Alice In Wonderland - Media Takeover - Part 2 of 3

Vatic Note: This continues the mind control/Monarch programming series and emphasizes the role mind control has played on the take over of the Press.  I was surprised to learn about this and had no idea until this very comprehensive and well documented piece arose showing this has happened.  I thought it was just pressure from the owners (khazars) on the MSM, but alas, it was more than that.

As you read this, you will see how the reporter gave away his programming.  An incidental use of a trigger word through him into a mind control state.  This also discusses the  use of mind control in so many areas, like even ambassadors to other countries.... are discovering their own condition and exposing it and how memories of it are triggered.

If they have done this here under less controlled conditions, you can imagine what they are doing in Gitmo.  I have always contended that Gitmo was specifically used,  NOT FOR INTEL PURPOSES, BUT FOR MIND CONTROL and building assassins that were dispensable.   It save the powers that be from having  to be accountable for using civilians without their knowledge, who then found out about it and sued.  Courts were ruling in the civilians favor resulting in a much higher cost of doing business in that manner.

So I suspect that Iraq gave them the perfect opportunity to gather up such segments of population that would not be under the protection of the courts and various laws, and that is how we eneded up with GITMO.  We can thank Seymore Hersh of the New Yorker for the exposure to this game early on, and its simply been reinforced by whistle blowers that have come forward.  Please read.  Its fascinating and much that we did not know.   

Alice In Wonderland - Media Takeover - Part 2 of 3      
by Tim Baber, Bibliotecapleyades

Part 2

We have seen in part one that a casual background search on the subject of our local 'Alice in Wonderland theme park' had thrown up repeated references to a secret use of theme parks and the Alice story (amongst others) in the alleged sinister mental programming of innocent children.

That programming has a name. It is Monarch programming, sometimes referred to as the 'Marionette System' or 'Imperial conditioning'.


We have seen that the CIA ran Project Monarch in an attempt to secure the unwitting services of its victims for any military or intelligence purpose, such as Manchurian Candidates, having tried 'whatever works' over many years.


This includes what L Ron Hubbard in 1951 called "pain-drug-hypnosis", according to author Walter H Bowart. [1]

The idea was to create agents with dissociative multiple personalities, programmed to respond to codes, mnemonic cues and triggers. (see part 1) A dissociated part of the mind could be called an alter, it has a separate identity and is given cue-codes by the mind-control programmers to trigger the dissociated part of the mind to come to the front of the mind.


When switching takes place outside observers may see at least a flicker of the eyes.

Interestingly I have seen this happen when asking a journalist to show me his notes of an interview about a person of interest, he/she was searching through his/her notebooks and after a couple of minutes I said a connected trigger word which stopped him/her in his/her tracks in this fashion.


This may be a normal phenomenon but anecdotal evidence is that the media have been a special target for mind control.

Who wrote the following?

"...the revolution in electronic communication also carries a more sinister implication, something we have learned with horrible clarity in the last year or so: international conspiracy is harder than ever to detect and frustrate, given the labyrinths of global electronic communications we have created."

The answer, it was in the BBC2 2002 Richard Dimbleby lecture and spoken by Rowan Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury.


The targeting and take-over of the media is a fact now known as such and suspected by others. It need not be by methods reminiscent of The Stepford Wives! but it appears to be the case since it is the power of words and images that is central to control.

This 'technology of the mind' apparently flows from the work of Dr Joseph Mengele in WW2, but that claimed aspect of the subject I will leave for others to investigate. Many early victims responded best to a German accent, apparently.


A matrix for this programming, a 'skeleton' on which to hang the 'clothes', could be a book or film. Because such candidates were and are selected young, before the ego has fully formed, children's stories were favorite modeling texts, such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.

Hence the connection (if in name only) with our own local theme park, and, allegedly according to others, the entire Disney empire's involvement in such programming!


Here to avoid any personal libel action in a subject where others opinion leads any personal proof you are recommended to read Fritz Springmeier's


It includes a motif analysis of Fantasia one of my favorite films.

Furthermore such techniques of mind control might be extended to the wider unprepared population according to improvements in the bizarre world of psyops, digital media and even developments in electronic warfare.


See parts of the http://www.23nlpeople.com web site and http://educate-yourself.org/mc for a few related pointers. There appears to be a move to call monarch programming military mind control of late which may suggest any newer, wider application is being played down.

Because the various projects tried 'whatever works' there has been leakage of the methods employed both by outraged spooks and escapees from the programming.


The Chief Psychologist for the CIA, for example, Dr John Gittinger, came forward in recent years and told what he could with a tortured conscience. To avoid a backlash, in the early 1970's all the files were ordered to be destroyed (at least of those methods that had been abandoned as imperfect).


As a United States Ambassador to London said recently,

"you know, I am getting increasingly clear recollections of things that never happened at all".

The high number of alleged victims' recovered memories around led to a controversy in the medical profession over the validity of such 'recovered memories'.


Called 'Multiple Personality Disorder' the concept has been rubbished by the term which replaced it, 'False Memory Syndrome'.

A compromise seems to have been allowed, to recognize the growing number of provable cases, called 'Dissociative Identity Disorder'.

For example, a search on the internet for 'Alice in Wonderland theme park' threw up references to 'Monarch mind control' a term after reading part 1above, with which we are now familiar, and these in turn led to the British False Memory Society web site.


On their web site they trumpeted a libel case surrounding the Broxtowe Files as proof of recovered memories of organized childhood abuse as being false.


This caught your editor's eye.

The Broxtowe Files were so controversial that a high court injunction prevented the publication of the joint report of 600 pages by the Nottingham Police and the Social Services for years.


The report was on the claimed organized Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of several children in the town. The social workers believed the children but the police could find no physical evidence relating to the children's memories.


Experienced experts were flown in from the USA (where the McMartin case - the largest and most expensive criminal trial in the USA - and the Presidio scandal involving known military Satanists had caused such a stir).

This battle initially between the social workers and the police (covered in a Cook report on TV) involved allegedly police searches of the experts belongings, putting journalists covering the story under surveillance and the discrediting suing and pulping of a resulting book called 'Children For The Devil'.

Your editor has read the summary report, still available on the internet, which rubbished the social workers beliefs on the basis the evidence simply was not there.


The final report made several recommendations:

"that the interview of suspects should be a matter for the Police officers alone", and that "the use of the current information on 'Satanic' Ritualistic Abuse should be stopped immediately in the absence of any empirical evidence to support it. Presentations, using this material, which in our view has no validity, should also cease immediately as it is contagious."

In other words it was a 'whitewash' albeit nothing could be proven so it could hardly be a cover-up!

Now, your editor could have left it there, but one of the over-riding Joint enquiry team that produced this report was an American, Wayne I. Munkel, referred to as a Medical Social Consultant.


The summary report produced by three campaigning journalists (who were injuncted against) added,

Enquiry Team (JET) report". "nothing known about this individual other than what is included in the Joint

Journalists at the time approached the British Embassy in Washington and were later told by a senior FBI officer Mr Munkel was,

"just a social worker with no medical background and his opinions are not taken very seriously".

Now, your editor could have left it there, indeed the role, if any other than monitoring, taken by Mr Munkel was not at all clear from the report. But it seemed worth pursuing the Broxtowe connection.

Motifs or indicators in the Broxtowe abuse case did have echoes of those placed in a child's mind in Monarch programming, i.e. the report concluded the adults were highly suggestible and the children remembered tunnels, spiders, castles, monsters, cartoon characters, masks, uniformed personnel, torture and being drugged. So I was intrigued.

Awareness of how Monarch programming works is known to very few people, presumably for reasons originally of national security or to protect the interests of any concerned.

One person expert in de-programming is Mary Jo Schneller, who observed that children might report memories of abuse such as being murdered or murdering someone else. Many times, she says it's a script or a screen memory - its been faked to confuse the child.


American writer Jeffrey Steinberg suggests that,

"unless the interviewer knows how to question a multiple-personality-disorder, they [will] turn up with no evidence".

Perhaps so with evidential matters, such as whether the described tunnel systems actually existed?

Incidentally, although tunnel systems do not actually need to exist for a child to be made to imagine them, take a peek at the Palmerston's Follies... the forts around Gosport with a tunnel system at least three miles long, or maybe Nazareth College near Pittsford USA for now-burgeoning estates that have just the thing! It reminds me of the old Nazareth House Catholic orphanage in Southampton that shadowed my old school days.

Some confusion was caused in Nottingham during the Broxtowe case when it was discovered children's television had recently broadcast local author's books 'The Secret World of Polly Flint' and 'Moondial'.


Both programs only co-incidentally one hopes incorporated many of these Satanic indicators, albeit hopefully sanitized in an imaginary children's text.

Also at the height of the enquiry youngsters from Manchester phoned into Channel 4 as the credits rolled for a documentary on the case called 'Beyond Belief', to thank them for broadcasting essentially a video made by their favorite band (which had a BBFC classification) full of the same motifs mentioned by the children.


Whilst several people got long prison sentences in this case, the claims of a sinister Satanic organization remained unproved.

Broxtowe was a critical battle for those believing in organized abuse and any links with themed videos etc. and those anxious to stop any witch hunt for which evidence was only anecdotal.


It is interesting to see that the campaign to find recovered memories were only false memories has been largely successful to date.


The Home Affairs Select Committee Report into the Conduct of Investigations into Past Cases of Abuse in Children's Homes is a clue. Recommendation 12 suggested the prosecution of offences relating to child abuse should be time barred. Other recommendations sought to limit the powers of the prosecution and, significantly, exonerate employers for sexual assaults committed by their employees unless negligence can be proven.

Although the PR battle is temporarily in favor of the False Memory argument it remains a fact that MPD or DID is a recognized bona fide diagnosis. False Memory Syndrome is not a recognized medical or psychological diagnosis, according to Cisco Wheeler.

So back to Mr Munkel, one of the American experts who took part in the investigation. According to the internet he is the honorable Wayne Munkel, councilor member of University City, St Louis County (population 1 million), in the State of Missouri USA.


He sits on the Missouri State Child Fatality Review Program (which looks into suspicious child deaths). He serves on the State Policy think tank. He is a part time senior lecturer at the University of Missouri in social work. His main role is as supervisor of the Social Work department at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St Louis.


It is part of an award winning and respected SSM Catholic hospital group who confidently employ a major customer service initiative called KIDS Rule@ Glennon. It is said to be based on many of the principles for which Disney is known. Uh oh?

By way of involvement in these matters, unnamed therapists at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital identified at least 5 cases of ritual abuse between 1985 and 1989 according to the local paper The Alestyle's Halloween 1999 article, 'Local Creeps" .

What then of the location, St Louis, Missouri?

A local journalist (employed by the Disney owned St Louis Post-Dispatch) Ellen Futterman, wrote a couple of long articles on the topic of organised child abuse suspicions in February 1989.


She reported that since 1985, at least 10 police jurisdictions in the St Louis area had investigated occult-related activities. Also, of course, Lt Commander Michael Aquino hails from St Louis, a psyops military expert.


He was implicated in the Army base Presidio Satanic Ritual Abuse scandal mentioned earlier in which all charges were dismissed.


He was the notorious former head of the occult organization the Temple of Set -an offshoot, apparently, of Anton LaVey's church of Satan which was based in 'the infamous American "Black House".

The Alestyle local paper stated in its article 'Local Creeps',

"the St Louis area has a long tradition of possessed kooks and dispossessed spooks. Also a lot of people don't know the Exorcist is based on an actual rite of exorcism performed on a young boy in St Louis in 1948".

So much for St Louis.

Wayne Munkel is also, it seems, a Vietnam veteran 'shadow-warrior' (63-64) who may be found on the web site http://www.oldspooksandspies.org.


He was an expert in some or most of the following Army Security Agency (ASA) functions:

  • electronic monitoring or eavesdropping
  • radio based intelligence and fingerprinting
  • languages
  • cryptography
  • codes and ciphers
  • electronic intelligence
  • electronic warfare

Everything in the Army Security Agency was classified, need to know, and he had Top Secret security clearance from day 1.

He was also able to help (several times) with orphans at the three storey Santa Maria Orphanage (which also had a farm he says he was able to visit on a "clandestine trip").

He has also co-authored a book TANS, the TANS Collection Volume 1 with fellow ex-spooks John Klawitter and Wayne Rupp.


The very presence of the ASA wasn't even acknowledged by the US government until recently, making it more secret than the CIA. Let us look at just two of his comrades, the co-authors of his book.

If we take his fellow author and shadow-warrior Jack Klawitter, he is now a novelist, screenwriter and director for amongst others, Disney.

He relates in a fictional account of Vietnam, that for him,

"the time was the mid-60's, and the place was Saigon. Dangerous times, and a dangerous place to lose my head over a girl gone so bad I'd sworn I was going to blow her away. I had my job, Top Secret Code word crap over at the White shack on Ton Son Nhut..."

John (also known as 'Mad Jack') Klawitter cites Mr Munkel (giving him the role of President OSS - Old Spooks and Spies?) as one of his 5 referees on his web site cv.

Wayne Rupp (also of the Army Security Agency), appears on the oldspooks web site and his favorite photographs from his service years (64-65) include an aerial shot of Con Son Prison with its tiger cages.


Journalist John Pilger regards this as a torture centre run by the South Vietnamese secret police, a terror organization, he says, established, trained and run by teams from the CIA and Michigan State University.


Apparently the tiger cages did not contain tigers but people being "re-educated".

Former woman inmate Thien Thi Tao told internationally acclaimed John Pilger,

"you couldn't stand up in them, and, anyway, my legs were shackled; and every day they threw quicklime down on me..."

On the internet the search terms "tan con(g) son prison mind control" offers 260 separate sources of information.


Author Jack Klawitter refers in a short story to the "political purity of the liberated zones". Saigon was a dangerous place in the 60's and the ASA operated in 'interesting' times.

(By the way there was an ASA-run activity called 'Project Wildbore' which an ASA veteran on their web site chat page/guest books mentions from this era. Anyone any ideas what that might have been?... it is all still classified top secret and will be one veteran comments until well after all those involved have passed away).


The ASA is now part of the US National Security Agency.

These facts encouraged a cry of "Gotcha" by your editor looking for something revealing but just what have we got?


The ASA is only now passing into the public record. For example there are now even or should I say oddly, 39 sources on the internet linking the ASA with, for example, the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Remember JFK was assassinated at this time and oldspooks reunion pictures show former agents fooling around holding a borrowed rifle in similar vein to the famous alleged faked photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald! [see anything by Al Hidell]

But, hey, I've only got so much time.


I would love to pursue all the angles and research the veterans on the OSS web site guest books to see what they are doing now, It wouldn't be difficult. So far only three have been noted. Or should I now say four.

One little distraction was to see that name of the ASA come up in research into one of those organizations that care for people who have survived a cult's brainwashing. One of the most famous centers is The Wellspring Retreat. Their resident cult and fringe group researcher, archivist and workshop leader since 1988 is Lawrence A. Pile, an expert in Russian and German affairs with, yes, the ASA.


He was involved in the past in covert European operations.


As an internet site observed,

"the cult watch network is beginning to look like an intelligence operation, no?"

Incidentally a snippet of information that might be useful to know is that a similar watchdog organization, the Cult Awareness Network was sued by the Church of Scientology who took over all their assets and, according to the Inland Revenue Service, the Church now run the outfit!

So what do we have? Smoke and mirrors, that's what.


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