Your Guide To Seeing Five Planets After Sunset

Clerk Note: When the planets align...


Your Guide To Seeing Five Planets After Sunset


By: Dave
Date: 2016-08-02

This August, Australian stargazers will have a rare opportunity to see five visible planets in the night sky at the same time with the naked eye. Anyone in the world will be able to see this event without a telescope or binoculars.

This August, they can be found together forming a line that stretches from low in the north-west to high overhead in the north. The planets are visible from across Australia for an hour or so after local sunset. Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are bright enough to be seen during twilight when the rays of the setting sun still brighten the sky.

Mercury, the faintest of the planets, is the one that’s most easily drowned out and it’s always a little tricky to spot. But don’t leave it too long after sunset before looking for the planets. After about an hour or so, Venus and Mercury will disappear below the horizon. The earlier you see them, the higher they’ll be.

Artistic representation of how the alignment would look from most parts of Australia in August


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