Former CIA Agent Claims America Did Not Kill Bin Laden

Vatic Note:  Now this is a prime example of how disinformation works.  First you have to accept that this 'former' CIA agent was able to quit the CIA which simply may not happen.  If you accept that, then you have to accept Obama is still a CIA agent.  Then,  you have to accept the seals were all killed intentionally to hide the fact they did not kill Bin Laden and they knew it.  Then you have to accept that Pakistan Presidential Candidate Bhutto was killed by the CIA around 2005 or so right after she publically disclosed to David Frost in, front of millions of TV viewers, in Britain that Bin Laden was killed by a body guard back in 2001, early 2002 for the million dollar reward money.

If all that is true, then it means that the CIA has accepted that Bin Ladens bogus killing in 2011 was outted on the net and so now they are attempting to control what we think about his early death.  Bhuttos' rendition of his death seems the most plausible since she was assassinated right afterwards and the CIA still had need for him to be alive in order to continue the global elites agenda of terrorists threats to the US and to the globe in order to destroy the constitutional republican we currently have.

Also, if Bin Laden was killed by his body guards for the reward, as stated by Bhutto before her death, then this below is even more suspect since the body guards were Chechen.  So why did he ask to be interviewed about this?  What are we suppose to get out of this disclosure of Bin Laden dying a natural death?   Lots of questions and no answers.  What he is doing here is telling us something, everyone already knows... kind of like Wikileaks,  and thus gains credibility by doing so, then he tells us what the powers that be want us to think.   Even if true, why is he disclosing this now after 11 years of silence?

Finally, he says that the CIA killed his guards after he first disclosed that Bin Laden died a natural death, yet the CIA left him alive.  Hmmm  Something doesn't smell right here. Forgot, this ex-CIA agent also said BinLaden was dead  probably in 2006 which is the 5 years prior to the "stated" killing, and yet Bhutto said on David Frost before 2006, that he was killed in 2001 in December.  Big difference.  Its another reason I am suspicious of this outting.

Former CIA Agent Claims America Did Not Kill Bin Laden
by David Icke,  Source: Russian TV,  RU 
Osama bin Laden died a natural death nearly 5 years before it was announced that he was eliminated by the American commandos. This sensational statement was made by a Turkish politician, and a former U.S. intelligence agent.

In an interview with Russia’s Channel One, he said that the Americans simply found and opened the tomb of the leader of al-Qaeda.

The journalists of Channel One first met this man in 2008. At the time he was featured in the documentary “Plan Caucasus,” talking about the attempts of the western intelligence services in the early 1990′s to separate the Northern Caucasus and, in particular, Chechnya from Russia.

Chechen by nationality, Berkan Yashar is now a Turkish politician, but in those years he was one of the ideologists of Johar Dudayev. He asked for a meeting, promising to tell the truth about the death of Osama bin Laden whom he met in the early 90-ies in Chechnya.

“In September of 1992 I was in Chechnya, that’s when I first met the man whose name was Bin Laden. This meeting took place in a two-story house in the city of Grozny; on the top floor was a family of Gamsakhurdia, the Georgian president, who then was kicked out of his country.

We met on the bottom floor; Osama lived in the same building, “said Berkan Yashar. Berkan said he did not know why bin Laden visited while in Grozny, and said only one thing about his meetings: “Just wanted to talk.”

However, according to Channel One, in those years the former employee of Radio Liberty Berkan Yashar already had an operational name Abubakar, given to him by the CIA. According to Berkan, after that trip Chechen nationals appeared in Osama bin Laden’s circle. Berkan Yashar emphasized that they did not participate “directly in the terror bombings.”

“They protected bin Laden, it was his choice because he trusted them entirely, and knew that they would never betray,” said Yashar. According to Yashar he was not the only one who knew about it, but the Russian security services and the CIA were aware of this as well.

Answering the question whether he believed that the Americans killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Berkan Yashar answered: “Even if the entire world believed I could not possibly believe it.” “I personally know the Chechens who protected him, they are Sami, Mahmood, and Ayub, and they were with him until the very end.

I remember that day very well, there were three sixes in it: 26 June 2006. These people, as well as two others from London and two Americans, all seven of them, saw him dead. He was very ill, he was skin and bones, very thin, and they washed him and buried him,” said Berkan Yashar.

Yashar stressed that although the two American Muslims and two British Muslims the guards of bin Laden and saw him dead, they did not participate in the funerals. “Only three Chechens buried him, according to his will,” said Yashar. Bin Laden was buried, according to Yashar, in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghan border.

“There was no assault,” said Yashar. “I know the American operations from the inside: they find the grave, dig out bin Laden and tell everyone about this. They need to show how technologically the security services worked, how each step was controlled, and then present it as a great victory to show that taxpayers are not paying taxes for nothing. ”

Berkan now blames himself for the fact that the Chechens from the protection of bin Laden, “the terrorist number one” are no longer alive after the U.S. intelligence services began to tap Berkan’s telephone conversations. He said he was the first one who announced the date of death of bin Laden. “I was the first one who announced the date of his death in November of 2008 at a conference in Washington, not naming any names, and it looks like it was when the Americans began to track my contacts,” he said.

The last security guard Berkan saw Sami, who, according to him, a few days before bin Laden was declared killed, was kidnapped by the U.S. intelligence agencies. According to Berkan, most likely, it was him who disclosed to them the exact place of burial in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghan border.
In any case, the last call from Sami was from Pakistan. Berkan explained why he informed the journalists of Channel One: he feared for his life. According to him, only wide publicity around the world can protect him from the CIA. However, just in case, the Turkish secret services, according to him, provided him with guards and weapons.


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A Tipping Point for Israel

Vatic Note:  While this write up is a full departure from the historical treatment of Israel and her minions and how they are treated, its still not as honest as it should be, but I am grateful for any movement we have helped to bring about of any kind.  This departure is welcomed and soon will be even more honest and raw in its exposure to what is truly going on.   

We posted a blog on here about the military investigation into the International Jewry banking cartel and their danger to the United States and their interests.  The study was a result of their funding, organizing and supplying leadership to the Russian Revolution.  After all the congressional hearings and documents etc.... the military conclusion was, they were a threat to the USA.  That study got top secreted for 50 years or so, until 1973 when Gen Jones revised its classification and he was fired for doing so. 

When the media, commentators and news groups begin to focus on the massive drugging of our children, their dumbing down education they receive, and then connect the satanism, pedophilia, raw brutal sexuality embedded in our childrens MTV programming and violence in their IPOD's, then when the "Social Engineering"  becomes the topic of discussion by mainstream commentators and media, we will know we have finally pushed the truth out where it can clearly be seen and understood.  

But what was REALLY interesting were the comments at the end of the article.  Once you finish reading the article, please go to the link and read the comments.   They are incredible, educational and encouraging.  WE ARE WAKING UP.... Thank you universe, God or whatever your preference. 

At least this is a start and all great journeys begin with the first step and that is what this is.  Once they reach the bottom of the truth barrel,  then we can give this up and get on with our lives.  I can hardly wait.  lol 

A Tipping Point for Israel 

"Information Clearing House" -- A tipping point is where physical momentum, inclined in one direction, reverses its course, stabilizes, and then begins to move the opposite way. Those of us who have been arguing for a sane United States foreign policy in the Middle East have well understood that the odds on shifting the prevailing narrative have been heavily against us thanks to the overwhelming resources possessed by a powerful domestic lobby. 

Ten years ago in America, it was impossible to place even a letter in a mainstream newspaper or magazine that was in any way critical of Israel. Apart from Pat Buchanan, no one on television provided a critique of Israel and its policies. In the U.S. media, Israel was ever the beleaguered little democracy surrounded by savage Arabs.

(Photo is Abe Foxman,  ADL)

But then, all of a sudden, the conspiracy of silence began to break down.

It began with the revisionist history of the antecedents of the Iraq War as that conflict continued to drag on. Many began attributing Washington’s initiation of the fighting, at least in part, to Israeli interests. Philip Zelikow, chief counsel for the 9/11 Commission Report, famously noted in March 2004 that the war was “to protect Israel,” surely an exaggeration but containing more than a kernel of truth. Many also began to observe that the agitation for a new war with Iran was following the same pattern, with supporters of Israel leading the charge.

In 2006, former President Jimmy Carter published Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. It provoked considerable outrage and highly publicized resignations from the board of the Carter Foundation together with charges that Carter was supporting Palestinian terrorism. 

HISTORIC JUDGMENT. Bush & Associates Found Guilty of Torture


By: Global Research
Date: 2012-05-12

A solid case for the prosecution of Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney, their legal counsel and others, for war crimes, crimes against the peace, torture, and crimes against humanity has been established at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal with a guilty verdict on day 5 of the third major session of the Tribunal.
The Tribunal recommends to the War Crimes Commission to give the widest international publicity to this conviction and grant of reparations, as these are universal crimes for which there is a responsibility upon nations to institute prosecutions if any of these Accused persons may enter their jurisdictions. Global Research Director Michel Chossudovsky is a member of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission and was present throughout the Tribunal hearings. 

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 May 2012 (mathaba)

The five-panel tribunal unanimously delivered a guilty verdict against former United States President George W. Bush and his associates at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal hearing that had started on Monday, May 7th.

On the charge of Crime of Torture and War Crimes, the tribunal finds the accused persons former U.S. President George W. Bush and his associates namely Richard Cheney, former U.S. Vice President, Donald Rumsfeld, former Defence Secretary, Alberto Gonzales, then Counsel to President Bush, David Addington, then General Counsel to the Vice-President, William Haynes II, then General Counsel to Secretary of Defence, Jay Bybee, then Assistant Attorney General, and John Choon Yoo, former Deputy Assistant Attorney-General guilty as charged and convicted as war criminals for Torture and Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment of the Complainant War Crime Victims.

Eight Signs the Illuminati Orchestrated WW2


By: David Richards (henrymakow)
Date: 2012-05-08

Operating behind their agents, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, and FDR – the Illuminati waged a merciless war on humanity, destroying nations and murdering 60 million people. 

   This article is indebted to ‘Anomalies in History – World War 2′ by Robert Pye, a list of various  discrepancies in the war that reveal the Illuminati controlled both sides. 

1) Wall Street Funded the Nazis

Without the capital provided by Wall Street, there would have been no Hitler and no WW2.

In his book ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler’ Professor Anthony G Sutton writes that “General Motors, Ford, General Electric, DuPont,” and other “U.S. companies intimately involved with the development of Nazi Germany were … controlled by the Wall Street banks,” such as “the J.P. Morgan firm, the Rockefeller Chase Bank and to a lesser extent the Warburg Manhattan bank.”

Standard Oil provided a steady supply of oil throughout the war. The oil was shipped to Spain then piped through Nazi-controlled France into Germany.

General Motors and Ford provided 90 % of Nazi armored trucks. IBM produced the Hollerith machines that helped SS Officers manage the round up of dissidents for concentration camps.


Loving our servitude: Man's Almost Infinite Appetite For Distractions.

Vatic Note:  This is truly fascinating.  The video is the key, but we have included the transcript to his talk, so this blog is quite long.   Listen carefully to the video and his analysis of what has happened to humanity through technology and changing the human  being and making humans non revolting.   Its really a great analysis and he is right on.   He said that "distractions" have been used as a fine art to control humans to keep them from revolting.  Watch the video and read the sections before the video.  Save the transcript if you wish.  Very interesting.   He said you have to have some consent from the people to control them.  Pure force will not work at least not for enough time to secure that control.   Its to get them to love their servitude.   Create a mass of humanity that is all alike, and differences must be reduced.... individuality to be destroyed.  Its worth the watch on the video..... it explains why we have put up with so much BS for so long.  It didn't work in Iceland though.  LOL  

Loving our servitude:
Man's Almost Infinite Appetite For Distractions.
by Information Clearinghouse,

By Aldous Huxley

“In regard to propaganda the early advocates of universal literacy and a free press envisaged only two possibilities: the propaganda might be true, or the propaganda might be false. They did not foresee what in fact has happened, above all in our Western capitalist democracies - the development of a vast mass communications industry, concerned in the main neither with the true nor the false, but with the unreal, the more or less totally irrelevant. In a word, they failed to take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions.

In the past most people never got a chance of fully satisfying this appetite. They might long for distractions, but the distractions were not provided. Christmas came but once a year, feasts were "solemn and rare," there were few readers and very little to read, and the nearest approach to a neighborhood movie theater was the parish church, where the performances though frequent, were somewhat monotonous. For conditions even remotely comparable to those now prevailing we must return to imperial Rome, where the populace was kept in good humor by frequent, gratuitous doses of many kinds of entertainment - from poetical dramas to gladiatorial fights, from recitations of Virgil to all-out boxing, from concerts to military reviews and public executions. But even in Rome there was nothing like the non-stop distractions now provided by newspapers and magazines, by radio, television and the cinema. 

In "Brave New World" non-stop distractions of the most fascinating nature are deliberately used as instruments of policy, for the purpose of preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation. The other world of religion is different from the other world of entertainment; but they resemble one another in being most decidedly "not of this world." Both are distractions and, if lived in too continuously, both can become, in Marx's phrase "the opium of the people" and so a threat to freedom. Only the vigilant can maintain their liberties, and only those who are constantly and intelligently on the spot can hope to govern themselves effectively by democratic procedures. 

"A society, most of whose members spend a great part of their time, not on the spot, not here and now and in their calculable future, but somewhere else, in the irrelevant other worlds of sport and soap opera, of mythology and metaphysical fantasy, will find it hard to resist the encroachments of those would manipulate and control it.”

Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution
Transcript – The Ultimate Revolution
March 20, 1962 Berkeley Language Center – Speech Archive SA 0269
{garbled}Aldous Huxley, a renowned Essayist and Novelist who during the spring semester is residing at the university in his capacity of a Ford research professor. Mr Huxley has recently returned from a conference at the Institute for the study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara where the discussion focused on the development of new techniques by which to control and direct human behavior.

CIA, Mossad, and MI6, are now going from the ME, to taking over Malaysia!

Vatic Note:  Most of you who  have been following Vatic Project during most of these  overthrow of Middle East countries,  know that we have proven time and again, NONE OF THE REVOLUTIONS IN THE ME were from the grassroots, rather they were CIA and Mossad instigated for several important reasons for the illums, especially the Rothschild family that needs to disappear permanently to stop all this permanently.  If there is a world war, let it be the people of the globe against all Rothschild entities in banking, brokerage houses, and markets.  Once purged, we can get back to normal.   No more Soros' Buffets, Gates and Rockefellers.

In reading this below, you will see how these CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 trained operatives/provocateurs were moved from the ME into Malaysia.  We appeal to the people of Malaysia not to succumb as the ME people did, to the deceptions and infiltrations, and lies that were used to overthrow legit muslim governments in order to control their banking practices which are in fact felony theft and fraud.  We saw that in Iraq once it fell.  If there is to be a world war or revolution, let it be specifically targeted against those who created this mess,  THE INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST BANKERS.

CIA in KL 
Tuesday,  May 15, 2012
'CIA-organised gathering' in Malaysia, 28 April 2012.

Malaysia is prosperous, liberal, and mainly Moslem.
It has dared to criticise the USA and Israel.


There is a CIA-Mossad plot to wreck Malaysia.

Malaysia is not perfect, but it is 100% better than the impoverished American colony of the Philippines or the impoverished military-run Indonesia.
"Could street protests herald a Malaysian spring?" asks Jonah Fisher of BBC News in Kuala Lumpur.

Anwar Ibrahim, the main opposition leader, who is alleged to be an asset of the CIA.

It has been reported that the 'street protests' in formerly prosperous Tunisia were organised by the CIA and NATO, in order to wreck Tunisia. And we know that Tunisia's President Ben Ali was kicked out by Tunisian generals who were CIA assets.

Malaysia's prime minister Najib Razak is soon to call a snap election.

In a recent street CIA-organised demonstration in Kuala Lumpur, "scores of protesters were beaten by the police, and teargas and watercannon were fired at the crowd."

Unfortunately, Mossad has links to the Malaysian police.


2005 : William Cohen, Anwar Ibrahim and Paul Wolfowitz 

Prosperous, peaceful 'Moslem countries', like Malaysia, are not popular with the CIA and its friends.

On 20 December 2011, we learnt that China and Malaysia had agreed to advance military ties.

China, Malaysia agree to advance military ties

The CIA has many assets in Malaysia.

In 2004, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, the Libyan with links to the CIA and al Qaeda, moved from China to Malaysia.

Libyan rebel

In January 2000, al Qaeda operatives held a meeting in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The Man Who Knew - PBS

Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has spoken out about 9 11.


Website for this image

Anwar Ibrahim is said to have links to the CIA

The Secret Meeting between PKR and CIA at Sunway Hotel AI

Malaya was a British colony. Will it become an American colony?

Things are heating up.

US Navy expects to base ships in Singapore

How safe is Malaysia?


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Evidence Germany Did Not Really Surrender In 1945

Vatic Note:  This one speaks for itself, so my comment will be short.   But it also highlights how we have no idea how much we were not told and how much we did not know about our own history.  This was a true eye opening disclosure.  It will be a lot harder this time around for any of them to lie.  Records are being kept all over the place. This time history will be preserved and not hidden.  

Evidence Germany Did Not Really Surrender In 1945
by Mort Amsel,  Before It's News

Did you recognize that the extension of warfare post the German defeat at the Russian front, then resulted in the loss of the majority of US and allies troops? While the Russians lost the majority of their troops "prior" to the German loss, the US and allies lost the majority of troops "after" the loss. 

Thus, the death of so many honored soldiers took place due to the war extension allowing the Germans to get their affairs in order before any formal surrender.

Similarly, the loss of the majority of those dying in the German death camps took place also during this period of time.

Thus, this tells us that Hitler fully knew about the defeat prior to his alleged suicide and explains the why behind his denial to top military officers of the deployment of the ME 262 jet plane. His top military people put their lives on the table to press time and time again their criticism and complaint over Hitler's decision re the ME 262 since there was to them no sane or valid logic or reason to Hitler's decision, one that would protect Germany and its troops and reverse the course of the war.

We believe Hitler died in 1945 as his surviving the surrender would have opened the portal for people like ourselves to see the masked and hidden truths connective to the final years of the war.  (VN:  We have since been told Hitler got away and died in 1969, who knows for sure?)

America closed its eyes to the coup attempt by German agents here in the USA in the early 30s. It took Joseph Stalin to tell FDR just how badly Germany had intruded the US in connection with the war. The reality that FDR came to comprehend was that largely due to Churchill the allies had set up Stalin for a defeat as dynamically serving the best interests of the West where the truth of it was that if Stalin succumbed to his isolation and Russia was defeated, the Germans had full plans and would have prevailed against the West.

Then to compound the truth behind the real history of these times is that post FDR's death and post those willing to bed themselves with the Nazis to gain their concrete support for the creation of the State of Israel, the German agents here vilified the Russian intrusions into the USA to eliminate them from the nation. leaving the Germans alone to roost, and then we were led to the cold war against Communism, in full operation post the death of Stalin. The rest as they say is history as the Germans consolidated their conquest of the USA and most of the rest of the world.

Without a dedicated understanding and insight into biblical history and G-d's role manifesting itself chiefly in biblical times through the Jewish people, one can never figure out yet say believe the truth behind today's realities. Let me say that only through G-d's involvement could we ever believe that top people in Iran and China and Russia and in the US and yes Israel itself could grasp the full truths and story behind today's manifestation of evil by those who detest G-d and those of use blessed otherwise by G-d under the pale of monotheism.

Jiang Zemin with G-d's help has been and will be now strong enough to prevail over the Chinese leadership to explain the truth behind the beyond belief Trojan Horse stratagem played to give China all it ever would want and hope including removal of the Japanese from its region. How could anyone sane in Chinese leadership not snatch up this planned once in a lifetime opportunity and gift? The answer of course is the point in the Jewish leadership grabbing at a similar opportunity and ruse put on them by their historic enemy that resulted in the Jewish nation. How could they say no to such an historic opportunity and gift?

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Vatic Note:  Keep in mind that the powers that be own many of the clergy, especially the TV Evangelicals and that has resulted in their congregations supporting Israel at the cost to America.  It was done many years ago and we have published proof of their deception on this site and many of them giving the Baphomet hand sign which is the satanic handsign.  If you need me to do it again, I will be happy to.

Remember,  its our fear and subsequent uneducated accepting of that fear promotion that then makes us act in reality against our own best interests.... Do not do anything differently, except to prepare.  Buy Gold, silver, food storage, wood for fires to keep warm and cooking and if you don't need them after all, well, its still nice to have them and can be sold.  But if you do need them, you will be happy you did it.  STAY OUT OF FEAR.  Remember, The Lord said in the Bible, "you cannot have fear in your heart and love for God at the same time".... and ancient philosophers have basically said the same thing as do the protocols.

They clearly state that promoting fear is an essential part of their agenda to get us to act against our own best interests.  Never believe anything, the state or corporations or banks say, except your small community banks.  Ask them, they will tell you as they truly do believe in their communities, who generally own those banks.  Do not aid and abet these demons in bringing down our very strong and old financial system.  IF THEY DO CONFISCATE BANK ACCOUNTS, THEN NEVER, EVER USE A BANK AGAIN.  BARTER, GOLD AND SILVER will be the backed currency, locally and the Feds/globalists be damned. 

WE are still, as a nation, even wealthier than they had ever imagined and they are having a terrible time bringing us down.  We do NOT NEED TO HELP THEM DO THAT.  Articles like this one are all over the place and have been pumping this  out to us for months now and so far, the economy, while much worse than its used to being, is still rumbling along.  Lets not help them bring it down,  make them do it themselves.  Right now the only industries beginning to suffer are the banks and MSM.  I am loving it.


By: Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

Date: 2012-05-01

Pastor David Eels has two sermons weekly on the Unleavened Bread Ministries.org website. In the beginning of his message he has an interpretation of a vision or dream that is explored in depth. In February 2012 this part of a sermon had a vision of an eagle that appeared emaciated and nearly dead landing outside a large chicken coop. With great effort the eagle was able to get its beak into the coop where it began to break eggs and suck the contents of the egg into its mouth. This was followed by slow steady improvement in the eagle’s nutrition and health. Ultimately the eagle became dynamic and quite strong.

Pastor Eels interpreted this vision as follows. The Eagle represented the United States Government passing from nearly fatal financial weakness to a position of restored power and strength. This restoration might begin during a bank holiday when the government may confiscate all bank accounts, savings accounts, safety deposit accounts, pension plans and possibly stock brokerage accounts. Certainly the grave financial status of the government which is close to bankruptcy could be used to justify seizing citizen’s assets.

There is a precedent for such action. On March 5, 1933 a bank holiday was declared by President Franklin Roosevelt which lasted one week. A friend of mine who is now 85 recalls her father arriving in their home in St. Louis, Mo. in tears completely distraught. He advised the family that all his $70,000 savings had been removed from his bank account. This was an enormous amount of money at that time.


Can DNA Send "Electromagnetic Imprints" of itself into Distant Cells and Fluids?

Vatic Note: ;I love rabbit holes. Look what I found.  We have done volumes on this blog with respect to manipulating our DNA. But we have never covered DNA sent out from within ourselves to other elements within our bodies and we did only one blog on the "Mysteries of Water" which is connect to this.  I wondered why our water has been viciously attacked, I knew why on our food since that is obvious it attacks our DNA, but water was not clear to me  Notice he has filed for a patent on "detecting" phantm replica of DNA in water.  We did a whole series on Water on this blog and it was mind blowing what real healthy water can do. Google "Vatic Project - Secrets of water". They took it down once, but we got it back up due to a reader in England who saved it and offered to give it back to us and she did.   So  now if you do read it, download it. Its a series of videos and the experiments done on water and its deep connection to the sun, us and our DNA.  ITS AMAZING WHAT WE DID NOT KNOW.

It was so bizarre, it was like science fiction. But it was not. One of the examples covered in the video series and article was that of a man who, as a child, was taken from his home and placed in an adoption facility to be adopted.  This was in another country, and he was very very young, so he had little memory of his original home country or place where he lived.   In walking through a woods in that country, in an area he believed he was from,  He drank from a stream and guess what???  He remembered where his home was, but it was never in his conscious memory until he drank from that stream.  That and other examples are priceless for showing just how magical our DNA is and now it explains after reading this below, why the powers that be are afraid of us and why they are trying to alter our DNA.

I strong recommend you revisit that blog on water and the videos involved.   It will make this below even more important that it appears to be on the surface.  Wow, the veils are lifting big time.

DNA Replication at a Distance–reported by Nobel scientist, likely building on research first published in 1992 by Russian scientists, Garaiev and Poponin

January 28, 2011

Luc Montagnier
The joint winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008, Luc Montagnier, is claiming that DNA can send ‘electromagnetic imprints’ of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA. You can read;the original paper here [PDF]. (Source)  Montagnier also filed for a U.S. patent on the technology of detecting phantom replica of DNA in water:http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20110027774.pdf
The popular press and self-appointed blog experts, without bothering to investigate any further, have decided to misrepresent this important work as “teleportation” or “magic”. For example:
Characterizing Dr. Montagnier’s work as “teleportation” or “magic” is an obvious misrepresentation and creates ridiculous controversy. It appears to be intended to discredit Dr. Montagnier and his important work.
Read the rest of this blog post and decide for yourself if it is science or “magic”.  Inquiring minds might ask why recent work by a Nobel Scientist might need to be ridiculed?
Silly question.
.               DNA waves and water, Dec. 2010
L. Montagnier, J. Aissa2, E. Del Giudice, C. Lavallee2, A. Tedeschi, and G. Vitiello
Abstract. Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions. This phenomenon appears to be triggered by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency. We discuss this phenomenon in the framework of quantum field theory. A scheme able to account for the observations is proposed. The reported phenomenon could allow to develop highly sensitive detection systems for chronic bacterial and viral infections. (Source)
According to Matti Pitkanen:
HIV Nobelist L. Montagnier’s group has published two articles challenging the standard views about genetic code and providing strong support for the notion of water memory. Already the results of the first article suggested implicitly the existence of a new kind nano-scale representation of genetic code and the the recent article makes this claim explicitly. . . The article “DNA waves and water” has created quite a furor even before its publication. . .The claim of Montagnier’s team is that the radiation generated by DNA affects water in such a manner that it behaves as if it contained the actual DNA. (Source)
The replication of DNA in “water” is accomplished using the PCR technique where the “water” has several components added to it as part of the PCR process–specifically, the “building blocks” to multiply DNA fragments. Dr. Montagnier apparently has shown how to use the PCR technique to multiply DNA in water that has been first imprinted with Garaiev and Poponin’s “phantom DNA” imprint. As theoretical chemist Jeff Reimers of the University of Sydney, Australia, points out:
“If the results are correct, these would be the most significant experiments performed in the past 90 years, demanding re-evaluation of the whole conceptual framework of modern chemistry.” (Source)
Montagnier has just taken a new position at Jiaotong University in Shanghai, China (this university is often referred to as “China’s MIT”), where he will work in a new institute bearing his name. This work focuses on a new scientific movement at the crossroads of physics, biology, and medicine: the phenomenon of electromagnetic waves produced by DNA in water. He and his team will study both the theoretical basis and the possible applications in medicine. (Source:French Nobelist Escapes “Intellectual Terror” to Pursue Radical Ideas in China.Science 24 December 2010: Vol. 330 no. 6012 p. 1732. DOI: 10.1126/science.330.6012.1732)
Similar to “DNA Phantom Effect” Research in 1992 by Russian Scientists
There has been Russian research, by Garaiev and Poponin, in related areas with similar results (layman’s overview). Garaiev and Poponin’s original work was published in 1992:
P.P. Gariaev, K.V. Grigor’ev, A.A. Vasil’ev, V.P. Poponin and V.A. Shcheglov. “Investigation of the Fluctuation Dynamics of DNA Solutions by Laser Correlation Spectroscopy.” Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, n. 11-12, p. 23-30 (1992).

Experimental set up
Vladimir Poponin, in his paper, “The DNA Phantom Effect: Direct Measurement of A New Field in the Vacuum Substructure” explains the experimental set up and procedures. (Source1Source2)  Garaiev and Poponin, if I understand correctly, used a laser light beamed through a DNA sample to create what they call a phantom DNA imprint pattern in a secondary medium at a distance. This phantom DNA imprint in the secondary medium was stable for up to a month. The Russian scientists speculated that the DNA phantom effect had something to do with the creation of an energy field. Garaiev and Poponin, provided additional follow-up comments in their 2002 paper, “Update on DNA Phantom Effect.” (Source).
Related work and/or commentaries include:
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique
The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique supplies all the building blocks to multiply a DNA fragment:
PCR is used to amplify a specific region of a DNA strand (the DNA target). Most PCR methods typically amplify DNA fragments of up to ~10 kilo base pairs (kb), although some techniques allow for amplification of fragments up to 40 kb in size.[5]
A basic PCR set up requires several components and reagents. These components include:
* DNA template that contains the DNA region (target) to be amplified.
* Two primers that are complementary to the 3′ (three prime) ends of each of the sense and anti-sense strand of the DNA target.
* Taq polymerase or another DNA polymerase with a temperature optimum at around 70 °C.
* Deoxynucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs), the building blocks from which the DNA polymerases synthesizes a new DNA strand.
* Buffer solution, providing a suitable chemical environment for optimum activity and stability of the DNA polymerase.
* Divalent cations, magnesium or manganese ions; generally Mg2+ is used, but Mn2+ can be utilized for PCR-mediated DNA mutagenesis, as higher Mn2+ concentration increases the error rate during DNA synthesis[7]
* Monovalent cation potassium ions.
New Scientist reported the Luc Montagnier DNA Replication story as follows: (Source)
A Nobel prizewinner is reporting that DNA can be generated from its teleported “quantum imprint”
A STORM of scepticism has greeted experimental results emerging from the lab of a Nobel laureate which, if confirmed, would shake the foundations of several fields of science. “If the results are correct,” says theoretical chemist Jeff Reimers of the University of Sydney, Australia, “these would be the most significant experiments performed in the past 90 years, demanding re-evaluation of the whole conceptual framework of modern chemistry.”
Luc Montagnier, who shared the Nobel prize for medicine in 2008 for his part in establishing that HIV causes AIDS, says he has evidence that DNA can send spooky electromagnetic imprints of itself into distant cells and fluids. If that wasn’t heretical enough, he also suggests that enzymes can mistake the ghostly imprints for real DNA, and faithfully copy them to produce the real thing. In effect this would amount to a kind of quantum teleportation of the DNA.
Many researchers contacted for comment by New Scientist reacted with disbelief. Gary Schuster, who studies DNA conductance effects at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, compared it to “pathological science”. Jacqueline Barton, who does similar work at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, was equally sceptical. “There aren’t a lot of data given, and I don’t buy the explanation,” she says. One blogger has suggested Montagnier should be awarded an IgNobel prize.
Yet the results can’t be dismissed out of hand. “The experimental methods used appear comprehensive,” says Reimers. So what have Montagnier and his team actually found?
Full details of the experiments are not yet available, but the basic set-up is as follows. Two adjacent but physically separate test tubes were placed within a copper coil and subjected to a very weak extremely low frequency electromagnetic field of 7 hertz. The apparatus was isolated from Earth’s natural magnetic field to stop it interfering with the experiment. One tube contained a fragment of DNA around 100 bases long; the second tube contained pure water.
After 16 to 18 hours, both samples were independently subjected to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a method routinely used to amplify traces of DNA by using enzymes to make many copies of the original material. The gene fragment was apparently recovered from both tubes, even though one should have contained just water (see diagram).
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DNA was only recovered if the original solution of DNA – whose concentration has not been revealed – had been subjected to several dilution cycles before being placed in the magnetic field. In each cycle it was diluted 10-fold, and “ghost” DNA was only recovered after between seven and 12 dilutions of the original. It was not found at the ultra-high dilutions used in homeopathy.
Physicists in Montagnier’s team suggest that DNA emits low-frequency electromagnetic waves which imprint the structure of the molecule onto the water. This structure, they claim, is preserved and amplified through quantum coherence effects, and because it mimics the shape of the original DNA, the enzymes in the PCR process mistake it for DNA itself, and somehow use it as a template to make DNA matching that which “sent” the signal (arxiv.org/abs/1012.5166).
“The biological experiments do seem intriguing, and I wouldn’t dismiss them,” says Greg Scholes of the University of Toronto in Canada, who last year demonstrated that quantum effects occur in plants. Yet according to Klaus Gerwert, who studies interactions between water and biomolecules at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, “It is hard to understand how the information can be stored within water over a timescale longer than picoseconds.”
“The structure would be destroyed instantly,” agrees Felix Franks, a retired academic chemist in London who has studied water for many years. Franks was involved as a peer reviewer in the debunking of a controversial study in 1988 which claimed that water had a memory (see “How ‘ghost molecules’ were exorcised”). “Water has no ‘memory’,” he says now. “You can’t make an imprint in it and recover it later.”
Despite the scepticism over Montagnier’s explanation, the consensus was that the results deserve to be investigated further. Montagnier’s colleague, theoretical physicist Giuseppe Vitiello of the University of Salerno in Italy, is confident that the result is reliable. “I would exclude that it’s contamination,” he says. “It’s very important that other groups repeat it.”
In a paper last year (Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, DOI: 10.1007/s12539-009-0036-7), Montagnier described how he discovered the apparent ability of DNA fragments and entire bacteria both to produce weak electromagnetic fields and to “regenerate” themselves in previously uninfected cells. Montagnier strained a solution of the bacterium Mycoplasma pirum through a filter with pores small enough to prevent the bacteria penetrating. The filtered water emitted the same frequency of electromagnetic signal as the bacteria themselves. He says he has evidence that many species of bacteria and many viruses give out the electromagnetic signals, as do some diseased human cells.
Montagnier says that the full details of his latest experiments will not be disclosed until the paper is accepted for publication. “Surely you are aware that investigators do not reveal the detailed content of their experimental work before its first appearance in peer-reviewed journals,” he says.
Popsci.com reported the story as follows:
DNA Teleportation Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier describes a phenomenon in which DNA emits electromagnetic signals of its own construction, “ghost DNA” that can be mistaken by enzymes as the real deal and replicated in another place. Essentially, it’s DNA teleportation. Montagnier, et al.
A Nobel prize winning scientist who shared the 2008 prize for medicine for his role in establishing the link between HIV and AIDS has stirred up a good deal of both interest and skepticism with his latest experimental results, which more or less show that DNA can teleport itself to distant cells via electromagnetic signals. If his results prove correct, they would shake up the foundations upon which modern chemistry rests. But plenty of Montagnier’s peers are far from convinced.
The full details of Montagnier’s experiments are not yet known, as his paper has not yet been accepted for publication. But he and his research partners have made a summary of his findings available. Essentially, they took two test tubes – one containing a fragment of DNA about 100 bases long, another containing pure water – and isolated them in a chamber that muted the earth’s natural electromagnetic field to keep it from muddying the results. The test tubes were housed within a copper coil emanating a weak electromagnetic field.
Montagnier and his team say this suggests DNA emits its own electromagnetic signals that imprint the DNA’s structure on other molecules (like water). Ostensibly this means DNA can project itself from one cell to the next, where copies could be made – something like quantum teleportation of genetic material, a notion that is spooky on multiple levels.
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