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In The Year 2000 There Were 7 Countries Without A Rothschild-Owned Central Bank: Now There Are More!

Vatic Note:  I remember reading, many years ago, that Rothschild got into Israel when it was still Palestine, back in the 20's and bought up 200,000 acres of land.  I hope I am remembering that right, but it was almost the whole country.  I thought it odd when I read it, but it was way before all of these problems we are now having, so my perspective on the information was different than it would be today.

Pay special attention to the small piece on Libya and Gadhafi, and understand why many leaders are afraid to stand against the international khazar mafia.  Libya was playing a major role in ridding the continent of Africa of the fiat currency bankers.  I believe that is why he was killed.  That and to send a message to any other leaders, who like JFK, resist the plans of the evil ones. 

In The Year 2000 There Were 7 Countries Without A Rothschild-Owned Central Bank: Now There Are More!
By Admin,  Political Velcraft,
A Basic Understanding of Zionism

Rothschild Zionism markets itself as Jewish ‘Nationalism’. The Country Of Israel Was Purchased By Rothschilds As Rothschild Was Just Kicked Out Of India And Needed Another HOST Country To Control And Feed Off Of! This is a perversion The Abrahamic Jews, for Zionism has been hijacked by the Rothschild Banking Cartel which is a parasite that pollutes and destroys.

In Wake of Paris Attacks D.C. Police Chief Says the Unthinkable about Americans and Guns

Vatic Note:   At the end of this article, the author asks "Are you suprised Lanier actually said this?"   And my answer to that question is "YES".  Why?  Because so many of our major police depts have been sent to Israel to learn the Israeli way of law enforcing.  That way is anathema to the American way and I expected them to tell us to not use force and to wait for the police to arrive, but then as I thought about it........ what could happen if the victim of a threat of violence due to terrorism, uses a gun to defend himself???

Let me count the ways!!!!  First he could be arrested for murder.  Why?  Because he is not a sworn police officer and he took the life of someone without a trial.  If there are witnesses to the event, then no problem, but if there are not, then its the defenders word against that of a dead body.  How is anyone to know what really happened.

Given the total control that the globalist fascists have over our government, I am always suspicious when an official of that government, like a police chief, tells you to fire on an assailant and to not wait for the police.  She would not be in that position of power without the blessing of the globalist controllers of our government.  And that is especially true of Washington DC.   So why this turn around tactic???  Read this below and see what you think.  It made me suspicious to read it, even though I agree with that advice.

So what is the benefit to the rulers and PTB to have us shoot assailants??? Maybe someone else can see through all this and share with us their thoughts.  I could use some outside perspective.   Am I just too jaded after doing this blog for so long????  LOL   OK, I got it.    If we shoot the assailants in a terrorist attack then they can't say who they worked for. 

In Wake of Paris Attacks D.C. Police Chief Says the Unthinkable about Americans and Guns
By Admin,  American patriot Daily,

America was founded on several basic premises.


As the constitution says so eloquently states, we have been all created with indelible rights, those of which should not and cannot be restricted by the institution of government.
One of those basic rights we’re to enjoy is the ability to keep and bear arms for the preservation of life and security.
It’s a right that’s increasingly come under attack by liberals who see guns as a natural enemy. Conservatives of all stripes can see right through their petitions to limit our  exercise of this basic amendment for what it truly is, a chance to hack away a basic freedom so the government can relegate us to nothing more than slaves in a grand system of feudalism.
Interestingly enough many  of their attempts to convince Americans guns are evil and a tool of murder have resulted in a result opposite of  what they hoped for.

Smart Meters Driving Up Utility Bills For Customers

Vatic Note:   Yup, just got my new bill.  Over $200 for one months electric, and that is a giant rip off, since I use nothing more than I did in the same month, a year ago BEFORE THE SMART METERS WERE ARBITRARILY INSTALLED.  TIME TO GET SOLAR OR GENERATORS AND DUMP THESE UTILITIES.  iTS TIME FOR TESLAR TECHNOLOGY.


This below, is our new reality and why?   To EXTRACT WHAT LITTLE REMAINING WEALTH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ENJOY, that is needed to make us into desperate slaves to the elite for their SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER.   Its amazing just how far they will take GREED, in order to control and rule the world. Add to that the "depopulation" factor for our old people who would freeze to death without heat. 

They need the profits to pay off the corrupt congressmen and senators and probably many in the Justice and court system.  Who knows, but this is way beyond ridiculous.  Instead of raising taxes, they buy into the  utility companies and then extract what little we have left to line their own petty thieving pockets, since now they have leverage, where they didn't before.  If we do not pay, we don't get service, well, that can be a great way to show them just how creative we are.

Lets set a new goal:  To be energy independent and utility free.   Lets make our own energy and prove they do not control the American people.   We, here at Vatic Project, just began publishing "HOW TO" articles on solar energy that we make ourselves, and solar ovens that we can also make ourselves. etc.   They say we are dumb, but soon we will know who the dumb ones are.   Don't get me started...... ooops too late.  By the way,  I like this womans way of thwarting the smart meters.   Looks like fun and uses aluminum foil, that is way cheaper than anything else we could use.  I am going to give it a go and see how it works. Will let you know in a blog. 

Smart Meters Driving Up Utility Bills For Customers
By Hussain / Red Dirt Report, October 25, 2015


INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF

Vatic Note:  This is not new to many of us.  Suppression of depopulation tools is normal for these psychopaths.  But this proves who, what, when and where.  So, please read and see what you think.  I believe cancer cells have been proven to be contained in the chemtrail dumpings and we are now experiencing cancer at a rate, higher than ever before.   Is that just a coincidence or is there a connection.   You read and decide.

INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF  

Nikola Tesla - Deathbed Confessions

***-UPDATE - I just discovered that GOOGLE is now censoring and purging articles published to document so much of what we have found, as I just tried to search for the articles we had on our site with respect to Israel's legal prostitution and massive income from pornography and voila, the articles I used to prove it, are now gone.  Wow, they are seriously in panic mode.I wonder whats next?

Vatic Note: This is very very comprehensive and without a doubt, fascinating read, to the highest degree. Its also a LONG READ, but essential if we are to begin putting the puzzle pieces together on what is going on today in the world and especially our country.   Its amazing what we did not know about history and what we are finding out today. One weakness is the lack of mention of Mrs. HW Bush's admission that her husband was an Ashkenazi Jew, in otherwords,  a Khazar.

But then he would have to be wouldn't he, since his geneology shows he was related to the Queen of England whose son has admitted his ancestry connection to Val the Impaler, otherwise known as Count Dracula, from transylvania, a part of Khazaria before the break up of that nation in the 1100 AD period.

Add to that, the fact that its been proven on Vatic Project, through this link, that the Zionist bankers not only funded nazi's in Germany but also were instrumental in the Jews demise in Nazi Germany.   We published a blog on this with this information that none of us knew about.   I bring this up because this below needs to be carefully reviewed, and ask  yourselves,  "WHO DID THE BUSH'S REALLY WORK FOR?"  The Nazi's or the Zionists?   Or, heaven forbid, are they both the same thing?  Seven of Hitlers top leaders were Zionists and his army contained over 150,000 Zionists, whom he (Hitler) put in charge of the camps.

Its beginning to appear that way here in this country.   The bankers are khazars, who call themselves Jews, but are not the real Jews of the Bible, and they are also zionists tied very much, through Rothschild, into the COUNTRY OF ISRAEL, AND the fascism ownership of many major corporations.   A look at Boards of Directors  not only of the corporations, but of the MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA, proves their heavy handed control of Corporations,  our nations economic wellbeing, through the control they have of the Federal Reserve.

Why is the Fed against an audit of our gold in Fort Knox???  Remember, Hong Kong tested our gold we sent for settlement and it was really tungsten, painted in gold and you can find the story on this here. They have used their illegally obtained, trusted position as the caretaker of our economy, currency and credit to blatantly steal wholesale massive amounts of our gold and that gold which is stored in our reserve by other countries.

Just ask Germany if they can get their gold back from the Federal Reserve when they want it back???  The answer to that is NO! They tried and were refused.  So this below fits perfectly with what we already know about the Sherffs also known as the BUSH'S.   These Zionists should be sitting in jail, just like they are in Iceland, and not running around ripping off other nations gold.

So the big question now is "Why kill off Tesla and steal all his research and then never do anything with it???"   I postulate,its because of the khazars/Rothschilds/Rockefellers' heavy involvement with the oil industry and its massive profitability to these khazars who sit on the boards of these oil companies.  Think about the profitability they would lose if Teslars free energy got loose amoung the using public?

I could be wrong about "why", and I can't prove that is why, but deductive reasoning is legitimate.  That is all I have built up on proof of other smaller, multiple proven facts that add up to a bigger picutre.  FINALLY,  READ THE PROTOCOLS,  THEY SAY SO IN THERE THAT THEY WANT ALL THE GOLD.  ITS ALMOST AN ADMISSION OF "INTENT" TO COMMIT THEFT.  These cretins are nothing more than petty thieves and Prostitution/porno promoters. 

After reading all this, I can now see why the connection between George HW Bush and the assassination of JFK,  and how and why Bush was so involved in the murder and coverup..... So you read, and tell us what you think. THE MEDAL OF FREEDOM, GIVE TO BUSH BY OBAMA, SHOULD BE TAKEN AWAY AND THE ZIONIST FABRICATED HISTORY CHANGED TO REFLECT "TRUTH".

Nikola Tesla - Deathbed Confessions

Nikola Tesla

Recent evidence has surfacing detailing that Nikola Tesla was murdered the day after he was visited for an all-day interview with two secret service agents, Reinhardt Galen & Otto Skorzeny. After suffocating him, they stole all of Tesla’s blueprints & papers.

Cancer industry now admits that chemo and radiation treatments generate huge repeat business and repeat profits

Vatic Note:   This is probably the very best example of proof of the war being conducting waged against the American people, using SOFT KILL methods which then protects the murderers from the risk of us fighting back, since they are cowards and afraid of loss of their lives.

But now you know why they insist on taking our guns.   They will not be able to keep this up without taking our guns, since we will finally have enough of us losing serious loved ones to their undeclared, illegal war against us.  The is a deep motivating situation for our people.

Its no different than if they went up to that loved one, pulled out a gun and shot them point blank.  That is called a "Hard kill", but with cancer cells being dumped on us in the chemtrails, or implanted during treatment, its called a soft kill, no less lethal than a bullet, but not as obvious and certainly one of the most cowardly act around.  But what  can you expect from those who think nothing of sexually molesting children and then murdering them and drinking their blood.

Its the helpless and innocent that suffer the most at  hands of these cowards, and unfortunately the system isn't working for us against the elite/khazar/bankers since they commit blatant crimes and never see the inside of a court room or jail..... but that is going to have to change, soon.  We MUST do an "ICELAND" if we want to save the lives of our seniors,  and the blood of our children to be used in bankers wars for profit.

Cancer industry now admits that chemo and radiation treatments generate huge repeat business and repeat profits 
by Julie Wilson, Staff Writer, Natural news,  December 8, 2015


The Paris Conference On "Climate Change" Is A Sham: Global Warming HOAX Unravels- Globalist Science Fraud Engineered To Control Humanity, Not To Save It!

Vatic Note:  Well, they gutted my entire vatic note and it was pretty extensive since I have an obsession about this issue.   I made the mistake of not making a copy, but I will try to reconstruct it, but its never the same as my initial rantings.  I believe they do not want us contacting our electric reps, especially those up for re-election this year.   So, we need to make the pressure be unbearable for them.
I mentioned calling my senators and congress men and told them if they want to stop global warming or cooling and to stop what is going on in the environment, then STOP THE CHEMTRAIL DUMPING AND THAT WOULD SOLVE MOST OF THE PROBLEM.

When I called back,  I got the run around, no answers etc, so I made it clear  that if they did nothing, then they were as guilty as our foreign occupiers for what is happening with our "climate change" issue, and would suffer the same fate, that the occupiers will, since they use Evergreen Airways to dump chemtrails upon us.  We know it and have no intentions of going for very much longer in the war they are conducting against us with their soft kill methods.

The Paris Conference On "Climate Change" Is A Sham:  Global Warming HOAX Unravels- Globalist Science Fraud Engineered To Control Humanity, Not To Save It! 
By Northern Truthseeker,  December 2, 2015
For years now I have been presenting articles here that show the absolute proof that man caused "Global Warming" or as the scam artists behind the hoax like to call it now "Climate Change" is a massive swindle and a sham.... The perpetrators behind the hoax are in it for nothing more than MONEY through the scam of "carbon taxation"... And of course the so called Jewish "elite" that control this planet have been using the fear propaganda generated by this hoax to push their "new world order" agenda in pursuit of their sick and twisted dream of a "one world government"....

The Paris False Flag Attacks: Absolutely Must See Video Destroys Fake Paris Attacks, ISIS, And Exposes The "New World Order"!

Vatic Note:  This is amazing.  This is an excellent presentation about France and their real agenda for their sponsored terrorism, in fact, its about the globalists and their hired thugs to destabilize western nations, especially in Europe.   

This announcer keeps saying "America" is doing all this and never mentions the globalist khazar bankers or ISRAEL run by those same Khazars.  Vatic project has been saying for a long time now,  these khazars are trying to make America the new Nazi's so the world will fight against them and insure that we lose the war.  We are the biggest Christian nation on the planet so far, so of course we are a target. 

I believe their focus is to keep the eye off the "REAL BALL" which is Israel and Rothschild. The "ILLUMINATI" have always wanted us focused on the wrong players in order to facilitate the start of WW III.  But, AS USUAL, their game has been exposed and as we all know,  "EXPOSURE IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION" when the fascists are small in number of about half million and the resisters could number up to 6 BILLION.  

Its going to be interesting to see  how this plays out, since the Illums have misjudged and miscalculated just about every move they have made so far.  I believe we have a good chance of overcoming them.  

THE KEY IS TO STAY UNITED AND UNDERSTAND THAT ALL OF US ARE THEIR TARGET..... BOTH MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS AND IF WE UNITE AGAINST THE KHAZARS AND ISRAEL, they don't have a prayer in succeeding, resulting ONCE AGAIN, in failure over their many-tried takeovers, historically. 

The leadership of France and Britain are fully owned by Rothschild and Israel as is the United States.  I keep harkening back to Israel's Sharon's edict, that "Israel owns America and she will do whatever Israel tells her to do" and he also made the point that even Americans know this.  Its true and maybe that is why Sharon was attacked:   for spilling the globalist fascists satanic "beans".  

One thing is certain,  none of this can happen on a global scale, unless these globalists, confiscate our guns.  Right now, they have not been able to do so, but have been preparing to violently take them from us, by using our Homeland Security (Storm troopers) dept, to do so.  When they finally take that step, you will know the end is near and this is it.  We fight to the death or die without resistance.  After that comes the zombification of those who remain.  

That "UNQUESTIONING OBEDIENCE" to the globalists agenda and methods is essential for all of this to work as they have planned.  Frankly,  I don't see that ever happening.   They might be able to reduce the population because so many are unprepared, but unfortunately for the globlists, that is the population they want to survive to do the slave labor they need to make this fascism work.  Instead the survivors will be the resisters, who are willing to fight to the death.  

Another miscalculation on the part of the Satanists.  So whats new?  They have no clue about the Human psyche and heart, and that will be their down fall. Their big mistake was creating America in the first place.  You read and watch the video and decide what you think and share all this with your cadre of contacts. 

The Paris False Flag Attacks: Absolutely Must See Video Destroys Fake Paris Attacks, ISIS, And Exposes The "New World Order"! 
By Northern Truthseeker,   November 17, 2015

I had originally wanted to take today as a "no blogging" day due to other commitments... However, the troubles we see world wide are only escalating and I and others in the real truth movement are now fighting against time itself in trying to awaken people to the real dangers we face....

UK anti-Netanyahu petition hits nearly 100,000

Vatic Note:   I find it interesting that  the new reliable press emerging is Russian TV through RT today, and Press TV.  This was a truly interesting perspective and very right on logically.   But again,  actual serious crimes committed by  these cretins are blatantly ignored and never prosecuted, so how do we expect the British, American or any other western gov to do this below?   Its not going to happen unless the British people stand up and do it themselves.

We are in the same position.   There is no longer any doubt that Israeli khazar bankers run our government through their fascist satanic corporations.  Its time to tell them that psychopathy is not acceptable for an entire global group of mafia types and that it will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted as International crimes against Humanity, as well as war crimes, since no war has been declared, except the bogus war on terror, where those making the announcement are the terrorists.

Netanyahu should not be prosecuted alone, he has many traitors and many countries that should stand beside him in the docket, when accountability is called for.  Listen and see what you think.

UK anti-Netanyahu petition hits nearly 100,000 
Published by Press TV,  on Sep 4, 2015 

More people in Britain are signing a petition, calling on the government to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his upcoming visit to London.


Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to Israel

Vatic Note:   Raise your hand if this surprises anyone.   The connections between the khazar Arab leaders and the Khazar Israeli Leaders is clearly proven in so many ways, by so many sources, that this is clearly a way to shift the wealth from the goyim, into the pockets of the International bankers who already own major international oil companies, such as BP oil.

We saw that during the Gulf blow out when GOLDMAN SACHS sold a chunk of their shares of BP Oil, just days before the blow out.  A coincidence???  FDR said there are no coincidences in politics,  if it happened, it was planned that way.  I believe him, after doing this blog.

Further, it was proven more than once that Israel created, funded, armed and trained ISIS to do the job they hired them to do and now we know why.  Is that why oil per gallon prices are so low right?  Are they trying to undermine the Saudi's and Iran, who have a major portion of the oil business?

Is this Rockefeller/Rothschilds way of solidying all the oil in the middle east under their control?  Interesting question.  Given that its oil is sold to Israel, it appears that the connection is real and understandable.  Looks like the conflict between Israel and the Islamic states are not near as bad as we have been led to believe.  But then, we are learning,  nothing is as it seems.

Raqqa's Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to Israel 
By Admin, Penny for Your Thoughts,
SOURCE:  Al-Araby, November 26, 2015

Raqqa's Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to IsraelBy: Al-Araby al-Jadeed staff Date of publication: 26 November, 2015

Oil produced by the Islamic State group finances its bloodlust. But how is it extracted, transported and sold? Who is buying it, and how does it reach Israel?
Oil produced from fields under the control of the Islamic State group is at the heart of a new investigation by al-Araby al-Jadeed. The black gold is extracted, transported and sold, providing the armed group with a vital financial lifeline.

Homeland Security is Israeli Operative Occupation of the US

VATIC NOTE:  There is no link to this below.   I received this by email from Dick Eastman, who wrote and signed this email, and it's spot on.  He wrote it some time ago, and its doggone, pretty accurate except for who is going to do the slaughtering.   AT the time that he wrote this, we did not know, about the letter from Albert Pike recommending three world wars.

Remember, its homeland security that runs TSA, bought billions of rounds of ammo, and ordered targets for practice that have pictures of pregnant women, old people, children, etc, in order to desensitize their soldiers in shooting such people in our society.

And also remember, that the CIA, FBI, and other intel agencies are now under Homeland security, so black ops is now theirs to determine, and the dept now has the SPLC AND ADL On their citizens advisory board. A foreign nation in those positions means treason is afoot by our dual citizens of such country, while our own leaders are also culpuble of treason for allowing it to happen.  

This organization has been compared to the "STORM TROOPERS" of Nazi Germany, run b y the same bankers with Hitler as their man at the top.  Also remember that Chertoff is part owner of a company in Israel, so his connections to Israel Khazars is very strong.

Nothing has changed since these two leaders have moved on.   Just remember, these are khazars and not real Jews of the Bible, because the khazar Zionists hate real Jews as much as they hate Christians and Muslims.   They are Satanists and love him/it dearly.   This below is why WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP OUR GUNS.



Vatic Note:  I strongly suggest you listen first, to the speech by JFK about "SECRET SOCIETIES" and the danger they pose for the general population.  Right now as we speak, we have a record number of homeless, greater than at any time in our history, out of control drug addiction,  out of control illegal immigration with slave labor country citizens,  and finally, unequal treatment under the law.  Those in power committing crimes are not prosecuted, much less arrested.

That is a result of these secret societies pervading every aspect of our economy, the federal reserve,  Banking, Fascist Corporations, the squeezing out of our small emerging businesses that were hiring a larger percentage of our population than big businesses were, since they were sending many of our jobs over seas to slave labor countries.  That is not even denied by the powers that be.

So read this below to see why! 


One reference to a secret society in Bacon's New Atlantis is scarcely less than a proclamation of the Society of Unknown philosophers, but has gone unnoticed for three hundred years. ...



Vatic Note:  Everyone knows that ISIS is "israeli security and Intelligence Services", and is a mercenary company doing contracts for governments.  So guess who is doing all this blowing up, chemical and biological attacks against the west?  Right, rothschild and his operational arm, ISRAEL using ISIS, gee what a surprise.  NOT.  

Just remember the USS LIBERTY WHEN THEY DID THIS TO US LAST TIME AND KILLED 38 AMERICAN SAILORS AND WOUNDED MANY OTHERS.  So I don't want hear how we are being unreasonable accusing them of this..... too much evidence proves it over the past 20  years. They have infiltrated every western caucasian government in key positions.  Their job in infiltrating us, is to make policy that makes it look like the USA are the New nazi's, just like they did to Germany in WW II, but fortunately for us, REAL HISTORY IS EMERGING and we are getting a completely different picture of it all than that fed to us by their history book publishing companies that they own.  

Also go back and read ALBERT PIKES recommendations in 1871 to conduct 3 world wars with the last one, WW III, to pit the Muslims and Christians against each other and leave the Satanic Khazar Zionists standing to rule the globe. Everything that has happened so far proves that is their agenda.   They kill Americans and then try to blame it on the muslims who have done nothing to us.... except on the orders of ISRAELS SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, better known as ISIS.  Remember, the leadership of most of the Saudi Penninsula countries are KHAZARS, installed by the British government after WW I, AS WE PUBLISHED ON HERE A WHILE BACK.  

Those khazars work with the KHAZARS OF ISRAEL put in power by the British Government AFTER WW II. How we know that is the beheading of Syrian Christians that is part of the khazar NOAHIDE LAWS for the crime of being a Christian, which is "DECAPITATION".  If the Muslims kill off the Christians, then the Zionists won't  have to murder so many like they did in WW I with the Russians and WW II with the German people.  Israel should be paying reparations to Germany.

Sooooo,  if they do this below, then its finally, real out and out war where we take those guns and fight back to defend ourselves from the same murderers that killed millions of Russian christians and used the USA weapons facilites and equipment to kill off about 3 million German Christians after WW II. 

ISIS army of scientists set to wage chemical and biological war on West: Experts warn weapons of mass destruction 'have been carried undetected' into European Union
  • ISIS already has smuggled chemical and biological weapons into the EU (VN: That means that Israel has smuggled chemical and biological weapons into the EU, since ISIS is an Israeli intel company that is mercenary.)

  • The terror organisation has also recruited chemists and physicists 
  • Western governments warned to alert the public about potential attacks
  • See full news coverage on ISIS at www.dailymail.co.uk/isis 

  • ISIS (VN:  from now on, everywhere they say ISIS, put in Khazar bankers/Israel, ) has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage war with weapons of mass destruction against the West, a shocking European Parliament report has claimed. (VN: This translates into "Israel's ISIS has access to Israel's massive bio and chemical facilities and supplies to use on us and the Europeans.  I strongly recommend, the Europeans quit relying on their governments, form their own among themselves and get fully ready with gas masks etc to meet the upcomin assault.)
    The terror organisation, according to the briefing document, 'may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks'.

    Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized

    Vatic Note:   This does not suprise me.  These criminal psychopathic corrupt soulless people have a massive agenda that can only be achieved with most of our population, and GUNS, gone and the rest OF THE POPULATION zombified.  Vatic Project constantly points out the soft kill methods these cretins use to do exactly that, depopulate.  This is just another example.  Since they are cowards, they use the deceptive methods to fight wars without having any resistance and risking their own cowardly lives.  They are brave enough to kill off babies, but not armed confrontational adults.  

    Remember, these Satanists have an obligation to tell us in advance what they intend to do to us and if we do nothing, then we are responsible for our own demise. That is why they own the movie industry, so they can comply with that edict to warn us in advance. Just watch the movie "The Knowing", released 9 months before the gulf blow out happened.   Further, because they are soul-less,  they are also less creative and adaptable so they always have to test and war game everything, which, if we pay attention, tells us what their plans are, so all we have to do is hold them accountable for their actions.  Iceland did it, so there is no reason we can't do it as well.

    Notice the dates this was started, 1974, almost the same date as the Georgia Guidestones were erected, and when Kissinger wrote his famous genocide spewing about the poor people in  Africa to be eliminated.  So much is coming out now.  Once we gain control of our government back, then "serious" prosecutions should begin.

    Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized  

    The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, and your Food

    Vatic Note: This is an official trailer of a documentary series about a subject we should all check out, its about Cancer.  I hope this article is right about a quiet revolution with respect to our health and the causes, which are partially the result of corrupt decisions by such industries as the medical, drugs, and fascist corporations, and chemical companies that contribute to the problem, and will not desist from their role in it all.

    Bought MovieThe Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, and your Food
    By Admin,  BOUGHT

    There’s something happening, something that will impact the entire world and the future of humanity.


    Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Presidents And Royalty

    Vatic Note:  Remember, just recently Prince Charles admitted on international TV, that he was a descendant of Val the Impaler, or better known as Count Dracula.  So,  the British royal line are khazars who migrated into Germany, and married into the British Royal family.  Most of our Presidents are related to the khazars through their descending from the British line.

    I found it interesting that most are related to the Queen, and the Sherffs' are the worst of the lot.  They are better known as "The Bush's".  The Winsor name  used to be Gothe Saxe Coberg, which was German.  They changed it in 1919 to Winsor, so they would sound more British.  This is a very good and educational read.

    Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Presidents And Royalty
    By Admin, Dublins Mick, August 18, 2012


    A family destroyed: Six-month-old dies after clinic injects baby with 13 vaccines at once without mother's informed consent

    Vatic Note:  This below is "murder in the first degree".  Have these drug companies and the CDC TESTERS been prosecuted and sentenced???  If not, then the system is not being supported by those we voted in and hired with our taxes, to perform such functions.  Its treason as well.  This was so heart breaking and I could feel that mother's pain.  I got so mad, that I decided that I would rather die fighting these heartless criminals than to ever live under their rule.

    They have been doing this "soft Kill" ever since these luciferians put up the Georgia guide-stones.   Its now increased since they are getting more and more arrogant and could care less if we know what they are doing since they now control our entire system..... but they are in for a surprise when millions of us get as mad as I am.  AND NO WAY ARE THEY TAKING OUR GUNS.

    A family destroyed: Six-month-old dies after clinic injects baby with 13 vaccines at once without mother's informed consent  
    By Celia Farber,  Natural News,   May 19, 2015 (Updated 5/28/2015)
    Alisa Neathery, a young dusky beauty, fragile in her composure, walked to the front of the starkly lit meeting room, holding two things: A photograph of her smiling baby boy Bently, and a moon crescent shaped silver object. I wondered what it was.

    Active shooter drills carried out EVERY MONTH at San Bernardino Inland Regional Center... staff tweeted 'drill started' as police raid

    Vatic Note:  Until we give up our guns, they are going to continue having these false flag mass shootings.  DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, EVER.
    By the way, where is all the blood from all those wounded bodies???  I guess the cabal is not affected by blood the same way us humans are.  It must be a demonic  thing, not to remember to place the blood at the scene.  That makes about 5 false flags that I have seen where there was no blood.

    Now what confuses me, is that these criminals own the movie industry and have had massive experience in placing blood at movie scenes to make them convincing, so is the objective to make this SEEM like the government is fabricating all this???  If so, why?  Are they trying to get us to have a revolution against our government so their infiltrators can take over our weapons systems to use as they feel like doing and against who they feel like doing, such as oil rich countries that Israel and Rothschild want to control?  Each previous World War was preceded by a "REVOLUTION" in order to weaken the nation and divide it, since Unity is the cabals enemy, if we stay united.

    Its all too strange.  Maybe they are simply trying to desensitize us to the violence and harm against our fellow citizens when they decide to take down the patriots. Well, in either case, if they violently harm Americans, they will have to answer for it, one way or the other.  Either through the system or outside of it.  Their choice.

    Active shooter drills carried out EVERY MONTH at San Bernardino Inland Regional Center... staff tweeted 'drill started' as police raid 
    By Mike Adams, the Health ranger, Natural News, December 3, 2015

    (NaturalNews) Get this: The location where the shooting was

    carried out today  in San Bernardino -- the Inland Regional Center -- 

    has been subjected tomonthly active shooter drills, we're now