Tomorrow, October 10, 2015 is VM day off, she will be back on Oct 11, Sunday.

Lots of news and fear mongering mixed in and we will report all, except that which is obviously the fear mongering.   They have already started desensitizing us to the so called "alien invasion" recommended in the 1966 Iron Mountain report that recommends creating an alien invasion to get the people on the planet to agree to globalize.  Notice more and more is being created to set us up for that invasion, using the US's space division of space ships and space lasers. So stay tuned and be careful on anything they say with respect to aliens.  

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Dumbing Down Society Part 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines

Vatic Note:   Remember, these evil members of this cabal always tell us in advance what they intend to do to us and if we do nothing after knowing it all, then we are responsible and they are not in their own minds. Well, in this case they told us their plan when they made and distributed all those "ZOMBIE MOVIES", since these same zionist khazars own the movie industry, which also explains all those false flag productions.

Lets also remember on this site off to the right, when you scroll down is a link to the protocols of the elders of Zion written in 1897, which clearly states one of their objectives for gaining control over the planet was to attack our children and make them into the kind of adults (people  being socially engineered) that would be so dumbed down, that they would believe and do anything these khazars tell them to do and thus become the compliant, non rebellious subjects and slaves that the  cabal needs to pull off  this domination of the globe .

If we care about our children, the future of our countries, and freedom, then we best get busy turning all of this around by whatever means we can and as soon as we can. This soft kill program, as part of the depopulation agenda, as outlined in the Georgia Guide-stones, must be exposed and stopped and that includes Chem-trails, fluoride in our water  Otherwise, we are then truly responsible, if we do nothing.

This below proves just how stacked the system is against the people and in favor of the drug companies, with little or no recourse by those harmed.  This is a condition that would demand revolution, since holding a criminal accountable for his crimes is a hard rock part of our criminal justice system, and these companies and the CDC know exactly what they are doing and doing so intentionally, which makes this a felony assault at the very least and felony first degree attempted murder, with "murder" as the very most.  Nuremberg trials need to be started again.   If the system won't do it, then we must.   

Dumbing Down Society Part 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines 
By Admin, Vigilant Citizen 

Even though mercury is known to degenerate brain neurons and disrupt the central nervous system, it is still found in processed foods and mandatory vaccines. In this second part of the series examining the intentional dumbing-down of society, this article will discuss the presence of mercury in common foods and vaccines.

Migrants crisis: Germany's Merkel booed at Heidenau centre.

Vatic Note:    Merkel is the daughter of Eva Braun and Adolph Hitler, as we reported in a blog on this site,  and that makes her a Rothschild, since Hitlers father was the illegitimate son of Solomon Rothschild of Vienna.  That made him a khazar, and thus Merkel is also a khazar.

Then add the fact that World War II was planned by the zionists as early as 1871, and financed by the Rothschild bankers, so what we have is an exact replay of these same zionists bankers, through their khazar elected officials, with the intent of starting WW III to hide the fact that they are attacking the RH neg based Caucasian population to rid themselves of the threat to them of the RH neg blood lines.  I  have no doubt there are other  results they anticipate that would politically leave them where they want to be. 

World wars are effective instruments in accomplishing multiple agendas.   In this case, serious profitability for the banks and their owned corporations, is the first agenda, and secondly, riding themselves of any threat to their hold on power which the RH neg represents to them.  

So her actions, along with this current policy below makes her a traitor to Germany, but then, she is controlled by the Rothschild khazar  bankers.  What else did we expect?   The fact that her father, Hitler, betrayed the bankers  has no  bearing on her role today with respect to the khazar Zionist agenda.

This is definitely a must wait and see if she allows the destruction of Germany where these illuminati's all started and ended up where we currently are today.                                                                              

Migrants crisis: Germany's Merkel booed at Heidenau centre. 
Published on Aug 26, 2015
Migrants crisis: Germany's Merkel booed at Heidenau centre.-26-08-2015
erman Chancellor Angela Merkel has been booed during a visit to a shelter for asylum seekers which was the focus of clashes at the weekend.

Far-right protesters shouted "traitor" as she arrived at the newly-opened centre in Heidenau.

Germany has seen a sharp rise in attacks on asylum centres, as it deals with record numbers of arrivals.

Earlier, police in Hungary used tear gas to disperse migrants protesting at a reception camp on the Serbian border.

Unrest flared at a crowded centre at Roszke. Hungary has said it is considering the use of troops to secure the border.

Britain’s drone executions of its own citizens in Syria are a mark of tyranny

Vatic Note:   These actions by the British make perfect sense when you realize that the royalty of Europe, primarily Britain,  are all Khazars that married into royalty of Europe and then ended up in the British Monachy.  The fact that they even did this, speak volumes of just how far gone the British are in relation to their complete sell out to the Khazars who call themselves Jews.

How we know this is true is that Britain was one of the first western nations to disarm their citizens, who allowed them to do so without a peep of complaint.  Today its obvious that the Khazars run Britain and no weapons for the citizens to rise up against such tyrannical government.

While the US is not there "YET", its still a work in progress, and I suspect we will be the same if we do nothing to stop this march to global tyranny, especially if we are stupid enough to give up our guns.

If this was an accident, not done intentionally, on the 2 citizens of Britain, then how did the drone operators "coincidentally" manage to mistakenly hit 2 of their own citizens who happen to be of the Muslim faith? That fact, requires intent.

Read the rest of the story and you decide. 

Britain’s drone executions of its own citizens in Syria are a mark of tyranny
posted by Gordon, Tap NewsWire,  September 14, 2015

Throughout history, from the Roman Empire until today, the ability to execute its own citizens has been a mark of tyrannical government  


Revealed: UK through the BBC Plans to Smear Survivors of Child Abuse

Vatic Note:   Historically, the British leaders in almost every field, especially in the school system,  have been caught paedophilia children within their country.  Its almost a joke anymore, its been going on for so long and the British people have done nothing to stop it.   

Its that lack of action by millions against thousands, that causes a civilization to destroy itself and the enemy really has to do nothing in the way of risking their own lives.   Britian is a prime example of the results.  Today, these abused children are the adults of that nation and they are fully subdued through the act of pedophilia, and it doesn't stop there.  

We did blogs proving that Royalty are as guilty of it as their people in power, and why is that?   They are Khazars, who worshipped the phallic symbol and got kicked out of nation after nation and I believe its because of that practice, along with killing these babies as we blogged about, and drinking their blood to extend their lives.   

Its more than just wanting to globalize, its about the loss of civilized behavior and the returning to barbarism, that destroys nations.  Just look at Israel under these Khazars control.   There is no more barbaric nation on earth than Israel and the only source of their wealth is related to perversions of the worst kind.  Remember, 

- prostitution is legal in Israel, 

- Kidnapping women from other countries and forcing them into prostitution in Israel is legal, its only illegal if they are Israeli citizens.

- Israeli's biggest and most profitable industry, outside of weapon sales, is PORNOGRAPHY.  They make billions. 

- creating babies to kill and drink their blood, is another barbaric practice. 

-  They are satanists, therefore, stealing the productive wealth of others is a practice long done by these satanists, so these evil useless feeders do not have to break a sweat,  just sit back and enjoy their perverted lives while others slave to pay for it.  

- Finally,  they are big players in the International Child sex and labor slave trade globally.   

-  They hate Christians and have a history of murdering millions of them as we saw in Russia and the decapitation in Syria, which has a very large Christian population in that country, and the decapitation was in compliance with the Noahide Laws, which makes Christianity Illegal and a decapitation offense.  That is how I knew the rebels were really khazars and not semites.  

Otherwise, the khazar Zionists, have developed nothing in the way of innovations and creations that advance civilization, only destroy it.  Now you know why it will be important to fight to the death to keep them holed up in that little country and contained, in the Mediterranean and never let them leave again.   Britain is such a fine example of what can happen and how far down you can go as a nation, if such men run it.


Revealed: UK through the BBC Plans to Smear Survivors of Child Abuse  
Mark Watts — Exaronews.com,   The Truthseeker,   Oct 1, 2015   

BBC 1’s Panorama is planning to attack survivors of child sex abuse and others who are uncovering evidence of a ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

Many journalists at the broadcaster fear that the program will prompt a backlash because two established cases of VIP paedophiles were among the BBC’s biggest stars – Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall.

They point out how the broadcaster badly let down abuse survivors previously, including one who featured in a Panorama on the pulling of an expose of Savile by BBC 2’s Newsnight and another at the centre of the latter program’s implicit and mistaken identification of Lord McAlpine, a former conservative treasurer, as a paedophile.

Israeli Made Weapons Seized In Syria - Even More Proof Of Exactly Who Is Arming The Fraud "Terrorists" In Syria

Vatic Note:  This is very well presented and needs little clarification by me.  What I have done is insert VN: where ever, I felt a need to comment as long as it was short and to the point.  This below sounds so much like the Blog we did on Libya and Gaddaffi and what a travesty and international crime it was as well. 

Further, Northern Truth seeker is a Canadian and he has a unique perspective from a Zionist occupied and  fully controlled country, while ours is still in the process of being overtaken and controlled.   Its not quite there  yet, but soon if we do not wake up and act.

As I have said before, it is our intent to expose the underbelly of the beast we are dealing with here, And to make sure that exposure covers every possible level of deception, all the way from the obvious bogus terrorists, to the Israeli created rebels such as hamas, and others in order to scare their own people into giving up their rights as well.

I suspect that is why so many REAL JEWS are seeking asylum from the Khazar controllers of Israel that was given to them by Rothschilds controlled British government.  

I hope I have fully complied with my intent.  You read and decide.

Israeli Made Weapons Seized In Syria - Even More Proof Of Exactly Who Is Arming The Fraud "Terrorists" In Syria 
By Northern Truthseeker,  September 17, 2015

I have said for years now that the entire "war on terror" and "terrorism" itself are nothing but frauds... The whole point of the Jew spew media throwing "terrorism" in everyone's faces should be clear... It is done for the sole purpose of using the psychological effect of fear on people to both get those "scared" of the "big bad terrorists" to support their own governments stripping them of their personal freedoms for the illusion of security from these fraud terrorists and of course to get people to blindly support their criminal governments when those said governments go to war against innocent nations under the falsehood of "combating terrorism"!

Reptilians - Climate Change's Real Reason

Vatic Note:  I do not vouch for the validity of this claim, but decided that there are enough factors that do exist to suggest there may well be something to this, so its worth a read and a watch.  Please keep an open, but discerning mind on this since we did publish the 1966 iron mountain report, where the evil ones recommended using a bogus alien invasion to get us to globalized.  Is this the desensitizing beginnings of a deception to get us in fear and allow globalizing in order to save the planet as the canard they intend to use?

This could be the build up to such a plan or its real.   You will have to watch and decide.  I am still open about this both ways, since I do now believe in demons since I have personally experienced seeing a 14 girl possessed and what that looked like. So, could that demonic possession, actually be an alien in a dimensional environment?   Anyway,  Enjoy....since it is an informative video. 

I also recommend reading this one of 9 parts about Dulce base underground.  Will try to collect the rest and send the links, but for now, here is just one of them..

Reptilians - Climate Change's Real Reason 
Published on Jul 29, 2015

They are claimed to reside under the city of New York, Singapore, and Paris, to name a few places, or claimed to 'not' reside there. Either way, both claims bring and raise an interest, more so, into the Reptoids, an alien species long on Earth, pulling the strings, and ruling the world from gated communities above and below the planet earth. What is to believe? You be the judge while the evidence only continues to build.   (VN: again , is this just another deception as Bill Cooper suggested in many of his seminars???  If not, then why was he killed?)


Netanyahu Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.

Vatic Note:   Guess who is one of the owners of Fox News?  NewsCorp and guess who sits on the newscorp Board as one of the owners of Newscorp???  You guessed it,  ROTHSCHILD, so the Rothschilds get full on sole oil rights granted to them by their owned country, Israel.   What a cozy operation of corruption this is.

I say keep an eye on the United Nations and if they remain silent, then that is proof positive they are coopted and criminal right along with the Khazar mafia.  We always thought they were, but this would prove it, if the UN does nothing about a sovereign nations natural resources given away by a neighbor who has NO OWNERSHIP RIGHTS TO THE GOLAN HEIGHTS OIL.

The khazars of Israel have about as much integrity as a dog in heat.  What a sad legacy they are leaving behind for the entire world to see.  Its my first time seeing it and it has completely changed my view of Israel and those running it. I suspect that is becoming true for the entire world to see.  Its the UN now that is on the proverbial hot seat and we will know who owns them by their response to this action. 

By Admin,  Political VelCraft, July 29, 2014

Netanyahu Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.

The Rothschild zionists along with their coconspirators, The British government, and British royalty confiscated Palestine for Rothschild, and the Georgian Khazars who are no more Hebrew Jewish than the man in the moon.

Busted: Children’s Leukemia Charity Gave Just 1% Of Donations to the Cause

Vatic Note:   How ironic,  I just had a solicitation for donations to a different charity and I turned it down.  Why?  Because the charity in question has put most of those donations into the salaries of those running the charity and that is not why I would donate if I had done so.   Only a small percentage actually goes to those in need that the charity is suppose to service.

Its all becoming just part of the larger corruption schemes raising their ugly heads right now.  Don't get me wrong,  I am not saying that most charities do that, I am only saying that this highlights the possibilities and potential to scam us out of our hard earned wealth as a nation of people.

Be Warned and be Careful!!!!!  Ask them for their financials before donating and  check out salaries category compared to those who are in need.

Busted: Children’s Leukemia Charity Gave Just 1% Of Donations to the Cause
By  Anti-Media,  October 5,  2015

When donating to charity, it is important to be careful and do diligent research on the organization that you will be donating to, because sadly, it is common for charities to be run by scammers.
In the case of the New York-based National Children’s Leukemia Foundation, the organization brought in millions of dollars that were intended for children with leukemia, but it was recently discovered that just 1% of those donations actually went towards helping children with the disease.


ISIS Colonel Was Trained by Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years

Vatic Note:   Did he really defect or was he assigned to ISIS by his superiors? Given the level of deception that we have seen over the past 15 or so years, its becoming increasingly hard to believe anything, that anyone says, anywhere in Government, in any country and that includes the United States.

There is a provocative statement made by this so called ISIS terrorist, located below, and the first thought I had when I read it, was,  "Aaah, something to stir up the unwashed, stupid goyim masses, and try to get us mad enough to want to fight in another "fascist" profiteering world war for the 1 percenters."  No thank you!

ISIS Colonel Was Trained by Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years

A former police commander from Tajikistan was featured in an ISIS video recently where he admitted he was trained by the U.S. State Department and former military contractor Blackwater all the way up until last year.

by The Anti Media

At a Blackwater facility in North Carolina, Col. Gulmurod Khalimov received “counter-terrorism training.”

Natural News exclusive: SB277 Referendum leader Tim Donnelly breaks silence on possible sabotage of petition campaign

Vatic Note:  I believe this initiative was a test run for the rest of the country to see if resistance to it was something for the evil ones to worry about, especially if it went nationwide.   If this passes, then one of our most fundamental freedoms,  "the right to act based on religious beliefs" is truly gone.  The evil ones are attacking us in one of our most deeply held religious beliefs, forcing us to go against those beliefs or face prosecution.

When has any government since the beginning of our republic ever done that?  To my knowledge, this is the most blatant and aggregeous offenses.   This is not about public safety, if it were, the same government would be passing legislation that banned chemtrails..... but they have not, so this is an attack on religion and our fundamental right to believe as we wish.

Every single day, it seems, that these evil ones find a way to attack a freedom protected by the Constitution, and get away with it.  This one is simply another one in a long line of continued abuses of our rights which are slowly being stripped away from us as we are being desensitized to that fact.   Soon, there will be no protections of any kind, of our "God-given" Rights and we will definitely become slaves and imprisoned by the system we created, but refused to  monitor and watch carefully.    Now we are about to lose all those gains.

Its time to take a stand and never back down.   We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   Who wants to live in a world run by Satan, certainly not I, said the awakened sheeple. 

Natural News exclusive: SB277 Referendum leader Tim Donnelly breaks silence on possible sabotage of petition campaign 
By Julie Wilson,  staff writer,  Natural News,  October1, 2015

NaturalNews) The grassroots' fight to overturn California's SB277 forced vaccination law is not over, despite reports announcing its defeat.

SB277, which eliminates a parent's choice to opt their child out of vaccination due to philosophical or religious beliefs, would immediately be halted if the referendum is able to produce 366,000 verifiable signatures submitted by California residents.


Mossad’s One Million Helpers World-Wide

Vatic Note:   This below would explain Israel's reach into every nation and the real role of its embassy's globally.  We know that the ADL works for Mossad, and "suspect" the SPLC does also, but its not confirmed.  Further, both the ADL and the SPLC are both on the Citizens Advisory Board for the Dept of Homeland Security.  
We also know that the first two Secretary's of DHS were dual Israeli citizens.  

So, is the Dept of Homeland Security a foreign gov infiltrated  Dept with all intel, both civilian and military, under its command, with all resources also at their command, which is  lot of power to put into the hands of those who wrote the protocols of the Elders of Zion, and did so to set up their goal of global domination of this planet and all nations within it.  

Was the USA targeted by these Zionist globalists to use to achieve their global agenda, since we had the technology and resources they could use under cover of being born in America, while representing the interests of their tribe and using our resources to achieve their agenda which is not in America's best interest, not by a long shot.  

Mossad’s One Million Helpers World-Wide
April 4, 2010 by: Martin Webster, PakAlert Press

Aftershocks following the assassination in Dubai in January of Palestinian Hamas leader

Mahmoud Mabhouh by Israel’s secret service Mossad finally shook the Palace of Westminster in London on the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd March.

TRUTH JIHAD: “No statute of limitations on treason or murder!”

Vatic Note:   This author keeps saying "Neocons" and not one word about the "Neo-libs".   Am I wrong?  Is Obama a neocon?  Are his 32 dual Israeli citizens in the White House in key positions, only republicans?  No..... the Zionist khazars have infiltrated and taken control of BOTH PARTIES,  DEMS AND GOPers.

Lets not forget that our founding fathers warned us about political parties and how, its through the parties that the wealthy and elite can take control of our nation and implement a dictatorship, while it resembles a republic on the surface.  Its exactly what is happening here.   These neocons/neolibs work for a foreign nation and are traitors as well as murderers and both are death penalty offenses. 

So I made the appropriate adjustment to reflect the reality, the truth, etc. Dispite all that, this is still an excellent article on the Ukraine and surrounding areas to Russia.   What is important that is not mentioned in here is the 1997 book by Zbig Bresinszki called "The Grand Chessboard and its Geostrategic Imperatives".  Which turned out to be a blueprint for taking over Russia and confiscating all their natural resources.

That is what this below is describing.  Remember also, that the USA has been infiltrated and run through threats, assassinations, bribery, and blackmail, by the khazar zionist bankers.  Zbig is one of them and is currently the NSA advisor to Obama, which explains so much of the horrors we have visited upon the Ukraine and Iran, both of which are named in Zbigs book as needing to be controlled due to their proximity to Russia.  I strongly recommend you reading the book.  All will make more sense once you read it and see just how this is all playing out right now.

Remember the Georgia and Ossetia episode over by the Russian border?  Well, there were mossad agents found dead during the battle that went on and Israel gave the Georgians several billion dollars to do what they were doing and the Bush President, given his lineage of being a khazar, was also involved in this failed experiment, when Russia whooped the Georgians butts, even with US personnel as well as Israeli personnel involved. 

TRUTH JIHAD: “No statute of limitations on treason or murder!”
By Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today,  Sept 26, 2015

Karl Schwarz
Karl Schwarz

Karl Schwarz is a Republican tech-sector businessman who refused to drink the neocon/lib kool-aid. An early and outspoken 9/11 truth supporter, he is one of our most eloquent voices calling out the neoconservatives/neolibs for their 9/11 coup d’état and the disastrous series of wars it triggered.

A VATIC MUST READ: JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father – But Nobody Was Paying Attention

Vatic Note:  THIS IS DEFINITELY A "MUST READ"..... this is truly "unbelievable".  I am continually shocked at how much we did not know and that includes me, who is researching constantly.   There has been no other documented proof of compllicity in the JFK assassination, with letters, reports and other documents showing way more than any of us have been told and those people that were mentioned, were never documented about their part in it.  I deeply commend the author that put this altogether.

Its far more comprehensive than anything we have seen yet, to date.  As I continually say, "It's amazing what we do not know about history".   There are men sitting in jail right now, convicted of crimes through "circumstantial evidence"  that was a lot less than what we have showing below.  Now I understand why the satanists baptized George HW Bush "MAGOG" at the Bohemian Grove.

There are false flags still going on today, so the neocons/libs are still at it and will be until someone finally arrests them and puts them away forever. After what George Bush Jr did as President in setting up the scam for Obama to finish,  I am now fully suspicious of Jeb Bush.  The PTB told China not to worry, that Jeb Bush would be the next president.

How did anyone know that, this early in the game unless the election is intended to be rigged. Remember, it was Jeb, as Govenor of Florida who signed an EO on 9/7 declaring Martial law in Florida TO TAKE EFFECT ON 9/11.  How did he know about 9/11 four days earlier???? NO MORE BUSH'S FOR PRESIDENT...... Just like no more Clintons. 

There is a paragraph well down into this offering that brings up and puts all the blame for everything on the "vatican",  The Freemasons", and other such minor infiltrated players, but I absolutely encourage you to go to the right of this blog, scroll down and click on the "PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION"..... written by the khazar zionists way back in 1897.

You will see where they, amongst other things, instruct their followers to blame those same groups for the acts these khazars commit, as was done down here in this article.  The vatican, the Freemasons, etc.  While reading also note the promotion and encouragement of using anti-semitism as a control mechanism to cover for their evil deeds.  Remember, they are NOT Jewish, they are khazars, so anti-semitism is a canard they use to cover their actions and blame it on the Jews. Deception is their effective WMD.

Finally, is this why JFK Jr. was murdered? 

JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father – But Nobody Was Paying Attention
By The Tap Blog, Before Its News,  June 26, 2015 
I suppose most people think that from the day he saluted his father’s casket at just three years old, til the evening his plane went down, he just went about his business, playing the game of life like everyone else.


A VATIC MUST READ: The Life & Death of GADDAFI’S LIBYA – A Study of the Libya That No Longer Exists (1969 – 2011)…

Vatic Note: What a fascinating history this is. Its well worth the read.  I was shocked to discover just how sold out the British government, and the American government are to the Zionists khazar bankers and their country Israel.  I knew a lot about it from other examples, but this one is the worst one ever proving just how horrible it would be if these Zionists ever gain control of our globe and right now with 6 billion people on the planet, NOW is the time to take care of it.  After depopulation, it will be too late. 

After reading about him, Gaddaffi should have been President of the United States and Europe. Remember, this is an educational site, and not a fast food info site, so be prepared to sit and read in order to educate yourself to the truth and the facts.  This history below is like nothing that the Khazar Zionist owned MSM had ever told us about.   I am old enough to remember times in Africa before Gaddafi and it was bad.  We did some blogs on what he did with the water he brought to the desert.  

This below shows just how much control over our government that "we the people" have allowed, by the Israeli government and their agents Mossad and Britain with MI6.  All the horrors we have engaged in against the Libyan people has been first done by Israel to their Palestinian people and even to the "real Jews" of Israel that had to seek asylum in London and New York. 

After reading all this, then go and verify for yourselves the truth of this information.  Go to your local library, if it hasn't already been taken over, and follow up on what we have published.  And most of it was disclosed in the protocols of the elders of zion, by the Zionists. 

The survival of OUR nation depends on your commitment to "TRUTH", otherwise we would not know who the enemy is,  what they are using to deceive us and what is real and what is not.  Almost all bad has been manufactured and used to destabilize the world to get it ready for the khazars to take it over.  

What was interesting was the method he used to change his country when he took over and its what we can do even without a system change.  Spend time reading this about what he did, and ponder on it, about how we can do the same thing. Read especially about how Gaddaffi encouraged the people to take over their gov at the bureacratic level where all real power congregates, yet is most hidden.  DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. 

We always thought third world nations were poor due to themselves and their lack of education, but it turns out that what they are doing to us, who are educated, what was being done to those in Africa who were not.   So it was a lot easier to keep those nations in depression on a systemic basis, with no reprieve or relief.  Gaddafi turned all that around.

After reading this, and realizing that Hillary Clinton was in charge of organizing, promoting, coordinating and implementing this all below, to overthrow the Libyan gov.,  it becomes patently clear that this woman should NEVER be President of the United States.  NOT EVER.  Truthfully, she should be in jail for violations of International law as well as our own laws that she violated with impunity, and Obama right behind her.

Further, this article shows HISTORICALLY, just how big a role fiat currency and Rothschild banking plays in destroying any nations ability to grow into an economic viable entity.   Every time we do, they crash us and extract enormous wealth in the process. Its a big part of what the international globalist khazar bankers did in Libya and ultimately intend to do on a global level to all of us.   We better take care of this while we are still 6 billion strong, worldwide. 

The Life & Death of GADDAFI’S LIBYA – A Study of the Libya That No Longer Exists (1969 – 2011)…
Posted by Gordon,  Tap News Wire, August 15, 2015


You can download a PDF of this article, if you prefer: get it here by right-clicking on the link.
In 2008 or 2009, the BBC made a documentary on life inside Libya: I remember it because I watched it at the time of its broadcast. Up until the beginning of 2011, that video was available on You Tube.

Once the international community had made up its mind – after years of back and forth – that Gaddafi was ‘evil’ and a war had to be waged on Libya, all versions of the documentary were removed from the web.

Full Documentary - Khazars, History and Their Extensive Influence and Control Over the West.

Vatic Note:    This is one of the most comprehensive documentaries I have ever seen on the Khazars as the Ashkenazi Jews and their role in dominating both the Western leadership of Europe and America, as well as that of the rest of the world. Be prepared to spend the time required to truly understand it all.  If you have to, do it in small segments, digest what you saw and when comfortable, go back and get more.   What makes this one of the best was that it did 3 things that seriously needed to be done, and that is this:

1.  It was supported by massive documentation, in both government and the Library of Congress of the many studies and hearings conducted by the military and Congress, resulting in the conclusion that Zionism was indeed a threat to the interests of America.  Notice it did not say "Jews", rather "Zionists" was a direct threat to the interests of the USA and that is why so many top level Pentagon officials were released from military duty, since they were adamant about telling the truth and not manipulating us into doing Israel's bidding.

2.   It made and focused on an important distinction between the religious Jews of the world and the non religious, opportunistic Rothschild Khazar Zionist Jews that currently control Israel and did so with great detail and supported evidence proving it was not the real semitic Jews of the Bible,  doing all this, rather the pagan kabbalistic Ashkenazi Jews of Israel who are khazars.  Is that were the term  "Nazi" came from? After all, Hitler and the nazi's were funded by the Rotshchild bankers with the objective of creating the state of Israel.

3.  It also educates, and provides rational solutions to solving the problems we are seeing without resorting to anti-semitic acts and speech, as well as violence and that is very important to consider.  I highly recommended replaying the last part of this video where the solutions are outlined in great detail.  

Ted Pike and his team, obviously did a masterful job of research and documenting all that they covered.   I was personally impressed and decided that this was a must view video if we want to fully understand what we are going through, and how, who, when, what and why of all of it.   

Just a reminder.... Vatic Project did a blog proving who some of these leaders were in America that allowed these things to happen, during WW II and now into present day,  and it proved that men and leaders such as Roosevelt were, in fact, Khazars.   His family line last name was "Rosenfeld".  That explained a lot, and you will see why after you watch this video and listen to the evidence that you can confirm for yourselves.  

When you finish all this, you could  get a PHD in History, real  history that is. 

Full Documentary - Khazars
Published by John Matrix on Jan 17, 2014

60 percent of Americans don’t trust their mass media – poll

Vatic Note:   This is good news to me.  Why?  Because it means the sheeple are waking up big time.  Deception will be a  harder pill to swallow with enough time and exposure of such deceptions propogated by the Zionist Khazar bankers.

This was so well done, that it says it all and I have nothing more to add to it.  I am just sorry that we still have 40% that still don't get it with all the evidence that has come out and all the exposure on the mafia nature of those running our shadow government from the White House,  London, and Tel Aviv.

60 percent of Americans don’t trust their mass media – poll
By Admin,  The Unhived Mind,  October 1, 2015

A new Gallup poll has found that six in 10 Americans say that their trust in mass media ranges from “not very much” to “none at all.” Those surveyed were asked about the media reporting the news fully, accurately and fairly.

Just 33 percent said they had a “fair amount” of trust in mass media such as newspapers, TV and radio, and only 7 percent had a “great deal” of trust and confidence that the mass media reports the news, according to a Gallup poll released this week.
Ten years ago, Gallup found an even split of 50/50 among Americans regarding their trust and lack of trust of the media. According to their poll results, the last time the majority of Americans trusted their media was 1976.