Mission Statement

"The single most important quality needed to resist evil is moral autonomy. Moral autonomy is possible only through reflection, self-determination and the courage not to cooperate." Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) German philosopher


Every nation/culture/religion/peoples of the planet, for the first time are concurrently under attack as never before in the known history of the world. All the misery on the Planet earth is due to resource wars, greed, oligarch CEO's from Wall Street pressing on Politicians jugulars to grab territory, oil, minerals, uranium, spending enormous wealth as a percent of GDP of all nations, in a "planned" permanent war time economy for the benefit of a few families. The leaders of all our nations turn the entire system into DEATH, GRIEF, BARBARISM, PERVERSION, AND EXTRACTION OF WEALTH and the BLOOD of our children as slaves and as their perceived assets, SOON TO BE BRANDED CATTLE. This must and will stop through the "People-to-People" initiative

Our Purpose is

1) To Educate.

2) To Offer Resistance to the International Bankers, their Agenda, and their Hold on our Respective Governments regardless of which country.

3) To Form an International Cross-Border Community of "People-To-People" to refuse cooperation with the criminal actions of these bankers, leaders, and military in any war considered criminal, illegal, and inhumane and to purge the banking controller instigators from our nations.


The mission of the People-to-People initiative is to facilitate recovery of control of our sovereign nations, indigenous cultures, and individual lives from those that have, through out the history of mankind, continuing to this day, seek to destroy those nations, cultures and individual lives through the use of their secret societies for greed, perversion, and inhumane abuse through sex and labor slavery, organ harvesting and murder of those who sought to do their fiduciary responsibility and comply with the trust they had agreed to abide by within the electing community. Such actions will no longer go unheeded.

These members will continue to harm us, primarily the Robber barons (Rothschild, Rockefeller and foreign occupying interests of another country which is illegal under our governing documents) should we do nothing to resist their actions. The Global elite includes monarchies, corporations, Wall Street bankers and the governments controlled by those same interests.

By connecting directly with each other, "people-to-people" are committed to recovering the freedom, dignity, sovereignty, wealth and safety of all persons within our respective nations. In so doing we reject the status of 'goyim', 'slave', 'cattle', or 'owned assets', rather we will live as freemen and women to pursue our care for our families, our talents, skills, HEALTH and interests without interference. People-to-People will commit to a global sense of community with our fellow brethern and work tirelessly to ensure such freedoms and liberties for all.

Therefore, as sovereign individuals, united by love and respect for our fellow man, people-to-people hereby refuse to co-operate in any activities deemed harmful to that mission, including cooperating in any and all wars, overt or covert, that require the killing of our fellow man solely for the perverted and greedy interests of the aforementioned individuals and/or entities. The remaining acts that we will not cooperate in with be listed in the goals and objectives section of this initiative.  

The success of our mission will be measured by the arrest, prosecution, conviction and encarceration of all the International Banking Criminals and their operatives for their war crimes, crimes against humanity, theft, and terrorist attacks conducted in every country to promote and advance their agenda of world domination.
It will also be reflected in the laying down of arms of all our people in any unjust and illegal wars of aggression against any other nation who has not harmed or threatened any other nation.  It will also be reflected in the establishment of a revised economic and banking system under the control of the people and not the international bankers.