Dutch paper: Mayor Wants Gay Education at Amsterdam Primary Schools

Vatic Note: This isn't just about pedophilia, this is about encouraging children to engage in homosexual experiences to maintain the planned depopulated citizens at the lowest levels (Georgia guidestones  say half a billion people and no more) they can and are doing so by encouraging them to find a sexual outlet that would not result in more births. It took me a while to figure that one out, but its the only explanation. Remember we did one on Germany tryng to get pedophilia legalized in Germany, and that began us wondering why??? It didn't make any sense, but as usual, they never do anything without multiple agendas. Pedophilia is the most effective basis for mind control or even total control over a child right up until and through adulthood, so rulers and industry executives that are satanically and ritually abused are forever under the control of the abuser and will do all they are instructed to do. Bush Jr is a great example as is Obama. As adults they become either homosexual or bisexual in their sexual identity. Its genuinely a crime for that to be done since it prevents a child from experiencing what would have been his normal sexual identity that is formed normally by the time he/she reaches 26. That was the only way the satanist/luciferians could guarantee control for their New World Order Agenda.   Remember, it was Cathy O'Brien who told us how it worked, check our search box for her videos explaining this to us.  It was excellent.

Mayor Wants Gay Education at Amsterdam Primary Schools

AMSTERDAM, 06/08/10 - Mayor Eberhard van der Laan of Amsterdam is urging education about homosexuality at primary schools. He thinks this will enable the decline in toleration of gays to be reversed.

"You must teach children: It is normal in the Netherlands for two men to walk arm-in-arm on the street. I want to involve education in this, and I am actually fanatic about this," said the Labour (PvdA) mayor yesterday in Spits newspaper.

"Sexual information is currently just something for the secondary school, the time when youngsters are discovering their sexuality," said Van der Laan. "Why do we not also do it in primary education? Then children are at the ideal age to imbue with certain standards and values."

In the interview, Van der Laan says he is concerned that violence against gays regularly occurs in Amsterdam. "I am 55, and come from the period when homo-emancipation grew from something new to something uncontested. It appeared to be progress that could not be reversed, but in the past five, 10 years you see that it may after all be a matter of a drawer that can close again. This must never happen."

The mayor also urges tough tackling of perpetrators of violence. He sees no benefit in mediation between perpetrators and victims, as a police officer recently proposed. "That makes me angry. I am very much in favour of mediation, but not in a victim-perpetrator relationship."

The mayor acknowledges that Moroccan-Dutch boys are often the perpetrators. According to Van der Laan, this is because of their inadequate participation in society. "Children of four of parents that speak no Dutch enter primary school two years behind. This is the real problem. As a result, they play truant, hang around and run a big risk of coming up against the law. Boys with these frustrations cause a substantial portion of the problems.

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