Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser

Vatic Note: The article asks "have you noticed the change in the news on the msm"? My response is "yes", I have noticed it because friends and neighbors are telling me, "You should listen to Glenn Beck, he is saying what you have been saying." I always respond, oh, so you believe me becuase Beck said so??? They go "no" and then I ask, "The next time I tell you something that fox news or glenn beck doesn't know will you believe me then? They always say "Well, I don't know, depends on what it is." And I then proceed to laugh. I include Alex and Max in my idea of good sources for some types of news. I never got to Alex on the truth about Israel and the Khazars becuase he refuses to touch them. I get much from other sources as well that are very reliable and have withstood the test of time. So, that is an advantage at having been doing this for 10 years, experience makes all the difference in the world.

Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser
By: Rob Kirby
-- Posted 25 November, 2010
Source: SilverSeek.com

How many of you have noticed the change in news? The flavor of the news has markedly “changed” in the past 4 or 5 months – have you noticed it? Who has picked up on the likes of Fox News’ Glen Beck and his ‘about face’ on many key issues. Over the past number of months personalities like Beck have completely reversed their positions on subjects like the existence of World Government and FEMA CAMPS – going from complete denial to admitting they exist and the fact that they are intended for the American people.

Beck is not alone. In recent weeks we’ve seen a similar reversal in position from none other than Geraldo Rivera – he’s flip-flopped on his public position on 9/11:
Geraldo Rivera, who in the past labeled 9/11 truthers as nutcases, seems to have gotten the message. Not only did Rivera give air time to two people on the front lines of the 9/11 Truth movement, he also aired Larry Silverstein telling the world that they had no choice but to “pull it.”

Without a doubt, these are MAJOR recent reversals of position by key mainstream commentators. So what’s behind the change?

The origin of this change dates back to July of this year. Radio talk show host / documentary film producer, Alex Jones, became frustrated with Google blocking the viewing of one of his films [The Obama Deception] on Youtube [Google owns Youtube].

In response to this censorship – Jones began a campaign of having his radio listeners [his syndicated radio show has an audience in the millions] start conducting “google searches” – over and over again - titled,

“Google Launches Cover Up”

Meanwhile, Jones simultaneously had his staff of skilled in-house writers prepare stories containing the key search term. The power of a few million listeners – entering the aforementioned google search term “drove” the issue to NUMBER 1 in google search. The “buzz” was driving huge new traffic to Jones’ internet portals, PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.

If any of you are wondering how effective this tactic really is – you can judge for yourself by clicking on the Obama Deception here. I think you will find that you can now view the film if you choose to do so. It would appear that google has relented – wanting no part of the negative backlash their censorship was earning them.

The mainstream media – which seems to be losing ground to the internet almost daily - ALWAYS covers and writes their own stories [to give their own ‘slant’] to the number 1 google search terms. They do this because they recognize the number 1 search terms on the internet as being the ‘cutting edge’ of current news and for fear of becoming irrelevant if they don’t cover it.

Jones quickly realized he was on to something BIG. Using the popularity of his radio show along with a combination of his two primary internet platforms and group of talented writers – he could have direct influence on “what is popular” or effectively, “what is news” on the internet.

Jones had now replicated this initial success, over and over again, by introducing new search terms for his audience to ‘plug’ – typically at a rate of two or three per week.

Ladies and gentlemen – nowadays, whatever issue is most popular on the internet “IS” or quickly becomes the key issue in the mainstream news.

This concept snowballed quickly, mainstream media outlets began recognizing the influence that Alex Jones was having – driving the agenda or redefining “what news is” and they began quickly falling into line, regularly linking to other Jones content – with Matt Drudge’s influential Drudge Report leading the way.

Max Keiser Lowers the Boom on J.P. Morgan

Someone who recognized the influence that Alex Jones was having using these google searches early on was regular Alex Jones radio show guest and savvy financial commentator, Max Keiser.

It was Keiser’s Nov. 11 appearance on the Alex Jones radio show where he laid out – in very plain terms – the real reason why Jones’ google searches were having such pronounced effect on shaping current news.

Keiser explained that news outlets like Drudge and even Fox News are all “ratings driven”. In essence, their news content is not necessarily driven by the most compelling story – their content is dictated by numbers or traffic. By creating “traffic” – utilizing the google search terms, along with the writers and their articles on his internet platforms, Jones was now setting the news agenda.

Recognizing how effective and powerful the Alex Jones media platform has become – Keiser postulated “on air” that serial paper silver shorter, J.P. Morgan – could be brought to heel – if say, 100 million Americans bought one ounce of physical silver [a coin] each.

This is the genesis of:   This concept has now gone “viral” on the internet. Here’s what underscores the concept:

1 – JP Morgan has a huge short position in Silver – estimated to be 3.3 billion ounces – tied to an enormous, extremely precarious overall derivatives position (estimated to represent 1.5 trillion in risk to its balance sheet at $500 Silver).

2 – Various exchanges around the world have been caught manipulating the price of Silver using ‘naked’ short sales; i.e., counterfeiting.

3 – Of all the actively traded commodities traded around the world, Silver is one of the least plentiful and its supply is shrinking, but its industrial uses are multiplying. The ‘networked’ age of global communications is built with Silver.

4 – Hedge funds are taking physical delivery of Silver – adding substantial demand as well as exposing these exchange’s naked short positions – who are already scrambling to deliver – jacking prices up to multi-decade highs – and inspiring these predatory funds to buy more Silver.

5 – There are billions of people around the world who are aware that banks have been committing fraud and embezzlement who are upset that their politicians seem only interested in helping the banks commit more fraud – who are looking for a cheap way to non-aggressively fight back and de-capitalize these banks.

6 – Many of these people have the access and wherewithal to purchase 1 ounce of Silver – thus removing hundreds of millions of ounces of Silver from the ‘paper’ market – forcing additional scrambling by dealers to fill orders by buying back short positions – inspiring the funds to buy and take physical delivery of more Silver – creating a colossal short squeeze – in which JP Morgan stands to be the biggest loser.

7 – Buying Silver is how the world is monetizing its anger at the banks who stole their wealth.

No one should be surprised at the manipulation being perpetrated in the silver markets using paper derivatives. As my good friend Rhody pointed out in a recent missive;

“Every pound of copper is sold 15 times by the Western financial-ized pricing system and in doing so, the market is fooled into thinking there is fifteen times as much copper supply as actually exists. So, arguably, copper is fifteen times too cheap, and used wastefully by the economy. Now, there is a growing shortage, yet copper declined ten cents this week.

Every bushel of wheat is sold at least twice, once in paper form and finally as a bushel, but in doing so, wheat is sold at less than half fair value by farmers, forcing farmers to grow other crops without a futures contract instead. There are farmers in North Africa growing carnations for the European market instead of staple foodstuff because there is no futures contract in carnations and hence the market is actually healthy. Meanwhile these farmers are surrounded by starving local populations.

In Europe, governments give farmers a subsidy to keep them in business, just so speculators can make an easy buck shorting wheat and corn. The net effect is 20% of the world's people go hungry and 30,000 children die of hunger related causes every day. Do the math. This Dollar centric financial system KILLS people by the millions each year.”

Hat’s off to both Alex Jones and Max Keiser. Together, they’ve drawn attention to the ongoing paper manipulation of the price of silver. Maybe more importantly, they’ve likely knocked the lid off of Pandora’s Box – exposing the enormity of ALL paper frauds being committed by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street’s house of horrors.

Rob Kirby is proprietor of Kirbyanalytics.com and sales agent for Bullion Custodial Services.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

Oh gawd, don't tell me you are Beck fans?

Jones is a fear-mongerer and a shill for the khazars.

Vatic said...

Hahaha, that was a joke right??? Beck fans??? Where did you ever get that? If you can READ, it showed the opposite. LOL

As for Alex I clearly stated I rely on him for nothing to do with the Khazars. I strictly rely on him for his exposures he has done before anyone else did on the elite, bankers and NWO which he exposed fully and what he predicted came true, so far he has been right and non partisan as well. He jumped on Bush as hard as he is jumping on Obama.

Both Bush and Obama are Dual Israeli citizens so in that sense he made the choice to jump on them dispite that fact. So I will stay with him for as long as he exposes the underbelly of the beast.

Vatic said...

Just one more point: What do you care who exposes the bad guys as long as it gets done??? this is not a left/right issue, the dems and GOP are both sold out to the Khazar bankers, so what difference?

I would accept "Truth" from any source be it left or right. How about you? Or are you a party cult follower who thinks their party can do no wrong??? Then you are the problem and not those of us who see who the real villians are and thanks for giving me an opportunity to remake that point.

Eudoxia said...

Well said Vatic. I have never particularly liked Alex Jones but I am certainly not complaining about what he is doing. I am also seeing some very remarkable information coming into main stream news media. This is a HUGE step in the right direction. MSM are proving to everybody just how much information is suppressed. It is becoming clear to even the most direly ignorant that MSMs job is to mold public opinion and not report on reality. Due to the current amount of negative publicity surrounding the GFC and who actually caused it, if I was a Wall St or Fed fat cat I would be very, very afraid.

Vatic said...

Eudoxia, thanks for the cudos, its always appreciated. I just think some people are having a hard time dealing with our new reality. However, we can change it once we acknowledge it.

Alex is married to a woman who is Jewish and I suspect that is why he stays away from the subject. Even though he stays away from the subject, at least he isn't like Farah of WORLD NET DAILY who is paid by Israel, he has a reporter stationed or hired over there and he prints whatever the khazars tell him to print, and Alex doesn't do that. So I commend him for that much.

I'll stay with him as long as he continues to print the truth. We are a far more sophisticated group than we ever were before and its getting harder and harder to fool us now at all levels.