George Galloway: Saudi Arabian Invasion of Bahrain

Vatic Note: Can you believe it? We have committed so many war crimes I can't even believe it. Look what we are condoning. The US, UK, and France, are all lined up to control the UN vote on Libya. They got a resolution passed that allows all three countries to bomb at will which exceeded the lie they told us that they were going for a no fly zone vote.  The planes were only to enforce the no fly zone.  It appears that the United Arab Emirates also are occupying Bahrain. What the heck does Bahrain have,,,,,, oh, thats right an island port.

This agenda they have is not clear.   But we must remember one thing.  History repeats itself, so remember these Khazars set Hitler up exactly the same way.  He was the designated loser right from the beginning.   He had handlers just like Bush and Obama who were khazars.   So this is some game they play for some major payoff.   I thought it was globalizing but I think its more than that.  We will have to see.

George Galloway: Saudi Arabian Invasion of Bahrain
By Press TV, posted March 18, 2011

Galloway suggests that a deal was done between the US and Arab rulers, whereby the Arab League would back the no-fly rule over Libya and in return the US would acquiesce to the Saudi invasion of Bahrain.


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