The Disney Interconnected Bloodline - Part II - The History of Disney & Early Conscription into The Dark Side

Vatic Note:  Now this was really interesting.  No, that is not the right word,  ITS REVEALING LIKE HELL.  This below is soooooo good.   I can't even tell you just  how big an eye opener this has been for me.   Its not only the history of the industry and the company within it, but it is also laced with the involvement of the mafia and Illuminati families along the way and how that happened.  Remember in part 1, we showed how Walt ended up indebted to the Mafia and to the Illuminati minions like Herbert Hoover and others.   They even go deeply into the mafia role and connection to Walt  Disney and the studio through the Bank of America.  Walt got into debt and ended up their person.

There will also be a section or Part on People of Interest that intersected with Disney along the way and that is very illuminating as well.  Some of the players shocked me.  I had no idea on some of these, so watch for that in Part III.  This section below, part II showed me something I did not know about why the cartoons were used to promote death and violence within the children at an early age.  

Really amazing how brilliant these maggots are and just how psychopathic they are.  Today they supplement these with Drugs for bogus diseases like ADD, etc. to create violent kids who turn into violent adults who have no clue. If they are on perpetual drugs their whole lives as children, then their natural system never gets to kick in and who knows what he or she becomes.  A criminal in the prison system working as a slave for corporations...???  Is that why they do this?  Just asking!  

It looks like this is going to grow to 6 parts with the last one dealing with Disney and Pornography.  So stick with us, its going to be a roller coaster journey up and down a steep incline of darkness, deception and perversion, not to mention the bigger agenda for the maggots running the show. Now you know why our children are turning out the way they are.... thank you Disney.    Oh, my Gawd, I just read how the Disney police are run like the gestapo and are not subject to the same rules as regular law enforcement.  No wonder private banks want to hire their own contract army.  

Once again, I have to say Fritz Springmeier is a damn hero.  What courage and what insight to  investigate and research all this so early on and we are only just now en mass finding his work that educates us so completely.  Thanks,  Fritz.   I hope you can read this.  All Parents,  GET RID OF ALL IPODS OR ELECTRONICS WITH VIOLENT GAMES AND DEATH AN D DISEASE.   Ban them from the house. 

The Disney Interconnected Bloodline - Part II - The History of Disney & Early Conscription into The Dark Side

“The story of Disney’s silent film career is not so much a struggle for artistic expression as it is a fight for commercial stability.”
During the 1920’s, Walt stayed safely within the confines of comic animation as defined by others, such as the producers of Felix the Cat, Koko the Clown, and Krazy Kat.

In other words, when many of the ideas were coming from just himself, Disney’s movies were not any better than others. In the 1930’s, Disney got some of the best talent available and he began to settle for only the best results from that talent. With the mob, and the Illuminati behind him, and driven by an indebtedness to them, Disney began to achieve outstanding results in animation.

Between 1924 and 1927, Walt Disney made a series of 56 silent Alice Comedies which used three different girls (6-year-old Virginia Davis, Margie Gay and Lois Hardwick) to act as Alice who romps around in a make-belief cartoon world. These cartoons combined live action and animation.

By the time the series was done, Walt Disney wanted to try working solely with animation. Margaret Winkler in NY (who married Charles Mintz) distributed Walt Disney’s Alice Comedies. From the beginning, children were the center of everything Walt did. 

The occult world that backed Walt, as well as Walt himself, believed that if they could bring out “the child” (that part of a person called “the child” by various psychologists), then they could appeal to the curiosity and feelings of the “child” part of adults. If it worked with adults, they could do the same with the child part in children.

They knew even in the 20’s and ’30’s what had to be accomplished in the secret Great Plan for a New World Order.

The Illuminati Great Plan called for family life to be destroyed, for children to rebel against their parents, and for the world to become more violent. Children needed to immerse in images of violence so that a violent society could be created.  (VN:  given this was written in the mid 90's, its now proven to be reality with TV and Ipod games of violence.  In the "Lawful path:  Silent weapons for quiet wars", written in 1958 under the direction of the Bilderberg group, they put out a protocol for social engineering using electronics and that is how violence became accessable without parental control since kids use the IPOD's when they are away from home. ) 

For instance, the 1925 film Alice Stage Struck shows little girl Alice strapped to a log leading to a buzz saw. They also wanted to make occultism - witchcraft the common belief of the American people. The Illuminati felt they could bring in witchcraft if they appealed to the curiosity of the child in every adult.

Putin in Tel Aviv, Sharpening the Knife

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Vatic Note:  Well, they gutted my very extensive vatic note that I had done.  So I included VN: within the text of the article, so check them out down there.  Its basically what I said in the Vatic Note up here.   How every one, EXCEPT THE PEOPLE in each country, are in on the giant World War III scam.  I said and I believe its why they gutted the note, that this war was for the following purposes: 
1.  Depopulation
2.  Satanic soul harvesting in the millions
3.  Accumulation of wealth and future wealth through re-building what their weapons destroy.
4.  To eliminate natural reproduction from the remaining population.  
5.  Continuation of Sterilization program of remaining population to garner control over them.
6.  The state then creates new humans and raises them and trains them.   WATCH THE SOLDIER and see how they warn us in advance of what they plan.   We did blogs on their artificial womb or Uterus and they can now create a human from a test tube. 

Before you can implement any of this, they first have to rid the planet  of billions of us to even come close to doing any of this.  So that is why WW III must go forward for them to even get close to their agenda.  

I also said  that the people of the globe must refuse to fight in this bogus world war, rather turn around and fight the real enemies of the globe that are few and we are many and they can't hide forever, now can they?  print out their photos.   

Putin in Tel Aviv, Sharpening the Knife

Ground Zero for these two: America

Name Two People Who Hate America More

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There are two basically communist countries in the Middle East, Israel, mixed Communist, Socialist and military dictatorship and Syria, a military dictatorship that was Baathist, a mixture of Communism, Socialism and “Arab identity exploitation.”
Putin loves them both equally but is forced to visit Israel so as not to appear to be, well, deeply involved in a plot against the United States involving Israel, the Soviet Union and Syria.  Some call the Soviet Union “Russia.”  They believe the US won the cold war. 
Putin hates America more than anyone in the world, any terrorist, were there to be such things, and there might be but there is little or no existing proof that international terrorist organizations exist except for those simulated by governments for reasons of need to respond with violence against innocent civilians.
Ain’t never been no Al Qaeda, the others, even the famed PLO little but an Israeli front organization.  Would Israel kill it’s own Olympic athletes to gain sympathy?
In a New York minute they would and have done little else for some time.
Later we are going to expose the 2003 Israeli attack on Syria’s imaginary nuclear program and categorically prove it could never have happened.  Then we can explain why the two nations worked together to deceive the world that they were enemies when, in fact, they were fast friends.
Next week, new Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will be making his first overseas trip.  It isn’t to Germany or China or America.  He is visiting the man he says is his closest ally, and for that he travels to Tel Aviv.
While the world is nearing war over Syria, he is visiting Benjamin Netanyahu.   (VN:  Now if that isn't an "IN YOUR FACE" admission that the entire bogus war thing is exactly that.  Bogus and thus we have the real enemies colluding against all our countries and all our people.  That  is who we should be discussing as enemies.) 
What has been mysterious has been the pattern of communications between Israeli intelligence and the wife of Assad, the current president of Syria.  (VN: she was referenced below in this article as being a rothschild?  hmmmm and the plot thickens,  All peoples are victims of these garbage bags and in every country.  Get the bankers out of our globe and send them to Mars. ) 

Was Joan Baez, Singer of the 60's, Satanically ritually abused??

*** A short  fundraising appeal.   We are short our normal $300, but now I also have to pay an attorney for representing me against the Satanist and the Witch, so please if you can spare anything at all, it will be most gratefully appreciated and will allow us to continue our work.  We have more and more rabbit holes we have fallen down to cover, but this all needs to get behind us first since it interfered already with the completion of the Disney Interconnected Bloodline that is now back up and continuing.  

So, its hard doing this by yourself financially, so any help will allow us to continue with this mission.  Thanks in advance for all you have done in the past to support us, we appreciate it.  Our jewelry has not sold because the tourist season is horrible this summer so far.  Way too hot.  No rain, and no tourists.  I am praying that will change when the fourth gets here and will hopefully cover our August 1 bills.  I will report on the status of our legal situation as it unfolds.  So far, so good, but much longer to go yet.  Court is schedule for next wed which is the 27th and that will be a big nexus.  Its why I must hire an attorney and hopefully kill this thing.  Then I won't need him or her again. LOL  Hows that for wishful thinking.  lol  

Vatic Note:  This is up as a result of another rabbithole, where I found this looking for something entirely unrelated.  I grew up to Joan Baez music and that of her live in boy friend, Bob Dylan so this is a shock to me.  Read these verses and see what  a great music writer she was and the horror of her childhood.  This is so sad.  

This is what we have to look forward to if these satanist animals get to globalize and retain complete power over all.   There is no doubt this must be fought to the bitter end.  No way should our children be subjected to this abuse. I am beginning to believe that we have no idea  how many of our public figures in all fields are mind controlled.  It would be nice if we had a way to determine that prior to running for office or holding any public venue.  

When you read her lyrics you will find so much that we have covered on here in our research on satanism and the occult, that it will leave no doubt in your mind that she was a victim of it.  Just the first stanza which talks about reverse and that was what John Todd told us who ran Zodiac productions.  They would put satanic brainwashing messages on the records after the song was recorded and they would then be played by the public.   Is that why it was so easy to shift our population into gothic,  satanism, and other celebrations of death and darkness?  

Joan Baez country singer was brave enough to write about her ritual abuse.
(You have to scroll down on this link to find the song)
by lethalseed,  on Topix.com

                                                                          photo 1987
You don't have to play me backwards
To get the meaning of my verse
You don't have to die and go to hell
To feel the devil's curse

Well I thought my life was a photograph
On the family Christmas card
Kids all dressed in buttons and bows
And lined up in the yard
Were the golden days of childhood
So lyrical and warm
Or did the picture start to fade
On the day that I was born

China To Increase Weather Manipulation Program

*** A short  fundraising appeal.   We are short our normal $300, but now I also have to pay an attorney for representing me against the Satanist and the Witch, so please if you can spare anything at all, it will be most gratefully appreciated and will allow us to continue our work.  We have more and more rabbit holes we have fallen down to cover, but this all needs to get behind us first since it interfered already with the completion of the Disney Interconnected Bloodline that is now back up and continuing.  

So, its hard doing this by yourself financially, so any help will allow us to continue with this mission.  Thanks in advance for all you have done in the past to support us, we appreciate it.  Our jewelry has not sold because the tourist season is horrible this summer so far.  Way too hot.  No rain, and no tourists.  I am praying that will change when the fourth gets here and will hopefully cover our August 1 bills.  I will report on the status of our legal situation as it unfolds.  So far, so good, but much longer to go yet.  

Vatic Note:  Looks like the Oxford trained leaders of both Russia and China are getting ready for their bogus world war against the same illluminati secret societies trained western leaders who are in on the farce. Its all just a game to them to depopulate, confiscate more land, and natural resources, and to install their one world global governance that will be a full fledged dictatorship.  You vil be a slave!   

Like Syria, only the poor population doesn't know about the game.  Like WW II, Hitler was demonized as were the German people EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AMERICA IS BEING DEMONIZED, but guess who ran both countries????  THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND BRITAIN.  Hows that for nasty work! Both countries fronted for the "BANKERS BEHIND THE CURTAIN",  Well, this time its going to cost THEM.  We may pay for not paying attention, but now they will pay as well.  

I am telling you..... I reviewed the movie "SOLDIER" and its exactly what we are showing on this blog about their intentions after the war is over and they control the remaining population.  This is what you will have to look forward to and they are telling us in film as they usually do.  Then we get to decide what we intend to do about it.  We proved on this blog about the artificial humans they can create and do away with normal reproduction.  Its all part of the game plan.  That way they can fully  control those remaining.  


Date: 2012-05-26

A leading Chinese meteorologist says the country will employ more rainmaking technology and make better use of it in the next five years.

Some 560,000 manipulations of the weather have been conducted since 2002 using aircraft, rockets and projectiles carrying dry ice or silver iodide particles to stimulate rainfall, resulting with release of 489.7 billion tons of rain and saved about $10.4 billion in economic losses the China Meteorological Administration reported.

China started with weather modification program in 1958. For the 2008 Olympics, China had 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns to stop rain. Each system would shoot various chemicals into any threatening clouds to shrink rain drops before they reach the stadium. In February 2009, China also blasted iodide sticks over Beijing to artificially induce snowfall after four months of drought, and blasted iodide sticks over other areas of northern China to increase snowfall. The snowfall in Beijing lasted for approximately three days and led to the closure of 12 main roads around Beijing. At the end of October 2009 Beijing claimed it had its earliest snowfall since 1987 due to cloud seeding.

Weather modification involves seeding clouds with grains of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) or tiny particles of silver iodide to stimulate rainfall. The most common form of weather modification is cloud seeding to increase rain or snow, usually for the purpose of increasing the local water supply. Its use has been expanding nationally in recent years to tackle drought, hailstones, forest fires and floods. There is concern over potential pollution hazards attached to the intervention projects.

Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations. This process can be used in enemy destruction by creating artificial floods, cyclones and typhoons. It can allow controlling the economy and agricultural commodity markets.

Zheng Guoguang, administrator of the China Meteorological Administration, (VN:  Bet he was Oxford trained)  said China’s use of artificial precipitation technologies lags behind the leading countries in the field by 15 to 45%. Rainmaking technology will be better deployed and there will be more of it, a leading meteorologist promised. With more than 6,900 artillery guns, 7,000 rocket launch pads and more than 50 airplanes rented each year, China is able to exploit 50 billion cubic meters of cloud water annually.


Former MI-6 Agent James Casbolt 'spills the beans' on aliens!

 They took this down for the 4 am showing 6 /21/12 and put it up way out in the future.  so here it is again. Since they don't want this up,  I am going to not only put it up now at this late time, but will play it again tomorrow.  This then is a must read.    definitely since they have not done this to us in a while...... that means they do not want us to read it..... so please read and now make it go viral.  Thanks

*** Boy they do not want this one up.  I dont' blame  them, its incredible.  Anyway, I have fixed the printing 3 times now,  and just came back and its messed up again, so please ignore the white and continue to read,  as I have to move on.  This is well worth the read and explains a lot.  I can see why they have come after me here in my town.  Will explain later when I get past the worst of it.    As I state below, its either for real or disinfo, but their messing with it, usually means they want it to look  bad and thus you won't read it, meeting their need to have  you skip this.  This is not a fast food info article.   

Its an important look behind the scenes and who the players are.   The section on the Mena airport will be addressed in a separate blog since I found somthing down this rabbit hole that blew my socks off.  Big site with massive links and info on that whole operation that no one ever mentions.  And one of the players in that is the current secretary of State and her retired husband.    Watch for it soon.  

Vatic Note:  in Going down the Phil Schneider Rabbithole, I discovered this little ditty by a former MI-6 agent.  It was sufficiently interesting and tied into Phil seminars, as well as those of others about aliens on this planet already, that I decided to post it anyway as we progressed, and let you decide.  I do not know if this is disinfo or for real,  and i do want to make that clear, but it is worth reading and posting for your consideration.  Its an email from this agent answering a question to someone else and was given permission to pass it along, so he put it up on angelfire under "Space".  

If this is up and up, it confirms the British control of all of this on behalf of the Illums and Black nobility blood lines.  If its not up and up, then friction is going  on between factions resulting in disinfo of one against the other. Better they fight each other than us. 

Project "mannequin" was also mentioned which I will be posting links to, so you can go ;down that rabbit hole as well. If that turns out to be a valid pathway, I will post something later on it. Phil was killed for some reason and all his materials for a book were missing, so that shows he touched on something they did not want us to know. Through searching for something on the "Rhyolite" Clearance, I discovered this write up. I finally decided to put it up when the link to this whistleblower's website was not working, yet, the website appeared to still be in existance. So go ahead and see if you can get into it. Link is below.

Understand in reading this, I have not been able to independantly co-oberate this below, but it does fit somewhat with other bits and pieces we have compiled and coincidentally, those who have talked about this are dead, supposedly by their own hand. Cooper, Schneider and others. Its just important to take in the info and hold it in your memory bank  and keep an eye out for other "LEGIT" sources of "LEGIT" info before either discarding or accepting something as radical as this. I just keep remembering we are suppose to have an alien false flag invasion to justify globalizing..... and that doubt will remain until I can co-oberate all of this.

This fits very well with the Disney blogs coming up over the next week.  Read them and remember this one when you do.  

Former MI-6 Agent James Casbolt 'spills the beans


Hi Alan,
This is the first time I have gone public about certain sensitive areas of
my life. Please feel free to use this information as you see fit
In truth

Project Mannequin, UK cloning, mind control and genetic enhancement program

What exactly was your function at MI6 and how did you get involved?

My function at MI-6 was as a drug runner. I worked on covert drug trafficking operations in London and Brighton between 1995 and 1999. I worked with my father Peter Casbolt on national drug runs. My father was also an MI-6 agent. He was involved in much higher level international drug trafficking. 

He worked with the CIA and mafia in Rome in 1992 bringing
cocaine and heroin into this country[Britain]. He also owned a trucking
company in Malaga, Spain in the mid 90’s which was a front for an MI-6
cannabis trafficking operation. Speedboats would come from Morocco to the
Costa del sol loaded with cannabis and then be put into the lorries. The
lorries would sometimes be loaded with fruit and the drugs would be hidden
underneath the fruit. 

As well as getting paid by MI-6, my father would be allowed to keep a small amount of the larger international drug shipments. My father and I sold the drugs that ’fell off the back of the lorry’ in this country. 

To give you an example of one of the drug operations I was involved
in, we met an IRA contact in South London in the mid 90’s. This man (whose
identity I cannot reveal) took us to his flat and gave my father I 4
kilos of cocaine. This flat was his ’office’ which he used for drug business
and he didn’t live there. My father and I then delivered the cocaine to
another location in North London

My father was empowered to recruit other agents for the MI-6 drug trafficking and recruited me. 

However my families involvement in the global intelligence community runs much deeper than
running drugs for MI-6. Here we get into an even more complicated issue regarding 
multi-generational MK Ultra type mind control. 

I come from a line of British intelligence people. My Grandfather (on my Father‘s side)) was naval intelligence, my father’s brother was a MI-5 officer in Logistics, his name is Brian Casbolt. 

My grandfather was also a high-ranking freemason and the whole family were Mormons. I have been experiencing abduction type scenarios from at least the age of five. 

For example I have seen small grey beings around my bed on many occasions since I was a child.  At these times I felt myself ’floating’ upwards but I was paralysed and could do nothing about it. 

I have had needle wounds in my arms and many other of the usual 
abduction type scenarios. I have photographic proof of strange lights and
laser beams in my bedroom, faces materializing in front of me, needle
puncture wounds on my arms and other things on my website. 

It's Time to Decide to Act. If You are Aware & Awake, this Is For You!

Vatic Note:   We have been saying this below for two years now, since we started the blog.  Truth is critical to finding solutions,  its how we deal with it that matters.  We have been saying, do not go into fear, rather, healthy anger or what is called Righteous anger based on love for others and love for the law and justice is better since its an action emotion.  

That is why Vatic Project tried to begin the People-to-People initiative, but we had very little response to that work in developing the project.    I believe it was because it was not time.  People were still unaware of the problems and the extent of those problems.   But now that has changed.  As he says below,  "Those of us who are awake......."  and that is many more than there was two years ago.  

So, we are asking all of you to revisit the people to people initiative and decide if its something you may well wish to pursue.   In the past we have relied on the "system" to fix things and that is no longer possible,  but we are SOVEREIGN, INDEPENDANT THINKING AND ACTING PEOPLE, so we are who is going to save us.  Are you ready to take the leap?  Before deciding, also revisit our music videos and watch a few of them to see how others believe in our own power to change our situaiton.  

If so, please respond to this blog in the comments section and if I get enough responses,   I will begin the process of contacting and organizing how we can impliment our mission and strategy and tactics.   Let us know if you can see the good in our project and if you want to contribute to refining it or changing it, let us know.  Its a viable option and we can seriously change our future from that which they have planned for us.

For Those of Us Who Are Awake We Have to Focus on the Solutions 

There is a danger when we become awakened...and that is to live in fear and by doing so becoming paralysed in our ability to believe we can alter the outcome.
I cannot stress enough how fear traps us, dis-empowers us, and thus prevents us from moving forwards towards the light, leaving the dark behind. And it can certainly be easy to become absorbed in the flow of information coming our way, especially when it comes from what we believe are trusted sources. 
There is nothing inherently wrong with fear if we use its energy to propel us to more productive vibrations. Yes, we are allowed to feel fear...but don't live there. And avoid dropping down into even more powerless states like grief, apathy, hatred, guilt or shame.
We can use the transitory emotion of fear to progress to far more powerful states like courage, willingness, reason, love, joy and peace. From these states we can then begin to turn our realities around and co-create a new outcome.
It is impossible to think of effective solutions if we live in the lower states of emotion, which are negative in their effects. This is where the darkness lives and this is how we have got into this position in the first place. We can easily witness the destructive effects of this by looking at the so-called elite and how they have helped bring the world to its knees.

Gates And Monsanto Go After Milk

Vatic Note:  The best I can say about this is, be prepared to see the human race as we know it disappear and replaced by whatever their perverted minds can conjure up to replace it... I suspect words like apathetic, slavery, zombie, etc will become the new normal lexicon of American Speech.   Refuse to cooperate with their world wars and further,  Do not vote in the general election in the millions to tell them we "know" that we are not able to select our own candidates and thus will not vote.  They can rig the deal without our votes.  We can vote by other means.   

Many of us have heritage seeds.  They will be like gold, so hoard them and save them for when they do their dirty deeds.  Same with animals.  We have good organic stock still available.  Barter, buy, trade etc to get what you need and we will simply have to go back to growing our own.  

Gates And Monsanto Go After Milk
By David Peters, Rense.com
Perhaps, a large reason for why the Monsanto head of the FDA's food safety division is threatening to get rid of raw (real) milk has just raised its ugly head.

The following is certainly no scientific assessment of Gates' project but it is clear he is intending to genetically engineer milk and is looking at altering immunity itself.


Bill Gates just gave an $8.3 million grant to develop GMO Designer Humans.   By simply altering, deleting, or adding certain gut bacteria (genes) and fungi, corporations can create “Designer Human Consumers” in the near future, and Bill Gates wants to do just that, starting by “spiking” the milk that a toddler drinks. Gates and corporations he licenses, could potentially make a human short, tall, smart, dumb, submissive, aggressive, autistic, savant, healthy, or constantly in need of pharmaceutal [sic] drugs, or depend on WINDOWS computer based assistance for the rest of their life.

Worst of all, Gates could potentially control how long you live. In the near future, human development can potentially be dictated by corporate America, through the Bill & Malinda [sic] Gates Foundation and their $8.3 U.C. Davis grant.  http://mills.ucdavis.edu/large-multicampus-gates-foundation-project-initiated

Is this genetically engineering people?  And with what authority?  With unlabeled GMOs, how would anyone defend themselves against their immune system being permanently deregulated by genetically engineered milk?  What safe milk would be left if the FDA manages to ban raw milk, or should one say, non-industrial milk not contaminated by pesticides, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, and the Crohn's bacterium?  If GE-milk was  approved, there could be constant changes to the milk, subjecting people to whatever genetically engineered unknowns Gates may wish to try out on people.


Vatic Note:  I knew that!!  How did I know?  Right after Bilderberg meeting, Russia started wrangling with the west over Syria and since everyone is in on the game, it was obvious this was for our consumption which told me they all got orders from Bilderberg to go for the war they need to replenish their dwindling wealth... from their self induced destruction of our various economies.  Brilliant !!!!  LOL  

Also the other day, Obama and his shill, Hillary start talking about landing troops in Syria, so the war is on, NOW, THE QUESTION IS, WHO IS WILLING TO FIGHT IN A "DEPOPULATION" WAR AND ENSURE THEIR DEATHS? Wouldn't you rather die fighting our real enemies, rather than someone who has never done anything to us??? That, my friends is the big question and now is the time to answer it before we aid in bringing on WW III. 

If they invade Syria, then its time for us to plan and look at the real enemies which are the international  bankers,  bilderbergs, CFR, Trilateral, Major large corporations boards and exec officers, etc..... we have all their photos up on the blog, and search engines will give you the rest like Dogpile search.  Do not bother with the other ones, since they are under FISA warrants to do as they are told. 

Insanity does run rampid amongst the "inbred" bloodlines as we out here in cattle land can see.  How embarrassing.  lol  I think we have given these bilderbergs far too much credit based on their own propoganda.  What I am beginning to see clearly is they are totally ill prepared to run anything other than a Thomas C. Crapper out house and even then I would be cautious before letting them even do that.  My goodness, how did these people ever rise to the level of control that they now have...???  I have included more VN: below.  Watch for them.  

It has to be that we were not paying attention and now we are and their questionable intellect is emerging for the world to see.  Even Kissinger was a huge disappointment.  Or he is just so damn old he is getting senile and spewing forth ramdom thoughts of planted mind control or trying to hang in there when he really should have retired 2 decades ago.  Same with John D.  

by Jim Tucker, American Free Press
June 12, 2012 AFP

CHANTILLY, Va.—Bilderberg group luminaries emerged from their annual meeting determined to force a war in the Middle East, and save the euro but exploit the recession in Europe to generate support for a global treasury department. This would be a significant step toward their ultimate goal of a world government under the UN. Bilderberg met here, a short drive from Dulles International Airport and 30 miles from Washington, D.C., May 31 to June 3.

Bilderberg is a motley crew of very rich corporate heads, major politicians,media moguls and financial kingpins who meet secretively each year in guarded meetings to hatch their schemes.

The Bilderbergers also picked who they would like to see as the vice presidential nominees. If they have their way, as usual, Sen. John Kerry (D – Mass.) will be President Obama’s running mate and Indiana Gov. Mitchell Daniels Jr. will run with Mitt Romney. Daniels is to help Romney with tea party voters, many of whom will reluctantly support the “less bad” candidate.

On June 2, Bilderberg was pleased that Ireland voted, the day before, to ratify a treaty designed to make European Union (EU) member states adopt tighter budget controls. The EU is already a “superstate” which imposes laws by its parliament and rejects national laws with its court.

“We can get Israel to attack Iran because we Americans throw so much money at them,” Henry Kissinger said during a Bilderberg session June 2. “Israel has a strong army, loves to use it and knows American troops will join them immediately.”

Kissinger’s words were met with strong, but not unanimous, applause.



By: V.K. Durham
Date: 2006-12-12

How many times when We the People have stood before the Courts attempting to protect a loved one, or our PROPERTY such as happened with the S&L CRISIS and tried to explain: "This is what they did".. and the Judge responded: "WHO ARE THE "THEY'S" YOU ARE MENTIONING?"

With the Major News Media's "Copyrighted News"... it is difficult for the WE the People to find out the What's, Who's, When's, Why's and Where's.. and get to the root of what has caused all of this chaos and confusion of the Law which has created this PROBLEM with our LEADERS and REPRESENTATIVES... even OUR COURTS.

We the People are routing out answers. In finding the answers we are not 'making money' we are sacrificing our Lives just as our forefathers who Declared their Right to Declare INDEPENDENCE and set forth THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with SEVEN ARTICLES of LAW and later the TEN AMENDMENTS known as THE BILL OF RIGHTS to insure WE the People of the United States a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, and ordained and established our Constitution for the United States of America, to keep We the People free and unfettered from this PILGRIMS SOCIETY 'PATROON SYSTEM' of THE CROWN(S).


War on Sovereignty Documented back to 1966, Bilderberg!!!

Vatic Note:  This is for those who would not believe and laughed at "Conspiracy Nuts".  Thank  goodness for Whistle-blowers releasing hard core documents proving how back things really are and for how long.  These whistle blowers could see how bad things would get if these inbred insane nutcases ever got control of the planet.

The have already done more damage than we can fix in our lifetime, so much of it will fall to our children to fix, but they will never have seen what this nation was and could be,
 if handled as it has been during my life time and even then I believed it was not handled as well as it could be.

I am just grateful for people who risk life and limb to get this stuff to us, but then again, remember,  not all is as it seems.  This is Alex Jones operation, so that is sufficient to say "ask questions" and do not decide til you find the answers.

Bilderberg 1966 Data Dump – The War on Nationalism Exposed

by Truth11.com, Aaron Dykes

June 13, 2012 
Exclusive: Bilderberg 1966 Data Dump   The War on Nationalism Exposed In the days following coverage of the 2012 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, Infowars began exposing a series of leaked documents marked “strictly confidential” and “not for publication” exposing details from inside past Bilderberg meetings– namely the Wiesbaden, Germany conference that took place during March 1966. 
Our on-air coverage exposed the Bilderberg-centered globalists’ deep-seated hatred for nationalism and, of course, their long-term vision to steer the world towards global government. (VN:  Remember, these Bilderbergs are royalty and the illuminati bloodlines, so of course, they hate being accountable to the "filthy masses" of humanity.  Forget that they are worse than the "filthy masses" when it comes to their personal addictions.  Pedophilia among their class is way higher by percentage than that among the smelly masses.  And that is only one example.  I am too embarrassed to discuss anymore of them.   Royalty Farting at public events and laughing about it, Khazars murdering children to steal their organs for sale, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, we are far classier than they will ever be.  Class and grace are conditions of the soul, remember, they have no souls, therefore, they have no class or grace.)
In 1966, these larger goals hinged around two key agenda items, as set by Bilderberg’s founder and then chairman, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. As the documents below make clear, the first item dealt with reorganizing NATO, while the second dealt with coordinating world economic development, particularly between the industrial world and the developing world. 

The Judy Wood enigma: a discussion of the most controversial figure in 9/11 research


By: Craig McKee
Date: 2012-06-02

For some time, I’ve been thinking about creating a post where the comment thread is the focus and the article more of an introduction to the discussion. That’s what I’ve decided to do here with what I hope will be an open, substantive discussion on the research of Dr. Judy Wood.

Rather than just having comments about her pop up in other discussions and other threads (usually involving name calling and ridicule), I’ve decided to create a post where her research can be rationally debated; at least I hope it’ll be rational and that the discussion focuses on science rather than hearsay.

I understand some of the regular readers of Truth and Shadows may think I’m off base by addressing Wood’s work at all, but I hope there aren’t too many who feel that way. I believe that any discussion that involves the pursuit of the truth is worth having. I don’t think the reputation of the entire Truth movement will be affected one way or the other. And I don’t believe any questions are “dangerous” to ask.


Romney is Israel's Man, AND, So Is Obama...No Choices again!

Vatic Note: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I now truly realize there is no way to know who is your enemy and who is your friend anymore. It appears there is a battle going on right now between the Rothschild Israeli faction and the Rockefeller Citibank faction.  It became clear that the Israeli faction made the Government join  the whistle blower against Rockefellers Citibank law suit, resulting in a $158 million dollar settlement and NO DAMN JAIL TIME FOR THE CORPORATION SINCE THE SUPREME COURT RULED IT WAS A "PERSON", so that person should be going to jail for fraud.  

FRAUD, I said.   Yes, the law suit started by the whistleblower was about "fraud" and that is now settled since Citicorp had no witnesses, and did not put on a case at all.  They just simply settled, so I guess they will pick that amount up next week on the weekly drug run money laundering out of their bank.  Sheez.  Amazing what we have degenerated to.  And they make fun of us???  And they want to run the world?  At least we don't want to run the world.  We just want to run the bankers and Israel...... out of our country, that is.  If Iceland can do it, then so can we.   We just have more major crimes to prosecute them for and more crooks to corral.   

So the BIG QUESTION IS......
Just who the hell is Romney???  If he is Israeli owned, then is the Mormon Church also Israeli owned?   Its a legit question.  OR, is he a Sun Tsu kind of guy working a game that an  underdog in a battle would take on?   Pretend to be one of them until you get in, then dance the real tune gradually and effectively.   After Obama, its unlikely because the vetting process used by Israel includes blackmail or you get no where in politics.   So they are either bought off like Pelosi etc. or they are blackmailed like Obama and others. 

Something a Bit Out of the Ordinary

by;Gordon Duff, Senior Editor,  Veterans Today

To give us a minor start for the week, we are heading into Mitt Romney’s underwear drawer, things nobody is supposed to know. As some are aware, Bain, the company Romney works with or through, is and has been run by Israeli intelligence for many years. 
If you lived in the UK, you would be reading how they were sent to war, not by Tony Blair as they had thought but by Rupert Murdoch, a quasi-Australian but, in fact, head of the “yellow winged hawk” division of Israel’s ultra-nationalist Likudist regime.
This is the one run a former failed furniture salesman from Philadelphia named Bibi Netanyahu.
For those of you who don’t know, today Israel told all the “black folks” living there, 60,000, to “get yo nigger asses out of Tel Aviv” by nightfall.
Using milder words would be a betrayal.  If there is a strong reaction of outrage from American Jews over this, we will print it.
Covering for 9/11 and helping coordinate the illegal wars that have destroyed America but enriched Mitt Romney and the Bush family is the vast radio network known as “Clear Channel.”  Most American’s have heard about “mind control.” 
Clear Channel is focused mind control, aimed at the bored, the infantile, the fearful and the undiscerning.  Oddly enough, a very positive statement for America is that Clear Channel is universally despised by radio listeners across the country.
Neilson noticed and has been trashing “CC” continually, a huge corporate war.  The fun parts are these, “CC” is Bain, the Romney front for Israeli intelligence agencies, spying, staged terror threats and political coverups.  If it smells, it is “CC” and Bain and Neilson has loved reporting the smell.

Astronomer insists there is a Planet X four times the size of Earth lurking at the edge of our solar system

Vatic Note:  Just a caution.  Remember this publication in Britain is owned by Murdock of Fox News Fame.  He is also a Khazar zionist supporter of the bankers and the rigged elections and supports his station determining and promoting the bankers candidates when they run. He is from Australia, a Queen of England commonwealth country that she and her minions "disarmed" before they made their final move as they are doing now.

If you keep that in mind, then the next question is "Why" are they publishng this now?"  They didn't publish anything on Nibiru when other scientists were saying it existed, nor did they report on the Antarctic work tracking Nibiru from the south.  They never acknowledged other mathmaticians work on Planet X,  So how come they are doing this one, NOW???  I would withhold a decision on what you think about why, till you get an answer to that question.

Date: 2012-05-23

The evidence for 'Planet X' - the mysterious hypothesised planet on the edge of our solar system - has taken a new turn thanks to the mathematics of a noted astronomer.

Rodney Gomes, an astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, says the irregular orbits of small icy bodies beyond Neptune imply that a planet four times the size of Earth is swirling around our sun in the fringes of the solar system.

Planet X - perhaps mis-named now that Pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet - has been widely hypothesised for decade, but has never been proven.

Gomes measured the orbits of 92 Kuiper belt objects - small bodies and dwarf planets - and said that six objects appeared to be tugged off-course compared to their expected orbits.

The hypothetical planet - four times the size of Earth - will float beyond Neptune and Pluto and cause disturbances in the Kuiper belt of asteroids

He told astronomers at the American Astronomical Society on Tuesday that the most likely reason for the irregular orbits was a 'planetary-mass solar companion' - a distant body of planet size that is powerful enough to move the Kuiper belt objects.
He suggested the planet would be four times bigger than Earth - around the size of Nepture and would be 140 billion miles from the sun, or about 1,500 times further than the Earth.

Alternatively an object the size of Mars on an irregular orbit that bought it to within five billion miles of the sun - close to Neptune's orbit - could be the solution.
However, due to the distances involved, it will be tough to for Earthbound astronomers to catch a glimpse of the hypothetical newest member of our solar system.