Vatic Note:  This was suppose to go up yesterday, but alas, as usual, nothing is sacred in our internet blogging field.  So, I am putting it up today, but it was to be read at the same time as the article on the feds burning cows and confiscating ranches, so it won't hurt to go back to yesterday and read it again about the cows and ranches and then understand why some states are taking this kind of action.

Frankly, our government, run by the international khazar bankers, have put in place a defacto suspension of our Constitution along with our sovereignty, and replaced it with their "tyrannical edicts" for our elected and tax payer funded reps to follow with respect to shifting our system from what it was into a Constitutional document for fascism on a global scale, not just in the USA, but for every nation, and doing so without telling us that it has happened.

By action, and not by the proper process outlined,  we are being transformed from a Liberty and freedom oriented system, into the transfer of all the rights, priviledges and protections once enjoyed by "the people" are now given, through the most recent TTCP trade agreement,  TO THE KHAZAR BANKER OWNED CORPORATIONS, AND OURS HAVE BEEN SIMPLY IGNORED, IF NOT LITERALLY REVOKED.

And that is why they wanted our guns.  So, its being done subtley because we have our weapons.   That is a hint.  Depopulation is also proceeding on schedule.   They are using soft kill to take us down population wise and warned us about that as far back as 1974.  In using Hard kill, with obvious weapons, they risk getting hurt themselves,  but this way, they stay safe while our babies, and parents all die of fabricated diseases and electromagetic pulsing, putting out radiation and cancer...... Don't believe me?  Read this.

Our system demands that any changes in our governing document follow a certain procedure that allows the citizenry to exercise their responsibility to question, comment, give opinions and input into issues that affect their "lives, liberty and happiness".    Well, the powers that be, are not doing that, rather simply using our various commissions etc to pass out edicts without public imput and then to instruct the state and local reps to not allow or consider any health issues in what is being considered.

I am speaking of the installment of verizon towers into residential areas where people reside.  The FCC has taken over dictatorship of our government with respect to that issue, so that is why, I bring this up in conjunction with this issue below.   THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME,  ONLY ITS THE BLM that is acting as the dictator instead of a person, but on different subject matter,  now watch if move over into other areas of our lives, if we do nothing about it.  The good news is,  towers can be torn down in the middle of the night, right?  LOL

By Jake Morphonios, ETNR
January 29, 2016

Currently the federal government lays claim to 64.5% of the lands in the state of Utah, much to the ire of both the people of Utah and their representatives. But all that is about to change.
After three years of the federal government refusing to discuss the matter with the state government, Governor Gary Herbert is moving forward with plans to seize the 31.2 million acres of Utah land from the federal government and restore control of the lands to the people of Utah.

The action is unprecedented.
In 2012, the Utah legislature passed the “Transfer of Public Lands Act". This law demanded that the federal government relinquish its hold on the land by December 31st, 2015, but Washington DC didn't so much as blink. Now that the deadline has passed, Governor Herbert intends to take the lands 3 weeks from now.
The seizure entails a 4-step plan, including education, negotiation, legislation and litigation. And the state is prepared for the costs involved for the effort. This past Monday, a 784 page report entitled "An Analysis of a Transfer of Federal Lands to the State of Utah" demonstrated that the state government was fully capable of doing the job that has, until now, been performed by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Forest Service.
The report's analysis indicates that the state would incur approximately $280 million in costs to mange the lands. However, with an expected $332 million in royalties from mineral resources development, Utah will actually turn a profit from taking control of their own lands.
The news is welcomed by Americans all across the west who have grown weary of the abuses of the federal government against ranchers, miners, loggers, farmers and other property owners who have been harassed and abused by the BLM and other federal bureaucracies.
The question remains - How will the federal government respond? It is one thing to crack down on a small pockets of citizen resistance groups, but quite another to face off against an entire state. For now, groups such as the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, led by Ammon Bundy, can take heart that movement to restore constitutional freedom is well underway.

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