Vatic Note:  Just found this and am updating to let you know that there was a second shooting potentially scheduled for a different school and it was included in the same map in the Batman Movie that showed the Sandy Hook school shooting in advance. 

Please read and know that the net may have averted another shooting.  Please check this out below.  Thanks all that are using their power.  I think it maybe working.  Image every single one of the foreign infiltrators incarcerated and put on trial and serving time for their crimes against our nation, people, and culture of trust that we used to have.  I suspect that was both a curse and a blessing.  The curse is that destroying trust is a spiritual abuse issue and the blessing is, it has taught us to be ever vigilant, especially in good times. 

RealTime Jim Stone – Superintendent shutters “Narrows school” due to bat man reference
by Jim Stone Freelance Journalist, [no date]

A school superintendent shut down his school because it was referenced along with Sandy Hook in the same bat man movie, and he believed that made it a strong possibility that another staged school shooting would happen there. The info on this is really sparse right now, but I have seen references that the actual school is on the map in the bat man movie.

This really bodes well for us, I’d call it a victory won. There is something spurious about this that is unconfirmed – that there may have been a date set and the superintendent learned the date and shuttered the school. From the way things are going, this appears to be what actually happened.

This is the e-mail that notified me of this:
From Martin
Narrows High School matches Dark Knight Rises Gotham Map for Narrows. The location for Strike Zone 2 has been identified! It’s the Narrows High School in Virginia. The superintendent has closed the school district in an emergency announcement…

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