Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers

Vatic Note: This isn't the first time our military has done medical experiments on our soldiers, but its the first time its been done so wide spread, across all kinds of different experiments that leave permanent damage to the soldier and not a whisper to any of them this is occurring. Remember also during the swine flu fiasco, wives were calling into the military radio shows saying their husbands had been given those swine flu shots and then getting sick from them, and immediately the wives were told to shut their mouths.  What this reflects is the "SYSTEMS" total lack of value of humanity and especially our service men and women. Why are we surprised, we have seen it on TV news, videos, and elsewhere when the same foreign force occupying our nation, proved it in their occupation of another nation, and we know it and do nothing about it. I agree with the quote below, don't just get shocked, get mad..... get good and mad, and in fact, get OUTRAGED. Do we have these guys pictures??? Yes we do. I think soon it will be time to put them up on the board for down loading.

Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers
Gary Matsumoto, Author of this book

                                                                Summary of contents

Vaccine-A uncovers a story of betrayal—the betrayal of the men and women who serve in the armed forces, the betrayal of medical ethics, and the betrayal of the American people by military and civilian leaders sworn to defend and protect. Veteran journalist Gary Matsumoto shows that the worst friendly-fire incident in military history came from something no soldier had any reason to think would harm him: a vaccine administered by the military's own medics. When troops went to the Middle East to fight the Gulf War in 1991 and the Iraq War in 2003, many—perhaps thousands—received an experimental anthrax vaccine instead of the FDA-approved vaccine. Without their knowledge or consent, the U. S. government used them as human guinea pigs in a massive medical experiment that went disastrously wrong.

In 1978, the Pentagon began developing an anthrax vaccine of unsurpassed safety and purity. Soon, however, military scientists learned that their new vaccine, though pure, was also ineffective. To remedy this they added an oil called squalene—an "adjuvant"—to stimulate the immune system. What the scientists didn't know, but should have known, is that squalene causes autoimmune diseases: chronic and even life-threatening diseases like lupus erythematosus, crippling arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Matsumoto reveals that even very recently, squalene-laced "vaccine A" continues to be secretly injected into Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel.

Vaccine-A introduces you to the victims of this experimental mistake. We meet an Army sergeant whose skin became so diseased that doctors, in a desperate attempt to cure him, removed every square inch of skin from his body. We read the story of a Green Beret colonel who, suffering walking blackouts that left him unable to find his way home, was misdiagnosed for years and even accused of bleeding himself to distort his laboratory tests. We see that others, including a man whose cerebellum literally shrank until he could no longer walk straight or write his name, were often told they had psychiatric disorders or were accused of malingering.

We also meet the doctors, Pamela and Kevin Asa, who uncovered the truth about these illnesses despite strong opposition by the Pentagon and National Institutes of Health.

Finally, Vaccine-A warns about what is yet to happen. The military, the vaccine's manufacturer, and the Department of Health and Human Services all refuse to admit that any experiment took place or that they are responsible for its devastating effects. Instead, they continue to inject the same anthrax vaccine into Iraq War soldiers and plan a release for civilian consumption soon. Should these vaccines become widely used, Matsumoto predicts, we should expect a man-made epidemic of unprecedented size.

About the Author

Gary Matsumoto, a journalist based in New York City, has reported from thirty-two different countries on five continents, covered two wars and five popular uprisings, and won ten journalism awards. He has been the London Bureau Manager and Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC Radio News; a National Correspondent for NBC's Weekend Today Show and Senior Correspondent for the Fox News Channel. As a broadcaster, he has covered events ranging from the toppling of the Communist Party in Eastern Europe to Desert Storm, the Tiananmen Square massacre to the death of Princess Diana. He has written about the anthrax letter attacks for the Washington Post and Science magazine. His 1998 article in Vanity Fair was the first to draw the connection between the anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome

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Boldarn said...

Thank you for this post ! From much observation over the years , it is obvious that chemicals and vaccines are the real WMD of the globalists . It is a clever design : the public pays and administers it's own death by ignorance and compliance to the rules of the NWO and all their
legislation . It is time to wake up and practice civil disorder by non - compliance to a very sick system ! MCS is another name for GWS and is fast growing due to much poisoning of our air,water and soil . It will be the real pandemic of the future and that is by design . that is why it has been shut up for so long , leaving tormented sufferers with nowhere to go for help . The elite want us all to get so sick and submissive , so they can do what they like with us . Make no mistake , this is a shocking but true realization . Here are 2 websites FYI :
www.asehaqld.org.au , www.mcs-global.org

American Action Report said...

Isn't squaline what they put in the flying pig flu vaccine? That would seem to indicate that those people are satisfied enough with their experiment that they want to try it on the rest of us.