UPDATE: The Secret Power of Water revisited with an update on Urine Therapy, and Pinal Gland

Vatic Note:  This is outstanding presentation about water, your pinal gland and Urine Therapy.  A MUST LISTEN......I listened to the entire program and I must say,  this is very comprehensive and thus a serious listening effort in time commitment, but worth it if you care about your health and evolution.   Remember I kept saying that we are "powerful" beings, well, once we do what we used to do with our food and water,  we will rediscover that magic place of magnificence that we are born to.  The lying we have experienced about our bodies, is worse than we had imagined.  In fact, our entire world is not as we had believed. Our water, food, and air have been so polluted intentionally as to keep us less than what we are, that we have to make the effort to rediscover it all and make the changes as he suggests.  We have been so separated from who and what we are and what relationship we have to elements in this world. Distilled water and raw food can begin to make the big difference.   We put up a 9 video series on the Secret Power of Water as well as a blog on "Urine Therapy"  which maybe a good idea to revisit this series before listening to this presentation which is excellent.  Then check out the two blogs on Urine therapy for health issues that are a foundation for what he is saying about it on a consciousness/body level.  Check those out here and here. 

Andrew Norton Webber: The Pineal Gland & Distilled Liquids,
by Chrissy McMahonin Education
Sept 18, 2011

Andrew Norton Webber is an Artist, Lecturer and  Researcher of Distilled Liquids and its effects on Organic Creatures. Andrew  has studied and come to an understanding of the processes of the Pineal Gland and its function in Astral Projection.   Andrew Norton Webber spent 2 hours discussing the power of Co-creating God with Unlimited Power focusing on Distilled Liquids, the Pineal Gland and how YOU are a "Ball of Light."

Warning: "some profanity." Also we do not intend this to be a replacement for any health or medical treatment you may be currently using. We are not medical professionals but feel informed decisions come from having a broad understanding of the issues impacting our health and wellbeing. For more information on Distilled Liquids please refer to Andrew Norton Webber's videos on YouTube and an interview with Chrissy McMahon.
Andrew and I have been collaborating through our intuitive understanding combined with Andrews years of research and practical experience with distilled liquids to its natural progression with the Pineal Gland.

It has come to our attention that a few researchers in the Metaphysical community are beginning to grasp the alchemical importance of Urine Therapy which is the highest level of the distilled liquid aspect and clearing the pineal. We believe by distributing this interview we will have a major impact on our current paradigm if this process is practiced with intent.

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