Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan War Against The Khazar Empire And Forced Them Into Japan And Poland

Vatic Note:  My Gosh, he made massive leaps..... lol  This is a terrible write up.    First he spends a great deal of time discussing and showing how the Japanese are from the tribe of Judah, the same with the pathans, and yet he says maybe they aren't Jewish, "OR KHAZARS", and makes that distinction below.   Further, once he shows the Japanese are tied into the tribes of Judah,  He then makes a massive leap into saying therefore,  they are khazars???  HUH?   He provides no bridge for crossing into that deduction.  There is so much more written on the Khazars that apparently he has not read yet  otherwise he would not be trying to make that connection  and tying them all together.   I can understand why the khazars feel it necessary to do that.   Their centuries of using the Jews as a front for their horrific and barbaric deeds, that still go on today, have been exposed to the globe and is no longer working as we are all making that distinction between them.

They may have been born as an accident of marriage by a khazar to a jewish person, but given their abject disdain for arab Jews, its truly unlikely, even that happened very often.   Watch what the Khazars do in Israel when  a  khazar woman tries to marry an arab..... oh, heaven forbid, you would have thought the end of the world was at hand.  Further, even if they were khazars which evidence proves they are not, he makes the point that they would not use Haarp because the Japanese were their fellow Khazars  (which are they?  Jews or Khazars since they are not the same thing).... and would not harm them as such.  What a joke,  its apparent that this man has not studied these khazars at all.   Here is what they were willing to do to their own Khazar people in WW II in order to obtain Palestine.   They sold out their people in the millions to Hitler in order to obtain that land for Rothschild.   So, a silly thing like being blood related, will never get in the way of the barbarians.... are you kidding???   

Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan War Against The Khazar Empire And Forced Them Into Japan And Poland
Posted on March 22, 2011 by dublinmick
There are many stories concerning the Aquitaine monks who insist that Alexander the great tried to quarantine the Khazars due to their violent nature and very barbaric standards. They were at the time even accused of being cannibals. According to Druthmar, he was not successful and they migrated to Poland and Japan. It is now of course the story of the Khazar ascent to power on a world scale that would have been at the time unimaginable.


We have all seen the Hollywood/Bollywood character descriptions of Alexander as a blood crazed warlord who wished to conquer the world. He did in fact but the motivation for such an undertaking is never touched upon. He is portrayed as a blood crazed homosexual warlord. In fact he had a harem, hell I would like to have a harem. He was the student of Aristotle and you may regard this as a plus or minus, I don’t know.

I have read the book by JCF Fuller, The Generalship of Alexander the Great and it is very different from pop media. It is said Olympia had visions in dreams of lightning striking her womb before wedlock, same as Ivan the Terrible’s mom of giving birth to a Titan. Maybe fiction, I don’t know. From reading we can see Alexander had somewhat of an ego as he once looked at the heavens and declared you Gods say I am one of you if so give me a sign and it is said there was thunder and a lightning bolt and his soldiers were astounded.

He did untie the Gordian knot which the oracle had proclaimed the conquerer of the world would untie. He did it by producing his sword in a kind of marine adapt and overcome scenario, not tedious untying we would expect and it astounded those nearby. It at least seemed show some down to earth capabilities. His strategies are even today taught in military schools around the world.

Upon conquering Egypt he proclaimed the Egyptian Gods were his Gods and he was the equivalent of Apollo. So we are talking about a different type of turkey here. I have also seen stories in Greek mythology which indicate he attacked one fortress which beforehand, flying saucers knocked down the walls and the warriors fled in panic before he attacked. I can’t say if it is true or not.

Yeah I know what some of you are thinking, maybe I read too much ancient history. Frankly I see so much disinformation on the net these days I had to throw this out, sometimes we are simply compelled by events to react.

In another arena another guy you have been taught to view as evil incarnate is Genghis Khan, maybe he is and maybe he ain’t. I can say that in the west today among their latte, aspartame soaked zombies there is no idea of what the story line is all about. Khan drove the Khazars to Poland end of story. You may think that was a good idea or a bad idea. Same with Attila the Hun, not a good rating here for attacking the Vatican.

From Dick Eastman here:   Koestler suicided by the mossad for telling the truth . I don’t bring this news to you because I think it is fun. I do this in a spirit of before the end all things will be known.


So in effect I don’t buy the the idea that Japan was haarped, etc etc. Japan is a major ally of the nato and the U.S. It serves as a major military base with 200,000 people from America alone here. Japan first introduced aspartame under Rumsfeld, they manufacture MSG and Sendai used to make MSG, conduct genetic research and many other things which ended with the giant quake. I am not saying all of Japan is on board with the chaos theory as I pointed out, the mainline buddhists were defeated in the great wars. They are still there as well as an Ainu/Russian remnant. In fact from reports I have read it was the Ainu who were the mythical kama kaze warriors of world war II. They wanted to defend their motherland when nobody else had the balls too.


They live in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They have the customs of circumcision on the 8th day, fringes of robe, Sabbath, Kashrut, Tefilin, etc. (No I am not saying they are Khazars, possibly remnants or ancient semitic people) possibly on the must be destroyed list.

Kashmiri people:

In Kashmir they have the same land names as were in the ancient northern kingdom of Israel. They have the feast of Passover and the legend that they came from Israel.

In Nagano prefecture, Japan, there is a large Shinto shrine named “Suwa-Taisha” (Shinto is the national traditional religion peculiar to Japan.)

The people of the northern kingdom were exiled to Assyria in 722 B.C.E. and did not come back to Israel. They are called “the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.” They were scattered to the four corners of the earth. We find the descendants of the Israelites not only in the western world, but also in the eastern world especially along the Silk Road. The following peoples are thought by Jewish scholars to be the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

In a Japanese island of the Inland Sea of Seto, the men selected as the carriers of the “omikoshi” stay together at a house for one week before they would carry the “omikoshi.” This is to prevent profaning themselves. Furthermore on the day before they carry “omikoshi,” the men bathe in seawater to sanctify themselves. This is similar to an ancient Israelite custom:

Marvin Tokayer, a rabbi who lived in Japan for 10 years, wrote in his book:

Thus we find a remarkable similarity between the biblical genealogy and Japanese mythology – between Ninigi and Jacob, Yamasachi-hiko and Joseph, and the Imperial family of Japan and the tribe of Ephraim.

Today, the Pathans and Uzbekistan Jews, who are the Lost Tribes of Israel living in West Asia or Central Asia, have haplogroup E. While in the East, the Chiang and the Japanese have haplogroup D. D and E were once one. The Japanese are genetically from the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Pathans have custom of Kosher, dietary laws same as Jews. Pathans do not eat horse or camel meat, which is most common in their area but forbidden to Jews. There is some evidence to their not eating meat and milk together which is also an ancient Israeli tradition. And they have a tradition regarding differentiating between pure and impure birds which means permitted and not permitted birds similar to the Torah.

I saw the scene on a video and this reminds us of the custom of ancient Israel to worship the bronze serpent. Besides, gods which are worshiped in Japanese Shinto shrines are sometimes snakes. This might have some connection to ancient Israel.

Remnant of Celebration of Circumcision?

If the ancient Israelites came to Japan, do the Japanese have the custom of circumcision? Although I have heard a rumor that circumcision is performed among the Imperial family of Japan, I have not been able to confirm yet whether or not there was the custom of circumcision in Japan.

“The linen robes which Japanese Shinto priests wear have the same figure as the white linen robes of the ancient priests of Israel. “

“So the priests and the Levites sanctified themselves to bring up the ark of the Lord God of Israel.” (1 Chronicles 15:14)

At the back of the shrine “Suwa-Taisha,” there is a mountain called Mt. Moriya (“Moriya-san” in Japanese). The people from the Suwa area call the god of Mt. Moriya “Moriya no kami,” which means, the “god of Moriya.” This shrine is built to worship the “god of Moriya.” (Mordechai)

At the festival, a boy is tied up by a rope to a wooden pillar, and placed on a bamboo carpet. A Shinto priest comes to him preparing a knife, and he cuts a part of the top of the wooden pillar, but then a messenger (another priest) comes there, and the boy is released. This is reminiscent of the Biblical story in which Isaac was released after an angel came to Abraham.

They should have believed in one true God but sometimes they adored idol-gods and became polytheistic. The ancient Israelites believed not only in one true God Yahweh, but also Baal, Ashtaroth, Molech and other pagan idol-gods. This was true especially among the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.”

It is quite surprising to me how much of the post continues to disappear. I am going to try and add it once again.

I am really in no position to say positively but everyone has just assumed this was haarp as they usually do on many things. It may be and it may not. There was a CME around that time.

It does not make sense for the ptb to destroy Japan, it is a Khazar kingdom. Shinto buddhism is an oriental form of Judaism. The invaders of Japan were the Khazars, routed by Alexander and Ghengis Khan and many ended up in Japan. They overcame the mainline buddhist in many wars and Ainu people the original inhabitants who are a Russian remnant, and a bit like the American indians here.

Mainline buddhists were forbidden the sword and adopted the nanchaku as a defense against the well armed samarai which by the way is another term for samaria.

The mainline buddhists lost the war and now the main religion is Shinto Buddhism. It has a holy of holies and a king who is considerd divine just like ancient Israel and he is Khazar in ethnic origin.

Rothschild attacking Japan would almost be like attacking himself. That is not even speaking of a base for nato planners right on China with 200,000 employees, a navy etc. Japan also manufactures aspartame, msg, handles much of the wests computer work and does genetic research or used to out of Sendai which was destroyed. Parts industries for cars to world is also off line now.

I can’t say one way or another but it doesn’t make sense they would do this over financial haggling. Even if this were a highly improbable event, they could not know it would destroy the reactors or exactly where it would take place, could they?

Some go so far as to theorize that the Samurai were the reason why the Chinese built the Great Wall. It was to keep those pesky sons of Manasseh out of their country. It would be hard I suppose to prove such a proposition but the great wall is still the only man made object that can be seen from outer space according to NASA. They obviously just couldn’t get along.


“We are told that Alexander in an attempt to keep the new Macedonian state and assortment of powerful Greek tribes from revolting against their leader, left some of his men behind in each city to introduce Greek culture, control it, oppress dissident views, and interbreed. Alexander paid his soldiers to marry non-Greek women. He wanted to assimilate people of all nations.”

At any rate this is my opinion. I don’t insist anyone even acknowledge it or subscribe to it. It is very different from the mainstream media but at least I have an opinion. Aspartame and fluoride have not put out the lights yet.

The west has it’s problems but everything is not sweetness and light in Japan either. They are big on manufacturing aspartame and MSG among other things.


The new white paper on internet piracy is very vague. In the White Paper, Espinel attempts to camouflage some of the potentially controversial recommendations behind lofty goals like health risks, national security, counterfeit drugs and combating criminal gangs. However, many of the key measures, such as the new wiretapping powers and increased sentencing for repeat offenders, appear to be potentially applicable to any website operator and not limited to any one group or purpose.

It has been requested that Congress change the law to clarify that “infringement by streaming, or by means of other similar new technology is a felony.” There does not seem to be a lot of discussion about fair use in these new proposals either.

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I think you missed this part.

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I apologize if I missed that link. I might as well explain. I did this an a few other blogs right after having major surgery on my teeth which required he cut deeply into the gum to reach the root that wrapped itself around my jaw bone, so I was not in the best of shape when I did all this. So again, its right around the same time as the other one. I am still not completely pain free yet, so that is why I missed it. Was that a link in the blog or was it a separate whole article??? I simply don't remember seeing it. So let me know where it goes and how it was placed in there without confusing everyting. I will take another look at it tomorrow when I get back from church and if I feel better.

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There is a follow up should some need more information. It was Genghis Khan which played a more important role here and I should probably have made that more clear.


May I say also I am sorry to hear of your health problems.

Moshe Sharon said...

One of the major weapons in this propaganda war against Israel is the “Remember these Children” website which compares the numbers of Arab children who have been killed in the conflicts to the number of Jewish children murdered by terrorists. The Arab list totals 1,437 since 2000 and the Jewish list totals 130. Not withstanding that such reporting is unsubstantiated, After visiting the site, I noticed that according to this report, most of the Israeli children were murdered in drive by shootings and human bombs exploding themselves in restaurants, buses and markets. In other words, the Arab terrorists targeted those children and murdered them in cold blood. For all of the Arab children, on the other hand, the site identifies the causes of death as gun shot wounds or explosions during the firefights with Arab Hamas fighters. What were their children doing in the middle of a war zone? That is clear and convincing evidence that the Hamas thugs where using the local children as human shields. Soldiers are trained to return fire when fired upon. The bushwhacking urban guerrillas who fire at enemy troops from a neighborhood full of children are the ones causing the deaths of those children. More at http:moshesharon.worpress.com

Vatic Master said...

Oh, you mean like Rachel Corrie and like that 19 year old kid with a gut wound on the Rachel Corrie ship??? He was laying there bleeding to death and three Israeli soldiers came up and exected him point black.

You mean like that ???? Good examples indeed.

Vatic Master said...

DublinMick, thank you for your concern. Its not so much the health problems as paying to get them fixed when you are uninsured. LOL So my problems are more financial. The pain and suffering of the problem will heal, but the doctor won't wait. LOL So that is my big problem right now while I am in the process of healing. Thanks though for your kind thoughts.

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Stupid idiot, Kashmiris are Rig Veda people with R1a1 M17 and their customs are ancient Hinduism with Hindu god worship, Afghan Pashtuns are Huns and Pakistani Pashtuns are ancient ghandari and hindkowan people, proven through gene studies and also because Pashtun history says that Karlani are adopted tribes of Pashtuns, 99% of Pakistan is Indo Aryan people, with mixture of scythian, hephalite and australoid genes also.

Anonymous said...

The Brahmins of India are related to khazars