Jewish Defense League Rep says "....we will be delivering the kind of justice and retribution that only the worst kind of Nazi filth deserves. The “Enemy” will soon be at your door."

Vatic Note:  Apparently, according to correspondance between Mr. Friend and this person from the Jewish Defense league..... they are almost ready to bring down America, and come for us and the quote in part is in the title.  Here is the rest of the article, but the venom and hatred is palpable and its EXACTLY PROMISED TO US TO DO WHAT THEY DID TO THE RUSSIANS.

I still do not understand where they got such hatred of us.  THE REAL JEWS do not feel that way as I grew up with many and they were happy here and we did very well with them.  Its the khazars, the mogels, edomites that hate us with a passion. But that is understandable since they are Satanists who hate Christ.Or maybe its jealosy, ya think? They tried for centuries to gain the wealth our nation has and no where they have settled, did they ever manage to do so. Maybe that is why they hate us.

Love is like acid to these people who have no souls, since love does not feed their hate, and it acts against their hate, which they apparently nurture. You will see what I mean when you read what he wrote to this John Friend. Its never been the Muslims, its always been the khazar israeli's.    Read this and NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, we have finally received an admission that we have been invaded by a foreign country and its time to take a stand in defense of our nation.

I am glad they have finally stopped pretending that every one else was our enemy, and they are finally admitting its only them who are attacking us and attempting to bring us down and take over the country and trying to create division between us in America through deception; False flags blamed on Arabs, then in Missouri trying to train Peace Officers to think of Ron Paul Supporters and Chuck Baldwin supporters as domestic terrorists. FINALLY, THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL SEE THE TRUTH SINCE ITS NOW FINALLY OUT.  FINALLY!!!! WHATEVER THEY DO HERE, JUST LIKE RUSSIA, THEY WILL DO EVERYWHERE, THEY SAID SO IN THEIR PROTOCOLS.  Are you paying attention China???  Brazil???  South America???

There is good news. This is now out in the open where we can all deal with it as it should be. No more of this fake BS AND PRETEND.... we finally know WHO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN PULLING THE STRINGS REALLY IS.... No aggressing. We want everything to be legal, and so far us stupid goyim are legal.... they are not. 

Call out to Sheriffs, heads up in your counties.  Deputize and prepare.  The threat has been made and not denied.  Also It appears, according to the Jewish defense League, that Homeland Security works for the Israeli's and not for the American people.  So now those weapons they bought on our taxes need to be confiscated and returned and sold and replenish the treasury.

Every team needs a hacker for the drones.  Spotters, guerilla warfare coordinators in case they attack us, which is now very very likely, according to the Jewish Defense League,  using their old protocols cannard, anti-semitism, which ironically, is only true of the khazars who hate real semitic Jews as much as they hate Christians, since they are practicing satanists. Ironically, he threatened us, and not the other way around.  so prepare.

One last note:  All actions we took that were nazi like, were in the middle east where we had no enemies, but Israel wanted empire and control of oil and water, so they used their nazi collaborators here in this country to harm all those people who did nothing to them either.  They are the only nazi's on the planet this time around and now everyone knows it.

Happy New Year, Goyim! by Danny Levi  (Jewish Defense League)

Posted on January 1, 2013   by Montecristo

This threatening letter, predicting dark days ahead for the goyim at the hands of their Jewish masters, was fired off yesterday by a representative of the Jewish Defense League, Danny Levi, to anti-Zionist activist John Friend, writer of the controversial John Friend’s Blog


Mr Friend,

Your recent comments about me on your blog have been noted. I only take issue with one thing that you wrote – and that’s the fact that you refer to me as a “Jewish supremacist”. I may be Jewish, but I’m certainly not a “supremacist”. 

Although I’m not surprised that you employ that kind of rhetoric as your kind generally do. (VN: What kind is that? Goyim? And he says he is not a supremecist?)  All you’re doing is flagging up your innate sense of inadequacy and inferiority which is usually the root cause of all that hatred that eats away at your sick soul.  (VN: Aaah, is that what we saw in Gaza?  Bombing unarmed civilians, hospitals, and is that a result of that "sick soul" you seem to know so much about?)

You and I are going to be meeting very soon, (VN: First threat! I believe that is illegal. Sounds like a hate crime to me.) and we’ll see if you’ve got the balls to call me a “clown” to my face. In my experience, aggressive, abusive Nazi-boys like you tend to crumble like men of straw when real life intrudes on all that cyber-hatred that you like to display. And you will be no different.

 Also, I’m very glad that you refer to Jews as “the Enemy” as that makes our job much easier. You’re so stupid that you don’t realise that you’ve chosen an enemy that you can’t hope to defeat; one that can squash you at any time like the piece of unpleasant, unwanted dogshit that you are.  

(VN:  lol,  ah I believe they did the choosing of enemies when they adopted and have now implemented those protocols that outline the entire blueprint that is now in place, its self indicting.  We did not choose them as an enemy.  We did not go to their country and infiltrate their government for the purposes of destroying their sovereignty as they have done here and even bragged about it to the press in 1976.) 

Happy New Year, Mr Friend. Although for you, 2013 is not going to be very ‘happy’ as your reign of anti-semitic terror will soon be at an end, and we will be delivering the kind of justice and retribution that only the worst kind of Nazi filth deserves.   

(VN:  Sounds like Russia to me.  I am telling you that is what they have planned, so we better be prepared to fight this to the death, since that is preferrable to going the way they did to the Russians. it was barbaric, torture, both physical, sexual and decapitating, it was horrific, what they did to those people) 
The “Enemy” will soon be at your door.    

(VN:  Second Threat I believe that is illegal and should be reported as soon as possible to the local police, in writing with a copy to his attorney.

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