David Icke - The Law of Attraction

Vatic Note:  Watch and read these below and apply it not only to your own life, but also to the global situation we are currently in.  Amazing,  the idiots don't want this one up either.... bolding is on and I can't get it off.  Oh, well, so be it,  read and watch anyway.  Thwart their efforts all you can by not cooperating with them.  Do what it is that will work for you.  David is living proof it works and so are many of us who have changed after realizing the power to do so was within us and no one else for us.   Enjoy! 

David Icke - The Law of Attraction


Thursday, July 28, 2011

David Icke - The Imagination of Ourselves (creating our own reality) . David Icke explains the Law of Attraction: The Imagination of Ourselves and how we create our own reality!


Video: Bohemian Grove mystery broken down – Wake up before it is too late


By: Pakalert

When will this become HEADLINE NEWS? This needs to be front page of every news paper and top story on all news outlets! It’s nestled among the Redwoods in the woods of California. 2,700 acres of pristine land broken down into dozens of camps. And for two weeks every July since the 1880s, they have been filled with some of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world. While the US is struggling to find a solution on the debt ceiling, the country’s elite seems to be not so concerned. Some of American past Senators, artists and top business leaders are partying in the woods of California. This top-secret gathering is called the Bohemian Grove and is none other than Bohemian Club’s exclusive playground. Given that the members are only men, and they supposedly perform some pretty weird rituals there, lots of rumors are spreading around about the society . All the information you need to know that their evil is basically the “Crimination Of Care”. The fact that they have a ritual where they are trying to take away all their cares and empathy should tell you that these people are evil. Any skeptic who doesnt believe they do evil things, should! believe when they know about the Crimination of care. Simple as.. Many researchers including Michael Tsarion, Chris Everard, and Freeman touch on the roots of owl symbolism and its links to Columbia. This goddess has been called many things, Isis, Ishtar, Athena, Black Madonna, and more. She is the goddess of death and war and for ages has been represented by the owl. There is a lot of info if you google or startpage it.

Is the US government at war with whistleblowers?


Date: 2011-07-15

The Obama administration is facing criticism for prosecutions brought under the US Espionage Act against government employees accused of leaking sensitive information. Some accuse the US government of over-reacting, following the release of files by Wikileaks.

When Steve Rosen spotted two men walking up his drive early one morning in August 2004, he thought they were evangelicals from a local church.

In fact, they were FBI agents who had come to his home in the US state of Maryland to inform him he was being prosecuted for receiving and passing on classified information.


Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of world food supply (and insured depopulation & sterility)

Vatic Note:   This is amazing that  blatant PROOF of the violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act could be put out here, with no action by the SEC or Justice Dept against Monsanto and the other players for criminal and intentional violations of that act in both collusion, monopoly conditions and price fixing along with controlling and inhibiting the "freemarket action" that ensures consumers the best products with high competition and the best prices BASED ON FREEDOM OF CHOICE BY THOSE SAME CONSUMERS and in this case, the farmers.   It would also ensure no customers if the companies products do not fit with the consumers desires and that is certainly the case here with Monsanto and Farmers world wide. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT IN JAIL???  As more and more of these criminal violations of our most important laws continue, by the elite,  the more the people are beginning to see that maybe they do not have to obey our laws either. 

Bastiat said it well..... "When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect
for the law." ...Frederic Bastiat. (I think the latter is what is happening if we do not enforce the laws for "EVERYONE", including the elite.   

EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW has always been a fundamental given within our Constitutional Republic,  .....  oh, no..... I said that dirty word "Constitutional"..... that makes me a domestic terrorist according to the tyrannical gestapo,  foreign occupying force within our country, the SPLC and ADL, who run our "Homeland Zecurity", Ya vol...... Mein Herr..   This is beyond obscene, its downright perverted and MAJOR CRIMINAL.  These people need to be kicked out of our country and sent packing back to their own country.  After the riots in their country, I can see why they are afraid to go back there.  Their own people do not want what they are offering.   Read this and see just what kind of strangle hold they are attempting to gain over us to control our behavior.... THIS IS NAZI GERMANY 1938...... we better stop this now. 

Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of world food supply
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
(NaturalNews) Throughout the history of agriculture across the globe, farming has always been a diversified sector of the economy. Small, self-sustaining, family farms were the order of the day in most cultures. Even as small farms grew larger and more specialized over time, many of them still saved seeds or purchased them from other farmers, which kept control of farming in the hands of the people.

But today everything has changed, as large chemical and agribusiness firms have acquired or merged with seed companies and other agricultural input companies. They have successfully gained a foothold on genetically-modified (GM) crops with transgenic traits.

These primary factors and several others have facilitated a crescendo towards the global domination of agriculture by corporations, and thus the world's food supply.

Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle

Bruecke Note: Oh, oh. So much for my career... But I guess maybe I figure I'll be rounded up into one of those FEMA camps or abducted into a DUMB site well before I'm 9 months out of work wondering why my kick-ass resume and spot-on introduction email aren't getting me a job interview.


By:Jennifer Preston
Date: 2011-07-25

Companies have long used criminal background checks, credit reports and even searches on Google and LinkedIn to probe the previous lives of prospective employees. Now, some companies are requiring job candidates to also pass a social media background check.

Phil Jayhan: 9/11 Gatekeeper at Let's Roll Forums

Bruecke Note: The backstory is that I've been banned for the second time from Let's Roll Forums. Such an admission is somewhat embarrassing for me, because it implies unsavory activities on my part, like childish name-calling, flame wars, or other misconduct that would be reprehensible in any civil society.

The truth is quite the contrary, in that each time the forum administrator had to manufacture some lame excuse, because my evolution into supporting 9/11 DEW (and Dr. Wood's research) combined with my rhetorical skills evidently made me a dangerous debate opponent. A bit slow on the uptake, getting the gate closed on my fingers twice through my unwarranted banishment finally expose Mr. Jayhan's gate keeper role. However, it does fit a long running disinformation campaign to smear Dr. Wood and her research.

I could use a little assistance from the readership of the Vatic Project to rattle the gates of this 9/11 gate keeper. If he wants to be a gatekeeper, let him play one... with ya' all!

Step 1 is to register yourself under some avatar on Let's Roll Forums. [Pick your own handle, but if you are at a loss, you could use "DupedUsefulI_#", where the # is some integer and would imply a sockpuppet from me and might make your tenure short.]

Step 2 (doesn't have to be done immediately) is to jump into the threads where 9/11 gatekeeping is active, like this Dr. Wood thread that has now banned me twice, and make your displeasure known.

An alternative or additional task would be an off-list email to Phil Jayhan to petition my return ("DupedUsefulI") to the forums. Mr. Jayhan has already so much as said that he won't read my emails. (I bet he did, but he knows that any email from him opens the door for me to respond.)


Israel Erupts in Protest, Tens of Thousands Chant "Revolution"

Vatic Note:  Well, this is long overdue  but welcome non the less.  I am glad to see the Israeli "people" finally standing and letting us know that all this horror being visited upon the people of the globe is no longer being tolerated in the homeland.  We will now have to wait and see how the leadership decides to respond to this.   Sometimes movements begin with economic issues and expand to include injustice, racism, and other more esoteric issues that might not otherwise have a spark to ignite serious movement.  It appears this is a perfect storm of both coming together,  one triggering the other.   Lets hope there is major change in policy in Israel in every area of concern.  Lets hope the Palestinian treatment is fully included in these changes.

Israel Erupts in Protest, Tens of Thousands Chant "Revolution"
Alternet News

 (For Jerusalem update, see the first author's note at the bottom)
protestors before the Knesset, chanting in Hebrew "We Demand Social Justice." Pic courtesy of@ibnezra, aka Joseph Dana.

Approximately 30,000 protesters marched in Tel Aviv last night, with social justice activists blocking central streets and chants of "Mubarak. Assad. Netanyahu" filling the air.
Tel Aviv police arrested 42 activists, which is an extremely rare number, "if not unprecedented," according to +972 Magazine, which has been closely following the circumstances surrounding the sudden rise of Israel's progressive left.
The protests are part of a larger movement that began as opposition to rising housing prices, and indeed is still centered around that issue, but has spread to other social justice and progressive causes.
These protests are being described as "the greatest challenge PM Netanyahu faces on the home front," and show that the progressive left in Israel has awoken.  Change in Israel may be coming. 

News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead


By: , and
Date: 2011-07-18

Sean Hoare, the former News of the World showbusiness reporter who was the first named journalist to allege that Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead .

Hoare, who worked on the Sun and the News of the World with Coulson before being dismissed for drink and drugs problems, was said to have been found at his Watford home.

Pentagon looks to social media as new battlefield


Date: 2011-07-21

The Pentagon is asking scientists to figure out how to detect and counter propaganda on social media networks in the aftermath of Arab uprisings driven by Twitter and Facebook.

The US military's high-tech research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has put out a request for experts to look at "a new science of social networks" that would attempt to get ahead of the curve of events unfolding on new media.
The program's goal was to track "purposeful or deceptive messaging and misinformation" in social networks and to pursue "counter messaging of detected adversary influence operations," according to DARPA's request for proposals issued on July 14.

The project echoes concerns among top military officers about the lightning pace of change in the Middle East, where social networks have served as an engine for protest against some longtime US allies.

Some senior officers have spoken privately of the need to better track unrest revealed in social networks and to look for ways to shape outcomes in the Arab world through Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

"Events of strategic as well as tactical importance to our Armed Forces are increasingly taking place in social media space," the DARPA announcement said.

"We must, therefore, be aware of these events as they are happening and be in a position to defend ourselves within that space against adverse outcomes," it said.

DARPA predicted that social networks would have a groundbreaking effect on warfare.

"Changes to the nature of conflict resulting from the use of social media are likely to be as profound as those resulting from previous communications revolutions," it said.

Under the proposal, researchers would be expected to unearth and classify the "formation, development and spread of ideas and concepts (memes)" in social media.

The document cited a case in which authorities employed social media to head off a potential crisis, but did not specify details of the incident.

"For example, in one case rumours about the location of a certain individual began to spread in social media space and calls for storming the rumoured location reached a fever pitch," it said.

DARPA planned to spend $42 million (£25m) on the Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program, with prospective contractors asked to test algorithms through "experiments" with social media, it said.

One possible experiment could involve a "closed social media network" of two to five thousand volunteers or an online role playing game with tens of thousands of players.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Texas Gov Knowingly Covered-up Radioactive Drinking Water

*** Well, once again they have gutted the last two videos so go to the link in the vatic note written for the last two videos and watch them at Prison planet. THAT TELLS YOU HOW IMPORTANT THOSE LAST TWO VIDEOS WERE.   I will try to get them working again, but if not, visit that link I gave.   They are truly criminally indicting and someone should be fully in jail for what they have done.  THESE ARE CRIMES, PEOPLE, AND NO ONE IS ENFORCING THE CRIMINAL LAW, SO SEND THIS TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF TEXAS AND TELL HIM TO DO HIS JOB AND PROSECUTE IMMEDIATELY.  If enough Texans do this, it will get done, since its blatant and out there.   We must start pushing now.  Its way past time or else you are agreeing to be physically harmed, disabled or murdered.  I don't think you mean to do that, so start pressuring those we elected to prosecute these horrific murdering criminals.  The fact that this has been known since the 80's is how you know this is intentional and criminal.  Send all of this below to the Attorney General and ask for verification it has been received, save the send email in a file for proof it was sent and then they can't deny having seen the evidence, which then makes them complicit in the crime if they do nothing about it.  

Vatic Note: This Texas Governor is Bilderbergs choice for Candidate for President of the US, so you can imagine what he has done for the Bilderbergs in advancing their agenda of depopulation and NWO agenda.  Keep that in mind during primaries.  Its not  about Japans radiation either, since this has been known since the early 80's.   What we do not know is how pervasive is this throughout the nation?   The stats imply that its all over the country as males are suffering from decreased testosterone and increased estrogen, making them sterile.  Sound familiar?  Bill Gates discussed this mechanism of "involuntary Sterilization" but through vaccines, and now we find out its in the water as well.   That does not include the increased incidences of cancer as a result.   We are being attacked through LEGAL AND ILLEGAL DRUGS, through our food and water and its no coincidence that the Governor of Texas has covered this up,  and its no coincidence that vaccines are used to sterilize and its no coincidence that radiation sufficient to induce sterility is in our water and its no coincidence that GMO foods destroy our organs and also cause sterility as we found out from the pigs that ate GMO corn and the chickens who have bird brains, won't eat the GMO corn.   Nope, none of this is a coincidence.  Criminality is occuring here and if we do not enforce laws that protect our bodies and lives then we are committing suicide by doing nothing about all this.   IT'S ALSO NO COINCIDENCE THAT NATURAL REMEDIES ARE SERIOUSLY UNDER ATTACK AS WELL RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK.  Call your senators and congressmen to vote against any further FDA increased authority with respect to natural remedies and THE FOOD WE EAT.  WHY?  becuase we can detox our bodies of this radiation with natural remedies and THEY KNOW IT.  That is why they want them banned just like they have done in Europe which has resulted in an increase in breast cancer for women in europe.  NOT HERE AND NOT ON OUR WATCH.

Texas Gov Knowingly Covered-up Radioactive Drinking Water
KHOU News, You Tube
May 21, 2011

HOUSTON – “It’s a conspiracy at the TCEQ [Texas Commission on Environmental Quality] of the highest order… The documents have indicted the management of this commission in a massive cover-up,” Tom Smith of consumer advocacy group Public Citizen said. The cover-up reportedly includes the knowledge of high-level politicians all the way up to the governor.

Video 1 of 3

Nasa Admits Possibility Of Companion Brown Dwarf

Vatic Note:  This almost proves that their constant ragging about Elenin was a distraction.  Vatic Project kept talking about the coming dwarf star or nibiru for a long time now,  and we discussed the sunrise and sunset chemtrails used to hide both the suns rise and setting sun, why???  I believe we can see the dwarf star at both times of day since its not covered up by direct sunlight like it is during full sun up during the day.  Now, its becoming harder and harder to cover it up since the dwarf is getting closer and closer, thus bigger and bigger, and probably now reflecting more and more of the sun so that it appears there are two suns setting.  We can see that potential in the evening sunset now.  Further, watch "where" the sun is setting which is more north than west... indicating a pole shift is also occurring and that was going to expose the reason as well.    The results of the setting sun on the rest of the sky is way bigger than it should be.   Is that why NASA is now coming out with the possibility of its existance?   Its almost to the point where it cannot be denied anymore.   Watch your sun sets and see if there is not always a cloud bank OR HAZE to hide the sunset.  Anyway, this scientist does a good job explaining how we can tell now once this new telescope is launched.   Check this out for yourselves and see what you think.   Is this why the massive confiscation of gold and silver and replacing the gold with Tungsten?  Is this why the underground facilities for the shadow gov?   Lots of questions. 

Nasa Admits Possibility Of Companion Brown Dwarf
Added by:
 15th Jul 11

'NASA admitting of the Suns possible binary brown dwarf Nibiru'
brown dwarf -a room tempurature star.

Controlled Opposition – How to spot a fake leader

Bruecke Note: This kind of goes hand-in-hand with Anonymous: What is the Plan.


By: Markus Allen
Date: 2011-06-19

Controlled opposition gives us amazing nuggets of information, get us follow them like heroes, then ultimately spin us off into la la land.

Those seeking real truth are given our “leaders”.. they swoop in with amazing, never-before-seen or heard nuggest of truth. We latch on to them — often treat ‘em as hereos… only to be ultimately spun into la la land about 6 to 12 monhts later.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a well-known leader be real. That person would be compromised very quickly.

Vladimir Lenin said it best, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

It’s for this reason I highly recommend not following anyone. In other words, be your own leader.

Up until last year, I used to keep a record of who I thought was controlled opposition. I stopped updated this list because it’s always the same deal… give us some truth, we latch on and then we spun out of this world.

Here’s the list of controlled opposition in the truth / new age movement.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Anonymous: What is the Plan

Bruecke Note: I'm not up to speed on Anonymous. At a time when I had no context, I recall reading an off-topic snippet that Anonymous might be a trick to get radical individuals & dissidents to register and ultimately expose themselves. When it has a leg that goes through Facebook and given suspicions about Facebook's potential for the FBI, it makes you wonder.

Combined with IP addresses mapped to GPS coordinates and Google Earth, registration makes a handy "round-up and in-TERROR-gate" list. Still, it doesn't hurt to be aware that they exist... and maybe were the false-flag that enabled stepped-up lock-down of the Internet by the powers-that-be, which has been on their game plan since PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses -- yes, the very document that foreshadows in 1999 a new Pearl Harbor to con the public into supporting aggressive super-power actions on the table before 9/11 -- mentions that control of cyberspace was a military agenda.

When it comes right down to it, I am already exposed by my having visited the links. I am already on their round-up list for acting as Vatic Clerk. I am already a monitored person for the crazy-bat-shit words I've written. Registering and adding myself to the 45,000 others helps build to a membership number that becomes more difficult (but not impossible) to round up, a more radicalized MoveOn.org. Oh well.

The videos below the "read more" are indeed very slick; they reflect a wealth of production money. The message hits the gut, the heart, the mind. You be the judge.

By: Anonymous
Date: 2011-06-15 Phase 1

Anonymous is not a group or entity. It is not you, nor me or any single individual. Anonymous is an idea. Those who identify themselves with Anonymous share the common idea of freedom and a world free of oppression. Anything that stands between the people and these freedoms becomes a target to severe scrutiny and protest.

Many misconceptions of Anonymous have been fed to you by the mainstream media and the governments around the world. Be assured, we are here to help. We are here to stand up against those who violate your rights as a living breathing human. Freedom of thought, speech, expression, beliefs...freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

Anonymous is not a group of hackers much like you have been led to believe. Although a collective who associate themselves as Anonymous are in fact #hacktivists, many of us are simple citizens of this world who will take to the streets in traditional displays of activism. However, the game has changed. Oppression and tyranny have become far too common in this world and we have risen to meet the occassion. Anonymous is everywhere. We are your neighbors, friends colleagues, relatives. We are your mailmen, barbers, store clerks and lawyers. In a world where corruption hides its' face around every corner, Anonymous is there to meet it with force.

We Are Anonymous. United As One. Divided By Zero. EXPECT US.


Is the New Paradigm Beginning to Emerge??? We ARE Powerful Beings!!!

Vatic Note:   We have been saying that the American people can be the most amazing when it comes to ingenuity and creativity in problem solving... and this proves it.   Think about what it would take to have 20 families come together in community to do good in the world, not only for themselves but for others.  What a great sense of service and gifting to others.   In doing this blog,  it required that we have a deep belief in the "goodness" of humankind...... notice I make that distinction..... humankind.   There in lies the difference.... if one is "human", one has a soul and a heart and unlimited creativity and goodness.  We put this up to prove it and to show that THE NEW PARADIGM IS JUST A SHORT TIME AWAY.  We have been told time and again that WHEN EVIL GROWS AND GROWS TO SUCH A HORRIFIC LEVEL,  THAT THE COUNTER TO THAT, IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE BALANCE,  IS GOODNESS WILL GROW EQUALLY BIG AND THIS PROVES.  We are finally coming into the new energies that are feeding the people what they need to begin to manifest that which is goodness and light in all of humanity.  You are going to love this video and download it since they have tried to prevent us from putting htis up tonight.  It has taken two hours to get it this far.   SO THERE IS SOMETHING TO THIS THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO GET.... GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS..... LETS ROCK AND ROLL AND take our lives, country and spirit of Freedom back again.   We will try to follow and publish this series as it comes in to us so we have instructions we can use to do this very thing within each of our communities..... WHAT A GREAT WORLD AWAITS US AFTER THESE CRETIN NON HUMANS SELF DESTRUCT.  I CAN HARDLY WAIT.  I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.  I feel its a turning point,  NOW IF THEY CAN ONLY STAY SAFE.   Visit second video to see the rewards of this lifestyle after a hard weeks work.  LOL  

Kansas City's Urban Farming Guys
by next world TV,  July 2011
Beating a Path For Blighted Downtowns Everywhere
This is the epic story of about 20 families that uprooted from suburbia and made their homes in one of the most blighted neighborhoods in the U.S. Lykins Neighborhood 64127 Inner City Kansas City MO.

The Urban Farming Guys are a band of pioneers that are creating a sustainable community out of a slum. Like mad scientists, they are constantly on the hunt for the most innovative, accessible, low tech and reproducible solutions for a self sustaining community. They're taking on food, housing, energy and education, and creating a new and empowering paradigm.

Among other things, they are trying to grow 2,000 lbs of tilapia in a space the size of your living room! 


Too Big To Fail?: 10 Banks Own 77 Percent Of All U.S. Banking Assets


By: Pak Alert Press
Date: 2011-07-19

Back during the financial crisis of 2008, the American people were told that the largest banks in the United States were “too big to fail” and that was why it was necessary for the federal government to step in and bail them out.  The idea was that if several of our biggest banks collapsed at the same time the financial system would not be strong enough to keep things going and economic activity all across America would simply come to a standstill.  Congress was told that if the “too big to fail” banks did not receive bailouts that there would be chaos in the streets and this country would plunge into another Great Depression.  Since that time, however, essentially no efforts have been made to decentralize the U.S. banking system.  Instead, the “too big to fail” banks just keep getting larger and larger and larger.  Back in 2002, the top 10 banks controlled 55 percent of all U.S. banking assets.  Today, the top 10 banks control 77 percent of all U.S. banking assets.  Unfortunately, these giant banks are also colossal mountains of risk, debt and leverage.  They are incredibly unstable and they could start coming apart again at any time.  None of the major problems that caused the crash of 2008 have been fixed.  In fact, the U.S. banking system is more centralized and more vulnerable today than it ever has been before.

Paul Hellyer: Abolishing Fed

Bruecke Note: I might be guilty here of passing on too much unvetted information. Take it all with a grain of salt; look for the nuggets of truth. Don't shoot the messenger; just get the message, if there is one. If there isn't, make a specific & detailed comment to that effect, so that all might learn of your wisdom. Below is a quotation from late in the article that caught my eye.

[T]he next world war would be between the banks and the people of the world.  There have been skirmishes for centuries and, so far, the banks have always come out on top.  They are now taking advantage of the recent meltdown, and the resulting sovereign debt crisis to line up their heavy artillery including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve System and the Bank for International Settlements for a final conclusive battle.
As always the aim of the game is to rob the people of the world of their sovereign right to govern their own affairs, and to entrench the power of the international banks, their elite industrial allies and a small cabal of military insiders who run the world as their private fiefdom.  The word ‘unjust’ is too small a word by far to describe what they are up to….
Now, for the first time, the power exists to turn the tables and go for the jugular.  The internet is providing power to the people that they have never enjoyed before.  The young people of the world, in concert with the thousands of their parents and others who care about the state of the world can use the power of social networking to effect a miracle on their own behalf and that of succeeding generations.


Date: 2011-07-14

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau, stated that abolition or nationalization of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and disclosure and public application of new energy technologies such as anti-gravity propulsion now held in sequestered projects in the black budget national security state are a key to survival of the United States as a prosperous society, and to humanity’s survival and to its charting a positive future.

When asked in his ExopoliticsTV interview about the impact of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank on the current public debt crisis the U.S. and by extension world nations are now facing, Mr. Hellyer declared that without abolition or nationalization of the Federal Reserve Bank and the institution of a proper publicly owned central bank, the United States stands little chance of long-term survival.


Captain America blockbuster scripts attack on Norway before it happens?

Vatic Note:  More and more proof the Oslo incidence was a false flag to continue the hate promotion against America.  BOY THEY REALLY WANT THAT THIRD WORLD WAR WITH US AS THE DESIGNATED HITLERS, while the real Hitlers control and set up the entire thing, JUST LIKE THEY DID IN NAZI GERMANY.   Remember, its the Khazar Rothschilds that control all of hollywood now and these pics they make that are predictive is because they actually know what is coming since they plan, execute and carry out the false flags with full MSM support to ensure the sheep believe the news.  It was the Zionist bankers who funded Hitler as well.... now they are funding Obama.   We didn't do that attack, it was the Israeli's/Khazars who did it just like they do everything else in advance and make it look like their favorite target of choice, this time its right wing Americans... remember there are no real Al Qaeda, they were created and funded by the triservice intel agencies,  MI6, CIA, and last but not least, MOSSAD. 

Predictive Programming: Captain America blockbuster scripts attack on Norway before it happens?
Posted on on July 25, 2011

Jack Blood
Deadline Live 
We have seen it before… Movies, and pop culture eerily “predicting” world events BEFORE they actually happen. This is generally regarded with a wary eye, and chalked up as “coincidence” – BUT what if something more sinister were occurring? Could billion dollar film, record, or book companies be preparing us for a designated reaction before being faced by an actual problem – OR… Is there some weird algorithm that finds its way subconsciously through these mediums?
Inquiring minds want to know…

David Icke ☼ They Dare Not Speak Its Name ... ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM

David Icke ☼ They Dare Not Speak Its Name ... ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM

February 15, 2011

Vatic Note: Oh, wow, this is great. What a courageous man. He holds back NOT AT ALL. He hits them full force everywhere. Someone made him mad and he is striking out like you would not believe, THIS IS WORTH THE WATCH AND DOES NOT REQUIRE ONE WORD FROM ME BECAUSE HE SAYS IT ALL THAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR THE ENTIRE TIME VATIC PROJECT HAS BEEN UP. He even covers 9-11 AND THE ROTHSCHILD MINIONS WHO DID IT.  Rothschild is the OWNER of Israel.   You must listen to this,  he provides info even we didn't know and we spend a lot of time researching.  AND HE DAMN SURE BETTER NOT HAVE ANY ACCIDENTS.......

vital information from David Icke / articleThursday, 30 Dec 2010

ALEC Exposed


On July 13, 2011, the Center for Media and Democracy unveiled this trove of over 800 "model" bills and resolutions secretly voted on by corporations and politicians through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). These bills reveal the corporate collaboration reshaping our democracy, state by state.

ALEC bills, which largely benefit the organization’s corporate members, have been introduced in legislatures in every state—but without disclosing to the public that corporations previously drafted or voted on them through ALEC.

Before our publication of this trove of bills, it has been difficult to trace the numerous controversial and extreme provisions popping up in legislatures across the country directly to ALEC and its corporate underwriters.

The Center obtained copies of the bills after one of the thousands of people with access shared them, and a whistleblower provided a copy to the Center.

We have analyzed and marked up the bills and resolutions to help readers understand what the bills do, beyond the PR in the names of bills. We share them to help the public identify the legislation in their state and the wide extent of the agenda to rewrite our rights by the corporations that bankroll ALEC.

These bills and resolutions reach into almost every area of American life: worker and consumer rights, education, the rights of Americans injured or killed by corporations, taxes, health care, immigration, and the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. Only by seeing the depth and breadth and language of the bills can one fully understand the power and sweep of corporate influence behind the scenes on bills affecting the rights and future of every American in every single state.

Please join us in helping to expose ALEC, its corporations and politicians, and how money has corrupted the democratic process. You can read the bills without signing up to be a contributing editor of this site. But, we hope readers will team up with reporters to dig through the cache of documents and share the truth with others. (Here's how.)

To learn more about ALEC and this project, click here for an open letter from Lisa Graves, the executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy, publisher of ALEC Exposed.

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Banking Cartel is the Cause of Humanity's Woes


Bruecke Note: Yeah, sorry it is another old one. But gee, the title still resonates today. And look want the banking cartel took us through since this was published in 2002.

By: Henry Makow
Date: 2002-06-26

"The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins
"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." ---Thomas Jefferson
In November 1949, Eustace Mullins, 25, was a researcher in Washington DC when friends invited him to visit the famous American poet Ezra Pound, who was confined at St. Elizabeth's Mental Hospital and listed as a "political prisoner."

A leading figure in Modern English literature, Pound was the editor and critic who introduced the world to James Joyce, W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot. During the Second World War, he was charged with treason for broadcasts on Rome Radio that questioned the motives behind America's involvement.

Pound commissioned Mullins to examine the influence of the banking establishment on U.S. policy. Mullins spent every morning for two years in the Library of Congress and met with Pound every afternoon. The resulting manuscript, "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" proved too hot for any American publisher to handle. Nineteen rejected it. One said, "you'll never get this published in New York." When it finally appeared in Germany in 1955, the U.S. Military Government confiscated all 10,000 copies and burned them.

Thanks to the American Patriot Friends Network, this book is freely available on line. (I recommend you save it on your desktop, as I did.) Why is it so (excuse the pun) inflammatory?

Essentially it paints a picture of the world, and the role of the United States, which is radically different from the one we are given in school or in the media.

"Notwithstanding the war of independence against England," writes Mullins, "we remained an economic and financial colony of Great Britain." Between 1865 and 1913, he says London bankers led by the Rothschilds used agents such as J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller to gain control of American industry and organize it into cartels.


Corporate Media Runs False CIA Story Stating Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Oslo Bombings

Vatic Note:  Its becoming apparent that these false flags by the khazars are truly beginning to backfire.  Their made up covering story is not holding up beyond a few hours anymore.  As each MSM paper allows themselves to be used to promote the disinfo on these acts of inhumanity, the publishers, reporters and editors continue to put themselves in further and deeper into the crimes that will be tried and they will suffer the same punishment as those doing the crime itself.  Revenge against the nations the khazars thought they controlled is the reason.... Norway was supportive of a Palestinian state and like Japan they are paying for it. Ask yourselves, why would Muslims attack a group that just voted to support a Pal state?  They wouldn't, but the Khazars would who do not want an independant Pal state.    THE KHAZAR BANKERS ALSO DESPERATELY NEED THAT WW III and muslims and Christians fighting each other was the method they intended to use, but they have been unable to build up global hatred between the two religions sufficient to ignite such a war, so now their methods are becoming much more dangerous.  Its time someone stopped Rothschild/Israel in their tracks.  I just read something that shocked and appalled me from a report done by a commission in 1933, called "The 1933 Rohrbach Commission Report".  Its a warning to the western world and the Christian world to beware.  Notice as you read this,  the barbarity of it all.   We, in the civilized world are simply unable to comprehend this kind of brutality and inhumanity.... but we better begin to face it, acknowledge it and deal with it while we still can.  Those doing this below are the very same mongols doing this here.  Remember, these cretins are Satanists and that is even stated in this report way back then.   STAY UNITED AGAINST THESE BANKERS AS A GLOBAL COMMUNITY SO THEY CAN NEVER DO THIS AGAIN.  This commission report is exactly what Christians can look forward to if they prevail in globalizing similar to what they did in Russia as shown below.   Here is that commission Report:


All the walls were bespattered with blood. It was a horrible mixture of blood, brains and pieces of skull. Pieces of brains and of scalps were sticking to them.   “‘Some bodies were disemboweled, others had limbs chopped off, some were literally hacked to pieces. Some had their eyes put out the head, face and neck and trunk were covered with deep wounds. Further on, we found a corpse with a wedge driven into its chest. Some had no tongues. In a corner we discovered a quantity of dismembered arms and legs belonging to no bodies that we could locate.’ 
A gutter of 25 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters deep and about 10 meters long was along its length full to the top with blood. 

“‘The whole cement floor of the execution hall of the Jewish Cheka of Kiev was flooded with blood ; it formed a level of several inches.

 “The satanic Communist Chekists took pleasure in brutally torturing their victims- Many of who were Roman Catholics: The priests in Kherson were crucified. Archbishop Andronnikov of Perm had his eyes poked out and his ears and nose cut off. There were Chekists who cut open their victim's stomach, pulled out a length of small intestine, nailed it to a telegraph pole, and with a whip forced the victim to run circles around the pole until the whole intestine became unraveled. Eyes of Church dignitaries were poked out, their tongues cut off, and they were buried alive. The Bishop of Voronezh was boiled alive in a big pot, after which monks, revolvers at their heads, were ordered to drink. In Kharkov people were scalped. In Tsaritsyn and Kamyshin peoples hands were amputated with a saw. In Poltava and Kremchug the victims were impaled. In Odessa they were roasted alive in ovens or ripped to pieces. In Kiev, victims were placed in coffins with decomposing bodies and buried alive.”   From the Report in the October 1933 issue of Defender Magazine.

VN:  the story can be found at this link http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/07/22/corporate-media-runs-false-cia-story-stating-muslim-group-claimed-responsibility-olso-bombings-40311/

The CIA falsely claims a Muslim “terrorist” organization has claimed responsibility for the Oslo, Norway bombings and the corporate media is printing their lies.


Alexander Higgins Blog,  July 22, 2011

All major news outlets ran a report from a CIA analyst claiming a Muslim terrorist group took credit for the Oslo Norway bombings, which the corporate media is trying so desperately to blame on Al-Qaeda .
Even though it would make no sense for Muslims to attack Norway, who is their ally.
Regardless of the absurdity of the claim, the CIA has falsely stated that a Muslim Jihad group  has accepted responsibility for the attacks Norway bombings and not the corporate media is running their lies.
The Guardian reports:

Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive


Bruecke Note: An old article but worthy of a quick review to see where we were and where we've gone.

By: Henry Makow Ph.D.
Date: 2003-06-03

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover

The world is in the malignant grip of a satanic cult.

People recoil at the suggestion but proof stares us in the face every day.

George W. Bush, President of the "Free World" is a member of "Skull and Bones" a chapter of the Illuminati order. His father, grandfather and uncle are also members.

In his autobiography, "A Charge to Keep" Bush writes, "My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society so secret I can't say anything more." In Aug. 2000 he said his "heritage is part of who I am."
Isn't this a conflict of interest?

Hello! Can a man hold any public office, let alone the most important, and belong to a "secret society"? If this society were benign, would it have to be secret?

Banning Smart Meters...


By: ppjg
Date: 2011-07-18

This information has been gathered from around the web on SMART METERS. 

Ten counties in California have banned Smart Meters.

These wireless meters on every home and building will emit huge pulses of microwave radio frequency radiation as often as every few seconds throughout the day and night, seven days a week.  Our FCC exposure standards only cover short-term thermal (heating) effects; they do not cover long-term accumulative exposure, nor do they cover biological impacts.