CNN News footage of Sandy Hook was filmed at a DHS drill at Rose Lima School next to Sandy Hook

Vatic Note:  What this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Homeland Security, who announced and ran the drill, and said nothing about the Press coverage showing what was sold to us as  Sandy Hill school in real time  being filmed and it was clearly not sandy Hook that they were filming, it was Rose Lima school down the road from sandy hook.  If DHS did not disclose this when they saw the video on CNN, then they were part of it either pre event or post event.  

I suspect it was pre-event and I even suspect that dept was set up to do exactly what they are doing, which is to terrorize Americans into doing their polical agenda and that is the definition of Terror.  So, is DHS, a defacto terrorist organization on American soil to bring us down?  If so, then they need to be prosecuted for HIGH TREASON WHICH IS A DEATH PENALTY OFFENSE. And if children died in this farce, then they also need to be charged with first degree murder, and crimes against humanity.  Remember, if the system does not work, then its incumbant upon us to do the deeds ourselves through the process given to us in the Constitution.  Citizen Grand Juries.  

Then we can serve them, give them notice, and if they refuse to show up to defend themselves, they are guilty by default and sentencing can then be imposed.  Believe it or not, that would be legal.   Remember, our country was based, founded and operated on the Rule of Law.  We must never lose site of that or we simply become them.

PROOF - Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax - Anderson Cooper knows
Published by gmoore49 on Feb 10, 2013
I originally thought posting 3 videos on the Sandy Hook Hoax would be enough, but I found I needed to make one more!! Make this go viral. Copy it. Link it. Repost it. Whatever. This is a compilation of the latest and BEST evidence Sandy Hook was CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY a Government sponsored Media Hoax.

I have already posted a 3 part video series exposing the 10 major points which show that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a government false flag hoax. How much was real and how much was fake remains to be seen. Did these children really die? 

Since this was a government and media sponsored hoax, it is certainly possible that these children did not actually die!! Because law enforcement, government officials, and both the mainstream and alternative media have NOW proven themselves to be untrustworthy con artists, we may never get to the whole truth of the matter.


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