UPDATE: ON MILITARY SUPPLY MOVEMENT: ATTN: Militia, Armed Citizens, Sheriffs, and Vets

UPDATE: please check out this additional info found on those troop movements,  at this utube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDtPnsP2QiU%20  .  Spouses and families of soldiers overseas, tell your sons and daughters to find a way home, we need them, if martial law is enacted. 

There were more transports of tanks (see additional links in this update of these military weapons and equipment being shipped inland.).    I had to go to the other computer since they would not let me do this on my regular computer.  These other transports are  through towns in Ca such as Hayward, Castroville, and Morgan Hill.  This is it folks.  IF THIS WERE FOR IRAN OR THE MIDDLE EAST THE CAMO WOULD BE DESERT, ITS NOT, SO ITS FOR MARTIAL LAW.  If they do martial law, steal every piece of weaponry you can get your hands on.  Hackers are critical to our success in order to take out the drones. 

I guess the polls must have shown that Ron Paul was going to win the election, so of course, they can't have that happen, so now this.   Here comes forced service in the miltiary to fight for the fascists agenda for profit and greed.  NOW is the time to ignore anything they tell you to do at the point of a gun.   Agree and do the opposite.    Soon, get ready and DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS OR IT WILL BE OVER and these are not humantarian people in either china or russia or Israel.   The Israeli's control both countries and this is a scam of the most murderous ever.  Obama is also a dual Israeli citizen as we proved on here.  Nothing else was working so now they are using force soon.  Intel gathering should start now, supply lines etc.  Its why they wanted that north American corridor so they could protect their supply lines.  Texans saved us from that, so GO TEXAS..... we love ya.  

Uploaded by on Jan 21, 2012

This video was uploaded to facebook via mobile by a Mr Andrew Tuckman on January 19th 2012, with the following caption.

"I began filming this after a dozen or so train cars went by on a stretch of track south of Santa Cruz California. Where are the military vehicles going? Why are they being shipped? What could this possibly be for? Barack Obama, what are you up to? We want answers....."
Here are 3 other videos, uploaded the same day of this same train.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRMYMFD2fKQ   - Hayward, Ca.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e7KJerIit0 - Castroville, Ca.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzCGBYcCta0 - Morgan Hill, Ca.

Vatic Note:  Remember, there are over 10,000 Chinese troops south of our border  into Mexico, which we documented ON THIS BLOG not only with maps but photographs of their facilities.   Also remember, ITS INTENTIONAL THAT our soldiers are all over seas with Iran getting ready to be attacked which means they will use that excuse to draft us and we MUST REFUSE TO FIGHT FOR THE ELITE.  Only for our militia and ourselves to protect our nation and not for their bogus world war for profit.  Never fight for them at all.  Steal the tanks,  take out the rail lines,  supply lines, and anything else needed to stop their troop movements against our people.  Do electronic interference in their military communications which are in the air now using barium so try and prevent our knowing their plans or interference, but we are creative and smart.   We can do this ourselves.    Our BANKING AND CORPORATE leaders are on the side of the so called created enemy.   If you need proof its a bogus war, just check this out below before the video.   This is the president of Iran.   Also watch out in alaska since Russian troops have militarized the Arctic circle.  That means they will come down from there through Alaska, so get ready up there as well.  You know your land geography far better than they do.  AND HACKERS GET READY TO TAKE OUT THE DRONES.  Here is just one proof this is all planned at the top of every country. 

Proof the President of Iran is Jewish.   I had one of his doing Baphomet hand sign and they purged it today.... I SENT IT IN AN EMAIL AND RIGHT AFTERWARDS THE CYBERWARRIORS REMOVED IT.   but its exactly a picture of the President of Iran doing the same exact hand sign as Obama's doing.  They did not want you to know this is all planned at the highest levels of corporate and banking international levels just like WW II , WW I and Russian Revolution during WW I and we are suppost to join in and they then take over. Many of our leaders are in on it in the USA, China,  Russia, and Europe.  Everyone is in on it except the people who will pay the price  WE MUST ONLY DEFEND AND REFUSE ANY DRAFT, REFUSE TO GO OVERSEAS AND STAY HERE AND DEFEND OUR NATION AGAINST THE TRAITORS AND FOREIGN TROOPS THEY HAVE READY TO OCCUPY US.   SOLDIERS OVERSEAS, FIND A WAY BACK HOME "WE NEED YOU HERE".   MILITIA, GET READY.   

(Hundreds of) Tanks Spotted Today at Watsonville, CA Santa Cruz
Uploaded by on Jan 20, 2012

Mobile video taken Today Filmed in Watsonville, CA South of Santa Cruz


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THE OMEN Costa Concordia decks named after the 13 EU nations

Vatic Note:  Indeed, the occult indicators are definitely there.   Naming the decks of the countries involved in the EU and then the sinking of the ship, etc.... Etc.   Read the writing in red below and you will see all the similarities to what these truly sick people do.  This ship sinking is the EU economic system sinking... etc.  He does a great job on showing how this fits into their pagan occult murder rituals and they get to test their weapons system at the same time.  Perverted is too nice a word for what these so called elite truely are, sick.  We better fight them like there is no tomorrow.   I do not mean head on either. 

THE OMEN Costa Concordia decks named after the 13 EU nations
Posted by George Freund,  Conspiracy Cafe
on January 17, 2012 at 2:40 PM






4 10 11 SB SM SU


5 7 10 S


4 8 9 11 MS


4 7 8 11 S MS

Gran Bretagna

3 7 8 11 MS





1 2 7 11 12


1 6 11 12
Are you getting the drift? No pun intended. The Costa Concordia is the omen of the future of the European Union collapse set to happen this year. This is no joke. The illuminists' rituals are sacred. Can you wonder why Captain Schettino fled? if we are correct in assuming the ship was 'sacrificed' for the harlot riding the red beast, he may well have anticipated martyrdom.

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal

Vatic Note: In the blog about Kucinich, we included a note from Dick Eastman who talks about the relationship of our elite to the drug cartels and how they are being used intentionally to destroy this nation and bring it down violently. Well, its the cash deposits from those drug cartels that are money laundered to finance anything they do to us.  Remember the drug business is a Bush/Cheney enterprise that is still running strong under Obama.

Ask youself, who provided millions of dollars in SUV's, American military uniforms, American military weapons such as rocket launchers and granade launchers to the cartels across the border that were stashed ready for major military action??? Who has the money to fund a full army of drug cartels, private mercenary contractors, and gangs like the M13 gang??? There is only one place that has an interest in supplying such cartels etc along our border and then the next question is "why"?

Is Regionalizing the goal? Create the problem and then fix it with Regional Governance or "security" as they always like to call it? Is it to get rid of the hated Americans who are too independant thinking? Is it to create choas to justify martial law??? Is it to create Chaos to justify the use of foreign troops on our soil??? Is it to collect our guns? Is it all of the above? I don't know since I am not privy to their reasons and agendas, but I can guess. Anyone else have a better or additional idea of why they are doing this to us and then declaring part of our land off limits to American citizens in a sovereign state and acceding it to the Mexican drug cartels right in the state of Arizona???? Aren't these Wall street players basically the same guys handling the gulf who made it the way it is and then not fixing it as a solution???? Oh, thats right, the rigs are used as drop offs for the drugs from Columbia. I forgot.

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
By Michael Smith - Jun 29, 2010 , Bloomberg publication

Just before sunset on April 10, 2006, a DC-9 jet landed at the international airport in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, 500 miles east of Mexico City. As soldiers on the ground approached the plane, the crew tried to shoo them away, saying there was a dangerous oil leak. So the troops grew suspicious and searched the jet.

They found 128 black suitcases, packed with 5.7 tons of cocaine, valued at $100 million. The stash was supposed to have been delivered from Caracas to drug traffickers in Toluca, near Mexico City, Mexican prosecutors later found. Law enforcement officials also discovered something else.

The smugglers had bought the DC-9 with laundered funds they transferred through two of the biggest banks in the U.S.: Wachovia Corp. and Bank of America Corp., Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its August 2010 issue.

This was no isolated incident. Wachovia, it turns out, had made a habit of helping move money for Mexican drug smugglers. Wells Fargo & Co., which bought Wachovia in 2008, has admitted in court that its unit failed to monitor and report suspected money laundering by narcotics traffickers -- including the cash used to buy four planes that shipped a total of 22 tons of cocaine.

The admission came in an agreement that Charlotte, North Carolina-based Wachovia struck with federal prosecutors in March, and it sheds light on the largely undocumented role of U.S. banks in contributing to the violent drug trade that has convulsed Mexico for the past four years.

‘Blatant Disregard’

Iran Press TV Removed From U.K-George Galloway Reveals Truth of OFCOM

Vatic Note:  Are you starting to understand about Britain??   They have been controlled by the Rothschild Khazar internationalists for decades if not centuries already.  They have also had a long and questionable history in Germany before taking over the British throne.  They have proven already that they are pagan Satanists willing to murder children for their satanic power.  I love Galloway.  He speaks truth to power.  I now fully understand why our forefathers rebelled against this barbaric country.  They are trying to get control of us back and it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.   She best never step foot on this continent and do like she did in the past.... looking at what she considered her holdings.   Nothing on this land will ever truly belong to her.  We will simply take it back when we have had enough of that sick perverted royalty. 

Iran Press TV Removed From U.K-George Galloway Reveals Truth of OFCOM
Uploaded by on Jan 20, 2012

British media regulator OFCOM have removed Iranian Press TV Ltd's broadcasting license, with SKY satellite being the first to remove Press TV from British viewing. Includes list of alternative viewing options for U.K residents. George Galloway tells what is behind OFCOM's decision and why this indicates censorship for other networks.


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Are You Being Tracked? 8 Ways Your Privacy Is Being Eroded Online and Off


By: David Rosen
Date: 2011-12-28

In a recent hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Al Franken reminded his fellow Americans, “People have a fundamental right to control their private information.” At the hearing, Franken raised an alarm about Carrier IQ’s software, CIQ.

Few people have ever heard about CIQ. Running under the app functions, CIQ doesn't require the user’s consent (or knowledge) to operate. On Android phones, it can track a user’s keystrokes, record telephone calls, store text messages, track location and more. Most troubling, it is difficult to impossible to disable.
Carrier IQ, located in Mountain View, CA, was founded in 2005 and is backed by a group of venture capitalists. Its software is installed on about 150 million wireless devices offered through AT&T, HTC, Nokia, RIM (BlackBerry), Samsung, Sprint and Verizon Wireless. It runs on a variety of operating systems, including the Apple OS and Google’s Android (but not on Microsoft Windows).

At the hearing, Sen. Franken questioned FBI director Robert Muller about the FBI’s use of CIQ software. Muller assured the senator that FBI agents “neither sought nor obtained any information” from Carrier IQ.
Following Muller’s Senate testimony, Andrew Coward, Carrier IQ’s VP of marketing, told the Associated Press that the FBI is the only law enforcement agency to contact them for data. The FBI has yet to issue a follow-up “clarification.”

CIQ is emblematic of a growing number of ongoing battles that delineate the boundary of what, in the digital age, is personal, private life and information. In this era of 0s and 1s, of globalization and instantaneous communications, what it means to be a person seems to be both expanding and contracting. The battle over personal privacy is as old as the nation and as contemporary as the latest tech innovation. Eight fronts in this battle delineate personal privacy in the digital age.

1. Tracking

The Carrier IQ controversy exposed the long-festering problem of the Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), 40-digit-long strings of letters and numbers that distinguish one device from another. Most troubling, it cannot be blocked or removed by a user. (A report by the Electronic Freedom Foundation details how CIQ works.)


False Flag Dirty Tricks Against Ron Paul Campaign Fully Exposed

Vatic Note:  Well, this was up for 5 am and they changed the time on it to this afternoon and I did not catch it.  So, I guess they are part of this false flag dirty tricks against Ron Paul and his campaign.  I cannot believe there are still people saying "He can not win against Obama", which is ludicrous, he can and will.  But one way he can't win is if no one votes for him only because the powers that be have convinced them he can't win.   So, I have an idea.   Lets do something completely unique that will guarantee his win.  

LETS VOTE OUR CONSCIENSE AND NOT OUR POLITICS.  For once, lets vote for the "RIGHT" reason and that is because he is the only man on the stage with integrity that is proven and because he will honor the Constitution.  That means, if his office proposes something we don't like, we call our congressmen and the White House and say so.   If congress then denies it,   (elect Congressmen like Dennis Kucinich on the left and  Tea Party (REAL ONES) on the right, like  Kokesh, and they will vote for the people) Ron Paul will not do Exec orders or Signing statements or anything else that is illegal.   He will veto bills he does not support based on what he said when he ran and will honor the override by Congress.   Besides, HE WAS BORN IN THIS COUNTRY OF TWO CITIZENS.  Gee, remember when it used to work that way????  If you were born after 1963 you will not know what I am talking about  but with Ron Paul we will see it for the first time in almost 50 years.   This is not a campaign endorsement, its a statement of fact. 

False Flag Dirty Tricks Against Ron Paul Campaign Fully Exposed
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 1:49
by Zen Gardner,  Before Its News, Source:  The Intel Hub
January 17, 2012

In the last few months we have seen countless attacks on Ron Paul and his 2012 presidential campaign.

Whether it be outright lies by the corporate controlled media or fake campaign videos made to look like Ron Paul is insane, the fact remains that there is an organized and concerted effort to disrupt and potentially destroy any chance Ron Paul has for a victory in 2012.

Recently The Intel Hub published an article, contributed by The End Run, that documented the latest planned attacks on the Ron Paul campaign which involved dressing up as KKK members and pretending to be Paul supporters.

Coming on the heels of last week’s dirty deception by the Huntsman campaign, several rabidly anti-Ron Paul political activists have been caught planning another vicious “false flag”-style dirty trick against the presidential candidate and his supporters, this time in South Carolina, where the next GOP primary will take place.

The plot, which was being hatched over Facebook, involved dressing up in hooded Ku Klux Klan (KKK) robes, posing as Ron Paul supporters (complete with Ron Paul signs), and “follow[ing] Paul around South Carolina”, making “sure to get photographed by the media.”

The proposed plot against Ron Paul is similar to one that was carried out against his son Rand Paul during his Senate campaign, when a supporter of Democrat Jack Conway dressed up as a “Rand fan” to try to make Rand Paul supporters look crazy and racist in front of the media, but was later caught participating in a march for Conway. He was subsequently identified as Tyler Collins, a liberal activist who campaigned for Barack Obama.

You can listen to the full podcast here or in the audio player above. You can also download the mp3 here.

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The Wondering Jesse by Gilad Atzmon

The Wondering Jesse by Gilad Atzmon

This week, Jesse Lieberfeld an11th-grade American Jewish teenager won the Dietrich College’s 2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Awards for composing a beautiful piece about his own moral awakening and journey away from Judaism.   

“I once belonged to a wonderful religion. I belonged to a religion that allows those of us who believe in it to feel that we are the greatest people in the world—and feel sorry for ourselves at the same time,” says young Jesse.  However, it seems that it didn’t take too long before Jesse found out for himself that what he was part of was neither flattering or glorious. 

To read Jesse prose click here

Jewish tribal cultural indoctrination is a full-on, comprehensive process. “Although I was fortunate enough to have parents who did not try to force me into any one set of beliefs, being Jewish was in no way possible to escape growing up”, says Jesse. “It was constantly reinforced at every holiday, every service, and every encounter with the rest of my relatives.”

Inherent to the culture and its maintenance is self-love. “I was forever reminded how intelligent my family was, how important it was to remember where we had come from, and to be proud of all the suffering our people had overcome in order to finally achieve their dream in the perfect society of Israel.”

Jewish ideological and cultural ‘programming’ is rather sophisticated. It is a unique dynamic pattern practiced in both a collective and an individual way. But those who carry the message aren’t themselves fully aware of their role within the tribal ideology they aim to maintain.

Of course Jews hold many different, and even contradictory, political beliefs. But however diverse their views may be somehow, those who are identified as Jews politically always unite against any attempt to criticise the cultural and ideological foundation of their tribal bond. Young Jesse is clearly aware of this.  

On the surface, it was the crimes against the Palestinians that provoked his ethical sense.  “I grew more concerned. I routinely heard about unexplained mass killings, attacks on medical bases, and other alarmingly violent actions for which I could see no possible reason. ‘Genocide’ almost seemed the more appropriate term, yet no one I knew would have ever dreamed of portraying the war in that manner; they always described the situation in shockingly neutral terms.”

One of the most sophisticated tribal aspects of Jewish culture maintenance is the gradual manner in which criticism is silenced. “Whenever I brought up the subject, I was always given the answer that there were faults on both sides, that no one was really to blame, or simply that it was a “difficult situation.”  

This common Hasbara argument on the surface  sounds reasonable but it ignores  the fact that in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict there is a clear distinction between  the aggressor and the victim. The Israelis are the ethnic cleansers and the occupiers. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are the expelled, the racially discriminated, the abused, deprived, locked behind walls and barbed wire in open air jails and, in some cases, even starved.    

But Jesse seems to be made of the stuff of honesty. Unlike some of the Jewish leftists who presents a pseudo-moral argument only to gain credibility so that he/she can then vet the discourse, young Jesse presses on, stripping himself of any trace of choseness and exceptionalism.  “It was not until eighth grade that I fully understood what I was on the side of. One afternoon, after a fresh round of killings was announced on our bus ride home, I asked two of my friends who actively supported Israel what they thought. “We need to defend our race,” they told me. “It’s our right.”

This “We need to defend our race,” is a common excuse Jewish activists use amongst themselves. Although Jews do not form a race, Jewish identity politics is still overtly racist. In fact, any form of Jewish secular identity politics is racially driven and fuelled with racial exclusivity. This applies not only to pro Israeli Jews but unfortunately also to Jews-only ‘anti’ Zionist groups.

I guess it is obvious where Jesse is heading. He clearly sees an ideological continuum between the civil right movement in America and the Palestinian liberation struggle.  In both struggles, there is clearly a racially driven oppressor and a victim collective - and Jesse draws the necessary conclusion, “I felt horrified at the realization that I was by nature on the side of the oppressors. I was grouped with the racial supremacists. I was part of a group that killed while praising its own intelligence and reason. I was part of a delusion.”

Jesse has obviously identified the Jewish politics and culture of which he was a part, as a form of ‘racial supremacy.’ He never mentions Zionism, in fact, the word Zionism is not mentioned once in his sincere award-winning post. He simply speaks about his Jewish upbringing, the culture and the ideology.

Young Jesse has already grasped that an appeal to his Jewish friends is not going to lead anywhere. He writes, “I decided to make one last appeal to my religion…The next time I attended a service, there was an open question-and-answer session about any point of our religion…When I was finally given the chance to ask a question, I asked, ‘I want to support Israel. But how can I when it lets its army commit so many killings?’

I was met with a few angry glares from some of the older men, but the rabbi answered me. “It is a terrible thing, isn’t it?’ he said. ‘But there’s nothing we can do. It’s just a fact of life.’ I knew, of course, that the war was no simple matter and that we did not by any means commit murder for its own sake, but to portray our thousands of killings as a ‘fact of life’ was simply too much for me to accept.”

It seems that Jesse has the courage to redeem his soul. “I thanked him (the Rabbi) and walked out shortly afterward. I never went back…. If nothing else, I could at least try to free myself from the burden of being saddled with a belief I could not hold with a clear conscience.…I did not intend to go on being one of the Self-Chosen People, identifying myself as part of a group to which I did not belong.”

Surprisingly, Jesse wasn’t compelled to apologise for telling truth. He didn’t have to retract for telling things as they are. In fact he won the most prestigious humanist award for his essay. But I’m wondering how long will it take before ADL’s Abe Foxman and infamous Ethnic-cleansing advocate Alan Dershowitz launch a campaign to destroy the awarding college.   

Being a person who oscillates continuously between being an ‘ex-Jew’ and a ‘proud self hating Jew’, I embrace young Jesse and hold him close to my heart. My dear young twin brother, journeying from choseness is a life-struggle. From time to time you may feel lonely but you are never alone. Humanity and humanism are there at your side – for all time.
Gilad Atzmon's New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of  Zionist's global interests Amazon.com  or Amazon.co.uk.

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The Last Republican Flavor of the Week. The New GOP Stunt Dummy: Gov. John Huntsman

By: realman
Date: 2012-01-11

The republicans are running out of stunt dummy candidates trying to defeat Ron Paul. There is no more idiots to prop up against the Texas congressmen. Just like Rick Santorum, John Huntsman was barely on the radar in the polls and all of sudden he gets 17 percent of the vote.

I believe most of the votes belonged to Ron Paul. Not John Huntsman. Election fraud being commited trying to keep Ron Paul down. The former Utah governor was part of Obama's diplomatic corps being Ambassador to China. A very prestigious position to have.

               The republicans are running out of losers. Everyone they try to prop up, gets politically destroyed. Herman Cain was first to fall, Gingrich destroyed himself. Santorum flip flops, Perry did not get off the ground, Bachman could not get any traction from the start. They are all toast never to be revived. Now John Huntsman is the new establishment's stunt dummy to put out there as the candidate that can beat Obama. Well he is Obama, because he was appointed by the President to serve as a diplomat.

Gov Rick Perry who is the only sitting governor who is still in office in the republican field. He is so compromised by corruption. he does not know or is too scared. He could have demonstrated leadership standing up to the EPA trying to shut down coal power plants and the refineries in Texas. Last years rolling blackouts, Gov Perry was nowhere to be found.

If  the Texas Governor stood up to the President and the EPA protecting the Texas economy and power grid. That would have surged his poll numbers just doing his job. Preaching against gay marriage and all these gimmicks on social issues are more of a liability of no relevance to the more pressing issues of today facing the nation . Perry could revive his campaign if he just stood up for Texas defeating the EPA and the White House. If he would have pushed back. He would have much better numbers then he does have now.

               Gov John Huntsman is the last stunt dummy the establishment is trying push forward to split Ron Paul's vote by election fraud. I know after the election in South Carolina. I have a feeling the rest of the field will drop out with only Romney and Paul being the only ones left in the field. Gov. Jeb Bush and Chris Christi will not jump in because they will be politically destroyed like they did Cain, Gingrich, Santorum, Perry and Bachman. The globalist are running out of stooges.

Ron is so close to breaking away from the pack and the establishment's barrier. Romney will not do well in the south and the western states. It is going to be harder to steal the vote when the field gets thinner and thinner. John Huntsman is just another stooge, the last stand against the anti establishment candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul can win and he will.

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8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance


By: Bruce E. Levine
Date: 2011-08-03

The ruling elite has created social institutions that have subdued young Americans and broken their spirit of resistance.

Traditionally, young people have energized democratic movements. So it is a major coup for the ruling elite to have created societal institutions that have subdued young Americans and broken their spirit of resistance to domination. 

Young Americans—even more so than older Americans—appear to have acquiesced to the idea that the corporatocracy can completely screw them and that they are helpless to do anything about it. A 2010 Gallup poll asked Americans “Do you think the Social Security system will be able to pay you a benefit when you retire?” Among 18- to 34-years-olds, 76 percent of them said no. Yet despite their lack of confidence in the availability of Social Security for them, few have demanded it be shored up by more fairly payroll-taxing the wealthy; most appear resigned to having more money deducted from their paychecks for Social Security, even though they don’t believe it will be around to benefit them.

How exactly has American society subdued young Americans?


Rahm (IDF) Emanuel's Protest-Squashing "Sit Down and Shut Up" Ordinance Passes in Chicago

by: Yana Kunichoff, Truthout | Report

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel delivering his speech at the Iowa Democratic Party's 2011 Jefferson Jackson Dinner, November 19, 2011. (Photo: Iowa Democratic Party)

Following weeks of public pressure against Chicago's changes to the city ordinance by Occupy groups and concerned citizens, the City Council voted Thursday to adopt the ordinance changes introduced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. 

Critics say the "sit down and shut up" ordinance, as it has been called, seeks to chill protest and civil liberties in Chicago through measures including mandatory $1 million liability insurance for protests, a heightened police presence and more difficulty getting a permit. Increased fines of up to $1,000 for people arrested during a protest were originally in place, but Emanuel withdrew the proposal Tuesday.

When the ordinance was first introduced, it was said to be only a measure for the NATO/G8 conference to be held in Chicago in May, but it was later revealed that the ordinance change is expected to be permanent(VN:  Aaah, there is the weakness..... let the G8 and NATO know that it would be unwise for them to come to Chicago if they value their freedoms..... uhum.... you know!)
The ordinance focuses on bureaucratic measures to chill the protests, but for low-income and immigrant communities, it might be enough to keep them off the street, say organizers.
Occupy Rogers Park and Occupy the South Side, representing two Chicago areas with large proportions of low-income communities, sent out a letter last week highlighting this issue:

Mossad it again? 4th Iranian nuclear scientist bombed

Bruecke Note: And so the war begins. There is a related article about US cops being able to place GPS devices on automobiles, as our rights at hope are trampled while emitting such GPS coordinates for US Police Stations' new acquisitions of Predator Drones.


By: RT
Date: 2011-01-11

Iran accuses Israel and the USA of assassinating an Iranian nuclear professor in Tehran, pointing to a string of attacks against such scientists in the country.

Both countries have denied the accusations, according to AP.

Iran's vice-president reacted to the attack by saying it would not stop "progress" in the country's nuclear program.

“Those who claim to be combating terrorism have targeted Iranian scientists. They should know that Iranian scientists are more determined than ever in striding towards Iran's progress," Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi told state television.

Identified by Iranian media as Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, the chemistry expert was killed on January 11 in a car-bomb explosion, while two others were injured.

The Secret To How Our Society's Owners Get Away With Everything


By: Lee Camp
Date: 2011-01-11


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The 10 Inventions of Nikola Tesla That Changed The World


By: Nicholas West
Date: 2011-01-015

'Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. Throughout space there is energy.  -- Nikola Tesla, 1892

Nikola Tesla is finally beginning to attract real attention and encourage serious debate nearly 70 years after his death.  Was he for real? A crackpot? Part of an early experiment in corporate-government control?

We know that he was undoubtedly persecuted by the energy power brokers of his day -- namely Thomas Edison, whom we are taught in school to revere as a genius.  He was also attacked by J.P. Morgan and other "captains of industry." Upon Tesla's death on January 7th, 1943, the U.S. government moved into his lab and apartment confiscating all of his scientific research, and to this day none of this research has been made public.

Besides his persecution by corporate-government interests (which is practically a certification of authenticity), there is at least one solid indication of Nikola Tesla's integrity -- he tore up a contract with Westinghouse that was worth billions in order to save the company from paying him his huge royalty payments.

But, let's take a look at what Nikola Tesla -- a man who died broke and alone -- has actually given to the world.  For better or worse, with credit or without, he changed the face of the planet in ways that perhaps no man ever has.


Obama, Rothschild Choice

*** They will not let me put this up, I have tried  3 times now so KNOW THAT MICROSOFT IS PART OF THE CYBERWARRING AS THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN DO THIS IS THROUGH MY MACHINE.  KNOW YOUR ENEMY AND KNOW HIM WELL.  MICROSOFT IS YOUR ENEMY AND THUS SO IS IBM.  BUY APPLE.  GO LINEX AND THUNDERBIRD AND ANY OTHER COMPANY THAT WILL NOT BETRAY THEIR NATION.  Ok, got it  up after 5 tries.  Guess they gave up.  Photos are not like in the article but I think they are better.  LOL  

Vatic Note:  Finally someone has done the research to dig into Obama's past along with his family line.  Remember when he was running for office, it was disclosed that he was related to not only the Bushs, cheney and doggone everyone else, but also to the Queen of England which is a sure sign he was a khazar since that has been the case in western leadership for centuries.  This is not just about Obama, Bush sr and Jr are also khazars as Mrs Bush Sr admitted recently.  She also admitted recently that she made a mistake as a young woman and had an affair with Senator Lieberscum and that Bush Jr is Lieberscum's (khazar) son.  Now that blew me away.  No wonder Daddy Bush never bonded with Jr, but did with Jeb Bush.  I could never figure that one out before. 

Also we just now this week published a blog about the strategy of Solomon in birthing his own spy force to use globally and many were not Jewish as we know it.  (scroll down the article to the Solomon piece and a lot will make sense after reading it).   Reread that if you can either before or after reading this and understand what a strategy that is.  They father these illegitimate children and then guide them through selecting an occupation, financing their education, satanizing them, and then using them for their evil purposes.  We saw that with Hitler, Winston Churchill, both Clintons, and now Obama.   We also proved that they are educated at Oxford under a Rhodes scholarship.  Clinton and the President of China were both educated under a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford which is also the home of "SECRET SOCIETIES".  They know everything we are just now finding out.  The legit heirs are educated at Yale and Harvard etc, and belong to skull and bones and other secret societies here in the states. 

A seriously large number of American Presidents have been khazars and related to the royalty of Britain, even if they did good for us, it was always with a seriously bad intention and result in the end as we see today.  Either as a way to infiltrate our government, or extract wealth from us or for purposes of providing disposable bodies for their wars of profit and land grabs, and definitely controlling history as we saw with the blog today. He does a commendable job of putting all this together. We do not get any compensation for presenting this to you, rather we are doing it to expose and educate, since much of our pieces of info we have published here,  match what he has said below, only he has put it together with further research into a whole big picture.   Much of this you have read on here before, but not all of it and not the entire big picture.  It helps to have financial support to be able to do that.  Please read below and if you can afford it purchase the full DVD and get even more. 

"Barack Obama will go down in history as America’s first Jewish President."

Abner Mikva (Jew)
Former White House Counsel,
Clinton Administration
(Chicago Tribune, Dec. 12, 2008)

Barack Obama won 52.9 percent of the votes in the presidential election. But that is not why he is President of the United States. He sits in the White House for one reason and one reason only: Barack Obama was Rothschild’s Choice.

Even more startling is the goal that Rothschild’s man has been assigned by Illuminati "chieftains" to accomplish. That goal is nothing less than the systematic dismantlement and destruction of America and its occupation by a Jewish-run Mafia. Barack Obama was chosen to become the first leader of a Jewish-ruled New World Order.

Nuked Underground Base Causing Massive Sinkhole In Virginia?

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Vatic Note:  I don't know about anyone else, but this is the first proof we have had that any explosions or events did happen underground since it was in the alternative press news.  Prior to this I had not seen any "real" proof this was done, so we could not put up anything about this until we had proof.  Now we can put it up.   Lets hope this was in reality something the "good" guys did on behalf of our country and its people.   Read and you decide.   Wonder if those underground bases are going to be as secure as they hope.   Its also interesting to note that at some point in time... all those doing this or aiding them in doing this will all be in one place together.   Makes the creative mind work overtime, don't you think???  Its also a gift to us for future use if needed.   Makes it so much easier.  Watch for vent holes or pipes out of the ground. LOL. The pictures are impressive as to size of the sink hole.  I don't believe I have ever seen one that big.  Check it out. 


Nuked Underground Base Causing Massive Sinkhole In Virginia?

by Zen Gardner , Pakalert Press
Oh boy. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. I was just talking to my wife about the Benjamin Fulford and now David Wilcock claim that the Virginia earthquake was the nuking of two underground bases. I know, it’s wild but the story has legs apparently.
Actually, Fulford’s claims that secretive “white hats” are fighting the badass “black hats” is a pretty cool thought. Here’s what David Wilcock has to say:
(Wilcock) Recently, these sources informed him (Fulford) that the earthquakes that occurred in Colorado and the Washington DC area, surrounding August 22nd and 23rd, were, in fact, apparently nuclear strikes against underground military facilities.
[These underground bases] have been built by the US government, ostensibly since the early 1960s, at the cost of trillions of dollars of undocumented taxpayer money that is going into these“black projects.”
…I was absolutely astonished when I started to ask around and found out that everyone I know, with one exception who probably wasn’t on a need-to-know basis, confirmed that this attack did happen.
If you haven’t understood the gravity or the implications of what I’m telling you right now, it’s important to point [one thing] out.
These guys never imagined that these underground facilities could have been attacked. Ever.
So what has happened here is a seismic shift in this insider war—that is arguably as significant as the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.
And in fact, it may very well be the workings of the Universe, in terms of karma, that the people responsible for those attacks have now had it happen to them. See full article HERE

Pretty cool if true.

Then I ran into THIS story:

Strafford — A massive hole in the ground behind two houses along Brush Everard St. inside the Austin Ridge subdivision in Stafford is threatening to swallow the two homes near it. (Source)

The Illuminati's Beliefs Explained, 2 Parts

Vatic Note: Listen to these videos, it explains why the perpetual wars they need and its based on their own words and own publications from over 200 years ago. Its amazing that it has taken Alex the two years we at Vatic Project,  have been talking about all this, to even finally bring it up when he could have brought it up in 2010 when it was put up on our blog all over the place.

Do not mix up the attempt by the illuminati to discredit the true escoteric teachings by saying that those that study them are part of their satanic group. Its secrets that we also can use but not in a demonic way, rather for good and at one time everyone had access to this information, but a small cabal, that we covered on our blog just this week, took control of this information and spent thousands of years convincing us that it doesn't exist, and that is also why they went underground with  it. Remember the Knights Templar were massacred by the Catholic Church who also has these teachings buried in the vatican and had to do something to stop the templars from passing it onto the general population which they were doing on their lands for purposes that were good.  We discussed the creation of the York Lodge that had not one single mason in it, rather the royalty and Rothschild operators to spread their evil for them through Chatham house.  We have covered that  before.

Lots more about all this than meets the eye. Keep that in mind. Remember also that the Scottish rite lodge protected the Templars that managed to escape from the massacre.  Mark confirms this that there are teachings that are very good, its just the intent of the user and if demonic, then it is bad.   The deception at every level is phenomenal.   Hiding it from all of us has kept us in a state of slavery to those that control it.  That is how we got our 1% hoarders and thieves at the top.  When this all blows, its going to change everything.  I also found it interesting that the Weishaupt plan is fully included in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion".  Hmmmm. 

The Illuminati's Beliefs Explained, 2 Parts
Alex Jones and Mark Dice

Part 1


The Satanic 9/11 Ritual – Bill Cooper – Illuminati Agenda 2012

Vatic Note:  Just a quick note to ask that you watch the video below, its very very important.  Once you hear what Bill had to say, and the man stood alone for so long, you will understand why he was killed by our government shortly after making this video.   Remember, he predicted 9-11 would happen as far back as 1987.  He was a naval intel officer who was faithful to his oath to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  WHEN THIS IS OVER, WE SHOULD TAKE AWAY THE MEDAL OF FREEDOM FROM "MAGOG" BUSH SR, AND GIVE IT POSTHUMOUSLY TO BILL COOPER.  He deserves it far more than the implementer of the satanists agenda.  Damn it makes  me mad that they murdered this man who stood alone with courage the likes of which we seldom see.   Its time for us to dig down deep and find that same level of courage if we wish to save our lives, families and nation.  If only we had listened to him back then.   He tried so hard.  


By: Truther
Date: 2011-12-28

This is an important video presenting Bill Cooper’s 9/11 prediction, rare 9/11 footage and audio from his book “Behold a Pale Horse” and the Illuminati agenda. Bill Cooper was one of the top conspiracy researchers, he was active on exposing the Illuminati (secret government) and most importantly the satanic agenda which is tied in with the UFO hoax.
Here is also a list of the 25 Illuminati princples/goals that Adam Weishaupt set up after the Rothschilds started financing the Illuminati conspiracy.

The following 25 goals apply to America and the rest of the world, this is pretty much a step by step manual on how the Illuminati conspiracy works, basically explains all the long term plans they had back at the Illuminati’s founding in 1776.

The 25 Illuminati goals:



Vatic Note:  In here it says the Sheriffs are standing with the people.   NOW, we must commit, no matter the cost, to standing with the Sheriffs.   That national defense bill had the arrest without due process by military and that could include Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs.   We must encourage our Sheriffs to deputize all armed citizens within his county and prepare for any eventuality no matter how bad it may seem.   Better to be too prepared than surprised by being not prepared enough.  Ask your sheriff to create a posse of record of all armed citizens, that way anything you do in his or the deputies defense is legally done.  You know from experience the elite will not allow this to stand too long or they will infiltrate and take it over.  In either case, its good to be prepared and ready for their illegal use of force on any legally operating citizen of your county. 

Contributors Note:    THIS is exactly why we are having this Constitutional Sheriffs Conference in 3 weeks.  We need to increase the number of sheriffs who are willing to stand up to the Feds.  We also need more donations in order to include more sheriffs.  Thanks to all of who have generously given your efforts and money thus far.  We absolutely would not be able to do this without all of you. M.

By Larry Pratt,  NewsWithViews.com,  Contributed to Vatic Project by Jeff from Pagosa Springs, CO
January 7, 2012

I have reported earlier that sheriffs in New Mexico are threatening to arrest federal agents if they attempt to enforce unconstitutional federal acts in contravention of state law.

The even better news is that sheriffs in other states are doing the same. Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, Indiana has told Food and Drug Administration agents they will be arrested if they go on Amish farmer David Hochstetler’s land. Having falsely alleged that raw, unpasteurized milk sold by Hochstetler had caused several cases of food poisoning, the FDA filed a complaint in federal court to support their attack on the farmer.

I have consumed raw milk for years and can affirm that it is not only safe, but much healthier than pasteurized milk. (WHICH IS TOXIC SLUDGE).

US, Israel in open rift over Iran: Big joint military drill cancelled

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Vatic Note:  Please read this below.   It was a real eye opener for me.  I may well have read it wrong, so you decide.   Are they saying that the Military strategists are willing to pay the cost of 15,000 American  soldiers lives in an acknowledged Iranian retaliation for attacking Iran?  All for that strategic pay off of surrounding Russia for the purpose of their stealing and owning/controlling her natural resources which are bountiful, and the advancement of banking interests in that region???  Are they saying they are hoping Iran will be satisfied with that?  How dare they make that decision and use the lives of our children as a pacifier for their criminal invasion for commercial purposes!  I bet they are all chickhawks that have never seen combat. Its what we can expect of them and their value on our lives, if they ever prevail in globalizing this planet.   I hope that is not what they are saying or else those strategists are traitors.  I REPEAT.... SOLDIERS, PLEASE REFUSE TO GO TO ISRAEL, OR KUWAIT,  NO MATTER THE COST, in fact, come home, we need you right here at home to deal with the domestic enemies here occupying the pentagon, WH, congress and Homeland Security and their intentions to militarily arrest, incarcerate or otherwise get rid of Americans without a trial  which goes against everything we believe in and this country has stood for all these centuries.   We will support your decision since we are not asking you to go to war for corporate/Israeli interests, only American interests and its NOT in America's interest to make anymore enemies in the middle east than we already have,  the worst enemy we have there  is Israel.  Remember, this is an election year and Debka is not a friend of the USA.  So who knows what this is REALLY all about.  Is it just another neocon/lib head game???


US, Israel in open rift over Iran: Big joint military drill cancelled

US-Israeli discord over action against Iran went into overdrive Sunday, Jan. 15 when the White House called off Austere Challenge 12, the biggest joint war game the US and Israel have ever staged, ready to go in spring, in reprisal for a comment by Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon in an early morning radio interview. He said the United States was hesitant over sanctions against Iran’s central bank and oil for fear of a spike in oil prices.

The row between Washington and Jerusalem is now in the open, undoubtedly causing celebration in Tehran.

Nothing was said about the 9,000 US troops who landed in Israeli earlier this month for a lengthy stay. Neither was the forthcoming visit by Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, Thursday mentioned.  (VN:  Didn't kissinger say that all soldiers were good for was fodder for their wars for profit??? Yes, I do believe he said that! Traitor!)

The Pyramids Were Not Tombs. Try Power Stations That Fed The Whole Of Egypt. Tesla Towers.

Vatic Note:  In watching this again, it has dawned on me just how escoteric transparency and knowledge accumulation can be.  Think about it.  Watching this I realized just how little we do know as others have pointed out before,  but this time, it became clear to me that without the evil ones,  the movement of many of us into the net would never have happened and the deep desire to stop the evil ones has sent us out, COLLECTIVELY, to  research and to question  and to seek answers, resulting in journeys down deep hidden  rabbit holes,  none of this would have come to light and yet, it was knowledge that was available, just subtley hidden.  It now becomes clear that evolving must, by necessity,  involve evil at some  point, or decisions would not have been made and knowledge would have never been found.  To carry this to its exteme,  unity would never be achieved.   Good must have evil to complete the journey to a higher spirital condition.  Pushing, testing, choosing, committing, changing, and finally,  expanding.... yes, now that makes sense.  Thanks Bruecke.  


By: Truther
Date: 2012-01-02

The other factor is who built the pyramids. We have a video linking many advanced ancient civilisations to an age 12,000 years ago, posted about three months ago. All history as taught in school is false, modern and ancient. There’s no way we would be allowed to know that the ancients were supplied with electricity free from the ionosphere.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Ruins in Georgia mountains show evidence of Maya connection

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By:, Architecture & Design Examiner
Date: 2011-12-21

Archaeological zone 9UN367 at Track Rock Gap, near Georgia’s highest mountain, Brasstown Bald, is a half mile (800 m) square and rises 700 feet (213 m) in elevation up a steep mountainside.  Visible are at least 154 stone masonry walls for agricultural terraces, plus evidence of a sophisticated irrigation system and ruins of several other stone structures. Much more may be hidden underground.  It is possibly the site of the fabled city of Yupaha, which Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto failed to find in 1540, and certainly one of the most important archaeological discoveries in recent times.  
Note:  Due to the extreme popularity - and controversy - of this article, the Architecture & Design Examiner has created a sequel, which describes in detail the research methodology used by these Native American scholars, and invites readers to submit scientific evidence that either proves or disproves the interpretations of the Track Rock terrace complex by Native American scholars. It is entitled, Mayas in the USA controversy . . . you be the juror. The linkage to this article is at the bottom of the page.

BLAIRSVILLE, GA (December 21, 2011) -- Around the year 800 AD the flourishing Maya civilization of Central America suddenly began a rapid collapse. A series of catastrophic volcanic eruptions were followed by two long periods of extreme drought conditions and unending wars between city states.

Cities and agricultural villages in the fertile, abundantly watered, Maya Highlands were the first to be abandoned.  Here, for 16 centuries, Itza Maya farmers produced an abundance of food on mountainside terraces.  Their agricultural surpluses made possible the rise of great cities in the Maya Lowlands and Yucatan Peninsula. When the combination of volcanic eruptions, wars and drought erased the abundance of food, famines struck the densely populated Maya Lowlands. Within a century, most of the cities were abandoned.   However, some of the cities in the far north were taken over by the Itza Maya and thrived for two more centuries.


Israel is Named after Satanist's Son

Vatic Note:  They are messing with this already and I have not even posted it yet.  Guess I better copy it in case.  Just keeping my promise to always tell you when they do this because it usually indicates truth is contained herein.  Apparently they did not like my vatic note about the mormons.   This below may well explain all the illegitimate children the Rothschilds have produced such as Hitler, or The Rockefeller family has produced that we covered on here, such as Bill Clinton.  If true this all makes sense below where that is concerned.

Israel is Named after Satanist's Son

January 10, 2012
by Clifford Shack,  (henrymakow.com)

Barry Chamish's book (left) documents how the Illuminati (Zionism and Communism) both originate in a 17th century Satanic Jewish (VN:  Khazar) cult.

(VN:  this one does not need a VN, it speaks for itself fully, with a minor exception that I do comment on.)

The State of Israel, the military outpost created by the satanic Shabbatean-Frankist Rothschilds, was named after their great-great-great grandfather, Israel who happened to be the first-born son of Shabbatai Tzvi (1616-1676.)

They were able to get away with this naming for obvious reasons. Now, Israel ben Shabbatai was named after the grandson of the patriarch Abraham so...it should still have some meaning to y'all nevertheless,  right? How do I know this you may ask? It becomes obvious when you realize that Shabbatean-Frankists are not Jewish.

For goodness sake, they pulled off the Holocaust! Understanding this, and knowing that Shabbatai Tzvi's son, ground-zero of the Shabbatean-Frankist breeding program, was named Israel...and that from him came the illustrious Rothschild clan...it's simple math.