The Libya story is total BS

Vatic Note:   The videographer on this thing has it down cold.  He had assessed it accurately.  We did a series of blogs on this subject showing that the "Rebel Leader",  was 20 years in Langley, VA , CIA head quarters.  Then we showed a blog where the first thing this rebel leader did when he had a so called "victory" was to set up an oil company since Libya has public ownership of the oil resources for the use and support of his people.   Then we saw they set up  A PRIVATE BANK THAT IS NOT A SHIRA BANK, but a ROTHSHILD FIAT CURRENCY BANK dependant on debt and taxes.  That is what these rebels were paid to do.  AMAZING.  Then we put up a blog speaking about the lack of western news information on who these rebels really are.  Here is an interesting excerpt from that blog:

“NFSL was based in Sudan until 1985 when the regime of Colonel Nimeiry fell. It opposed military and dictatorial rule in Libya, and called for a democratic government with constitutional guarantees, free elections, a free press, and separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. NFSL launched a wide campaign to topple Gaddafi in Libya, establishing a short-wave radio station, a commando military training camp and also published a bi-monthly newsletter, Al Inqadh (Salvation). According to various sources, Saudi Arabia and the United States Central Intelligence Agency had supported the NFSL.”

About half way down the article they describe who they are and they are not "The people".   Here they are suppose to be having a revolution for the people and their first two acts were to take away from the people, that which is theirs..... their currency, banking and finally the countrys natural resource, the largest oil fields in Africa.   Water will be next,  you can take that to the fiat bank for sure. 

The Libya story is total BS

Brasscheck TV, 

I've been waiting for someone to point out  that the "civil war" in Libya is total BS.   But so far, no video so I threw a rough analysis together.

Check out the pictures of the "rebels."  Do you really think these guys could push back a military force? Even once?    It's all make-believe, NATO bombing and photo-"journalists" who have bills to pay.

And the great American lie machine, now led by John McCain who called his recent visit to charade-town one of "the most inspiring days of his life."  Uh-huh.



- Brasscheck

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Dr. Iglesias said...

200 sexually abused children in Benghazi. Mass uprising in Tobruk and Benghazi against the rebels. See:


Vatic Master said...

Dr. I can't get a google translation into english. Is it possible you can do it on your end and email it to me at vatic2010@gmail.com or artist2@skywerx.com???? Thank you as I would like to pursue this since I beleive this is a blatant fraud on our part as well as Israel.