Vatic Note:  Wellaware is a great site and has exposed the underbelly of all the deceptions we have been fed over these past years.  This one below is one that is the most interesting, because it was supposedly the test for Obama's legal right to assassinate Americans without a trial. Well, he won in a New York court through a Judge Colleen McMahon. The implications of this scam through our courts is onerous. We should file a class action suit overturning her decision since it was based on fraud.

 This guy below is suppose to be an "American" Al Qaeda who was supposedly assassinated, when in fact, he was simply no longer needed, so he could go onto the next role the government occupied by Dual Israeli citizens, needs him for, along with his wife.   He is, in fact, a zionist agent for his government which is Israel.  Lets not forget all the dual Israeli's that occupy both White House,  Homeland Security, Congress, dEpt heads in military, intel and other important depts, like the FDA, EPA, etc  Its why they are able to do soft kills on us with drugs, food, and our water.  That is what GMO is,  SOFT KILL.  These people need to be arrested and tried for murder. 

Al Qaeda was created, funded and operated by CIA and mossad as fronts and perps they could blame to justify the continuing war on terror that is eating up our countries wealth, the blood of our children, and taxes and all of it going into the pockets of the "foreign occupiers of our government who dreamed all this insanity up in some moment of addicting on any number of their sicko insane addictions,  drugs, sex, or satanic ritual abuse of children.   We are beginning to look more and more like an occupied Palestine.  Can you see it???  I can. 

Al Qaeda Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki EXPOSED!
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Source: http://Wellaware1.com for the story.

Tony Greenberg and his wife Anne, the actors that play Omar Bin Laden (Bin Ladens Son) and his wife, along with David Rothschild, The Shoe Bomber Richard Reid, and many other characters in the news you think are real people but are fictitious individuals.

In addition, he is in fact the Al Qaeda Cleric Anwar al-Awlak. The pentagon can stop its lies and the main stream media needs to come clean, as all the reporters that have covered this story are now shown to be liars.

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