Report: Israel copied thousands of passports

Vatic Note:   Keep in mind the number of foreign, British and US passports used to allow assassins from Mossad to murder the leader of a sovereign people.   Also check below where the mossad agent was arrested with a false passport.   We don't know why he needed a false passport, but now it becomes important to watch for any false flags anywhere, possibly even Russia with that subway murder that they are trying to blame on muslims.   Remember,  the neocons/Israeli's need a third world war and this type of black ops is how you generate one with fear and hate.  Lets not give it to them.  

Title:    Report: Israel copied thousands of passports
By:    Ma'an/Agencies, Bethlehem
Date:   03/30/2010

Britain believes thousands of its passports have been copied by airline staff working for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, a UK tabloid reported Sunday.

News of the World reported that the British MI6 intelligence service believe Britons flying to Israel have been targeted for months and their documents cloned.

The British Foreign Office held top-level talks on whether to issue a warning against travelling with certain airlines, the report said.

Police officials reportedly believe documents were also copied during searches at a September terrorism conference in Israel.

"It was said to be routine but the searches did not apply to all nations," one of the participants was quoted as saying. "There is now a real concern that some of these high-ranking officers and officials have also had documents cloned."

On Tuesday, Britain expelled an Israeli diplomat believed to be Mossad's top agent operating in the country.

Source: http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=272431

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