The Tornado Season has come Early with Full Force (HAARP OR PLANET X?)

US storms spell disaster
The tornado season has come early with full force and meteorologists say it is far from over.
John Terrett reports for Al Jazeera, April 28, 2011

April's 300 confirmed tornadoes so far is twice as many as for all of 2010 and has broken a 40-year US record. The heavy rains have swollen rivers and in southern Missouri an earthen levee protecting the small town of Poplar Bluff is said to be leaking in at least 30 places.   (see video below)

The effects of bad weather is an all-too familiar scene in America’s south and midwest. However, the tornado season has come early with full force and meteorologists say it is far from over. The forecast is for the front to move on to the east coast, where tornado watches have been posted.

Vatic Note: Its either Haarp or Planet X, and in either case its a crime that we have not been notified of the latter,  or/and  if they used the former.   How come we have to find this out through a foreign press? Where the hell is our press. This is record weather? HAARP?? PLANET X??? Remember our blog on the woman insider who tried to whistle blow the info about the government document she had that proved the US NOW HAS "COMPLETE" CONTROL OF WEATHER USING HAARP, that she tried to tell him but he cut her off and the same happened with George Noory. Well now we see this and that call by her was the first thing that entered my memory.   

Was that why both Alex and George responded so quickly by shutting her up?  Did they know this was coming?  Was this why Wheeler was killed?  Lots of questions and once again, no doggone answers are there???   Also notice the big damage is in the southeast where a huge number of gun owners reside and militias are prevalent.  Is that just a coincidence???   Here in Colorado we saw HAARP wide open with whispy thin clouds laid out by planes through chemtrails,  and then HAARP turned on and weird things happened to those clouds.  They were flattened out at 90 degree angles... .Bizarre!   I said to a friend when we saw them,  "...either an earthquake or more tornados".   All Nuke plants have supposedly shut down, but I have yet to confirm that rumor.  Also lets list in just this year all the places suffering from death producing floods or earthquakes......Haiti,  Chile, China,  Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, and FINALLY, after such detailed wargaming,  its now the UNITED STATES TURN.  Have we reached a "Tipping Point" yet???  Remember, do not mistake our hostage taken gov for those doing this....its the International bankers....that is who must be confronted, especially when you watch this video and see the destruction they are doing to our nation and all nations across the globe,  THESE ARE SOME SERIOUSLY SICK PUPPIES.... THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RITUALLY SATANIZE SOMEONE,  THEIR MIND IS NEVER THE SAME AGAIN.  What is different is that there are soo damn many of them with the same mental illness.


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