CPS Involved In Child Trafficking Rings Explains Senator Schafer - Part I of 4

Vatic Note: This Senator and her husband have been "suicided and murdered". It was announced recently in the MSM, and yet not a word about her work investigating this High level international child trafficking trade, by CPS, announced 3/27 and updated 3/28/2010. Now why didn't they announce what she was involved in during this murder suicide? She had been all over the news on this. Remember we have evidence of this pedophilia going on at the highest levels of government and corporations such as Dynacorp, with no action against them for commiting such a crime, interntionally. Once again, notice in the article below, the mention of her speaking at a "World Congress of Families of Families V in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on "The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services." Mrs. Schaefer also carried the same message to the Nordic Community on Human Rights in Sweden. Netherlands, there it is again, the home of the Bildeberg group. A country who recently showed up in the news as providing a private military to occupy Iceland shortly after their referendum kicking the bankers out of the country, and rejecting the global banker scam artists within Britian and Amsterday. Also remember, its the same city and airport controlled by Israel that allowed the panty bomber onto the plane and the first airport to allow the scanner that looks at naked bodies. What do we really have going on in that little tiny country? Somebody please pull the plug on those dykes.   Forrmer Ga. state senator, husband found dead in their home

Given the recent spats of such "heart attacks, suicides and unsolved murders" of whistleblowers and justice seekers, We believe its important to look behind these events until such time as Cheney's and now Rahms' "CIA and Mossad Domestic Assassination Squads" can be investigated, prosecuted, and disbanded since justice can only come from such transparency and viewing. Watch these and read the articles yourselves and decide.   These are earlier videos during her investigation of this massive Social services kidnapping of children for the sex trade.   You can see what she was doing that may have created this result for her and her spouse.

Title:   CPS Involved In Child Trafficking Rings Explains Senator Schafer 1 of 4

By:    Harry Thomas
Date:    May 15, 2009

Here is a video of her work on exposing the Child Protective Services as a nexus for the sex slave trade of Children.    (After watching video, see write up below on her murder suicide, yeah right!)

It is an interview last year by Alex Jones with the senator who was pushing for the investigation.


Here are the links to the rest of her presentation

Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8vELk6T9p4

Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbAqB4j5BrE

Part 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_dvzZBK0o8

Now here is the rest of the article on their deaths.


TURNERVILLE, Ga. — Authorities are investigating the deaths of former Georgia state Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband as a possible murder-suicide.

The Associated Press reports that the two were found dead Friday at their home in Turnerville in north Georgia. Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman John Bankhead says the preliminary investigation is looking at the case as a murder-suicide, but he did not have further details.

Six GBI agents were at the home investigating at the request of the Habersham County Sheriff’s Department.

Schaefer was a Republican who represented a north Georgia district for two terms. She was a prominent conservative known as a vocal opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage.

Schaefer chose not to run for re-election in 2008 and since then has been the Georgia chairwoman for the nonprofit Christian conservative group Eagle Forum.

Schaefer was also founder and president of Family Concerns Inc., a nonprofit organization in Georgia created for the purpose of strengthening and protecting the family.

Schaefer was the founder and president of two Pro-life Family Concerns Pregnancy Centers in Atlanta that served over 5,000 girls and women.

She was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in 1994 and was the first woman candidate for governor of Georgia in 1998. She was elected to the Georgia State Senate from the 50th District in 2004.

Schaefer served eight years as a trustee of the National Ethics and Religions Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. In that capacity, she represented the convention at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, at the U.N. Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul, Turkey, at the U.N. Conference on Food in Rome, Italy, and the U.N. follow up Conference to Beijing in New York.

Recently she spoke at the World Congress of Families V in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on "The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services." Mrs. Schaefer also carried the same message to the Nordic Community on Human Rights in Sweden.

She was a former first vice president of the Georgia Baptist Convention, a frequent speaker to churches of all denominations, a speaker to civic and political organizations, and a frequent guest on radio and television programs. In 2001, Schaefer became the first woman trustee to serve on the Toccoa Falls College Board in Toccoa, Ga. She and her husband were members of Ebenezer Baptist Church of Toccoa.

Schaefer and her husband, Bruce Schaefer, were the are parents of four sons and one daughter. They had 13 grandchildren.

Schaefer has been a host of several radio shows in the Atlanta area and the author of daily commentaries over WRAF, WEPC and WTFH.

State Rep. Rick Austin announced Schaefer's death to a packed House chamber Friday night and led lawmakers in a moment of silence.

Correspondent MJ Kneiser and the Associated Press contributed to this story

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Evelyn Carter said...

I know of Nancy. Absolutely shocking that this brave and good woman met her death in such a way. She was a courageous example to all of us and a stark reminder that we live in a dark age and that we must stand up for what is right....

Vatic said...

Thank you, Evelyn, and as you can see we are now up to three parts on this issue and a forth in the works waiting for confirmation on some of the facts involved. As soon as its done I will email the vatic blog out to you if you want.

Send me your email address to vatic2010@gmail.com and I will forward notices of the blog.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that both Bruce & Nancy Schaefer were murdered! Nancy was getting ready to drop a bombshell involving a high level pedophile ring that was being operated by Politicians. She was working on a documentary and was also writing a book. Someone did not want this information to get out. Nancy planned on running for Governor and many people who were involved in the trafficking of children had to make sure she didn't win. I believe that while Nancy was in Atlanta the week of March 14-22nd that someone set the stage. It's interesting how the producer was trying to sell the documentary -- even before the Schaefer's were buried.

Vatic said...

Do you live in Georgia and that is how you know all this? Its very interesting and if we could prove these variables were all in place, we might be able to figure out who was involved, but remember, Cheney's assassination Squad that is now handled by Rahm and I believe if they did it, there will be no way to prove it since they are deep cover operatives, Mossad and the CIA domestic assassination squad.

What shocked me, is when this all came out about that squad, Americans did not rise up in outrage and demand it be disbanded and demand those involved from the highest levels to the lowest levels be arrested, prosecuted and thrown in jail or death penalty if their were Amerian citizens murdered without a trial. And now to finalize that practice, recently Obama approved doing that officially and we said nothing, nada.

We are a lost nation.
This country is beginning to look just like Palestine without a rule of law. Animal barbaric and vicious. Nice legacy, huh? Its apparently what happens when you allow the Zionists to rule anything.

Deborah Connor said...

My name is Deborah Lynne Connor, I am residing in Fort Worth, Texas, fighting to get Judge Terry Means to accept my case in Federal Court here, so I can present my case to get my grandchildren back into our family. It has been revealed to me that the couple who has the three children are abusing them. Rick Perry runs for president, as his most vunerable of constituents are stridently abused. Texas Child Protective Services has threatened those who are trying to protect my grandchildren. Greg Abbot, the attorney general of Texas, does nothing but help these animals to abuse my grandchildren. During the course of all of this, Nancy Schaefer answered every call I made to her, until her death. I know she is in heaven plugging for the rest of us to finish the course. Deborah Lynne Connor
Facebook dlcladybug45@yahoo.com