Is North Korea a concentration slave camp for China???

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Is North Korea a slave state for China???
          Commentary by Dick Eastman
          December 2011
North Korea is not a renegade state.  The renegade state thesis is a carefully groomed fiction to conceal that nation's subservient relationship to China and its secret alliance with the conspiracy in the US.
The truth is that North Korea is China's
Guantanamo, which is to say that it stands in relation to China's
Triad princeling leadership as Israel stands to the City of London
ruling from Britain.
Slave work that Beijing would not even force on the
"proletarian/peasant" exploited of China, is done in North Korea, with the "Made
in China" label added after delivery to China for export to the
North Korea does all of China's operations that China cannot risk doing at home for the extreme embarrassment and discrediting that would take place if China were caught doing at home.
The bad relations with North Korea are faked by the US ruling conspiracy  (Hint: Flight KA-007) (See below: Bill Clintonstrips to North Korea.)  It is intended that the US will go to war with North Korea and that "crazy North Korea" (actually North Korea always operates under cold-blooded geo-political strategy set in China in collusion with City of London (and American representatives such as David Rockefeller and his hired brains Henry Kissinger 
Madeleine  Albright (born Marie Jana Korbelová, but given the name Madlenka when his father put his family through a conversion of convenience to Catholicism -- claims that at the time of Senate hearings for confirmation as Bill Clinton's secretary of State, that she did not know that her parents were Jewish -- she speaks Russian fluently.  Her father, Josef Korbel, was the mentor of George W. Bush's National Security Advisor  and Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, long before his daughter took that office.
Condoleeza Rice was mentored by "Madeleine Albright's" father, Josef Korbel, a Marxist and City of London agent who brought a Marxist government to Czechoslovakia and served Stalin's secret agent, Edvard Beneš.

It was  Beneš who organized and  led the Czech "Maffia" which in the latter part of World War One, became the Czech Independence movement (think of the "Northern Alliance Drug Lords of Afghanistan who became the government after the US occupation following the 9-11 frame-up.)

A member of the Czech Socialist Party, Beneš set up a "resistance government" (like deGaulle during WWII) and was appointed by the Big Four powers (Rothschild-serving) to represent a new Czechoslovakian state at the Versailles talks (which resembled the Council of Vienna in the way it set up Europe for Rothschild following the defeat of the French Revolution (by way of Napoleon who was funded and covertly politically sponsored by Rothschild for a while -- which is why Napoleon did the obviously stupid thing of invading Russia.  Why is it that  nations invade other nations over the last few centuries?) 
Beneš was the great League of Nations internationalist of his day, behind all of the international conferences of his time.   During World War Beneš Two  And "Albright's" father, Kobel, worked directly under Beneš signed an agreement with Stalin that all but dictated Soviet domination of Czechoslovakia following the war. 

 Korbel was Beneš leading diplomat at that time.   After the war Beneš presided over a coalition government with the Communists, but then proceeded to appoint an all-communist government.
  Korbel was with Beneš every step of the way in this communist takeover in the early days of the Cold War. 
Beneš was sent as the communist government's Stalinist Ambassador to Yugoslavia, but was forced to leave when Marshall Tito, whose partisans threw out the Germans without Stalin's help, decided that Yugoslavia would not be a satellite of the USSR, but would instead be non-aligned in the Cold War, experimenting with something he called "market-socialism"  Because by this time the Iron Curtain had closed.  
Stalinist agent Korbel ("Madeleine's" Dad, if you need to be reminded) was "reassigned" by the communist underground espionage apparatus to go to the United States seeking "political asylum" -- whereupon, the Rockefeller Foundation soon obtained for him a postion as Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver. 
One of his students was Condoleeza Rice, the Republican negro woman Rockefeller asset, who became George W. Bush's handler, National Security Advisor and Secretary of State in that order  --  following an election in which the people threw out the Democratic party who had put Korbel's daughter "Madeleine  who-didn't-know-she-was-a-Jew -until-after-the-Senate-confirmation-hearings Albright" in that position.

We are living in a US that has been brought down by subversion (economic, political, cutlural) planned by Trotsky (Bronstein) and Chow Enlai (Zhou Enlai).  The Rothschilds are of course behind it.  The Rockefellers are Rothschild tools. 
Communism, progressivism, conservatism, as well as Rockefeller Moderate (which used to be called the liberal GOP, or "Rockefeller Republicans")  and that branch which takes orders directly from Rothschild.  At any rate, Kissinger and Zhou and David Rockefeller applied the strategy and determined the course of the US economy (deindustrialization, transfer of industrial capital to China etc) one week after Nixon visited China.
Nassar was a humanitarian and a Moslem,
Zhou Enlai was a Rothschild agent first and foremost.

In 1954 at the Cairo Conferrence Nasser asked Chow En-lai how he could hope to defeat the power of the United States, which had just developed the H-bomb.  Chow answered, we cannot defeat them today, but we can defeat their grandchildren today.  Chow was the political officer of the Wampowa military academy, during the period of the Repubic of China under Dr. Sun Yat-sen -- and agent sent by Stalin and a double-agent sent by Rothschild -- and a most careful student of Sun Tse, the master of defeating an enemy completely through subersion  BEFORE one engages him militarily.
Bill Clinton (nee Blythe) was elected President with money from the Chinese People's Liberation army filtered through Riady and the Lippo group of Indonesia (Obama connection?)  through John Hwang to Clinton as governor of Arkansas, a Rockefeller vassal state.  His wife Hillary is a lifelong Rockefeller asset dating back to before the Wartergate coup in which she participated (and which made Nelson Rockefeller vice president "under" non-entity Gerald Ford). 
Clinton was an (Rockefeller) organized crime figure involved in the Mena drug trade and other ciminal activities, while his wife went from campus radical to lawyer at the Rose Law firm -- where she said that it was impossible to make money in law unless you worked for the banks.  At one point, in her very first commodities trade she made a million-to-one killing -- which everyone who knows the odds is certain was a covert criminal payoff for some services rendered. 
At any rate, Clinton sabotaged the US military  -- tore it down, so that it had to be built up again after 9-11 (with borrowed money from the bankers Hillary served) -- as president Bill Clinton took a month-long trip to China at a time when Paul Wolfowitz and Henry Kissinger were also there 
-- doubtless laying the groundwork for the 9-11 false-flag attack. 
Clinton (VN: Like Bush and others, as fronts for the mossad assassination squad, remember who these people really work for.... its Rothschild khazar bankers/israel)  is involved in many murders, that extends to murders of witnesses.  During the early  Whitewater investigation, the night before Hillary was to testify before the special prosecutor, Nicole Brown and her boyfriend were murdered and the crime was pinned on her famous black husband, O.J. Simpson -- the media immediately made this the story of the decade, so that the prosecutor resigned because he failed to get public-opinion traction to proceed with the prosecution (and he may have gotten the hint). 
There is a mountain of crimes that are associated with Clinton -- but like 9-11 they have been ignored by the people who control the microphones and printing presses of this nation -- and so are forgotten -- even as the "whacko conspiracy theorists" die of old age or otherwise fade away with time. 
But I remember and I investigated and verified and saw the interconnections that many narrow-focus investigators mixed  -- honorable mention to hopsicker, skolnick, rivero and others whose names I have forgotten in my old age and from simple response extinction from
communicating their findings too many times without reinforcing appropriate response from the public I tried to inform.   Anyway, Clinton is Rockefeller-China and treason -- and their loyalty to the US or to  the Democratic Party (whatever the heck that may mean these days) is strictly a pose.
Here is a picture the Congresswoman who represents the district that includes Chinatown and "Little Italy" in San Francisco.  (VN:  Nancy BAILED OUT AIG STOCK HOLDER Pelosi)

Sen. Diane Finstein was also once congresswoman from that district.  With Rep. Peolsi, is the son of an Israeli terrorist, an enforcer of the Jewish mafia who did some of his most important "enforcing" in Congress, then becoming Obama's chief of staff, now the Jewish mafia mayor of Chicago -- where Obama got his start as an "organizer." 

The Jewish mafia and the Chinese Triad crime families which Zhou En-lai brought into the communist movement and now are the princelings running the Chinese communist party and the Beijing central government  -- these two are allies -- an alliance that goes back to the early days of the opium trade.  Zhou Enlai's family were go-betweens between the East India Company and the Emperor of China  -- the family alliance was always hidden and never broken.

Murdoch feeds you what Rothschild wants you to think while making you think it is "Americanism" and
"wear-the-flag-on-your-lapel" patriotic  -- and fools will jump to kill and die for that trick every time.
They tell you what real American patriots think about this and that.  Do you believe what they say about us?  We can't verify or not verify what they say -- without doing a lot of indpendent observing and thinking.  Some Americans have done that.  
I believe that people surrender to the image they paint  -- but that if given the facts -- a chance to hear them and discuss them -- I think the American people would come down on the populist side, against the Murdoch propaganda machine and all the other Money Power -owed disinformation sources. 


Gary Locke, from serving China as governor of the state of Washington, went on to become the Secretary of Commerce  --  whose job was to contine the Rockefeller-Kissinger policies that had been in effect since the ousting of Nixon.  People do not realize that the US exports more oil to China to pay debt, than it uses itself.  Gary Locke, a "Chinese American" was quick to gain loyalty to the country from which he became distant, after he became governor.

Gary Locke Secretary of Commerce now Ambassador.JPG
 Steven Chu  -- arranged for China to buy up all American oil reserves -- at give-away prices in the current hyper-deflation (if you know what that is)  --that has been Chu's mission in office -- and he has done a great job of it.  But he has the flag there, so you think its all OK, right? 
Janet Napalitano, Jewish through her mother's line (Weiner), studied at London School of Economics, appointed by Bill Clinton as United States Attorney for the District of Arizona in 1993, elected governor, involved in investigation of Oaklahoma City bombing of Federal
Building, became Arizona Attorny General in 1998, elected Governor in 2002, in 2008 in private conversation she stated in private conversation that Sen. McCain (R-Az) "was running for second place," in the race against Obama. 
Chaired National governors association.  An immediate Obama appointment, she became secretary of Homeland Security January 21, 2009. Walmart–DHS partnership, banning ink-cartridges that are too big from airplanes and stockpiling 3 million coffin liners in a deflationary recession that cuts out medical care to pay debt to Rothschild. 
Israelis refer to Israel as their "homeland"  -- in America it was a neologism for citizens to refer to the US that way  -- but wait a minute  -- Chertoff, the neo-con Zionist Jew was also a head of Homeland Security. 
Obviously the department exists to keep the Jewish Homeland Secure from any outburst of "populism" that may swamp the Rothschild's plans for Zionist world domination, with the capital in Jerusalem, the new Kingdom of David  -- the promised Zion of the religion that Rothschild has sponsored from the beginning of their rise to power.
Geithner was born in India to an American diplomat  -- the State Department has always been a Rothschild minion's
club.  Why he speaks Chinese fluently is still a mystery to me.

 "The Future is Ours, Comrades."
It comes down to a standoff between Janet Napolitiano and the few populists in this country.  The battle will be decided by you, by whether or not you are willing to take up a very heavy cross for the sake of  billions of people living now and living far into the future.
Dick Eastman
Yaskima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man

http://www.rense.com/general86/hight1.htm   Highest Treason
Substantiated (Dick Eastman)

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    Anonymous said...

    Why Timothy Geithner speaks chinese? Ongoing long term planning on the part of the globalists.

    From Wiki:
    "He attended Dartmouth College, in the tradition of his father and paternal grandfather, graduating with an A.B. in government and Asian studies in 1983.[5] In the process he studied Mandarin at Peking University in 1981 and at Beijing Normal University in 1982."

    He also speaks Japanese.

    Interestingly enough, per Wiki, his father had ties to Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, through the FORD Foundation.

    The FORD Foundation supports a yearly (I think) stay in China for up and coming young leaders from America. I found this out when doing some research on Gabrielle Giffords. She met her husband Mark Kelly at that time. He was part of the same bright young leaders conference. (Although he was married to another woman then.) I found out some very interesting info about those two, as well.

    Read Timothy's Wiki info. He's connected to all the right think tanks and people. (Such as working for Kissinger Associates in Washington for three years.)

    It's very apparent that he is a scion of the NWO.

    Vatic Master said...

    Yes, and notice the photo with the two Chinese leaders and Hitlery and Geithner. Remember the G20 meeting where he showed up and told them they could not do what they were planning and they asked him "What does Obama think about it?" and he answered "Obama does not have any say in any of this, I do" To me, that was extremely revealing.

    Remember also, that Ford foundation fronts for the CIA and they were in Indonesia preparing for the Kissinger overthrow of that government shortly after they left. This is all very cozy indeed.