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Thanks for all your aid and assistance in helping us through these trying times.  WE WILL PREVAIL. 

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Three Israeli Officers Commanding al Qaeda Inside Syria Killed in Air Strike

Vatic Note:  Oh, gee, what a surprise....... NOT!!!   Most of us have known for quite a while now, that Israel and MI6, and CIA have had a hand in the creation, financing, training and ARMING these "bogus" rebel groups with false flag operations to blame on them, to justify the imposition of a police state domestically, confiscation of guns, and a third world war where Christians and Muslims are suppose to kill each other off and leave the Khazar Zionists standing.

What is interesting is the so called allies,  Britain, USA, and Israel bombed and killed their own people acting as advisors to the so called rebels/terrorists, which includes Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Hamas, and now Al-Nusra in Syria.  What a scam this has become.

What is amazing is "none of it is working", since no one on the planet believes a thing they are saying, on either side of the conjured up conflict.  I wonder what this will do to their WW III plans?   Without gun confiscation in the USA, its going to be near impossible to pull any of this off.   EXPOSURE has surely become our weapon of mass destruction against the globalists.

Read and see what you think? 

Three Israeli Officers Commanding al Qaeda Inside Syria Killed in Air Strike

Israeli, Jordanian Officers Killed among Tens of Other Al-Nusra Commanders in Airstrike in Southern Syria
Israeli casualties now near 100, 84 staging gas attacks near Idlib in May 2013 (Dolphin submarine,) 1 F16 pilot over the Mediterranean, 3 advisors outside Aleppo and now 3 more in Daraa
TEHRAN (FNA) – The Syrian air force killed a large number of Takfiri militant commanders, including senior Israeli and Jordanian officers, in airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in the Southern province of Dara’a.
At least 42 Al-Nusra Front Takfiri terrorist commanders, including 3 Israeli and Jordanian officers, were killed in the Syrian warplanes’ air raids in Dara’a. Military sources said that the Syrian airstrikes on al-Nusra Front positions incurred heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists.
In similar operations on Friday, over 100 militants of al-Nusra Front were killed in the Syrian fighter jets’ operations in Dara’a.
The sources said that, over 100 terrorists, most of them from al-Nusra Front, were killed in a series of army airstrikes that targeted their gatherings in Dael town in the countryside of the southern Dara’a city.
On Thursday, the Syrian army troops killed 46 terrorists in military operations in Aleppo city. The terrorists were killed in al-Sayyed Ali area.
Meanwhile, the army killed terrorists of al-Nusra Front, and destroyed their arms at the Western neighborhood of Bosra al-Sham in the Eastern countryside of Dara’a.

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Why are the Elite Orchestrating Such Amateurish False Flag Shootings?

Vatic Note:  So the very big question is  "Why don't these cabal globalists ever consider the "blood" in these false flags.  What is their hang up about "blood"?"  Is it tied into their drinking of blood, thus seeing it differently than we do?  Lots of questions and virtually no answers.

The Next question is, "who is orchestrating these false flags?"   I suspect we know "why", but not clear about "who" is doing all this.   If it were the khazars, I would think it would be a better job, since they run the movie industry and have unlimited access to those who could produce this in a much better manner than we currently have, so does that eliminate the khazars from consideration?

Finally, the WHY is, obviously,  gun control as it always has been and by repeating the same thing over and over again, the brain begins to shift to that mantra every time something similar happens.   In this case and all other cases, the opposite has happened.   Everytime one of these happens, more and more people are surmising its to grab our guns and they would be right.  

Why are the Elite Orchestrating Such Amateurish False Flag Shootings?
By Admin,  Humans are Free,  September 3, 2015.

The recent spate of amateurish false flag shootings, which are now being rolled out at an increasingly rapid pace, give one cause to wonder: why? Why are the elite orchestrating such feeble and poorly executed false flag shootings?

With all their money, power, control of the media, control of law enforcement and control of politicians, why can’t they make these false flag shootings look more real?

Aren’t they worried that with such amateurish false flag shootings they are running the risk of being caught? Of being exposed?

Of doing such an atrocious job that it defies common belief, and thus acts as a catalyst to wake people up?

Ridiculous, Poorly Executed and Utterly Fake Aspects of Recent False Flag Shootings

Around the world, and especially in America, the number of false flag operations these days (whether they be false flag shootings, false flag bombings or any other kind of false flag attack) is truly astonishing.

Another day, another false flag. Both the quantity and quality of them are surreal. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we live in a world where people are unconscious enough to sacrifice and murder others in cold blood to achieve a political goal, and where other people are gullible enough to buy into the official narrative time after time without any further investigation.

Take a look at the most recent amateurish false flag shooting in Virginia on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 (the WDBJ TV News report shooting). As Bernie Suarez of Activist Post pointed out, there are so many loose ends, coincidences and fakery in this one that it’s really quite incredible.

Since YouTube has embarked on censorship (just like it did after the false flag attack in Charlie Hebdo in France), it is hard to find the video clip, but you can see some of it in this video:

We have a situation where:

– a gunman approaches 2 women doing an interview, within 10 feet, brandishing a gun, and they don’t stop talking to run, scream or even ask him what he’s doing;

– the shooter holds a gun up, leaves it there awhile, and puts it back down, all while the women keep chatting merrily away. Then he puts it up again and shoots;

– the shooter shoots people at point blank range but there’s no blood;

– the cameraman Adam Ward apparently does not see, hear, sense or even smell that there is someone (a dangerous shooter) standing right next to him;

– the shooter commits conveniently suicide right afterwards;

– the shooter puts out a manifesto, so the MSM (mainstream media) has more fake news to report and build the incident into a story it is not (who writes a “manifesto” these days anyway?);

– there are fake comments posted before the shooting took place;

– the alleged father (Andy Parker) of the alleged victim, just hours after the shooting, claims to already have made it his life mission to pass gun control laws, and to already have talked with the Governor of Virginia!

Once again, like almost all false flag shootings which are really targeting the right to bear arms, right after the incident, we don’t see the victims’ family members passing through the 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance according to Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross).

Instead, we see them full of passion with a strong political message, using their platform and air time to push for gun control. Why? Because they are phony, fake crisis actors.

Have the Elite Become Too Arrogant and Sloppy? (VN:  good question.... it appears to be consistant their comments in the protocols where they believe goyim are nothing but cattle and "STUPID" as they say in protocol 15, subsection 6, verse 2, and as we know "arrogance" has been the downfall of many a psychopath.)

Look at all the false flag attacks the elite have already pulled off. It’s a favorite weapon of theirs, and it’s primarily psychological. It uses the brute force of a bullet, sure, but the main point is to mislead, trick and deceive.

Since false flag operations have been used from everything to start wars (assassination of Prince Ferdinand 1914), to get countries into wars (sinking of Lusitania 1916, Pearl Harbor 1941), to demonize and destroy political opponents (Reichstag fire 1933) and to pass draconian legislation (9/11), the elite are clearly very familiar in planning and executing them.

Is it possible the elite have become so arrogant that they don’t think they need to carry out these psychological operations more professionally?

Do they not care if many people quickly spot the obvious errors, contradictions and loopholes? Maybe they are just counting on the fact that a large majority still cannot see through false flag ops, no matter how quickly alternative news and independent media get it.

It’s All a Numbers Game

Perhaps it’s all about reaching a critical mass. The elite know the widespread ignorance of the majority is a perfect blanket for their crimes. The elite can monitor all electronic activity (and more), so they have their finger on the pulse of how quickly humanity is awakening.

In his famous interview before he died, Aaron Russo recalls how Nick Rockefeller mentioned to him that the elite didn’t care if some people knew the truth, just as long as it wasn’t enough to make a difference.

Yet, humanity is awakening at a rapid rate – maybe even an exponential rate. We must already be very close to reaching a critical mass of awakened, aware people who are politically active and willing to put energy into making the world change for the better.

Some people have suggested that a critical mass of people is the square root of 1% of a given population.

Using 7.2 billion as the world population, the critical mass is 8486, which is not a very high number. Whatever figures you use, seems like the elite are running out of time and are not going to be able to use these tactics for very much longer …

Are the Amateurish False Flag Shootings a Deliberate Distraction?

On the other hand, maybe the elite are using false flag operations as a distraction (in addition to the obvious push for gun control).

Maybe the point is to capture the focus of the alternative media and distract people from issues like Operation Jade Helm 15, the 3 T-Treaties (TPP, TTIP, TISA), the looming currency crisis or other events scheduled for September 2015.

… or are these Amateurish False Flag Shootings Set Up to Collect Data on Post-Crisis Reaction?

Since the elite own the MSM and Hollywood, they could pull off a false flag shooting that looked way more believable than what we have been seeing. Is it possible these amateurish false flag shootings are calculatedly fake?

In other words, are they a kind of test to see who’s paying attention? Is one of the main points (alongside gun control, promotion of fear, promulgation of terror, police state mental conditioning and distraction) to collect data on post-crisis reaction?

Post-Crisis Reaction

Remember how utterly fake Sandy Hook was. It was another surreal false flag psy-op, because the entire location was a movie set.

In her excellent presentation on Sandy Hook, Sofia Smallstorm highlighted how the entire false flag operation “contained built-in coordination behavior of public and professionals, including post crisis observation and management” in Agenda 21 style.

Additionally, thanks to the outstanding research of citizen journalist DJ (YouTube channel Level 9 News), we now know that Jade Helm is about the advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and putting a machine (the Jade 2 program) in charge of everything, as a command and control, network centric operator.

The elite, with all their supercomputers, are watching you closely. They’re recording and analyzing every single movement you make. They want a technocracy where they can rule the world through technology.

To the elite, it’s quite possible that collecting data on post-crisis reaction may be the most valuable thing of all about these amateurish false flags – because then they know more about their ultimate target: the peace and freedom-loving people of the world.

By The Freedom Articles

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Vatic Note:   As we have said often on this blog,  "Its amazing what we do not know and what has been kept from "We, the people".  The world as we know it does not exist and never has. fUTURE HISTORY WILL BE PRESERVED SO NO ONE CAN MANIPULATE IT AND FOOL OUR CHILDREN. 

By Admin, Birth of a New Earth,  Sept 2014

Well, well, well!!!! Now we begin to understand The Truth about why history had to be completely re-written and why it has been necessary for the wanna-be controllers of the world to demonize Hitler.

Do check out the article, and if you feel inclined, also check out this youtube link entitled "The Hitler We Loved and Why." Indeed, why was it that so many millions of German people loved Hitler? This video sheds light on The Truth.

Deconstructing the lies that have been forced down our throats since childhood is necessary for us to successfully reclaim our planet and our future. We must understand who the real enemy is.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.



Vatic Note:   I am seriously angry, not only about the subject of this write up, but the willingness to destroy our beautiful environment, just to offset the cabals inability to get our guns and/or their so called "CARBON TAX" because we are not buying the global warming fairy tale.

I know they wrote in the protocols that ...." the goyim are so stupid, they will believe everything we tell them."  WRONG!  iTS CALLED CHEMTRAIL DUMPING WORLD WIDE.  And its called HARP, that has moved the Jet Stream off course so that all weather world wide is affected.    Add to that some cosmic forces that have come and gone for thousands of years and nothing is permanently destroyed.  Only man can do that which is the depopulaton attempt by the powers that be

So my first question is "How did Gates and Rockefeller "know" years ago to build a seed bank up near the North Pole and collect seeds from every plant on the earth and store them and preserve them?"  What did they know OR "DO" that made it clear to them they would need that seed bank eventually when THEY CAME UP FROM UNDERGROUND????

I can hardly wait for answers to that question. My second question is "How come this author doesn't know that the combination of Chemtrails and HAARP is why we are having this weather problem that is now confirmed "man made" for political reasons.

This was one of the two recommendations in the 1966 IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT, RECOMMENDING CREATING AND USING ECODISASTERS TO GET THE PUBLIC TO AGREE TO GLOBALIZE.  In otherwords, recommending false flags and they confirmed that in 1974 when they put up the GEOGIA GUIDESTONES WITH THEIR DEPOPULATION GOALS IN 5 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. 

I am so angry......  don't get me started...... oh, dear, TOO LATE!!!!!!

Rather than rabbid on up here, I have added VN within the text as I felt was appropriate as you will see.   Please read them and don't be fooled by these satanists who want to depopulate us and then fix and reclaim the planet for themselves.  


Everything is on fire and no one cares.
By Admin,  Metafilter, August 31, 2015 8:31 AM 
This year, my summer visit to Idaho was swallowed, most days, in a thick, gauzy haze. It was as though the sky was overlaid with a bleakest of Instagram filters; the smoke was often so dense, it blocked the blue light spectrum entirely, washing everything in a pale, flat yellow, a creepy, apocalyptic tint that contrasted well with the redness in your eyes and the gray dryness of your throat.

Here’s the thing: It wasn’t just weird. It’s not just “an unusually hot and dry season.” You can feel it in your very cells: this is all part of a increasingly vicious, mean-ass vortex of accelerating evidence that the planet and all its animals – of which we are merely one – are under a potentially fatal stress like no other time in modern history.

 Thursday, August 27, 2015

Apocalypse Now

"Everything was as it should be, except that it wasn’t. We were living in two worlds. The old one, which never seemed more beautiful, had not yet vanished; and the new one, about which we knew little except to fear it, had not yet arrived."
—Carol Blue, widow of Christopher Hitchens, on his cancer diagnosis. In Hitchens, Mortality (2012).

A dry and smoke-filled sky [Flickr page]

This essay has sat lurking in my head for weeks now, threatening to force me into verbally confronting a reality that has borne silent witness in the hot forest and the burning skies.

Instead of writing, I chopped wood and stacked it and then retreated into the stale artificial coolness of my air-conditioned house. When it was cool enough outside, I carried my folding chair to shaded places between the trees and read my books.
As the summer wore on, the ground went dusty and the birds grew quiet. The rich smells of my living forest faded into the dessicated air.
Then the wildfires began. Plumes of smoke drifted in, for days and then weeks. I stayed inside, obsessively checking fire update pages on Facebook. I drew the shades and watched movies in the dark.
For the first time, I took to watering the century-old trees within reach of my well. It may save them, for this year at least, from the bark beetles whose white larvae wriggled around the scarred surface of firelogs I’d cut from their dead neighbors.

Several times per day for weeks now, I’ve pounded holes into parched earth near trunks six feet around, shoving the end of a long hose down to dribble fifteen gallons per hour into the dirt around their stressed roots. I have borrowed nearly twenty thousand gallons from the acquifer beneath me to pay the balance due to old ponderosa pines that expect more than what the skies have given them this year.

Getting worse by degrees1
Except for two tenths of an inch that fell one glorious day in July, it has not rained here since May. This summer has been hotter than these trees or I have ever experienced in these woods. And now they are burning, thousands of acres turned into smoke and ash, in all directions.
“Across the Northwest U.S., a region known for its damp climate, its rainforests, and for often cool and wet weather,” observes writer and outstanding climate blogger Robert Marston Fanney, “wildfires have been exploding. This summer, heat and dryness settled over the region in a months-long drought and heatwave.” And he adds something I’ve thought myself, having lived in Arizona for many years and now in Eastern Washington: “The climate of the Desert Southwest has been forced into Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Montana.”2
The forest floor is dry and gray and withered. Sad little clouds of dust stir up when I walk through it, coating pale stiff lichen and parched leaves of bearberry and Oregon grape. How much more of this can they take?
The closest fire to me, some twenty miles away, has scorched more than 40,000 acres. Meanwhile, Washington State has had over 280,000 acres burned out of its midsection from some giant fires that are still far from being contained.

Considered together (though they have not yet merged, as of this writing), they form the largest wildfire in Washington state history. The previous record was set last year.3
Something is going terribly wrong.

Standing dead [Flickr page]

“Not even people who are preoccupied with climate change like to think about it anymore,” writes James Howard Kunstler in his excellent book Too Much Magic. “The more you explore the problem, the worse it seems and the more hopeless you feel.”4
“The whole idea of climate change is so overwhelming, you want to tune it out,” agrees Ted McGregor, publisher of Spokane’s alt-weekly newspaper. “But this summer, the smokey skies won’t let us. It might seem like an insensitive time to inject politics, but we need to face facts.”5
Those facts are daunting indeed. NOAA just reported that the “combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for July 2015 was the highest for July in the 136-year period of record.” That’s 1.46°F higher than the 20th century average. The previous record was set in 1998.6
Unless greenhouse gas emissions are restrained, the next four decades are likely to move many parts of the planet to “a new, permanent heat regime in which the coolest warm-season of the 21st century is hotter than the hottest warm-season of the late 20th century.”7 From this point on, we can expect about a third of the summers in the American West to be hotter than the hottest season we experienced between 1980-1999. By mid-century, most of them will be.8
That’s a drastic change for the climate of a big chunk of the United States. And as the following map shows (from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies), it’s one that’s been underway for some time now. For the past fifteen years, average July temperatures in the American West have been at least 1°F higher than they were between 1920-1980, perhaps nearly twice that.

July temps for past 15 years vs. 1920-80 average9
The Third National Climate Assessment, a report produced last year by more than 300 experts and “guided by a 60-member National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee,” shows that much of the U.S.–not just the West–was more than 1°F hotter on average between 1991-2012 compared to 1901-1960.10 “Summers are longer and hotter,” the report notes, “and extended periods of unusual heat last longer than any living American has ever experienced.” And it speaks directly to what I’ve been seeing: “Hotter and drier weather and earlier snowmelt mean that wildfires in the West start earlier in the spring, last later into the fall, and burn more acreage.”11 

Where I live, it’s actually been worse than just earlier snowmelt: We got almost no snow to have melted this year. Another map from the Goddard Institute shows one reason why: Our winters are getting warmer, too.


Wintertime temps for past 15 years vs. 1920-80 average12
It does get cold here in the winter, with temperatures often in the teens and below. But that almost always happens under clear skies. When the clouds gather overhead and decide to dump some precipitation on us, temperatures are usually hovering right around the freezing mark.
One degree of average increase in that temperature can make for a lot more rain than snow. And it is snow, not rain, that remains on the shaded forest floor until March or even April in a slow melt that soaks the trees for a burst of bright green growth each spring.
We have been getting less of that sky water, lately, in either form. A so-called “ridiculously resilient ridge” of high pressure has parked itself off the West Coast for much of the past three years, keeping moisture-bearing storms from making landfall. Last year, a team of Stanford University scientists “used a novel combination of computer simulations and statistical techniques to show” that this high-pressure region “was much more likely to form in the presence of modern greenhouse gas concentrations.”13

Their simulations came up with extreme high-pressure events significantly more often between a 1979-2005 interval compared to “pre-industrial” times, but only when “anthropogenic forcings” (greenhouse gas emissions) were included along with natural forcings. The “heightened probability cannot be explained without the anthropogenic contribution.”14
It’s a significant, unprecedented weather event that we are witnessing right before our eyes. And the likely reason we are seeing it is that we’ve spent the past two centuries dumping the carbon that nature accumulated over nearly 500 million years into those skies.15 “This isn’t a projection of 100 years in the future,” says one of the Stanford scientists. “This is an event that is more extreme than any in the observed record, and our research suggests that global warming is playing a role right now.”16
Given this, and with all the talk of present and future drought, I was surprised to see that the National Climate Assessment report actually predicts more precipitation for our region later in this century, between 10-20% more in fall, winter, and spring. More spring rain might helpful. But the summer forecast is a cruel one, calling for 20% less rain.17 That’s when the sap is really running and the trees are trying to use all the sunlight from endless days that barely dim, or to at least survive the blistering heat.
Still, for some reason, the report projects an increase of 1-5% in average soil moisture for my area by the middle of this century.18 I’ll take it, if that ridiculous ridge will just get out of the way.

Apocalypse Now [Flickr page]
In his book Climate Wars, Gwynne Dyer offers four conclusions that he reached “after a year of trailing around the world of climate change.” First is that “this thing is coming at us a whole lot faster than the publicly acknowledged wisdom has it. When you talk to the people at the sharp end of the climate business, scientists and policy-makers alike, there is an air of suppressed panic in many of the conversations.”19
Panic, and despair. You can feel it welling up from the scientists who were interviewed for John Richardson’s sobering article this summer in Esquire. One of them, Jason Box, is an outspoken climatologist who “escaped America’s culture of climate-change denial” by moving to Denmark. Now he tries not to talk about the magnitude of the problem because leaders of even that liberal country “still did not take kindly to one of its scientists distressing the populace with visions of global destruction.” He is thinking about a bug-out plan in Greenland, whose melting glaciers he studies.
“Among climate activists, gloom is building,” says Richardson, and then he lists some examples:
Jim Driscoll of the National Institute for Peer Support just finished a study of a group of longtime activists whose most frequently reported feeling was sadness, followed by fear and anger. Dr. Lise Van Susteren, a practicing psychiatrist and graduate of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth slide-show training, calls this “pretraumatic” stress. “So many of us are exhibiting all the signs and symptoms of posttraumatic disorder–the anger, the panic, the obsessive intrusive thoughts.” Leading activist Gillian Caldwell went public with her “climate trauma,” as she called it, quitting the group she helped build and posting an article called “16 Tips for Avoiding Climate Burnout” . . .
Anger is another of the emotions Dr. Box is dealing with. He has little patience for the climate-change denialists he says “are risking everyone’s future.” The Koch Brothers he calls “criminals” who “should be charged with criminal activity because they’re putting the profits of their business ahead of the livelihoods of millions of people, and even life on earth.” But he is relieved, at least, not to “have to bother with this bullshit anymore” in Denmark.20
Kunstler thinks it’s probably more accurate to call it reality denial. “It’s another of the universe’s jokes on us,” he adds, “that the humans who call themselves conservatives tend to be the most avid for squandering everything the planet affords us to live.” It’s more than politics, though. We just don’t want to face what we have done, and what’s in store for us. And that, says Kunstler,
".....has spawned a lively industry in climate change denial that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil, gas, and coal industries and a political subculture in its own right, aimed at defeating any policy consensus that would reduce the use (and sale) of oil, gas, and coal.
Climate denial also happens to work nicely for that big chunk of the public at large that does not want to entertain any comprehensive change in the way we currently do things. And so the debate about what to do about climate change decays into incoherence as the deniers deliberately distort the facts while the science-minded are buffaloed by such mendacity and frustrated by a public that isn’t interested in the facts.21"

I’m all too familiar with head-in-the-sand behavior, thanks to my studies of Christianity’s responses to evolution. Seeing such willful denial gets me angry, too, though I understand that there are many motivations for people to let themselves be misled. But, as William Catton observed 35 years ago, “real limits not seen are not limits repealed.”22
I also acknowledge my own complicity. My flights to Hawaii and back, to snorkel among coral reefs that will likely all be dead before I am, have added hundreds of pounds of carbon to the skies. I eat meat and drive a car, and had children (quite a few, as it turned out) who now do the same. Richardson asks one of his climate scientists if he think it would be wrong to take a transatlantic flight for his interviews. (Unlike Al Gore with his private jet, Richardson appears to have a healthy dislike for hypocrisy.) The scientist laughs and replies, “You have to answer that yourself.”

Perhaps there is some cold comfort for our collective guilt in Dyer’s second conclusion: Everyday lifestyle changes like changing light bulbs and reduced driving are “practically irrelevant to the outcome of this crisis.” Without “zero greenhouse-gas emissions globally by 2050 and, preferably, 80 per cent cuts by 2030,” we are in for a very rough ride. His third conclusion? That ain’t gonna happen. “Maybe if we had gotten serious about climate change fifteen years ago, or even ten, we might have had a chance, but it’s too late now.”

In happier times [Flickr page]
It is already too late for the Colorado forests that Dr. Box left behind. They “are dying,” he says, “and they will not return. The trees won’t return to a warming climate. We’re going to see megafires even more, that’ll be the new one–megafires until those forests are cleared.” I look around at the green landscape that I cherish, sullied by smoke for weeks now, and wonder. Will my trees also die, and not return?  (VN:  Aaaah, this explains why the powers that be won't send out firefighters to fight these fires.   Their plan, based on their propoganda, is to scare the heck out of everyone and justify depopulation as a environmental solution.  Clever, but poorly done as usual.  We got it as soon as we saw them avoiding fighting the fires like we are used to seeing, and the sheep even started to wonder why the authorities were not sending out a call for help where these fires are ravaging and they were refusing to put them out when they were still small. Then they blame the conservs and use that as an excuse to divide the nation, which makes it easier to take it over and create the slave society they want and need.)
Dyer’s fourth conclusion is that “mass movements of population, the number of failed and failing states, and very probably the incidence of internal and international wars” are correlated with increased global temperature. There is an important point to this: International mayhem from failed states and wars, “if they become big and frequent enough, will sabotage the global cooperation that is the only way to stop the temperature from continuing to climb.”23 This is a geopolitical positive feedback mechanism, one involving human behavior: Bad may prevent the prevention of worse.
Positive feedback is what makes the PA system squeal when a microphone gets too close. Something about the current output of a system causes future outputs to increase even more. There are natural positive feedbacks to the global climate system, too, and they are scary because they are completely out of our control. Once we have dumped the carbon dioxide from our planes and cars and the methane from our cows’ burps and farts (seriously, they are an issue), the resulting rise in temperatures “feed back” in various ways to make temperatures rise even faster.

Michael Mann’s hockey stick. (We’ve now passed 400 ppm.)24
That’s why increases in temperature are so dangerous even though they look small as mere numbers–unless you are sweating out a hot summer or wondering why it hardly snows anymore. “So far we’ve been the cause for the sudden surge in greenhouse gases and hence global temperatures,” says Bill McKibben,
but that’s starting to change, as the heat we’ve caused has started to trigger a series of ominous feedback effects. Some are fairly easy to see: melt Arctic sea ice, and you replace a shiny white mirror that reflects most of the incoming rays of the sun back out to space with a dull blue ocean that absorbs most of those rays. Others are less obvious, and much larger: booby traps, hidden around the world, waiting for the atmosphere to heat.
The biggest of those booby traps is found in the ground and under the seas of the Arctic, which is warming faster than any part of the planet. There are “immense quantities of methane natural gas locked up beneath the frozen tundra, and in icy ‘clathrates’ beneath the sea. Methane, like carbon dioxide, is a heat-trapping gas; if it starts escaping into the atmosphere, it will add to the pace of warming.” And it is doing just that. “In 2007, atmospheric levels of methane began to spike.”25  (VN:  SO THE QUESTION IS....."WAS THE MOVIE "THE ARRIVAL", THE SATANISTS WAY OF TELLING US IN ADVANCE WHAT THEY INTENDED TO DO AND WHY???  IN THAT MOVIE, THEY SHOWED METHANE GAS BEING MINED BY ALIENS THAT WERE ATTEMPTING TO CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE OF OUR PLANET, "GEORENGINEERING".  SO THEY COULD COME AND TAKE IT OVER.  OBVIOUSLY THAT WAS A PARABLE, BUT WHO KNOWS THESE DAYS ABOUT ANYTHING.)

“Arctic permafrost ground that has been frozen for many thousands of years is now thawing because of global climate change, and the results could be disastrous and irreversible,” warns the Woods Hole Research Center. It’s releasing not just methane but also carbon dioxide. And then, after these additional greenhouse gases have been added to what we are continuing to dump into the atmosphere, you can guess what happens: The temperature goes up faster still. There is an acceleration of climate change, “which in turn causes more thawing of the permafrost. This potentially unstoppable and self-reinforcing cycle could constitute a calamitous ‘tipping point.’”26
Another example: The forests and oceans are getting less efficient as carbon sinks as we add more carbon.27 The trees are stressed from heat and drought. Millions of them are getting killed off by bark beetles that aren’t being controlled by cold enough winters or the trees’ natural defenses.
We started this mess in just the past century, mostly, when we began extracting and burning fossil fuels. Once the temperature had gone up enough, the feedback mechanisms got established. Now, the freight train is moving down the tracks, heading downhill, and it’s getting away from us. We’re not even trying to slow it down; we just continue to add more and more carbon, faster than ever. Drill, baby, drill.

What I stand to lose. That cottonwood is already dead. [Flickr page]
After attending a community meeting a few days ago about the monster of a fire near us, I realized that yet another nasty feedback mechanism is at work in the forests of Eastern Washington. It involves bad consequences of over-stressed resources, system collapse.
When lightning sparked a small fire in the Huckleberry mountains west of here, thousands of acres were already burning to the north. Our local fire chief had lent out resources for other fire districts to help fight those. That’s just what you do. It was a terrible night, with dry lightning sparking fires seemingly all around us and then strong winds fanning the flames.
Unfortunately, when yet another chief called him for help with a few acres burning in the Huckleberry Mountains, he was forced to decline. It pained him to do that, he said, both personally and professionally, but there was no choice. He couldn’t leave his own fire district defenseless, especially on such a night as that. The whole state–indeed the entire American West–was stretched to the breaking point. Yet if he had been able to answer that call, the fire might have been stopped with just dozens of acres burned instead of thousands.
And so another tipping point was reached. The local fire fighting system was overwhelmed and the Carpenter Road fire has burned forty thousand acres of forest near our home. What else is in store for us, this year, and next year, and the one after that?
It’s stressful enough just thinking about next week. Despite aggressive efforts and over four hundred personnel working the fire, the monster has just jumped its main fire line, Springdale-Hunters Road. And there is yet another “red flag warning” heading our way tomorrow. “CRITICAL FIRE WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE LIKELY,” shouts the all-caps message from the National Weather Service. “A COMBINATION OF GUSTY WINDS, LOW RELATIVE HUMIDITY, AND WARM TEMPERATURES WILL CREATE HIGH FIRE GROWTH POTENTIAL.”
They might as well just extend a red flag warning to the entire planet, from this point on.
Apocalypse Now is of course the title of a great old movie. The pictures with Flickr links are my own, and you can click on them to enlarge, as usual. Clicking on the others takes you to links from their original sources. And please take a look at the excellent if horrifying RobertScribbler blog.


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The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Vatic Note:   I am sure you can see why I am hesitant to comment on this one.  I was appalled at the disclosure of these acts of barbarism that I did not know existed. 

By Brother Nathanial, Real Jew News

ORGAN TRAFFICKING IS NOW a multi-million dollar business. Couple this with the Zionists having an obsession for self-preservation and the Jewish Talmud’s view of Arabs being sub-human, Israel emerges as a leading trafficker in the organ transplant business.
The University of Tel Aviv’s Israel Institute for Forensic Medicine, operating under the cover of DNA profiling of “criminals,” (murdered Arab Palestinians), is the prime operator in the organ transplant business.

SEE: Arab Corpse Profiling

Here is what the Talmud says about all non-Jews: “Murdering a Goy is like killing a wild animal.” Sanhedrin 59a; “All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamoth 98a; “The seed of a Goy is the same as the seed of a beast.” Kethuboth 3b
AN EX-ISRAELI ARMY OFFICER, a Geldaya Gadi, was recently arrested in Brazil on suspicion of belonging to an International human kidney trafficking ring. Gadi told the court that Israel financed organ transplants in other countries due to the lack of organ donors in Israel. “The Israeli government is aware of the traffic in organs for patients in its country and pays for all transactions through state funded health plans,” Gady told the court.

SEE: Israeli Organ Agent

The Israel Institute of Forensic Medicine made Scotland news not long ago in the incident of a Scottish tourist in Israel, a Mr Alastair Sinclair, who was said to have “hanged himself” in an Israeli jail. (He was arrested on false charges). The lab not only performed an autopsy on Sinclair but removed a vital organ from his corpse as lucrative “merchandise.” It all came to light when the family of Sinclair found the body returned to them without a heart.

SEE: No Heart (5 paragraphs down).
TAKING A JOB IN ISRAEL in 2002, a Ukranian man died there of poisoning by a tainted alcoholic beverage (even though all domestic sources insist that he never drank.) The body of the unfortunate worker was returned to Ukraine for burial. The body of the man came back missing its heart.

3 Palestinian Teenagers Murdered By Born-To-Kill Jews And Stripped Of Organs

ZIONIST DOCTORS at the Israeli Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv tacitly admitted recently that they had extracted the vital organs of three Palestinian teenagers killed by the Israeli Army in 2005. Zionist Minister of Health Nessim Dahhan said in response to a question by an Arab member of the Zionist Parliament that he couldn’t deny that organs of Arab teenagers killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants for scientific research:
— “I couldn’t say for sure that something like that (taking out the organs) didn’t happen,” said Dahhan. —
Israeli authorities normally detain the bodies of murdered Palestinians for a few days without any explanation. On December 30 2005, Palestinian newspapers reported that the Israeli Army killed three Palestinian teenagers near Khan Younis in unclear circumstances. The army issued conflicting reports on the killing while Palestinian sources charged that Israeli troops murdered the three unarmed boys in cold blood.
Shortly before the burial of the three Arab teenagers on January 6 2005, Palestinian medical authorities examined the bodies and found that their kidneys, livers, and hearts were missing from their bodies. The Israeli and Zionist-controlled media have completely ignored the scandalous affair.

SEE: Stealing Arab Organs

SOMETHING MUST BE DONE to stop the Zionist crimes. We cannot allow the so-called “chosen people” to continue their inhumane treatment of those whom they call “beasts.” The idea of the Jews being the “chosen people” is a Zionist myth. Christians, that is, those who have the same faith as the patriarch Abraham in trusting in God and not themselves, are the true “chosen people.”

This is why Jews must give up their Zionist racism and become Christians. Thousands of us who are of Jewish extraction have embraced Jesus Christ as the Messiah and He has changed our lives. We must not tolerate an Anti Christian Zionism any longer. Let the Zionists embrace Jesus Christ and start acting like people truly chosen of God!

Brother Nathanael Kapner…Street Evangelist!

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Swiss Give Netanyahu the Bird

Vatic Note:    Given what Israel has done over these past many years,  Netanyahu is lucky that this is the only thing placed upon his attached head.  Ironically,  Switzerland is the home of Rothschild's Banker of all Banks, the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS.  And since Rothschild is the "stated" king of Israel, its surprising that he and his host country, Switzerland, are behaving in this manner against Netanyahu.

The question is "Why?"  I do not have a documented and for sure answer, but my speculation is that he has violated the rules of deception by acting out on the globalist agenda in an open and visible manner, defeating all the lies that were used and built up to justify attacking Iran. That caused the current situation to be upon him and his globalist cabal.   In the process they lost good people to exposure, like Hitlary Clinton and thus allowed the rise of less friendly oppositions to the Israeli's, in this march to the Presidency of the US.

Why is that important?  There are several reasons, as follows:
1.  The United States is one of the main sources of military aid in the billions of dollars to Israel.

2.  Since Israel has infiltrated our government and

Swiss Give Netanyahu the Bird
By  GPD, Veterans Today,  August 30, 2015

We're sorry too
                      Photo courtesy of Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post – Giulio Haas, the Swiss envoy to Iran, showed the image during a speech to hundreds of Swiss and Iranian business people at a Zurich hotel on Thursday.
Switzerland expressed regret on Friday after its ambassador to Iran displayed a cartoon depicting two doves defecating on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s head, at an event promoting Iranian business opportunities.
Ambassador Giulio Haas showed the image during a speech to hundreds of Swiss and Iranian business people at a Zurich hotel on Thursday.
The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) said the “questionable cartoon” was used without its knowledge. “The FDFA regrets the use of this cartoon and considers it tasteless,” it said in a statement.
Haas’ address came as Europeans race back to Iran, whose markets and major reserves of oil and gas will be much easier to tap once sanctions are lifted under a global deal struck last month.
In his speech, Haas called Iran the “pole of stability in a very, very unsafe region.” He urged Swiss businesses not to delay their endeavors in Iran, a potentially lucrative market with a population of 80 million.
“Ambassador Haas did not intend to insult anybody with the cartoon,” the FDFA said. “If that is the case, however, he regrets it and seeks the pardon of everyone who could have felt insulted.”
The cartoon, a commentary on responses to the deal Tehran struck on July 14 with world powers to limit its nuclear work in return for sanctions relief, shows a pair of doves with US and Iranian flags on their chests atop Netanyahu’s head.
Netanyahu opposes the pact, saying it will be ineffective and allow Israel’s enemy to expand its regional influence.
At Thursday’s event, Haas displayed the image of the cartoon on an enormous screen, under the title “Iran: now or never.”
“What this picture shows is, I think now is really the opportunity to assess the market,” he said.
In the United States, where Iran has long been seen as a regional menace, Congress has until Sept. 17 to vote on the nuclear deal.
Switzerland lifted some sanctions on Iran this month, though most remain.
Haas urged those gathered in Zurich, including representatives from power products maker ABB, Swiss bank UBS and farm-equipment maker Bucher Industries , not to delay efforts open up to Iran.
Switzerland and Israel have at times had fraught relations.
In 2009, Israel recalled its ambassador to Switzerland to protest a UN conference in Geneva attended by then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Israel has also complained to Switzerland in the past about its purchase of natural gas from Iran.
In 1998, Swiss banks reached a $1.25 billion deal with Holocaust survivors and their descendants over the fate of funds deposited in Swiss banks by Jews during World War Two.
The Israeli embassy on Friday did not immediately return a request for comment on Haas’ use of the cartoon.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Nullifying The Federal Reserve: ……and it’s Gone! Lets Undermind It's Power and Existance! We Can Do It!

Vatic Note:  This article below is literally "awesome" and "educational" and it  also offers "history" and  "solutions" that individual States can do to counter these fiat currency bankers. WATCH THE VIDEOS, THEY ARE CRITICAL TO UNDERSTANDING OUR CURRENCY DILEMMA.  Many years ago, when I worked as a research analyst (back in the 1970's) I found out that every time we were on the gold standard everything stabilized and it was during that time, that our  greatest economic "REAL" growth as a nation happened.

When we are on a gold standard, the amount of dollars in the economy is tied into the amount of gold we have, so no printing of dollars on someones say so, without the equivalent amount of gold or silver into the hands of spenders, to keep  inflation down and keep and retain the value of the dollar based on the gold behind it. 

Using the "printing press" to bring us out of depression or recession, simply delays the results of "overspending" price hikes with too much cash and too little products to buy, pushes prices up, by too many dollars chasing too few goods,  which adds to inflation and devaluation of the dollar.   Its a cycle that never ends, so that is why wars are  needed.   In other words,  the blood of our children in wars, is how they fix the economy and that is unacceptable.

The battle historically between our true citizens, elected reps, and President,  with the bankers, almost always resulted in either deaths or massive, horrible scandels that ruined honourable politicians reputations when they tried to take on the Federal Reserve and international banking. (Primarily the British Rothschilds).

The fed is still fighting auditing Fort Knox and our gold.  The bankers also put Germany's gold in the fed here in America and when the Germans asked for their gold back, the fed refused saying they would have to wait ten years.  Now when did the fed take over anyone’s government in order to make that kind of decision?

We will be publishing a blog about how Hitler betrayed the Rothschilds during WW II and arrested one of them for their fiat currency scheme.  Hitler than began using the mark again as Germany's sovereign currency and the nation recovered.

That is when the bankers decided to implement their plan for WW II, offered by Albert Pike way back in 1871.   Its also why iran is a target now.  It never had anything to do with nukes, it had everything to do with Iran's trading oil for Euro's instead of dollars as was the case for fiat currency since the Euro is 15% backed by gold and is competing with Rothschilds petrodollar that is only backed by oil and no gold. 

Nullifying The Federal Reserve: ……and it’s Gone! 
By Admin,  Political Velcraft,  August 26, 2015

Central banks are the bane of any society yearning to remain free. But there are ways we can undermine their power, and their monopoly control over the economy, through state and individual action.
Since the founding of the U.S. central bank known as the Federal Reserve, the dollar has lost an incredible amount of value in terms of purchasing power. An item worth $1 in 1913 costs $24.11 today.

dow jones 8:26:2015
dow jones 8:26:2015 Zero Hedge

This is a direct result of the Fed because its actions debase the currency. That simply means the average American has less purchasing power. For example, following the 2008 economic collapse, the Fed engaged in multiple rounds of “quantitative easing.”

In plain speak, they are simply printing more money. Central bank monetary policy perpetuates booms and busts, and we can directly trace recent economic crises to government monetary policy facilitated by the Federal Reserve.
The good news is that we can take steps, both at an individual and state level, to undermine and potentially nullify the Federal Reserve, no matter what political party controls the White House and Congress.


(VN: recommended acts that states can implement to recover and reclaim their currency.)
1. Have States Create Their Own Gold Depositories
Texas recently passed a bill that creates the nation’s first state-level gold depository. This will serve as an important first step toward establishing gold and silver as commonly-used legal tender in the state. Thanks to this new law, a person will be able to deposit gold or silver in the depository, and then pay other people through electronic means, or by check, with sound money.
By making gold and silver available for regular, daily transactions by the general public, gold depository laws have the potential for wide-reaching effect. Professor William Greene, an expert on constitutional tender, said that when people in multiple states actually start using gold and silver instead of Federal Reserve Notes, it will effectively nullify the Federal Reserve and end the federal government’s monopoly on money.
While these laws won’t nullify the Fed’s monetary monopoly on their own, they represent an important step forward in that direction.
2. Constitutional Tender Acts
On the state level, Constitutional Tender Acts help promote sound money by introducing currency competition with Federal Reserve Notes and return a state to the Constitution’s “legal tender” provisions of Article I, Section 10:
“No State Shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”

As part of the act, the state would be required to use only gold and silver coins – or their equivalents, such as checks or electronic transfers – for payments of any debt owed by or to the state, including taxes, fees, contract payments, and the like.
The law would require all such payments to be denominated in legal tender gold and silver U.S. coins, including Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, and pre-1965 90% silver coins. The market would then require that all state-chartered banks – as well as any other bank acting as a depository for state funds – offer accounts denominated in those types of gold and silver coins, and to keep such accounts segregated from other types of accounts such as Federal Reserve Notes.
3. Promote Individual Purchase of Gold and Silver
Although individuals can currently purchase gold and silver coins or rounds to store wealth, the two steps above would help introduce their use in ordinary transactions and replace Federal Reserve notes. The increased usage would then inspire the creation of silver and gold rounds convenient for small purchases, and encourage further circulation of precious metals.
While the price of gold and silver can rise and fall, this is a reflection of the volatility of the dollar, not of precious metals. Before the creation of the Fed, the value of the dollar remained remarkably stable. Sound money maintains its purchasing power, and would likely quickly replace federal reserve notes as the preferred medium of exchange, due to its stability and its ability to retain value over time.
4. Use Bitcoin And Other Decentralized Currencies
Individuals can also turn to alternative, decentralized currencies, such as Bitcoin, an open-source payment system. It is not controlled or owned by anyone, and so it is not susceptible to manipulation or inflation by a central bank like the Fed.
A person stores their own Bitcoin in a software wallet, and can purchase Bitcoin using regular money. Bitcoin can be used in any country. And unlike bank accounts, Bitcoin accounts cannot be frozen or seized by a government. For people looking to use Bitcoin to sell things, fees for transactions are lower than credit card processors, and the buyer is the one who pays the fee.
Taking action on all of these fronts would help undermine the Federal Reserve’s efforts to centrally plan and control the economy by offering people other options, not only for storing and retaining their wealth, but also in the manner in which they exchange it for goods and services.
Through state and individual action, Americans can take control of their own currency and end monopoly control of money by the federal government.
Michael Boldin and Mike Maharrey contributed to this article.
Tenth Amendment Center
1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson.
1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson.(VN: handled by the rothschild 
operative,  Mr. House.)
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