Gang of NZ Police Storm onto Private Property and Knock out 15 Year Old Girls Teeth

Vatic Note:  My first thought when I read this is the "social engineering" of our culture to permanently change it into a highly repressed and fear driven condition which keeps us from growing both emotionally, and spiritually. To be brutalized at the age of 15 does permanent and massive damage to the psche of a young girl, who literally did nothing wrong.

The message is, your being, is enough to brutalize you, your behavior is irrelevant.  Add this to the humiliation, fondling of Children by TSA at our airports and what do you have?  A socially engineered adult population when they grow up that expects and will accept sexual and physical violence put upon them by the state. They won't question anything. 

Add that to the dumbing down education system that also aids in that fear and repression, you have a perfect storm for total loss of freedom.  Now add psychotropic drugs to that, you then, when these drugged kids are adults, then we will have a NWO military, willing to brutalize, murder or do anything violent to those who resist or express any dissent.  There is no one except their parents available to counter this socializing desensitization that is occurring. Time for parents to seriously take the time to teach them what is right and trash the IPOD. Without limits, there is no civilization that can continue.

They are doing this because they do not want to spend their ill gotten wealth on security for their own safety.  They  as much as said that.  Let us monitor ourselves with that little policeman in our head. Its much cheaper that way, so a good dose of violence now, pays off for the leaders later, in saved costs of population control. As we know, Matrialism is their god, and everything they do is geared toward that god no matter what it takes to acquire and not have to spend.  What they did not think about is our kids and many kids they do not control have had access to the same video games, IPOD games and indoctrination from their families and communities and that can turn against these totally insane perverts who are so sick, and do unto them what their IPOD's taught them to do. Now that would be poetic justice. I suspect they will find it pretty damn hot in the future and not near as pleasant as they had hoped.

In order to have NO REBELLION after they globalize, they have to have complete and unquestioning obedience to their orders and no questioning anything.  We are cattle and need to just do as we are told quickly and with no lip of any kind.  These potential leaders of this global NWO are also Satanists as we have proven on here and what we see here is a sacrifice of innocence gone forever, to satan. But soon, they will join others like them in that perverted place of darkness and I can't think of any group of people that deserve it more.

Gang of NZ Police Storm onto Private Property and Knock out 15 Year Old Girls Teeth
By JG Vibes
February 12, 2013

The government police monopoly has grown in brutality over the years, along with the size of the state and its ever-expanding list of laws that turn nonviolent people into targets for violence and extortion.

Every day we hear from different cities, states and countries, receiving pictures and videos of situations where nonviolent people are literally treated like animals by these state sanctioned thugs, in most cases on their on private property, or the private property of someone else who did not invite the police.

This has been happening across the world, especially in the European Union and North America.  (VN:  If you keep in mind, cities have been sending their cops (NYC is one) to Israel to learn how to fight domestic terrorism.  Apparently "protesting" or in this case, having a party, is now domestic terrorism.  I am telling you 9-11, opened the door for this work under the bogus terrorism fight and its brutalizing our people.  If we do not resolve 9-11 and get justice, then this is going to get out of hand and it will forever change our world.  This we must never let happen. Its the New World Order in its "red pill" reality.)

 This week in New Zealand a story broke about a gang of police who trespassed on private property to break up a peaceful teenage party, smashed in a 15-year-old girls face and knocked out her teeth, sending her to the emergency room for the night.

The following is an excerpt from a 3 News NZ article, keep in mind that this pro-police, mainstream propaganda crafted as an apology to the police state:
“Police are investigating allegations a 15-year-old girl was assaulted by officers at an out-of-control party in Howick at the weekend.
Two images of a bloodied and bruised young woman were posted to the 3 News Facebook pages on Sunday, with partygoer Anna Gardiner identifying the woman as her friend, Ella Mere Ekatone. 

CNN News footage of Sandy Hook was filmed at a DHS drill at Rose Lima School next to Sandy Hook

Vatic Note:  What this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Homeland Security, who announced and ran the drill, and said nothing about the Press coverage showing what was sold to us as  Sandy Hill school in real time  being filmed and it was clearly not sandy Hook that they were filming, it was Rose Lima school down the road from sandy hook.  If DHS did not disclose this when they saw the video on CNN, then they were part of it either pre event or post event.  

I suspect it was pre-event and I even suspect that dept was set up to do exactly what they are doing, which is to terrorize Americans into doing their polical agenda and that is the definition of Terror.  So, is DHS, a defacto terrorist organization on American soil to bring us down?  If so, then they need to be prosecuted for HIGH TREASON WHICH IS A DEATH PENALTY OFFENSE. And if children died in this farce, then they also need to be charged with first degree murder, and crimes against humanity.  Remember, if the system does not work, then its incumbant upon us to do the deeds ourselves through the process given to us in the Constitution.  Citizen Grand Juries.  

Then we can serve them, give them notice, and if they refuse to show up to defend themselves, they are guilty by default and sentencing can then be imposed.  Believe it or not, that would be legal.   Remember, our country was based, founded and operated on the Rule of Law.  We must never lose site of that or we simply become them.

PROOF - Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax - Anderson Cooper knows
Published by gmoore49 on Feb 10, 2013
I originally thought posting 3 videos on the Sandy Hook Hoax would be enough, but I found I needed to make one more!! Make this go viral. Copy it. Link it. Repost it. Whatever. This is a compilation of the latest and BEST evidence Sandy Hook was CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY a Government sponsored Media Hoax.

I have already posted a 3 part video series exposing the 10 major points which show that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a government false flag hoax. How much was real and how much was fake remains to be seen. Did these children really die? 

Since this was a government and media sponsored hoax, it is certainly possible that these children did not actually die!! Because law enforcement, government officials, and both the mainstream and alternative media have NOW proven themselves to be untrustworthy con artists, we may never get to the whole truth of the matter.


Credits given in the video.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Trusts Offer a Legal Loophole for Buying Restricted Guns

Vatic Note:   Under normal circumstances I would have asked, "What in the world does anyone need a powerful machine gun for and  silencers?"  But after these past 10 years and the brutality and history of the foreign occupiers of our government in murdering American Citizens for political purposes, which is the classic definition of terrorism, I now understand perfectly why these people want and need it.  In fact, I would say that I would not understand anyone refusing to own one.  That is what these idiots have done to  themselves.

In their rush to disarm us so ruthlessly, using false flags and manipulation of the press, they have actually accomplished the opposite. We now know of their acts against us, such as 

1. that wounded unarmed 19 year old boy laying on the deck of that rescue ship in Israel, to deliver survival products to Pals and the Israeli's executed him as he lay there wounded....That is not war, that is murder, and of course, 

2. because of Vanunu, we now know that Israel also did 9-11 and that is supported by dual Israeli citizen Chertoffs act of giving Immunity "...TO ISRAEL FOR ANYTHING SHE MIGHT HAVE DONE ON 9-11." Passed by our congress and signed by the President without questioning it and using the excuse that they did not read it.

3Because of 9-11, some of us found out about the USS Liberty that we did not know before.  I am one of those. I was shocked, but no longer.  ..so, needless to say, after that is.....

4.  The Rachael Corrie incidence, where an unarmed young girl of only 19 was brutally run over intentionally by an Israel who got off in court for murder, because she was protesting the destruction of the home of a Palestinian family.   

5.  The final straw that broke the camels back was the evidence that Israel was in complete control of our military,  as evidenced by their horrible treatment of our soldiers which is historical in its mean spiritedness and ruthlessness and brutality to those who loyally served our nation.  

Because of  these 6 major mistakes, in all this, we have learned not to turn our backs or believe anything these people say about anything.  Now, whose fault is all that?  Not ours, we did not open that Pandora's box.  The real enemy of the USA did that,  which are the Zionist bankers,  Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Israel and her subservient slave, Britain.

Thus the push for gun control has backfired. I find it interesting that intuitively so many people knew it was time to buy guns and stock up on ammo.  It must be our creative energy that did that. Over 63 million guns have been sold since 2009 when Obama took office.  There were already 250 million guns in the hands of the American people, so now there are even more.

In treating our soldiers like enemies and trying to disarm them as well, they have also turned the sheep, who love their soldiers, into enemies as well.  We owe a debt of gratitude to whoever was the brain behind all these moves that helped us with the sheep.  We could not have done it without you.

It was the first time I was encouraged about the sheep.  And it was after that, in talking to some that I had tried to talk to before, I see now that EVERYONE knows.  Its going to be a lot harder for these foreign invaders to massacre us like they did in Russia since 1917, but they will, at least this time, take some very serious losses.   This will not be a cake walk, remember, we come from pioneer stock.  We know how to tough it out. 

I am almost partially glad they are making this about God.  They are satans minions doing his will in harming so many, especially children... which has motivated our side to understand that this truly is a spiritual war we are engaged in for sure.   We know who the winner of that will be without a doubt.

And after that the 1000 years of prosperity and light will be our reality.  I can hardly wait to get this over with.  I am also glad for the creative understanding these guys had to use a trust to cover themselves.   We know now its a way to get around some of the restricted weapons we will need.

February 25, 2013

Trusts Offer a Legal Loophole for Buying Restricted Guns
A growing number of shooting enthusiasts are creating legal trusts to acquire machine guns, silencers or other items whose sale is restricted by federal law — a mechanism that bypasses the need to obtain law enforcement approval or even undergo criminal background checks.
The trusts, called gun trusts, are intended to allow the owners of the firearms to share them legally with family members and to pass them down responsibly. They have gained in popularity, gun owners say, in part because they may offer protection from future legislation intended to prohibit the possession or sale of the firearms.
But because of a loophole in federal regulations, buying restricted firearms through a trust also exempts the trust’s members from requirements that apply to individual buyers, including being fingerprinted, obtaining the approval of a chief local law enforcement officer and undergoing a background check.
Lawyers who handle the trusts and gun owners who have used them say that a majority of customers who buy restricted firearms through trusts do not do so to avoid such requirements. And most gun dealers continue to require background checks for the representative of the trust who picks up the firearm. But not all do.
Christopher J. Dorner, the former Los Angeles police officer who embarked on a weeklong assault on law enforcement officers this month that ended with his death on Feb. 12, said in a rambling 11,000-word manifesto that he had used a gun trust to buy silencers and a short-barreled rifle from a gun store in Nevada without a background check.
Referring to a computer program available from the personal finance software company Quicken, Mr. Dorner wrote, “I was able to use a trust account that I created on quicken will maker and a $10 notary charge at a mailbox etc. to obtain them legally.” Mr. Dorner was not a felon and probably would have passed a background check had he received one.
Mike Campbell, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which enforces firearms regulations, said that applications filed with the A.T.F. for transfers of restricted firearms to trusts or corporations have more than doubled in the last four years, to more than 39,000 in 2012 from about 15,000 in 2008. He said the increase was largely attributable to the growth in the number of trusts. 


Will the U.S. Military be ordered to Fire on American Citizens?

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By the way.  We made our fund raising for the month tonight thanks to a reader from Britain.  Its nice to know we have such a great cross section of readers from around the globe to join those here in America.  We are all on the same page.  

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Connecticut mulls death certificate limits after Newtown Media requests death records of Sandy Hook shooting victims

Vatic Note:  This would set a precedence resulting in the use by high up officials to cover up crimes that would be prosecutable, and given the scandels in Child Protective Services, globally, pimping these children out to high up officials to be used sexually for satanic rituals, or blood drinking, its not a good idea since then crimes could not be proven without a death certificate and the press is the watch dog so that does not happen. (I am certainly not talking about the MSM who are as guilty as the rest of them and owned by the perps).

Because they will not release those death certificates, we do not know: 
1. Whether anyone really died at all,
2.  If they did, how?  Where they shot, throat slit, etc.
3.  Confirmation of who the victims were and not left up to the powers that be to "say" who the victims were.  Given the condition of our politics at this point, its not only prudent, but essential, since trust no longer exists and we believe nothing of what any of them say anymore, which includes their owned MSM.

4.   All they had to do was black out the info on the family information and only provide the evidence of death and by what manner.  

I keep thinking of 9-11 where 7 of the so called hijackers who died in the terrorist attack, were eventually found alive in their home country of Saudi Arabia.  I also keep thinking about the fact that if these children actually exist, then where are they if they are not dead?  DOES INTERNATIONAL CHILD SEX TRADE ring a bell?  There are currently 800,000 missing children in the US alone, not including any other country, so its in the millions.  Where are these kids? Granted there are abductions not related to this, but its a large enough number to assume at least half of these are not family related abductions.

I keep thinking about Dynacorp and the missing children in Bosnia, that were found in sex slave trades internationally. We covered that all the way back in  2010 in a blog.   So its not like it doesn't happen.  How else can they get the sacrificed children they need?  Remember, this is an ancient practice going all the way back to the old testament, with the edomites sacrificing their own children to the god Molech. That has not changed in thousands of years.

Lets remember, all the children killed in Dunlap Scotland to cover up the British leaders who used those children for just such purposes and they were all killed by a low level satanist to prevent their testimony in an investigation that was going on.  Their deaths prevented the continued investigation and subsequent prosecution since they were the only witnesses to such crimes.  Children are notoriously unreliable in keeping their mouths shut about such things. 

Hearse carrying casket of Jack Pinto on way to Newtown Village Cemetery
Eric Thayer/Reuters

HARTFORD, Conn. —A town clerk says she's been inundated with media requests for copies of death certificates of the victims of the Newtown, Conn., school shootings and believes much of that information should not be released to the public.

                               Photo -  Eric Thayer/Reuters

Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia says she's concerned that details such as where the children are buried and their mothers' maiden names will be misused. She says families have been threatened and intimidated since the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (VN: oh, that is pathetic.  They really do think we are stupid.  Now why would anyone threaten and intimidate the families of these children? I do not believe it for one moment, and like everything else about this event, its badly done.  They used the worst actors and have had the most lame explanations for anything, including this one.  What a farce.)

Aurelia said her office has not yet released any requested death certificates.
Several related bills have been proposed. On Friday, the Government Administration and Elections Commission heard testimony on one bill exempting death certificates of minors from public disclosure for 10 years.

Both open records advocates and genealogists oppose such legislation.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Aleister Crowley: His Story, His Elite Ties and His Legacy

Vatic Note:  This is another of our "Not for fast food readers" type offering.  I have never read this much in depth about this man ever before.  This is not only comprehensive, but surprising about who this man was and what he did.  British secret service, high level people followed this man, such as the co-founder of the Jet Propulsion laboratory.  etc.  Its a must read all the way through.

Figures that the Monarchy and Rothschild of London, would produce such a successful occultist, who by the way was "rumored" to have killed 150 young boys that he molested during his tour of crime in Britain.  It was stated that he said, he used those boys for Occult rituals, and killed them after sexually molesting them for the sacrifice he made to gain power.  Its how he got the reputation of being evil.

Reminds me of the missing indigenous children of Canada and the Queen with the 10 missing children she took to lunch, and were later found dead and buried on Church grounds.

This story does not say, but what could Aleister Crowley offer the British and American governments in the way of secret intelligence?  Was he used to set up political figures for blackmail?  Could it be that his following included high levels of political operatives that controlled public policy?  I don't know, but because of his own practices that he bragged about, I would suspect that may well be the case.  

He was active right around the turn of the century, so its possible, since much of what has come to light today was foundationally set up back then, like the protocols, and Crowley was the one to talk about world wars and using them for achieving their goals.  In fact this below makes the point that where we are today, was foundationed during Crowleys reign. 

How true that is, I do not know, but read this and research and decide for yourselves.  I do know that the "dark arts of the occult" has a major hold on our country and the globe right now.  So, its possible. Many now call themselves Luciferians

One of his most famous followers was Jack Parsons, co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Labratory.  See how little we know about our world and who is big in it?  With the depth and breadth of this effort to bring us down, it has had to be this bad for a very very long time.This shows at least since the early 20th century. 

One last point written below..... As an agent for the brits he played a big role in the sinking of the Lusitania that got us into world war.  Its actually documented. 

Aleister Crowley: His Story, His Elite Ties and His Legacy
by Vigilant Citizen, Dec 14th, 2011 

The man who revelled in being called “Great Beast 666″ and dubbed by the press as the “Wickedest Man in History” was more than a theatrical occultist: Aleister Crowley is at the heart of one of the most influential movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

He also had ties with some of the world’s most powerful figures, even working with the British Intelligence Agency MI-5. This article describes the life and works of occultist Aleister Crowley and looks at his ties with the world elite which facilitated the propagation of the Thelema.

Aleister Crowley

Although he is considered to be the most influential occultist of the 20th century and was recognized by the BBC as the 73rd “greatest Briton of all time”, most people have never heard of Aleister Crowley. The English occultist, mystic and ceremonial magician is incredibly popular in some circles (occultists, artists, celebrities, etc.) but completely unknown to the average person.

And why should he be known? What did he accomplish? Simply put, he foreshadowed the radical philosophical change that would sweep the Western civilization during the 20th century. By founding the philosophy of Thelema and announcing the coming of a New Aeon, Crowley did not only formulate the major philosophical precepts of the 21st century, he was part of the Illuminist motor that promoted it.

Because of Crowley’s sexual rituals, drug consumption and dabblings in Black Magick (he introduced the letter “k” at the end of “magic” to differentiate it from the entertainment kind) , Crowley was maligned and heavily criticized by the press during his lifetime.

However, declassified documents have since revealed that the “Great Beast 666″ led a double life: Crowley apparently maintained ties with the British Government and worked with the British intelligence and high-ranking members of the American Government. The O.T.O.–the secret society he popularized–held within its ranks some of the most influential people of the time, who in turn used their power to further the advancement of its main philosophy: the Thelema.

His Youth

Young Crowley
Crowley was born to a wealthy and religious family. His parents were part of the Exclusive Brethren, a conservative faction of the Christian denomination  called the Plymouth Brethren. His father, a traveling preacher for his sect, was particularly devout and was said to read a chapter from the verse to his wife and son every day after breakfast. 1 While Crowley maintained a good relationship with his father, he despised his mother, who described him as “the beast” – a name he later adopted as his life-long moniker.

After losing his father to lung cancer at age 11, Crowley inherited the family fortune and went on studying English literature at Trinity College in Cambridge. It is during those academic years that Crowley began renouncing and even rebelling against his Christian background.

He seriously questioned the Bible, partook in sexual activities with local girls and prostitutes and developed an acute interest in occultism. Another symbolic step towards his self-affirmation was his name change from Edward Alexander to Aleister. Here’s an excerpt from his autobiography describing the reasons behind his name change:
“For many years I had loathed being called Alick, partly because of the unpleasant sound and sight of the word, partly because it was the name by which my mother called me. Edward did not seem to suit me and the diminutives Ted or Ned were even less appropriate. Alexander was too long and Sandy suggested tow hair and freckles.
I had read in some book or other that the most favourable name for becoming famous was one consisting of a dactyl followed by a spondee, as at the end of a hexameter: like Jeremy Taylor. Aleister Crowley fulfilled these conditions and Aleister is the Gaelic form of Alexander. To adopt it would satisfy my romantic ideals.
The atrocious spelling A-L-E-I-S-T-E-R was suggested as the correct form by Cousin Gregor, who ought to have known better. In any case, A-L-A-I-S-D-A-I-R makes a very bad dactyl. For these reasons I saddled myself with my present nom-de-guerre—I can’t say that I feel sure that I facilitated the process of becoming famous. I should doubtless have done so, whatever name I had chosen.” 2
Perhaps Crowley’s most significant experiences of his youth were his homosexual relations which, according to his later biographer Lawrence Sutin, led him to an “encounter with an immanent deity”. This triggered in him a great interest in occultism, secret societies and, more specifically, what he will later call Sex Magick.



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Vatic Note:  Now this was really educational and an eye opener.  An Israeli professor of History at the University of Tel Aviv, wrote a book that dispells the "myth" that the European Jews that settled Israel and badgered and terrorized the British into giving them the holy land, are not the true inheritors of that land.  They are not genetically of the 12 tribes of Israel.

In fact, this professor confirms the genesis of these ashkenazi's as being Khazars from khazaria.  That makes a large number of researchers confirming that fact.  But this time its from an Israeli with credentials.   Why is this important?  Because many horrors are being done in the Jewish peoples name that are not theirs, rather belong exclusively to the Khazarian Edomites. 

Its time that everyone faces up to "TRUTH" In all its naked glory.  It explains so much.  Remember the khazars hated the semitic arab Muslims, and that included semitic Jews of the Bible.  The khazars believed them to be weak and soft. They don't kill without conscience and with relish as the khazars are so adept at doing.

The Myth of the Jewish People  (VN: the ashkenazi Jews are what he is talking about, who are not the Jews of the Bible.)

By Jamal Kanj,  Redress and Analysis

The Invention of the Jewish People is a book written by Shlomo Sand, an Israeli professor of history at the University of Tel Aviv.  The author wasn’t probing a belief system but Zionist fabrications of a spurious common lineage for people of the Jewish faith.

Sand argues that the idea of Jews having a common ethnic identity is implausible because, as with Christianity and Islam, Judaism was originally a “proselytising religion”.  The notion of Judaism as a “race”, rather than a religion of various races, is without foundation.

The results of a recently published study by Israeli-American geneticist Dr Eran Elhaik at John Hopkins University have scientifically and genetically validated Sand’s research.

Modern political Zionism, which otherwise rejects the Christian Bible, adopted the untested story of “Jewish exile” to establish a mythical linkage between European Jews and the Middle East.

The idea of a “nation race” was progressively developed and reinforced over centuries among segregated Jewish communities in Europe. (VN: Those are the migrated Khazar edomites).  With the rise of German nationalism in the 19th century, Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz “retrospectively” crafted a discrete identity for the ghettoized people –  mapping their origin to an old kingdom and wandering exiles.

The exiles tales transpired from a Christian myth of “divine punishment” imposed on Jews for rejecting the new religion.  The parable is likely to have originated from the Old Testament story of Jews wandering the desert for disobeying God and worshipping a golden calf.

Christians propagated the concept of exile to lure “disobeying” Jews to the new religion, becoming their saviour from another eternal banishment.  Modern political Zionism, which otherwise rejects the Christian Bible, adopted the untested story of “Jewish exile” to establish a mythical linkage between European Jews and the Middle East.

Another of our gifted solutions: Amazing Free Energy

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Vatic Note:  I can't imagine that the powers that be would allow this to happen if we as a people take it very seriously.  Given their plans on how this planet will be run and controlled  along with all the people in it, it would surprise me if they don't attack this sometime soon.  In the meantime, if we are quiet about it, and go about just doing it, then they may well miss this one.  

Its a solution worth trying. As they take more wealth from us, we can return the favor by saving more using free energy.   Its a great idea and we should pursue it.  Thanks Mrgalleria.... for this info and all the links to help us put it together.  Here is another link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng-ZkAStWMc

That link is for building a Top Magnetic Generator.  This entire evil programming going on over the world,  may well serve a purpose and that is to free us up from the rigid and controlled environment we have been existing in (I didn't want to use the word "living" in, because what we have been doing for hundreds of years is existing).... living is what we are doing now with all this creativity needed to manipulate our environment.   Maybe good is about to come out of all of this.  

Note:  There are links here rather than actual photos etc so  I don't run the risk of publishing copywrite material without permission.  So just go to the sites listed with links.  

Uploaded by mrgalleria on Sep 18, 2010
The best source of clean, hugely abundant free electricity, that is everywhere on the planet. Finally, a great riddle has been solved.

Thanks to wonderful researchers like Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, Lee Rogers, Stan Meyers, Andrija Puharch, Daniel Dingle, Floyd Sweet, Wilhelm Reich, Keely, Chris Hunter, Bob Boyce, Richard Clem, Viktor Grebennikov, Milkovic, Herman Anderson, Thomas Moray, Tom Bearden, Charles Pogue, Bendini, and The Creator.


How to build a Tesla coil-

Tesla's Electric car-

Proof that sparks move towards the Tesla coil, see the many photos and video on this page, very exciting-

High voltage in acrylic-

Tesla coil-

Don't try this-

Unlimited Free Energy- Lightning-

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

50 ways to leave your lover, er, NO, I mean, love your liver

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We promise to continue to earn that trust you have shown us if we make our goal and are allowed to continue this work.  AS most of you know we are almost to D Day, so hopefully, we won't have to ask for anymore donations in the future.  If we do have to ask, that means we made it.  Remember march is one of their favorite months to pull off their insane antics.

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Vatic Note: Not much to say here except that without your health, nothing else will come easily.  With your health you can take on anything.   Our liver is as vital to good health as is our heart, and in some cases, even more so. The powers that be know all these things, since some are doctors, researchers, etc.

So, ask yourselves, why, then, would a seed company embed chemicals into a seed and if they did not research, then any deaths are manslaughter with jail time and if they did do research, then they knew what they were doing and that is first degree murder.

Makes one wonder.  Lots of murderers on board this foreign occupied government.  If there is no rule of law for these foreign occupiers, then we must be the rule of law and take care of it ourselves.

What would we do to anyone who tried to murder us and no one would arrest them.  Wouldn't you begin to wonder when they would try again and with what method.  I would.  Well, same with Monsanto. A trial and sentencing is definitely called for here.  Read and you decide.  At least with this we have a way to heal ourselves again before its too late.

liver50 ways to love your liver: Home remedies to detox and keep the life in your liver
Friday, February 22, 2013 by: JB Bardot, Natural News
(NaturalNews) Your liver is your body's primary organ of detoxification; when it's not well, neither are you. The human liver filters drugs, nutrients and toxins from the body, produces bile to help digest fats, and removes toxic bilirubin from the blood. Home remedies, foods and alternative treatments keep your liver happy and keep your body healthy.

Foods that strengthen the liver 

Organic foods supply nutrients without pesticides and chemicals

· Vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage increase liver enzymes to flush carcinogens
· Beets and carrots promote increased liver function with beta-carotene
· Healthy fats such as olive, coconut and flax seed oils protect against gallstones
· Garlic and onions activate liver enzymes flushing toxins
· Dark chocolate -- 85 percent cocoa or better -- provides antioxidant protection against cirrhosis
· Drink half your weight in ounces daily in filtered, fluoride-free water
· Avocados and walnuts provide glutathione to cleanse toxins
· Apples are high in pectin removing toxins from the digestive tract, protecting the liver
· Two tablespoons of lemon juice daily with water alkalizes the blood and detoxifies
· Non-GMO lecithin supports the liver and gallbladder in fat digestion
· Leafy green vegetables stimulate the flow of bile

What damages the liver?

Some foods and additives flood the liver with chemicals, interfering with its ability to adequately clear the body of toxins.
· Genetically modified foods (GMOs)
· Trans fats and hydrogenated oils
· High fructose corn syrup
· Sodas loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners
· MSG, a food additive and flavor enhancer found in almost all processed foods
· Alcohol, especially if you have liver disease
· Processed and fast foods devoid of adequate nutrition
· Soy-based foods, unless fermented
· Medicines that can overload the liver causing long-term damage.


Lifestyle changes support the digestive system, helping to strengthen liver function and lessen the burden on detoxification.
· Regular exercise stimulates digestion
· Chew food well to release digestive enzymes
· Encourage sweating to remove toxins through the skin, relieving the liver
· Maintain intestinal health by avoiding toxin buildup in the bowel
· Avoid smoking cigarettes
· Use chemical-free, cleaning and personal care products
· Avoid chemical yard and bug sprays

Liver treatments

Herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies repair damage and maintain liver health. Consult a natural health practitioner for dosing guidelines.
· Milk thistle fights oxidation and free radicals, reversing cirrhosis
· Burdock root: cleanses the liver and assists detoxification
· Green tea is high in catechins that support liver function
· Dandelion is a natural detox flush
· Turmeric reduces inflammation relieving symptoms of cirrhosis
· Cinnamon reduces blood levels of glucose and fructose slowing development of fatty liver disease
· Aloe vera is a digestive tonic and pain reliever
· Alpha Lipoic Acid possesses antioxidant properties; supporting healthy liver function
· Activated charcoal protects the liver by absorbing toxins
· Ayurveda suggests cleansing the liver with highly alkaline sugarcane or pomegranate juice
· Mix turmeric powder with milk and drink daily
· Chewing fennel seeds after meals aids digestion
· Avoid supplementing with iron unless under medical supervision

Homeopathic remedies

· Nux vomica -- Indicated for enlarged livers due to alcohol abuse
· Carduus marianus -- Indicated for jaundice, headache, nausea, vomiting and a white tongue. Relieves gallstone colic.
· Natrum Sulphuricum -- Dissolves gallstones and relieves hepatitis
· Ammonium muriaticum -- Used for pinching, shooting pains in the upper right abdomen
· Taraxacum -- Indicated for hardened livers, accompanied by jaundice, bilious diarrhea, and gastritis
· Chelidonium -- Indicated for an enlarged live, sharp stitching pains worse on the right side extending to the right shoulder blade
· Rumex Crispus -- Stimulates digestion and cleanses the gallbladder and bile ducts
· Bryonia -- Relieves stitching pains in the right side of the abdomen made worse with movement. Relieves jaundice brought on by anger.
· Podophyllum -- Used to increase the flow of bile and relieve congestion and jaundice accompanied by diarrhea

Sources for this article include:
Boericke, William; Materia Medica and Repertory; Jain Publishing, 1998

About the author:

JB Bardot is an herbalist and a classical homeopath, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition. Bardot cares for both people and animals, using alternative approaches to health care and lifestyle. She writes about wellness, green living, alternative medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and naturopathic medicine. You can find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001364941208&ref=tn_tnmn or on Twitter at jbbardot23 or https://twitter.com/jbbardot23

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