The Zionist Conspiracy - Parts 1 - 12

Contributors Note: This is a very powerful production. It contains an excellent discussion of the historical background of the Khazars, the Asiatic Mongol tribe who are known as the modern day jews from Europe, and it illustrates very well how they have become the Zionists of today. The film also contains an excellent illustration of the Protocols of Zion (done in the 1800's by Rothschild at the time), and the Talmud. This is the kind of film that could change the world---for the better. People everywhere are waking up to the satanic forces that are destroying this planet. Hopefully, it will not be too late.. Remember, Zionists are not religious. 

Vatic Note: I concur with what I have seen. Its the (Zionists) comprehensive and global  deception that has been perpetrated upon the American people and this puts that issue up front and all in one place, from the Fed reserve, to mind control, to bogus war, to drug companies, to monsanto (remember Monsanto just got bought out by the Depopulation through vaccines" advocate, Bill Gates)  and the harm they are doing to this nation. We are on the verge of destruction without Zionist leaders firing a single shot. Why are they resigning in record numbers with no arrests?   Are they going underground?  Is this going to be their depopulation attempt that we will ensure backfires?   Who is the real enemy of the American people??? Look at how they use the Chinese to help them suppress their own people!  Nasty lot, they are.

Read "The Rothschild Octopus" if you don't believe me and see what they have already accomplished in Eastern Europe and Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and other areas of old Yugoslavia, and they used us to do it for them.   These videos highlight how they use and abuse us viciously and continually.  Listen to Louis Farrakhan who is turning out to be a real hero for those of you who think Obama is representing Black people... Louis disabuses you of that fantasy.  This is an excellent series and well worth the time.  It matches all of our research to date.  Some small parts need to be taken in context as that is what is important rather than just the words, but the context in which they are presented.  Also remember the gulf and who owns and runs those companies that are doing this to us. Also remember, not to judge all by what a segment of the population does.   Remember there are good people who are Jews and Ashkenazi's who have done no harm or wrong, but those that have are the zionists.  They have more a philosophy and a belief in Lucifer as their god.  Evil is good and good is evil.  

The Zionist Conspiracy - Parts 1 - 12
YouTube video presentations , Contributed to Vatic project by Alex James
November 03, 2009

"Only war and revenge will bring us redemption."

Part 1 - Khazars and Israel

How far Back Have Global Scientists confirmed Planet X?

Vatic Note: This is up again because we believe it well may be tied into all those resignations we just saw of all the bankers globally.  Are they going underground?   We promised you we were looking into Planet X, otherwise known as Nibiru and have tried to find very recent info and its like a giant blackout... we can find nothing, where we were able to for a few years on a regular basis.  Starting back in 2010 our findings showed a lot with more coming added during the next couple of years and lately, since 9/2011, we have found not one word about Nibiru.  It maybe out there but we are unable to see it. So, we decided to show you it did exist, it was seen and These scientists from Japan found this as far back as 2008.  Very interesting, and also may explain all the underground facilities across the globe that are in place to protect the useless unproductive vampire squid feeders of our society. It may also explain the seed bank in the arctic and the fact that we showed how the work is speeding up in placing every seed on the planet in that bank. So, read it and see for yourself what you think. I am calling on others to provide any info they may find and give it to us for inclusion so we may also get ready for what maybe coming. Remember, this was early on and now we have discovered a tenth planet  bigger than Pluto.  

Japanese scientists eye mysterious 'Planet X'

AFP, February 28, 2008

Scientists at a Japanese university said Thursday they believed another planet up to two-thirds the size of the Earth was orbiting in the far reaches of the solar system.

The researchers at Kobe University in western Japan said calculations using computer simulations led them to conclude it was only a matter of time before the mysterious "Planet X" was found.

"Because of the very cold temperature, its surface would be covered with ice, icy ammonia and methane," Kobe University professor Tadashi Mukai, the lead researcher, told AFP.

The study by Mukai and researcher Patryk Lykawka will be published in the April issue of the US-based Astronomical Journal.

"The possibility is high that a yet unknown, planet-class celestial body, measuring 30 percent to 70 percent of the Earth's mass, exists in the outer edges of the solar system," said a summary of the research released by Kobe University.

Elites Launch Another Dystopian Mindbender


By: Zen Gardner
Date: 2011-12-18

How’s that for cognitive dissonance? After outright media blackout, ridicule, and violent police oppression, this mind-bending “honor” arises. Smell anything fishy here?
AFP – Time magazine named the collective “protester” around the world as its person of the year Wednesday, citing the change brought by street demonstrations from Arab countries to New York.
The shared honor for protesters beat the traditional individual contenders, who included Admiral William McCraven, commander of the US mission to kill Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden.
“There’s this contagion of protest,” managing editor Richard Stengel said on NBC television. “These are folks who are changing history already and they will change history in the future.” Source
When the PTBs honor demonstrators on one of their flagship publications, and globalist Richard Stengel publicly endorses these “folks changing history”, you know you’re being “teed up”. You also now know that, yes, they were behind much of this international movement, which has worked very nicely to dismantle one government after another in their march toward World War 3 and world domination. Or so they hope.

Is this a change of strategy?  Why?

Some Reasons

-If you can’t stop it, steer it. Manipulate the message to meet your needs. In this case, appear to be the “good guy” and proponent of freedom for the underdog. Old saw, but works.

-Encourage more public dissent. Why? The game’s changed. Thanks to our traitorous government, with the recent draconian developments in not only warrantless detainment but internet intrusion and soon free range censorship, these wicked minions appear to be in a rush to the goal line. And they’d no doubt like to give these news powers a test drive.

-Timing. For some reason they feel the urgency to put the clamps on hard, and quickly. Is something coming down the pike?   (VN:  Good call - made before all these resignations of bankers world wide.... yes, something is coming down, we can guess what it is, but the reality is, we will find out when it happens)

Refusing vaccination labels you a criminal, so says WHO

Vatic Note:  This is up because we just read a warning of a massive pandemic that is threatening to hit us at the worst time possible.  It became important to try and stop it with mass exposure of what and who is doing  this. (Last time it was WHO and CDC).   We have proof going back many years of this attempt to pandemic us into losing millions of lives through vaccinations that carried the live virus.  Remember Baxter Drug company and their 18 million vaccines sent to Europe for their population and it was tested by the Chek republic and found the contaminated enhanced live virus in it that would have killed 30 million in Europe if it had been allowed to go forward.  That was in Sept of 2009.   Then WHO and the CDC tried to force vaccinations on us but the courts, thank goodness, stopped the forced vaccination policy.  READ THE  LINK WE PROVIDED IN THIS VATIC NOTE.  Its important to remember what laws are sitting out there waiting for this.  

Well, this info below as to the Medical Emergency Health Powers Act  shows it will be the martial law needed to force everyone to become vaccinated or they will be incarcerated in the FEMA camps.  Add to that the recent resignation of hundreds of CEO's  from banks world wide, and one begins to believe another false flag is on the horizon.  I genuinely believe they are headed underground and there are only two possible reasons based on timing and industry they are in, and that is 1.  Nibiru is on the way and the pole shift is almost upon us,  OR  2.  Its because a pandemic is on the way and a bad one at that given the runaway the CEO's are doing.   This way we can prepare to take our stand against the forced vaccination.  And notice in the article below the fact that WHO internationally takes precedence over our sovereign rights to self determination on this issue.  Well, it makes sense why!  If you are going to globalize, you first have to prove that something that happens here can affect the entire world and that is reason enough to globalize.  Clever, but not clever enough.  

Refusing vaccination labels you a criminal, so says WHO
by  Marti Oakley ,  Farm Wars


The World Health Organization determined in 2005 it has the authority to dissolve sovereign governments and take control should there be a pandemic. This applies to any country signed onto WHO, which of course we are. The WHO just raised this non-existent pandemic to level 4.

From the WHO 2005 declaration: (excerpted) Under special pandemic plans enacted around the world including the USA, in 2005, national governments are to be dissolved in the event of a pandemic emergency and replaced by special crisis committees, which take charge of the health and security infrastructure of a country, and which are answerable to the WHO and EU in Europe and to the WHO and UN in North America. 


Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included

Vatic Note:  The pic below is one of synthetically created animals.  My friends,  we have to decide the ethics surrounding this.   A human who is half animal is not human.  Hello?  More perversion from a Pentagon run by the Dual foreign citizens of Israel.  I think its beyond time to kick them all out, no more dual foreign citizen Czars.  They can take this perversion some where else.  Not here.  Not with our taxes.   This is truly beyond believable.  Every day I see how right Iceland was to kick those perverted bankers out of their country and now its time to do it here.  THAT IS THE DEMAND THEY SHOULD BE MAKING ON WALL STREET.  Wonder if Soros will let them do that? 

Pentagon looks to Breed Immortal "Synthetic Organisms"
By: Katie Drummond,  Source: "Wired"
Date: 2/5/2010

The Pentagon’s mad science arm may have come up with its most radical project yet. Darpa is looking to re-write the laws of evolution to the military’s advantage, creating “synthetic organisms” that can live forever — or can be killed with the flick of a molecular switch.

As part of its budget for the next year, Darpa is investing $6 million into a project called BioDesign, with the goal of eliminating “the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement.” The plan would assemble the latest bio-tech knowledge to come up with living, breathing creatures that are genetically engineered to “produce the intended biological effect.” Darpa wants the organisms to be fortified with molecules that bolster cell resistance to death, so that the lab-monsters can “ultimately be programmed to live indefinitely.”

Of course, Darpa’s got to prevent the super-species from being swayed to do enemy work — so they’ll encode loyalty right into DNA, by developing genetically programmed locks to create “tamper proof” cells. Plus, the synthetic organism will be traceable, using some kind of DNA manipulation, “similar to a serial number on a handgun.” And if that doesn’t work, don’t worry. In case Darpa’s plan somehow goes horribly awry, they’re also tossing in a last-resort, genetically-coded kill switch:

Spider Goats, Bullet-proof Skin, Meat from a Petri Dish and Transhumanism – Oh My!

***  Well, we are finally back again.  Thank you for sticking with us.  It will probably take a couple of days to get back to normal, but then we should be well on our way to normalacy.  Do not under any circumstances start a blog that is controversial.  Who knows what they will do to the blog for fun and games. 

Vatic Note:   THIS, ladies and gentlemen is your NEW WORLD ORDER, how do you like it so far?  These people are beyond nuts.  They are truly structurally  psychopathic.  Why do they have a seed bank in the Arctic with the real McCoy including the DNA of every animal on the planet, if they are doing all this below and they think its ok to do???  They don't, thats why.  Its to make cattle or permanent robotic soldiers for perpetual wars in this Orwellean world they have planned for us.  Its to attack our DNA and our consciousness which is the very thing that makes us human.  I realize this is almost impossible to comprehend , but its important that we do.  

This is a serious crime.   If we do not see how it as such, then we are dearly in trouble.  Those funding this need to be arrested and prosecuted for an attack against humanity.  Add to this the chemtrails,   attacking our food and water,  then its attempted murder of the person within that body.  Even I am having trouble wrapping my mind around this entire issue as outlined below.   The perversion that must exist in someone who could dream these things up,  must be horrific and definitely dangerous to all of mankind and the planet itself.   Danger such as this must truly be addressed once we recover from the shock of the arrogance exhibited by those who are engaged in this demonic fantasy of soul harvesting.   For the first time, I can now understand the concept of real danger to humanity and the need to eradicate such danger at the earliest possible moment.   There are so many implications to this below, that it would take a very long blog just to list them all.  All Roads lead back to the same dangerous players of the dark side.  Time to consider our options and alternatives.  

Spider Goats, Bullet-proof Skin, Meat from a Petri Dish and Transhumanism – Oh My!

Barbara H. Peterson, Farm Wars

In what appears to be a case of the rich experimenting on their version of life for a transhumanist agenda, the UK Telegraph reports that by sometime in the fall of 2012, we will be happily munching on burgers made from meat grown in a lab. Yes, that’s right.
Pro.  Post said his team has successfully replicated the process with cow cells and calf serum, bringing the first artificial burger a step closer. He said: “In October we are going to provide a proof of concept showing out of stem cells we can make a product that looks, feels and hopefully tastes like meat.”   (VN:  And exactly how will this affect our own DNA?  Will it have an impact on our consciousness?  Did you bother to study that issue?  What about our health and longevity?  Remember, the animals eat food that goes into their make up and we then eat the meat....so how do we get the nutrients if no food, water or sunlight are included in the process? )

Secret Memo shows JFK demanded UFO files 10-days before assassination


By: Daily Mail Reporter
Date: 2011-04-19

An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA shows that the president demanded to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs 10 days before his assassination.

The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time.

Author William Lester said the CIA released the documents to him under the Freedom of Information Act after he made a request while researching his new book 'A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier.'

Assassination: Was JFK shot to stop him discovering the truth about UFOs?

Assassination: Was JFK shot to stop him discovering the truth about UFOs?

Why Are Government Bureaucrats Turning America Into Nazi Germany?


By: Scott Lazarowitz
Date: 2012-02-13

I’m sorry to put it in such a crass way, but that is exactly what they are doing. Ever since the September 11th attacks, these power-grabbing scoundrels have been putting policies in place that were planned well before 9/11, searching us, tracking, frisking, scanning, taxing and regulating and spying on us. 
The War on Terror and the War on Drugs have a combined effect of really being the government’s war on us, the American people, and a war on freedom. The airport TSA is now spreading over to train stations and bus depots, football stadiums and other public places.

While these non-productive bureaucrats are suggesting that their intrusive, Nazi-like policies are to prevent terrorism, they themselves have been terrorizing the American people, and treating us all like criminal suspects, like prisoners.

The latest are the FBI’s wanting Internet café owners to report on "suspicious" people, and the FBI and DHS wanting other businesses to report on people for behaviors that are really normal behaviors. (See here, here, here, and here.)


The Insanity of USA and Israel - How to Stop WW III


By: Mike Rivero
Date: 2012-02-20

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Media Reacts To Conan's Same-Sex Wedding News

Bruecke Note: My reasoning for posting this here has nothing to do with "the gay agenda" or that "Conan's pushing the envelope of late night television" has anything to do with a same-sex wedding. Truth be told, the first time I saw this did not have Conan's monologue in front to give me context. What I saw had only the series of media clips of our "independent" news desks across the nation mouthed literally the exact same words.

Thus, this is posted as part of this mini-series on media manipulation as further proof that it does happen, but more importantly to get you to recall possibly other instances where it also happened. What quickly come to mind for me are parroted statements like:

"America was attacked on 9/11... Iraq has WMD... 9/11 was not an inside job but was initiated and carried out exclusively by 19 Muslim extremist hijackers, and anybody who disagrees with this is clearly a nutty, crazy, insane lunatic and should move to surrender-monkey France... Ron Paul isn't electable and has no chance of winning the Presidency."
How much does media frame the discussion in the seeds it plants to grow discussion and/or support?


By: Conan O'Brien
Date: 2011-11-03


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


$6 Trillion in Allegedly Fake U.S. Bonds Hidden in Federal Reserve Mother Box Seized

Vatic Note:  Well, you cannot believe what we just went through to get this up.  Its getting way worse now.  We will see if it stays as posted as fixed. OK, now for the analysis....

VK Dunham, hang in there,  this maybe the real thing and given the domino theory of events, it could well get result in a spreading of the investigation into all international areas, and finally get back all that you have lost and paid so dearly for over these many years.   On the other hand it could be just another fob to keep us passive.  We will see. If not, then  this history of how this works is very interesting and worth reading.  I am not an expert on the intricacies of the internal workings but VK is and has written volumes on this subject for Rumormills and its worth a search there to bone up on it. 

We did a blog earlier on the connection of the Chinese Mafia to the Switzerland BIS  which was along these same lines of manipulating currencies and financial systems.  Worth the read. That is what makes this difficult to believe.  Switzerland has been heavily tied in with both the international bankers and the Vatican.

In 1923, Europe, primarily Britain did exactly the same thing to the German government that resulted in a million percent inflation by 1928, which then led to the International banker funded overthrow of the German "Constitutional" government in 1933, with nazi's as the new rulers with Hitler at their head.  INFUSING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO MONEY SUPPLY THROUGH BOGUS BONDS  WOULD RESULT IN GLOBAL HYPERINFLATION EVEN GREATER THAN NAZI GERMANY.  This is not about greed, its about bringing down sovereignty in every nation and controlling the resulting regional and global governance system.

At that point the new global financial system would be welcomed by everyone sufficient to give up their national sovereignty and this was how they intended to pull this off.  NOTICE, THAT SIMULTANEOUSLY, MASSIVE LAND GRABS ARE GOING ON ALL OVER THE WORLD.  All during WW II, manipulation of money supply using counterfeit currency/bonds/etc  to bring down nations.  It worked and like we have said before,  THE USELESS FEEDERS lack imagination and creativity and thus shoot themselves in the foot by doing the same thing  over and over again so that students of history would recognize the game and stop it before it gets to  take hold and this is one just such time. 

NOW WHY is the system finally responding to these series of crimes by the Federal Reserve and other central banks?  Because they don't need them anymore.   The Switzerland Rothschilds BIS Bankers bank will take over all functions globally of the now criminal Federal Reserve.  They will  sell this to us as a "SOLUTION" to their contrived "PROBLEM"  after our induced "REACTION".  The Hegelian Dialect in full dress military force.   DO NOT BUY INTO ANY OF IT.  Gold and Silver  backed currency  and US Treasury control of both currency and credit. 

$6 Trillion in Allegedly Fake U.S. Bonds Hidden in Federal Reserve Mother Box Seized
The Intel Hub By Madison Ruppert, Contributed by Hypocracynomore, at BenjaminFulford.com
February 20, 2012

"Potenza, Italy - This undated photo provided by Carabinieri yesterday  shows a counterfeit  US Bond Confiscation in switzerland. Authorities in Switzerland have confiscated US $6 trillion in counterfeit bonds at the request of Italian Prosecutors. In Italy, eight people were arrested across the country and placed under investigation for fraud and other crimes."  (Photo AP) 

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Italy-confiscates-US-6-trillion-in-fake-bonds_10806243#ixzz1mwxsj8X9

“Several news outlets are reporting that Italian prosecutors claimed to have seized a record $6 trillion in allegedly fake U.S. Treasury bonds from 1934 with a nominal value of $1 billion each.

The bonds were reportedly hidden in makeshift compartments of three safety deposit boxes in Zurich according to an emailed statement from Potenza-based Italian prosecutors.

Eight people were reportedly arrested due to the inquiry, which was codenamed “Operation Vulcanica” and the American embassy in Rome has already examined the bonds although embassy officials have yet to comment.

It gets really strange when we find out that, “The individuals involved were planning to buy plutonium from Nigerian sources, according to phone conversations monitored by the police.”

Even more strange is that the bonds were reportedly held in crates marked as property of the Chicago Federal Reserve System, in fact the picture of the crate released by the BBC reveals that the boxes were Treaty of Versailles Mother Boxes.

If these bonds were indeed forgeries, it implies that the box itself might be fake as well, which raises the question: why would counterfeiters go through the effort of not only faking $6 trillion in $1 billion bonds but also go through the effort of creating a fake Treaty of Versailles Mother Box?…”

Source:  http://theintelhub.com/2012/02/20/6-trillion-in-allegedly-fake-u-s-bonds-hidden-in-federal-reserve-mother-box-seized/

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Our Future? Over 20 million kindergarten-age children living without their parents in China

Vatic Note:  I have a friend who has fallen in love with a Chinese woman in Fascist China.  He went to visit her in China and what he reported back was a real eye opening experience.  Remember we posted a whistleblower report on the Khazars plans for us here in the western world, and I am telling you this is exactly what they are doing in China with their Oxford educated leaders, and what they plan for the western world when they finish taking it over. Once done, the zionist controlled Britain will be once again the global empire they lost centuries ago. 

The key is to remove the Children from the care and upbringing of their parents and if the state raises the children, the elite will be able to ensure they never rebel and are compliant in all things.  That is what has happened in China with their slave labor work force.   They are assets and cattle, herded and used and discarded when done with.  That is our future under these same fascists that run China.  Remember, all of this became evident when Kissinger obtained Goldman Sach's entrance into China as their exclusive brokerage/banking house.   Its been downhill from there.  Who can forget the Chinese peoples attempt to overthrow such repression at Teniman Square where they were hammered mercilously and now we are experiencing the exact same Storm Trooper treatment on our dissenters. 

Is that a coincidence?  I think not.  Its why history is so important.  It proves planning and execution and what works is continuing to be used.  Studying that is important to counter it.

Over 20 million kindergarten-age children living without their parents in China

One sad side effect of China's economic miracle: 23 million children under the age of five now live apart from both their parents, who have left home to find work in the country's cities, according to a newly released statistic.
Over 20 million kindergarten-age children living without their parents in China

A third of all kindergarten-age children in China have been left behind by both parents, often in the care of their grandparents Photo: EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS
In scenes reminiscent of wartime Britain, villages across China's countryside have emptied of all working-age adults, leaving only the elderly and young behind.

For three decades, Chinese workers have been migrating from the countryside to the cities in search of work. In the beginning, only the men left, their wives remaining to look after the family. But as the world demanded more and more Made-in-China goods, the women began to join them.

Now, a third of all kindergarten-age children in China have been left behind by both parents, often in the care of their grandparents or other relatives, according to Deng Li, an official at the All China Women's Federation, a government-run campaign group.

They see their mothers and fathers only once or twice a year, usually during national holidays. Their parents often work in a different province for several years, according to the AWCF.

It is the first time that China has released statistics broken down by age group, and the research raises questions about the social cost of China's rapid rise to wealth and about the problems being stored up for the future.

"The absence of their parents is a big problem for these young children. They do not get as much attention and care from their grandparents, some of whom might be quite old-fashioned, and might not have enough energy to run around after them," he said. "Also, some grandparents can be quite indulgent, and that is not necessarily what under-fives need." Chinese journalists in Hunan province found one small village called Shiping where 18 young children had been left behind by their working parents.

Wei Yankui, the mother of a four-year-old boy, told them that she was only able to see her son for two days over the October holidays. "I am so heartbroken when I have to leave, and I am concerned about his education. His grandparents are not really knowledgeable about how to teach him," she said.

Although each child in China is entitled to nine years of free schooling, the parents of migrant children are fined for enrolling their children in schools away from their home town. Many local governments also make it extremely difficult to complete the paperwork required to register a child in a new city.  (VN:  an accident?  Not on your life, its planned, discouraged.  After all these are cattle and only the ruling class will have easy access to education, not the plebs/cattle.  Read the protocols if you don't believe its planned)

Zhou Xiaozheng, a professor of sociology at Renmin University in Beijing said the policy of discriminating against migrant workers had created a "two-tier society".   (VN:  Sound familiar?  Are we not in the process of doing the same thing?  The "1%" and the "99%"?)

"It is segregation, not along ethnic lines, but along geographical lines," he said. "They say one city person is worth four rural people." "These parents have no option. They have to make money. More than half of the economy in rural areas comes from migrants working elsewhere.   (VN:  I would like to know why that is?  What happened to the farms?  What happened to the agriculture?  Why are they having to go into the cities to find work?  we are beginning the same process.  The latest was the Amish farm that was shut down and now where will those farm workers go for income?)

Without the money, their families would collapse. But for the kids there is little hope and their future is bleak. Of course they will grow up with defective personalities." Other researchers said there was no short-term solution to the problem. "Some provinces like Guangdong, Zhejing and Jiangsu have started investing in schools and kindergartens to encourage migrants to bring their children," said Liu Zhengqui at the Chinese Academy of Science.

"It is hard for both the children and the parents. Some children are even left behind twice. First, they are left at home until they become teenagers. Then they can join their parents in the city, but when they get old enough to study for the high-school exam they have to go home again because that is the regulation. They are fish out of water wherever they are."   (VN:  then the schools replace parents as important factors in their lives, and that, my friends in intentional, just think about our schools and the indoctrination our kids get there with respect to authority.   We now arrest 5 year olds in kindergarten for fighting, HUH?  Never heard of such a think until the Robber barons got control of our government and the khazars control of Homeland security)

WAKE UP!  before its too late for your children. 

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Debt Slavery: 30 Facts About Debt In America That Will Blow Your Mind


By: The American Dream
Date: 2012-02-15

When most people think about America's debt problem, they think of the debt of the federal government.  But that is only part of the story.  The sad truth is that debt slavery has become a way of life for tens of millions of American families.  Over the past several decades, most Americans have willingly allowed themselves to become enslaved to debt.  These days, most of us are busy either going into even more debt or paying off the debt that we have accumulated in the past.  When your finances are dominated by debt, it makes it really hard to ever get ahead.  Incredibly, 43 percent of all American families spend more than they earn each year.  Even while median household income continues to decline (now less than $50,000 a year), median household debt continues to go up.  According to the Federal Reserve, median household debt in America has risen to $75,600.  Many Americans spend decades caught in the trap of debt slavery.  Large numbers of them never even escape at all and die in debt.  It can be a lot of fun to spend lots of money and go into lots of debt, but it can be absolutely soul crushing to toil and labor for years paying off those debts while making others wealthy in the process.  Hopefully this article will inspire many people to try to escape the chains of debt slavery once and for all.

Because the truth is that the American people need a wake up call.  Consumer borrowing rose by another $19.3 billion in December.  Right now it is sitting at a grand total of $2.5 trillion according to the Federal Reserve.

Overall, consumer debt in America has increased by a whopping 1700% since 1971.
We always criticize the federal government for going into so much debt, but we rarely criticize ourselves for our own addiction to debt.

Debt slavery is destroying millions of lives all across this country, and it is imperative that we educate the American people about the dangers of all this debt.

The following are 30 facts about debt in America that will absolutely blow your mind....


World's Pyramids Beaming Energy To Mysterious Space Cloud

Vatic Note:  Oh, man, they are really messing with this one.  Hang in there and we will try to make sure it stays up.  I guess they don't like the vatic note again.  I have put this up twice now.  Good thing I saved it.   It makes me wonder if they are trying to build a justification for purging the entire earth, and if so, who the hell is going to wait on these useless feeders who have no expertise in how to care for anything including themselves.   They simply consume and produce waste in the end.   Aaah, a double entendre!!! LOL    If this below is true, then the evil ones going underground will ensure their demise and that is worth the effort to survive just to see that happen.  Its certainly incentive to hang around longer.

We also now have the technology to do exactly what  this describes below and in fact we have tested and experimented with just such technology.  The Norway spiral is one good example.  There are more, but keep this in mind as you read this.  It could or could not be true.  Read and decide for yourselves.

I just keep remembering why Bill Cooper and Phil schneider had to be killed, the former for exposing the intent of the evil ones to use a bogus false flag alien attack on the planet to force globalizing.  The latter for actually meeting and fighting with aliens currently existing on this planet.  They have already invaded and are fully ensconsed on this planet, so no need for any additional invasions... unless its good guys and they don't want them here.  lol  That was another possibility that Cooper outlined. 

Remember the controversy over the "Photon Belt"?  Well, its a complicated issue.  Many articles from MSM and system supported sources say its a hoax.  But by the same token, if real,  then the plasma universe will be right here in our back door and if we are not electromagnetically prepared for it,  it could mean disaster, so which is it?   This obscure article is the best one I have found so far as it treats the subject with both possibilities and explains how both could exist given the masterful manipulation of reality these evil ones engage in. 


Date: 2012-02-07

Although NASA covered up the strange photon cloud that's now enveloped the solar system, the word has leaked out from some scientists. And now, as the ominous cloud approaches it's affecting the sun and planets in measurable ways.   (VN:  The only clouds we have seen are those created by the chemtrails and they don't go out far enough to affect the entire solar system.  On clear nights up here in the mountains, there is not any "cloud" that "we can see"... doesn't mean it isn't there, it just means its not visible with the naked eye.) )

Amazingly, as the bizarre energy invades our space, some of the world's most famous pyramids are generating intense energy.  Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the region of the alien photonic cloud are well-documented.

At the same time, people around the world began hearing and recording frightening soundsnoises that seem as if the Earth itself is moaning and wailing.

All the phenomenaincluding measurements of the never-before-seen gigantic electrification of the turbulent sunseem to be centered on the deadly photonic cloud that some have called a 'potential Doomsday space event.'  (VN:  Are you sure that isn't caused by "Clementine", the USA's latest gigantic satallite that is traversing the sun as we speak?  We did a blog on that one as well.)

Pyramids beam energy to approaching space cloud

Ancient pyramids awake after centuries, millennia of slumber
Tourists screamed, others shot hasty videos with their camera phones as the Mayan pyramid rumbled. But no earthquake followed, instead a brilliant beam of light shot skyward into space as awed onlookers gasped, wondering what it meant.

Iranian warships enter Mediterranean

Vatic Note:  My very  first question when I saw this was "how is it that Israel,  who controls the Suez through control of the rebellion orchestrated under Zbig and Soros,  allowed their "so-called" enemy, Iran, to get through the Suez Canal?"  HUH?  I really want an answer to that one.  Heres the story from the Tehran  Times.

I just read that the President of Iran is not only Khazar, but is in cahoots with Israel and the bankers to start this third world war that is scheduled to be a nuke war.   I had a photo of the President of Iran using the Satanic hand sign that is used by most of the world leaders indicating a secret society brotherhood and one photo that is a copy of his birth showing his Jewish roots.

Then we find out the Libyan rebellion was a conspiracy between the US, NATO and Mossad and lead by the CIA trained operatives which then gave up control of the banks to Rothschild and oil to British Patroleum.   Cozy deception if I do say so myself.

Now they are moving us into World War III that is in reality bogus for profit, depopulation, power and globalizing. These bankers everywhere connected to Rothschilds should be jailed and forgotten for ever and maybe then all this will stop which occurs every 40 to 70 years when ever they run out of our assets to steal from us.  I think they are tired of it as well and are now simply going for a permanent slave work force globally.   And how do we know what the plan is?

Kissinger met with Putin in 2009 and promised the US would have Americans under control  by september which to me means "Guns collected".   Shortly after that meeting Putin militarized the arctic circle.   However, I believe because we were not "under control" as agreed, then  World War III got put on hold until the Government got our guns.  Well, read this below and then soon another blog on threats from Russia about "Nuclear responses" to US actions.   Gee, what a surprise.  Its all been planned and we have all been had.  No war against anyone except the interntional bankers and Israel if she does even one more false flag attack on us and this time she won't have Chertoff to give her immunity like he did for their actions on 9-11.  Read this below and see if you can't see the obvious writing on the wall.... this is a RICO conspiracy if I ever saw one.          

This article below was translated from a european countries publication.  The powers that be who control the MSM have a position that totally supports our contention of the gamesmanship involved and the bogus nature of this WW that the bankers want and NEED for rebuilding their profits or I should say stealing from the masses of true producers of wealth. The act of going through the Suez Canal for war games is what Israel is deciding to use as justification for escalating the tensions.  This is a translation of the article and its not perfect, but you can get the jist of what is going on after reading all the links in my vatic note and reading below.

Iranian warships enter Mediterranean

How many of you know the Tehran Times? I bet very few. So want to check out this news on the original site.

The same happened in the footer on the evening news, not having been even further. 
Although RTP and SIC Noticias have been referring to it in their online editions.

The Lusa said to her vaguely: "Tehran, Feb. 18 (AP) - Iranian warships entered today in the Mediterranean Sea after passing through the Suez Canal, announced the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Navy, Habibollah Sayyari, quoted by news agency IRNA. 

Sayyari did not specify how many vessels participated in this operation or where they are going, adding only that the objective of the mission is "to spread a message of peace and friendship" and also "show the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran."
A year ago, two Iranian ships have visited Syria in the first raid of the Iranian Navy in the Mediterranean since the 1979 Islamic revolution. "

Climbing climbing up to the final confrontation seems to be the motto of cat and mouse, while we walk around here all too distracted to see the dominoes fall the pieces (which will be going on since 2008 or since September 2001?)
Does all this was not already assembled a long time?
What a perfect scene ...
Not far from Russian boats must go.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues

Vatic Note:  Remember as you read this that the Saudi Princes of the various provinces were not semites or arabs.  They turned out to be related to the khazars.  We did a blog on this at one time.  we were shocked to find that out... and it may explain why the khazars of Israel have not bothered to try and undermine their various regimes, as they did with Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.  They control them already.  Now we find Obama is connected in some way with these same khazar princes??  Obama's mother is a dual Israeli Citizen and so this fits.  He is about as Muslim as I am.  NOT!!!  Finally, what we didn't know that this article addresses is the lack of birth/marriage certificates for either Obama's mother and his mothers parents.  Now how strange is that?  The only answer to that is they are infiltrators representing a foreign nation.  Since Kenya was BRITISH when Obama was born, then he is in fact a British citizen and not Kenyan, that again ties him more into Israel than into any other nation, except  Britain which is already run by the Khazars.  So its the same thing. .   Read it as  decide for yourself. 



 Most Americans don’t realize we have elected a president whom we know very little about.

Researchers have discovered that Obama’s autobiographical books are little more than PR stunts, as they have little to do with the actual events of his life. The fact is we know less about President Obama than perhaps any other president in American history and much of this is due to actual efforts to hide his record. This should concern all Americans.

A nation-wide network of researchers has sprung up to attempt to fill in the blanks, but at every opportunity Obama’s high-priced lawyers have built walls around various records or simply made them disappear. It is estimated that Obama’s legal team has now spent well over $1.4 million dollars blocking access to documents every American should have access to. The question is why would he spend so much money to do this?

The president who campaigned for a more “open government” and “full disclosure” will not unseal his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records. He will not release his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records—he will not even release his Columbia College thesis. All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those State Senate years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii.

What is he hiding? Well, for starters, some of these records will shed light on his citizenship and birth.

Scientists say sugar is as toxic as alcohol – and there should be a drinking age for soda


Sure, sugar's bad for you. But should we establish a drinking age for sugary sodas? According to UC San Francisco pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig, the answer is emphatically yes. He says that added sweeteners have health effects comparable to alcohol and tobacco, and should be regulated accordingly. In a comment piece for the journal Nature, Lustig and his colleagues argue that the state should selectively block access to sugar, using some pretty stiff rules.

For years, Lustig has advocated against added sugar, specifically sweeteners that include fructose. In the recent opinion piece, Lustig and his colleagues Laura A. Schmidt and Claire D. Brindis point out that fructose and other sugars can cause liver toxicity, among other chronic diseases. They write:
A little is not a problem, but a lot kills - slowly. If international bodies are truly concerned about public health, they must consider limiting fructose - and its main delivery vehicles, the added sugars HFCS and sucrose - which pose dangers to individuals and to society as a whole.


Where have all the Great Music Idealists gone when we Need Them?

Peter Paul & Mary - Blowin in the wind
Uploaded by on Sep 17, 2009

Vatic Note:  Its amazing how times never change.  This concert was done in 1986 and here we are almost 20 years later and we are experiencing what she was talking about back in 1986.  Prophetic?  Yes!  What is even more amazing is this song was first recorded by them back in 1966 or so, thats 46 years in the planning and execution of the robber barons "fascist" agenda.  That alone should quell any arguments about the "Accidental" theory of history.  That is how long these artists have had vision about our direction and how dangerous it was and how long they have tried to warn us of the danger we were in. 

We did not listen and here we are on the "eve of destruction".  Many who were most effective, like John Lennon, were out right killed using mind control assassins.  That is how important good music is to the cause and the evil ones know it.  That  is why they took over the industry and controlled the music we now are stuck with.  Trivializing it into mundane and inane sounds that do not resemble real music and art with a real message. . 

Notice she says that globally we must do this together.... rid our nations of the disease that has rotted our countries from within.  The psychopaths must be rooted out of all our governments, industries and banking or we are definitely doomed.  There is no other way and we must face it.  That is why this is up.   We have the earliest version of the original song over in our Vatic Music section  and the quality is better, however, this was up to show how long this has been going on and  how deep and long the destruction has, piece by piece, been planned and executed.   Most of the Vatic Music is filled with that period of times and great artists music that is relevant even today.  It proves how much never changes with the Robber Barons in control of the globe.  And they want to rule???? NEVER!!!!

Oursourcing our jobs and food began during this period under Bush I (self proclaimed Magog) who got the medal of freedom from Obama for doing the fascists work for them in bringing tyranny and repression to this land.  This was also the expansion period for the Drug running and money laundering to finance Bush's black ops to over throw governments in South America where the Bush/banking mafia could exercise complete control over that food supply they so readily moved to SA. 


Sample Comments to view.

"This is Mary doing what MARY DID: not just talking about but also singing about human rights and equality for all. She talked it, she shouted it, she sang it, she walked it. It was a great truth of justice that she could not keep inside - and her voice was heard around the world. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful clip. Her voice may now be stilled and quiet - but her fight, her courage and her authenticity will never be silenced. Rest well, Mary."

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Mossad Behind Thailand Bombings?? (and any other bombings going on)

Vatic Note#1:   We really are in trouble this month as I am sure everyone is.  Please do not pass this plea on to other sites if you are going to forward or use this blog below since this is our problem here on this site only.  So far we have not received any contributions toward our first of the month goal  which is coming up very soon.  We are short $280 to meet our monthly obligations.   To be honest, if we do not meet them each month we cannot continue to do this work.   As you can see it takes a  lot of time to obtain links and to put the analysis together which is more than putting up the article or the video.   We pray that if this work we do has helped you in anyway, we ask that if each person donates just $5, we can make it by the first.  Please use the donation button to the right of this blog and we will report on Sunday how we are doing since we will have only 1.5 weeks left to make it.   Thanks for those who have contributed in the past and to those who will be contributing in the future.   We have an excellent article below.  Please be sure to read it.  Thanks for all that you do to help keep "truth" alive.  

Vatic Note (Article related):  This below is about stirring up a World War III with the Asian countries against the US with us as the DESIGNATED LOSERS.  That makes me mad.   If you are wondering how or why Mossad would do something like this, then read these links we are providing here and see how and why this below appears  to be right down their alley and within their experience in the past as we have shown on this blog time and again.   Check it out here, here, here, and here .  If you need more proof that these people are capable of doing this infiltration and provocateuring as well as false flags galore, then read these.... as well.  Links with excerpts:

Excerpt:   "Twelve of the forged passports were copies of UK originals. It is noteworthy that all of the holders of the authentic UK documents are British citizens who have settled in Israel and who, under the Law of the Return have also (with dual citizenships, another cover)  this is noteworthy because many Jewish persons have recently settled in Thailand."

Excerpt from blog:  
"...Mossad has the ability to duplicate any passport of any nation with the technology located in an Israeli military base at Petah Tikvah; first quality passports, second quality passports and fake identifications are produced...." 

Now why?  The above links are the how,  but now the what and why?  Israel has had dreams for centuries of a greater Israel and World domination where they control the globe and we serve them, and these are the khazars and not the semitic Jews of the Bible.  These are the ones that Our Lord called the "Synogogue of Satan".  These dreams were reduced to writing in the protocols and if you read them, you will fully understand that we are almost there and they wrote them over 100 years ago.   What a commitment and what success they have had, but its not over yet.   This also tells you what and why they do what they do and use others to front for them as they did with the semitic Jews and now using the United States of America as their bully, just like they did (international zionist bankers Rothschild) with Nazi Germany and the German people.  This research has shown me way more than history books ever tell us since they control the publishing industry. 

Mossad Behind Thailand Bombings: Bangkok Terror - Conflicting Reports - Mossad Conspiracy? (Who Else?)
by Truthseeker
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For the last few days we have seen a series of "terrorist" bombings take place in India, Thailand, and Georgia. When the attacks were reported on the Jewish controlled media outlets, I found it strange that these outlets very quickly fingered Iran as responsible for the attacks (Gee.. Just like they very quickly named Osama Bin Laden (CIA Agent Tim Osman) as the "mastermind" behind the 9-11 attacks), and immediately I smelled a rat....

Well, it does seem that some things are indeed fishy about the bombings, especially the one that just took place in Thailand yesterday, February 14th.   To help understand the circumstances as to what exactly happened in Thailand with the "terrorist" bombing, I want to present right here what is probably the best report about the entire incident, from the website: Aangirfan,  at http://www.aangirfan.blogspot.com/ , entitled: "Bangkok Terror - Conflicting Reports - Mossad Conspiracy?" for everyone to see for themselves that what we have been told by the Jewish media is not factual.    I have some of my own comments to follow:



Pictures of the three suspects caught on a surveillance camera at Soi Pridi Banomyong 31. 'The man in the middle is Saeid Moradi and the one on the right is Mohummad Hazaei, who was later caught at Suvarnabhumi Airport.' 

There are conflicting accounts of the 14 February 2012 incident in Bangkok.

It would appear that a 'spy cell' had been in a house in Bangkok for around two months?  And they were joined by a patsy or patsies around 8 February 2012?  And there was an incident on 14 February 2012.

Is Rense Protecting Israel?? Article that caused the fight between Makow & Rense

This is the article that sparked the fight between Makow and Rense. If Rense was honest, why would he avoid this?

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?
3/11 was Japan's 9/11.
by Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Updated Monday, Feb 6, 2012

It's all documented folks!This report is based on official records and evidence which cannot be silenced. The whole truth could not be definitively dug up with 9-11, but this was NOT the case with Japan's disaster.

This is a massive and technical report. If you have troubles understanding it, just look at THIS classified picture of the vanished reactor, THIS classified picture of the destroyed facility and THIS picture of Magna BSP's camera. Then scroll down to the photos which prove there was no actual quake damage to Japan and the original Japanese seismic charts which prove there was no 9.0. The linked public records prove that the very real tsunami which destroyed everything in it's path could not have been natural. The fact that what happened in Japan did not occur naturally has been very well documented by a skilled investigator, who spent hundreds of hours getting to the bottom of this story.

NEW INFO: Japan offered to enrich uranium for IRAN!

HERE ARE THE LINKS: Ynet news... Inside Japan News Network...The New American...Rianovosti news...Hindustan Times...Zee News


This report includes classified photos and the schematics for Fukushima to support it's claims.

They are,

1. Reactor 3 is completely missing, which means the press and anyone who has claimed anything about pressures, temperatures, containment, ect about reactor 3 after March 14 are lying and people need to pay attention to it, because failure of the public to realize the massive extent of the lies about what is going on there will leave the door open to a repeat event.

2. Reactor 4 is Building 7, demolished by explosives. Reactor 4 had been defueled and was undergoing replacement of it's internal stainless steel shroud, yet blew it's containment anyway. That is the FINAL smoking gun, an empty reactor is inert, and cannot produce an explosion, yet one happened at 4 that was so powerful it destroyed the structure leaving it in danger of falling over.

Australia Becomes First to Ban Travelers Who Refuse Naked Body Scanners


By: John Galt 

Date: 2012-02-05

Australia continues trying to outdo America's march toward authoritarian control over its population.  The two countries seem to be trading salvos to see which can eradicate the rights of their citizens faster.

Australia appears to have taken the lead with their latest proposal to ban travelers who refuse being subjected to the full body microwave radiation scans that have proven to be a horrible invasion of privacy, as well as a legitimate threat to one's health.

The list of assurances from the Australian government via its Orwellian-named Privacy Commission echo similar false guarantees issued by America's TSA: passengers will not appear nude, and the images will be discarded.  However, there is no mention of the cumulative negative health effects (particularly to children) of receiving a mandatory mega dose of radiation each time one exercises their right to travel by plane. 

Australia's transport minister, Anthony Albanese, cites the unsubstantiated claim that,

...the public understands that we live in a world where there are threats to our security and experience shows they want the peace of mind that comes with knowing government is doing all it can.
Adding for good measure that,
For this technology to work effectively, obviously there can't be an option to refuse screening.

What Are You Preparing For?


Date: 2012-02-08

Preppers / Survivalists have their own reasons for why they prepare, and / or what they are preparing for. For some it is very specific while for others maybe more general or for multiple reasons.

It may be helpful for those reading this who consider themselves to be preppers, to add a comment to this post indicating your own reason or reasons why.

Here are some of my reasons for being preparedness minded and considering myself a prepper…