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The David Icke Newsletter, December 26th, 2010

Why these deeply disturbed 'people' would much rather we die en masse than be cured by an alternative and why they have created the cholesterol and 'fear the sun' myths to damage the body and heart - and so much else.
Hello all ...

While I was travelling and speaking in America in October I received a message to contact Brian Haw, the peace campaigner who began a 24/7 protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London in 2001 to highlight ever since the slaughter and suffering of children killed and maimed by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the horrors visited upon them by depleted uranium.

His has been an extraordinary commitment, sitting in all weathers in Parliament Square across the road from the entrance to Parliament facing violence from thugs and the police (too often the same thing).

Many times he has been arrested, abused and threatened while constantly battling with government attempts to remove him. The Tony Blair government became so embarrassed by his in-their-face protest that they introduced new laws to remove him, but they couldn't make them retrospective and so Brian stayed on.

I had visited Brian a few times over the years and chatted about events. We don't come from the same perspective on many things, but it matters not. I have always admired his commitment and strength of character to keep going no matter what came his way and his passionate outrage at what is being done in our name in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So it was deeply sad to get the message about Brian in America which said he was in hospital in London with lung cancer and could I contact him.

I was travelling back through London to my next event in Europe and I headed straight from the plane to see Brian at his hospital near the Houses of Parliament. What struck me immediately was that despite the diagnosis his focus was on getting back to his spot in the Square as soon as possible.

He had been told he had lung cancer and that it was 'operable'. But the term 'operable', it turned out, meant to remove the lung and then they changed their mind because they said the other lung was not strong enough to cope alone.
As I sat with him, a young doctor came and explained about an operation to stop the tumour closing the windpipe and then proposed the usual treatment after that - chemotherapy.

This is a poison that kills cells, not just cancer cells, all cells, including the cells of the immune system. The question is will the chemo kill the cancer cells before it has killed enough healthy cells to kill the body.

And even if it does sometimes do that it will have killed enough cells in the immune system to make it far more likely that the patient will be subsequently exposed to more cancer and disease that a healthy immune system would normally deal with.

Brian rejected the chemotherapy and wanted to go down the alternative route based on the work of the Italian cancer expert, Tullio Simoncini, which I highlighted in the newsletter, Cancer Is A Fungus ... And It Is Curable. And click here for a video of the Simoncini story ...
Simoncini was a top cancer surgeon in Italy who tired of seeing children dying not just from the cancer, but from the chemotherapy and radiation. 'Dying to be cured' is how my books describe it.

He decided there had to be a better way and he began to look at cancer again with a blank sheet of paper and no pre-conceived ideas about what it was and how it could be overcome.

His subsequent research and his experience as a cancer surgeon led him to discover that cancer is caused by a fungus known as Candida. Almost everyone has Candida, a yeast-like organism, but it is not a problem because the immune system deals with it.

The problem only comes when the immune system is suppressed and weakened (by stress, drugs, food additives, electromagnetic pollution, etc. etc. or 'modern life'). Then the Candida transforms into a powerful fungus that can get out of control and infest the body and its organs.

The immune system reacts to this with the panic response of building cellular walls or barriers to protect the body from this fungal attack and this is what is known as 'cancerous growth'.

It is not cellular malfunction so much as a desperate attempt to stem the impact of the fungus. When parts of the fungus break away and infest other parts of the body the immune system reacts in the same way and so we have what are called secondary cancers.
You can try to remove the problem surgically, but if the fungus is still active it will simply return somewhere else. This is why survival rates for lung cancer in the UK, for example, are only 29.7 per cent after a year and 8.8 per cent after five years.
Simoncini began his process of discovery by asking why whenever he performed cancer surgery there were always white blobs around the growth and he now realised why that was. Candida, as you see here, and with the cancer tumours above, is white.

I shared a day presentation with Tullio Simoncini organised by Mike Lambert of the Shen Clinic a few months ago just down the road from my home and I was deeply impressed with Tullio as a man and human being, and as someone who had an expert knowledge of his subject.

He is passionate about helping people who have no need to die if they are treated correctly with one of the most lethal anti-fungal substances on the planet - sodium bicarbonate, yes the stuff you can buy at the store for next to nothing.
How can the major constituent of baking power kill cancer? It kills the Candida fungus with amazing efficiency and when it does so the immune system dismantles the cellular barrier - 'growth' - because it is no longer needed.

The ancient Egyptians knew about the healing properties of anti-fungal substances and Indian books going back a thousand years actually recommend those 'of strong potency' for treating cancer.

This is why cancer cannot exist in an 'alkaline' environment - the fungus can only exist in an acidic environment and we have so much cancer because the human diet and lifestyle has made people incredibly acidic. Even stress and negative emotion manifest chemically as acid in the body.
What is sodium bicarbonate? A powerful alkaline.

The alkalising effect also increases the supply of oxygen to the area and cancer cannot survive in an atmosphere rich in oxygen.

Sodium bicarbonate is far more effective than anti-fungal drugs and it has another massive advantage in that the fungus cannot mutate to overcome its effect, as it can with the drugs.
I saw extraordinary before and after pictures in Simoncini's presentation and watched a series of people with compelling stories to tell about their 'miraculous' cures from even advanced cancers.
Here you can see the effect of the Sodium Bicarbonate in removing the 'black blob' cancers.
One American man was sent home from hospital and told just enjoy what was left of his life because nothing could be done, but when he came across Simoncini on the Internet and went for courses of treatment in Italy he returned to the hospital to be given the all clear. Another lady told how she was cured of breast cancer in seven days. Click here for some of the accounts ...

I know myself that so many people have seen their cancer disappear after Simoncini's treatment and other doctors and practitioners have begun to follow his lead, though always under tremendous pressure from the medical and government authorities in the pay and control of the pharmaceutical cartel which wants to crush any alternative to the scalpel, chemotherapy and radiation.

When Simoncini found that his treatment worked he approached the Italian medical authorities to ask for clinical trials to be arranged to prove how effective it was. If the medical establishment really cared about patients and their welfare they would have jumped at the chance.

Instead, they stopped Simoncini practising, attempted to stop his treatment, arranged for ridicule from the media and threatened him with jail. He was disbarred from the Italian Medical Order and prevented from practicing for 'prescribing cures that had not been approved' ... for 'prescribing cures that had not been approved'.

They and their like around the world are sick beyond words, sick in the heart and sick in the mind. I am not sure they can be sick in the soul if they don't have one.

The experience of Brian Haw is typical of what happens. I explained the treatment to him and arranged for him to talk about it with Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic on the Isle of Wight who, in turn, arranged for him to talk on the phone with Tullio.
Mike Lambert of the Shen Clinic - http://www.theshenclinic.com/
Then the trouble started. It had clearly got around at Brian's London hospital what was being planned and Mike suddenly had a call from Britain's General Medical Council warning him not to carry out any such treatments in Britain - which he had no intention of doing anyway.

What's more, Tullio Simoncini needed to see Brian's notes and X-rays to assess how advanced the cancer was and exactly where it was, but the hospital wouldn't release them for weeks making a diagnosis for treatment impossible. More time lost.

I went with Mike to see Brian and ask the hospital staff why the hell his notes etc., were not being released to him. They were actually available on the desk in the ward, but they could not be given to him without permission from the hospital authorities and we were told that they had 40 days - 40 days - to release them to a patient.

What's the point? Most people would either be dead or discharged by then.

I made my feelings clear about how outrageous this was and the notes were released the next day. But when they were sent to Simoncini he said that there was something wrong with the scan pictures - they were blurred and impossible to read properly.
All this is vital because of the following.
When sodium bicarbonate in a solution of water makes contact with the fungus it is stone dead - every time. Therefore, apart from bone cancer, you can clear almost any cancer if you can get the sodium bicarbonate to the source of the fungus/growth.
If it was widely available in hospitals that would be no problem because surgery would ensure that contact can be made anywhere and it can also be done without surgery if the area concerned has a strong blood supply because the sodium bicarbonate can be added to the bloodstream as close as possible to the fungus and the blood will deliver it to the spot.
With some cancers, like throat cancers, it can be used orally and with skin cancer, of course, it is very straight forward, as you can see in the before and after pictures below.
Surgery is not allowed for this ground-breaking treatment because of the medical establishment serving the interests of Big Pharma and so Tullio has had to develop the use of endoscopes, long thin tubes that doctors use to see inside the body without surgery. This allows the sodium bicarbonate to be placed directly on to the cancer - the fungus.
This has meant that, after being disbarred for finding an effective treatment for cancer, Simoncini has had to work with private clinics who have the medical staff that are allowed to use the endoscopes and this has made the treatment far more expensive than it needs to be. The bicarbonate itself is cheap as chips.
All this can make arranging treatment very difficult and time consuming and Mike Lambert to his great credit made at least 100 phone calls manfully trying to arrange a clinic where it could be done for Brian Haw.

 But then came the news that the Italian authorities had moved in on Simoncini again to ban him even from working with the Italian clinics or their staff doing this work.

 They see no irony or contradiction in the fact that, as Mike Lambert tells me: 'Sodium Bicarbonate is routinely used intravenously in cases of metabolic acidosis, renal function, and other cases, and they sometimes administer strengths of 8.4% whereas Tullio uses a maximum of only 5%.'

This is how desperate the Big Pharma-controlled medical establishment is to stop the public seeing how effective this treatment can be. But then why should we expect compassion or decency from a Control System that has no problem targeting whole cities of civilians and orchestrating 9/11 and other abominations?

This is the mentality we are dealing with and the establishment is terrified that someone with a high profile will be cured this way and so be the means to generate the publicity that will bring down their House of Horrors by exposing both the treatment's effectiveness and its systematic suppression.

 I have also highlighted the work of two British scientists and researchers, Professor Gerry Potter and Professor Dan Burke, who have discovered the effectiveness of a natural killer of cancer called salvestrols which are found in many fruit and vegetables.
What role do salvestrols play in fruit and vegetables? They kill fungus - see my newsletter, Stopping Cancer ... The Way It Was Meant To Be.
Potter and Burke's ground-breaking work has the potential to both cure cancer and protect us from it, but, yet again, we have the same old theme - they are constantly hassled and undermined by the medical establishment who do not want them to succeed.
Big Pharma 'medicine' and its paid-for hatchet men.
At last Mike Lambert, despite everything, had a breakthrough for Brian Haw and it has been arranged that he will be treated somewhere in Europe starting in the next two weeks thanks to the magnificent response to the appeal I made this week on the website for donations to the cost of his treatment, travel and accommodation.
What a relief that is after all the time that has been lost because of the circumstances I have described.
There are no guarantees for Brian, it is still to be established where the cancer is exactly, how advanced and so on, but he has been given the best chance possible against all the odds with so much time already being lost.
But what level of evil is involved here when you have to arrange for a man with cancer to have treatment that could potentially help him by doing it 'against the odds'?
How can we possibly believe we are free when we are not even allowed to decide what treatment is given to our own dying body?? Think about it. What level of fascist extremism does that one fact alone confirm that we are living in?

 The scale and detail with which human health is targeted can be seen in the story of this - the sun. We are told to fear the sun and either keep out of it or cover our bodies with chemical sun-block to protect us from skin cancer.
In the same way, we are told to fear cholesterol and to keep it low to stop heart disease by reducing animal fats and by taking drugs known as statins with their multi- billion profits for the drug companies.
But as Mike Lambert told me this week both of these campaigns and their ongoing propaganda are fundamentally connected and designed to diminish us physically, mentally and emotionally, as I will explain.
It involves the suppression of something called Vitamin D3 which is produced in the skin after exposure to ultraviolet B light from the sun or artificial sources, and it is also found in foods like fatty fish, meat, mushrooms and eggs.

A Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with conditions like rickets, bone-thinning disorders, cancers, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. A lack of D3 can also lead to depression.
When you rub on sun-blocking lotions it also blocks the absorption of sunlight that produces D3 in the body and it is the chemicals in the sun block that cause skin cancer
- not the sun.
Of course you will burn if you spend too long in the sun - that's another story and choice - but you only need a short time in the sunshine for a sufficient daily dose of vitamin D3 (actually not a vitamin, but a hormone, Mike Lambert tells me).
The period is estimated at 20 minutes to half an hour for light skinned people and three to six times longer for those with pigmented skin.
Now, here's the connection to the campaign against cholesterol that has been waged all these years - it is cholesterol that metabolises (causes a chemical reaction) which transforms sunlight into vitamin D3.
The combination of sun block and reduced cholesterol means that you have suppressed levels of vitamin D3 and so there are more cancers, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diseases of the bones, depression and reduced brain function.

 The obsession with low fat, low cholesterol diets is calculatedly designed by those in the shadows to cause all these effects and others. Cholesterol is a major cellular building block and, as Mike Lambert says, it is essential for ...
Body, hair, skin, nail replacement; immune system function; maintenance of hormones, including male and female sex hormones; for cells to absorb nutrients and dispose of wastes; repairing muscle damage including those of the heart.
Diminished cholesterol - chole (bile) stereos (solid), ol (alcohol) - also stunts both cell repair and growth and even a high percentage of people with depression and suicidal thoughts have been found to have low cholesterol levels.
How ironic, how topsy-turvy, can you get than to have an essential element in the repair of heart muscle being reduced to allegedly stop people having heart disease and even when they have a damaged heart muscle?
Did you know that up to 75% of those who have heart attacks have normal levels of cholesterol?
This is a constant theme that you find when you research the global conspiracy to any significant extent. The things that are most essential to human well-being, and physical, mental and emotional health, are demonised by the system to make us fear them - just as they demonise carbon dioxide, an essential component to life on Earth.
The rabbit hole goes so deep - far, far deeper than most conspiracy researchers and writers appreciate.

 The 'cure' for cholesterol - the 'cure' for an essential component of body function - are called 'statins' and they are designed to lower cholesterol levels with all the consequences I have described and more.
Some seven million people now regularly take statins in the United Kingdom (at a cost of £450 million to the National Health Service) and an estimated 40 million do so in the United States. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines want to start cholesterol testing at the age of two with 'statin therapy' beginning for some children at the age of eight.
But here's the story ...
Statins block the production in the liver of something called Coenzyme-Q10 (CoQ10) which in turn blocks the production of cholesterol - a study at the University of Columbia found that CoQ10 levels were reduced by half within only 30 days of statin treatment.
And yet CoQ10 is vital for producing energy in the muscles and without it the heart muscle can malfunction resulting in heart failure!
As Mike Lambert says, researchers have found that if your levels of CoQ10 drop by as much as 75% then it's 'game over'.

Mike goes on:
'By the time we reach the age of 80 years old (and in some a lot younger), our ability to produce CoQ10 has plummeted by 65%, so just imagine what's going to happen if you are approaching 80 and also taking statins?'

We are also encouraged to eat what are called trans fats, better known as unsaturated fats, to protect the heart and yet these have been linked in trials with an increased chance of coronary heart disease!
Once again, and I have found this over and over through the years, the truth is the opposite of what we are told and the effect is the opposite of what is claimed by the drug cartel and its pig-trough army in government, the medical establishment and media.

 Other effects of statins include increased risk of liver dysfunction, acute kidney failure, muscle damage known as myopathy, cataracts, constipation or diarrhoea, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of sensation or pain in nerve endings, mental and neurological problems such as severe irritability and memory loss.
Swedish physician and cholesterol expert Dr Uffe Ravnskov said of the effect of statins: 'Cholesterol is vital for the development and functioning of the brain, so it's not surprising that various psychological problems show up.'
The drug trials as usual are rigged and misrepresented to hide the consequences. Dr Ravnskov says that the reason statins are believed to be safe is that trials don't include people who are likely to have problems.
He says that one 'trial', published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2005, excluded 46 per cent of the original group of 18,000 people because they had some illness or didn't respond well to the drug.
Some 'trial'.
The drug companies cometh - we only want the best for you ...

As always, it's a scam and the target is human health and well-being on a mass scale in pursuit, ultimately, of culling older people and depopulation in general. And this is just one of millions and millions of examples.
This is why modern varieties of fruit and vegetables have been developed with a vastly reduced content of the natural cancer-killer, salvestrols, and why fungicide chemicals used in modern farming kill the fungus artificially and so stop the plants from triggering their own defence - salvestrols.
As a result, you only find salvestrols in any worthwhile amounts in organic food (a term also misrepresented by the supermarket chains and many suppliers) and this is why there is such a campaign by the biotech cartel against organic farming.
It is also no accident that the most widely-used Big Biotech-produced fungicides block the chemical reaction that turn salvestrols into the cancer destroyers they are designed by nature to be, nor that fluoride in the water supply causes mayhem in brain and body.
It's all so calculated to enslave humanity in a web of suffering, disease and death and we must up our game even more in 2011 to put an end to this global genocide.
There are no more excuses for doing nothing. No more excuses for staying silent. Given the scale of evidence now available, we are plumb out of them.

And so it goes on ...
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