Jesse Ventura - Illuminati Underground Bunkers - Ozark Missouri -

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Vatic Note:  There are 3 videos to this one and it was fascinating. All three  of these are a MUST WATCH!  The trolls have made their appearance on the UTube site in the comments section.  Go read all three videos comments AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN THE ENTIRE THREE VIDEOS.  Then you can identify the trolls since they have seen the same thing you have seen, but their comments do not reflect it, so they are trolls and trying their darndest to get this man off the air.

It also  explained why SPLC and the ADL chose Missouri to begin their FUSIA center campaigns against American citizens by calling them domestic terrorists.  What and who in Missouri is sold out to the NWO and how far into the state government does it go? Is that why the council of governors included Missouri's governor?  How far up the state and local government does it go?  If I were a resident of MO, I would be researching those questions deeply since their actions imply a conspiracy against the citizens of Missouri.  There could be serious treason going on there.  We need to start calling this what it is.... ITS HIGH TREASON IF THEY KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT A COMING DISASTER AND DO NOT TELL US NOR PREPARE US FOR IT, WHILE PREPARING THEMSELVES FOR IT. 

When you see a building being constructed privately for use by the shadow government, you can assume that structure is built on the destruction of the lives of our children, since drug profits and money laundering is probably how they paid for it.  Further, a "single family residence" is not what this building is and the local building permit dept should be placed under the gun for even buying into that which you know they did not.  So, ask them in mass why they permitted it as they did.   You do not have 73,000 SF residences.

Now, ask the building dept, do they also need a permit for their underground facilities and you want an inspection on that place to make sure its in compliance and that means checking the "underground basement.  Remember, and keep  remembering, the building dept works for YOU the public who pays their salary.  If they want to quit and work for the globalists, thats fine, but don't try to do both.  Watch these,  THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST OF HIS INVESTIGATIONS ever.   He is covering stuff no one else can or is and that makes these very valuable and important to pass on to others so we can look for similar construction going on in our towns. 

Jesse Ventura, Conspiracy Theory: Illuminati Underground Bunkers - Ozark Missouri -
uploaded by Troy Mounie

Why are underground cities being built in the Ozark Missouri region?

VIDEO 1 of 3 - Does the illuminati Exist? 


VIDEO 2 of 3 - What is a 73,000 SF "Residence" with "nuke" hardened construction doing in the middle of the Ozarks?  And what is underneath it?  Is this another Denver Airport and are they connected?


VIDEO 3 of 3 - Jesse's team goes underground through caves under the huge residence being built.  


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