Keiser Report: Blind Cult of America (E142)

Keiser Report: Blind Cult of America (E142)

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Apr 28, 2011

Vatic Note: Here we are again, they both talk about "headline after headline" of how American is going to die soon SIMILAR TO RENSE AND MAXWELL, who said Americans were BRAINLESS, and now this where they are saying we ARE A CULT. Now what I found is when these types of things come out in the BANKER OWNED MSM, which is who Keiser is quoting, It means they want us to know this, fear this, and react to this. How do they want us to react??? IN SUCH A MANNER THAT IT SKEERS THE SHEEPLE who will then accept their martial law..... why??? BECAUSE MARTIAL LAW DOES NOT WORK IF AMERICANS ARE UNITED AND BELIEVE THE SAME ABOUT WHO THE REAL THREAT IS. OOPS, THEY ARE MESSING WITH THIS AGAIN..... THEY DON'T LIKE MY ANALYSIS..... LOL

So they must want martial law really really bad, why? Could it be because the sun is creating an evolved species in mankind through these mysterious particles we covered on a previous blog??? Its the one they gutted several times and I put back up again, twice now. So there is something to what these articles are saying. Is this our power they are afraid of here? I don't know, but there is a reason they are feeding these headlines out. REMEMBER ALSO CELLULAR CHANGE IN OUR DNA IS CREATED AT A QUANTUM LEVEL BY OUR ENERGY AND FEAR IS A LOW VIBRATIONAL ENERGY...... SO THEY ARE TRYING THE OLD FEAR TRICK AGAIN. Calling Americans Cult followers, etc..... well, maybe we are, but there is nothing wrong with believing we can change our reality, AND THE FACT THAT WE CAN WITH THIS SUN , MAY WELL BE WHY THEY WANT THAT MARTIAL LAW. YES, INDEED, WE DO LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES, DON'T WE???? Just ponder for a moment..... how well will anything they do work, if we all refuse to cooperate? Not at all. You can't have a game or a war, without volunteers, can you??? Well, that is our key to success..... NON COOPERATION.  Remember, We are Americans...... our history is one of freedom and liberty and we are patient and believe in working within  a system, but become a serious sleeping tiger when awoken.... keep that in mind "WE ARE NOT HELPLESS AT ALL"..... and neither is the rest of the globe. 

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This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on downgrades, gold bars and third worlds. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Chris Martenson about the breakdown drawing near!  (VN:  if we have a breakdown, how are they going to finance their global third world war?  Breakdown first, then WW next year??? Can't have both going at the same time and after what we found out about Syria, they are moving toward world war, so they better get their finances straight if they want that world war, SINCE WE ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE IT TO THEM.  They need those taxes from us that we are no longer going to pay).


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Russia sentences Israeli (khazar Rabbi) to 18 years for sex trafficking

Vatic Note:  Oh, yes, very typical of what our New World Order, under the Rothschild Khazar international bankers will look like.   I can't even count how many arrests I have read about around the world with these khazars at the heart of the problem for both child molestation,  rape,  organ harvesting etc.... YUP,  GREAT FUTURE THEY WANT TO GIVE US....NOT!!!!! Russia sentenced him after conviction but the sentence, according to the paper, was a few days for each rape which destroys the innocence and life of the victim.   Not enough.  But then here if they are Khazar bankers, we let them go free to continue thier exploitation of the helpless such as children.  We saw that with the Franklin Scandel where Bush sr. and white house officials got off scot free while King went to jail, same in Britain as we posted early on  how Brown was scot free  walking around free to continue the destruction  of our children.  Everyone else involved served or is serving time for it.   Nice GLOBAL leadership huh?   We allow this globalizing to occur then we deserve everything we get. 

Russia sentences Israeli to 18 years for sex trafficking
Posted by EU Times on Apr 28th, 2011

Avi Yanai (right) got only 18 years for ruining the lives of "hundreds of women". That means a few months for each life ruined. A few hours or days for every rape these women experienced

A military court in Russia has sentenced an Israeli citizen to only 18 years in prison for running a vast network of female trafficking in the Middle East and Europe

Aside from Yanai, 83 people were arrested across Europe, 14 of them in Russia. The network is suspected to have produced tens of millions of dollars in profits for its operators, and some of the women trafficked may have been murdered by the Albanian mafia.

The court refused Yanai’s request to be released on a million dollar bail. The Russian website vesti.ru reported: “The Israeli Avi Yanai marched down the hall, concealing the face of a Jewish patriarch and clutching a Torah”.

The Israeli has previously been arrested in Israel on suspicions of trafficking in women. He was released under bail and had his passport confiscated, but in May 2001 managed to get the passport back under a bail of 30,000 shekels. In the six months since his arrest the Israeli prosecutors did not produce an indictment or even an indictment deadline.

According to court documents, Avi Yanai and his accomplices were engaged in the business of kidnapping and smuggling hundreds of women, mostly from the former Soviet Union countries, to Israel, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates from 1999 to 2007 to work as prostitutes.

The criminal ring is also suspected of being involved in the murder of several of the women while smuggling them.

The international sex trafficking network recruited women with promises of placing them in legitimate work as dancers or waitresses in European countries for a fee of three to five thousand euros.

According to court papers, the women were smuggled by using forged passports stolen from Russian citizens.

“Some people, using false documents, registered fictitious companies in Russia promising people legal work abroad, mostly in Western Europe,” a senior Russian Federal Security Service investigator, Vitaliy Danilov, told Izvestia newspaper.

“They put out advertisements and people came in, bringing documents and pictures. By the time they came back to pick up their documents, work permits and Schengen-zone visas, the companies would be gone. Some 2,500 passports were stolen in all.”

“Once they got abroad, the women would end up in real slavery, sexual slavery. They didn’t get any money, their passports were usually taken and there was no way home,” Danilov added.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Albania-based network has made a huge profit of tens of millions of dollars for its operators.

So far, 83 members of the women trafficking ring have been identified and arrested across Europe, 14 of them in Russia. Those arrested in Russia have received jail terms ranging from five to 18 years.


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Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Wealth Funds (SFW),

Vatic Project:  Remember, under Gaddafi, the oil, banking, land, water and these sovereign funds belong to the people.  He has acted as the guardian and his people have benefited from the state controlling their wealth instead of private rothschild international scumbag banksters.   That is why they invaded him.  Now they are taking the actual wealth from the very people they say the US and Israel say they are trying to save,  yeah, right!  (eyes rolling upwards, how can you tell when Clinton is lying?  She opens her mouth).  These people simply do not know how to tell the truth and they honestly think we still believe a single word they say.  Amazing.  Now we know what all the big fear mongering was covering up.  We still don't have a clue what is going on in Syria, Bahrain and Lebanon.   I am curious as to how the Israeli's and their managers in our government have raped and pillaged those countries.  

Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Wealth Funds (SFW),

by "The Intercept", Source: Global Research , 2011-04-22
Il Manifesto (translated from Italian) -
UN Votes to Target Sovereign Wealth Funds

The objective of the war against Libya is not just its oil reserves (now estimated at 60 billion barrels), which are the greatest in Africa and whose extraction costs are among the lowest in the world, nor the natural gas reserves of which are estimated at about 1,500 billion cubic meters. In the crosshairs of "willing" of the operation “Unified Protector” there are sovereign wealth funds, capital that the Libyan state has invested abroad.

The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) manages sovereign wealth funds estimated at about $70 billion U.S., rising to more than $150 billion if you include foreign investments of the Central Bank (VN:  a public bank, not a privately held bank like the rebels have just set up) and other bodies. But it might be more. Even if they are lower than those of Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, Libyan sovereign wealth funds have been characterized by their rapid growth. (VN:  I am sure that ticked off the Rothschild empire)

Protest Against the Zionist Atrocities

Vatic Note: (if you feel you have to skip something, please then watch video 2 as it lays it all out by those impacted by the Zionists,  we simply had no idea just how bad it is for the real Jews of Israel). PLEASE, READ, WATCH, THIS ALL THE WAY THROUGH  AND PASS THIS AROUND AND IT WILL IMPRESS YOU HOW MUCH WE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BATTLE GOING ON RIGHT NOW BETWEEN THE TORAH JEWS AND THE KHAZAR ZIONISTS IN ISRAEL AND AROUND THE WORLD.  THE ZIONIST OWNED MSM HAS A COMPLETE BLACKOUT ON THIS ISSUE GLOBALLY.  We certainly had no idea until we began research down this rabbit hole.  The best kept secret, but then the zionists control the press as stated in protocol #12 written by the zionists in late 1800's and that is why this platform on the net will be the only place we will learn about all of this.  Anti-semitism exists alright, but its the Zionists hating the orthodox religious Jews instead.  WE DID NOT KNOW THAT THESE ORTHODOX JEWS ARE ACTUALLY KICKED OUT OF ISRAEL, (SEE 2ND VIDEO ABOUT ALL OF THIS) NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH THERE, AND BRUTAL TREATMENT OF THE ORTHODOX RELIGIOUS JEWS.  THERE IS MUCH WE DID NOT KNOW AND WILL CONTINUE TO DIG AND REPORT WHAT WE FIND.  We knew they were not the same, but we had no idea how bad it was for the real Jews of Israel.  Because they have been used by the Zionists as the front forl their globalizing agenda, the real Jews have suffered worse than we had even imagined.  This is very serious and must be taken seriously.  

To set the record straight we wish to use this opportunity to show everyone the work and efforts put out by the real Jewish community on the issue of "Zionism" and how they are diametrically opposed to the Zionists actions in "the Jewish peoples name", which is why the Khazars chose Judaism as a religion in the first place. It gave them cover for their efforts to pay back others on this planet for their displacement of their homeland in Khazaria. They have absolutely no interest in the Jewish religion and as you can see, in the sacredness of anything important to the real Jewish people to do with their sacred sites and cemetaries. This issue does go a lot deeper than even we thought, and we intend to educate as much as we can about the depth and breadth of the divide between the leaders of Israel (Zionists & Khazars) and the Jewry of the planet. It was the same way during World war II as you can see from this letter by a real Jewish Rabbi in 1948, to the Zionists in Switzerland (home of Rothschild banking) regarding Hitlers offer to let the Jews leave Germany under certain conditions and the offer was refused by the Zionists and never offered to the real Jews through their rabbis, thus millions were killed as a sacrifice to support the exodus of the Zionists to Palestine and Rothschild's purchase of thousands of acres of land in Palestine which was then secured by the post war migration of Jews out of Europe.

This letter was written in 1948 and truly highlights the divide between the two. Then watch both videos over different issues and the real Jews finally stepping out to protest what is detrimental to them caused by the Zionists. Its why the Zionists hate the real Jews. The Zionists are actually anti-semitic (anti-arab, which is what semitic is, arab) so they are anti-arabic Jews of the Bible.   The loss of their Khazarian land (caused by muslims whom they hate) and their problems in their migration into eastern europe with Christians has resulted in the Zionists hatred of both Muslims and Christianity of the Western world. We will be covering that one in another blog, so you will understand why we in the West and the Muslims in the ME are so viciously under attack by them. 

Protest Against the Zionist Atrocities
August 10, 2010, New York City

On Tuesday, August 10, 2010, while UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, met in New York City with representatives of New Zealand Colombia, Turkey, and Israel, at a panel investigating the Gaza Flotilla Incident, members of the Orthodox Jewish anti Zionist community of NY demonstrated outside the UN headquarters their opposition the State of Israel and its atrocities, clarifying that "Israel" does not represent World Jewry.


The Tornado Season has come Early with Full Force (HAARP OR PLANET X?)

US storms spell disaster
The tornado season has come early with full force and meteorologists say it is far from over.
John Terrett reports for Al Jazeera, April 28, 2011

April's 300 confirmed tornadoes so far is twice as many as for all of 2010 and has broken a 40-year US record. The heavy rains have swollen rivers and in southern Missouri an earthen levee protecting the small town of Poplar Bluff is said to be leaking in at least 30 places.   (see video below)

The effects of bad weather is an all-too familiar scene in America’s south and midwest. However, the tornado season has come early with full force and meteorologists say it is far from over. The forecast is for the front to move on to the east coast, where tornado watches have been posted.

Vatic Note: Its either Haarp or Planet X, and in either case its a crime that we have not been notified of the latter,  or/and  if they used the former.   How come we have to find this out through a foreign press? Where the hell is our press. This is record weather? HAARP?? PLANET X??? Remember our blog on the woman insider who tried to whistle blow the info about the government document she had that proved the US NOW HAS "COMPLETE" CONTROL OF WEATHER USING HAARP, that she tried to tell him but he cut her off and the same happened with George Noory. Well now we see this and that call by her was the first thing that entered my memory.   

Was that why both Alex and George responded so quickly by shutting her up?  Did they know this was coming?  Was this why Wheeler was killed?  Lots of questions and once again, no doggone answers are there???   Also notice the big damage is in the southeast where a huge number of gun owners reside and militias are prevalent.  Is that just a coincidence???   Here in Colorado we saw HAARP wide open with whispy thin clouds laid out by planes through chemtrails,  and then HAARP turned on and weird things happened to those clouds.  They were flattened out at 90 degree angles... .Bizarre!   I said to a friend when we saw them,  "...either an earthquake or more tornados".   All Nuke plants have supposedly shut down, but I have yet to confirm that rumor.  Also lets list in just this year all the places suffering from death producing floods or earthquakes......Haiti,  Chile, China,  Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, and FINALLY, after such detailed wargaming,  its now the UNITED STATES TURN.  Have we reached a "Tipping Point" yet???  Remember, do not mistake our hostage taken gov for those doing this....its the International bankers....that is who must be confronted, especially when you watch this video and see the destruction they are doing to our nation and all nations across the globe,  THESE ARE SOME SERIOUSLY SICK PUPPIES.... THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RITUALLY SATANIZE SOMEONE,  THEIR MIND IS NEVER THE SAME AGAIN.  What is different is that there are soo damn many of them with the same mental illness.


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New Threat as Chikungunya Virus Heads to Australia, thanks to Bill Gates!

Vatic Note: This is the man who just bought that bastion of "black science"MONSANTO.  And to protect himself and his newly acquired company, he bought blackwater, BLACKWATER or as they now call themselves "XE" who are private mercenaries loyal to those with the check book.  Now What a coincidence, Bill Gates foundation funded a vaccine program for just such a disease for Australia and ironically, that mosquito and virus had never been on that island before. My goodness they are going after aussies way worse than they are going after us. I wonder why? Its surprising me. I know Bill Gates is the master of depopulation, and euthenasia, but this is going too far.

Someone needs to have a serious discussion with that man. Blackwater is not going to help him out with this one. In fact, you can't hide far enough away from responsibility for your actions. Its karma and that follows you where ever you go.  Wonder if they will then send it our way once done playing with it in Australia land?

New Threat as Chikungunya Virus Heads to Australia
Daniel Bateman, The Cairns Post, Austrailia, provided to vatic project by Gypsy Flame, Australia

IT'S only a matter of time before a virus that causes excruciating arthritis spreads in the Far North, an expert has warned.

The mosquito-borne disease Chikungunya has been diagnosed in travellers entering Australia from countries where the disease is prevalent, such as Africa, Indian Ocean island nations, the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia.

While locally acquired Chikungunya – from a Makonde word meaning "he who is bent up" – has not yet been detected in Australia, mosquitoes capable of transmitting the virus, Asian tiger mosquitoes, do occur in the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea.

The Sun is neutralizing radiation (among other things) ???

Vatic Note:  Either this is true, or there was never any massive radiation in the first place and now with geiger counters and other measuring instruments, they know we know, However, this could well be true, due to other factors and if so, I know you will  excuse me but I just have to say this.   WHAT A DAMN EXCITING TURN OF EVENTS.   I AM TOTALLY STOKED!!!!   Does this remind anyone of the nukes that were disabled some time back when they were trying to start a nuke war with No. Korea???? Remember the weird incident of the nuke missle off the California coast that went heywire and never did any damage?  Remember that all happened at the same time we were warned about "Al Qaeda" (CIA funded blackops group) had planted nukes all across the country waiting to do a terrorist attack?  You do understand when something like this sun situation is this organized, then there is an intelligence behind it. Or it could be Planet X. We saw it tonight and now we understand why they are hazing around the sun when its getting ready to set. That is when we saw it for a brief glimpse. These cretins need to tell us what is REALLY going on and do so soon. No more BS..... Please.  But in the meantime,   Yahoo,  eat crow.  We are on the new paradigm shift sequence and this is doggone damn exciting.  WE HAVE A HELL OF A RIDE AHEAD...... SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  Oh, my, they really hate this...... ahahahaaa, they just messed with my words and I had to put them back up again..... YAHOOO, I can't remember when I have had such a great time.  Poor  babies are you skeerd?   Yup as the Mayan shaman said,  "The return of the ancestors and the wisemen"......  (You satanists are toast, LOL)

Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter…

April 27, 2011 by sfaw
For months mounting fear has driven researchers to wring their hands over the approaching solar storms. Some have predicted devastating solar tsunamis that could wipe away our advanced technology, others voiced dire warnings that violent explosions on the surface of the sun could reach out to Earth, breach our magnetic field, and expose billions to high intensity X-rays and other deadly forms of cancer-causing radiation.

Now evidence has surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is happening deep within the hidden core of our life-giving star: never-before-seen particles—or some mysterious force—is being shot out from the sun and it’s hitting Earth.

Was the "Coffin" and "Funeral" practice really for the current Queen of England? Or was it Part of the "Necro-Nuptials"?

Vatic Note: We had recently covered David Ickes videos about  both Diana and her life and death at the hands of the satanist/pagans, and in a seperate blog we covered her son and his future wife in light of the pagan practices and rituals. This below was sent to us by a regular reader to our blog and we are grateful as it is interviews and a biography of sorts for both Diana and Kate that give us a human aspect to all that we presented in theory and in writing. The first video that we put up on the blog previously about Diana was David Ickes discussion of how Diana was set up by her own family with the black swans, the participation in her continued childhood involvement with the royal family and the Prince of wales.  etc.  This view of Diana  gave us a context and fits with our previous blog about her being selected for the role she eventually played due to her genes, as as you know that is how these bloodlines operate, and compare it to the interview with Kate, the future bride and see the difference. Also NOTICE THE FUNERAL PRACTICE at the royal wedding practice, that the "Queen" says she was doing for her own funeral and gave a pathetic explanation for the "bad taste" in having it during such a celebratory event such as the Wedding. Now tell me, WHO, in their right mind would do such a thing?  (Does it remind you a bit of the khazars weird behavior in so many instances, that we end up not understanding?)  A Satanist, paganist who is preoccupied with occult murder and death is who would do such a thing.  If you read our blog on the "NECROBRIDE"  (sound like a coffin to you???) then you would know and our other  post with respect to the royal family to do with the Occult  symbolic floor beneath carpet that they said they didn't know was there.   YEAH, SURE, RIGHT, UHUH, and I have land for you over a nuke test site in Nevada.  Duh!!   Then pay attention to the third video below giving you a real personality look at who Kate really is rather than the sop sold to us by the khazar owned Madock press.  Once you read the previous blogs I have linked to, then you watch that video,  Kate appears to be the underground queen in this mythological pagan belief system.   I hope you will watch and maybe revisit our earlier blogs to get the big picture of how so many lives are manipulated to serve the dark side of this universe.

The Queens Funeral Practice during the Prince William Wedding practice

The Royal event of the year is to double up as preparation for the Queen’s funeral.

As Britain prepares for the wedding of the year, the event is set to double up as rehearsals for the funeral of the Queen.  (VN:  I think its just part of the pagan ritual for the wedding and who Kate really is, as you will see in the last video below.  She fits the part of the underground Queen to a tea, while Diana was the opposite, very interesting when you read about the "Necro-Nuptials" wedding we posted on an earlier blog.  Its simply playing out their religion)

The wedding, which takes place on the 29th April 2011 (VN:  Its just before the first day of Beltrane Festival, a pagan holiday of debauchery [or called the "Festival of Fertility"])  between future king Prince William and Kate Middleton, has taken up a great deal of media coverage since the announcement of their engagement in November last year. Although little does the public know is that the planned route is also set to be that of the sovereign’s cortege.


Guerrilla Jurors: Sticking it to Leviathan

Guerrilla Jurors: Sticking it to Leviathan
by Don Doig and Stewart Rhodes , Provided to Vatic Project by Life Force, Montana, USA
April 25, 2011
Citizens in our (once) free republic founded under the English common law system, have both the power and the right to vote according to conscience when they sit on a jury and can vote not guilty even in the face of the law and in the face of the evidence. The defendant also has a right to expect that his jury will be fully informed of their rightful power to vote "not guilty" if they believe justice requires it, regardless of the evidence. Anything less is not a real jury trial.

Is There Really any Difference between the US and Former Soviet Union?

Vatic Note:  It was surprising to see the similarities between the Soviet Union collapse and the impending collapse of the USA.  I thought the USA would never collapse, but then at the time I had no idea what a huge role the Khazar Rothschild bankers played and how very much similar the game was they played in both the Soviet Union and the United States.  The end result was never going to be any different.   The regional plan was to set up 10 regions,  extract all the wealth from each region and collapse those into a global one world.  Then, with total control of each region under a global "UNELECTED" governance by appointed corporations and bankers, they could simply collapse the global economic system whenever they needed wealth extracted from the system.  Clever plan.  All the while continuing their genocide of all "other races" from the planet. 

What this shows is their is simply no difference between our systems and never was.   We have not  selected our leaders anymore than Russia did and we used to laugh at their elections that were rigged.   I guess he who laughs last, laughs best.   Now Russia gets to analyze our collapse and is now comparing it to their own.... how ironic.   We haven't collapsed yet, and if we can get the bankers out of the way, we might still be able to come back if we do the following:  


***  - Warning, there is some racy language in this video by some comedians, so be warned and if easily offended simply pass on this video.  Thanks.

by LookingGlass,  Provided to Vatic Project by VK Durham,  Rumormills News
Original article from Lew Rockwell,

To some this video really has testicular fortitude.:-)

Vatic Note:   You know this man is a genius.  He has been talking about this for a long time.   He began addressing it back when his people were being treated as we are now.   He has warned us as a nation now,  since we are all in this together and that has taken courage and truthfulness.   Its worth the watch.  Dick Eastman has said all along that Louis was like this and has provided us with many examples over the years.  So listen to him speak "bare bones truth" which is the enemy of the lie and therefore the enemy of the state.  Too damn bad, huh?   Oh, and there are some comedians spliced in with the other parts and the language is a bit raw so either stop it when they show up or shut off your ears, but they are funny and hit the nail right on the head in a very raw way.   Sometimes that is the only way you can get through to people.... I believe George Carlin is now dead. 


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Rense & Maxwell - Most Americans Brainless And Obedient

Rense & Maxwell - Most Americans Brainless And Obedient
Uploaded by JRense on Apr 1, 2011

The end of the Republic, and liberty, and individuality, and sentient consciousness, all underwritten by a virtual media.

*** they would not let me put up the link for the Protocols and after 6 times trying, I give up and provided the link on the face, but if you find the link is missing or is gutted again,  please do a search on our site for World Conquest through World government and scroll down to the bottom and they are all listed there as originally provided and translated.  If they purge  that entire article, then go to dogpile search engine or startpage.com and so a search under that title there. 

Vatic Note: Read the line just above this vatic note and LISTEN VERY VERY CAREFULLY to this video from the beginning and the "DIRECTION" the discussion takes. Its subtle, but clear as a bell. Remember in the Protocols, http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/world-conquest-through-world-jewish.html  ("World conquest through World Government" is the article) the zionists Rothschild khazars planned on taking over nations by first infiltrating them and then creating the choas, drama, horror that would be needed to turn the people against their government. Then the protocols say, the zionists will come in and RESCUE THE STUPID GOYIM pretending to be their savior. The Hegelian dialect if you will, "PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION" is their clarion call for taking over nations. Rense makes it clear that we had to be destroyed as a nation and they mention our enemies, but do not say specifically WHO THESE ENEMIES ARE???? They call our children who are at war, the dumbest animals in history and yet not one word about the "SOCIAL ENGINEERING" THAT WAS PLANNED and implemented through a training manual called "THE LAWFUL PATH: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS" written in 1958, and revised again in 1979.

In that document, was a plan and training protocols for socially engineering our children through technology, and voila, what do we have??? VIOLENT TV, IPOD GAMES OF WAR, movies dealing with Zombies, MTV WITH A SATANIC LADY GAGA indoctrinating our children and then we are shocked when they become what these two are saying  these soldiers as being  enemies of the people??? WHY DON'T YOU TELL US HOW THAT HAPPEN, RENSE AND MAXWELL??? You both have the forum with which to truly educate us into how we got here and how to unravel it. WHY AREN'T YOU TELLING US THIS??? Rather it sounds like you want us to bring down our government as if they did it? No, they didn't do it per se, it was done by our lack of attention. We allowed the zionists unknowingly to infiltrate because we did not want to be called racists or bigots. It was through our actual caring about inclusiveness that caused our problem. BUT ARE YOU AIDING AND ABETTING THE PROTOCOLS BY BASICALLY CALLING FOR THE NATIONS DEMISE??? ARE YOU WILLING THAT THOSE PROTOCOLS BE FULFILLED??? DO YOU TRULY WANT US TO BELIEVE WE ARE DOOMED, LOST, HOPELESS, AND IMPOTENT???  I absolutely refuse to do that....Do you want another "Russia" and "Germany" to happen where the "real enemy" that you don't mention, financed, organized, executed and murdered so many on both those countries and you want to see that here??? ITS THE PLAN....... AND ITS WORKING. TELL THEM TO STOP DRUGGING OUR SCHOOL CHILDREN, STOP BRAINWASHING THEM INTO INAPPROPRIATE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR, QUIT PEDOPHILING THEM, QUIT SATANIZING THEM, QUIT IDEALIZING SATANIC BEHAVIOR THROUGH MTV, RUN BY THOSE ENEMIES YOU REFUSE TO MENTION, CALLED THE ZIONISTS. PURGE THIS NATION, LIKE ICELAND DID OF ALL OF THESE ZIONIST BANKERS AND ARREST THOSE THAT REFUSE TO LEAVE.... ITS THAT SIMPLE, AND RENSE I AM SHOCKED YOU WOULD SELL THE IDEA THAT WE ARE TO BECOME HELPLESS AND SUCCUMB TO THESE CRETINS.

What you should be saying is "IT IS FAR BETTER TO DIE FIGHTING AND TAKE ALL OF THEM WITH YOU THAN TO EVER SUCCUMB TO THIS HORROR THEY HAVE PLANNED THAT WILL MAKE WHAT THEY DO TO THE PALESTINIANS LOOK LIKE A BIRTHDAY PARTY........ MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS WILL DIE AS WILL MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS JUST LIKE THEY DID IN RUSSIA.... .GOT IT??? THEY HATE GOD CENTERED RELIGIONS. THEY ARE SATANIST PAGANS. GOT IT??? I was shocked at both of them. LISTEN AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF AND PLEASE REVISIT THE PROTOCOLS AND SEE IF YOU CAN SEE WHAT I SAW. Remember, its better to die one time "doing the right thing" , than to die a thousands deaths each day to remain alive as a slave and CATTLE for their use and abuse and know that your MIND cannot comprehend what that means.  ORGAN HARVESTING,  TAKING YOUR CHILDREN TO SERVE AS in PEDOPHILIA, RITUAL SATANIC ABUSE, AND BLOOD SACRIFICE TO THEIR SATAN GOD, ETC.... . its wrong to own other human beings. THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU SHOULD BE SAYING AND THAT THEY SHOULD BE TELLING YOU TO SAY.. AND TO THINK.  But again, we each have to decide and come together united to do so.  WHEN THEY TELL YOU YOUR HELPLESS JUST ASK HOW COME WE ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE LOW TECH AFGHANIS'?  Its because they would rather die than submit... that is powerful stuff that can't be fought with high tech weapons.  Those low tech afghanis literally hacked and brought down one of their drones,  so lets get real here. 


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Billboard campaign and protest event: Seattle supports Equal Rights for Palestinians

Vatic Note:   After reading the previous blog to this one, its understandable why these actions are taking place.  In fact, I just read that there are massive movements of colleges and Universities that are moving toward boycotting and divesting from companies in Israel as long as they refuse to stop these horrors against the Pals including their children.   This vatic note is simply a conclusion from all the blogs we have done up to this point.   Watch the Video. 

Billboard Campaign and Protest Event: Seattle Supports Equal Rights for Palestinians

By: Alex2245, 4/21/11, Provided to Vatic Project by

Israeli checkpoint                                                         

Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC) has launched a billboard campaign as part of a continuing effort to expose the misuse of U.S. taxpayer money to support Israel’s ongoing discrimination against the Palestinian people. With the slogan “EQUAL RIGHTS FOR PALESTINIANS – Stop Funding the Israeli Military,” the first two billboards are going up on Elliott Ave West, just north of West Lee St, and on Lake City Way NE, just south of NE 104th St. (Photo available on request.)

The billboards follow SeaMAC’s Metro bus ad campaign launched last December: “ISRAELI WAR CRIMES: Your Tax Dollars At Work,” which was first approved, accepted and printed, then suddenly canceled by King County. With legal representation by the ACLU, SeaMAC has filed a lawsuit against King County for violating SeaMAC’s constitutional rights by refusing to honor a contract to run the ads.

Israeli Shin Bet electrocuted child prisoners to extract confessions

Vatic Note:   This is a war crime,  Crime against humanity, and first degree murder and a death penalty offense.   I am starting to try and put these types of acts into real perspective as you saw on the previous blog.......To be perfectly blunt,  this is the zionists/british/rothschild NEW WORLD ORDER, THESE ROTHSCHILD/KHAZARS have planned for us and OUR CHILDREN, not including their ritual satanic abuse and sexual abuse that is constantly in the press, remember Jon' Benet?. .  If you have been listening to the Khazars in the public arena lately they have been ravaging on about Christians.  Thats right, any "God" based religion, so eventually it will be muslims and Practicing Jewish people. The Palestinians are simply a good example of what will happen to all under the "ROD OF IRON" of the king of Israel controlled by the Khazar Satanists.   Watch the first half of Dr. Zhivago to see what we can expect at the hands of these Khazar bankers.... Well, this below brings all this home hard and cold...... wake up.  Let me remind you once again......part of why the DU poisoning in the Middle east is being used in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, to genocide the population which it will do without a doubt,  and guess what??? WE ARE "THESE OTHER RACES" AS WELL.   Lets finally say it out loud GENOCIDE IS THE OBJECTIVE HERE.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT????  See how long this has been planned and how we are TODAY, where he said he wanted to be back in 1928..... wake up.  Their own words. 

"The Jewish people (khazars)  as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain "world domination by the dissolution of other races"...and by the establishment of a "world republic" in which everywhere the Jews (Khazars) will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

So far that is exactly where we are.... France was supplied Sarkozy by Israel,  US supplied by khazars with both Bush and Obama who are both dual Israeli citizens, and then the rest of the nations the same way.  Look at Saudi Arabia,  Royal family are not arab, and who appointed them monarchs and know full well who they are???  Thats right, THE BRITISH.... and we did a blog on that, same with Iran, the President is Jewish,  Same in Italy,  with Burlesconi,  Britian with the Queen,   same in other countries.   We all know it too.
Just to make this clear......read this from a torah real Jewish rabbi.

"Torah Jewry and all authentic rabbis of the world have fought against Zionism since its founding day. Torah Jews will never recognize Zionist sovereignty over the Holy Land."     Rabbi Shia Ozer Reiner

Notice this Rabbi used the word "Authentic"?  So what are the Rabbi's used by the Khazar Zionists??? Not authentic.   That is a big clue.   Another one that made me mad.  If your not mad, your not paying attention.

Israeli Shin Bet electrocuted child prisoners to extract confessions

April 26, 2011 by crescentandcross

Abdul Hamid Abdul Latif Sa’id Abu Haniyeh was beaten up severely before being hit hard by a large jolt of electricity.

Following a visit yesterday to some young prisoners being held at the Megiddo Prison, lawyers for the Ministry of Detainees have stated that the young prisoners testified under oath that they had been interrogated and systematically electrocuted and tortured by Israeli intelligence officers in settlements near to Palestinian cities.

According to Salim Redouane who was arrested near Qalqilya on 08.05.2010, he was kept in a camp near Tzofin for 3 hours before being transferred to the settlement of Ariel where he was questioned by Shin Bet interrogators. His head was repeatedly hit against the prison room wall in an effort to get him to confess and he was beaten severely. The investigators threatened to burn his skin if he did not confess to the accusations against him.

A MUST SEE: This is the Future: Slave Labor in America !!!!

China Blue (in English) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVWZSZJBkMc&feature=related
Uploaded by TheLaughingOut on Mar 21, 2011

Vatic Note:  Listen to JASMINE as she explains while in the bus, how she was enticed out of the world she grew up in and into the banker controlled world of slave labor.  It sounds just like Americans, "coming into the urban centers for a new opportunity" for a better life.   Would you like to see what the global robber baron elites have planned for us and our children?  Then take a good look at this video and ponder your future and that of your children and then get this out to all the sheep that you know so they get the point.  Remember,  GOLDMAN SACHS has spent years since KISSINGER (Nixons Khazar Rothschild handler) opened up China for banking and stock market reasons.... These bankers got to see what a great deal the Chinese leaders had with control over a slave based population, and it was their "WET DREAM" come true and from then on, they have been moving us in the "free world" toward this system, even though its been planned for centuries, this was the first indication it could happen where Americans would be slaves and fully controlled like China..   THIS WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF.  I just had a friend, who is engaged to a Chinese woman, visit her in China and she works in one town they assign her to and she stays in a barracks during the week and goes home on weekends to her families home.  SHE DOES NOT GET PAID TRAVEL EXPENSES TO DO THAT.  He could not believe what he was seeing, it was so out of context of his own reality that he was still in shock when he came back here. He said she barely makes enough to meet expenses and can't plan any future life for herself or her family. She has to pay to stay in the corporate owned barracks. (BY THE WAY, SHE IS AN ACCOUNTANT and gets paid the same low wages as unskilled laborers, communism is really fascism with gov control of the population FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CORPORATE OWNERS)   I did not know how I was going to get this info out to you and this video showed up miraculously, so now you can see for yourself what they have planned for us after THEY CONFISCATE ALL OUR HOMES THROUGH FORECLOSURE BY DESTROYING OUR ECONOMYTHIS IS A MUST SEE..... our choices are narrowing rapidly.  They are attacking our way of life, our very health and lives, and taking away any future we may have, so there really will be NOTHING TO LIVE FOR.  You  will be glad to die at the age  of 40 as they have planned. Really, its now or never.  

Uploaders comment
They live crowded together in cement factory dormitories where water has to be carried upstairs in buckets. Their meals and rent are deducted from their wages, which amount to less than a dollar a day. Most of the jeans they make in the factory are purchased by retailers in the U.S. and other countries. CHINA BLUE takes viewers inside a blue jeans factory in southern China, where teenage workers struggle to survive harsh working conditions. Providing perspectives from both the top and bottom levels of the factory's hierarchy, the film looks at complex issues of globalization from the human level.


I have uploaded this for educational purposes only and make no money from it.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Oxford Professor Calls for Mass Drugging Population Through Water Supply

Vatic Note: Before we address the specifics of this and Eugenics, I wish to point out right up front that Oxford, as we all know, is the Rhodes Scholar school for the illegitimate children of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and illegitimate relatives of the 13 families, warburgs, shiffs, etc. The legtimate heirs to the throne through ancestry attend the ivy league schools here and are inducted into the secret societies, and matched for marriage through these schools. Remember, Clinton attended on Rhodes scholarship, Oxford for his college years and and then met his wife at Yale for their law degrees, and notice they all get law degrees with rare exception such as Carter. Between Oxford and Tavistock that is where the british/rothschilds train those that will be in power to undermine the nation and return it to British/Rothschild rule. In light of that fact and the funders of Eugenics, it then will become clear as you read this EXCELLENTLY RESEARCHED presentation, what and who and why this is all happening.

It fits another puzzle piece into the big pitcure. This is depopulation and eugenics at its finest. This is NOT about "IN THE FUTURE", it's about what is happening globally right now as we speak.  This is why we covered Fluoride  in blogs in the past,  to begin citizens thinking about getting the product removed from their water systems. If you have a son with early osteoperosis, or lukemia, or brain functioning problems, then check into the levels of fluoride in his system through independant lab work and results. Remember, 20% of your body ingestation is through the skin when you bathe or take showers and directly into the blood stream and it does not go through the liver for collection and discharging.  Its also why you have to be careful with chemicals for cleaning or washing clothes, since the skin will absorb whatever you put into either the bath water or the clothes washing. 

Oxford Professor Calls for Mass Drugging Population Through Water Supply
Posted By admin On August 1, 2010 @ 7:29 am
Aaron Dykes
Prison Planet.com [1]
August 1, 2010

In a 2008 paper titled, “Fluoride and the Future: Population Level Cognitive Enhancement [2],” Oxford bioethics professor Julian Savulescu claims that water fluoridation may be key to the “future of humanity.” He argues that “fluoridation may not merely be about tooth decay… [but] the drive to be better.”

Drugging the population’s water supply, Savulescu claims, is a form of “enhancement” that can pave the way to a future where mental abilities and other functions could be improved with drugs. Savulescu writes:

Jupiter: Basic facts

Vatic Note: Another change of pace.  We have done a lot of talking about Planet X, Nibiru, the twin dwarf star, and here we sit in our solar system with a planet that may well have also been an unignited star.   Fascinating planet.   Its nice sometimes to read about fascinating things going on in the universe or the micro world and marvel at the existance of such treasures. My Prairie Dog article is just such an experience. I especially enjoyed those comments on Jupiters moons and thought of going down another rabbit hole about those moons. Well, enjoy the education on these.... I did not know half of this stuff. What a marvelous universe we inhabit, huh?

Jupiter: Basic facts
by Jade LI ; Helium: Astronomy

Facts about the Planet Jupiter

The fifth and the largest of the planets in our Solar System, Jupiter has often been referred to as the King of the Planets due to its size and sheer impressiveness. Just like any king, it even has one of the highest retinue of other bodies in orbit.

Jupiter is 11 times wider than the Earth, with an equatorial diameter of 88,846 miles (or 142,984 km) and the brightest body in the Solar System after the Sun, the Moon and Venus (sometimes after Mars). It is 483,682,792 miles from the sun and was first recorded by Babylonian astronomers around 3300 BC and then by the ancient Greeks and Chinese, sharing a prominent role in mythology and legends.

Russia Halts US Adoptions after Tennessee Scandal

Vatic Note:  Very interesting article as it shows how far we have come in our relationships with our children.  Granted he was adopted but that is the same as if he were your own child.  Providing Mental health treatment should have not been a problem for a registered nurse to figure out.  So like a "puppy" mill she sends him packing by himself and does the kid further damage.  Gee, how quaint.  I don't blame the Russians for cutting us off.   Frankly  they are not doing the children a service if they intend to nuke us sometime down the road in their bogus third world, "banker planned" nuke war. 

Russia Halts US Adoptions after Tennessee Scandal
by Sophia News Agency,  World
April 15, 2010, Thursday

An international outcry erupted last week when the adoptive mother, a nurse, sent the seven-year-old Russian boy on a one-way flight to Moscow on his own. Photo by rocketscientist.today.com

US adoptions of Russian children have been halted, a week after a Russian boy was rejected by his adoptive mother in the American state of Tennessee.

The Russian foreign ministry said the move would apply until a bilateral adoption agreement could be signed, the BBC reported.

An international outcry erupted last week when the adoptive mother, a nurse, sent the seven-year-old Russian boy on a one-way flight to Moscow on his own.   She sent a note with him saying the boy had psychological issues.

Alert: Whistleblowers Are Disappearing...Again

Vatic Note:  This series of videos hits all whistleblowers in every industry and its serious.  Remember how Cheney absolutely hated whistleblowers and once he was in office, is when they started to be either disappearing, killed, or otherwise prosecuted for doing so.   I like this reporter... he says it like it is.  He also blames us to some degree that we make it easy for the bad guys to do away with these people because we don't want to hear what they have to say because that means we have to do something about it and we simply do not want to do that.  He asks us to stand up and make noises about this, so lets begin with our blog here and everyone call congress (1-866-220-0044) both reps and senators and tell them what you are seeing on this article and videos and then insist that they sponsor whistleblower protection AND REMIND THEM OF DICK CHENEY AND RAHM EMMANUALS ASSASSINATION SQUAD OUT OF THE CIA AND MOSSAD..... TELL THEM THAT IS ILLEGAL AND CRIMINAL...WE WANT ISREAL COMPLETELY OUT OF OUR GOV INCLUDING ALL DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENS WITH A CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO ANOTHER NATION.    We want it stopped and now.... ok????  Thanks Lets see if we can't do somethng for these courageous whistleblowers that know the cost to them of spilling the beans as they have seen many die with no reaction from us.  Lets change that NOW.... and call 

Alert: Whistleblowers Are Disappearing...Again
by Zen Gardner, Before Its News, Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's been in the news a lot recently. It's a pathetic statement of the state of affairs of today's cryptocracy. It seems whistleblowers are not only being discouraged, and demonized, but disappeared. Actually, what's new.

Forcibly removing any "dangerous opposition" has always been a fact of life in an evil, controlled world and extremely sad for the rest of us who witness this expected response. But despite today's Orwellian dystopia the word is getting out, fast and furious.

It makes a difference every time any one of us blows the whistle on these controllers and their schemes. Truth will win out in the long run. And once you know it you gotta tell it, and live it.

That, or you're in for some serious karma constipation. THEN you'll have real problems.

9/11 Witnesses Being Taken Out


David Icke - The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About The British Royal Family)

David Icke - The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About The British Royal Family)- 4 Videos
by David Icke, April 24, 2011, provided to Vatic Project by Zany Mystic in Ca, USA

First video by Jay4louise

Vatic Note:  These videos by DAVID ICKE, are amazingly informative.   I had no idea all the specifics of this murder of her.   ITS A MUST SEE ALL OF THESE.   This first video totally vindicates our position for over a year that the occult and satanism are prevalent at the highest levels of our governments and runs the NWO cabal.  The satanic way they murdered her is covered here.  SHE DID NOT DIE IN THE CAR ACCIDENT, SHE DIED FROM THEM NOT GETTING HER TO A HOSPITAL FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.....   We just posted two blogs about the Royal Family and Diana's son, the future king of England, who gave us a satanic hand sign not to long ago that we posted on this blog.  We also speculated as to why they had to kill Diana since her son was now fully on board the Satanic train to darkness and it became clear when all of the occult dates, symbols and planning had become exposed, about "WHY" they had to do it.  The one blog we showed the Goddess Diana connection as well.   Now this shows up so very timely right after our postings which makes the subject fresh and adds an additional perspective which is far more educational than we have previous experienced. Its a rabbit hole we have only just begun to explore and what great goodies we are finding down that hole. It continually amazes me how much we did not know and how rapidly we are being educated. The subsequent videos have some of the same info, but a lot more detail on almost every aspect of the issue.   The occult part of this is very very enlightening and explains a ton about a lot of things.  Listen and see for yourself.

Everything is speeding up, for sure. Notice the deep connect of the windsor family to satanic lines in Europe related to the vampire family in Budapest, I believe, or Transylvania as its called,  as well as a reference to the child sacrifice satanic ring that got busted in Belgium, which vatic project included in a blog on satanism and how prevelant it is at the highest levels of society globally. Its something to keep in mind when considering giving up our power to these global satanists in their fascist NWO. Icke does, AS USUAL, an excellent job of putting it all together. Its great to have someone from Europe who is daily exposed to the system there as oppose to us here who seldom see or deal with it. It wasn't till just recently that I had found out that Germany (The Queen is a German/Khazar) has a Bohemian Grove at which they worship the owl god referenced in the Bible called Molech, that God specifically named as a god NOT TO BE WORSHIPPED BY THE ISRAELI'S.  Their grove is ancient and old. Anyway, enjoy the video, its well worth the time. and I suspect downloading it might be a good idea given the royal wedding is almost upon us with all its Beltrane rituals being planned.

Video - I  

Dutch bank chief wins over US on new rules. IMF-Fed Takeover is Actually Implementation of Basel III

Vatic Note:  REMEMBER THE "DUTCH" ARE THE NETHERLANDS, HOME OF THE BILDERBERGS..... the cretins doing all this horror across the planet in concert with the Khazar Rothschild criminal cabal.   Well, here is our first piece of serious public treason by Geithner, the economic hitman for Goldman sachs and the IMF.  This is what he does.  Remember, his father,  Obama,  Obama's mother, and Geithner all worked for the CIA with no evidence any of them resigned.  Just a point that needs to be made.  I can now see why Kennedy tried to get control over CIA and when he couldn't he tried to do away with them.  One of the many reasons he was killed and now we can see why.  I am truly beginning to see how this works,  the 13 ruling families are the controllers and the CIA AND MOSSAD WORK FOR THEM, through  Rothschild who is one of the 13 families is the implimenter using Israel's fellow Khazars as the mafia operational arm of their criminal cabal.  The Queen of England is complicit with her Tavistock Group that does all the mind control, mass maniupulations and assassinations by the CIA and Mossad.  All of it is generationally paganistic or satanic and tied into ritual surrounding everything.  Now the lay out in Washington DC makes sense,  the dollar bill makes sense,  all of it makes sense,  we are simply the sleeping masses  WHO ARE STARTING TO WAKE UP and that is their seriously big problem.  The tiger is yawning and waking up.... wait til it sees who they intend to have for dinner.   They know this is happening  and we are beginning to know it.  Now it also explains depopulation.  They have been waiting and working for this for generations and this is the generation that is going to make it happen, THEY THINK.  However, watch David Ickes video that will be coming up later to day and see what I mean.   David is spot on about all this.  The evil ones may well be in for a rude awakening.  ANOTHER GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER PIECE PUT IN PLACE, ILLEGAL UNDER THE AMERICAN SYSTEM ... NOW WATCH CURRENCY COME RIGHT AFTER THIS. 

Dutch bank chief wins over US on new rules. IMF-Fed Takeover is Actually Implementation of Basel III

by CGI admin, provided to Vatic Project by VK Durham, Rumormills News

But what else would you expect from our crooked politicians?

17 April, 2011 - 14:33

The US is committed to implementing new international agreements for banks, according to the president of the Dutch central bank, Nout Wellink. The bank’s chief made his comments on Saturday in Washington at the end of spring talks of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (VN:  Traitor par excellence, a dead man once arrested and convicted)  announced at the meeting of international bankers that the US had agreed ( VN:  the truth is we did not agree to anything,  Geithner the traitor and economic hitman for Rothschild and the Khazars, agree to it, no one else in this country agreed to anything..... LOOKS LIKE BOYCOTTING BIG BANKS IS THE NEXT STEP) to conform to the rules laid down in the so-called Basel III framework which was endorsed in November 2010. The Basel Committee was set up to foster international cooperation on banking supervision, but there were still many gaps in the implementation part of the accord. “If the Americans don’t cooperate, many other people will ask the question why they should have to,” said Mr Wellink, also chairman of the Basel Committee.

Israel's Danny Rothschild and the Plundering of Iceland

Vatic Note:  Ok, here is another one messing with a blog they don't like, the rothschild khazar cyber chickenhawks  are messing with the script, the layout of the article, etc.... ignore how it looks and just read, they want this to look bad so you won't take it seriously.   I tried to fix it but apparently GOOGLE HAS LET THEM IN TO MESS WITH IT AND I CAN'T MAKE THE BUTTONS WORK NOW, SO JUST KEEP IT IN MIND WHEN READING THIS.   Read it anyway. it simply shows us what we have to  look forward to BOTH ON CENSORSHIP AND ESPECIALLY BANKING and how to deal with it, since Iceland is now doing well, with bankers in jail.  Kicked the rest  of them out of the country.  You go, Iceland.  This is what we need to do and soon. 

Israel's Danny Rothschild and the Plundering of Iceland


by Christopher Bollyn
July 15, 2010

Daniel "Dani" Rothschild is the Israeli Major General who is a director of the Israeli bank that is a trustee of the Tchenguiz Discretionary Trust, which was a key player in the bankrupting of Iceland's largest bank in 2008.  Rothschild has long been at the higest level of Israeli military intelligence.

The Israeli-Rothschild connection to the plundering of Icelandic banks has become clearer and deserves to be noted.  On June 23, it was reported that the Tchenguiz Discretionary Trust (TDT is the parent company headed by Victor Tchenguiz in Israel) had agreed to settle by handing over frozen Somerfield cash to administrators of failed Icelandic bank Kaupthing on June 23, 2010.

Dimitri Khalezov's 9-11 Nuclear Demolition Videos Being Scrubbed Off Web!

*** Whoooo, they didn't like this one either.... This is my third time.....  Its a good one though,  much I did not know is in here.  I can see why they don't want this out.   Its proves "intent",  planning and first degree mass murder. 

Vatic Note:   This is impressive,  I did not know about the melted vehicles up on the street from the explosions.  In fact, there is a lot in here I did not know and I thought I knew a lot.  Far from it.  Please take the time and then go visit the videos done that he did which are also impressive.  If you want a real education, this is the place.   IF WE CAN GET 9-11 prosecuted and adjudicated prior to their final  acts against us, I believe we can win this battle and war.  WE HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE FROM EVERY PERSPECTIVE THAT WE NEED TO PROSECUTE AND CONVICT AND PUT THIS TO REST BEHIND US.  Then we must do the same with the Goldman sachs players,  like how did they know to clear out their offices the day of 9-11???  How did Jeb Bush know there was going to be martial law on 9-11 when he signed the florida executive order on declaring martial law in Florida and he signed it on 9-7 but dated the effective date as 9-11???  Another brilliant Bush.... lol  

Dimitri Khalezov's Nuclear Demolition Videos Being Scrubbed Off Web!

Posted by Glenn Canady, Project.NSearch
on May 5, 2010

Here's the deal. Somebody is busy trying to remove all videos about Dimitri Khalezov's nuclear demoltion theory out of existence on the Internet. At the end of this article I'm going to list all the pages that show this censorship. I feel that Dimitri's theory is the best one because it fits ALL the evidence. He also wrote a book on the entire thing which I want to read also. This type of scrubbing never happened with the Nano Thermite theory. I still believe nano thermite could have been used because something melted a lot of steel before the 150kT nuclear demolotion charges were blown in all 3 buildings. I will cover this first and then give you links where you can see all the videos being scrubbed off the web. Please post links to this article on your facebook walls so we can get people to be aware of Dimitri's excellent research on this.

Why I believe nuclear demolition fits all the evidence we know about.


Is Planet X almost here? Is it bringing someone with them?

Vatic Note:   This is up because big changes are going on in our sky.... we are in spring in our area and every day since I moved here decades ago,  spring was clear sky, no clouds until about 2 pm, then clouds,  then rain,  lots of it,  and then clearing by 7 pm.  And the cycle starts over again.  None of that now.  If manmade then the question is what are they trying to hide???  The next question is why no rain  ever but massive on going all day long heavy dark clouds ladened with  rain, covering up the sky and sun?   When I read this and saw this I felt this is the best answer to those questions that I have seen so far.  Also this past week people in Gov disappeared, and I thought it was due to the holiday but when you try to get an answer to when they will be back,  its like a dark black hole to get that information.   So, check it out and see what you think.  I also was fascinated by a scientist discussing our DNA which is the first time anyone had ever given a reasonable believeable answer as to why we have as much in common in our DNA with sponges in the Ocean and Kangaroos in Australia as we do with Chimpanezes???  That was fascinating and maybe another rabbit hole.   Even if you don't believe any of this,  its a great film full of science that makes it hard to discount.   Take a  trip down this rabbit hole and enjoy the discovery along the way. 

The Planet X Movie
by Robert Sepehr, May 2009

From the moment everyone sees it worldwide (planet X) without special glasses it will be 7.3 weeks until pole shift. As PX approaches the earth in those 7.3 weeks it will grow until it is almost the size of the full moon. And its rippling twin tails of moons and rocks will take up a third of the sky. All chaos will reign. Then one week before pole shift, the earth will lay over so the north pole is away from PX, because the PX north pole will point at us like a flashlight.

George Galloway: Saudi Arabian Invasion of Bahrain

Vatic Note: Can you believe it? We have committed so many war crimes I can't even believe it. Look what we are condoning. The US, UK, and France, are all lined up to control the UN vote on Libya. They got a resolution passed that allows all three countries to bomb at will which exceeded the lie they told us that they were going for a no fly zone vote.  The planes were only to enforce the no fly zone.  It appears that the United Arab Emirates also are occupying Bahrain. What the heck does Bahrain have,,,,,, oh, thats right an island port.

This agenda they have is not clear.   But we must remember one thing.  History repeats itself, so remember these Khazars set Hitler up exactly the same way.  He was the designated loser right from the beginning.   He had handlers just like Bush and Obama who were khazars.   So this is some game they play for some major payoff.   I thought it was globalizing but I think its more than that.  We will have to see.

George Galloway: Saudi Arabian Invasion of Bahrain
By Press TV, posted March 18, 2011

Galloway suggests that a deal was done between the US and Arab rulers, whereby the Arab League would back the no-fly rule over Libya and in return the US would acquiesce to the Saudi invasion of Bahrain.


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