NATO Buildup on Russia’s Borders: Mobilization for War or Just Business? NATO Buildup on Russia’s Borders: Mobilization for War or Just Business?

Vatic Note:  Told ya, Putin was in on it.   The bankers need another World War to replenish their deminishing money supply brought about by their fiat currency system.  This is not news to most of us.  This is an excellent write up and makes perfect sense.

Did you know  that Putin has 30 billion dollars stashed somewhere that he pulls out whenever he needs it?  I just found out because Obama was going after it to deprive Putin of such flexibility.   Is there no one who is not wrapped up in the international khazar bankers agenda? you read and decide.

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NATO Buildup on Russia’s Borders: Mobilization for War or Just Business?    
By Jim W. Dean,  Editor, Veterans Today


"Protocols of Zion" is the NWO Blueprint

Vatic Note:  Henry Makow, PH,D should have known about and should have   talked about the  protocols and who wrote them and why they believe we are nothing but their functioning cattle.  There was a judge, Moore, who was suspended,also had his 10 commandent statue removed from the Alabama Judicial Building.  In the meantime, it was the Khazar Rothschild bankers that created the protocols of the Elers of Zion, based on a congress of those who call themselves Jews, b ut are really Khazars.

This issue has been going on for sometime now after it started back in 2003.   The people and their justice system lost, while the Satanists won to a limited degree, but they are not finished with their global agenda.  So we will just have to decide "what kind of world and justice system do we want" for our nation.   and then move on it by any means necessary.

This is a very spiritual and courgeous man.  He could have just shut up and kept his mouth closed, but right willed out over might.  Thank goodness.  This basically says it all.  Without God, we have no rights and that is why these satanists are trying to make God disappear so we quit having our moral base from which to operate.  Its what these same khazars did to the Russian Christians back in 1917 and it worked.  The faith had to go underground in order to survive but people hung onto to their belief system. 
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"Protocols of Zion" is the NWO Blueprint
By Henry Makow, PH. D.