UPDATE ON MY HEALTH:   I am slowly getting better, was given some things to do that seem to be working.  However, I now have to see a cardiologist before the specialist can do the colonscopic surgery, so I still have more doctors appts before anything is finalized.  I highly recommend, WITH ALL THESE CHEMTRAILS COMING DOWN, THAT EVERYONE DO A COLON CLEANSE REGULARLY TO RID YOURSELVES OF PARASITES AND FIBREGLASS THAT HAS SHOWN UP.

Now we are dealing with cell towers being placed in residential areas, shortly after the smart meters were installed.   The system is now definitely coming after us, ON THEIR ADMITTED DEPOPULATION AGENDA, AND are not even trying to hide it anymore.



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James Lee: Too Many “Useless Eaters” Dr. Kissinger?

Vatic Note:   Read the second paragraph at the start of this article and know that they are already doing this.  Gates, with his vaccines, the khazars with their control of the CIA who owns Evergreen Airways that does the chemtrail dumping,  the food companies that sell and feed us chemicals in boxes and calls it food,  the GMO promoters with their Glusophate, cell towers with their cancer and radiation, the various viruses manufactured and disbursed to kill us off and they warned us in advance in 1974 when they put up the Georgia Guidestones.

Why do you think they are so desperate to get our guns?  This is why.  If it were a hard kill war with real weapons, they would be at risk, so they have chosen the soft kill method and its working.   We are not replacing our population that passes on, since the vaccine method and GMO's have taken over, and soon cell towers will be in every residential neighborhood.

If you read nothing else on here,  please do yourselves a favor and read, under the title "In their own words:" all the quotes and who made them, about the agenda for the elite at the end of this article.   It will waken you up to the fact that this is all very very real and we best treat it seriously.  I know, since I am now under the medical gun.

James Lee: Too Many “Useless Eaters” Dr. Kissinger? 
Anderson Valley


Vatic Note:  This was suppose to go up yesterday, but alas, as usual, nothing is sacred in our internet blogging field.  So, I am putting it up today, but it was to be read at the same time as the article on the feds burning cows and confiscating ranches, so it won't hurt to go back to yesterday and read it again about the cows and ranches and then understand why some states are taking this kind of action.

Frankly, our government, run by the international khazar bankers, have put in place a defacto suspension of our Constitution along with our sovereignty, and replaced it with their "tyrannical edicts" for our elected and tax payer funded reps to follow with respect to shifting our system from what it was into a Constitutional document for fascism on a global scale, not just in the USA, but for every nation, and doing so without telling us that it has happened.

By action, and not by the proper process outlined,  we are being transformed from a Liberty and freedom oriented system, into the transfer of all the rights, priviledges and protections once enjoyed by "the people" are now given, through the most recent TTCP trade agreement,  TO THE KHAZAR BANKER OWNED CORPORATIONS, AND OURS HAVE BEEN SIMPLY IGNORED, IF NOT LITERALLY REVOKED.

And that is why they wanted our guns.  So, its being done subtley because we have our weapons.   That is a hint.  Depopulation is also proceeding on schedule.   They are using soft kill to take us down population wise and warned us about that as far back as 1974.  In using Hard kill, with obvious weapons, they risk getting hurt themselves,  but this way, they stay safe while our babies, and parents all die of fabricated diseases and electromagetic pulsing, putting out radiation and cancer...... Don't believe me?  Read this.

Our system demands that any changes in our governing document follow a certain procedure that allows the citizenry to exercise their responsibility to question, comment, give opinions and input into issues that affect their "lives, liberty and happiness".    Well, the powers that be, are not doing that, rather simply using our various commissions etc to pass out edicts without public imput and then to instruct the state and local reps to not allow or consider any health issues in what is being considered.

I am speaking of the installment of verizon towers into residential areas where people reside.  The FCC has taken over dictatorship of our government with respect to that issue, so that is why, I bring this up in conjunction with this issue below.   THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME,  ONLY ITS THE BLM that is acting as the dictator instead of a person, but on different subject matter,  now watch if move over into other areas of our lives, if we do nothing about it.  The good news is,  towers can be torn down in the middle of the night, right?  LOL

By Jake Morphonios, ETNR
January 29, 2016

Cell phone antennas blamed for kindergarten cancer cases - Chicago Tribune - January 8th 2010.flv

Vatic Note:   This below ties into a later blog tonight, so stay with us through the blogging and all of them are critical for both what is happening and the timing of it.   

In case you haven't noticed more and more edicts are coming from the United Nations that are being approved by our sovereignly elected reps and President, so the transfer to the global fascists is well underway, especially when the TPP trade agreement is finalized, since that transfers our rights under the Constitution, over to the corporations at the highest levels and the Khazar bankers who own those corporations, take over control of the globe.  

I consider these blogs some of the most important blogs I have ever done, so please ponder them carefully, since it truly does contain the big picture and many admissions by the powers that be. 

Cell phone antennas blamed for kindergarten cancer cases - Chicago Tribune -
Uploaded on Feb 3, 2010


BLM Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes And Imprisoning Ranchers... Paid For With YOUR Tax Dollars!

Vatic Note:   This blog and the next one are seriously tied together and a must read together, so we can see the scope of the work being done to bring us down and the only solution to stop it is in the one after this blog.  Lets remember, it was in the 80's that these khazar bankers went after our farmers, and ended up, through our politicians in transferring our source of food from our own people, who were farmers, here,  to South America and corporate agrifarms, so now they are going after our ranchers at the same time, just like they have done in the past.  WHY???  

Is it to poison our food supply in a soft kill effort to depopulate us???  We are the only ones that can change this from a soft kill situation to a hard kill, where they take the same risk we do.  Otherwise, its just them murdering us, using weapons of mass destruction that only they control.

Is it to avoid government oversight on what is in our food?  GMO seeds?  Pesticides?  Processing with chemicals that devalue the food component and thus contribute to disease and shortened life spans???  Is it part of the depopulation plan?  Lots of questions with no answers.  One thing is certain..... the BLM is definitely committing crimes that have jail time as sentencing.  We need to get on the phone and let our reps and senators know THAT WE KNOW AND THEIR ROLE IN IT. 

Now add to that, the desperation required to stop all these acts against our ranchers, that states are going to have to step in and rid us of the Feds now controlled by these khazar bankers to bring us down.  What other reason could there be for these acts listed below???  

And further, what has changed that makes the powers that be confident that they can continue these actions against our own people? These not only violate our protected God given rights, but are actually criminal in their actions.   They should be arrested, tried and if convicted punished to the max extent of the law.

BLM Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes And Imprisoning Ranchers... Paid For With YOUR Tax Dollars!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 01/08/2016 - 4:37pm.

Cameron Confesses: Britain Backing Terrorists in Syria

Vatic Note:  Lets remember who is running Britain right now.   Its the khazars, Rothschild, using the khazar migrated royalty of Britain.  We did a blog where Prince Charles admitted he was descended from the Romanian line of Val the Impaler, better known as "Count Dracula", which is the same line from Khazars who migrated into eastern Europe.

The royalty of Britain were originally Germans, and Rothschild was originally named "Bauer", but were money changers in  east German early on and had a red shield over their door, which translates into German as "Rothschild" and that name stuck.  Those are the Khazar bankers early on in German History.  British Royalty changed their German name into Windsor so they sounded more British.

Now this below, is a deception once again to fool us into thinking Britain is against these khazars trying to take over the oil fields of the middle east.  In this highly convoluted admission,  Cameron neglects to tell us the role Britain has played in the support both militarily and financially, of ISIS which is an Israeli creation in order to "control" the opposition and discredit it.

He is admitting to supporting "moderate" terrorists or rebels, depending on where you sit, but yet neglects to admit their role in supporting ISIS that was created, funded, trained and armed by these deceptive khazars in order to gain control over the middle east and all the oil and gas fields.  Its getting to where we can believe no one in power anymore.   That is why Trump is doing so well in the polls.  People are sick and tired of all the lies and deceptions being thrown at them.   If you are going to lie, at least make it believable. 

Cameron Confesses: Britain Backing Terrorists in Syria


WMR REPORTING FROM FLORIDA -- Rubio's coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties

Vatic Note:  What is going on with these cabal selected Presidential candidates?  Bush Jr, was bi-sexual, married to woman, and had children,  while also having a gay relationship with the Mayor of Knoxville, Tenn, Arther Ashe, who was then appointed as ambassador to Poland, to get him out of town to avoid any scandels surrounding Bush Jrs.  escapades.

Then we get Obama who has not even tried to hide his homosexuality since he was in high school.  After all, Obama and Rahm Emmanual were members of the same Chicago gay bathhouse.   Then there is the Bohemian Grove where so much of this kind of kinky sex went on behind the scenes as told to us by the Paedophiled Cathy O'Brien.   Then there are the sex gay scandels surrounding Hillary Clinton that have gown over time.  Here are a couple of them....  This link is the second one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHyw6hrrNFM

Rubio has been pushed and promoted as the GOP candidate by the powers that be, and is that why?   Is he controlled and blackmailed by these cretins? Why so many in such a short period of time and now a third or 4th one.   Are the cabal power brokers all gay???  Well, if they are also Satanists, then it could well be the case. 

If WE do not stop all of this, then we, as a nation, are going down the Thomas P. Crapper and we can see it practically every day just about everywhere.   Its time we got back to God and goodness that we used to be as  a country.   We were the example of freedom and goodness to the rest of the world and everyone wanted to emigrate here.   That is not the case today.   We are viewed as a degenerating country into a third world country full of perversions, and corruption.

Just my opinion on this.... but I believe they push and promote this in order to keep the population down and decreasing as they planned and communicated to us with the 1974 Georgia Guidestones.  Remember, they want to reduce the population down to a half billion worldwide.   Its on the Stones in 5 different languages.  Check it out for yourselves.  

January 29-31, 2016 -- WMR REPORTING FROM FLORIDA --  Rubio's coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties
By Wayne Madsen,  January 29-31, 2016

Independent economists: TPP will kill 450,000 US jobs; 75,000 Japanese jobs, 58,000 Canadian jobs

Vatic Note:    This is no joke and serious as hell to us.   Just another way to depopulate the planet using the economy and job losses to do so. This trade agreement is simply a transfer of our Constitutional rights and protections from the people to the corporations.    Its pure unadulterated fascism at its finest.   We must resist this agreement or we are going to contribute to our own demise as a nation and a people.  Read this, and think on it hard and long and see if you don't agree?

This makes NAFTA look like a real trade agreement, which we all know was nothing more than a test run for this one below to see  how we would take it.  Unfortunately, we grumbled, but thats all and we lost more than we could ever get back again.  That told the powers that be, we would not resist globalizing in this fashion and flip the rights and protections we enjoyed to some point, from we, the people,  over to the corporate leaders of our capitalist system.  Used to be it was based on "fair market capitalism", but with this below, it changes to legally protected fascism.   You read and decide.

Independent economists: TPP will kill 450,000 US jobs; 75,000 Japanese jobs, 58,000 Canadian jobs
By Admin,  News Forage,

RH Neg Blood - Another Theory: Jesus "Yashua's" Nazarene

*** - They are giving me a really hard time on this particular blog.  Now why is that?   I can only guess.   I will wait until I obtain more information and will update at that time.
Vatic Note:  This below fits well with a blog we did about Pontius Pilot writing a letter, now held by the archives in the British Museum, that described Jesus to Tiberius at the time and it confirmed that Jesus was a nazarene and had blonde hair and blue eyes, and his DNA, taken from the Shroud of Turin was confirmed as being AB negative blood.  Typical for those Nazarenes.

So far, all but one Christian Church, both Catholic and Protestant were created no earlier than 360 years after Jesus was on this planet.  That left the Church of Christ operating during the first 360 years without the current crop of churches in control.

That one church has paintings of Christ with dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  They call themselves the "restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."   That, along with their teachings by Christ as presented in the writings of the Essenes of the time that Christ taught and walked among them, gave a similar description of the teachings which support the Current Bible but were much more specific.

We did three  blogs on those teachings which also matched the current restored Church of Jesus Christ.   The link we provided, here,  is the part 2 of the 3 published.  Its worth the read.  In fact, I would go back to that one and find the other two and read those as well.  It matches in part, the LDS  "Word of Wisdom"  about animals that have little souls and thus we should eat meat sparingly.

This is a fascinating and possibly true rendition of Christ as he was at that time.   Is that why the khazars are flooding Europe and atempting to flood the USA with Ilegal migrants? To dilute The Blood of Christ and his fellow Nazarenes?  If so,  Why????  What in the world are they afraid of?   A very fascinating question.   I would love an answer, is it related to the Caucasian set that are Europeans and USA as well as commonwealth countries? If so, then what is they mystery?  Why are they afraid of us. 

Theory: Jesus "Yashua's" Nazarene


How Monsanto’s Glyphosate Attacks Our Core Cellular Functions

Vatic Note:  So, how did we get such a dangerous concoction of materials approved by the FDA or anyone else for that matter?   Do our watchdog organizations no longer function as watch dogs over our health?  If not, why not?  Is there a connection between those serving on those boards and the companies that are being watched and monitored by these FDA's, Ag depts, etc?  

How did an herbicide put into a seed ever get approved for use in our food sources?  Why is their no labeling requirement disclosing the existance of such poisons, so the buying public can make informed decisions as was always mandated in labelling on various products?  When did that stop and why not GMO seeds???  

Or Food made from GMO seeds and sold to the public?   Isn't that a form of fraud, which is a prosecutable crime?   If it is then isn't the FDA or any group hired and paid by the taxpayer, also criminals in this act of deception???

What about Bill Gates who owns Monsanto?  Is he not liable for damages and death done by these acts of criminality?  Lots of questions and no answers.  Most nations on this planet have banned GMO  from their soil and food supply, so why haven't we who are suppose to be more advanced than most other countries? Is this all part of the "depopulation" program introduced in 1974 with the Luciferian purchased Georgia Guidestones?   

If so, then its not just murder, but first degree murder, since it was planned and finally set up for introduction as a soft kill mechanism within our food supply.  Something we, as people, need to survive, no less important than the air we breath.  You read, watch the video, located further down the article,  and you decide.  Are we dealing with mandated prosecutions of these watch dog agencies and their personnel who have deceived us?  Where is our Justice dept with respect to all of this?  Why aren't they full on board and prosecuting these people?  Its past time that we demanded some serious answers. 

How Monsanto’s Glyphosate Attacks Our Core Cellular Functions

by Christina Sarich,  Humans Are Free,  January 2016

Surge in babies born without brains in Washington State

Vatic Note:   Well, I believe this is part of what JFK was talking about when he discussed "secret societies" in certain elitest universities.  We did a blog on the subject, called "The Brotherhood of the Bell, Black Arts and Black Sciences".  The new initiates into these secret societies were either children of the blood lines and mentored to do these dark evil deeds, or were smart enough to incorporate into the cabal.  That is how they grew and pervaded just about every occupation, all the way from Military to sciences.

The cost of this has been the total loss of belief in our system run by these khazars who care only for themselves and not one wit about Christians, Muslims or Jews of the Bible.  Remember, these khazars are Luciferians and satan worshippers, and depopulation was determined and put up on the Georgia Guidestones in 5 different languages by these same satanic khazars.

What this shows us is that even local and state governments are gone.  Its what we see everyday with the FDA approving killer foods and seeds to move their depopulation agenda right along, while also dehumanizing those that are left, so they won't resist, and will do the simple mechanical tasks require of them by these cabal evil ones.

We have a problem, since an unconventional and unfair war is currently being conducted against us and its becoming clear that fighting back maybe the only way out of this.  Iceland did it and are now in recovery.  Their bankers are either sitting in jails or removed from the country and shipped elsewhere.    We need to seriously look at that as an option.  After that, we need to do the bosses of those bankers,  who are the illum bloodlines.  Royalty have been identified as those in Europe who have intermarried with these bankers and now control them.  Serfdom is definitely on the agenda. 

Surge in babies born without brains in Washington State
by: J. D. Heyes, Natural News,  March 5, 2014

Chemtrails, The Jets That Spray Them, And The Equipment Used Are Proof Of An Ongoing Global Conspiracy

Vatic Note:   This below should easily convince all of you to get on the phone and call your congressman, and senators, since they and their families will be victims as well since most of them are goyim and hated by the Khazars.  They will show no mercy to these elected reps when done using them and we must convey this message to these people NOW, before its too late.   DO NOT GIVE UP..... DO ALL YOU CAN THAT IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.  And never, ever, give up your guns.

These pilots should also be directly confronted and asked about their own families and how they feel about contributing to their cruel and definite end?  Are the pilots families of the Illums or khazars?  I can't figure out why so many of them are engaged in this world wide.  It hurts them as much as it does us.  Its at times like this that I wonder if these people are even human? 

Chemtrails, The Jets That Spray Them, And The Equipment Used Are Proof Of An Ongoing Global Conspiracy
Original post at CosmicConvergence.org 


ATTN: RH NEGS: Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b Blood Grouping Shared By Royalty And Dictators Alike

Vatic Note:   Wow, this is the "most extensive" treatment of the migration of the RH neg blood type that I  have ever read.   For those of us with an RH neg mother, this was very important information, since we could never figure out how some of us, were so unlike the ruling elite who seemed to be spiritually void of any soul, any humanity and any serious compassion for anyone else.

There are bad guys and good guys, and the bad guys are the ones that are using massive illegal immigration of Positive blood, being infused into our neg blood population to dilute the blood itself.  Same in the USA, since most of us are from European stock and are caucasian.  That is why "immigration" illegally, has become such a big issue.

This explains it and it fits with some of the speculation that the khazars actually came from the Canaanite through a long migration history up through turkey and into Mongolia, and finally migrating and settling in Khazaria, with eastern Europe as their final destination.  I strongly recommend reading the Jewish author, Arthur Koestlers book, "The Thirteenth Tribe".

This author below, uses Hitler as an example of the "bad guy" with this Haplosgroup,  yet there are two different versions of history emerging that might  bring that into question.  First of all Hitler was "preoccupied" with the alien societies, like the Viril Society associated with a star and the Thule society.  It never explains why he was so preoccupied with space ships and the Antarctica? We even did a google map showing the entrances to caves down in that area, that were shaped like flying saucers and the wind breakers that were there, both natural and man made.  Why did those cave entrances, shaped like UFO's have those wind  breakers? 

We also proved on the blog here, that  showed Germany's continued presence in Antartica after world war II.  Please read for yourselves and check it out.  I am still trying to find the mouth of the caves that show what I described.  Will update when I find it.  With over 7,000 blogs, its not easy finding previous ones to give you.  Some have been gutted by the powers that be, so be patient.

I just found another one, and its amazing.   Please read this from beginning to end, and then the comments section which proves the photos we had were gutted, The powers that be do NOT WANT US TOUCHING ON ANTARCTICA AT ALL.

HERE IS THE LINK:   READ AND PONDER.   IF YOU READ ALL OF THIS AND CHECK OUT WHAT PHOTOS THEY LEFT UP, AND READ THE COMMENTS SECTION, YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY. i KNOW i DID.  (VN:  So far, this is the most I can do today.  I will do more if I feel better after resting. This may be difficult for some to put all this together, but its important that we do.  It would explain so much confusion we have experienced about history.   Thanks for your patience.)

Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b Blood Grouping Shared By Royalty And Dictators Alike
By Admin, Dublins Mick, May 12, 2013

Indonesia Hoax – Pyrotechnic Fireworks Device Explodes Killing Crisis Actors

Vatic Note:  Talk about the ultimate screw up, this one is it and it has cost people their lives.  I have always said that these khazars are geniuses when it comes to strategy, but suck big time when it comes to execution.  They get caught every time on all their false flags.   I can't think of a single one that has worked.

In saying that, an idea hit my head...... what if this was done by the Khazars on purpose because every other false flag with bogus movie production deaths has been  exposed, with not one exception.  With real deaths than no one would question the validity of the event.   That seems the most probably explanation since so many died.

Once again they are blaming the poor Muslims who have done nothing to us, and yet they suffer tremendous slander by these Khazars, who hate just about everyone, both Christians, Muslims, causasians, and real semitic Jews.

To be able to do this with not one ounce of guilt, compassion or humanity simply brings us back to the fact that these creatures (Khazars) have no souls or spirit from which to operate and that makes them extremely dangerous and  very good reason to fight their globalizing agenda.   I can't imagine the world they would create after having absolute control over the entire planet.   Who could imagine such evil....???

Indonesia Hoax – Pyrotechnic Fireworks Device Explodes Killing Crisis Actors
By Admin,  No Disinfo,  January 24, 2016 

Systems Engineering the Human from Birth thru Death -

Vatic Note:   This is an important read since COMMON CORE is coming into our school system to dehumanize our children and do away with their critical thinking skills.   Home schooling and local control MUST RETURN TO OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM.   First we home school and then we get together and hire a teacher who works for us and our children, who has the credentials and understands the maturation process in the teaching program.

From the ages of 5 to 9 is the "magical" period for children, and that is when you have to PHYSICALLY INVOLVE THEM IN THE LEARNING PROCESS. When I was tutoring these kids, from 5 to 9, I used to make them stand up and show me physically, what an "Obtuse angle" looked like and it was hilarious to watch them stick their arms out and bloat themselves into balls and call that an obtuse angle.  They had fun, but learned.  In fact, all 6 students I had, ended up the grade period from failing math,  to getting B+'s and A-'s.   It works......

That is why in the old days, blackboards were used, so the children could go up and write on the board what they knew.   After that is the left brain process which is what power point was for.  Now they just want to use the left brain process for both maturation cycles and that is why we have to take control of teaching our children, back again.  Otherwise, we are toast.  That is the battle we must get ready to fight.

The Emerging Dystopian Republic: Systems Engineering the Human from Birth thru Death - 
By John STanton,  Pravda Report, January 21, 2016