) and glass melts at 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426.67 Celsius.)

This is a controlled demolition by definition.

The purpose of the 911 hoax was to benefit Israel as did the Holohoax of a previous era.

The Israel Rothschild Banking Crime family wants to destroy the Christians and Muslims with a fratricidal war so they will rule the world. Of course they will have to exterminate a few billion people so it is easier for them to maintain control. A very tight and ruthless control to far exceed Stalin’s brutalities.

It is no accident that George H.W. Bush made his first public declaration of the New World Order on 9-11-1990 11 years before his son presided over the 911 betrayal of America.

The symbolism of 9-11 lies in the the Jewish mysticism of the Kaballah. There are 10 levels and 22 paths connecting the ten levels which makes for the 32 steps of Freemasonry to reach the 33rd or highest level which is the Light Without Limit. To go from level 9 to the 11th or God level on purely human effort signifies an act of blasphemy to the religiously minded and extreme egotism to the atheist. In either event no one of sound mind would follow men so insane because we clearly understand that theirs is a path to certain destruction.

My Spanish speaking friends might note that the coup against Salvador Allende occurred on 9-11-1973.
Now that you understand real history you know what the men who think they own both you and your government will do to you after they have squeezed the last penny out of you and have no further use for you, your friends and your family.

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Video: Bankers, Listen To This. Your Final Warning

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Will The Newly Created “Killer Bird Flu” Someday Be Used As A Bio-Terror Weapon To Reduce The Population?

Vatic Note:  Before reading this below, it would be prudent to revisit "The Brotherhood of the Bell: Black Arts and Black Sciences"  and see what has happened to the integrity of our scientific community and why!  You will be surprised at the why, and horrified at the "what", but then, that is the way of the psychopath and its what makes them so damn dangerous.   This is important to know because once we overcome, AND WE WILL OVERCOME,  we must never forget and never let this happen ever again.  We owe it to our progeny.


By: The American Dream
Date: 2011-12-21

Most people have no idea how close we are to a biological doomsday.  All over the world, incredibly dangerous "superbugs" are being created by virologists and military researchers. 

This reckless tinkering with nature will eventually cost millions of lives because it is inevitable that some of these "superbugs" will eventually get released either on purpose or by accident.  When the time comes, we will have absolutely no protection against them. 
But a lot of these scientists don't seem to care about the risks.  In fact, a team led by Ron Fouchier at Rotterdam's Erasmus Medical Centre has created a "killer bird flu" that could kill hundreds of millions of people and they want to publish how they did it.  They don't seem to realize that this scientifically created "killer bird flu" could be easily replicated by those that would like to use it as a bio-terror weapon.  (VN:  its always nice to have a picture of someone who was willing to do this work. hehehe)

In particular, a "super flu" would make a great weapon for those that would like to dramatically reduce the population of the world without getting "blood on their hands".  Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there today (including many among the global elite) that actually believe that we need to get rid of most of humanity in order to save the earth.

A few years ago, a lot of people were really freaked out about the H5N1 bird flu, but it turns out that it is really, really hard to transmit H5N1 bird flu from human to human.

But if there was a way to make H5N1 spread much more easily among humans it could potentially be absolutely devastating.  So far, approximately 60 percent of all humans that have been infected with H5N1 have died.

Well, that is exactly what this team of European researchers has done.

The following comes from an article in the Independent....

Standing up for unpopular truths about 9/11 comes at a personal cost


By: Craig McKee
Date: 2011-12-18

Is standing up for what you believe worth losing friends over?

Sometimes those friends don’t give you a choice. Other times, you can decide to stay away from certain subjects with certain people.

Recently I parted ways with two people I’ve known for more than a quarter of a century. Admittedly, we haven’t hung out for some time, but we do have a history. I don’t think we’re going to be adding to it, though.


Sinister Sites – Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

Vatic Note:   Not much to say as this pretty much speaks for itself, but look for our VN:'s interspersed in sections we thought needed comment and elaboration.  Another very interesting and educational rabbit hole.  Like I have said in the past.  Its amazing how something that could have been good, could be coopted by the psychopaths and converted to evil.... religion, the occult, etc. 

Sinister Sites – Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

Located in a suburb of Toulouse, the “Place de la Révolution” is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati designs in existence: a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world. The symbolical meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim and elitist ideology and seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist’s claims: the world lead a secret cabal named Illuminati.

place11 Sinister Sites   Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

Located in a roundabout in the rather quiet commune of Blagnac in Toulouse, the Place de la Révolution is constantly surrounded by cars who circle it daily. As it is the case in all parts of the world, most locals find the monument adorning their town “nice” and “decorative” without having the slightest idea of its deep occult meaning. To those who have “eyes to see” however, the Place de la Révolution clearly and unequivocally reveals the hidden force that shaped the past and that is relentlessly working to mold the future. In this apparently simple structure are embedded the goals, the aspirations, the philosophy and the beliefs of the hidden elite who guide the clueless masses towards a new world order.

Historical Considerations

The Place de la Révolution was built in 1989 to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of the French Revolution. Modern Historians agree that Freemasonry played a critical role in the unfolding of the revolution.
“If one desires to point to a major world event proven to have been inspired by secret society machinations, one need look no further than the French Revolution, which devastated that nation between 1787 and 1799. Revolutionary leaders, in seeking to overthrow the decadent monarchy of King Louis XVI, launched the first national revolution of modern times.
Although popularly believed to have begun due to a public uprising over lack of food and government representation, the record is quite clear that the revolution was instigated by cells of French Masonry and the German Illuminati.....

Sheilaaliens covering the “strange sickness” spreading around the world


By: DutchSinse
Date: 2011-12-19

Sheilaaliens (from youtube) is doing a very good job documenting a growing “phenomenon”…. what I’m calling “the sickness”.

Subscribe to her channel on youtube here:

“The sickness”  you ask?

I’m referring to a recent spike in reports of LARGE groups of people falling ill at indoor/outdoor functions, as well as in their homes / businesses.  All at relatively the same time !

No one is able to determine a cause, what could transform a crowd of people in a short amount of time — what could spread this fast.. what could ALL these people have ate or drank to cause this?  Some are asking .. what is in the air?!

Watch all the videos below from sheilaaliens to get up to speed on the situation…

I will give you a first hand report that came to my inbox — it IS hear-say thus far — but I’ve been told that if we want answers as to WHY large groups of people are falling ILL at mass gatherings (near schools predominantly) … then we need to look at the CROWD CONTROL DEVICES that have been recently installed at several schools in secret .. that is to say.. without the public knowing.

What was reported to me was quote “spray and frequencies are being used”  devices installed inside certain public areas or at certain parks/schools… to control kids / adults.. instead of medicating them — and with an attempt to crowd control.  Its being marketed by private companies to schools and businesses world wide. (this is rumor at this point.. please remember that)

This person says they have literally installed devices that can make you feel complacent.. and if tuned wrong.. it can make you sick or even worse!

According to the the report, these devices MIGHT be in the testing phase — take it for what it is worth.. but that is what was was sent to me in a long  email from an anonymous viewer.

Regardless of the ultimate “cause” or source of this outbreak.. one thing is for certain… large groups of people are falling ill with unknown symptoms with unknown causes — and the authorities QUARANTINED several of these groups.

Not a good situation !  Not good at all….

watch the most recent video here:

Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial


Date: 2011-12-15

Barack Obama has abandoned a commitment to veto a new security law that allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil who could then be shipped to Guantánamo Bay.

Human rights groups accused the president of deserting his principles and disregarding the long-established principle that the military is not used in domestic policing. The legislation has also been strongly criticised by libertarians on the right angered at the stripping of individual rights for the duration of "a war that appears to have no end".

The law, contained in the defence authorisation bill that funds the US military, effectively extends the battlefield in the "war on terror" to the US and applies the established principle that combatants in any war are subject to military detention.


So, What about the Basque People? RH neg Blood begs the Question!

Vatic Note:  I fell upon this ditty quite by accident and here in one fell swoop, I get the explanation for all that which we put up about why the powers that be are afraid of our DNA.   Now reading this, I believe I understand why.  We did numerous blogs on DNA, consciousness, and the "power" that we have that has been kept quite secret from us for thousands of years.   Read this below and follow the links and you will only be scrapping the surface of what is an intriguing and interesting theory about our evolution.  We are not done yet either.   Please take the time.  And see that we can actually do our Strategy number one and possibly have an impact, IF THEY HAVE NOT ALREADY downgraded our DNA through GMO, poor quality water, air pollution and other attempts.  We will find out, won't we???  But lets give this a serious try.  We certainly have nothing to lose.   Imaging and deep focusing may well be the answer.  Remember, the Basque people have been viciously persecuted and harrassed by the Royalty and gov of Europe and yet they not only survived in tact, but have thrived.  Oh, yes, that movie.... hmmm, they do mention something about internal work to help fight this situation we are in. 

Notes about the Basque People
by Bibliotecapleyades

  1. Some 6 percent of Europeans are descended from the continent's first founders, who entered Europe from the Near East in the Upper Paleolithic era 45,000 years ago, Dr. Richards calculates. The descendants of these earliest arrivals are still more numerous in certain regions of Europe that may have provided them with refuge from subsequent waves of immigration. One is the mountainous Basque country, where people still speak a language completely different from all other European languages. Another is in the European extreme of Scandinavia. Another 80 percent arrived 30,000 to 20,000 years ago, before the peak of the last glaciation, and 10 percent came in the Neolithic 10,000 years ago, when the ice age ended and agriculture was first introduced to Europe from the Near East.

  1. The blue people are a common story to the Appalachians. I do have a thought for you, or thoughts. Edgar Cayce predicted that when the last throes of Atlantis finally sank into the sea, its people were spreading to colonies across the world, one group in the Yucatan, some to what we call Morocco, another to the Pyrenees, and more even to what we today call the Carolinas region of North America.

    Now we know through DNA testing that the NON-indo-european Basques of the Pyrenees, the Berbers of Morrocco, and the Mayans of the Yucatan are almost a perfect match in DNA testing. What if these Blue people, or even the Melungeons of eastern Kentucky (who by the way, migrated from the Carolinas in their own lore) could be the lost piece of this Atlantean Colonial system.

Who is the Puppet Master?

Bruecke Note: The following was sent to the Vatic Clerk by the author. It had four embedded videos attached, which I believe are the YouTube links within the body of the article.

By: Scott McMahan Bowman
Date: 2011-12-04

"Who is the Puppet Master? A primer on what wealth will do for (or against) you in the modern world."

One must study history to arrive at where the reigns of the world's actual power is held today, and it is more than just money. "They" certainly have the money, and it is absolute power they seek. Of course there are no Russian Tsars to list, and the billionaires there are quite rogue. However, Rothschild is working on that too:

The muscle to solve the dilemma is found in NATO, whose Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Fogh_Rasmussen (former Danish and European Union prime minister) is attempting to round up the last few countries that do not have a central bank controlled by the Central Banking Cartel as run by the royals and their minions.
Recently, there were seven such countries, but after the fall of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, there are only a few left, including Syria and Iran. I realize the terrorists … I mean rebels, had a central bank installed even before Libya fell - and were even shipping oil - and isn't it interesting how, if you follow the money, it all leads back to the fourth Reich, you know, the new/(one)-world-order, also known as the central bankster cartel?

The following 1-6 (listed below) are the current day heirs, or heir-apparent(s) to the world's monarchy - leaving out the obvious poster child (queen Elizabeth) - as well as the Jesuits who run the Vatican Bank. www.ellenwhite.info/rome_world_dominion_6.htm (Don't get me started!) It's also interesting that the financial adviser for the Pope is BP-Goldman Sachs-Peter Sutherland. www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1113639/pg1

Like Lazarus, Republicans Attempt to Revive Moribund Keystone XL Pipeline

Vatic Note:  It appears the article previously published and put up here by Bruecke, is right on as this below shows.  The article was how the GOP were going to ensure that Obama gets reelected by doing such things as this which would normally throw the GOP out of office.   However, the GOP primary is not done yet, and there are rebels within the GOP who are not out to ensure Obama's reelection. 

Remember, there are not two parties, only one party, the NEOCON party with a left and right wing and they work together not only on voting enmass on the Bill of Rights gutting Defense Authorization bill, but also on pretending to  have a conflict and then they cover each others butts with their constituency so they can be reelected.  There are one or two in each party in both houses that are for real.  I bet you can guess who they are.  LOL   I for one, do not want to reelect Obama and hit my forehead when he signs the oil pipeline bill that the GOP were suppose to do as the bad guys.  We did that once.  Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me. 

We have seen that many times.  This below is for keeping us distracted with phoney party politics that actually doesn't exist.  Its only during election time now, that either one of them pretend they care and will do something about these things.   Even Obama.  Watch, he might actually start acting like a democrat instead of the neolib puppet of Israel and the bankers, that he has been acting like.   Kick the bankers out of here like Iceland did and throw those in jail who refuse to leave.   Let them migrate to China.   Its where they belong anyway.  Let the Chinese deal with them in their way.   I think firing squads is what they use if I remember correctly, ESPECIALLY FOR DRUG DEALERS LIKE OUR BANKERS. 

Bruecke Note: This article was not published in its entirety.


By: John Daly
Date: 2011-12-15

There’s cynicism, and then there’s Congress.

In the latest example of dysfunctional Congressional gridlock, the Democratic-led Senate is certain to reject a House of Representatives-passed Republican bill, House Resolution 3630, the 369-page ‘‘Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011,’’ to extend the payroll tax cut.   (VN:  well, I would not be so certain, after all 97 Senators voted for the gestapo police state bill)

The sticking (sticky) point?

Oil - specifically, dirty Canadian oil derived from Alberta’s oil sands, and the Keystone XL pipeline cutting across Middle America to deliver it to Gulf Coast refineries. On 10 November, four days after 12,000 pipeline protestors encircled the White House, President Obama announced "the decision on the (Keystone XL) pipeline permit would be delayed until at least 2013, pending further environmental review.”
The “dirty” secret about the Keystone XL pipeline’s oil sands hydrocarbons, which no amount of K Street PR can spin away, is that the oil has a higher carbon content than that from traditional fossil fuels, anywhere from 8 to 14 percent more, depending on which scientific report you read. Accordingly, the EU has already banned their import, much to Ottawa’s annoyance.

Much to the consternation of Transcanada and the pipeline’s Republican boosters in Washington, environmental groups in such stalwart Republican states as Nebraska went up in arms over the Keystone XL proposal, fearing that a leak from the underground pipeline would irrevocably pollute the Ogallala Aquifer, source of much of the Great Plains' agricultural water.

Which must cause all thoughtful Americans to ask – why are Congressional Republicans lumbering the ‘‘Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011’’ with the Keystone XL energy albatross?

Who do they truly believe are their constituency, the millions of working and middle class Americans seeking “tax relief,” or – big oil? The GOP obstructionists may get their ignored constituents’ response next November.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.